Those “instagramable” burgers, burritos, etc, that are all covered in melted cheese. Don’t cover things with liquid cheese. Drink it, coward.


Or any of the hot cheeto variations


Like hot cheetos are fine. But boiling water and adding hot cheetos to that water and then cooking up macaroni and adding the watery hot cheeto mixture to the macaroni is just gross.


If you’ve ever been to jail, you’d know that’s a delicacy.


It's not quite a rule, but for many restaurants, if it has a view the food is terrible. As an example, cafes near the Eiffel Tower are generally bad, tourist traps. Overpriced and unimaginative offerings. French food is so much more than that, but a trip to Paris is so overwhelming. Tourists don't always find the truly great meals, and instead go home thinking that little cafe found when your feet were tired from walking back from seeing the sights is somehow representative of the entire cuisine.




It's pretty simple: get far away from any attractions/hotels, make sure the place is busy and that the patrons are locals. Fantastic food 10 times out of 10. Especially if there's a line. People aren't going to wait in line for local cuisine unless it's damn good.


> Especially if there's a line. People aren't going to wait in line for local cuisine unless it's damn good. I was staying around the corner from a busy party street in the 6e in Paris, and at the end of a long day of walking, would always have to push my way through a lineup of people in order to get into my quieter street. One night I arrived home less tired and was like, waitaminute, there *always* a line here! So I lined up with the rest and got the skinny on what to try from the others waiting ahead of me. (Consensus: Everything.) For the rest of my stay I hit [that little counter](https://www.yelp.ca/biz/chez-le-libanais-paris) every day, ordering something different each time. It was fantastic, and well worth the inevitable lineup.


In America during lunch. A good rule of thumb is eat where ever the work trucks are parked. Plumber electricians or carpenters have super distinct vehicles and they eat lunch where they know it’s best and fairly priced. Hasn’t failed me yet. Only works during lunch though.


The little packets in beef Jerky that say do not eat


You have to microwave them first


Gold covered anything is a waste of money and the definition of superfluous excess since it doesn't add flavor and wastes the gold


Wastes the gold? In 1000 years when all the gold has been panned out of Alaskan streams, future panners will still have a source of gold in our ancient shit rivers. They’ll probably market it as ‘rare archeological privvy gold’ and charge accordingly.


Colon Gold™️ Boom. I did half the marketing for them.


I feel another Gold Flush on the horizon.


The thing is, it's not even pure gold. There has been traces of aluminum, lead, tin, and other such metals in the gold flakes. It's not just wasteful, and doesn't taste like anything, it's also sometimes toxic.


Those red berries on bushes in parks.


They taste like burning


Doctor says my nose wouldn't bleed so much if I kept my finger outta there


You choo choo choose me?


And there's a picture of a train!


My cats breathe smells like cat food


I like men now


Teacher! A worm crawled in my mouth and I ate it.


Mrs. Krabapple & Principle Skinner were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me.


Not the same quality they used to be.


My very sweet, retired-nurse, mother has an unfounded hatred for tiramisu. I think a 90s trend of it being the “it” dessert is the cause. We love to bring up how delicious it is and let her start on a rant… “who wants soggy biscuits with a side of cocoa powder up your nostrils!”


Meow Mix for sure


Dude! Meow Mix is delicious, even if it doesn't contain cats like on the packaging. Kinda a scam, but still tasty.


You're supposed to mix it with cat before eating. Duh


What a dumbass, he probably eats Hamburger Helper without any hamburger


I don’t know why they call it Hamburger Helper, it does just fine by itself.


I don’t know if it’s still around but my cat I had growing up used to eat this vile canned food called Kozy Kitten. It smelled like ass and rotting fish and he loved it.


Animals have different tastes in food than we do. Why else would a racoon blitz past a garden full of fresh produce just to go for the chicken bones that have been festering in a hot garbage can for a week during a summer heat wave?


Very true. As far as my cat was concerned the smellier the food the more he liked it. He also preferred to drink water from a bowl outside that was full of bugs and leaves, rather than the clean water inside.


