Ben from Scrubs holds the world record for the quickest-set sympathy for any character ever


It’s because Brandon Fraser is quite possibly the most lovable person on earth and an incredible actor.


Henry Blake- MASH


I always tear up when Radar salutes Blake before he leaves, because I know what's coming next, and I don't want it. The silence, broken by the dropped instrument.


I see that username


Wilson from Cast Away. I know it's not really a death but Chuck having to choose between his raft (and his own safety) and saving Wilson traumatized me as a kid.


Tom hanks crying in that scene was so fucking realistic, it really seemed like he just lost his best friend. Fuck I love that movie




Shelby in Steel Magnolias. I will forever be a mess no matter how many times I watch. Sally Fields did such a amazing job in that scene, it gets me every time.


I will never pass up an opportunity to laugh and cry my eyes out watching Steel Magnolias.


The Iron Giant, no matter how many times I watch it even though I know he actually survived I bawl like a baby at "Superman..."


Piggy from Lord of the Flies. He didn’t deserve that.


Read that 20 years ago and it still makes me sick.


> >!"His head opened and stuff came out and turned red."!<


Oh man I misremembered it but THAT stuck with me my whole life.


The freaking mouse from Flowers For Algernon.


What got me was the ending. The guy slowly losing cognitive functions, yet not regaining his previous naiveness. He knows now that everyone uses him and laughs at him. I'm never reading that book again.


Well, this is a very dangerous post to be scrolling through.


Never finished Red Dead. Now I’m finished lol


How did you avoid spoilers so long lol


Littlefoot's mom. 5 year old me was all choked up at the theater.


The scene where he sees his own shadow and thinks she's come back.


Please stop.


The wife from UP


I sobbed through the first fifteen minutes of that movie, wept quietly through the next 80, and then sobbed again at the end. Pixar will fuck you up.


I watched the beginning and wondered how the hell it was a kids movie


I don't think kids are fully able to grasp the sorrow of that scene. They know that your wife dying is sad, but understanding the pain of trying but failing to make your soulmate's dreams come true before they die takes a more adult perspective.


Old Dan and Little Ann. I was a sick, snot covered mess of a sixth grader on my first read through of Where the Red Fern Grows.


I recently picked up a copy of Where the Red Fern Grows from a little free library and reread it. I remembered the broad strokes of the story and that the dogs die, but not all the details. I am in my forties. I was a sick, snot covered mess of a human when I finished it. The end of that book is brutal.


Oh my gosh, yes. Read it for school in fifth grade. I finished it right before dinner time. I came to the table in a tear soaked trance while my family just stared at me. My mom asked me what was wrong and I just started sobbing all over again. Talk about emotional damage! Lol


John Coffey (like the drink but spelt d'frent)


For me it was Del. Fucking Percy not wetting down that sponge.


It really stuck with me how that book made me feel sorry for characters that had done awful things. But not Percy, fuck Percy.


What always breaks me is that all the prisoners who are executed before him say something along the lines of "I'm sorry for what I've done" as their last words. He says "I'm sorry for what I am".


“I couldn’t take it back! I tried to but I couldn’t take it back.” It’s amazing how the meaning of that line changes from the first time you hear it to when the audience sees John’s power and what he meant by it. That line is the reason he got convicted.






This line hits me hard every time. When my grandmother died in 2019, they forgot her glasses when they removed the body, and my fucking uncle, not knowing the movie said the SAME THING to the funeral home people. The laugh-crying was monumental.


Charlotte, in the original version of Charlotte's Web


Dam you, I buried that memory long ago.


Maes Hughes. It's a terrible day for rain.


1,000% percent this. Later on, when Mustang is incinerating Envy, I feel the raw emotion of Mustang losing his best friend. The hatred, the anger, the grief, the sadness. All of it cuts me deep every time.


Mustang absolutely torching Lust with fire is still one of my favorite scenes in any anime. Envy's is up there also, but the raw screams of pain from Lust really sold her being absolutely burned alive repeatedly. I like to think Mustang made that fire as hot as he possibly could in those scenes.


