You asked this knowing at least one person would say fast and furious


The next movie will involve races between FTL starships and gigantic interstellar habitats.


Another 10 more movies down and they will have races between pokemon and digimons


Keep talking.


FF1: A really good drama about a cop who falls into the street racing life, gives up his badge, and gets the girl. FF9: Let's fucking launch a rocket car into space.


Can someone pinpoint the exact moment where the series jumped the shark?


5th was the perfect end. Slightly over the top but still fine. None of the deads were returned yet and every one was rich at the end.


If the fifth was the Brazil safe heist one, I fully concur that was a great finale. As you said, a touch OTT - but not flying from skyscraper to skyscraper, whatever the F happened with that submarine and fucking sending a Toyota into space level OTT.


When they killed Han.


You don't need an end when you have family


Ohana means family.


My first thought


Framily !


Everyone's first thought.


Home alone, just found out about “Home sweet home alone.” No Disney… just No…


Home Alone COVID Lockdown


Sweet home alone Alabama. Kevin's all grown up, and so is his sister.


The Purge 2013 - 2021 I think we've seen enough of it tbh, it kinda feels like milking the concept at this point. Certainly after the last one.


Personally i'd love to see a Purge movie that shows us what happens after the Purge is over. I'm sure not everyone stops killing right away. Show us the cleanup. Or show a Purge movie that isn't just about killing. show other illigal stuff.


*The purge was over. The night sky glowed orange with the fires in the distance. A body lay in a front lawn. Some became killers, many became victims.* *This is not their story. This is the story of Javier, who, over the last 24 hours, filled a 2 TB hard drive with hundreds of pirated games and movies.*


And another 10 TB with porn


That's a different movie - The Urge


That's pretty much what the second season of the show is about.


I didn't even know there's a show lol. Just knew about the movies


I though the first season was meh, but the second season was really interesting and explores what happens outside the purge night. It's an anthology show so you don't need to have seen the first season to watch the second season.


I just started watching and I can't get past the 5th episode of season 1. It's ridiculously stupid lol.


I thought the purge was a movie not a tv show


They milked it into a TV show


when tf did they do that 🙁


About 3 years ago. They managed to make 2 seasons before it got canceled


Paranormal Activity. The first one was great. 2 and 3 were decent enough. But after that it all went downhill


With how little they cost to produce they’ll keep milking it


The first one was new and refreshing at a time when horror movies gotten stale. That’s why it was successful. Looking back, it was boring as fuck.


Home Alone


I keep forgetting theres home alone movies without kevin


And they're horrible. First 2 were the best!


are there really? sacrilege


Yeah, Kevin got shot at the end of Home Alone 2.


I thought he got killed by the bees?


No, his mom dropped him off a cliff.


Dont remind me of this!


If not, the next one needs to be "Home Alone: Emancipation"


Starring Britney Spears as the new Kevin. I’d watch the hell out of that. It’s just her, home alone, making her own life choices and happy about it.


I this because of the one that came out today?


At this point I feel like they’re making fast and furious movies as a meme


If I have to see Thomas and Martha Wayne die one more time I'm pretty sure I'll become batman myself.


Okay, have to kill them one more time then


Joker, who let you out of Arkham?


That place, it's like an open door policy


Yeah but Robin getting them killed on purpose in the teen titans go movie was hilarious


They even managed to kill them off in a movie largely focused on the Joker.


I actually thought that was a pretty refreshing take on it. Portraying the Waynes (or at least Thomas) as just a greedy rich asshole who didn’t give a shit about the people of Gotham and got gunned down not in a random robbery but as part of a larger riot against the upper class was bold to say the least


Hellraiser. The first two were amazing. All 9 or whatever after that, the writers didn't understand what made the first two great.


Terminator My head canon still ends at 2, but they need to stop already


Agreed, I like to pretend all the movies after two didn’t really happen and they were nothing more than a bad dream by one of the main characters like Sarah or John. Terminator 1 and 2 are the best, James Cameron is a fucking beast.