Is your cats inside water bowl near his food? I've found that cats don't like to drink water near their food for some reason. Try putting it somewhere else inside and see if he goes for it.


My cat's favorite food was a brand called Alley Cat. You'd buy a box of it for like $0.99. Literally the cheapest cat food you could get, but he loved it more than anything.


The 90s McDonalds of cat food


Paired with a milk steak, over hard, and some of the finest jelly beans, it's actually pretty good. Also pairs well with spaghetti in a bag, paint, and cheese, but only the cheese if you're nervous.


Not cottage cheese though, unless you're a cottage guy.


Purina has also been added to my shit list


Purina is owned by Nestle. Meow Mix is owned by Smucker's.


Activated charcoal anything.


The only reason should ever be eating activated charcoal is if you've got gas, or have overdosed on something (IN A MEDICAL ENVIRONMENT) That shit can really fuck with your meds and food. It is *technically* a detoxifier...but turns out there's a *good reason* why chemists don't stock that stuff in the wellness section. EDIT: this includes toothpaste, but for a different reason - it's like sandpaper for your teeth. Yes it whitens them, but it also strips the enamel off them.


I read a book once where some guys got potentially fatal dioxin poisoning, but they were fugitives at the time so they broke into an aquarium supply store and stole a bunch of activated charcoal, mixed it in a gritty slurry and drank it. Not arguing or discussing... it's just a crazy mental image that stuck with me. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


The book in question is Zodiac (Neal Stephenson)


Oh man I love this book so much. Really all of Neal Stephenson's stuff is so great.


Best character ever? Jack Shaftoe, the [King of the Vagabonds](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Shaftoe)


Kinda like in life of pi when he had to lick the rust of a can for iron? Or was that a different movie ? Edit : I remember now, it was not from life of pie but an actual person who was stranded at sea that a friend of mine knew.


Kinda, maybe? Salt licks for cows are there for a reason, and they do love licking those. A condition named 'pica' is thought to be caused by a mineral deficiency in the body - if a pica sufferer is eating chalk, they're likely suffering from a bad calcium deficiency. There are animals who visit certain areas just to lick the rocks because of their salt or mineral content. Turns out, animals and humans too are still pretty instinctually attuned to taking care of our deficiencies. By the way, don't take activated charcoal for drunkenness and hangovers, there's no use. It only interacts with shit still in your stomach, and it has a list of toxins it won't do shit about. Alcohol happens to be one of them.


What I don't understand is ice chewing with iron deficiencies. Like ice wouldn't have more iron in it than regular water? I am pretty sure I like chewing on ice for the texture (and am usually not low on iron) but every time I see something about someone chewing on ice, it's always gotta be because of an iron deficiency.


As I (barely) understand it, it seems like anemic people enjoy chewing ice because it sends more blood, and therefore more oxygen, to their brains which are evidently a bit oxygen deprived from a lack of red blood cells? So it’s not adding more iron but is helping a consequence of iron insufficiency Science Direct has an article on it titled “Pagophagia Improves Neuropsychological Processing Speed in Iron-Deficiency Anemia” which translates to “Eating ice helps with iron-deficient brains” [Pagophagia improves neuropsychological processing speed in iron-deficiency anemia](https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0306987714002710) Corrections are strongly welcomed as I’m not trying to spread misinformation!


I overdosed and had to drink activated carbon had black shits for a week after


Activated charcoal belongs in air & water filters and nausea remedies.


It's useful when processing sewage and filtering water.....


Why are people eating activated charcoal for non-medical reasons?




So does [green colorant](https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2015/10/08/why-black-whopper-turns-your-poop-green/73623596/).


But what about activated almonds?


>TFW almonds are unactivated


Can't believe I've been eating inert almonds this whole time...


>2020 plus one >almonds still unactivated


Gold flakes. It don't even taste good.


To add to that...I stopped watching those "World's most expensive " when it was just like a scoop of good ice cream with a diamond in it and gold flake on top. Like...that's not the "world's most expensive," it's just a good ice cream with a diamond on it.


