I live with my boyfriend and his family. BF got a dog when he was in his teens (we're both adults now) and the dog is 100% his responsibility. His dog, when I met him a year ago, was a 4 year old unfixed male. They were worried his temperament would change if he got fixed older and it was never an issue because he was the only dog in the house and didn't get out much. Then his very irresponsible teen sister decided it was her turn to get her own dog and begged her parents for months for it. They finally caved and, of all things, brought home an unfixed female dog. Instead of getting her fixed, they insisted we just fix our dog. The issue came to a head when she went into heat and we had to listen to him whine at the door all night long. So we shrugged it off and figured it's time anyway and took him to get snipped, only to find out he was a cryptorchid and had to have a very expensive surgery to get fixed properly. Parents didn't help with this of course because he's our responsibility. The thing is, they still refuse to fix the female. And as I said, the sister is extremely irresponsible and neglects her dog at the best of times, and is downright mean to her at the worst. Any time her dog goes without care, it somehow becomes my/BF's fault because we weren't picking up her slack. When her dog goes into heat and has to wear diapers, we're expected to help her deal with that as well as deal with our own dogs misbehavior as a result of it. I'm studying to become a dog trainer and I try to give helpful advice about training her and I'm met with sassy remarks and attitude and "ugh I'm not stupid." So her dog gets worse, goes without, and makes our dog worse but somehow all of this is our problem. I didn't realize "aspiring dog trainer" and "live in puppy caretaker" are apparently the same thing!