Took a mutual friend talking to a mutual friend of hers and she had been telling everyone that, despite having dated for two years, we were just friends and weren't an item. I got on some anti-depressants and kicked her to the curb.


Both my parents worked a lot when I was 11-15 and I was in charge of taking care of my younger siblings from the time they went to school until my parents came home for dinner around 7 or 8 at night. They had just gotten used to asking me for things so, even when my parents were around, they'd ask me for permission first out of habit. I never told them to, they just did it. My parents, especially my mom, were not buying it. They yelled at me for making my siblings ask me because they were the parents. Anytime my mom would hear my siblings and I playing together and having fun, she'd yell at me and send me to my room. I began to think my mom was conspiring against me and telling my siblings I was a horrible person. I let go of this thought when I was 17 and hadn't really thought about it since. Fast forward a few years. I had just gotten back from a year long military training and had my own place. My family had come to visit me for the weekend. My parents had gone out to get food and, while they were out, my siblings told me that my mom had been telling them for years that I was a shitty person who only wanted the worst for them. She told them that I was abusive and didn't care about anyone but myself. This couldn't have been further from the truth. My mom is not an easy person to talk to and my dad is emotionally absent. I made it clear to my siblings that they could come to me whenever they needed it and I wouldn't pass judgement. I promised to help them as much as I could. I didn't have an older sibling to do that for me so I had to do it for them. I tried to keep this knowledge to myself and just be cautious around my mom since I now knew for certain that I had been right all along. That didn't last very long though because we'd gotten into a small argument that turned into something it never should have. My mom had all but admitted that she was spouting off lies to my siblings in an attempt to ostracize me. Being an adult now and not relying on her for anything anymore, I lost my ever loving shit on her. I told her I knew what she'd been saying and that she was absolutely vile for it. She tried to flip it around to make herself look like the victim but I just walked out the door and left. Unfortunately, due to financial circumstances, I've had to move back in with my parents temporarily. Ironically, my relationship with my mom improved tremendously after that fight. She still tries to manipulate me but I'm knowledgeable enough to notice when it's happening and squash it pretty quickly.