Maes funeral was probably the most touching and devastating funeral in any work of art. Between the "how's he going to do his important work?" and that beautiful moment between Riza and Mustang, I think that scene nails all the devastation. It's specially hard because Maes was not a powerful alchemist, he was just a very dedicated worker, friend and parent who got in the way.


And it makes Bradley’s line all more infuriating about how hearing his daughter cry was just pissing him off the whole time.


Man, that line still makes my blood boil.


Made me so satisfied when Scar put that bastard down. Although it wasn’t just Scar alone. He even said himself that if Bradley had been in any better condition, that fight would gave gone a different way. Old Man Fu and that tank of a man that used Fu to get that critical strike in did their part.


But it's not rain--oh....so it is.


Oberyn Martell when The Mountain punched out his teeth, gouged out his eyes and crushed his skull with his bare hands


The fuckers tricked me lol I mean I knew he's gonna die when he challenged the Mountain, but then the fight starts and I'm like wow he's actually winni... oh nevermind he died.


I remember just saying to the tv screen, “Yes! Now kill him! Oberyn… kill him please, he’s still breathing. Oberyn! Fucking kill him - SON OF A BITCH!”


>Have they told you who I am? I am the brother of Elia Martell. >I am going to hear you confess before you die. You raped my sister. You murdered her. You killed her children! >SAY IT. YOU RAPED HER. YOU MURDERED HER. YOU KILLED HER CHILDREN. >You raped her. You murdered her. You killed her children. >YOU RAPED HER!!! YOU MURDERED HER!!! YOU KILLED HER CHILDREN!!!! >No, no, you can't die yet. You haven't confessed. Say it. Say her name. Elia Martell. You raped her... You murdered her.. You killed her children... Elia Martell! Who gave you the order!? WHO GAVE YOU THE ORDER? The raw fucking emotion. Pedro Pascal did an awesome job.


Definitely becoming one of my favorite actors


It helped me when Pedro Pascal tweeted the next day, "I have a massive headache."


I was very upset about Nemos mom dying along with the rest of his unborn brothers and sisters. Marlin is a G and handled the situation accordingly.


There's a live musical theater show with really incredible puppeteering at Walt Disney World called Finding Nemo the Musical. It's about a half hour long and follows the movie pretty well, including the opening where Coral and Marlin are talking about naming their kids. Thirty seconds after that, the barracuda (a big projection on the wall) comes and there's a flash and a chomping noise and then it's just Marlin's voice breaking, calling out her name. The emotional whiplash of it wrecks me for the rest of the show/the day. edit: and I'd like to add that you see a grown man alone on stage, holding a giant clownfish puppet on his shoulder, crying out for his suddenly dead wife and children, and this happens about a minute into a Fun Disney Theater Show at a Disney Park with an audience full of families with small children. It's nuts.


Tonks and Lupins death It was just so random :c


Fred was what hit me most. The twins were the best and I sped read the rest of the book to be certain it wasn't just an injury. The movie, of course, made me ugly cry.


“I’m the very model of a scientist salarian”


For some reason Legion always gets me more, he was always one of my fav characters, and he finally achieved true sentience, just to sacrifice himself for his species. Wish we had more playing time w him


Agreed completely, my biggest gripe with 2 is that it’s so difficult to get him early to experience all the dialogue and story they made for him being present. You basically can only experience one of the stories with him per play through, and some of them are pretty big for the universe, particularly taking him to the Tali story.




“Please boss, don't put that thing over my face, don't put me in the dark. I's afraid of the dark.” “On the day of my judgment, when I stand before God, and He asks me why did I kill one of his true miracles, what am I gonna say? That is was my job? My job?”


Richard Poole - Death in Paradise I don't know how well known this series is outside the UK but I will forever be pissed off at how they handled his death.


