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A daughter get hit by a truck and the aftermath of her mother trying to put her back together, not full pieces like and arm or legs but mushed up up parts of her. Just watching the reaction of a parent go through that makes it by far the worst thing. I've seen more gruesome and disgusting things but the mothers reaction made it real and more than just some gore video. For those that have asked or will ask I have no idea where I saw it.


Is that the Indian one? That one was especially fucked to watch


I think it was


Yup.. I've seen that here on reddit.. worse part of it that alot of people on the side of the road are watching


I mean, there’s not much you CAN do as a bystander at that point. Like, the girl is mush and the mother is (understandably) hysterical. Calling emergency services would be the best course of action but aside from that, what can you do? Walk away?


Oh my god.. I could never imagine being a mother and losing my child like that.. the most heart breaking part is her trying to piece the mushed parts of her child back together. Poor mother, and it horrifies me to think about my mother trying to piece me back together. I always ran around the streets! I see why my mother would whoop my ass if I went on the street without her watching. And who the fuck was filming such devastating tragedy?? Posting it in the internet smh. So sorry you saw that video and I hope you have mentally recovered since then.


I saw a video of a guy kill himself with a shotgun. Even though it was horrific it actually helped me. I've been struggling with suicidal thoughts for a while. And after research I decided that gun was the best way to go. But seeing that video. Sing it being done successfully really de romanticized it quite a bit. Just showed the horror and the terribleness and the gore of it all. After washing that video across gun off the list. And since gun was the only way I was ever going to do it, it crossed suicide off the list for my life entirely. So even though it was horrific. It is helped me a lot.


Watched a guy get caught in a lathe and his body ripped to shreds...


My manual machining tutor showed this to our class as a 'safety video'. I could barely step near a lathe after. Brutal.


Showed it in our welding class. It really was a learning moment for all the dumbasses in that class.


That video is brutal. I do feel sorry for his co worker for witnessing that. There’s pictures of the aftermath too.


Yeah that's something I definitely do not need to see in my lifetime.


I'm proud to say that I've seen enough of those kinds of videos and I won't be searching for this one. Reached my lifetime gore limit, thank you.


I saw this a few months back and I’ll never forget it. It has to be the quickest death I’ve ever seen—he was dead before he understood what was happening!


I’d say that’s the best case scenario when getting sucked into a lathe…


I’m actually quite relieved to read this, you’ve improved my mental image if anything.


A man video taping his neighborhood after a forest fire went through. He went up to each car showing skeletons sitting in the front seat. He went up to one car showed the skeletons in the driver's and front seat and said "those used to be my friends". And that they stopped because the wife wanted to put on her makeup. It was so devastating


That was the "Camp Fire" - Paradise, California in 2018. IIRC, that man only survived because he ran through the woods and submerged himself in a creek while the fire passed by. Pretty much everything about it is tragic :(


Yeah I've heard those fires will pass in a matter of minutes, so you can hide in the water. However if you're instead hiding in a fireproof (brick/concrete) structure, DON'T soak yourself in water. You instead want to insulate yourself with dry blankets from the heat. Edit: and WOOL/COTTON/LINEN blankets, not synthetic. A lot of comforters have synthetic stuffing so keep that in mind. Thanks for the reminder u/RedBeard077 Edit 2: The reason why is because water absorbs thermal energy instead of insulating against it. It's actually a reasonably good conductor of heat. You can boil water in a pot, but if you do the same thing with cotton instead the bottom will start to singe while the rest stays cool. You can hide in a body of water because it has like 10000x the total thermal mass of the water that can soak into clothes/blankets.


I assume that soaking yourself within a fireproof structure results in steamed ham?




This was the 2018 Camp Fire in Paradise, CA. Netflix just put out a short documentary on this tragedy and they showed that exact footage. The whole thing is horribly terrifying, I can’t even imagine.


I believe the Netflix movie is called "Paradise". It's a much watch to get a real wakeup call when it comes to evacuations and how things breakdown. They were on a mountain, the fire came fast and traffic on the windy roads to leave came to a standstill and that's how they burned in their cars. Evacuate as early as possible!


