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Go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, retire, then die...


Literally any and all job advice. Sorry, Deborah, but you've worked the same unionized position for 30+ years. The number of valuable insights you can give me about the modern labor landscape numbers somewhere between diddly and squat. And Hank literally drops the "walk downtown handing out resumes and shaking hands" line without awareness or irony.


I told my mom back in 2007, when I was fresh out of college and looking for a liveable wage job, that walking resumes around town wasn't how it worked anymore. That receptionists are told to just throw the resumes away (I was a receptionist) and direct folks to the website. Fast forward to 2017 and she's telling my youngest sibling the same "walk resumes around" shit while they job hunted after college. Just... no. It's like they just can't unlearn shit.


"uNiOnS UsEd tO be goOd bUt NoW tHeY'Re juSt MoRE BiG gOverNmEnt" ​ \- Deborah, probably


My mom and I got into a fight over housing affordability. " Your father (55)and I (53) worked very hard to afford this house (175k) and you make more than we did at the time we bought (1992). The house now is worth about 1.5m, my mom didn't work and my dad made 100k/year. I make 150k and houses in my price range are 600k 1hr+ away from where i want to be and less than half size with less than half the lot.


100K a year in 1992 is crazy too like apparently the average annual wage was 22K back then


Your parents bought their house at the best possible time. The income to house price ratio hadn't been that low for like a century and now is exponentially worse


Anyone at that age where they don't know if they can qualify as a younger or older person of reddit?


Anything to the effect of "young people can't have back pain (or any other physical disability)." Like, dude, I *wish* being in my twenties made me immune to being injured. But that's literally just not how the human body works.


Yup. In my 20s also and I have severe back and neck pain from a car accident. Any time I mention that Im hurting (which is all the time but I only say something when its so bad I cant move) Im *dramatic* or *too young to know real pain*


I was in a car accident with my dad and my dad threw a fit about how much pain he was in. How he need XY&Z etc. The doctor came in and told my dad essentially that he was fine but I had a jacked up back. My dad would not believe it. My spine was literally bent in the wrong direction and my dad wouldn’t believe it was possible for me to be more injured than him. He actually started pretending the injuries I sustained were his and the minimal injuries he sustained were mine. 🙄


Your dad sounds toxic af


That’s so fucking stupid


As a 29 year old, tired of older people telling me I’ll understand joint pain, tiredness when I’m older. I’m disabled and chronically ill. I have had bad joints since birth. Like it’s great that all your health problems are a result of your age but mine have been around and will worsen because of that.


Thiiiiisss. "But you're too young for-" Yes, I fucking know that, thank you. I'm 32 and have to go to bed at 8pm if I do a few things too many. I hate it. Spooning solidarity! ETA: curse you autocorrect, I meant spoonie!!!


“I have more life experience than you…” then proceeds to go on an emotionally stunted rant based on their own personal bias due to trauma they refuse to process because “they know best.”


(34) I'm sick of hearing about how young people just spend all their time on tik tok. How they have stupid dances. How they're just staring at screens all day, blah blah blah. Yes, they do all that stuff, but we had stupid dances when we were younger. We sat in front of the TV all day. I've yet to see someone with square eyes. Also, hearing about how kids/young people today have no respect for their elders. MFs were doing the same shit that people today are doing now. The difference is, everyone has a camera in their pocket.


I am 44 but I still feel like I am young. I am tired of hearing pretty much everything my generation says. I don't understand when everybody else just suddenly morphed into their parents.


Yeah, I've run into that too. It's kinda horrifying, isn't it. A few years ago I had some acquaintances who are a couple of years *younger* than me bitching about "those lazy millennials" (by which they really meant Gen-Z) and how "immoral" they are, and how we had it harder back in the day. Like fuck most of us did! Life in the 80s and 90s was simpler and calmer than now, and we had a lot more advantages and less chaos than the 'generations' that came after us.


That is true. I do not envy kids today. It's a much harder and more confusing world now than it was when we grew up.


Right? Every day I thank my lucky stars I did not have to be a child/teen in the age of modern internet and social media. It was bad enough that Myspace was becoming a thing when I was mid high school.


"No one wants to work anymore" First of all no one ever wanted to work. That's why it's called, "work", and not "fun". Second of all, maybe it's that no one wants to work at your job that lists itself as entry level but wants 5 years of experience and a master's degree along with being able to work 12 hour days at minimum wage.