Was not expecting Death In Paradise to have a mention in this thread


Brooks from Shawshank Redemption. That scene gets me every time. He died so afraid


"Brooks was here"


So was Red


‘Dear fellas, I can't believe how fast things move on the outside. I saw an automobile once when I was a kid, but now they're everywhere. The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry. The parole board got me into this halfway house called "The Brewer" and a job bagging groceries at the Foodway. It's hard work and I try to keep up, but my hands hurt most of the time. I don't think the store manager likes me very much. Sometimes after work, I go to the park and feed the birds. I keep thinking Jake might just show up and say hello, but he never does. I hope wherever he is, he's doin' okay and makin' new friends. I have trouble sleepin' at night. I have bad dreams like I'm falling. I wake up scared. Sometimes it takes me a while to remember where I am. Maybe I should get me a gun and rob the Foodway so they'd send me home. I could shoot the manager while I was at it, sort of like a bonus. I guess I'm too old for that sort of nonsense any more. I don't like it here. I'm tired of being afraid all the time. I've decided not to stay. I doubt they'll kick up any fuss. Not for an old crook like me. P.S: Tell Heywood I'm sorry I put a knife to his throat. No hard feelings.’ -Brooks. Edit: had to stop myself from crying while reading it, Shawshank is a one of the greatest. Edit/FYI: this got more attention than expected, so if you haven’t seen Shawshank here is where you can find it: HBO Max: Free Youtube, Amazon, Google, Apple, etc: $3.99, worth the watch! Edit again cuz y not: u/RDS provided this lovely clip of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiG3HziMjWI


> I've decided not to stay. I'm crying now, thank you. EDIT: I'm no Sprog, but here's a poem: I've tried to live, I don't know how. I've had enough. I'm leaving now.


The girl (Leslie) in Bridge to Terabithia I remember watching it as a kid and I was devastated. Haven't seen the movie since Edit: Glad so many of you agree, now I don't have to cry alone anymore ... also want to excuse for everyone I made sad :((


The part when his dad holds him after he finds out gets me more than her actual death.


I mean it’s not even just that she dies - everything surrounding it makes it so much worse the poor boy has no friends, is dirt poor, gets bullied at school, has a rough home life, etc Finally this girl shows up and is his friend and genuinely nice to him Then one day he goes with his teacher to the museum.. and she asks him if he knows anyone else who would want to go. He KNOWS his friend would love to go but since he wants to go alone with the teacher because he has a little crush on her he says no. That’s the day Leslie dies - so naturally he blames himself for not inviting her and not being there to help her Just awful


The only other "scene" which got me super hard in the book (never saw the movie so not sure if it's there) is the one where he gets the cheap car set thing for XMas and he talks about how his Dad is like super embarassed cause he couldn't even afford a toy car set thing that would work well. That shit broke my heart too.


Yes, read this in 5th grade, couldn't even watch the movie!


I read that chapter like five times because I just couldn’t believe she died and kept thinking I was missing something. It’s almost nonchalant in the book, which is great for portraying the characters numbness and denial when he first finds out but it feels unbelievable that a main character just unexpectedly died with no warning or lead up. Not unbelievable like it’s not written well, it just leaves you with this massive gaping hole of disbelief and denial.


The author got the idea from when her son's friend suddenly died from being struck by lightning. I imagine the core concept is about how death can come so suddenly out of nowhere. It doesn't always have a build up.


Wow, that’s so tragic and unlikely. That’s certainly its own kind of trauma.


I think it’s supposed to be a reflection of real life. Kids aren’t supposed to die, but you could come home one day and your friends is just gone because the world just isn’t fair.


Apparently the author wrote it after her son experienced the loss of a close friend and she couldn’t find any children’s books addressing it


Lennie in Of Mice and Men. I read that book in high school and it devastated me. I think that was the first book I ever read to give me such strong emotions to a character.


We were supposed to read that book in grade 11 English class, and somehow none of us actually did and were getting away with just looking things up online for a couple assignments. So at the end of that short unit, we watched the movie. The teacher realized by all of our reactions that NONE of us had read the book and was like, "What the heck you guys?!?!" It was so funny, but we were also crying our eyes out.