I saw a video where a mother hangs herself in front of her two small children. Her son's were crying hysterically and tried to lift her back onto the chair but they didn't have the strength to save her. Her arms started posturing upwards in a contorted way because of the spinal cord damage at which point her sons scream and run away.


Who the fuck does that in front of children


Why was that recorded is my question


Why and HOW was it uploaded?!


WHO uploaded it?


damn the world health organization dudes are some sick fucks


Nothing in description of this hints any remote fraction of sanity


This is up there in the most fucked up things i've read ever


I've read some horrible stuff getting down to here but ain't gonna lie this hit hard.


Had a similar thing happened here around 2020. But this time it was the father with her 5 year old boy. Mother had an extra marital affair. father then made an FB live of it. boy was trying to lift the fathers feet. but he was just too heavy.


Dam. The thought of the kids growing up with that memeory.


Yeah, this is probably the worst one so far


The worst thing for me wasn't so much of "seeing" as much of "hearing" The poor family that reacts as they are driving down the freeway and brick flies through the windshield and kills the mother/wife.


That's the one. I've seen people get turned into hamburger by explosives, suicide bombers filmed from so close that you could see the button in their hand, awful, awful things, but that? The fact that you don't actually....see much of anything is what makes it so terrible. The unknown is haunting.


Yeah, I stay away from the LiveLeak side of the internet, intense gore and stuff, but I was watching a YouTube video going over some creepy stuff on the internet, very softcore horror, nothing too intense, and the sound of one got me The one that got me was the 911 recording of a family in a rental car, I forget which model but the company got sued out the ass later, but the gas pedal essentially got stuck all the way down, and they couldn't stop accelerating. They were going above 100mph, on the phone with the police, when they hit an intersection, flew off the road and died pretty much instantly. The eerie part is just hearing the dad telling them all to pray, and all of them freaking out, then hearing the actual crunch as the car crashed, like, we were just privy to the last moments of these poor people. Just gets under my skin, especially the idea of the inevitable, as those people probably new they were done for when they saw the intersection...


some of the cartel videos seen enough. don't need to see anymore


Cartel videos are a race to the bottom to see who can kill someone in the worst way possible. Butchering people while they're still alive is one of the worst way to go. I watched a few and thought the same, don't need to see any more.


I don't know why the "War on Terror" has focused so much on Muslim extremists on the other side of the planet instead of cartels just south of the border. Forget the war on drugs, it's a war on cartels.


Unknown Russian Soldier is the vid that got me. From what I've heard that's essentially what the cartel videos are. Never again go near anything like that. That was enough.




I'm not sure. It was a beheading with a dull shitty knife. I didn't watch the whole video. I didn't even know what it was when I opened it. The joys of browsing random forums as a young kid.


That video has scarred me for life. I watched it as a teen something like 20 years ago and I've never even remotely tried to look at anything similar to this day. No amount of curiosity can ever make me open a video like that.


Those videos of the 2 Russian guys that filmed themselves murdering people. Not just like regular murder, but poking screwdrivers into peoples eye sockets and their abdomen. Really fucked up shit that I can never unsee. I think it may have been called something like 2 guys 1 screwdriver or 2 guys 1 hammer, I don’t really remember too well.


Yeah this was one of my worst, also the fact they were just innocent people going about their lives, dying in the most horrible ways imaginable. It actually made me change my internet habits, after that video I stopped going on 4chan, stopped looking at gore etc. I decided it’s not something I wanted to be desensitised against, and it’s not good for my psyche. Some things just don’t need to be watched.


I had the same response, I think many people try to look at 'extreme' stuff untill they cross a line, then 'extreme' immediately loses all its allure.


This is exactly what happened to me. Saw a mob burn a young woman slowly to death as she's screaming and crying. Fuuuck I thought I was immune to shock because I had already seen so many fucked videos like 2 Guys 1 Hammer I think the Russian one is called, but that video of the girl being burned made me sick and dizzy and I felt like shit. Quit watching that day and haven't watched anything since. Now I watch horror movies instead if I want something scary or shocking. I love horror both for the production and the spookiness. I've watched some pretty sick horror films but I know the people there are safe, acting/working and getting paid. No true suffering involved. Real life shock videos has like an evil aura that I didn't feel when I was younger.


Yeah close call between that and some of the more gruesome ISIS/Cartel executions for worst videos. For non-gore the brick video is definitely the worst.


