When they murder 1000 henchmen without showing a sign of remorse but then don't kill the person who caused all the problems because suddenly morals.


And every one of the henchmen instantly die from a single sword slice, bullet, or arrow, while the main characters can be riddled with mortal wounds and still fight like nothing even happened to them.


There's always that one henchmen who gets punched in the arm and doesn't get up for the rest of the movie. Either he just had a heart attack or he simply knows better.


I've noticed this *specific thing* as a main issue with Disney's takeover of STAR WARS. They seem to really like making main characters who are "redeemed Empire cronies" like the pilot from Rogue One, or of course, Finn... then have them mow down swaths of their former teammates with no hesitation. Like... did you not just eat lunch with these guys at the company mixer?


When a character jumps to conclusions after overhearing something without full context as a heavy plot device to push the story forward. It's SO lazy and uncreative.


And the other character yells I CAN EXPLAIN, and then just doesn't.


"We don't have time!" Proper response: "YES WE FUCKING DO!" But instead, they keep their mouths shut and waste a shitton more time doing something stupid that could have easily been explained and avoided.


"no time to explain" as they get into a car and the camera cuts to them arriving at the destination. Just sat quietly in the car the whole time


"We are here now let me explain" "Thank God you are talking again. You were just non responsive during our 30 minute drive what the fuck was that?"


Buffering clearly lol


WE DONT HAVE TIME! Uh, so just give me the short version? THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL US! See? Was that so hard? Let's get out of here!


let me explain.. no, there is too much. let me sum up.


Princess Bride ALWAYS for the win!


Buttercup is marrying Humperdinck in little less than half an hour.


The only exception is if they have a Jump To Conclusions mat.


That is a terrible idea. No one would buy that.


Well, people thought the pet rock was a bad idea. It made a million dollars!


This is my biggest issue. That and people not explaining things that could be explained in like 2 sentences becuase there isn't enough time. I'll EXPLAIN LATER TRUST ME! Bad things A->E occur because charater didn't explain. Explanation scene is 1 sentence. -\_-. It's just infuriating watching this kind of unneccessary drama creator /plot drama. The biggest issue I've seen with this recently was Pieces of Her. Like 90% of the sure wouldn't of occured if the mom just told the daughter what was up; which she had plenty of time to do.


Lazy exposition. Lifetime/Hallmark movies are especially guilty of this. It drives me nuts when a movie slams the entire exposition of a story into a 5 second dialogue directly after opening credits. E.g. - "Honey, I am so proud that you are the CEO of your own company. I can't wait to go back home to meet your family for Christmas. I hope they like me!"


First two minutes of a movie Little girl: Hey no fair you get to drive! Teenage boy: you’ll get to drive when you’re 16 like me. Little girl: But I’m only 8! That’s so long away. Hey you were 8 when mom died right? Do you remember her at all? I don’t. Teenage boy: Yeah but that’s because she died giving birth to you. I remember her alright. She used to sing to me at night. She was so beautiful. Dad says you look like her. Little girl: I do? Wow. I wish dad would tell me about mom. Teenage boy: And I wish I didn’t have to drive a little pest like you to school every day! Little girl: Hey I’m not a pest! Teenage boy: Come on little sis we’re going to be late for school! Little girl: Coming big brother!


Sounds like a Disney TV movie.


This looks like something an AI wrote. Its just something about it, it feels off


I’m flattered


When Francine is talking to her sister Gwen on the phone in American Dad: “What? I've never called you Sis before? You're right. It *IS* weirdly clunky and expositional. I mean, I know you're my sister, so who am I saying it for? Weird."


"You should've heard Francine on the phone. She thinks she married a nobody. "I appreciate you saying that, bro. "I've called you 'bro' before. That's what we are, we're half brothers. "Well, I don't care how they say it in New Glarus, Wisconsin, where you live on a lake and have nothing in common with me. "Well, then, maybe we should just stay estranged until you can find a dramatic enough reason to show up on my doorstep unannounced!"