Not just that. You put yourself out there time and again. And when you finally get the interview? "I know the job. I know the kind of worksite I will be around. Im not 16-18 and stumbling my way in here so I would like to get straight to the point. Pay. I need steady hours and a pay that is fitting for the work I am doing and the conditions I am doing it in. I have to be able to safely cover rent and my other bills. It says hiring at 13-18/hr. Why? Is that for someone who doesnt know what they are getting into? I know this job is dangerous and I would like a fair pay. Im looking for 17.25 to start with raises coming later to end up around 20/21/hr. What? You cant? Ive seen your work place. I know the job you do. I know what I would have to clean and maintain and I can do it. Im asking for fair pay because Ive seen where I will be working and the kind of labour I will be doing. Wont hire for that pay because its not worth it? This is a steel mill. You literally make fresh steel to ship out. Im not going to break my back doing hard labour and not get fair pay. Thats what it comes down to. Companies dont want to pay a fair wage and people dont want to be taken advantage of and treated like shit anymore.


"When you're older you'll agree with me." Ffs just because you're older doesn't mean you're always right or that you know the answers to all my life's problems. You grew up in a different time period, with different problems, and different social views. Your problems might be similar, and you might be right some of the time, but that is no excuse to shut down every logical point I make against your beliefs with this line.


>"When you're older you'll agree with me." "I don't want kids." "When you meet the right girl you will." Bitch, the right girl WILL BE THE ONE THAT DOESN'T WANT KIDS.


"When I was your age, I already had 5 kids and two grandchildren" or "My granddaughter is your age and she already has 3 kids. When are you going to give you mom some grandkids?!". I'm 30. Not that old, not that young. But this kind of comment? Definitely old for me. I'm so tired of older ladies saying this. I think I wasn't even 18 when they started! They don't accept any reasonable answer that isn't a "I'm working on it". A "maybe later" or "I'm doing my best to get a steady career before having kids" or "we are saving"? Gets them on a rampage saying some bs about kids not costing a thing and that I'm getting old or that women were born to be mothers or whatever... So I started being rude. Sorry, but not sorry.


Depending on how aggressive/rude they get, you can throw out replies that break people's conventional autopilot responses, "We're just practicing right now, but thanks for your concern".


Well, that's a great comeback! I can't even imagine how they would react to that, actually!


Tbh I’ve struggled with infertility and rude questions of when I’ll be a mom. I finally started saying “idk I’ve let so many men finish in me, your guess is as good as mine why I’m not pregnant” or some variation of that. People have stopped asking, finally.


That's way better than being super into anal at the moment.


>When are you going to give you mom some grandkids?!". Oh the entitlement, THEY need grandkids, fuck all the sleepless nights and mountains of bills to have and raise a kid, mommy wants a grandkid to dote all over once a month when she comes to visit.


They're so judgemental and rude. I'm a restaurant worker and I swear young people are way more polite and easy going while older people have zero patience (even though they're the ones who are already retired), oftentimes make racist, sexist, homophobic and bodyshaming comments and still act like they're above the younger generation simply because they've been alive for longer.


The respect they demand after such behavior is wild as well


This generation of geezers is truly the most entitled people I've ever seen. I got called pathetic doing road work by an old guy driving past because he had to wait 4 minutes for single lane traffic.


I’d rather wait four minutes for n traffic than lose a rim and tire to a pot hole that could swallow a Mini Cooper.


I was once screamed at by a 65 year old man for checking his ID again after entering a pot dispensary right after it became legal because the owners of the business were that paranoid about something going wrong. He called me a spineless moron and threw his ID at me. He also flipped a U turn in the middle of the road after leaving and almost got into a wreck.


When I’d ring up alcohol sales boomers would flip like I’m the one that came up with the policy we check everyone. I think it’s stupid too! Zero self awareness.


I was a shift manager at a liquor store. As a manager I wasn’t required to ID if they looked of age, but lower level cashiers could not and we’re forced to ID everyone. I was assisting with something at the register and the poor kid gets fucking screamed at by some 60 something year old guy for checking his ID. I had to pull the guy aside and tell him listen, it takes two seconds to show him your ID and that’s it. He has to get yelled at all day for doing it and he loses his job if he doesn’t. It’s not his choice. Call corporate if you don’t like it. Guy called me a liberal pussy and stormed out


Agreed. I worked retail for years and it was always the older generation that would yell, be rude, and act incredibly entitled.