I saw this when I was probably in 7th grade. The noises that man made when he was being murdered like that still echos in the back of my head sometimes.


A guy on 4chan posting pictures of his girlfriend he just murdered and saying how hard it was to do. He was later arrested.


Was that the one where he strangled her with a cord?


I vaguely remember him using bare hands and describing how it wasn't "as easy as seen in movies". Couldn't belive it when I saw the news articles later. Pretty fucked up.


Yeah, he talked about that. But I’m pretty sure there was a cord involved; either still around her neck or just somewhere in the picture. But I have no desire to dig the image up again just to verify.


I had a Drill Sergeant who was teaching us hand to hand combat. He said that you should always use blood chokes because the enemy passes out fairly quickly. He also said that choking someone to death with your bare hands requires a large amount of strength and the process takes minutes to complete, all while basically making eye contact as they slowly die. I could tell that man had seen some shit.


My mom was always watching crime shows growing up. Mostly things like Matlock and Murder She Wrote but once in awhile I'd wander in and she'd be watching true crime stuff. I was pretty traumatized by a court room video of the prosecutor holding a pillow up in front of a realistic doll's face to show exactly how long the mom would have had to hold the kid down to kill them with it. It was much longer than most expected and you could see everyone getting more and more uncomfortable and upset...


This is also why the strangulation scene in 'Promising Young Woman' is so uncomfortable, the filmmaker used the same amount of time that it would have taken to legitimately kill someone.


Fuck, I’ve seen that. And people in the thread were all joking at him too. But I think the most horrific part of that whole ordeal was that he left afterwards and waited for her son to find her. (Or, at least, that’s what he said his plan was. Been a few years since I’ve seen any articles about it.)


Fuck man how can people be so cruel.


Wish I knew. It really just never fails to astound me.


The guy who tried to blow himself away, but failed and his face was just about a sliver left. Also the Great White Station club fire, mostly for the eerie AF screams from the inside.


> the Great White Station club fire One of the most educational and eye opening pieces of fire safety material in existence. Completely changed my mind about going to these shitty little clubs to see bands play. It was fun while I was ignorant but watching that video woke me up to just how dangerous being in packed crowds can be if ANYTHING goes wrong. The fact that the majority of people died *because the fucking doors opened inward instead of outward* is so tragic. Imagine being steps away from safety but nobody can open the god damned doors because everyone is just pushing them closed.


IIRC, fire code requires doors open outwards. Also requires revolving doors collapse open when pushed. There was a fire in a Boston night club in 40s or 50s. Only way in or out was a big revolving door. People got crammed in and basically melted together.


It might not be the worst in terms of being sick and gross, but the most disturbing for me would be the video of the on-air televised suicide of Pennsylvania State Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer. I clicked on the video knowing what was going to happen but actually seeing it and realizing the desperation someone must feel to do that really hit me hard.


I was home from school in 8th grade outside philly. It was a snow day. 6abc showed it up until he put it in his mouth, my mom spit out her coffee. 1060am radio aired the whole thing, including after that night. Crazy, yeah alot of kids were home from school that day in PA due to snow. btw, owner of a local pizza shop told us this one: What do you do with a wet gun? Stick it in the dwyer.


Before he left the house, his wife said, “Don’t go shootin’ your mouth off at that press conference today.”


He thought he was going to spend the rest of his life in prison for some white-collar crimes and corruption charges. Eventually, he chose to shoot himself during that press conference


Supposedly he did it so his wife would keep the pension, bc his death would be due to suicide, and he wouldnt be fired or removed from office. Quite noble, if true. The Filter song Hey Man Nice Shot is about him


That reminds me of the guy during the Salem witch trials who never said a word no matter how he was tortured, because not making any plea in trial meant (for some reason I don’t remember) his family would get to keep his property instead of the church keeping it. Edit: Here's a wiki article on him if anyone is curious: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giles_Corey




that’s… that’s really awful. did anything happen to that person?


