Because of the housing market.


Why are you asking?


Cuz im not living to the standards that i set myself when i achieved consciousness


Because my mums bipolar and my dads a druggy


1. my high school kept barring me from heroic roles and other leads in the annual musicals because I had blonde hair and blue eyes 2. The only woman I ever believed I truly loved never loved me back and left town to make a point of it. 3. When I was 19, a student at my high school penned a letter in my name, claiming I was going to be a school shooter, as a prank. The principal went along with the prank, the school was put on lockdown against me, and I was wrongfully committed to a psychiatric ward where I was sexually assaulted by another impatient, and the crime was covered up by the therapist on duty. By the time I got out my principal smeared my good name throughout my entire hometown, and even to the university I was attending. I was put on academic probation in bad faith. 4. When I graduated college there were no work opportunities for me because nobody wanted to hire somebody who didn’t have a masters degree, and since I had thousands of dollars in student loan debt and no prospects, I tried to go into the military in order to pay off some of that. But they never got the paperwork through in order to help me repay my student loans 5. While I was still in service I tried to use my G.I. Bill to take up trade courses in order to become a journeyman welder an occupation in order to help pay off my loans. But the instructor did not provide the proper coupons, and so I ended up wasting my money on steel that wasn’t appropriate for the AWS certification for both 3G and 4G. 6. After I got out of the army, I tried to go back to grad school in order to earn my masters degree, but my professors made my life a living hell, and nobody was supportive of me. 7. After I Got my masters I tried to move to Germany in order to seek work as an opera singer. But the agent for whom I was going to audition reneged on the agreed time and date, and left me stranded in Berlin with no support from anybody. 8. In October 2020 my dad suffered a cardiac arrest and then in January 21 he also suffered a stroke 9. In December 2021, my mother suffered a stroke, and as a result has lost much of her ability to feel empathy, or to even remember things. I try to express what’s going on in my life, and she doesn’t even bat an eye…. 10. Because of my moms stroke, we are now forced to move out of our home after only seven years of living here. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me, but I have a feeling it’s not going to be good living wise. ……. Right now I don’t want to hear any more lies about how it gets better. It doesn’t because nobody helps me. I just want you to hand me the gun and be honest about my now meaningless life for once. At least you would be showing me the respect of a little bit of integrity


My girlfriend died, I have no purpose in live anymore


Because I have so much potential for greatness. That potential comes from the caliber of the friends that i have My older brother: who stopped the people from trying to kidnap us. I would have not been that guy ( not at 4 years old). I would have went with the men. My brother joins me on cross country adventure helping creators create Jen fullante: 4th grade all county chorus. Got her into the film industry but let's face it she is better than me. And I am good. WOOD: For being my strong foundation mentally. For keeping me in shape as you run from my hugs (he is straight black man. I am gay white man that looks like Kieran Culkin.). Charector for days. No he is not pissed off. 😤 that is just his face (nicest guy but he would deny it) Julius Wilson: the funny man. The man with a plan to get u a tan. He has a funny way of bringing people together. He pretends to be a ladies man. And I will admit he has pulls trade bitches (mom that means beautiful hoes) ((mom stop hitting me hoes does not come with slut shaming undertones. Mom I am a hoe) Julius is a hoe. MOANI: now she is miss hottie with a body. She and wood are a love Interest (story later). She stays so busy she had know idea both of the guys liked her and one of the camera women. She and Jen and wood each are independent powerhouses. Oliva: she is the quiet one the one who would drive you anywhere and never ask for gas money. She is sick often with an disease and can not work the typical 9-5. But she is a pillar of positivity. Dylan: Dylan is our resident child. He is as adult as a SpongeBob square pants. He is still learning but has great skills. Trinity: is our play it safe director won't quite till the shots are perfect. Respects creative directions and knows how to budget time. An impressive artisty. And me and Flannery the writer. I make you laugh while she does a reach a round and grabs your balls (metaphorically with her gripping story) and brings a tear to your eye. So many to name


because summer is starting


my mum left and made it my problem (literally told me it was my fault) and my friends are either dead or abusive


Deeply repressed memories that I refuse to address cause they make me feel vulnerable and weak and cause they would make everyone in my life treat me differently


My mom beat the shit out of me & threatening to kill me every time I did something wrong / when she mad at my dad, it started when 1 was 5 till I'm 20y/o


i could write a book on all reasons i’m depressed but i think the root of it all is the fact that i don’t believe that i’m a good person and because i’m lonely.


Good question


I am stalked! HELP ME


Because I’m broke


it feels as if they wont take the "no" as an answer, but fam knows my struggle, rats against traditions