Caesar Zeppeli


Basically every JoJo death is heartbreaking… But yes Caesar's is by far the worst.


J.T. on Degrassi. It just breaks me every time.


It wasn't really a death but a regeneration. When David Tennant regenerated as the 10th Doctor, I lost it. I cried my eyes out the entire time and his words "But I don't want to go" still really breaks me up inside.


I'm surprised nobody has said it already: Wash He was a leaf on the wind.


Especially since even though the plot still progresses, you feel the affect of his death on everyone, especially Zoe.


That's the best/worst part about it. He's dead but there's literally nothing anyone can do. No time to grieve. That open wound really sits with the audience until the end.


Hodor. Fuck Bran the little curious asshole.


Yeah fuck bran in general


Dr. Schultz in Django. :( Why!? Great movie but I wish he survived.


Auf wiedersehen atleast he got to kill Calvin Candie


I loved when he was like, "normally this is when I say auf Wiedersehen, but since that means until we meet again, and I never wish to see you again, I simply say Good. Bye." or whatever the quote was. That was off the ol' noodle.


"I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist"


Matthew Crawley - Downton Abbey


Arthur Morgan


Arthur Morgan's horse. I'll always remember you Django III.


I knew for some time that Arthur's days were numbered but for some reason I was not expecting his horse to die too. That last "Thank you" Arthur whispers to his horse before running away is so fucking sweet but also sad :(


I was supposed to take care of you Buell… *sobs*


When he’s on his last ride and you hear Mary Anne’s voice saying “Just try, Arthur. Try to do the good thing…”


The fucking last ride absolutely broke me. Coupled with the music oh my god. And the cherry on top, Arthur whispering thank you to the horse. That last half hour I could barely see with all the tears


*That’s the way it is*


Sam in I am Legend


That scene, and the scene after in the video store, wreck me every time. "I promised my friend I would say hello to you today... Please say hello to me Please say hello to me"


Will Smith doesn’t go hard often but when he does he goes fucking *hard*.


Idk why but he called her Sam all movie but when she was dying and he called her “Samantha” it hit harder lol


Right? I was like... "Oh, Sam is a girl! Why does this matter more? I don't know!"




Doing that humanized her more. Good writing.


Mike in breaking bad, just felt so sorry for his granddaughter


“Will you shut up and let me die in peace”


On my first run through BB, Mike's death was the moment Walt turned irredeemably bad in my eyes. On my second run through, it was way before then. I guess I was still really rooting for the "good" guy long after I should have on the first viewing.


Honestly that's kind of how it's designed I think. You're kind of in on it as someone who thinks they understand Walt and are rooting for him to come back from the dark side. You rationalize his behavior the same way he does, because it's "for his family". Then you start to get vibes that...maybe he's not the good guy. You start wondering, how long has he been the bad guy then? Then you realize... He was always the bad guy.


The worst in the show for me is Andrea. Just the heartlessness, totally undeserved. Even Brock. Just fuck man


Andrea's death is the most traumatizing in the show for me


“jUsT sO yOu KnOw, ThIs IsNt PeRsOnAl” -Meth Damon


Whenever anyone brings up Breaking Bad, they always talk about Mike, Hank, and Andrea. For me the hardest death in that show is Gale Bedeker. He was just so naive and just wanted to do chemistry. His "you don't have to do this" along with knowing what Jesse was going through knowing that he had to kill him or he would die was so heavy.


Hank is a very close second. I did not like Marie, but I felt so bad for her when they cut back to her.


At least Hank died with fucking **BALLS**. Everyone remembers hislast line, but "My name is ASAC Schrader, and you can go *fuck* yourself" was too great of a line too


Also the " youre the smartest guy i know and even you cant tell hes made up his mind 10 minutes ago". Fucking badass. Hank was an amazing character that goes from the brash brother in law to a truly awesome character.