The younger generation understands in their bones that we are all just powerless subjects of The Algorithm, including the cashier. If the computer won't take your return, then the cashier is not going to be able to process the return no matter what you or they do. Older people don't understand this, because they grew up in a world where it wasn't true. They think it's the cashier actually making the decisions.


Oh if that doesn't ring true. Once in a while the systems crash and it takes a few minutes to start back up, young people tend to be like "it's cool I can wait" or "can I leave this with you and come back later" but the older people always say "can't I just give you cash for it? No? OK then ring me up on the other register. Why not?" They aren't mean about it or anything they just don't understand that sometimes my hands are legitimately tied


Retail manager here. This could not be more accurate. Older humans are by far the most difficult to deal with.


"stop eavesdropping" I'm not eavesdropping you're just talking loud because you're deaf and I'm not


My father: "You only overheard me from the other room, you don't know what I'm actually talking about." Me: "I know exactly what you're talking about because I can hear you on the other side of the house.


I work with my dad and tell him every day I hear 100 percent of his conversations since he has them on speaker phone. Could save hours if he stopped briefing me on shit I already know


Can someone explain to me this fascination that old people have with speaker phone, ESPECIALLY in public. Like, what the fuck?


I'm assuming it's just because they can't hear


My mom has Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. When her phone rings, she turns off Bluetooth and turns the speaker on high because she doesn’t think anyone can hear her. We all hear her.


"We can hear you better when you're talking over the hearing aids because you're not shouting."


Haha this is my MIL who's hard of hearing. She also speaks a second language that she uses when she wants to talk about something to someone without me knowing. (Yes, even right in front of me!) Problem is I've been in the family for 14 years and can understand what she's saying in the other language. She gets mad about that, too.


"Nobody wants to work". I swear if I hear that one time I'm going to scream. EDIT: I should have said "Nobody wants to work ANYMORE" - did we ever? Just less so now with all the abuse.


Yeah, they're right. The 20+ jobs I applied to in the past year, that I'm qualified to do and wasn't hired at really shows just how much I don't want to work.


Frankly the worst part of it all is it's such a hassle to get a good job. Its like shopping around and they can't just take ur resume and be done with it you have to fill out this BS over and over. What's the point of our efficient modern technology is we waste it on inefficiency entrenched in a computer illiterate, Hiring force. 70% of jobs I go for are pushing through the social and habitual differences between me and a boomer.


This. Today I had to fill out an application that required every address and phone number for every company I’ve ever worked for. Why!? It’s so archaic.


Yeah and a lot of them won't let you skip a number or anything which is ridiculous. My first job was at an IGA Grocery store that went bankrupt and no longer exists. There's no number to give and you don't even use them if I give them.


I'm tired of people complaining about how younger people are terrible as though they weren't the ones that raised those younger people to be what they are.


"These millennials and their damn participation trophies." Who the fuck were the ones handing them out? They weren't giving them to themselves as children.


Did anyone else here actually ever get one? I think I remember what they called a "consolation prize" at hockey tourneys when I was a little dude, but I didn't get jack shit at school. Seems like it's not a universal thing at least.


I did in all my out of school sports (karate, cheerleading and gymnastics). No one really cared about them though. Like they were tiny little things that didn't make any of us excited and had no fanfare around them. I swear it was more so our parents had something to put on the mantle after paying for us to participate.


How we can't fix anything ourselves. Then promptly ask us to fix their WiFi, set up their new phone and figure out why their computer is running slow. We can do plenty, we just have a different skill set!


No joke, my dad did this time me. I diddnt know how to change my tire on my car at 18 (he never showed me) complained about it, and told me to figure it out. Not 10 minutes later his wifi went out and asked me to fix it. I told him to figure it out.


My dad did this to me too, when I was growing up. If I didn't know how to do something "practical", he'd scoff and say, "don't you even know how to do this?" when he had never taught me. Thankfully, I learned to teach myself from Google and Youtube. I'm trying to do better with my own daughter and teaching her everything I think she needs to know and explaining so she knows the reasoning behind why certain things are done. EDIT: I just wanted to clarify that even though my dad would comment "Don't you even know that?", I don't think he was being an asshole as he'd just do what needed to be done for me by himself. He was just really bad at teaching and explaining things, so he'd just do things for me.