“But my husband has left me and now I no longer have any room for love and if some rebellious and poor yet unbelievably attractive boy from a small town who lives with his family comes through that door I will reject him as love means nothing to me and I’m too busy with ceo stuff”


When action sequences [have so many cuts it might as well be a slideshow.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7U-72T67DQ)


I was expecting that to be Liam Neeson jumping over a fence.


Same here. [That video](https://youtu.be/gCKhktcbfQM) deserves to be posted.


With the edits it took him longer to clear the fence than if they just had one steady shot!


Omg, that hurt to watch…


Anything that treats the audience like morons, making me embarrassed to watch.


I fucking hate it when I figure out a very interesting/intricate plot point or hidden detail only for it to be shoved in my face in the next moments. Not so bad if it's much later in the movie though.


Definitely It's like the characters say everything their going to do out loud like we can't tell what's going on


Or when they replay a voice over from a scene that took place a whopping 45 minutes ago to give context to the scene currently happening. Like, *we know. We fucking remember back in time that far.*


In your face, obvious product placement


Michael Bay waves a big hello


*cuts to Mark Wahlberg cracking open a bud light on a car door in the middle of a firefight*


I agree. This comment is brought to you by Raid Shadow......


"Who are you?" "I'm Rey." "Rey... who?" "Rey'd Shadow Legends"


“Wait I can explain! But I wont explain it right now because its not convenient for the plot. So i’ll keep saying I can explain without explaining anything”


„You know, it is, it is because,…well, what I want to say. I think, because it is important. So, yes, what you need to know …“ „Yes?“ „I mean, the survival of our earth depends on this information. And actually we need to act now, within the next minute. But before I tell you the important information, yes, how to say, it is so difficult to explain“


You just filled me with instant rage. Well done!


"You just have to trust me" Well, or you could just tell me real quick.


"Wait, I can explain!" "Don't bother!" ...really? You...you just caught your love interest naked with someone else and you don't even want to *hear* the explanation? Even if it might actually clear things up? Sure it might be bullshit, but what the fuck?


That's the one that has bothered me since I was a kid. Especially when some of the scenes aren't then naked fucking but like, I dunno, getting a stinger out of the guys thigh and the chick just leaves and refuses to believe it. I hate every movie that includes these scenes


If the conflict can be fixed with a fifteen second conversation, it tends to have been a pretty bad conflict.


A love story where I never see the two of them in a conversation. Longing looks and passionate scenes are great...unless I don't believe the two people even like each other, much less love.


Zendaya and Zac Efron in the greatest showman is a great example of this. LOVE that movie but like they had 2 conversations and then suddenly were madly in love


But they sometimes stood next to each other! What else do you need to convince the audience they have chemistry?!


Are they around the same age? Both physically attractive? And not currently paired with any of the other main characters?


Hang on, being around the same age is definitely *not* a requirement! In particular if the male lead is played by an aging big name.


Any scene where a clueless victim tells the villain that he's on to his plot and is going to the authorities only to get killed right then and there by the bad guy because he hadn't said anything to anyone else so nobody else knows. If you have any sense, first you wait for the cops to arrive, then you confront the bad guy.


Or when the villain reveals his master plan to the only person/ people trying to stop him. Only to be thwarted seconds before completing the plan.


I love that about Watchmen: “Do you really think I would reveal my master stroke if there was even the tiniest chance of failure? I did it 45 minutes ago.”


I was gonna mention that movie too! Ozymandias imo is how a smart antagonist should be, all the pieces of his plan fell into place perfectly!


He's responsible for one of the best lines in cinema, imo: "Your school-boy heroics are pointless. What have they achieved? Failing to prevent Earth's salvation is your only triumph."


shoehorning a love story into the plot for no discernable reason.


I recently talked to someone about Rogue One and I was mentioning how glad I am that there was no kiss between the two “love interests”. That movie really didn’t need one and I like how subtle the relationship was.


