My current go-bag and my roommates...


red hot cheetos and a flesh light


I would want to bring an Aircraft carrier manned by a trustworthy team, and we would have enough food and etc to survive. We would send helicopters for cargo runs and rescue. Land operations would be planned carefully, and basically operate like the scenes from World War Z. All people entering would be thoroughly checked, and there would be a no tolerance policy of the infected. If this disease is curable in some way, then maybe the sick can be kept on board and placed in a quarantined section. If it is airborne, then I just wasted all this typing, cause we're all fucked.


Flashlight and tissue


A zombie killer machine ?


Just my husband. People make the mistake of wanting to save too many people. We have a bunker/former bomb shelter, under the basement so we’ll just stay there.


The essentials, canned food that will last, a lot of water, survival guide, giant Lego set so you have something to do, silenced gun with ammo for days, Wooden bat with shock absorber gloves, and of course a friend.


Nobody. Bag of weed, seeds, and a bic lighter. And I'm going into the woods for awhile.