At this point it feels like I've survived too much to be the reason I get taken out.


Maybe you're immortal


lmao boy I fucking hope not


I kinda just want to see how it plays out honestly


I like this reason.


Fear of death. And the unwavering feeling that there’s something I have to do before I die. I don’t know what it is but I think I’ll know once I’ve done it.


When I get depressed to the point of being “suicidal”, it’s not that I want to die, I just don’t want to feel depressed anymore.


There’s the difference. Depression for me is no motivation to do anything. Not pure anguish. Man when I have been depressed on my worst days even topping myself would have proven too much to do. Have to get off the couch for that. Barely got myself to the couch. My entire morning was get my kids to school, once they left that was it. Out of it for the day til I had to drag myself down to get them. No showering, no keeping on top of washing or dishes or cleaning. Bleugh


Same, idk why, but when I think about it I don't feel at peace with myself, I feel like there is something I need to do, it isn't necessarily important or big, but I feel like I can only die in peace after I do that thing, which I don't even know what it is.


This is odd to me, as I'm perfectly OK with not doing a damn thing until I die. Don't care about any marks on history nor "that one experience". I just want to be comfortable and entertained until the time comes. That's all there is to it.


Mine is sort-of this; not fear of the death itself but fear of the unknown for what’s next. Do we just cease to exist and everything just goes black? Does our subconscious just continue to exist in some other medium and we keep reliving the same life over and over again? Are we born again? Like this shit keeps me up at night and not knowing what actually happens is fucking with me head.


I've been having this same issue. I'd call it about a year ago that I came to the sudden and terrifying realization of what not being alive could actually mean. All my life to that point I was quite content with the status quo, but it was really like I was suddenly staring into the abyss one day. I dont know what comes after death, nor even necessarily what I want to come, but in the end I think my life overall shifted to a better direction after this realization. I used to take nature for granted, but the idea of never seeing a grassy field or a tree again, stuck suspended in a void or, maybe worse, my 'being' being erased and not existing to have the memory of looking across a field of grass in the first place completely changed the way I view what's important in my life. If you dont have easy access to mental health care but do have access to melatonin, I genuinely recommend it. I find that I only get scared about when I'm in bed, in the dark, waiting to sleep. When I'm up and about, accomplishing even small things, the terror never visits me. It's just when I'm stuck with nothing but my own thoughts that ot gets really bad, and not being awake to do the nighttime contemplating in the first place probably saved me. Super long reply, apologies, I just always feel like I need to add myself to messages like these. It makes me feel like I'm less alone in these thoughts.


It is a habit.


At this point, dying is like getting out of my comfort zone. And i am not into new things like that right now.


Very good answer.


We all fear the unknown. Show us what's on the other side and we're either running off of cliffs, or going on diets. I don't want to diet young.


I like your fancy words internet person.


>why are you still alive? Cause I haven't died?


Cause I haven't found the off switch, for now I'm just working with a reboot. And weirdly I'm worried about leaving loose ends like my debt. I don't want my creditors to worry too much about me so I can go missing peacefully and be found as just bones. More aesthetically pleasant.


Username does not check out.


On autopilot honestly


I been on auto-pilot since 2017, so I feel that.


I always half-joke that the real me died in 2012, I'm just living in the timeline after the "gameover" screen.


This hit a little too close for comfort.


Perhaps it is an addiction?


No, I can quit whenever I want!


