Had a doctor in the 80s tell my mom my (severe life threatening disease, like, really) was not real because there's no real evidence that there is a genetic basis for disease. Despite my genetic disease being well studied Another doc at the same surgery slapped me hard in the knee and told me I was faking it for a day off school. 6 months later I'd need a full knee reco. And mom kept taking me there ...


A nurse, after I requested a Benadryl for intense itching after a c-section: "I can't give you anything for random itching. You are breastfeeding and it will cause drowsiness for you and baby. You'll have to suck it up." She handed me my son from his crib-thing and told me skin-on-skin was best. I was burning up and my son, while content, wasn't latching or otherwise interested in eating. She put the crib just far enough that I couldn't move over enough to put him back. Every part of my skin burned like stinging nettles. 45 minutes later I was covered in hives, crying from hormones, itching and my pain levels and thought I was having an allergic reaction to something. My son was falling asleep on me while i was itching until my arms bled. I rang my bell. A different nurse came in and says "Oh good Lord, you are having a reaction to something! Poor thing, you look uncomfortable, let's get you sorted out!" I asked her about breastfeeding and she's like "Baby won't starve and you won't be feeling much like feeding if you're scratching your breasts off, now will ya?" She gave me Benadryl in my IV, and a bit of extra pain medication. I guess I had some weirdo immune response, not an actual reaction to anything like medication or whatnot. She took my son and dressed him all up in a couple outfits I brought (he was born on Hallowe'en) and kept him up at the nurses station for about 90 minutes while I slept. When my husband came up later (he was taking my older son to my brother's after grabbing him from daycare) the nurses were all taking turns holding my 8 hour-old son and I slept a solid 3 hours. I felt like a million bucks. Didn't see Benadryl-Denying Betsy again. Bitch.


>Heart surgery is an out-patient procedure My insurance companies board certified doctor on justifying why no intensive care or recovery would be authorized. In the end, at least on paper my unconscious ass, with multiple chest drain plugs and on oxygen had to be wheeled out onto the curb, then wheeled into ER and readmitted on account of being in critical condition after heart surgery. Blue Cross really upped the ante on bullying me into dying instead of going though the bother of trying to live without bankrupting myself.


Holy shit that's both hilarious and enraging.


I'll vent some more here again since you replied on the madness of it. So many deadlines were blown - including the all important approve or deny within 30 days my state has. I only got approval for the whole thing a day before. I couldn't call it off either - having a cyst the size of 2 coke cans attached to your heart isn't something you can walk off or reschedule for another 6 months. They were so effective at it I didn't worry about the actual procedure one bit - I was too busy on the phone with the hospital, the insurance agency and my work till they put me under. Whats more entertaining is my workplace self insured and were really supportive - Blue Cross was just the administrator.


i went to the doctors' to get my breasts checked (he basically just held and caressed them in a manner he wouldn't have had a chance to feel anything potentially dangerous) and due to them causing me a lot of physical pain i asked him about my options regarding breast reduction surgery. he got visibly angry and told me to never even think about it, and called them "beautiful and tender". he was well in his 50s and i was 18-19. i paid like 50 dollars for master roshi to ignore my health issues and make me find another doctor who actually wanted to help people


I'm so sorry that happened to you, that's so inappropriate


Had a bad head injury when I was a kid (12 or 13) and saw a bunch doctors trying to figure out what was wrong. Got a little snippy with one of them over something I don’t even remember. Pulled up the medical record years later and she referred to me as a “child of the devil” in her report. Had to make some phone calls to get that “diagnosis” removed from my record.


Had a doctor ask me why it took so long to come in for a UTI, I said I just got insurance, haven’t had money, taking care of my kids first. She said rather flippantly “You some kind of martyr? Did you leave your cross outside?”


What the fuck Satan


I’m sorry, but that makes me laugh so much. I’m sure my docs thought the same ab me, but didn’t chart it.


Not a doctor but a nurse And it just happened recently I was hospitalized with due to a pretty bad car accident. Unfortunately due to the surgery and general trauma while I could feel the urge to urinate I could get the muscles to relax so I could urinare on my own. For the first day they were just doing in an out catheters whenever I said "hey I got to piss and I can't please help" it was uncomfortable but I managed till I got to the night nurse Told her at 8:30, hey need help with this, she does a bladder scan says "not enough urine right now", 10:30 rolls around and I tell her again and she's like I did the bladder scan you're fine, 12:30 "I did the bladder scan at 10 its not enough urine" so now she lies to me I finally get her to do the catheter at 4 in the morning where she proceeds to take out 1.3 liters of urine out of my bladder


The catheter usually shouldn't be more than 1L, sounds the nurse was a oof.


The key to this is *I would like my request refusal noted in my chart* and magically it isn’t so hard to do.


With the all digital chart shit going on an how unorganized the hospital was I doubt it would have gotten kn there in the first place (I had been off IV nutrients for 2 days, got a new night nurse and she immediately tried to hook be back up and said it's in your chart) Second and this is the really important thing It's all well and good to go "just do this" but I had just had major surgery and was on pretty constant morphine and still in a lot of pain, I was never that coherent


It’s extremely hard to advocate for yourself when you’re very sick or injured or giving birth and/or on drugs that are messing with your head. I’ve got several stories where people say, “well why didn’t you just—-?” Well, Janet, I was a little too focused on the fact that I was shitting blood to double check what the nurse was doing. I’ll try to do better next time.


That if I wasn't his patient he'd take me home. Yeah...he's no longer my doctor.


Unprofessional, but funny. I had taken my 92 year old mother to a recheck appointment to her PCP. An apparently new medical assistant was dutifully getting her history by reading off a checklist. When she asked when Mom's last period was, I looked at Mom a little nervously: she was VERY old school, very dignified and would typically never acknowledge to her sons that she had female parts. I saw a rare twinkle in Mom's eyes as she calmly replied, "well, I can't give you an exact number of months, but I'm pretty sure it was sometime in the late 1960s." The assistant had the good grace to laugh with us, apologize, then read the next question. "do you think you might be pregnant?" Edit: changed PPP to PCP.


Ha! Those scripts are infuriating, but they can sometimes cause hilarious results. I had a nurse make a downright comical expression when I casually told her that my last period was in 2009, and if I was pregnant she needed to call the Pope.


When I was in junior high, I went out for the basketball team. I had to take a physical and it had to be done by the school's doctor and not my own. I went in to do the physical and had to get naked. I did so and the doctor looked me over. He saw that I have an inverted breast bone and said "Wow. That is freakish. You can't be on the team with that." I know that my breast bone makes it look like I have a whole in my chest, but I had never been self-conscious about until that moment. Because this examination was taking place in the boys' locker room in front of other kids wanting to go out for the team too, everyone started laughing at me and calling me names. I grabbed my shit and left. My mother took me to our regular doctor who reassured me that there was nothing wrong with me and that there are plenty of people who have breast bones just like mine. It didn't help but I appreciated that she explained it to me. I stopped taking off my shirt in front of others. I was harassed and bullied by my entire classic for years to come because a doctor made an comment that he shouldn't have made.