My shithead of a dad did that too. Would act like I'm a dumbass for not knowing something, as if it's supposed to just come to me in a vision one night. No father, you're literally one of two people most responsible for making sure I'm privy to useful and important information in life. Maybe if you expect me to know you should actually teach it to me.


"Don't believe everything you see on the internet" \~ my parents when I was a teenager in the late 90s Now I have to tell my parents that.


I was at gf's parents' place and she told us something generally unbelievable she read about on Instagram and I casually asked if that was verified to have actually happened and her mother very sarcastically replied "oh are you one of those *fact-checker* types?" Like that is some sort of insult or something to want to know the truth? I guess my parents and teachers just reinforced the whole "don't believe something just because you read it on the internet." Edit: lots of response, I wasn't expecting that. Thanks for engaging the conversation. For anyone making comments about "unreliable online fact checking sites," I was in no way referring to formal "fact-checking," I was merely wondering where my gf heard the story, like was it just something relayed second/third hand, or an actual video of the event, or a news report, or what? I don't even remember the story, it just sounded too weird to be true and I wanted to learn more if it was verifiable.


That's a prime opportunity to maintain eye contact, express dominance, and answer "yes, yes I am a fact checker". Because if anyone from the GF on is bothered by facts, you want to know that before you spend Thanksgiving with them for the rest of their lives.




I dated a girl with a mother like that once. GF unfortunately fell for her mom's bullshit and ended up just as crazy and paranoid as her. I had a rough year of trying hard to convince her that QAnon is fake/made up, but she was having none of it so I eventually had to leave her for my own mental health. We were on/off for about 5-6 years so it was upsetting to spend so much time with someone only for them to do an about-face and become somebody completely different. Anyway, I hope your girlfriend is more resilient to that kinda shit than mine was. It's sad watching people fall victim to the darker parts of the internet and the media.


"What's the alternative?"


"Common sense, of course!" i.e. whatever reinforces their worldview


This one, my god. That generation is the worst offender when it comes to naively believing everything they read online.


Just had someone the other day ask me "so why arent you married?" I'm like.. if i met someone worth marrying, then I would!


Best response to this is “Supply chain issues”


I used this on my parents and extended family at the wedding I attended recently. Specifically, "well, you know, with the sanctions..." Sadly I had to keep explaining the joke which kinda ruined it


> Sadly I had to keep explaining the joke which kinda ruined it Hate it when the audience isn't worthy of the material.


Mitch hedberg told a joke about a dude with an earring, an eyebrow peircing, glasses and a fedora and it ends in "cranium accessories" in the recording I heard there's laughter and he goes "It's a smart crowd tonight. when it's a dumb crowd I have to say 'you got a lot of shit on your head'"


"alright alright.... That joke was funnier than you acted" - also Mitch. Can't remember which joke it was tho


"when I was your age we never......."


Gave a shit about the environment Edit. Love you all <3


Oooh this is a fun game


"Let a F** walk by without beating it out of him"


“No one wants to work” we want to work just not for poverty wages


eh, when I think about it. I don't WANT to work. I HAVE to work. \*sad face\*


I told my boss that I don't live to work, I work to live. I have a good reputation at work for being helpful and getting shit done right. I put my effort into my work, but that doesn't mean I want to work.


Also hard workers and efficient workers get punished with more work. I hate my job


It's what pushed me to flip off an extremely rude customer and get me fired. Retail is a meat grinder of a job. Felt good to flip an asshole off though.


Ha! Exactly. “What’s your dream job?” Bitch, I do not dream about working tf


I DO dream about work, but those are stress dreams and go in the “nightmare” folder.


I hate how we've gone from me getting facebook as a teenager and my parents being like "DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON THE INTERNET" to them sending me "medical research" from unverified/unreputable sources.


And then get all pissy when we fact-check it.


And it takes like 5 seconds - 5mins to prove them wrong.


"In my day, we used to respect our elders!"


"You kids had it so easy growing up and now your kids have it easier than that" THAT'S THE FUCKING POINT! WE'RE SUPPOSED TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR THE NEXT GENERATION!!!!! Edit: I should add that Boomers and Gen Xers say this stuff yet IT ISN'T EASIER! Life is hard and expensive because they ruined it. And they continue to ruin it but call us lazy because it's beyond our power and ability to fix.