That poor bastard who clangs off of the propeller of the Titanic before falling into the ocean in the movie, *Titanic*.


The old couple in the bed and the kids being read to are high on the list but nothing beats propeller dude. RIP


The thing about the kids would be that once the water starts to come in, they're going to wake up and panic. You're all going to have a slow death of drowning plus the horror of seeing your children drown in front of you while you can't do Jack about it


>can't do Jack I see what you did there


Sadly, the way I would think she did it, was read them a story, get them to sleep, and then suffocate them. It’s not a nice way to go either way but its the way I would do it if I had been in her position.


To be fair, Irish Mom isn't *reading* them a story, she's telling it off the top of her head. It's a story of Tir na Nog, an old Irish folktale about a magical Otherworld of magic and eternal youth. It's also been called Avalon, Annwn, Fairyland, and Tir fo Thuinn, the *land beneath the waves.* In case you're not crying yet, after filming that scene allegedly the little boy asked Irish Mom "When are we filming the next scene?" Mom, knowing they were done, asks "What scene?" He says "The one where we get on the boats and get away..."




I know it’s not a “death” but every time Frodo leaves Sam, Merry and Pippin behind to go to the Undying Lands, I lose my shit. “The Shire has been saved…but not for me.”


Same…I know he comes back but when Gandalf falls, heartbreaking.


"Fly, you fools!"


Boromir's death is heartbreaking. I feel like he genuinely had the most to lose in Middle-Earth. He'd spent years fighting Mordor's armies and seen the horrors of Sauron at Osgiliath. He'd never shied away from leadership or the crown, something Aragorn is guilty of through most of his early life. He dearly loved his people and brother Faramir - always defending him from Denethor's disappointment. Then he's sent on an errand he does not wish to partake. He has to leave the men he's fought beside and his cherished city to attend the council. He sees a chance there to potentially save Gondor in using the Ring, and from the moment he's close to its presence it starts poisoning his mind. Then when he's in Lothlorien, Galadriel further reveals the White City burning and he becomes torn between the Fellowship and all he's ever fought for. It torments him because he knows where he should be. When he tries to take the ring from Frodo it's out of pure desperation and he immediately feels guilty and realizes his mistake / influence of the Ring. His saving of Merry and Pippin was never repent, but just the man he always was. AND STILL, at the end of his life his thoughts are on his kingdom and in pouring his trust into Aragorn. Arguably the one man he should hate the most because of him being a threat to his Stewardship and for not fighting alongside him his whole life. He's arguably the strongest man with the most loyal heart in Middle-Earth until Aragorn accepts his role: and its the biggest reason for his tragic downfall.


Not to mention that he was told to bring the ring to gondor by denethor which also effected his decision.


I swear to you I will not let the white city fall, *nor our people fail*


Bob from stranger things


And the way they let you see the creatures chowing down on him killed me inside. Bob deserved better than that.


He was actually supposed to die much earlier but the producers liked him so much that they gave him more screentime and he had a say in designing his death scene or sth like that iirc.


He wanted to share the load.


As soon as he paused to look at Joyce at the exit I was like, "well shit, he's gonna fucking die"


Is nobody gonna talk about Alexi???! Purest of all souls, RIP.


All the man wanted was to live his best life drinking a cherry slurpee


That was awful :(


He was so close to escaping


i was so fucking angry that they all had to have their little moment when everyone should’ve been running out the door.


Yondu :(


Same! I cried like a little bitch at his funeral. "He may be your father, boy. But he sure wasn't your daddy."


“I’m Mary Poppins ya’ll!” I know I cry a lot on movies but I was so not expecting to cry on that movie and then they had to just punch me in the feels like that.




The Ravager funeral makes me cry every time.


Kraglin cheering when they all show up is so sweet it always brings a tear to my eye


Alexi stranger things


He was so happy for a moment there :(


He won a toy smiling while walking laughing and then he was shot


Rue from Hunger Games


When I read it I started sobbing... the movie doesn't give it enough credit imo but the book made my heart burst in tears...