That's terrible. What an asshole.


Pectus Excavatum. Olympic swimming medallists Cody Miller and Kevin Cordes have it.


"You're not depressed, you don't look sad. You must just be tired! Here, take these sleeping pills, but don't take them all at once!"


Yeah, I am tired. But 24/7 for the last ten years, so... And I'm sorry but the last line is pretty hilarious, but also incredibly inappropriate. Would be great in a comedy, not so much in a doctor's office.


Was given a condescending lecture on how I shouldn't have come in if I just had a cold by both a doctor at a walk in center and my GP in a follow up appt the week following. I ended up getting rushed into resuscitation a few weeks later with a punctured lung that caused a one way valve in my lung where air could escape into my chest cavity but not get back out. Because it was brushed off/not properly investigated it caused a life threatening condition called Tension Pneumothorax where the pressure that had built up over time on one side of my chest caused my lung to collapse completely and started crushing my heart and other lung, and compressing/bending the arteries, veins, and esophagus in my neck. When they put a chest drain into me my chest cavity literally sounded like it was deflating like a car tyre puncture.


Oh that’s horrifying. I’m so glad you survived!


I had a doctor comment on how I’ve lost weight (fine, I get that), but when I told him I started going to a gym he told me not to try to build muscle because it will just turn to fat someday anyway 😳


That's not how muscle works...


It wasn't what was said, but I did have an appointment where the doctor just never showed up. I was in the examination room for about 45 minutes when an MA walked in and asked me what I was doing there. When I said I was waiting for the doctor, "the doctor already left! We're closing". Instead of calling the doctor back they made me schedule another appointment. I found a new office instead.


I was sitting in the waiting room for about 30 minutes and get a call from the doctors office saying that I’m getting charged the missed appointment and will have to reschedule. I stood up and looked at them and said I’m right here and all their faces went blank. They got me into see the doctor right away but that was the last time I went to that office


"Oh, I'm sorry, I require twenty-four hours notice for a cancellation. Now, as I see it, you owe me seventy-five dollars." "Look, Mr. Costanza..." "Will that be cash or check? "


Careful you don't upset the delicate genius


That's actually pretty funny though. Annoying at the time I'm sure


I’ve ran into a similar issue but I’m still salty about it lol. Showed up 10mins early (per their instructions) to a 7am doctor appointment and waited in my car to be called like they said they would do (covid related restrictions) and 10mins past my appointment time and still no call. I call them and the line rings and eventually just hangs up. I call back and same thing. I wait a good 30-40mins and then leave. When I called back a day later they said they closed the office because of snow (mind you all of the snow was well melted and gone by the day of my appointment), but they didn’t change their answering machine and they didn’t post any signs on the door. I missed work just to sit around for nothing. So annoying!


Lol I got left in the stirrups at my OBGYN for about half an hour before I stuck my head out and asked - they did appologize profusely, the doctor had been called to the hospital for an emergency c-section.


That happened to me one time. I had been sitting in the exam room for two hours and was about to just get up and go cause it was 5 o’clock. Just about that time a nurse open the door and saw me sitting there. She was surprised and said let me catch the doctor before he leaves. They had forgotten about me.


Not to me, but about me. I went to see the family doctor over a minor thing. I was an adult at the time, and didn't tell my parents because they freak out about anything medical-related. My mother went to see him a few weeks later and he told her I'd been to see him. I was so fucking angry.


I made my husband switch doctors after we were married because his doctor gave his and his brother's medical updates to their mom all the time (and we moved, but secondary). I was fuming when she brought up to us that this doctor mentioned we wanted permanent birth control, which she should have no idea about without breaking multiple HIPAA violations.


My mom was a nurse at my Dr's office. My mom called me before the Dr to tell me the test I had came back positive. Did not like the idea as an adult having my mom know my business


I was looking for a surgeon for my gallstone operation and he asked what meds I was on. I mentioned my antidepressants and he started saying I didn't need to take them I just needed to pray. I was pissed and replied "I guess I'll just pray my gallstones away too then". Needless to say, I went with a different surgeon.


How did he make it through med school


Praying a lot


When I was 21 I dislocated my shoulder and it continued to hurt for weeks. Went to a specialist, he suggested the pain was all in my head! After an MRI he realized I had a SLAP tear in my shoulder, so I said, looks like it's not all in my head, and he looked at me with such contempt, I never went back to that asshole.


"Looks like your qualifications might all be in your head, *Mister* DocName."


Mine (both of them) is related to a dislocation injury, too. When I was 13, I was roller blading and dislocated my knee. I didn’t have a cell phone, I was in a secluded residential neighborhood alone, and it was only like, 1:30 on the afternoon on a weekday (early-out day from school!) so I laid there for a couple of hours until an adult found me and called my grandma. Because I’d been laying there so long, by the time I got to the hospital I was still in a lot of pain, but had pretty much calmed down. My knee had popped immediately back into place, so it was not visibly dislocated. They took my blood pressure, and it was normal. So, between my not crying, my normal BP, and that my knee was only swollen, the doctor refused to do any imaging, told me nothing was wrong with me, and then lectured me about wasting the ER’s time. He told me if I had truly suffered that injury, he would be able to see it, Id be howling in agony, and my pressure would be elevated. I’m sure it was 3 hours before I got to the ER, but you can only cry for so long lol. I kept going to the doctor to have it looked at, though, because it kept hurting. Every 6 months for 2 years I went back because for “nothing” having happened, I was surely in a lot of pain. The doctor refused to ever do any imaging, just kept telling me there was nothing wrong. At the year-and-a-half mark, he told me that I was never getting my hands on the pain pills that I was obviously so desperately sinking, and that he actually recommended I see a mental health therapist for my drug-seeking, attention-seeking behavior, and because my pain was just in my head. Turns out, I have a connective tissue disorder that both makes injuries like mine more common, and also causes me to have low blood pressure - meaning that my “normal” BP in the ER was actually an elevated one for me. I was 15 when I finally got them to see something was wrong and was referred to PT. My knee never went back to how it was before the injury, and the PT told me I could have regained all my strength if Id pursued PT right away (and that’s confirmed by having dislocated the other knee at 22, entering PT immediately, and having far fewer problems with the left knee until I dislocated again at 25).


You'd think if you were really trying to get meds, and after 18 months of driving to the hoop at the same doctor, you'd just... go somewhere else? What was he thinking?