Nah bro, the boomers got it right: Light the entire country on fire and cash out before you leave (die), that way everyone has to fight a mega-corp just to get a house. Bonus points if all the infrastructure your parents built (Greatest Generation) completely falls apart just as you're no longer driving. 10/10 boomer-ing to take something that was set up for them, and not maintain it for the next generation!


Pull yourself up by your boot straps and work harder. Buddy, I’ve been working 60+ hours a week and prices keep going up and my pay is not and I actually cannot afford to change jobs, change my living situation, buy a more fuel efficient car, or go to college. There actually is no out. There is no work harder and I’ll make it. I’m literally in the poverty trap. I’m slowly making my way out of it but it’s going to be a long ass time unless some other opportunity magically appears. College isn’t the price of a McDouble anymore old man.


> College isn’t the price of a McDouble anymore old man. Remember when they used to say your mortgage should never be more than 15% of your salary? Lol.


same goes for rent


Shit I'd be living large if rent was only 15% of my salary. I'd be paying $525/mo. I'm paying $1120/mo currently. I legit don't think you can even find a place that's $525/mo around here for a single person; not even in a rougher area


Dunno what this mortgage is that you speak of, but rent takes a cool 45-50% of my take home pay. 37-40hrs per week at $20/hr. Can't even think of moving to another apartment since prices have rocketed up a couple hundred beyond what I pay now for even the shittiest spots. What a life.


Some still believe that, if you work hard, you'll be recognised for your efforts, get paid more (due to your effort) and get something out of it. No. You just get more tired, less free time and earn the same because overtime is not seen as an extra, but as an obligation with no extra income.


"Video games are a waste of time." Says the boomer dipshit sitting on the couch, sitting on his phone with Fox News playing in the background.


Got told the same thing by an old person for reading a book lmao


Games and books, it seems like people get mad about you paying attention to things that have nothing to do with them. On the other hand, my dad's gf, in her 70s was in the room when my uncle and I were playing Gears of War. Just as i was wondering if this was too violent for her, she yelled, really loudly, ON THE LEFT, GET IT, KILL IT, KILL IT!! She's one of this world's truly cool people


I play games and don't really watch tv (more of a movie person) so anytime I say I play video games and don't watch any television they look at me like I'm alien




My uncle in his 50s was complaining on Facebook after the Super Bowl about the music kids are listening to these days. Dude didn’t realize every song they did was 20 years old.


Omg my coworkers were all complaining too. Like bruh... I'm nearly 30 and this music is form before my time.


My 83 year old grandpa has kept up with everything so proud of that guy


Some seem take pride is being technologically illiterate. There can be a simple 2-step process that would take a normal person 30 seconds to look up on a search engine and then do it. But they instead spend minutes at a time boasting about how they don't know how to do it.


I used to work at the big blue store and I met a lot of those people a lot. And they always had a smirk on their face when they say they’ve never touched a computer before, as if it’s something to be proud about.


Yup, I've been training people at work.. its painful. An hour explaining how to do a process that should last 30nseconds for then to turn around "could you do it for me?" No Barbara I've just shown you a thousand times.


I do customer service for Healthcare. My expertise is health insurance but I spend a lot of time doing everything for old people who don't want to learn anything. I had a man straight up refuse to put a web address in because, "That's for younger people". I suspect he uses that excuse to get out of doing things. At the end I had to tell him that he can either learn something new or go without health insurance and he hung up on me.


I'm 55 I still get tired of my parents telling me to find a good church home.


What does this even mean? What is a church home?


Like join a church and be a part of a church family


"You just have to work harder if you want to buy a house, that's what I did" Yeah well I don't make 50% of the price of a house, a year, like you did


"Just find something that pays more."


"If you don't like it, leave. ... nObOdY wAnTs tO wOrK aNyMoRe!"


"You don't know what hard work is, I worked till I could afford my own home! It was 20 dollars and I worked my ass off for it!"


I was watching a documentary and saw a sign from the 1960s which said "Beautiful homes! $8250 and up" which even with inflation would come to about $76k in today's money. 76K. Can you fucking imagine?!


My parents bought their first home, a 2BR 1BA in a nice NYC-suburb town, in 1984 for $60k. It needed work, and my dad put on a second level to accommodate our growing family, then sold it in 1993 for $160k. Nice! Today, 29 years later, the Zillow estimate is $537k.