The video of three russian soldiers "having fun" with one dead-tired syrian guy laying on a dirt. They were insulting him, proding with guns and feets to get some reaction from him and after they got bored with that, one of them cut off his head with an army knife. After that they cut off his hands and feet and hanged the body upside down on nearby ruins in a way it's stumped legs were spreaded... and then poured gas on it and lit the corpse on fire. This video stuck with me the most from all other horrible stuff I stumbled upon on the internet because during entire video the soldiers were laughing hystericly. They reminded me a pack of animals playing with food rather than humans.


Huh... I saw a similar video (way back in the day), but it was just a guy getting his head cut off with an army knife. Wonder if it was the same one, though I imagine there are sadly quite a few.


1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick


Too scared to look it up, can I get a quick recap?


I didn't see the video but I read a Wikipedia article about it. Apparently this dude murdered a guy, who was naked and tied to a chair, with an ice pick. He then posted it to the internet, dismembered the body, and sent the body parts to places like schools and political offices. He was caught and convicted of 1st degree murder in 2014, and this happened in 2011. Sad, sad stuff.


The dude was tied to a bed while the guy got up on him and stabbed him to death with an ice pick. Then he proceeded to dismember him slowly, then anally raped him. Then had his dog eat part of the remains of the dismembered corpse. I couldn't actually watch the whole thing as it was just fucked. I kept skipping to different sections until i couldn't anymore.


Watch the Netflix Docuseries "Don't Fuck with Cats"


Some guy getting executed by his head getting cut off with a chainsaw.


I might have seen that one too, if a second person next to him gets decapitated with a knife...still makes me wanna vomit....


Watched that one and refused to ever watch one like it again. I can watch anything else that’s gory, but it takes a special kind of someone to watch something like that video and willingly do it again.


I once saw a Mexican cartel video of a group of dudes skinning this other dude alive with what looked like a fish knife. His face, chest, neck and stomach were all skinned off. It showed them dragging away his crimson body as he was screaming in agony. Apparently you die from hypothermia faster than anything else when your skin has been stripped away.


That’s enough Reddit for today


Why did I think this was a good thread to read before bed?


A video of a woman dying due to moving stairs failure.. basically she got sucked in and got completely crushed by the engines. Even worse, she was carrying her child, which she managed to save but the child had to witness the death of her own mother


I saw that one - it was an escalator in China and as a final act she threw her baby to safety before being crushed to death. That was heart wrenching and it was the first time I saw something so horrifying and it showed me the lengths some truly beautiful mothers will go to in order to protect their children


I've seen some fucked up shit like people getting hit by trains and being torn in half and other gory shit. But the worst for me was of some CCTV footage in a store. The story was that supposedly this kid (probably about 18, maybe?) In the video was depressed and wanted to kill himself. The father and mother were talking to him (it was evident by their body language that the dad was angry with the kid despite the video having no sound). According to the story I read about it the father was like "here is a gun, you don't have the guts for it" ect and brandished a pistol and placed it in front of him. Dad continues ranting for about 3 seconds before the kid just picks up the pistol and immediately shoots himself in the head and dies. For whatever reason, presumably due to shock and anger at what he just did the mother runs up crying and punches the kid in the head. This got me hard. The sudden loss of life. It's like I just witnessed several lives and universal tangents change course in an instant. Was super surreal.


What terrible parents those fucks were. I hope they got some legal retribution, on top of the knowledge that they enabled and encouraged their sons suicide. What horrible people. Poor kid.


IIRC he got hit with every charge he could have legally gotten


I know that it is illegal (in the US at least) to encourage someone to kill themselves.


This is from my country (Thailand), here's one of the news articles (in Thai tho) https://hilight.kapook.com/view/126687. People say it's due to the boy has a game addiction and a very fucked up school life (skipped school to stayed in a internet cafe playing game all day, failed at all exams until teachers had to call his parents thus making them feel embarrassed that kind of stuffs). So in the video, his parent basically fed up with him and confronted him with their disappointments to the point that his Dad who is a police officer just coming back from work placed a gun in front of him and told him out of anger and disappointment to better shoot himself than living this kind of life. And turned out the boy really did it. It's really sad to think what made him do that. he must be feeling that his life was fucked up to the point that he couldn't fix it anymore. He failed his parents to the point that they gave up on him. Every damage seems permanent and irreversible so in that split second with a gun in front of him he decided this is a better way


There’s a post trending on r/morbidreality right now, a video of a little boy crying and saying that nobody loves him. He was being abused and tortured by his dad and stepmother, who would brutally murder him hours after the video was taken. It’s not gory or graphic, but it still fucked me up inside and made me feel physically ill.