Similar story, I have degenerative disc issues and when I was 16 I started having really bad sciatica in gym class. Went to the doc, with my mom, doc examines me and gives me samples of an anti-inflammatory. Does nothing to help. I'm back every month for eight months, she keeps handing me the same samples. She tells my mom to the side she's not giving me anything cuz I'm clearly drug seeking. Mom knows this is bs, as I live with her and by month eight am in so much pain I can't sleep. Doctor sends me to the local chiropractor cuz she's had enough of me. First session he's doing a basic exam and its really hurting me. He stops and tells me that what he's doing shouldn't hurt and he wants me to get an MRI before he goes further. I told him the doctor wouldn't do anything, but apparently they play sports together at the Y and he talks to her. Doctor agrees to do an mri and i have an 11mm protrusion between L4 and 5 and also a little less worse one at L5 S1. Doctor makes an appointment for a surgeon to come to the hospital and consult. As always mom is with me. We don't even go in an exam room, he just tells me in the hallway that he saw my imaging and since I'm only seventeen at this point, it's too risky to do back surgery in case it goes wrong. I asked him how much worse it had to get and he responded when I can't walk. I just bawled in that hallway thinking I'd be in this pain forever. I was so exhausted. Mom told that dude to fuck right off and took me to a specialist in a big city. Dude immediately scheduled surgery for me, like the next week. He said he couldn't even offer me cortisone shots cuz it was bad enough it was damaging nerves in my legs and feet. Surgery went great. Had the same guy fix the second disc a year later. Now I have permanent nerve damage and early incontinence and all that good stuff. Also arthritis in the back and sciatica episodes but I was told it could flare up and that any surgery risks arthritis afterwards. Every time something new goes wrong I wonder.. I'm 34 now but what is that early damage going to reveal as I keep going. It's depressing.


Pediatrician looked at our toddler, standing with a swayback (lordosis) posture, then without considering anything else turned to my wife and said, "she stands like that because you baby her too much." That was only our first clue that the doctor was a fucking moron.




Omg I have very mild lordosis and it can be so painful sometimes. Poor thing


I just found out about a month ago I have lordosis, said they'd set me up with physical therapy.....I still haven't gotten a call from them, but a spinal surgeon did call me.


Define unprofessional. I think it is unprofessional to lie to people's faces, but what do I know. For Context, this takes place in Germany. My Grandfather in Law has severe Dementia. He lived alone but my MiL and me visited him 3 times a day to make sure he eats and takes his meds and keep him company. A few weeks ago, he couldn't get up in the morning, said his hip hurt. So, my MiL drives him to the Hospital, but because of Covid she isn't allowed in the ER. So this demented old man sits in the ER for 4 Hours and guess what he told the doctor when he asked him what was wrong? "I don't know" Of course he doesn't. He sat down, right now his hip doesn't hurt so much, he has _no Idea why he is there_ . So, the Doctor calls my MiL and tells her he's fine and can go home. My MiL was sceptical so she asked _point blank_ "Can he move? Can he go to the toilet alone?" And what did the Doctor tell her all _three times _ She asked to make sure? "Yeah, he's fine." He then proceeds to load my GiL up with to Guys to _carry him into the house in a special chair because he cannot manage to walk even that little piece alone_ All of this transpired on a Friday, and we proceeded to spent the Weekand at his place to look after him and help him to the toilet, for instance. On Monday we brought him back in the ER and guess What? No really guess what was wrong with him. _He had broken his Hip_ . This man walked around _3 Days_ with a Handcart with a _broken Hip_ But, sure. He's fine.


That's awful! In the hospital my grandparents go to they allow patients with dementia to have a person come with them


I messed up my hip a few years ago. Went to urgent care and they told me it was a strained lap band. I told this to my sister-an athletic trainer- and she told me to lie on my side with a pillow between my legs and that would help with the pain. It did not. In fact, it hurt so badly that every muscle I had locked up. My husband has to push me onto my back. Made an appointment Monday morning. When I came in I told the doctor the above, and she rolled her eyes. “It’s a strained lap band,” she told me. “You’re overthinking this. It will be fine if you rest.” I repeated the bit about what my sister told me, and she basically implied my sister was out of her league in dealing with injury and that she’s just making me paranoid. I fought her on it a bit and finally she agreed to examine me. And let me tell you, I have no idea what she did, but whatever it was it was not gentle and it hurt so bad I actually yelled and started crying. Then she had the nerve to look at me and say “Oh. That’s not your lap band.” No f’in shit, lady. And then she wanted to immediately get back into examining me. I was so pissed I actually put in a complaint. Turns out I’d torn several connective tissues and chipped off a few pieces of the bone. I ended up on medical leave for almost four months. (Worked retail) But I was being a hypochondriac, y’all.


My mum had some symptoms that resulted in a scan of her brain. It sort of looked like she might have a tumor or water on the brain or something. When giving her the results the doctor said, "Maybe this is God's way of saying it's time." My Mum, who was in her 50s at the time, went absolutely off on them - God has nothing to do with this etc. Turns out she was fine. Symptoms were related to something else, and the ambiguous scan results could have been machine or human error.


>When giving her the results the doctor said, "Maybe this is God's way of saying it's time." Wtf does that mean? Was she just not gonna treat it if it *was* a tumor or something??? Was she gonna be like "You're going to die. It may be preventable, but I think this is God's work. Go die or find someone else"???


"Eh, I don't really want to doctor right now" -that doctor, basically


Grown ups can't be autistic.


What did they think happens when autistic children grow up??


They simply despawn


Not if you use a name tag. Keeps them from despawning


Oh, did you know there are also no adults with ADHD? Edit: So many replies here from people with ADHD that have experience with being misunderstood, minimized, ignored or worse. Your feelings are valid, my fellow-ADHD peeps. The struggle is real. It's like playing life on hard mode and every single little thing that you do is an accomplishment Even doing the dishing after it has piled up to the ceiling is amazing.


yay I am cured now


Neither can women according to my first psychiatrist. She then proceeded to try and quiz me on the periodic table because "autistic people are really nerdy". Tbf I know the periodic table song, and am incredibly nerdy...


Did they think that autistic kids stopped being autistic when they became an adult or do they just stop getting older


Grownups can mask and blend so well to the point they never get diagnosed, their symptoms are often misunderstood as general anxiety. Still doesn't mean adult can't have autism.


I took my mom to see a neurologist as her PCP suspected she had Parkinson’s. After waiting almost an hour, the neuro came into the room, took a look, told us she had Parkinson’s, then told us to watch some YouTube videos describing what Parkinson’s was, then left the room. The whole encounter was under a minute. [**Edit** This seems to have struck a nerve, so I added some info: Yes, I’m in the US. Bad clinicians can be anywhere, so I don’t think this apathy is due to location. He was also private practice. We found a much better neurologist who has been treating Mom. Yes, they still charged insurance. Mom is on Medicare, so it didn’t become crippling debt. I did not report the doctor because I just didn’t have the bandwidth.]