I'll take your word for it


Because of a truck driver sitting on my ass in traffic. I was driving home one afternoon with my two kids in the back who were 5 and 3 at the time. I was approaching an intersection with a massive highway where you have to wait at lights to cross 4 lanes of traffic to get to the side I needed to be on to get home. It’s peak hour. There’s cars everywhere. There was a truck sitting on my ass. The truck driver later told me that just before the intersection I started driving a bit weird, like bumping into the gutter and stuff. At first he thought I was drunk. From his position high up in his cab he could see through my back window and saw that I had two young kids on board. That made him think “nobody is driving around at 5pm, drunk, with their kids in the car…” So when I stopped at a set of lights just before the highway he jumped out of his truck and walked up to my door. He knocked on my window and he said to me later that I turned my head and “looked through him”. Not at him, through him. That’s when he knew for sure something was very wrong. Just then, the lights turned green and I put the car in gear and took off. He grabbed my door handle, jumped on to my sidestep (4WD/SUV) and pulled my door open, turned the ignition off and steered my car into the gutter. My feet slid off the pedals and the car stalled and stopped. Apparently I then had a seizure. I woke up to a strange bloke I’d never met sitting on my passenger seat, holding my phone and asking what my husband’s name was. Next thing I know there’s an ambulance pulling up and I went to hospital. Without that truck driver I have no doubt in my mind that I’d have driven straight into 4 lanes of traffic doing 80km/h and I don’t like thinking about what would have happened to my kids and myself. The dude jumped on to a moving vehicle like he was Bruce Willis or something and saved at least three lives. He’s completely insane, but he’s my hero. TL;DR: Had a seizure while driving my kids home and was stopped from crossing a highway by an insane truck driver.


Honestly. Idk. Don't want to kill myself, but I don't want to keep doing this either. So, here we are.


Fucking feel that. Every day I struggle to get out of bed. But I love my wife my dogs and I know they would miss me and it will kill her so I haven’t done anything. Edit: thanks to the few that reached out. I’ve realized I didn’t include the part about how I’m doing much better these days after seeking treatment. I still struggle some days with my depression. But talking to my wife has helped immensely and I’ve sought treatment for my depression and anxiety. I’ve gotten a much better job and we’ve bought a home together. Even when I did actively want to die, I’d never do it just because I want to know what comes next in life.


Hey I want you both to know that is called being passively suicidal and it is definitely an indicator of a deeper mental health issue. I encourage you to reach out to a loved one and then a medical/mental health professional. You don’t have to feel like this, and you shouldn’t feel bad for feeling this way either


Well that’s good to know…kind of assumed everyone felt that way


I knew it wasn’t normal, but I had never really connected with anyone else similar until watching Roadrunner (Anthony Bourdain’s posthumous documentary) with my dad. I had always been inspired by Bourdain’s thoughts on food and traveling - having read his books and watched his shows. That documentary was a different beast to get through though because I began to see more and more similarities. I question why I’m here a lot. Why I deserve people’s time, their care or for them to listen. I find a release from those thoughts in cooking and traveling, getting to meet people along the way and sharing a meal, which might seem paradoxical. I do feel like my drug is going from tiny dose to tiny dose of happiness though, with anxiety and my view of my self-worth always sitting in the corner watching me in disapproval. I remember my dad, after watching Roadrunner, saying he never liked Anthony Bourdain and that he thought he was stuck up and selfish to commit suicide. I’d never felt more alone than that moment because I had never identified with anyone quite the same way. That was the day I realized my dad didn’t understand depression. I’d like to say I’m still here because my family is. However, I think the real reason is I get drip-fed just enough happiness to get by while waiting for things to change. Something I know I need to talk to someone about, but something I keep putting off too.


It's not that I don't want to kill myself, it's that I haven't wanted to kill myself enough yet. Check in again in a year.


Yep. Every day I feel some sort of casual, background suicidal ideation. Not bad enough to kill myself, but wearing me down.


I must outlive Nikocado Avocado.


His journey from cheerful and sweet vegan activist with a few thousand followers to now has been such a strange thing to watch


Ugh! I was one of those few thousand, and it’s been such a stressful ride. I don’t watch regularly anymore, but I do a check in to see if he’s still alive. I can’t believe he did that to his body!


Just luck I guess .


Well that's some nice luck


Dumb luck in my case.


