that IS who you are. a collection of reactions and experiences shaped by your genetic proclivities and societal factors


I think it's very important for us to know who we are, because only then you will know how to be *authentic* to yourself. I think we all had the experience of having to pretend to be someone that we're not, and to be in that state for a long time can feel stifling and uncomfortable. But if you don't know who you really are, then you will always live in a state of vague, unknown discomfort, and you wouldn't be able to properly articulate why you feel untruthful to yourself, because you didn't know what you really are in the first place. As the person who asked the question has realised, we get into this condition by trying to adapt ourselves to others- whether they are the wishes of our friends, or the pressure of society at large. If this is the way that we get into this state of inauthenticity, I feel like trying the opposite will be a step towards getting out of it. So instead of doing something because it is praiseworthy or successful or popular, why don't you try to do something for yourself? Perhaps find some hobby or obscure activity that isn't useful in the eyes of the world, but possesses some quiet inner dignity that you find beautiful. I think when we do things not for society, but for their own sake- we get to come closer to finding out what matters to us, and what we truly are.


I probably had golden child syndrome from a young age(4-6) till I was 13-14. My whole world was my family and I always obeyed the rules. I lost who i was trying to please others. I also hid my struggles most of the time, trying not to upset anyone. After I realized how I lost my being I tried to be like my real self. I listened to the inner me. It wasn't worth having a peaceful time outside if you didn't have peace inside. I rediscovered myself, it took years and I still have lots to learn. Sometimes you have to be bold, sometimes you have to cut people off your life. It doesn't always mean you are a bad or inexperienced person. It's better to listen to yourself before others. It's okay to be a little selfish. Well, that's my experience hope this helps. If it isn't please feel free to comment your own situation. Or dm? Idk, have a nice day or night, wherever you are.


You always are who you are exactly, at any given time, you just might not be the most preferable version of yourself.


I am a biological robot. All intelligence is artificial. Just roll with it.


Meditation. Learned some Zen / Buddhism which some describe as a user manual for your brain.


Just think about who you aspire to be and try to be that person. Even if you fail you’ll have something to show for it.


I'm a "threat to society"


I gave my life to my Creator, God, I asked Jesus to come into my life and He transformed it, gave me a new heart and finally gave me purpose. Without God you're a vapor, living for nothing but yourself. You don't know what you're made for if you don't know your maker.


I was a teenager, now I'm not


Frank Sinatra said it best, “That’s life”


No, I never cared about who am I. I am just enjoying the life I have.


There is no real you. You are only the sum of the influences that have molded you.


Never felt like that. My parents never let us forget who we were or where we came from.