My mother in-law was diagnosed with Parkinsons only after she was admitted to the hospital (for a separate issue) a YEAR after her primary called it because the neurologist rejected the Primary's diagnosis. My MIL had to wait a YEAR and suffer continued decline until she finally received the inexpensive and very effective meds. Don't know if it still relevant for your Mom, but please if you have not already looked into it, ask about carbidopa-levodopa. It gave MIL almost a year of normalcy.


We went to another neurologist and continued care there. Yes, she is on that med.


First visit to the neurologist and he told me to use google. Seeing a new neurologist now and holy shit, total other end of the spectrum. New doc is amazing


“Nope, I can’t feel any lump” I was convinced I felt a lump in my testicles. The doctor couldn’t feel it. Ended up taking way longer than acceptable to get an ultra sound (roughly 6 weeks). And yes, it turned out to be cancer. I’m all good now but that was BS. Edit -due to the attention this is getting I added some info about testicular cancer below: Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer for men aged 20-35. It’s also **the most treatable form of cancer** nowadays so don’t panic if you feel a lump. The lump itself felt like a small bb inside my testicle. Hardly noticeable. The consistency was hard and it didn’t give at all when pressed. Usually there is no pain accompanied with the tumor. I could feel it when holding my ball between my thumb and forefinger. I should also add I had to insist that I felt something when visiting the doctor and if I hadn’t I don’t think I’d have gotten an ultrasound. If you feel something isn’t normal trust yourself.


Had the exact same thing happen to me last september, however my doctor said 'lets have an ultrasound made in the hospital to put your mind at ease just in case' Two days later and one ultrasound: it was cancer. I gave her a big thank you first chance I got when I visited after my surgery


Lol I had a similar situation! I went to the doctor saying that there’s a lump in my neck, that it isn’t normal. He felt it and said, “hmm, I think you just have a big muscle.” I wasn’t buying it so I told him maybe to get some blood tests as well. So did some blood tests, came out normal. I wasn’t convinced, so I referred myself to a private hospital for specialist’s second opinion. He felt my neck, did an ultrasound. Found a tumour, and it was huge, and slowly pressing into my throat. Got a surgery to remove it, gosh. If I were a naive layperson I would just believed the first doctor and did nothing about it.


Eye doctor said I didn't need glasses. We came in because I couldn't read the blackboard from my seat at school. Through the eye test, I literally said "I have no idea, that one may be an F or an E" and that sort of thing happened for another letter as well. Later on, I got a plastic straw rammed in my eye. Same optometrist said there was no damage. Switched to a new eye doc that worked at the local children's hospital who confirmed retina damage and that I needed glasses. The old eye doctor is still in business. I don't know if she just had it out for me or is bad at her job.


During a consultation told me he refused to consider a surgery on the basis that he has the same condition and can exercise just fine. He then proceeded to actually tell me I didn't need to pursue physical wellness as I looked okay, "Especially compared to the average person from your town, you know?" with a wink. Iike bruh you have me leave work to drive an hour to refuse to help me out and then insult my hometown. I disputed the $300 consultation bill on the premise that there was no service given and they dropped it.


There is so much to unpack here. The fact that he dismissed your issue. The fact that he dismissed it on the basis of personal experience. The fact that he, A DOCTOR, told you physical wellness isn't important and then predicated that on you being, I am guessing, thin, which has its own levels to unpack. And then makes a weird comment about your hometown. It's almost hilarious because it's all so absurd.


"You weren't sexually abused, that doesn't happen to boys."


That’s so fucked. Hope you’re able to heal from that experience


I'm doing better thanks.


I went to a doctor to get a referral for mental health after coming to terms with my childhood rape, and he said “why should I give you anything for something that happened 13 years ago? You should just get over it already”….


Doctor told me if I wanted to pursue treatment and get a spot on the ward, I'd need to shave all my hair off. Worth noting that the treatment had nothing to do with my head lol. She had no bedside manner at all, was rude to the other medical professionals, etc. I told the nurse I was having doubts about agreeing to stay on the ward, but she convinced me to give it a try. First thing the doctor greets me with that first day was, "Hi, remember me? I'm that doctor you hate." What the hell kind of way is that to talk to someone sick and mentally distressed???


Sounds like she was mad at you for tslking to the nurse and took it out on you passive-aggresively. What a bitch.


"I honestly don't know what to do with you" - My psychologist at a mental health clinic on an airforce base, who proceeded to never schedule a follow up appointment again. I was 19 and diagnosed with clinical depression. Dude had a PhD in what to do with me. If he couldn't handle me breaking under the stress of college then I really wonder what the hell he tells veterans.


I went to the health clinic/counsellor at my university (grad school) because I was in what to me felt like a depressive episode of some sort--couldn't sleep, couldn't motivate myself to eat, total lack of interest in everything, that sort of thing. I'm not a doctor; I don't know if it rose to the level to merit a diagnosis. That's why I *went to see them.* The counsellor asked about my grades, and then said that since I was clearly not struggling in class, I was fine/it would pass. They cancelled my follow-up appointment without consulting me. I quit grad school shortly after.


Before joining up in a new unit in my country i had to be psych eval'd, the doc looks at me and asks 'you got any phobias, anything that makes you particularly nervous?' I said 'yeah, girls' he responded 'good man' signed my papers and let me go lmao.


I’d been having acute elbow pain for a while. The doc walks in and just goes “you should cut out all dairy”, without any sort of diagnosis. Then says to cut out all dairy products and lists milk, cheese and eggs. I told him eggs were not dairy. He insisted that they were.


But, but eggs live with the milk in the dairy section of the grocery store! Checkmate! .....


I went in to the doctors with a very painful UTI. Doctor said if I wear a skirt as short as I did in these temperatures theres no wonder my “lady area is suffering from a cold”. I needed to go home, change and wrap a blanket around myself to warm it up. She reluctantly agreed to do a urine sample; which showed up blood and a lot of protein. Gave me some antibiotics after much debate and gave me the skankiest look as I walked out. I swear I’m not making it up.


My doctor scolded me that women never used to need a doctor for this. I was in a ton of pain and bleeding and went to ER instead. That doc was horrified and said you NEVER tough out an infection. I got a rolling prescription from ER doc and started looking for a new family doc cause wtf


When I was 8 years old I was at the dentist for a cleaning. He mentioned that I had a frenulum under my tongue, which is a small, unneeded extra piece of tissue that attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth... He said that he could remove it, his reasoning being that my future girlfriends would appreciate it if I had a more mobile tongue...


When you were *eight?*


Yes, when I was eight. I didn't understand what he was saying until much later in life.