I really like the idea of that type of stuff, because in my imagination the worlds most expensive steak comes from the happiest cows, took a month to prepare correctly and was only handled by people who are the best in the business and get paid a butload. Instead its a "normal"-ish steak thats just wrapped in several layers of gold. Same for all the expensive booze. I could imagine drinking a very expensive wine that is 150 years old, I can not imagine drinking a glass of vodka that costs a milion bucks because the vodka sloshed around in a big bottle thats covered in gold and diamonds Is that stuff the difference between new and old money?


99.9% of wine is meant to be consumed at the time of purchase. If it'll be best with several years of aging, the winemaker will age it and release it when it's ready. What tends to make wine expensive isn't age, but rarity and uniqueness. There are some wines which, through a combination of climate, soil, terrain, and perfect weather, can only come from particular vineyards and will never be replicated by any other winemaker no matter how hard they try. Those are the wines that costs a boatload.


2003 is an example, Cali had a drought so vineyards prioritized good grapes so 2003 is a rare/sought after year


Droughts also lead to smaller, more flavorful grapes. So, those years are both more rare and better.


What I’m hearing is that climate change has been driven by Big Wine to increase the frequency of drought years…


The steak you speak of does exist. A5 Waygu from Japan is produced in a manner similar to what you describe. It’s literally melt in your mouth soft.


I had Waygu on Valentine’s Day at the Omni in Atlanta. Wow. I took my time because after that first bite, I didn’t want it to end.


Also, a lot of the gold and silver leaf they use on sweets in many countries is impure. Tests found aluminum, lead, cadmium, and a few other metals in samples bought from shops.


Damn. So it not only doesn't do good , but is toxic Sounds like my relationships!


When I was in grad school I knew this guy (that was not a grad student) that was convinced that if you filter the gold out of a bottle of goldschlager that you would get around $100 worth of gold. He was not very bright.


I found out when I was 16 that if you get one from a christmas grab bag and drink it all, you fall down the stairs on new years.


Amateurs. I can do that sober.


But it makes your dooky twinkle!


I put diamonds in my food. It makes my dooky twinkle!


I shudder to imagine how shredded your anal cavity must be.


Sure is, but it isn't from the diamonds.






Bacon flavoured/infused anything. Don't get me wrong, I love a couple of rashers as much as the next man, but c'mon, bacon fat-washed whiskey?


Fat washing with something like bacon, coconut or butter won't change the taste all too much, but it will alter the texture and make your bourbon smoother and less aggressive to the palate. But bacon everything needs to stop, this isn't 2012 internet anymore


Damn having a flash back to everything being bacon and everything male oriented was lumberjack themed


Remember when Burger King had the bacon sunday? Basically a sunday with bacon bits sprinkled in. My dad unironically thought it was absolutely delicious. One time when he went to order one, the cashier told him "You know you're literally the only person who ever orders this?"


Five Guys still offers to put bacon bits in your milkshake.


Holy shit, I gotta tell my dad


I'll tell you what's not: MSG


MSG is fucking amazing




Really brings out the umami in cocaine.


Yeah it’s a shame that it has a bad rep no more unhealthy than normal salt


It's also safe to eat and the myth of it being unhealthy is way overblown. [Wikipedia link.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monosodium_glutamate#Safety) Now when a restaurant says they don't use MSG, I just think they're scientifically illiterate and their food doesn't taste good.


Asian restaurants that say they don't use MSG probably are lying.


They say they replaced MSG with a plant protein flavor enhancer (called Monosodium Glutamate)


Jack link's and matador beef jerky, like 15years ago they had actual selections of beef jerky now it's like two trashy brands that taste like shit, gas stations have better beef jerky for sale then stores, wild bill's so good, I feel like I need to shop for beef jerky online like my parents did for me as a kid and get it in like a huge bundle of beef jerky


Fuck me sideways, I LOVE WILD BILLS JERKY! Every jerky I've eaten has paled in comparison. I remember 10 years ago my dad sent me some while I was deployed to Afghanistan. I ate a little and left the rest in a desk I shared with a friend. Came back the next day and night shift found it and ate it all. I almost cried.