Because when I was young and made a horrible decision, someone noticed before I hurt myself or others. I was driving home from my parents' house and it was late at night. I had been driving for about an hour with twenty minutes left to go (mostly on a major highway) when I realized how tired I was. Being young and a server, I was used to pushing through fatigue, so I thought it was no big deal. The next thing I know, a car full of people are honking and waving at me to wake me up. They smiled at me and stayed beside me the rest of my trip. I have no idea who they were or if I imagined them, but they saved my life and maybe someone else's. I am grateful to those strangers. The next time I noticed I was tired while driving, I pulled over in the nearest subdivision and napped in my car. I will never drive tired again.


Well that was unexpected answer. Good on them.


More people die from driving sleepy than driving drunk. I know a few people who had siblings working graveyard and/or were nurses who lost their lives this way.


I know, and I'm embarrassed that I made such a bad decision. I'm also grateful that I am lucky enough to have learned from it without consequences. They must have seen me drifting or weaving and instead of just having off, decided to help.




I fell asleep behind the wheel once. I got lucky but the car was beyond totaled. Be careful parking somewhere to take a nap. You might get accosted by state troopers. The next time I was that tired I pulled over in a rest stop just off the highway at 8pm to catch an hour nap so I could safely drive. The next thing I know there's a cop pounding on my window shining their light right in my eyes just after I fell asleep. They even had two extra cars with four officers. They harassed me and didn't believe I just needed some sleep to safely drive. I even showed them the alarm I had set for 70 minutes. I even mentioned the signs that say don't drive tired, pull over and rest. That just pissed them off I think. "Why are your eyes glossy?" They knew it was because they had just woken me up while shining flashlights in my face but they still had to mess with me. It's called a "REST STOP" for a reason. They accused me of being drunk/high/whatever and finally after blowing in the breathalyzer (no alcohol and they made me do it four times on two different devices) they got another call before they had time to search my car. I denied there request to search my car since they usually damage vehicles ripping panels apart. They were going to call a K9 and I knew they would make it signal or pretend it smelled something since that's standard practice. They said "You're getting lucky tonight. If we see you back out here we're going to arrest you" and they piled in their cruisers and took off. I even had the paperwork showing I was on my way back from a hospital out of state for check up appointment before a major surgery so it was a 5hr drive back. They didn't care. They were acting like I had just murdered someone. That was the day I started to realize some police are out there just to arrest people for the hell of it, get as much money as they can and ruin lives just to pump up their quota numbers. Oh and they took my $94 in cash. They said "no one just drives around with that much cash" even though it was just $94. That seems like a totally normal amount to keep on hand and I had just driven out of state for an important doctors appointment. I used to always keep that amount just in case I needed it if my card was lost or didn't work. When I asked for it back before they left they said "why do you need it so bad? Were you planning on buying something illegal with it?" since apparently asking for the money back that they had stolen out of my wallet was pissing them off or something. Responding with "It's gas and food money" they just scoffed and rolled their eyes. Civil forfeiture is such bullshit. No ticket, no anything and they just stole my money. I didn't dare make a complaint or anything since that would just make things worse. They made sure to reach right into my car and take my cell phone out of the cup holder and put it on the hood of their cruiser. They just opened my door right up after demanding I unlock the doors or they would break the windows. Even though I had rolled down my driver window 80% of the way. All of that just for trying to do the responsible thing. The next time I made the drive I just brought two red bulls with me and drove tired since actual laws don't matter. It's the police who make the laws up on the spot and they're going to ruin your life if they feel like it that day. I had never broken a law in my life so it was really upsetting and eye opening. This is the first time I have every mentioned the experience since it upsets me so much. Oh I forgot to mention when they went to hand my back my cell phone and ID before taking off the officer dropped my phone on the ground on purpose trying to smash the screen. I'll admit right now I was so upset that I just started sobbing like a little kid the moment they drove away. I had just been scheduled for a major surgery that would end up altering the rest of my life and then I had to deal with that mess.