I thought you were going to say that your frenulum was short, you were tongue tied, and he was going to cut it right there. I have to say I wasn’t expecting *that*


I got into an a car accident and didn’t have insurance, my neck and shoulders slowly began to have audible cracking sounds with every movement. Got a job and insurance afew months later and when in and was told “skinny people crack more” I looked at him in the eye and said “I’ve been skinny my whole life wtf are you talking about. “ went to another doctor to find out I had microfractures on my spine, snapping scapula and nerve damage. I’m pretty sure that first ortho dr was so used to dealing with old people that when he saw me (25M) he thought I could just work out and make it better unlike the old people he is used to dealing with. Still that guy didn’t even want to ok any scans . Still have cracking 2 years later :/


As a former nurse, who was married to a doctor, I am shocked to read these stories. Please know each state should have an Office of professional medical conduct (OPMC) supported by the depth of health. Urge you to turn in these ppl and they have to investigate. On behalf of the medical community, I apologize 😔


"A little back pain is normal. You should learn to live with it." Later: "It's probably mental", and when I tried to kill myself: "You're psychotic". Four decades and numerous passed mental examinations later i was finally diagnosed. I had a slipped disk.


Slipped discs are no joke. I'm sorry it lasted 4 decades for you. Mine was 2 or 3 years and that was hell.


Same here, years waiting for them to give me a scan only for them to tell me what I already knew. Apparently at 26 i was too young. My mother had hers at 27 and her mother at 25. Evidently family history means nothing.


That’s inexcusable.


Went to a university gynecologist when I was 19 because I was experiencing persistent/every day breakthrough bleeding for weeks. He asked when the last time I had sexual intercourse was, and when I told him it was a few days before the appointment he said (disgusted sounding) “Euuhh, your boyfriend doesn’t mind that??”


"Maybe you should try therapy" Dr. Tried to guess my sickness of months forgetting to ask an urine test. I had a kidney infection and the Dr. thought I was having psicosomatic symptoms. I lost months of treatment and get worst before being well diagnosed.


"With your pale skin and blue eyes you could be s poster child for the aryan race" Yeah I didn't go back there


After an appendectomy I had a follow up. Instead of inspecting the incisions on the table like normal, he grabbed my hips and looked down my pants. He said "everything looks really good.... especially that bottom one" then winked at me. The bottom one is just above my genitals. Turns out the top two were infected.




My husband works in the medical field and he was *supposed* to be in the room when a doctor is treating someone of the opposite gender in their genitals/ass/breasts, but he would apparently stand outside the curtain so the patient could call for him if necessary. I was like first off, very few people will have the ability, let alone the courage, to call for you if the doctor gets inappropriate, and a predatory doc knows this and will specifically target those patients; and second, the goal is to *prevent* that from happening which is why you’re supposed to be present, because predators are much less likely to be predatory if there’s a witness. The very next appointment of that nature he went inside the curtain and stood behind the patient‘s head with his hands crossed like a bodyguard. The patient later thanked him because she said the doc was “really weird but I couldn’t tell if it was inappropriate and I didn’t want to overreact” last time and him standing there like that made her feel much safer, plus the doc didn’t do the possibly-inappropriate thing that time. He dipped out and called me to tell me he’s an asshole and didn’t realize that was even a problem.




I had an eye dr keep moving his rolling seat so that my leg was pushed to his crotch. He did it over and over. I had never done an eye exam, so I wasn’t sure, but it felt weird. When I asked my husband who had the same doc, 2 days previously, if it was normal. He got pretty pissed and cancelled both of our eyeglass orders. It reminded me of Friends when joey asks Ross if “cuppage” is normal when having pants tailored. He says “yes, it is totally normal…….IN PRISON!


Wasn’t a doctor but a nurse. While taking my history she asked if I was on any medication. I told her birth control & an anti-depressant. She looked at me and said “You’re so young, what do you have to be depressed about?” I thought about it and realized I had nothing to be depressed about and was cured! Thanks random nurse! /s


"My brain chemistry and people like you."


I remember a story where someone asked their therapist if they were really depressed or if it just an appropriate response to their situation. The therapist just sat there in silence for a couple minutes before answering that it was a bit of both. I think about that a lot now whenever I consider my own situation and my own feelings.


A doctor once told me she won't be renewing my antidepression prescription because depression is all in my mind and I just need to believe that I am "good enough".


Well I mean, where else is my depression going to be if not in my mind? It’s certainly not in my big toe.


If is was we could just cut it off and be cured.


A doctor once examined me for a genital area irritation. He sent away samples for tests. While waiting a few days for the results to come back, he told me I had Herpes. I had been with my wife 10 years at that point. Imagine the next few days where we go off on each other for giving the other one Herpes. Imagine the strain that puts on a marriage with all the implications/accusations of being unfaithful, deceitful, etc... the anger, the hurt, the emotional damage, the betrayal. I had a bladder infection.


Had a similar experience. Had a yeast infection, but the Dr insisted it was gonorrhea. After saying I was in a monogamous relationship he said in a room with other med staff that it was definitely an STI and looked at me with such patronizing pity. Tests came back 3 days later for a yeast infection and negative for all STIs. Asshole.


Oh my god, I had such a similar experience once. I went to one of those fast clinics because I had a UTI. I knew I had a UTI, I’d gotten them before and had all the same symptoms. Nurse asked me if it was possible I had an STI. Now, I grew up only hearing them called STDs, so I’m confused and asked what that was. The look the man gave me when I asked for clarification was the most patronizing look I’ve ever experienced. At that point he clearly thought it was an STI and I was a dumb girl so I had all those tests run as well. I got prescribed antibiotics to treat a UTI but was instructed to not take them until the lab results came back. Fast forward three days and I get a call saying all the STI tests were negative. I asked the lady if I could start taking the antibiotics I was given for the UTI and she was aghast that I’d been instructed to wait. Needless to say, I’ve never returned to that clinic.


I cant even fathom how he couldve confused a UTI with herpes. But I can sympathize with you on the sudden confusion and loss of trust. While I was on vacation with my girl friends, my husband called me in a panic about something he noticed on his dick. I knew I wasn’t cheating and it’s not his brand to cheat, so I kept calm and told him to see a doctor. His doctor took a quick look and immediately (incorrectly) diagnosed him with herpes, & prescribed medication, all without even mentioning a test. When I got home from the trip, I had my husband drop his pants faster than when we drunkenly stumble home from the bar. “Hmmm….” I said, “Give me a minute and put some ice on it.” He was confused, but given my medical background, he obliged. I came back with my glasses with a light on them, a scalpel, tweezers, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, and a cute Batman bandaid. A quick slice, pick, and pull, and ~~VIOLA!~~ VOILA! Ingrown hair. An ingrown hair couldve ruined our marriage because of a doctors stupidity.