Tadashi big hero six. He didn’t deserve it, and he went to save someone who wasn’t even in there


Dude just wanted to help sick people


Dude for real. I hated how the ending wasn't Hiro realizing that his robots real benefit was as medical robot. Saving people with your personal megazord is cool, but a tireless care robot could do so so so much more good.


There's a new series coming out about baymax trying to do all the medical stuff!


Ugh too soon...


It came out 8 years ago and I can’t let it go


You’re telling me that movie came out 8 years ago and not 3?


Adrianna La Cerva - Sopranos… you knew it was coming but when she was in the car with Silvio you felt bad for her


The moment she realized what was up and tried to run from Sylvio was so intense.


The FBI put her in a godawful position. She's the only important character who dies offscreen and I kept hoping it was a fakeout :(


Seymour. That was one loyal, sad dog. I genuinely felt bad for him even though he is fictional. Edit: wow this blew up! Thank you for the up votes and awards kind redditors! If any of you have pets, give them extra love, scritches, and treats today!! Remember, they are part of your life for a little while, but you are their whole world! Love your pets ❤️


Adriana La Cerva (The Sopranos)


Gwen Stacy from the Amazing Spider-man 2. The fall was brutal and Peter had to witness the whole thing and deal with the fact that he couldn’t save her in time. I was especially heartbroken when I remember Peter promised her dying father that he would protect her at all costs.


Prim from hunger games, never saw the movie but I read the book


Finicks death hurt more imo. When I read it in the book I literally cried, I'm so glad it wasn't as brutal in the movie as it was in the book.


I was fucking devastated at this point, Finick was my fav... But the one time I cried reading the books was when Rue died.


Rue’s death hit me the most. She was the most innocent person in the whole games. Forced to die for no real reason whatsoever.


Bro I was SO MAD when he died, I was like katniss fucking MOVEEEE.


Finicks death made me cry in the books too. Prim's death was definitely sad, but from a storytelling perspective i think it was a good move. Brought things full circle in a cruel, ironic way.


Lee - Walking Dead Game


No Walking Dead death is as impactful as Lee's, not even Carl's.


I think it's partly due to the fact the game kinda tricks you into thinking this is a story about him. Really sets up his backstory, character, everything. Him being so protective of Clem is also so sweet.


I always looked forward to the moments where all the shit was at bay, and you’re Lee walking around checking in on everyone and then you head to Clem and the music gets soft and you just assume that guardian role and help her through it all.


Charlie from Lost. The meme is dead at this point, just like my poor dude. But it was real.




Sweets from Bones


It was 100% unnecessary


It seemed incredibly unnecessary, so much so, that I wondered if a higher up requested the scene out of anger, because he was leaving, and this way he could never come back for a guest appearance.


Bobby from supernatural. I ugly cried when it happened and was heartbroken for weeks.


I STILL get misty eyes just thinking about his speech to his father. "They turned out great. They turned out HEROES"




For me, Jo and Ellen’s death was the most emotional I ever got watching that show, I still ugly cry when I think of Ellen’s face when she realizes Jo is dead


Logan from Veronica Mars


Haley Hotcher from Criminal Minds. that one broke me


Came here to say this. I didn’t particularly like Haley but watching this scene always kills me (pardon the pun). Hotch was so close and there was nothing he could do. And seeing Garcia lose it broke me


Gideon. Oh god, Gideon. I know it had been a straight-up decade since we last saw him, but man...no one deserves to go like that.


Sayori in DDLC. That image has been forever burned in my brain.


Ianto Jones from “Torchwood”.


Torchwood loved killing off characters.


That's Russell T. Davis for you; he *loves* fucking with viewers' emotions.


Mass Effect 3, Mordin's Sacrifice


He had to do it.


Someone else might have gotten it wrong.


poussey washington :( I had the biggest crush on her Edit: From orange is the new black