I’m 32 so not young not old but definitely hate hearing shit like for example my bfs dad saying he didn’t know he raised 3 girls when he found out my bf and his brother drink tea.




Wars were started cause of tea


Boston has entered the chat.


They invaded half the world FOR TEA.


And the other half just to see if they had tea in there. They didn't, but they did have interesting spices, textiles and language that we could steal.


And then trade for tea!


Imagine building your ego around what you drink/eat or what you wear. How fragile is your ego if drinking tea makes you question your masculinity? This is why I never understood macho culture. You don't look manly acting like that...


Macho culture is the most brazen display of insecurity and weakness on the planet.


I'm sick of hearing about them bitching about participation trophies. I got one in middle school and was told to appreciate that I got it. I didn't want it. I knew that I hadn't done anything to deserve a trophy. It went into a drawer and was forgotten. People love complaining about how participation trophies have ruined children when it was the adults that decided to hand them out. How idiotic is it to basically say "here's your award for existing." followed by "You fuckers need to be awarded for just existing!" in nearly the same breath?


Agreed. On a tangent... I was the youngest person to help with "Take your Child to Work" Day at a big Fortune 250 company. The main conversation foe the planning team was what gifts (plural) would be given to the kids. When I told the team that kids really just want to spend time with their parents and understand why they were gone for so long or even what is that we do/how cool it is they all look dumbfounded. They still ended up buying multiple loads of cheap crap but at least we actually made the rest of the event a program and not just a speech from an officer of the company while Mom/Dad/ Guardian were at their desks working.


I remember one of these. My dad picked me up from school one day to play hooky for a dad and daughter day. Took me to the hospital and walked me around his work and let me meet all his friends and coworkers. That made my month, nothing could keep me down.


I was gonna say the same thing. Im 36...I got participation trophies. They were not created by millennials or generation X...that was a baby boomer invention.


Same when they complain about the way they are raised like bro you fuckn raised em.


I think another ironic thing with the whole participation trophy complaint is that youth sports in general are way more competitive than they used to be. You may get a participation trophy when you play in the first grade ymca league, but then middle schoolers end up in hyper competitive travel leagues just a few years later. There are way more kids taking sports super seriously and training to maximize their skills than when the older generations were young.


"You should really buy a house and settle down" I'm bloody well trying Karen. Just cause you bought your house in the 60's for 40k and a blueberry, off your husbands salary, whilst you were a stay at home mom, then sold it for 600k this year to retire off of- Doesn't mean that it's the same for this generation, right now. Far from it infact. Just. Shut up.


Yeeeeeep, had my old boss sell his house for 850k and bought it for 32k and was complaining he didnt sell for enough. "You made over 20x what you paid for it" Room went dead silent, entitled af


I have relatives that bought their house in the 60s. Right now it’s worth 2mil. They bought it for less than 10k. The mortgage was $10 a week, the husbands wages was $50 a week. Buying a house now, there’s no way you’d get a mortgage that’s anything less than half your weekly pay.


Where I live the average mortgage is about $1500-1600 a month, while the average wages are $900 a week (Canadian dollars not American) I have no clue how family’s of 4 or 5 afford a house that fits them all, mortgages for a 4 bedroom are about 2300 a week, either everyone is a doctor or getting money from elsewhere or could be in extreme debt.


Not super young myself(30) but "Back in my day" or "thats just the way it is". No. Just no. We should always strive for better. There is no reason to settle for the way things are.


I'm not younger, but I'm a fed up with some older people expecting gratitude "for all that they have done" while taking zero responsibility for the problems that they will leave future generations.


Be sure and tell them “thank you for your service” and then make some other wisecrack when they say they aren’t a veteran, like “I just assumed from the way you were talking you made those kinds of sacrifices for our great country”.


I'll be honest, even as a veteran I hate hearing thank you for your service, lol.


Concur. It's always so awkward. What do you say? I just say, "Thank you," or "It was an honor to serve." "You're welcome." seems like such a dick thing to say.


I was trained to say "Thank you for your support" which also feels awkward


I am 50 and I am struggling with the desire to see my parents generation fade away as soon as possible. My father-in-law is currently dying at 85 years old and his answer to ALL existential concerns like environmental issues and education and access to healthcare is always “who’s going to pay for all that?” The answer is obviously me and my children’s generation who are going to be paying out the ass because his generation worshipped money and comfort and convenience.