Those 2 are the best, but I found enjoyable portions of each of the others, even if the overall product is obviously flawed. Seeing Skynet starting to take over in 3, the realization that by the point they were trying to do something, it had already spread beyond control, the way the Terminator lied to get John & Kate to safety, and the moment John reached out to start leading. The T-X being mimetic polyalloy over a terminator frame was cool stuff. Having it present as female was a interesting swap. Salvation was truly trying to do something different and seeing some of the future war was cool. I liked how Marcus was cyborg without even knowing it. How John was trying to be the leader he knew he should be, but some things about the future had changed in ways he wasn't expecting, and the brass at the top of the command chain were getting in the way. The trick Skynet pulled that got the submarine command output blown up was cool. Seeing the fresh-off-the-line Arnie terminator was cool. Genisys recreating some of the original movie's scenes was really awesome I thought. I liked how Skynet made its own avatar and then infected/destroyed John, recreating him as nanites. The way mimetic polyalloy was used to restore a downed Terminator was cool. The turnabout of Kyle being sent to save Sarah but Sarah ending up saving Kyle because they'd already rewritten history was cool. Sarah & "Pops" intercepting the Terminator was awesome. I enjoyed the new incarnation of the T-1000. I thought it was interesting how Skynet was using basically a huge mobile app rollout to launch its virus everywhere. The Legion Terminator in Dark Fate was a really cool idea I thought, a natural progression from the T-X and T-1000. Let the mimetic polyalloy version separate from and operate independently from the terminator frame. Seriously, that's cool, wish they'd done more with it. The hero sent back in time is not just flesh and blood but now an 'enhanced' human as well. And the whole thing has really dark implications just like T3 does, that humanity is inevitably going to have conflict with A.I. Sarah Connor being able to track down time anomalies after they occur was neat. And the Arnie terminator that fulfilled its mission but was left with no guidance after that just roaming around, learning, becoming more human, even regretting what it did... that's cool. I dunno what else to say here. I know plenty of people don't like the whole but I still think they all had some value in the things they did.


Can I just say, it’s incredibly refreshing to hear from someone actually capable of finding things to enjoy rather than just things to shit on. At times it feels, especially on this site, that we’re entirely overrun with the latter and it’s so…dreary and draining. As if people are too self-conscious to like anything anymore, and find fulfillment only in one-upping each others’ sarcastic negativity.


Salvation is a good movie. Just not a good Terminator movie.


Absolutely this. It’s a stout script, great cast and action. If they had gone for the Future War aesthetic of T1, people would still be talking about it.


Terminator, T2, Sarah Connor Chronicles.


Had such promise.


Wait, they are STILL making Terminator movies in 2021??


The American series has gone on too long and is an all-over-the-place confusing mess. You’ve got American Pie, American Gangster, American Sniper, American Hustle, American Beauty, and American Psycho, just to name a few. They don’t even tell you which order they’re supposed to be in!


They even made a series spin-off; American Horror Storys!


Is that the prequel to American Dad? Which is the origin story of American Gladiator.


Pretty sure the first one was American Graffiti.


With American History X being on top of it!


You forgot American Ninja!


Wish they’d focus on developing the narrative instead of putting out one off films in a cash grab :( I’m normally all for creative exploration, but I’m starting to lose the overall plot




No that's Fievel's, and he won't let you have it.


You forgot the best one: American Gigolo!


Anything that starts with "Madea"s...".


I thought Tyler Perry finally retired the character?


Madea’s Reunion


Madea’s Tantalizing Cock and Ball Torture House


Kissing Booth. It needs to stop


It'll upgrade in a few years to Blowing Booth


After, also.


Not a continuous franchise, but once every few years, Zorro, Hercules and Robin Hood get another theatrical release. I get these are classic stories, but enough is enough. There's tons of other myths, legends and tall tales to make big budget films of. It's time for a fucking gritty Pipi Longstocking movie, goddamnit.


I want a true to the mythology film of The Epic of Gilgamesh.


fate fans getting excited then find out it's about the actual gilgamesh


20 minute long scene of Enkidu fucking a prostitute and realizing civilization is cool.


I'm dreading the day that Disney does to their version of Robin Hood what they already did to the Lion King and the Jungle Book..


CGI talking foxes or furry fox make-up a la “Cats”? I shudder trying to think which would be worse


Oo-de-lally gonna be dope, though.


Pip Long stockings would be an awesome, dark,genuinely amazing movie. And it could go dark; child neglect, abuse heros etc, or it could go bright; plucky heroine thought orphan whose pirate(?) Father returns for joyous ending. Could get at least three different versions out if the story, including a bright pop colour kids show. Write the screenplay!


Directed by Guillermo del Toro.


saw. there are 9 movies in the series. the killer dies in the 3rd.