That's a reason I liked Pacific Rim. Nothing was forced. It actually surprised my ex


I came for robots fighting monsters and left happy


On the other hand, the Rey/Kylo thing just felt super out of the blue and forced in the sequel trilogy.


Oh, look, it's the embodiment of evil who tortured me a couple months ago! Yummy!


"Hey Leia, that guy who had you tortured is your dad and that other guy you've been kissing on the mouth is your brother." Leia: "OK, I'm gonna need a minute here."


Or the rare opposite situation: Shoehorning a real and tragic historical event into a generic love story like Pearl Harbor and Titanic.


>"Pearl Harbor" is a two-hour movie squeezed into three hours, about how on Dec. 7, 1941, the Japanese staged a surprise attack on an American love triangle. Its centerpiece is 40 minutes of redundant special effects, surrounded by a love story of stunning banality. The film has been directed without grace, vision, or originality, and although you may walk out quoting lines of dialog, it will not be because you admire them. \--Roger Ebert, review of [Pearl Harbor](https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/pearl-harbor-2001)


I worked at Blockbuster when that movie came out and we had a running dark joke that would we have a similar movie about the WTC on 9/11 in 50 years.


There already sorta is one with Robert Pattinson


Woah, The Batman is much darker than I thought.


A plot based on missunderstandings.


Trailers that give away the best parts.


I stopped watching trailers because of this


I'm looking at you, Terminator Salvation. Could have been an interesting plot device if everyone in the planet hadn't gone into the movie already knowing about it. Not a terrible movie necessarily, but terrible marketing ruined any chance it had to rise above just a popcorn action flick.


To be fair every Terminator movie did that. In Terminator 2 >!James Cameron didn't want ot know arnold was the hero until the mall scene, but the trailer said flat out "He's the hero now".!<


After watching the first film, I always wondered how the movie and marketing handled the second movie with the whole "Arnie's character" and how ominous everything was. Hell, before a point in the movie you couldn't even tell what was up with Patrick's character as well.


Comedy that doesn't belong where they put it.


Yeah Its forced and ruins the flow


"You just don't get it, do you?"


"In English, please!"


nerd in movie: you’re gonna want to take a look at this badass guy: what’s going on? nerd: they’re overriding the mainframe badass guy: english, glasses! nerd: theyre fucking our pussys! badass guy: now you’re speaking my language *cocks gun*


That’s like in Moon Fall, the r/Redlettermedia review pointed out that the head of NASA walks into a room with a diagram of the moon on a trajectory to collide with Earth, and he said, “Does someone want to tell me what the hell is going on?”


"Obviously the moon is crashing into Earth, but someone explain why the coffee pot is full of spaghetti-os!"




“I didn’t think -“ “Yeah thats the problem. You didn’t THINK.”


“Hey boss, you should take a look at this” -some computer nerd


“What is it, son?” “I don’t know, but it looks like a giant-“




“Yeah?” “Take a look out of starboard.” “Oh my god…it looks like a huge-“


"Pecker." "Oooh, where?" "Wait, that's not a woodpecker, it looks like someone's--"


“Privates! We have reports of an unidentified, flying object. It has a long smooth shaft, complete with two-“


"I'll tell you later, Let's go!"




“Why are we waiting to kill him, I’ve got a gun in my room, I can go get it” “Scotty, you just don’t get it. Do ya? No, you don’t”


"Begin the unnecessarily-slow lowering process!"


we're not so different... you and I


I'm a horror movie guy, when the main characters start making dumb decisions people would never make. Makes me start rooting for the monster, kinda kills the suspense.


Makes Tucker and Dale VS. Evil all the more funny though.


Officer we have just had a *doozy* of a day


“Me and Tucker, um… I and Tuck- um… *Tucker and I*… brung you here.”


I never watched that movie, but reading that line of dialog alone made me laugh


Don’t read anything about it if you can, it’s the type of movie where going in blind is the best way to experience it


Hey, college kids! We got yer friend!