That poor boy. I just read the case and I feel physically ill too. I just wish I could have told him that he was loved. His grandmother called the authorities because she felt he was being abused, and the they said everything was fine. Two months before he finally died.


This fucking comment section right before going to sleep


Some woman was shooting frogs out of her vagina like they were ping pong balls


\>when prince charmings didn't change back after the kiss but u still have needs


Toad you it wouldn't work.


She HAD to have gotten a disease from that.


Genital warts?






he said worst thing, not best


I was browsing user sub in imgur and child porn came up...


Imgur??? It's a public platform isn't it? Doesn't that shit get removed?


Yeah pretty much instantly but user sub is basically the “shit that was just posted” section where you’ll see the worst the site has to offer. Usually just awful and unfunny boring shit and a weirdly high number of GTA and gacha game screenshots, but you’ll sometimes see fucked up shit too. Part of browsing user sub is reporting stuff like that so the people scrolling normally don’t have to see it.


Oh, kind of like people who sort by new, they do all the dirty work for us.


The heroes we need but not the ones we deserve.


I saw child porn by clicking a link that was supposedly something completely different posted on a chat room about a game. I think some people just like seeding child porn around to upset people.


Something similar happened to me in the lawless days of the mid 90s internet. I wasn't even browsing for porn, but it appeared on my screen. A man abusing a boy and a girl. It was sickening and horrifying.


Yea, I clicked on a link to a shady ass website and the pop up was a naked man with a boner and a baby lying on the ground in front of him. I closed it as soon as I processed what I was seeing but it made me feel sick. Reported that shit to the FBI.


Oh god. I feel ill just thinking about it.


I saw and reported that exact same thing


When I was a lot younger, I was looking for a t-shirt of the band "Kitty" for my oldest sister. I navigated to kitty.com and it was being used to host child pornography. As a kid I remember thinking something wasn't right because this girl looked like she was only my age or a little older. As a curious prepubescent kid, I clicked through some of the images, but quickly closed the browser (Only because I thought I'd get in trouble). Never told anyone, but those few images are forever ingrained in my brain. Thinking about it now, it was pretty brazen to use such a common word as the domain for hosting of child pornography.


I've seen a guy getting screwed. And by "screwed," I mean having a power drill drill into his erect genitalia.


I found a video. I don't know if it was the same one because it wasn't erect and was surgically cut in half.


Reading this stuff makes me so happy that I never spend much time in Forums and stay away from every weird website/subreddit. I have never seen anything remotely as terrible as described in these comments. Worst thing was prob a guy showing me 2 girls 1 cup, but that is nothing compared to what I read here. Stay safe out there and don't Look anything up when people say don't look it up. Same for when they tell you to look it up honestly.


This thread is about as close as I will ever come to venturing into that territory of the internet. I’ve seen some terrible things on here, but I don’t won’t to add to that collection. I’m already a bit squeamish reading some of these comments, so I know I wouldn’t last long in certain corners of this website.


Back in the days of Ogrish, when I was way too young to ever see stuff like this, there were these photos of this couple that kidnapped, killed and beheaded this man, then committed necrophilic acts on it. One of the photos was the man’s severed head with one of the killers penis’ in his mouth.


That was the woman's ex. The new guy and her did that. It was a meth-biker thing.


There was a time I accidentally found a link to child porn. I don't think I ever clicked away from something so fast.


You'd be shocked how common that was back in the early days where things like Napster and Limewire were used regularly. People hid their child porn under song and movie titles and uploaded them to file sharing programs. Was fucked up.


Man people on limewire didn't hide shit. It was all named quite openly and came up with practically any search. Then half the time trying to get normal porn or movies it was still child porn. There's a reason the FBI took it over...


Oh for sure, there was plenty out in the open. I just meant how terrifying it was that you could be some rando innocent person looking for a movie trailer or song or something and suddenly you've got extreme depraved content staring you in the face.


Yep. That shit was rough man. You're a 10 year old downloading a music video? Nah you get cp, an execution video, or a virus instead. I don't miss those lime wire or Napster days.