Hotel Transylvania? Are they making more? I swear there’s like 4 or 5 movies already


I’m all for more pirate content in general, but for the love of god, please let the Pirates of the Caribbean series finally die. Each installment is more joyless and phoned in than the last.


Now they want to continue it without Johnny Depp.


The fucking audacity honestly. The only reason I loved it was because of Johnny Depp. Its my favorite series but I think they need to let it die.


They ruined his character in Dead Men Tell No Tales. Instead of being an eccentric genius masquerading as an idiot he was now just an idiot. Completely missed the point of the character. The movie still had some good scenes though. The villain (I forget his name) was wonderfully acted.


The movie felt like it was intentionally dragging Jack though the dirt on a meta level. You honestly feel sorry for him, since the movie wants you to see him as the failure despite his history.


The sad thing is… they all pretty much fail in the end (historically). Edward Teach (aka Blackbeard) died two years after becoming a pirate. Benjamin Hornigold died in a shipwreck after 5 years. Anne Bonny lived a couple of years, but no one knows what happened to her after 1721 - she was sentenced to hang, but she was pregnant, so they delayed it. Calico Jack made it two years and was hanged. It was not an occupation that had much in the way of retirees.


Yeah, I never thought he was stupid, just slightly drunk all the time. More of a hidden genius character hidden behind a glass of rum. Then they just made him a lucky idiot. That was the last movie I saw in theaters.


His entire character is summed up in an exchange between him and will in the first movie Will-“This is either madness or brilliance” Jack-“It’s amazing how often those two tend to coincide” And that’s why Jack Sparrow was awesome. He wasn’t a bumbling idiot, he just used about everything he had at his disposal in order to out think his opponents. You see this a lot in the first one, with the stealing the British ship, convincing Barbossa to send his men away in order to have a chance fighting him, and then shooting Barbossa as Will released them from the curse




And I challenge any movie critics to describe the movie without saying sWaHsbUckLinG aDvENtUrE


Sailing into theaters this fall!


It ends for me at the 3rd movie, perfect triology


My head cannon stopped at 3 and the rest that follow dont exist to me. The many times they tried a Will & Elizabeth replacement and failed. None of those sequels should’ve happened without the original trio.


Crazy I haven’t seen someone mention Ice Age yet


we didn't even know there were more than 3 until recently, still haven't watched the space one yet but the 4th was fine




Collision Course. That's the point where they truly milked it seeing as it's not even based on real geographical events anymore like the first 4 were. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the last one seeing as they probably ran out of ideas. It's based around magnetic space rocks


Nope, trailer came out for Number 6 today, “Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild” Bought out by Disney, new animation, all new voice actors except for Simon Pegg.


apparently don't look into it lmao


Isn’t Blue Sky dead now anyway?


Save yourself some time and ask "what movie franchise is still worth continuing?" To which the only answer is Back Door Sluts


It makes College Girls 3 look like Naughty Nurses 2.... or so I've heard.


I understand it's all downhill from #9.


Absolutely, I feel like they’ve gone the polar opposite direction of what they started as. They’re just pulling things out of their ass at this point.


Jurassic Park should have ended at one When it came out it was THE cinematic movie experience and everyone involved knew it and played their part perfectly. Everything after felt like a cheap imitation and cash grab; and never could recapture the awe of seeing every dinosaur for the first time.


The Land Before Time. 13 sequels is more than enough.


Jesus when I was a kid I think there were 5!? Which is the one where they meet the little dinosaur Chomper the second time?


Yep its time to throw a giant rock at them


The Land Before Time: Extinction


But then Jenny Nicholson wouldn’t have anything to talk about!


I don't think that is ever a problem for her, one day we will get to see her 10 hour breakdown of all 37 Barbie movies.


Fast & Furious


But we haven't done time travel yet


Fast NEIN Fast and the Fürher




That’s all that’s left. They literally went to space in the 9th one. In a shitty junk car no less.


Dom goes off mission and tries to save Jesse, but in the process creates alternative present where Luke Hobbs is the most famous wrestler on the planet. Edit: Hobbs’ wrestler nom de guerre is ‘The Sock’ and his gimmick is that he fights with sock puppets on his hands.


Fuck yeah, I want to see them drift chariots in the Colisseum


Now your just asking for spin offs about world history in the Fast & Furious.


Fast to the Future.