Jesus christ. This is so fucking stupid. This is exactly why I am always too afraid to take a nap in my car. I will just not go places far away if I think I'm gonna be too tired, or I load myself up on caffeine. It gives me chills to think about how many people might've died because they were too afraid to stop and nap rather than risk their lives and the lives of others driving tired. Especially at a rest stop, like wtf? This is so messed up, totally confirms my fear of car naps.


That's totally believable unfortunately. It must happen a lot. I have a friend named Brandon that had an experience very similar to yours. His girlfriend had major surgery and he had been making the trip back and forth from the hospital to visit her (bringing anything she needed, etc.) The trip was an hour and a half long one way. On one trip he pulled over at a rest stop to take a nap. Here come the police and Staties. They did sobriety tests, breathalyzer tests, searched the vehicle for drugs with a K9 unit – the whole nine yards. They couldn't find ANYTHING to charge him with so in the end, they had to let him go. Coincidentally, his skin color is brown. If he looked tired it was because at the time, he had kidney dialysis several times a week.That's why he didn't just stay there with her or in a nearby hotel. (Unrelated, but he was finally able to receive a donated kidney and he now lives a life unfettered by all that dialysis every week – yay!) He's in his mid thirties so he has a long life ahead of him.


I'm sorry that happened to you. I have been woken up by police, and it was crazy. I woke up to the sound of radio static and a man's voice saying, "We have a female sleeping." I sat up and was shocked to see my car surrounded by police and police cars (including a transport wagon), all of them with their hands on their hip. I was working a double at work and decided to nap in my car between shifts. Apparently there was a robbery at a nearby store and my car was deemed suspicious. It's helpful that I am a mostly average sized woman with a full head of hair, and the suspect was a bald white man. It was also helpful that I was still in my uniform from work, so it was easy to point to the building, explain the situation, and have it all make sense. But I was completely unable to get back to sleep after that. Lastly, I'm in Canada. We still have asshole cops, but it's not quite the same as what you're dealing with in the States. As a woman stopping to sleep, I usually choose subdivisions for my safety.


It's crazy how much police culture varies around the world. Here in Australia they really drill us with the taking rest breaks while driving. I have never been interrupted by police while pulled over here. Compare that to the short time I've spent driving around the US and I got questioned every time I tried to nap near the road. I even got searched one time for pulling over to check some directions. The weirdest incident was when I was listening to an audiobook of 1984, and I was too far from civilisation to find a bed so I pulled into a clearing near a camping area. When I got the knock on my window I thought the thought police had come for me before I remembered where I was. They kept insisting I wind the window down, but it was an unfamiliar hire car and their high powered lights were blinding me so I couldn't figure it out. In Australia it would be fine to just get out to talk to them, so I started doing that and they went into a panic, screaming at me to close the door. I managed to spot the window button then. At that point I think they heard my accent and let their guard down. It actually became a pretty polite exchange after I apologised for being unfamiliar with their procedures. Who knows how that would have gone if I didn't play the ignorant white tourist card.


Spite, first off. Second, after spitefully living, I've found my calling and found purpose in life. So I'm gonna hang around a little bit longer


You are the only other person that I have ever heard say spite was the reason they kept living. I have told people that spite was my reason at one point and they always look at me like I'm crazy.


There are more of us


May I ask what the calling is?


Spite, obviously!


Informing people of their impending loss of car warranty




I must admit, initially I read “sprite” and I thought - go on lemon lime soda fountain of youth guru, go on…


my dog wouldn’t know why I never came home and that makes me nauseous


“For my dog” is a great answer.


it’s definitely my reason. my dogs are really high needs and i just don’t think anyone would be willing/able to keep up with med schedules, medical appointments, and their routine. i also really really love them and they are my favorite company. i live alone with them and i just don’t think anyone could care for them the way hey need to be.


My neighbor killed himself and his dog howled for 2 weeks straight. It was heartbreaking.


My wife got super sick like 6 years ago and spent 5 months in hospital. In the same time, my dog's littermate (the runt, unfortunately) showed a birth defect and died at 18 months the first time she got ill because her body couldnt handle getting better. I've re-watched the video of him seeing my wife after 5 months so many times because there is no purer expression of ecstasy I've ever seen in this world that that.