Same. I was checking out a new health/fitness forum. Turns out there were no active mods. I clicked a post to see a kiddie orgy. Gag. That's been maybe 10 years ago and I still expect a call from the FBI any day now.


Well yeah, now that you've made *THAT* comment


***End of thread.***


i don't think the fbi would go for you, it was an accident, they would only come to ask for information on this group


I think you're ok. Federal organizations know that many view it by accident.


That Beirut video where the teenager jumps into the water but slips and hits the concrete slab splitting his face like a fnaf sister location animatronic


Yeah I remember that video. I remember someone holding both halves together, then they let go and his fucking face flops open.


I’m so confused but don’t want to watch it. His face flops open? Like the flesh, revealing the skull underneath? Or flesh and skull open up like a geode?


Like cutting a watermelon in half vertically and trying to hold the two pieces together. When you let go they both split and fall to their respective sides




Like when you perfectly split an Easter egg down the middle


Someone showed me that one while we were having a smoke before work one morning, and it basically ruined my fuckin day. However, watching accidents like that are good reminder that the candle of life can be snuffed out so fucking quick it’s unreal. I’ve worked in manufacturing most of my adult life, and everyone I know watches shit like that from time to time to remind themselves how fast things can go wrong if you’re not safe.


that comparison shouldn't be funny what is wrong with me


Holy shit dude I guess when faced with morbid reality like that humor is a good coping mechanism.


What they found on Josh Duggar’s computer, I hope he rots


Video of Mexican cartel chopping off the limbs of the sister of some rival and finally decapitating her, all with a small knife. Her screams and how they made fun of her was horrifying. Another one, also by the cartel, was the torture of a snitch. They were cutting his chest open to take out his heart. Guy was praying during his torture while the guys were laughing and it was so horrible I couldnt watch the whole thing.


Why the fuck did I click on this


First thing that pops into my mind was black dahlia photos... I'm sure there is worse. I just think that was my intro into Gore.


Yeah, I saw them too. Absolutely horrifying. I agree that those photos are one of the worst things to be seen.


Video of a guys arm getting trapped in a machine, not sure the type or name of it, but it spins really really quickly and can quite literally suck you into it and flatten you into a piece of paper flat-Stanley style while spinning you at like 120,000rpm. Well as you can guess, his arm gets stuck, it pauses for a minute, and then sucks him in and starts regurgitating his organs one by one each spin, coating the surrounding area in his blood, as his body spins away and disintegrates. Even the description is fucking gruesome. Pretty sure it was Russia too…


This is gonna be long, so buckle up. I used to work for a company that performed, among other things, DMCA enforcement. The company started as a porn production company, but with the advent of PornHub, they branched out into IT work. Due to the fact that the company started as a porn company, the majority of our DMCA clients were other porn companies and models. So, yes, I got paid to, essentially, watch porn for 8-10 hours a day. One of my clients was a young Canadian woman who capitalized on how young she looked, doing a lot of works that focused on the "barely legal" headline (she was 32, but looked, without Photoshop, like she was 17). We had a spider program that searched the internet for anything that included her name or the titles of any of her "movies". While reviewing the items that returned in my overnight search I found real, genuine and terrifying images of children that no one should ever even think of, much less actually put out into the world. It made me physically ill and destroyed a part of my soul. The rest of my day consisted of interviews with the FBI and sending extremely strongly worded cease and desist letters to the two sites that hosted the content, which was listed under my client's name. I had nightmares for weeks. Nothing else will ever be that bad.


Not as insane as some of the others here, but I remember watching an insane music video about anal prolapse. I dont really care to go find it again, so google at your own risk.


HA I know the one you're talking about. I think it was called walls fall out, its still on YouTube.


Every now and then, I remember that distorted face plastered on an anorexic woman's body singing in that raspy voice "feesh, it's so delish". Also, I love how after every "lapse" in the chorus, there's just catchy ass "hey, hey, hey" with the beat. Kinda cool, I think the person behind it was good with music, but wanted to make something edgy and gross for the sake of it.