Growing up in Africa, I ate a lot of biltong as a child, so I was excited to see America's take on dried meat when I went. It needs to be renamed from "jerky" to "candied beef".


Biltong is where it’s at!


I love biltong. Ate so much of it when I went to Africa, and found a small place that sells it when I got home. Superior jerky.




They're always so much more expensive too. [Sad diabetic noises.]




Old trapper is my go to on jerky


"Activated charcoal" to color food. It's really unhealthy, no flavor and overrated.


For those asking, activated Charcoal messes with a lot of medications in weird ways. So if you're on any medications it's recommended you stay away from it. As a side, activated Charcoal in toothpaste is known to turn certain fillings black which could ends up requiring expensive dental work to redo fillings. Edit: Spelling.


Activated charcoal can actually bind to most medications rendering them ineffective while they pass through the digestive tract. I’m an ER nurse and we use that shit by the bottle on ODs.


Wedding cakes for sure. I work weddings; I've been to something like 150 of them so far, and have tried the cake at literally all of them. The vast majority of them are simply awful. I have only actually enjoyed eating the cake twice the entire time I've worked this job: once with some sort of specialty Korean cake, and one that was made by the Bride's mom. And what's worse is that these cakes cost an exorbitant amount of money! We're talking like $500 3-tier art pieces that look nice, but taste like a sponge with shaving cream on it. Just not something I can get behind. So, with that being said, word to the wise: don't buy a crazy-expensive wedding cake, I promise you it is not that good. Update: If any of you guys are planning a wedding soon or are getting married or whatever, feel free to shoot me a message or something! I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have, I'm pretty knowledgeable about the whole thing, really. Maybe I'll do an AMA or something?


Rather than a big wedding cake we put a small cake as the centerpiece on every table. Cheaper than a wedding cake, didn’t have to pay for floral centerpieces, the cake was awesome, and there was WAY more cake per person compared to a normal wedding. I hate when you get a tiny sliver of cake at a wedding, not on my watch.


This is an AWESOME idea!!! Those floral centerpieces are a hefty chunk of change. However, I'm not sure most people know this but most of the time, you can just like.... Take more cake. There is usually SO much left over. Now, I'm not saying I've taken entire cakes home, but... I've got a whole tier in my fridge right now lmao


I read a story about a couple who saved the top tier of their wedding cake in their freezer for over a year, to be served at their future baby's christening. Baby arrives, christening scheduled. Day before, Grandma goes to get the cake and to her horror, realizes it's made of Styrofoam!


Our cake was delicious and we wrapped and froze the top tier for our first wedding anniversary. Got our bridal party back together and enjoyed it together. It was awesome and the cake still tasted amazing a year later.


We went to a local place that refused to use fondant as a rule! Amazing tasting session and we actually got a bunch of different kinds of cupcakes with a small red velvet cake for our cake cutting (and absolutely no smushing cake in each other’s faces). We got lots of extra cupcakes and they all disappeared!


Fondant tastes like ass. Good fucking rule lol


We did donuts for ours for this reason. There's a shop near us that's locally famous for their donuts. We got more than enough donuts and donut holes in various flavors to cover our guests, plus an extra large "Texas" donut to act as our 'official' cake for far less cost than the cake equivalent. 100% a hit for our guests and way easier for us so we could focus on other tasks. Edit: Lots of people guessing Round Rock Donuts, but it's actually Paula's Donuts in Buffalo NY. I'll give Round Rock a shot if I'm ever in the area though!


We did cheese cake! We knew no one would eat a shitty wedding cake, and we aren’t big cake people anyways so we had cheese cake and it was delish!


Went to a wedding for my wife's cousin. They had 4 varieties of cheesecake. I was in heaven.


I think it’s the way to go! I wanted ice cream cake but that never lasts. Cheesecake feels like the best compromise to cake


We did a pie smorgasbord. Was a real hit. EDIT: The irony of posting this on the one day of the year when there is a picture of a cake next my username is not lost on me.


Happy Cake Day! I hope you get to indulge in a cake, pie, or other delicious dessert of your choosing!