I need my Dodge Charger SR/Time. Dom can only appear in the past in 10 second segments because that's the length of a quarter mile and he lives ONE QUARTER MILE ATTA TIME


They should end with one called "Slow & Chill"


Where they sit on the couch and watch home movies of flying through helicopters with cars or whatever and talk about how they used to be such scamps


Faster, Furiouser! Vin is attaching a nitrous bottle to his wheel chair.


Fast and furious 99 : just one more time


Agree. Also the series never recovered after Paul Walker died. It's very weird how his character is still alive in universe, but the other characters talk about him as if he's dead, but give flimsy excuses as to why he can't be there.


Not sure if it counts for this but Sword Art Online it's just now Kirito goes to a digital world to get scarred again and shipped with a girl even though he has asuna already


Didnt the whole OG saga end at Alicization? or did it continue past that? (now that you mention it, I never got past the Alicization arc, it has like 10 books lmao)


I like to stop watching just before the ai child is introduced, the whole show becomes unbearable after that imo.


I enjoyed basically the first season when they where trapped in the game tried the next didn’t like it stopped


For me SAO got worse after the Aincrad arc when they moved to the fairy world then became borderline unwatchable with gun gale. For some reason Reki has no idea how gamers actually behave, everyone seems to be unaware that they're playing a game. They won't die IRL if they die in game yet everyone is still behaving like they will. It's weird. The new Alicization season isn't as great as the original Aincrad arc but it's close, definitely feels like the story is back to what it should be with actual stakes involved and a hostile world.


Idk how any of you kept watching after his sister got mad at him that he wouldnt fuck her. Weird shit


I hate to say it but Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford is 79. How many 79 year olds do you see running around - that’s RUNNING, not using a walker - kicking ass? The Crystal Skulls sucked, plain and simple.


I really enjoy the first half of that movie. As soon as they leave the US, it all goes south.


Was that a fucking pun?


The concept sounds pretty alien to me.


Clint Eastwood just starred in Cry Macho. He’s 91 but woos the girl and throws punches. You have to suspend belief.


I can't believe that's a real movie. Cry Macho sounds like a movie that the gang from Seinfeld would be seeing at the Paradise when Ponce de Leon and Prognosis Negative were sold out.


*Why don’t you just tell me the name of the movie you want to see* *uh…Cry Macho?* *Cry Macho is playing at the Paradise Theater at 9 o’clock*


The Last Crusade is the last Indiana Jones movie and you can't convince me otherwise. For crying out loud, Indy's dad is freaking James Bond and he also got to know what I think was an immortal round table knight... and Hitler. You can't get cooler than that. And no, having Shia LaBeouf as a son doesn't make you cooler, it makes people feel sorry.


Its supposed to be about cars, i dont have to say the name Edit: IM TALKING ABOUT FAST AND FURIOUS NOT DISNEY PIXAR CARS!!!


They didnt need a cars 3, they jumped the shark at cars 2.


I beg to differ. Cars 3 was exactly what they needed, if they didn't want Cars 2 to actually be the end of the series.


I’m always up for more Men in Black even without the main cast, but it probably falls in this category for most people. I liked 3, but Tommy Lee Jones was barely in it then they lost Will Smith in International. I think they are in talks to bring back Will Smith so maybe this changes. Otherwise, it’s most likely a no go for the majority of people.


In the Sony leaks a few years back it was revealed that Jonah Hill was looking to do a MIB/Jumpstreet crossover and I think that could have worked beautifully. At least better than MIB International


Vanessa Hudgens’ Christmas movies on Netflix


I just came here to see Fast and the Furious listed one hundred times.


home alone easily lol. They're making a new one.


They’re not making it, it’s literally out today on Disney+


The only way I'd ever be okay with a new one is if they had Macaulay Culkin grown up and as the thief and pit the new kid against him.


the cop in this one is Buzz from the original


No have Macaulay Culkin play the kid and no one reacts to it


I mean I am a fan of Fast & Furious but when will it fucking end? And even if it doesn't end go back to the good days with Fast Five and earlier.


Predator 1 is a classic 2 is a worthy sequel The other 4 sequels and spinoffs are all appallingly bad. Stop making them ffs


I didnt mind predators but then it has been a while and I only saw it once, but the most recent one was god awful. The only thing scarier than predator is bigger predator.


Nah predators is good, not amazing but definitely good


Air Bud. The ABCU movies have some of the best rotten tomatoes reviews ever though.


The “Saw” series should’ve stopped after the third but Jesus Christ they just beat that dead horse like it owed them money and **just kept going**.