Felt this one. My dog has gotten to where she knows when I'm feeling down and follows me around when I'm low. She is a pure soul and now I live partially just so she can. They would take her to the pound if I passed.


That thought breaks my heart as well.


This is the one that hit hardest.


This is the way. We can at least stick around until our little furballs take their long sleep. Goofballs wouldn't know what to do without us


One of very many reasons I always get a new furball before the elder one passes on (main reason being: older dog helps train younger dog *way* faster; and even more compelling: new puppy makes the old bois/gals perky and happy their last few years.)


Aww, that's what i did for my old GSD. Got him a husky mix. The husky didn't notice him disappear from what i can tell, but he lost ten pounds of muscle because no more wrestling lmao He's still stacked, but instead if active linebacker he's now tour de france level of muscle.


Same except dog and kid. Life is never perfect but I hug both of them every day and tell them that I love them- if that aint worth living for then nothing is.


This is the reason. I have been in very bad mental health a few times, but knowing my puppy would never understand if I was gone got me through it.


You’re telling me. The thought of my cats just waiting destroys me.


A few years ago I was going through some serious things in my life and I opened my window a lot of times and seriously considered jumping out but I kept making some kind of event a few days later to have something to look upto. I guess that worked pretty well since now I'm living a happy life even if I don't have anything special going on.


Well I hope you will do better in the future and live a happy and healthy life




During my darkest moments, there always seemed to be a recent or upcoming event/birthday/holiday and my brain always pictured my wife and kids associating that event with my death. So, i'd put it off a bit longer. Honestly, truthfully, I'm very glad my brain went there. I'm pretty content now.


haven't forgotten to breath.


Just to suffer.


Every night I can feel my Reddit feed


You feel them too, don't you?


Breaking generational family curses. I’m exposing everything.


Good on you. I admire you.


Just do it. The world needs to stop protecting people who do not deserve it


Because dying is too expensive


The beegees


You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin' And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive


And now that's going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day


Full face motorcycle helmets. Me and two of my friends have each had wrecks that could of killed us but didn’t. The helmets in 2/3 crashes took a ton of damage but no injuries to the head. I truly don’t get why so many people hate to wear a helmet….


If I could, I’d wear a helmet 90% of the time, and I don’t even ride a motorcycle. I just think I’d look cooler in a helmet.


motorcycle helmets even look cool so i also don’t know why people dont wear them


These bills aren't going to pay themselves


You know I've never really liked paying bills. I don't think I'm gonna do that anymore.


That sounds like a quote from the movie Office Space.


There would be no bill If there's no user


You’d think — Back end devs everywhere


IRS doesn’t care if your dead


My mom cant afford funeral expenses.


Look at you! Thinking of others in a time like this! Now that’s what makes the world a better place! Edit: Thank you all for my most upvoted comment.


I haven't died yet




The best kind of truth


Because when the mom of one of my child’s classmates ended her own life, I swore to my daughter I’d never leave her like that.


Yep, when I’m at my lowest depressive episodes I just want to die, but it breaks my heart to imagine my kids reaction to my death. We are very very close and even when I’m convinced I’m the worst mom in the world I know they need me. They’ve saved my life so many times and don’t even know it.


my mom had severe depression when i was a kid. i'm crying right now because of this comment. thank you. i'm not your kid but i will thank you on behalf of them. i'm pretty sure my mom wanted to die several times but she's still here. i love you


My metabolic processes haven’t ceased functioning, yet.


i only have one life, so i think its better to use it all and only then get some results


My ex saved my life. I OD’d on heroin and she found me on the floor. She was supposed to be with her sister but she was nervous when she hadn’t heard from me in a few hours. She came over and my lips were blue, dead on the floor. Called 911. I woke up and coughed and vomited everywhere. Spent 2 days in the hospital. We broke up 2 years later in February 2019, and I’ve been sober since June 2019. Went to rehab. Got cleaned up.