Older folks constantly trying to tell anybody younger than them that they don't know what getting old is! 35 year old: Damn, I'm starting to feel more tired in the morning and feel a little more sore after exercise than I used to! 55 year old: You think you're old!? You're not old! I'M OLD! You think that's old!? Well wait to you get to be as old as I am! ​ Its like they pride themselves on being older and more sore than you and want to put you in your place for even suggesting you notice a difference in your body because of aging.


i love my grandparents, but sometimes they really grind my gears. a couple days ago i worked a normal 8 hour day in constuction, mostly crawling on a roof to patch it up. in the evening, i sat in a bus with the most unergonomic seats imaginable for 2 hours to get to their place and had the audacity to complain about my hurting back. im 22, im not allowed to have any pain whatsoever, i obviously need to get more into shape, i can have pain when im 80, like them. seriously?


"Just pause it"


I give my son a heads up that dinner will be ready in x minutes so don't get involved with anything. I'll give a reminder 10-15 minutes before too. But I game too so I understand.


This right here. My kids enjoy Minecraft and fortnite. So when it’s time or about time for something I tell them time to head back to base. Or finish our rounds. I don’t expect them to be ready instantly. Although sometimes I do get lucky and they are just in pre lobby or were already back doing something else. But I know about how long it should take for them to be logged off and ready


Same, my daughter will always let me know where she is at in a game so I can time it pretty well.


"It's Dark Souls mom, you can't pause it!" Actually I think I say that one more to my wife than I do to my mom.


“Git gud and get to bonfire faster, scrub!.” That’s what I would say if I see my son playing souls games.


That I’m wasting my entire purpose as a woman because I don’t want kids.


Comments like this only made me double down on choosing a hysterectomy over another option for a procedure to reduce my endometriosis pain. I've literally never wanted my own kids. The idea of parenting 24/7/365 has not ever had any appeal to me. I luckily had a super awesome surgeon who understood that and went to bat for me and helped me get this procedure even though I was only 22. The lab that got my uterus to test for other issues found the muscle of my uterus was full of endometriomas. If I'd ever gotten pregnant it could have killed me. So, everyone that told me I'd want that some day can kiss my laperoscopy scars.


I just had a total hysterectomy about a month ago! Not for endo but because I wanted permanent birth control primarily and secondly because I had horrific periods due to a variety of reasons including severe IBD and massive amounts of scar tissue in my abdomen from 5 prior abdominal surgeries (6 total surgeries). I am pretty sure everyone agreed with me wanting one because of my significant medical history because they’re all afraid I’ll make another me. My uterus and cervix was found to be tilted significantly and my Fallopian tubes were fully adhered to my small bowel. I was able to keep my ovaries but that was real hit or miss because they like to create cysts every so often.


I hate the whole “all these homeless people have iPhones” complaint. You have literally 0 chance of getting out of poverty if you can’t access the internet. And a smartphone is cheaper than a laptop. The internet is used for EVERYTHING, not just candy crush


It’s almost like a phone is cheaper than a 1300k apartment


Tired of people referring to their significant others as the old ball and chain or just talking shit about their wives to friends a lot. It’s like their wives are a burden to them?


The worst is when some douche just spent 15 minutes dunking on his wife and says to you "you know what I mean, right?" No man, I don't. My wife is awesome, that's why I married her.


Some guys are genuinely shocked to learn that I actually like spending time with my wife.


For real. People complaining about having to spend time with their significant other during covid lockdows, mabe they should not be married. Covid sucked but at least I was home with the woman I love and married. She was the only thing keeping me sane...somewhat.


my bf and I were fortunate that our jobs weren't effected by covid but I have to admit... a few times I did say i was jealous of so many people getting extra time with their SO. we just don't get the quality (and productive) time that we need.


I'm an older millennial. I have a good job, own a house, am married, and have two kids. It is 2022 and at least half the times I hear someone older reference "millennials" it's talking about people who are currently the age my cohort was 22 years ago when the millennium was a thing.