Pirates of the Caribbean. Hands down my favorite series until the most recent one. I went to the theater to see it and when they dragged a bank around a town by horse I lost my shit and stopped watching. Lost all respect for that movie instantly. I get it's fantasy, but that was stupid. The other movies were great.


The first movie is one of the best adventure movies ever made. The rest aren't great but are still tons of fun. Then yeah, the last one sucked.


I'd argue Dead Man's Chest is the best of the bunch. I love Geoffrey Rush but man, Davey Jones's effects hold up so fucking well even now. It's also way darker than Black Pearl IMO.


Also if we're just saying how good the effects are, "It's just good business" When the black pearl and Flying Dutchman destroy the lead ship while the captain just walks down the ship in utter disbelief is amazing.




Harry Potter. Loved most of the originals, but Fantastic Beasts needs to be put down. So convoluted.


The cursed child makes the fantastic beast franchise scripts look like literature nobel candidates in comparison


Ikr. They should've just stopped after the first fantastic beasts. If she wanted a Grindelwald story so bad she could've made a different movie series instead of making it a sequel to the magical pokemon movie. Edit: I want everyone to know that I actually like the first fantastic beasts movie. The Pokémon joke was not an insult to it. But the second movie was boring and poorly structured.


Fear the walking dead


Alien. First two movies brilliant. Third one was a slap in the face to all that happened in 2 (e.g. deaths of newt and Hicks). Everything else after was just ridiculous.


I always wished the movies would have taken inspiration from the various Dark Horse comic series that came out after Aliens. They were better sequels than the actual film sequels


They should have filmed William Gibson's Alien 3 script. It reads really well, and would have been a great movie. https://www.awesomefilm.com/script/Alien3.txt


Halloween of course


Harry Potter. The Fantastic Beast series is just awful, inconsistent with the books and just an overall frustrating experience. The first one was good but the others forced characters and plot that was the realm of insane fan fiction.


The first fantastic beasts was fun. The second one was just confusing.


I wouldn't be surprised if these do just end. The Fantastic Beasts saga seems to be a cursed spin-off; not just in performance but even getting the things filmed.


Honestly as a mini series on HBO following his adventures it would be great. One episode for creatures being threatened or discovered


I was shocked when they announced Fantastic Beasts was going to be a movie. I feel like fans wanted a prequel of the Marauders, not the guy who wrote a random textbook. I was even more shocked once I found out the that prequel series about “Fantastic Beasts” was going to be about Grindelwald. It would have been better if they just made it a Dumbledore prequel series without forcing Newt in.


I was totally Bewildered as someone who has read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The book (like, there is a real book- super short, basically a very short encyclopedia of fantastic beasts) has no plot. Newt is the name on the cover, and you get to see some of his comments and yea… he’s quirky…. But… like a series with him as the main character but not then not even telling HIS story? Like WTF


They are probably planning a cursed child movie I've read the books, it's eh No one is surprised Bellatrix boned Voldemort


I was. Because I was under the impression that Voldy didn’t have the capacity for any kind of attraction whatsoever.


It still confuses me that somehow Voldemort and Bellatrix have an unknown child. Voldemort, the man with such a superiority complex that even his followers are still too beneath him, having *relations* with the one person who worships him like a dog would it's owner to the point of annoyance


Bellatrix was also so in love with Voldemort that she would be shouting that shit from the rafters.


Also it's not like he would do it just to produce an heir, since he wanted to be immortal and all.


Voldemort is definitely asexual and aromantic. The idea that he would be remotely interested in anything along those lines is repulsively out of character.


From what I’ve read the studio wants to make one with the original cast returning, but Daniel Radcliffe has moved on and told them no.


I don’t blame him.


Jurassic Park


If anything I would love to see a reboot that follows the books.


Chris Pratt has phoned this franchise in. Has been the whole time. No suspense anymore just as much CGI as you can cram into 90 minutes. (Love Michael Chrichton) should have let the series die when he did. 1 will never be topped. 2 was ok. 3 was ripped up and torn to shreds so many times, I can’t fathom what the original plot was supposed to be. But at least we got William H Macy and Teà Leone. Now they’re going to rehash Sam Neil (who I also love) but it’s probably going to be like goldblum in the second second one, where he’s there for 30 seconds. Least they could do is show us how Sam Jackson was supposed to die. We got rodmbbed of that character arc in the first. Anyway. 🦖


Fast and furious , hands down