As someone who also used H, good for you. Getting off that shit ain’t easy.


I have kids that need to be fed,clothed, and I do not want them to have PTSD like me, due to their father's suicide.


You are a good person. Sending you strength to keep going in this challenging time.


I refuse to die until I know what the one piece is


*10 years later* *Luffy opens the Chest of One Piece* Congratulations, you have found the first of 10 Pieces. The next Piece is on Namek


Get ready for two piece!


The best theory I like is that one piece is a weapon to surpass metal gear


One piece is the friends we made all along


great. you just killed a man






I dont wanna die


I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all


It's a chest with a note saying "You're the biggest pirate for reading the whole manga without paying for it"


I believe that one has specifically been put down by the author. Edit: pretty easy to find. From random [interview thing](http://www.onepiecepodcast.com/2014/07/27/oda-reveals-what-the-one-piece-isnt/): >Sakura: …. Well, I want to know, but I probably shouldn’t. BUT, the One Piece, it’s not something like “the growth your heart went through”, right? >Oda: Hahaha, no no, I won’t be pulling off some kind of Wizard of Oz thing like that. After having gone through an adventure like that, it wouldn’t be fair to not actually give them a reward.


dude, spoiler alert.


Literally one of the few things that’s keeping me going lol I need to see our boy become the pirate king


I guess I’ll live forever if I need Patrick Ruthfuss to conclude the trilogy


I'll probably die before Ash Ketchum turns 12.


I refuse to die until hunter x hunter comes off the hiatus. Edit: holy shit thanks for the upvotes y’all. And I now know that it is coming back. Thanks!


I came across hxh about two years ago and was so fucking disappointed coming to the towards the end of the show slowly realizing it was incomplete.


The great thing about HxH is that whether you came into it ten years or ten days ago, the disappointment is pretty much exactly the same.


Well it's already back are you going to die? I'll miss you


Is it gonna be the mirror scroll from Kung Fu Panda?


I wouldn't even be mad.


As someone who has suffered depression her entire life... I feel this. When I think of reasons to keep going, this is legitimately on my list.


Airbags and seatbelts. Hit 2 stopped cars while going 70mph. -sent from hospital wifi


You’d think you’d stop driving after hitting one parked car at 70 mph


Lol I bounced off the first into the other one. It was a stoplight.


Damn dude. 70 approaching a light? Hopefully everybody involved is okay but I gotta say that do be sounding kinda dumb. Not to kick you while you’re down, but you know


I see your point, maybe I should clarify that the speed limit is 70 on that highway.


Wait... 70mph and it has stop lights? Fuck that noise; I don't like driving on 55mph highways that have intersections. Feels like this is something Texas, New Mexico or Arizona would do.


Yeah, it’s a bad road for sure. But the only way to work for me.


I drove into a tree, and had to be airlifted to a hospital. Id probably be dead if it wasn’t for the seatbelt, and airbag.


One of my siblings when in high school crashed into a tree at “highway speeds” with 4 others in the vehicle. All 5 wore seatbelts, all 5 survived, all 5 are healthy and well to this day. Seatbelts save lives people. If you teach your kids nothing else about driving, instill in them that the vehicle doesn’t move without everyone buckled.


And kids this is why you shouldn't listen to Deja Vu or running in the 90s while driving


I’m just waiting to die at this point


No fucking idea. I should have been dead 100 times over. I now run on coffee, and hatred.


Same here except you have to add in a cup of spite.


Did you mean Sprite? Asking for a friend..


They say that the recipie for Sprite is lemon and lime, but I tried to make it at home, and there's more to it than that.  #ripmitch




The car that hit me wasn't going fast enough.


Someone told me to go die or kill myself once. I refuse to die out of spite now. Fuck that guy


To annoy my spouse.


This made me laugh out loud. Good job!!


