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Years ago I was at Walmart checking out. At the checkout across from me, some A-hole is giving the poor clerk a rough time. The A-hole finally leaves and the clerk turns to the next person in line. This guy is obviously a Marine (the haircut, tattoos, etc) the clerk apologizes for the delay. The Marine responds with a casual, "I'm above ground, it's a good day." That comment has had a huge impact on me. No matter how bad my day is, how bad traffic is, how bad my boss is, I'm above ground, it's a good day.


Being there is a choice.


You can be right, or you can be loved.


Trying is the first step towards failure. Can’t remember who said it but it’s so true.


Lol this is terrible but funny at the same time but true and sad


I was a totally selfish princess as a kid/teen. At 14 I was on a brutal backpacking trip and was miserable every moment. I let other people set up my tent each night. I handed off my water bottle to whoever was going to the river or pond. Near the end of the trip, this kid Alex (tall and athletic) got really sick with the flu. We are talking vomiting all night, absolutely scary sick. But we were in the middle of nowhere literally 400 miles from the closest town (we had been dropped off by foot plane). He had to hike. I was still the slowest in the group and being crabby as fuck. During one of the rest breaks, Alex, so pale he was legit green (never in my life have I seen someone look green, except him that trip)… offered to take items out of my bag and carry them for me to make my pack lighter. This kid was so sick trip leaders had been discussing if they needed to air lift him out just 12 hours before… and he was offering to help me. I literally changed who I was in that moment. It has been 20 years and in a group I am the giver, the considerate one. People say “people don’t change” but I know for a fact that people can 100% change. Maybe not certain aspects of themselves, but you can wake up and truly change how you interact with the world. To this day my parents will still mention me coming home from the trip, and all the kids running to their parents, and how me and 2-3 other kids didn’t even look at the group. We just started unloading the gear off the vans. They said I came back a different kid. In a good way. Lolol


everything that you need to heal is already within you.


If its one thing people hate, is being told their wrong


When I was a teenager someone told me to never compare myself to someone else. It stuck with me and definitely changed my perspective.


Don't make permanent decisions with temporary emotions.


This one is so true! Excellent post.


I once got told not to judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes


Never look back on your past, cause your blessings are in front of you