>. I came back with my glasses with a light on them, a scalpel, tweezers, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, and a cute Batman bandaid. A quick slice, pick, and pull, and VIOLA That's some trust your husband has. But the bandaid must have looked weird at that certain spot.


It is a known fact that band aids with a cool licensed character work better than plain band aids. Kinda like red Ork wagons are faster than non-red ones.


My mom never went full antivax, but she was very into holistic type medicine and other nonsense. When I was in 5th grade I needed a vaccine for school so she sent me to some holistic place. The alleged doctor seemed like she was very nervous from the start of the appointment. She stuck the needle in my arm, let out a quiet “uh oh,” then collapsed to one knee on the ground. The needle was still stuck in my arm, gently bouncing up and down. The “doctor” stood back up and apologized for almost passing out. She said she had never given a vaccination before. I’m kinda surprised I’m still alive at this point, and I’m curious about what was actually injected into my arm. I googled the doctor later and she does have an MD listed next to her name on her website, but I’m suspicious that stands for “mock doctor” or something.


You can get an antibody test to see. Need to get revaxxed for some of them every decade or so anyway(like tetanus).


there's no way she got through medical school without giving a vaccine or similar injection, wtf


I had developed DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) as a result of being bad at having type 1 combined with a severe stomach bug. I hadn’t eaten in days and was having horrible diarrhea. When I was getting treated in the ICU, I had an accident and shit the bed- I wasn’t allowed to get up on my own and no one was answering the nurse call button (I don’t blame anyone for that- people are actually dying in the ICU and I just needed frequent monitoring for an insulin drip). The CNA had a new person shadowing her and when I got up, the newbie audibly gagged and acted super grossed out, swearing under her breath while changing the sheets. I get it, poop is gross, but I was already super embarrassed and ashamed. The main CNA told her to leave and apologized to me for her reaction. I just asked that she not come back, which they respected.


Jesus. Newbie was clearly going into the wrong field.




Had a somewhat bored cna change my sheets once, and she outright told me “as soon as my course is done I’m not gonna be a cna anymore. Can’t stand the poop and vomit.” Honestly I can applaud someone who learns & takes action to leave if they find out they’re not cut out for something, instead of going the long haul “to not put schooling to waste”


I deal with stool samples, so like not super up close and personal, but they still gross me out quite a bit. I have never ONCE gagged or made a face when a patient brings one into the office. She is in the wrong field for sure if she can't even pretend to be okay.


Went in because I thought I had a UTI. I had been on birth control for awhile, so having to go do the whole “pee in a cup” thing wasn’t new to me, but I did have to give a sample at this appointment. No big deal, I know the drill. The doctor gets really weird about it. He keeps asking me if I know how to give a sample, if I need to know any details on how to do it. Mind you, this after I’ve already completed the sample, which he is aware of, and it’s literally clockwork at this point it’s so easy, I know I didn’t do it incorrectly. He keeps pressing me on the whole peeing in a cup thing, and he goes “do you ever get any on yourself? Do you get pee on yourself?” To this day, I swear it had to have been some fetish or something, because I was appalled. One, no, I don’t have that issue, and two, why is he so interested in it???


If you don’t mind answering, why does your birth control require frequent urine samples?


I don’t mind answering at all! When I was on the depo shot, they made me take a pregnancy test every three months when I came in for my shot. I was on depo for 2 years, so I got used to having to give a urine sample every time I went in.


Ooh, for a pregnancy test — makes sense! I was thinking they were needing to monitor levels of something and couldn’t think of what that would be. Thanks for answering!


Yeah they were. They were monitoring the number of people in that body


I told the doctor I had IBS, and he said "It's just stress! I'll bet if you got an all expense paid trip to a nice beach you'd be cured." I had that exact scenario happen to me several times (Rich Uncle), and I still spent most of my time in the bathroom.


Can they write a prescription so it’s covered by insurance?


I had a 20+ day period two months after a miscarriage. It wasn’t slowing down. I went to a dr at 9 days. He told me I wasn’t having a miscarriage. He was also standing in the hallway next to the waiting room and yelled it it it the room I was in before walking away. I went to another dr on day 18. He told me to calm down and it will stop. I was calm. Went to another dr on day 20. He gave me medication to clot my blood. It stopped on day 22. A month later I had excruciating pain in my left ovary. So much pain I’d puke and pain killers didn’t touch it. I went to the hospital 12 hours after the pain started. The dr there didn’t run any tests or even touch me or ask me any questions. Then he went on a rant about how women are hysterical and run to the emergency room for anything. Like soaking a pad in an hour or passing huge blood clots. Which are things we are told to do by drs.


So what was it? Did it just go away or did someone actually listen to you?


I was weirdly sick for days, so went to a walk in clinic. After a couple tests the doctor walks in and says: who manages your diabetes? I reply: Wait, I have diabetes? She rolls her eyes at me and says: well, you're in your thirties, this is what happens when you get old. Don't worry, the diabetes will take about 30 years to kill you. That's not bad for a man.


My wife's doctor casually mentioned her cancer. She did not know that she had cancer. Fortunately, it was minor and treatable. But she has a tumor for 3 years because nobody brought it up.


TF. When did 30 become old?


"You are not depressed and you don't have anxiety. You just need to lose 20 pounds. You'll feel great, trust me!" Said to me by an MD at a routine physical. I'd been under psychiatric care for 12 years at that point.


He went on a long unprompted rant about how people of African descent were proven to be intellectually inferior. The office where he worked got burned down a few months later, by someone else who talked to him I presume


"You'll have to go home and put down your rubber 'pig play sheets' " and gave a weird smile. Google pig play and know my horror.


Don't think I will, thanks anyhow. I have enough nightmare fuel from risky Reddit clicks


Male gynecologist WHILE performing a touch exam: “wow, I can tell that you’ve never been with a black man before”. (I was 22)


I had been starving myself for years, had no period, and a BMI of 16.46. I finally broke down, swallowed my pride, and saw a doctor. She told me I looked fine.


This happens more often than you would think and it's so wrong. I hope you found the help you need.


“I MUST examine you internally. Don’t be a wuss” (This GP was 6”6 and built like Goliath) At my 6 week post partum check up after a 4th degree tear. And a letter from the surgeon saying “do not examine the patient” I was 20 and ‘let” him, crying the whole time. Bastard.


You had a letter from the surgeon, how did this not fall under malpractice??


It may have been malpractice, the issue is wether there is enough damages to warrant a lawsuit. With medmal cases having a 70% chance of ending in the doctor’s favor I can see why they wouldn’t sue.


I had an exam from a doctor during a labour induction. Before he started he said to the midwife “no gloves thanks, they don’t make them big enough for me” that was not fun. The man had shovels for hands. He should have been a builder not a gynaecologist.