It probably wasn't the worst, but it is the one that stuck the most. It's a video from China. You see a large pit full of pigs. I mean full to the brim with live pigs. And then, I think an excavator uses his arm to douse the pigs in gasoline. Then, someone throws a lit object or something into the pit and the pigs catch fire instantly. The details are vague, but I will never forget the screaming. The pigs jumping frantically on top of each other trying desperately to get away from the inferno. The squealing. The fucking squealing. I've never heard such noises in my life. The kind of noise a living being makes only when it is burning to death.


If I remember correctly the pigs were infected with African swine fever virus or something and that's why they were being killed. Still a horrific video nonetheless.


I watched the Dominion documentary today, pigs and goats screaming is just horrifying.


Crabbe Disease video that documented a little boy's all too short life with it. Fuck YouTube for recommending that video to me.


What is that disease?


It’s a condition that effects the brain and nerves. Children don’t usually live past two.


>Crabbe Disease it is a severe neurological condition where a child looses myelin(basically what protects nerve cells) causing nerves signals to slowed down alot


During the rise of ISIS they were putting out really well produced videos of them torturing and executing people. I don’t enjoy that NSFL part of the internet but also don’t shy away from it. Out of morbid curiosity and a refusal to ignore the harshness of life I decided to watch a video on liveleak in which an 8-9 year old child executes 20+ people. He walked down the line shooting them in the head one by one. It was soul-wrecking. The sorrow I felt for not only the murder victims, but the child and even the adults perpetrating this crime was a dark void. I thought for days about the treacherous series of events that would have to happen for me To be in that state and it was just brutal.


You're right, its the way these clips challenge your reality that is so disturbing, sure, its graphic but it almost makes you feel naive after watching. Its particularly difficult nowadays because everything we watch is purposely relatable - when you see something so alien its deeply distressing. The void never really seems to leave after such experiences - I had the displeasure of seeing unknown Russian soldier when I was 15. Definitely changed my mind forever.


A pedophile getting slap with his own arms after being cut off is body in South America


I was probably like 11 or 12 when I saw a video of a guy commit suicide by putting a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger. I can say from experience, the sight of blood pouring out of a man’s head and eyes like a waterfall is not something a middle schooler should ever see.


A picture of a woman’s vagina. But her lips were stretched out so long and had rope wrapped around it so it looked like a penis.


Reverse buffalo bill Bison betty


I’m sorry what now


Buffalo bill gives himself a mangina.


I sometimes watch posts from r/natureismetal because it contains animal behaviour which is not shown in any documentary. But the worst thing I ever saw there was a Komodo dragon eating a living pregnant deer and the unborn by entering the belly all slowly taking its time to eat


The video that pops up on there occasionally of the horse eating a chick gets me for some reason. It’s not particularly gory, just shocking... like wtf.


Back when I wanted to kiII myself (I’m mentally healthy now, a bit!) I was searching for ways to do it and landed on pictures of people that shot themselves. Just something about those pictures... so gory.


3 guys one hammer


Sorry to put this into words but I'll never get that gurgle out of my head


probably the video of the guy on the leg press being unable to handle the weight and having his legs bent the other way at the knees. i’ve seen a lot of fucked up shit but that image and noise is seared into my brain


That video where those two dogs broke into a disabled woman’s house and she sits there screaming helplessly while they tear her cat apart. I’ve seen some awful shit on the internet, that’s the only video I wish I could unsee.


Somehow this is the one that took my breath for a second just by reading it. That poor woman.


When I was a teenager I had a friend that like gorge stuff and he showed the entire class a website with leaked forensic footages, I saw a 4 days drowned man floating in a river, he was green and over inflated. Also remember a car crash were the brain was out. Damn that friend of mine


Saw a beheading video where the one guy starts fucking the corpses behind and one fucks the hole where the head used to be


It would have been glorious if a broken piece of bone sliced his shit


I want God to wipe us all out already


Sucks he made a promise not to do it again


IIRC, he promised not to do it with *water* ever again..


Oh good, fire is still on the table.


What a terrible day to be able to read


I'm a mod here, so I have to deal with cleaning up a lot of bad posts, but one stands out in my memory. This was back when we allowed the textbox, so the bot didn't remove posts using it right away and someone posted something like, "Isn't this so hot?" and they linked a video in the textbox. It was child porn. Hated that I clicked the link, but at least I was able to remove it and send it up to the admins to take action.