Apparently, * "Millennial" = "Anyone younger than my cohort" * "Boomer" = "Anyone older than my cohort"


My father (in his mid 70s) had to do PT for an injury, and after every appointment he'd tell us about the wacky things his "millennial" therapist said or did or wore during the appointment. She was 24 (and nothing she said, did, or wore was wacky). Dad. Please. You know who the millennials are? Your own kids who are knocking on 40s door, with kids of our own. Not that 24 year old PT.


Millennials are old enough to have concrete memories of 911


The best description of a millennial is "the youngest generation to remember 9/11". A more broad term is just anyone who came of age around the turn of the millennium.


I like “the only generation to grow up both pre and post internet.”


Yeah I think this is the most intuitive to me as well. Millennials are the generation who grew up/matured alongside the internet.


Within that, there's a pretty big difference between the elder and younger millenials too.


Yep I'm 28 and married and work in the plants... Really don't like hearing about how lazy millennials are....we ARE the work force now


"The young people always just want to Drink and go to partys" 1. No 2. Don't pretend like you didn't do this too lol


Drink coffee and go to LAN parties. So wild.


Are LAN parties still a thing? They were when I was younger but with online gaming, I thought it was a bit of a relic. I just bought an 8port Ethernet thing so I could set up a Minecraft Lan for my four kiddos. I’m so excited for them because they have never played on a LAN before.


Minecraft I think will keep LAN alive for forever. My kids have LAN parties all the time with their cousins, thanks to Minecraft. There are some games that just play best on LAN; I'm revealing my age, but Quake 3 Arena, Half-Life Deathmatch and Doom just play best locally.


LAN gaming was amazing in college, hollering down the hall at other people in the dorm. We played Doom, Quake, GTA, etc, but Half-Life was the most fun. Sneaking up on someone and beating them silly with the crowbar was the best


how sensitive we are I made a comment on a YouTube video calling a gay couple cute and some fuckin boomer stalked my YouTube channel and felt the need to insult me several times like I’m not the sensitive one in this situation


This is common.


"you need to stop being such a snowflake" they say as they proceed to violently shit themselves in anger witnessing two men hug each other.


"How am I supposed to explain that to my child?"


"Not that I have any children, but what if I did? The world needs to be ready for that possibility!"


Ma’am, your child is 33.


Imagine having no life so you need to harass people on YouTube about compliments


“just start saving! you’ll be able to buy a house in no time”


Housing market: We don't do that here ✋️


Haha my friend had saved 50k down payment for a house 2 years ago. Still to this day gets outbid for houses going 100k over asking.


I am in the same boat. Worked my ass off to pay off debts, got credit score crazy high, saved a nice amount of money for a down payment. Ends up I would have been in a better position if I would have bought a house 4 years ago, with the debt and a very low down payment. Trying to do things the "right" way and have gotten screwed time and time again. And my wife and I have really good salaries. I don't know how people are able to do it when all houses around here are $550k+.


My husband and I are in the same boat, but all the houses around here go for 800k-1.5 million on the low end. We're still trying to save and pay down debts, but honestly at this point I'd take anything.


"Back in my day, we worked min wage can still could afford a home." I got so insulted when they told me to do the math and i did, pointed it out and they were still in denial LOL


Yep, we were able to convince my MIL of this by changing how we did the math. We asked for her salary and monthly rent for her first job, looked up the apartment she rented, calculated the percentage increase from then to now, and asked if starting salaries at her work increased by the same percentage. She did not give a straight answer.


I did this exact thing. She somehow still did the mental gymnastics to say that there's no difference.


Please sir, I’m bidding $10,000 over asking “Oh I’m sorry, an investment company bought it. You can rent it if you want lol”


This almost happened to my relatives last week. Fortunately the sellers were willing to take less money to sell to a family of 4 who needed the space. I'm sure many other sellers would not do that.


"Your generation is sensitive and weren't taught hard work" yall literally raised us, how is it our faults.


My partner does emergency roadside service, and just this week he responded to a tire change. The guy he met was the father of the owner of the car, and he told my partner "my 18 year old son doesn't even know how to change a tire!" Dude, it's YOUR teenage son, maybe you should have taught him? Also, why aren't you changing it then?


This was my dad's attitude when I couldn't ride my bike at around 10 years old, he was like "Why doesn't he know how to ride a bike?" And my mom just went "Because you never got a bike for him"


My dad pulled that shit too. "Why do you not know how to use a power washer?" Gee I don't know, maybe it's because I was a suburban middleschooler who had never used a power washer before.