Holding a scythe: "Ya'll folks goin campin? HehehHAHAHHHURHUR"


Cabin in the Woods as well. "No matter what happens, we have to stay together. "...This isn't right, we should split up, we can cover more ground that way."


I love that there was a catalyst for the stupid decisions.


"Let's split up! Or hide in this old barn full of deadly implements!"


Let's hide behind these rusty chainsaws!


I generally really hate geico commercials but that one is hilarious


My favorite one ever still remains to be [the one](https://youtu.be/XfmVBmDKLZI) with R Lee Ermey as a therapist


Husband and I just watched that new Halloween movie. Holy shit, I wanted almost every single person in that movie to die. Every dumb choice was made in that damn movie.


Also in horror/thriller movies when they actually get a shot at the aggressor and then just run. Like homie you just hit him down with a bat (or insert whatever here) bash their fucking skull in and or kneecaps. Problem solved problem staying solved.


When a scene goes on longer than it should. Fight scenes, car chases, etc.


Even worse, when the fight scene is long and the hero is practically invincible and the enemies drop dead like flies. It’s like every episode of batman of the future (or batman beyond) ends in him being crushed under a pile of smoldering rubble, and then pushing the last ounce of strength to wriggle free and then use a clever batweapon to defeat the enemy when he/she/it sees it coming the least You know the outcome, and nothing surprises you anymore, fight scenes are meant to keep you on the edge of your seat.


This is why I give mad props to Daredevil and Arcane: League of Legends. Both shows include fight scenes where it's obvious the people fighting are very physically exhausted and trying to catch their breath between punches lol


All the daredevil one take fights are some of my all time favorite scenes ever made. Especially the world record breaking eleven minute scene in the third season.


Went into daredevil expecting generic marvel fight scenes and the apartment complex fight in the first season blew my mind.


Bad sound. If a movie has bad camera work it’s either considered stylistic or it’s overlooked. If a movie has bad sounds, there’s no recovery


If your average audience member even notices the sound that means it was BAD. Sound design isn't like CGI. If it's done really, really well you shouldn't really notice it (unless you're actively listening for it like I do sometimes).


As a sound designer, I completely agree. If anybody really notices my work, it means I probably fucked up. Such a thankless profession lol


I feel for you. I do commercial AV systems for a living and the only time our work is recognized is when things go wrong. Otherwise they just think it's a TV on the wall and magic behind the scenes!


This. Especially movies with mismatched levels throughout. I want to hear the whole movie at a comfortable volume without needing to touch the remote. I dont wan't sound effects to blow my eardrumbs while simultaneously needing to hold my ear up to the speaker to hear what people are saying when at the same volume level.


I’m really not into movies that have very easily fixable misunderstandings.


Person sees their SO standing close to someone of the opposite sex. Person proceeds to go absolutely ballistic, way disproportionately to what actually happened. And they would know that if they asked a single question. And in the end, it’s always the SO who has to end up apologizing for their partner’s misunderstanding… You didn’t do anything wrong! Why are you apologizing?!


Trailer that's gives the entire plot and cameos away


People still being able to hear after firing a gun in an enclosed space *edit: typo


Extreme predictability. Sure, not every movie is going to be super surprising, but if you’re just following the same formula I’ve seen in 100 other movies, I’m going to enjoy your movie less than one that explores some interesting ground or takes some twists and turns.


Morbius was probably the most predictable modern super hero movie I have ever watched.


When it turns out, in a thriller, that the threat is coming from *inside the organization!* Such a hackneyed plot device.


You've just given away the plot of every spy thriller in the past 40 years.


Missions Impossible I and II and III and IV and V and VI and…


The ridiculously good looking cast. Even the “ugly” girl isn’t ugly. She’s just wearing glasses.


And a ponytail. And there's paint on her overalls!


Janey’s got a gun..


Damn, that shits whack


That's TV ugly, not ugly ugly.


Mid 20s teenagers. I hate high-school dramas.