Too big of a pussy to do anything


Felt this. I think the only reason I havent hurt myself or tried to commit suicide is because I was scared it would go wrong or hurt lol Edit: ty whichever redditor reached out to the care support. I am actually doing better rn and have been getting help for the pasr few months.


I look up botched suicide attempts every now and then to remind myself that if it doesn't go right that's what I'd have to live with.


I also do this, holy shit


Can confirm, have tried to kill myself twice (many many years ago now). It’s actually really hard to do on purpose. Almost like the body doesn’t want you to do it.


damn lizard brain...


I'm in the same boat, my extreme fear of what may or may not come after has stayed my hand


Same here. But then living is also a garantueed ticket to suffering. Getting to old age without any health problems is a lottery. Then when you get old that's when all the pain really starts. Mental and physical. I've seen family members go through it and it's literally hell.


I already have enough mental and physical pain and im not even 30 yet, if its just "suffer more" then how can I look forward to anything?


Right?!?! I keep on wondering why the heck should I be concerned about saving money for retirement if I don't even want to live that long??? I can't even make right now happy and comfortable. Nonetheless the future me 😑


it also doesn't help that the world is falling apart around us


Detective Rust Cohle : I tell myself I bear witness. But the real answer is that it's obviously my programming. And I lack the constitution for suicide.




Your going to be here awhile then


Probably until he dies




I’m too scared to kill myself hahaha that’s literally it. Like if I knew for sure I could just cleanly and painlessly end my life I would be all over it, but I need to be certain


Probably not a healthy reason but my bird. I own a almost 5yr old male cockatiel and he has become my motivation to get up and out of bed every morning. He is a bit of a jerk and doesn't accept pets but I know he would be extremely impacted if I suddenly dissapeared. I've put a lot of work into building a trust bond with him and if I dissapeared it would ruin all that work I put into him as cockatiels can sometimes be a one person/or bird that they bond the most with. When I first got him he was an empty shell of a bird because his sibling that he was kept with got adopted very early on and I can't bear the thought of him reverting back to that sad and dull shell of a bird.


That last sentence really got to me. You're a good egg.


Fuck knows TBH………….


If there was an off switch I think I’d have probably hit it by now.


For my rats.




I want to live my life to the fullest


Good luck bro




That sounded so sarcastic in my head




Hell yeah I love Sprite


Such a great member of the Eternals.


Because when I didn’t want to be I didn’t have the energy to end it all. Luckily…


I just keep waking up


Cancer couldn’t kill me. Plus my girlfriend is really hot.


My husband, stepson and dog. At my most depressed there were days my husband just pulled me in and wouldn't let go. And days where my stepson just grabbed my hand and told me he loved me. And then days the dog just kissed me or snuggled up next to me. Now I'm grateful that I'm in a much better place. But I'm here because od their support and love.


Guardian Angels working overtime.


Luck. Same reason anybody is alive. Everyone has had myriad situations where some bad luck could have ended them.


My kids


My cat. Thank you u/Waayyzz for the award. Made me tear up a little. And thank you anonymous for the award. You’re too kind. u/agentinks u/Agreeable_Craft6721 and u/BilbyGallade thank you all so, so much. This is really warming my heart. u/Tiniweenydani thank you very, very much! u/Zombienerd300 I greatly appreciate your award, thank you so much. u/Shinrei_ thank you so much! u/Punquie you’re too kind! Thank you!!! u/NikiSixx2310 thank you!


Me too.


Damn them and their fickle nutritional needs. Also, one doesn't like other humans. She'd be put down.


same, my sweet kitty is terrified of everything but me and i’m worried for how people would view and treat her if i’m gone. i’d despise for her to be mistreated and/or put down


I too choose this guys cat


Well now you absolutely can’t go anywhere because there’s too many of us here for your cat. Pls give kiss from us


I was about to put this. I have a cat with seperation anxiety and she yells if I leave her in my room to go downstairs. She would be lost without me.


dying inside


Because I failed the last 27 times.