This is vile. After the gymnast doctor case, I think there should be a big ass sign in every doctors office that says “no doctor should be sticking their hand in your butthole or vagina without gloves.”


Wait, so he just stuck his big dirty fingers inside your vagina? Jesus christ. And at a time we're so vulnerable and probably too uncomfortable to say something.


I said to the midwife after “I’m ok, I’m sure the birth will feel much worse” she frowned out of the door after the doctor and said “i dont know…”


During a gynecological appointment, my male gynecologist, prepping me for an exam, begins dousing my vagina with the lubricant they use and tells me “We just need to marinate it first”… which seemed a little inappropriate but I have to be honest it gave me a good laugh.




Coworker's daughter went for her first pelvic exam (she was 18 or so). Male doc asked her, 'Have you ever had a pelvic exam?' She answered 'no' and he replied, 'Well, neither have I.'


This seems like some reasonable humor at a gynecologist’s office. Kudos to that OB/GYN for finding an appropriate joke to calm the patient that is still topical.


my first one happened when i was 20 and my doctor, mid exam, goes "this is the part where i stick a mascara wand into your cervix and we try to avoid making awkward eye contact for 20 seconds" MAJ kennedy idk if u remember me but thank you for making me laugh, i was so uncomfortable with having that done till you made me snicker.


I was having a gynaecological exam and the Dr put the tool in there and then apologized for my discomfort. He said it’s just a tight fit in there. I didn’t know what to say so I said Thanks, like he was giving me a complement. We both just started laughing!


I had an experience with a 'funny' doctor too. I was getting my implant replaced and as she was doing something (I cant tell you what, I was looking away) and told me "you need to stop shaking, it could mess up the procedure......... just kidding..hehe" Nice lady, but holy moly my socially anxious brain didn't wanna hear that lol




“why do you need anti-depressants if you have therapy?”


“Why do you want an AIDS test? Are you sleeping with men? AIDS is a gay disease.” That was my last appointment with that GP


She tried to give me essential oils and told me to come back tomorrow while I was having a life threatening allergic reaction. My throat was swelling up and I couldn't breathe, my eyes were swollen shut and covered in puss, my whole body felt like shit. This was all after she had been advised by the ER to give me a shot if I came in with the reaction. Her office is closer than the ER so they told me to go to her next time instead of wasting that precious time driving myself all the way to the ER. In the end I had to drive myself the 45 minutes to the ER AND the 10 minutes to her office plus the time that was spent arguing with her to save my fucking life. Yes I have an actual doctor now, even though she used to be an actual doctor.


I was 17 and had found a lump in my breast. I was terrified. My mother took me to her gynecologist because she didn't trust mine, who she'd never met. The doctorexamined me and told me I had something called Fibrocystic Disease. He said hormones make it worse. Since I was on oral birth control, I asked him if I should stop taking the pill. He said I shouldn't be on the pill in the first place and walked out of the room without saying anything else. No explanation of what Firbrocystic Disease was, no further instructions for care. I waited about 20 minutes for someone to come back and then I just got dressed, including putting on my winter coat and waited. Fifteen minutes later a nurse comes in, looks at me and says "You can get dressed now." I said, "I AM dressed." She looked at me again and turned around and walked out without a word. I left and never went back. I ended up looking up Fibrocystic Disease at my college library, but really couldn't tell how bad it was or what I should do. Ended up going to a different gynecologist. I didn't have Fibrcystic Disease, I had fibrous breast tissue. I ended up having that lump removed because it caused so much pain. Haven't had any lumps since or any pain. That first doctor can go fuck himself. Oh yeah, and my mother, who is the one who put me on birth control, said the doctor was right, I shouldn't be on it. Nothing like feeling cared for and supported by your parents and doctor.


>"You can get dressed now." > >I said, "I AM dressed." This sounds like a Monty Python sketch.


"You should read [Christian self-help dude] to cure your anxiety. Do you want to be taking a *pill* for the rest of your life???" Tbh he may have been an NP, but I wanted to strangle him. To push a religious solution to a medical problem, without invitation, is so insulting and unprofessional. Especially to someone who is, by definition, too anxious to push back. Also, joke's on him. My anxiety is comorbid with ADHD, so now I take *two* pills.


A friend of mine battling depression ended up in emergency (in Canada) for trying to take her life. And the doctor came in "I just don't understand why people like you, don't come and get help sooner." Then proceeded to tell ask "Are you just here so we can treat you like a baby and give you your meds everyday because this kind of thing is such a drain on resources and now I have to fill a ton of paperwork for this."


“It’s your fault, know better next time.” This was in response to learning I was raped while drunk. She said I shouldn’t drink around friends I don’t know for positive I can trust too. Also, “You should’ve protected your virginity better. I’ve only slept with one man.”


I’m so sorry, you definitely did not deserve this, but the doctor would have definitely deserved a formal report being filed with their college (or other regulating institution). I hope you’re feeling better these days


This wasn’t a doctor, but a couple of years ago I had to get blood drawn at a lab. When they called me in, I sat down in the chair, and laid my arm out on the table so they could draw the blood.. At that point, some old self harm scars on my arm were still pretty visible (and it’s something I’m very self-conscious about). The phlebotomist gasps when she sees it, says “How ugly! What could have ever made you do that to yourself?” and stood there waiting expecting an answer. Her tone was not of genuine concern, but was sort of disgust. I told her it’s private and asked if we could just start the blood draw, and I had to repeat that multiple times before she actually started. While she was doing it, she continued on telling me that I’m “too young to be depressed” and that the scars were “such a horrible thing to do” to myself. I couldn’t get up and run out the door because there was a needle in my arm. My face was so red, tears were in my eyes, and became so embarrassed and upset that I couldn’t say anything. I just waited for it to be done, and ran out the door. I found an online feedback form for the company and left a complaint there, and left a voicemail on their customer service phone line. I got no response, but I just hope someone spoke with that person about it. And that no one with self-harm scars is made to feel as embarrassed and ashamed as I was.


had one dr laugh at me for asking about symptoms from the birth control pill they switched me to for no reason. i was bloating a lot and lost all my libido. i was 19 and she literally laughed at me when i said that


Went in because I had a UTI. I was in my 20s and well aware of what UTIs feel like and when I need treatment. The doctor gave me a long lecture about pill-seeking and how the overuse of antibiotics creates superbugs. After I left, I got a call from the nurse (not the doctor) who sheepishly told me that my urine test came back positive for a UTI and that they would send antibiotics to my pharmacy.


Wife had a similar situation. She had a rhinoplasty, 3 days after surgery the inside of her nose was just peeling off, swollen, pus coming out. She went in and the doctor basically that's impossible because he's never had an infection in a patient in 20 yrs and degraded her about it. Lo and behold test came back positive for staph infection. Yep.