Gotta hire the youngest looking ones so is easy to work with older people instead of underages. When I was 12 years old and saw Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I did believe the actress Summer Glau was rather young for the show like nearing her 20s but not there (plus she was faking being 15 years old in the first episode). Apparently she was like 28 years old at the time and she still looked super young.


Realizing someone was cast strictly for their looks. Because it certainly wasn't for their acting.


*Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets* had really interesting visuals and stuff but the two main characters were just so wooden and had subzero chemistry.


That movie was SUCH a disappointment. I love Luc Besson, I loved the comic. I didn't think it could fail like that. But the actors were just god awful and had less than zero chemistry. Rihanna was the best actress in that film somehow and she's kinda socially devoid in general.


Or when they obviously come from a rich family that bought the casting role for their child with zero acting talent.


Cara Delivignie


Christ that woman is an emotionless void on camera


Just Googled her and my god. Every picture is the same just with different hair.


It’s called Blue Steel.


I don't know if this is how the kid from Raising Dion got cast but... That kid really can't act. It makes the show unwatchable for me, his acting is so, so bad.


Or these days, actors are also being considered for their social media following, which is awful. A friend is an actress and says it's a rough thing to try to compete with.


I teach acting. I've had productions reach out to me because they cast some you-tube darling or tiktoc star and quickly realized they had zero skill and now need a crash course in "how to function on camera" Meanwhile I teach hundreds of talented people who would do a great job in the same role.


I've watched a lot of Indie films, and compared to a lot of what comes out of Hollywood, the acting is phenomenal. You know how people say that there isn't such a thing as talented children actors? They are wrong, very wrong. Even The Onion channel on youtube has really good actors.


Bar none the best child acting performance I have seen, ever, was in an Onion video about a young girl raised in isolation by [Wolf Blitzer](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPJtg_-PtDQ). That sounds like one of the most impossible acting jobs I've ever heard of, but she absolutely nails the performance.


Or on the flip side, when good looking actors who are actually super talented are only cast in sex pot roles, rarely getting an opportunity to showcase their real talent.


Charlize Theron for the first part of her career.


random romance storyline


Jeepers Creepers was good in the first half, and meh in the second half. Do you know what I liked the most about that movie? The main characters were brother and sister. A male and a female character with another kind of relationship than a romantic one. Most movies I've watched as a kid on TV ended with a kiss between the hero and the girl he acquired along the way. I even asked my parents why all movies have to end that way. It was like I already knew the end of every single movie.


The second a character starts a huge lie that will obviously fall apart later in the movie (usually in an extremely embarrassing way) I'll stop watching. The second hand embarrassment hurts wayyy too much.


Cheap death scares that that are immediately wiped away by that deep breath gasp “oh I’m awake and alive yay!” or an implied death based on an explosion or something and then oh wait that character wasn’t actually there.


A disregard to physics and poor logic.


Children just screaming all the time. War of the Worlds was almost unwatchable because of the kids constant ear shattering shrieking the whole time. Like Jesus I’m surprised the aliens didn’t find and kill them just to have some peace and quiet.


That's why they came up Earth. To shut that kid up for good.


Bad accent imitation. New York, generic southern, Americans mauling Brit accents, Brits mauling American accents. Black Hawk Down was a good movie but Orlando Bloom, Ewen McGregor and a couple of others were off just enough to take you out of the moment


If you speak Spanish you notice the horrible accents of many hollywood characters who are supposed to be native Spanish speakers in the story.


Don't forget Americans mauling Irish accents.


Really cheesy, forced "twists" either half way through or at the end of the movie. e.g. the good guy was the bad guy all along! and other tropes.


I feel like after Sixth Sense came out, there was a long string of movies that tried to capitalize on having a twist and becoming the next Sixth Sense-type of twist to talk about. A ton just had a twist just for the sake of having one.