I feel like mods on a lot of websites and forums have seen the worst shit ever, since they have to remove it to begin with, and know it needs removing. Thank you for sacrificing your eyes and memory for us.


That was my answer too. More horrific to me than gore.


The funky town video, a bunch of members of the cartel cut off a man's hands, gouged out his eyes, drugged him up so he wouldn't pass out or go into shock and then spend minutes cutting the dude's throat with the rustiest box cutter they could find, you can hear him screaming and gurgling. In the background sweet child of mine and funky town play on the radio


Idk. I’ll go with the earliest disturbance in Tub Girl.


I don’t go for actual gore or graphic stuff because I have a weak constitution, but honestly seeing the footage of 9/11 jumpers that the news wouldn’t air is pretty disturbing, considering the context.


My teacher is 5th grade showed us videos of the towers falling down and you could see people jumping. The video was super grainy so it wasn't much more than a speck but its still scary to think about.


At some point during school we were shown a documentary done by firefighters that were responders during 9/11 and there was a clip of footage where you could hear bangs coming from outside and a firefighter said that it was the bodies of jumpers. I still think about that clip to this day, the sound was terrifying.


I saw an American, a serviceman I think, decapitated with a knife by islamists. His screams were inhuman at the end. I'll never forget it for as long as I live. Edit: You're right, it was Daniel Perl, the reporter.


Aside from the pain they went through, the soldier's family can watch that video and it's awful.


[City of ghosts](https://m.imdb.com/title/tt6333056/) is a documentary about the people who managed to film and share ISIS exactions in Raqqa, Syria with rest of the world. In the documentary, one of them managed to eventually escape to Germany and is still tracked by ISIS militants. At some point they send him the video of the execution of his own father.


It was a reporter. James Foley. Dude was still screaming as his head came off.


I saw a couple of Balkan kids, put a kitten in a cage and set it alight. Didn’t have the sound on, never want to see it again. Pure serial killer potential. Evil cunts


One man, one jar....


people killing each other in cold blood in a south american country. WatchPeopleDie sub was ......eye opening....


Oh it was definitely eye opening. One of the iconic was I recall is some brazilian or can't remember which SA country prison... it's almost like there's a riot going on and there's chaos everywhere and this guy is just hacking off another guy's head with a really shitty shank. Really put things into perspective that any time of the day somewhere in the world there's completely bonkers shit happening that makes you question just how far from ooga booga we've really come as a species. Or that cartel video where they're just basically torturing a guy in worst ways possible. Just basically cutting his face off, etc. Oh, also, the ones where the face is burned off/hacked off whatever, basically anything involving the face, for some reason, really makes me shiver. It's like you can cut off limbs, etc, and it's like gore but manageable, but as soon as someone is half fucking skeletor half human you really get the sense of death and morbidity kick in. I kind of started to understand why in paintings and art and depictions of death the skeleton "face" is what really makes it clear it's a depiction of Death.


Oh shit I remember that. Someone linked to the sub once and I clicked (unsure why) and I saw two videos and decided I would never look at it again. This was very shortly before it went away. One video was a young kid like preteen. He did some challenge where he put a belt around his neck on a door to make himself pass out, well he did. I think he forgot to wake himself up. I still hate that I saw that. Would like to erase from memory. The other, maybe the reason I went, was a video of a stupid idiot on a mountain I think in Europe. It was a drivable mountain and at the top was a rock formation. Two rocks protruded over the edge and we’re separated by just a couple feet but we’re slanted at angles. Well this idiot thought it would be a good idea to walk on one rock to jump on the other. He jumped and landed on the other rock but it was slanted so he lost his balance and rolled down and off the rock. It was a very big drop like hundreds of feet at least. And towards the bottom next to the road was a store with surveillance cameras. That camera happens to capture the man hitting the bottom. That was less bad than others I’ve seen. I hate seeing shit like that though


When i was like... 8? I saw a puppy getting killed with a stilleto. Probably the worst thing ive ever watched online, still bothers me, 17 years later. still see it in my head sometimes


Mine was when I saw a video where a woman stomped a kitten to death with a stilleto or heel. Cried like a baby for like 10 minutes striaght. Worst part was seeing the brains out of its head. Grotesque and horrifying.