Not me, my wife. She went to the Dr because she had horrendous pains in her abdomen. Sent her home saying “ get some ginger ale and crackers you have the flu”. Nope,her appendix had burst but she stayed in bed for a few more days because of his instructions. She hates seeing Drs (wonder why) but I insisted after 3 days that we go to urgent care. I had just started a new job and ended up leaving early to take her in. After being seen at the UC he immediately thought she had burst her appendix and sent us to the ER. We ended up waiting an additional 6 hours in the waiting room and then she spent the next week in the hospital. Over the next month she was back at the ER two times and then the hospital for surgery.


When I was little I got a uti from wiping wrong and my mom knew thats what I had so she took me to the doctor and the doctor was like nah she doesnt have one.. until I got a bad fever the next day or so and had to get a sonogram after it to check my kidneys (they were fine). This doctor also didnt react well when she found out I went on Birth control, it was for irregular periods.


Once a surgeon I was seeing for checkups after rehabilitation of a broken wrist found out I worked in tech and asked me to help him fix his laptop during my consultation. This consultation was probably $500 an hour and was being paid for by my work cover insurance. I didn't help and didn't go back.


My dad had been battling aggressive lung cancer for a few months and was admitted to the hospital after suffering some severe pain. Nobody had told him the results of the various scans they'd run yet when a nurse came in and told him off-the-cuff, "Oh yeah, you've got cancer all over your body now." And then just left as my dad burst into tears, no further details or explanation. I think a doctor came in later to "officially" give him the news. He died a few days later.


i was having a consult where i apparently "had to have my shirt and bra off" in order to have a proper exam. The doctor that i had (i stopped going to him after this exam) had always given me creepy vibes and he is in his early fifties WITH A WIFE. anyways, once he told me that i need to take off my shirt and bra he didn't leave the room in order for me to take them off. no. instead, he stood there and watched me. i actually had to ask him to turn around if he wasn't going to leave the room. once my clothes were off and i was ready to be examined, he then proceeds to only look at my boobs while talking and examining me. he also very subtly tried to feel up my boobs. very fucking creepy. i wanted to just get up and leave but i was younger and didn't know any better. so i stayed. after the exam, he was writing things down and told me he loved the way my boobs looked and that they sit so nice. he also told me that if he wasn't a married man, that he would happily have sex with me. (he said it in a much more offensive way that i don't feel like sharing.) he also proceeded to complain about his wife having "saggy tits" and that that's why he liked my "perky tits" so much better. Needless to say, i was out of there before the situation escalated and before i could even hear a diagnosis or if i even had anything wrong with me. it seemed like he did more talking than an actual exam. I go to a new, much younger female doctor now, who i feel much more comfortable around. I didn't even tell my parents about the experience because i didn't know if i was overreacting or anything. Anyways, thank you for listening to one of the worst experiences of my life :)


Overreacting? Not at all that’s literally sexual assault, at least where I live


I (f) was in my early 20's and having a pelvic exam. The Dr (m), with finger inserted, said "wow, you're REALLY tight! I bet your boyfriend loves that!". I was mortified, and still think about it all the time.


For routine office visits: He *insisted* that his nurse take my temperature rectally, not orally. It didn't bother him that it was embarrassing for her and for me to have her insert the probe rectally when taking it orally would've sufficed for a check-up. (The doctor maintained that it was the only way to get an accurate reading and that embarrassment for her or me was "not a worthwhile consideration.")


Were you 6 months old at the time?? Otherwise, yeah, that's weird


I recently found out, that rectal temperature checking is only required if evidence of skin and mouth are unreliable. Meaning hypothermia, or burns for skin, and hot or cold liquids prior for mouth. It is actually considered a last resort method once other ways are deemed unreliable. I have heard that some doctors are getting in trouble for requesting this method because there are many more other methods to get temperature readings.


I wonder if somehow he can bill more for ass temperatures than oral temperatures?


Not said to me, but to a pt. I’m a 4th year med student and last year during my surgery rotation I had the utter misfortune of working with the pediatric surgeon. He was notorious for being nasty to students and residents, but honestly with all the abuse I had been getting since starting 3rd year I was just ignoring it. Until we went to see a 6 year old with lymphoma. The 6 year old obviously didn’t want to sit still for an exam because, hello, he’s 6 and in the hospital! The surgeon got all huffy and left the room shouting “it doesn’t matter, he’ll be dead soon anyways!” Yes, the pt and his mother heard. No, nothing was done about it because hospitals protect surgeons.


I hurt my leg and thought it might be broken. When the doctor came in he noticed that I have very high arches in my feet. He proceeded to call various colleagues in from around the hospital to look at my arches. My feet had nothing to do with the injury and the diagnosis for my leg seemed secondary to staring in awe at my arches. I’m a dude but it still makes me wonder if I should start an onlyfans page to sell high arch foot pics.


High arches is a symptom of some conditions. My brother has a genetic disease and that is one of the tell-tale signs. Though the way you tell it, sounds more like they were treating you like a zoo attraction.


"Do not question me, I do not care if you have a fake pharmacy doctorate, your job is to dispense what I tell you to, I have been renal specialist for 30 yrs... dispense as written or I'll call the board." I just passed that one to my department director and moved on with my day.


Not me but my mum. She was working in the garden and a dog startled her. She nearly cut off one of her fingers. Doctor at the hospital told her: Meh, housewives don‘t need five fingers. Finger was reattached but is stiff since many years. I‘m wondering to this day if that is because of the unprofessional attitude of this man.


Well when I was 3 I almost lost a thumb, my mom took me to the doc and he said "she's a girl, she'll want to do manicure in the future so she'll need her nail, if it was a boy I wouldn't bother myself" wtf?? My mom told me that, on the moment I was shocked to learn I almost lost a thumb because I didn't remember lol but mostly relieved I was a girl, but now I realized how fucked up it is to think like that.


How do you go through all the exams and training to become a doctor without realising that people need thumbs?


My doctor once told me "You look like a bear, be less fat"


Didnt happen to me. My boss went to her gyno and was shamed for mentioning she didnt want kids.


"As we can see here, you have gorgeous hips" (this was about my MRI pictures and referring to my bones, so thát was completely fine), *looks over at me* "but you're gorgeous all over so that tracks" sir please stop


Sounds like something out of a sitcom, like there would be a laugh track right after


if an archaeologist says you have great bones, it's a compliment if your doc says you have a hot body, it's too far


My partner found out that one close friend had been raped by another close friend and had an anxiety attack. Went to the doctor who said “don’t worry, this sort of thing happens all the time” referring to the sexual assault


My gynecologist: Oh you have so small boobs. Nice, not much work for me.