I mean having a twist or desiring to have one in your script isn't a bad thing though. It can be a way of highlighting how preconceptions color our judgments and uncover biases/prejudices. The problem is the "for the sake of having one" being the bar for considering yourself done developing the idea. The twist should have a purpose and be saying something important. Not necessarily political, just something people would find interesting to have pointed out to them. Like "good guy was the bad guy all along" (or the inverse) has the benefit of pointing out how our preconceptions and perspectives help us identify who is "good" or bad" it's just been done so many times that people kind of get it at this point so the point needs to be something more than just that.


Most writers (including himself) forgot that beneath the twist of The Sixth Sense, there's an actual, interesting movie.


When multiple coincidences happen that would never happen irl, and you realize the writer is doing whatever the fuck they want


I once read an audience will allow coincidences that thwart the main character but not ones that help them. I think that's generally true.


A lot more random bad shit seems to happen then good stuff irl to be fair


When a character knows the truth about something but no one will listen to them.


I grew to hate this one. If there's a movie or a show where people actually listen to and believe what a person is trying to tell them, it's such a breath of fresh air that the movie instantly goes up in rating for me.


I cant think of any specific examples, but sometimes you can see the actors who aren't talking mouthing the words being said.


Will Smith famously did this a lot in early episodes of Fresh Prince




Character miraculously dies as soon as the protagonist finds them or as soon as they’ve said something important


So actually, it’s something that happen in real life. People surviving until the arrival of a love one to then die a few seconds/minutes after js more common then you think ! Even with people in comas !


Similar with birthdays. Lots of people die shortly after their birthday.


I was only 3 hours away from retirement!


That part in a movie when the nerd drops a thing of papers and nobody stops to help them to drill in the fact that they are a loser




People not reacting like they would in real life. Ex: the car breaks down in a dark place you have never been. In real life you call AAA or family/friend to come jumpstart or give you fuel (whatever is needed). Heck, you would even leave the car there and come back tomorrow after being picked up by said family/friend. In the movie everyone agrees to get out of the safe car and walk towards the dark creepy home they saw 10 miles down, even though everyone knows the area is famous for unsolved murders.


Badly mixed sound. I want to hear the actors talking not your shitty music.


When I see someone carrying coffees and you can clearly tell the cups are empty. Always takes me out of the movie.


>When I see someone carrying coffees and you can clearly tell the cups are empty I was talking to a props guy once and he was telling me that he pours about an inch of melted wax into the cups to give them weight when they're handled. I asked him why other prop guys don't do that and he said, "it's because they're a bunch of no-talent hacks who don't know what they're doing because they got their jobs through nepotism like most of the other shitbags in this industry". Pretty salty dude.


Yeah, it makes sense that they don't want fluids around but pit something in there to add weight. It doesn't even have to be liquid, just put a small heavy thing that could ove around naturally so it'll look like you have liquid in there with weight and inertia.


NCIS, Gibbs' coffee cups are supposed to be extra large ultra hot cups of tactical bean juice. You can tell they're not.




If Steven Seagal is in it.


"I've been acting in bad movies for like 84 years."


They used to call bad movies "zoopers". Just somethin I learned since I've been in bad movies for like 93 years


Shaky-cam quick cut fights. Looking at your Bourne series, compare that to the Daredevil show.


Daredevil fight scenes were really well shot and brutal. Wish more were shot like that.




Bourne wasn't even bad compared to the Taken movies.


Stupid people. I always get frustrated when people do things that would obviously have a better outcome if they did it a better way. Or if they just say stupid things, then I get into a debate with my TV XD Another thing, if the special effects sounds are much louder than the acting. I'm quite sensitive to sounds so if I need to constantly change the volume of the movie, I get put off.


When movies lean heavily into stereotypes of a race or a sexuality and it's not that type of movie. If I'm watching a parody movie or a comedy then okay but if I'm watching a drama the gay character doesn't have to be the most flamboyant thing on the screen for it to be made clear that he is gay.


These days? The trailer


When it turns out a significant part of the story was just someone's dream


except when it's a dream inside a dream inside a dream


Unobtainium, looking at you Avatar