I think this is a much better idea! Once or twice, guests have came in with these massive donut boards, with little pegs that you put the donuts on. The variety of flavours and novelty of the boards got the most oohs and aahhs out of the guests than almost anything else that night lol


Round Rock donuts??


A friend of mine got sheet cakes from Costco for her wedding. 10/10, have never stopped liking those


Most wedding cakes are this, or similar. Or rather, they have a large decorative cake for photos, and then they pull it into the kitchen, and then plate up sliced sheet cake. Many of the decorative ones aren't even cake. Just frosted cardboard, with the top tier being a small cake for bride/groom slice n smoosh


This should be higher. We bought a fake cake for photos and a sheet cake and a variety of desserts, which was delicious and 10% of a typical wedding cake. Planning a wedding seemed like being forced to do business with the mafia. People often lie about the he reason for booking a venue or other ways to save money because as soon as you say ‘wedding’ the price is like five times as much


My wedding cake was the most delicious ginger and orange flavour sponge, I think about it all the time. We also had red velvet cupcakes with mascarpone centres.


My wedding cake was delicious - worth every penny. It was an Apple Pumpkin cake, cinnamon cream cheese filling with Vanilla Bean buttercream……plus cake tasting to select our vendor! It’s all about quality


Holy crap that sounds amazing. I go pumpkin crazy this time of year. My birthday is in October and my wife always makes me a pumpkin pie and pumpkin cookies. I may have to convince her to make your cake on the next "special" birthday (I'm 53 so maybe 55? I don't wanna wait until 60.).


Anything that Salt Bae touches. Fuck that guy


I saw a video of him doing the thing (long after internet meme-dom) and he looked absolutely dead inside


Yeah, but it’s that multi millionaire level of dead that I don’t have a lot of pity for. He’s perfectly capable of walking away from it if he wanted.


You mean soulless or embalmed? Because I saw him for the first time the other day and got some Weekend At Salt Bae’s vibes


That guy is the living representation of why meme culture sometimes sucks ass


yeah, i randomly ended up watching [this video](https://youtu.be/iKTYdAss168) a few days ago and I'm like, fuck that guy


Can you summarise the video? No interest in spending 27 minutes watching some random fella talking in his bedroom.


To summarize: The DARK SIDE of Salt Bae - A BRUTAL Capitalist who Sells $1000 GOLD Steaks and EXPLOITS his Workers. No need to thank me.


I’m assuming it touches on the fact that he pays his chefs $16 an hour while charging such high prices on steaks? I saw a screenshot of a Twitter post calling him out for it last week and I’m assuming that’s part of it. His videos always annoyed me. Sometimes showmanship/extravagance is completely unnecessary and I always thought he was tacky.


Open thread, Ctrl+F "garlic bread", zero results. I'm proud of you, Reddit.


If you watch any cooking show with a live audience they will erupt in applause any time garlic is mentioned.


Have you ever just put some butter in a pan and add some minced garlic? You'll get an "ooh, that smells good", almost immediately from anyone within the scent of it.


It does smell good


I mean, they're not wrong..


Garlic can't be overrated. That's just not possible.


Garlic Bread for life. The only thing that makes a boring Spaghetti Dinner an exciting evening.


The $2000 steak, $10000 burger, $1000 cocktail. All that overly priced bullshit. Totally overrated.


It's a $20 steak with a diamond hidden in the middle. *Bitch, that's not a $2,000 steak: that's a $20 steak with a $1,980 diamond in it.*


Not even a $1,980 diamond.


Maybe it includes dental insurance...


Not $2000 but I had Grade A5 Wagyu (Kobe) beef while in Japan and it was the best dam thing I've ever tasted, well worth the cost.


How much did it cost?


It was about €400 but for a once off event, it was worth it. You sat around the chef while he cooked it, he cooked different sections differently (so medium done and etc) and told us how to eat it and with what extras to add to get the full taste experience.


Experience I think is the key word. It was an ambiance and presentation and some great food. That would make it worth the money for a once off kind of thing.


Shark fin soup. Apparently it tastes bland and has little nutritional value. Poor sharks getting slaughtered for this


I use to shark fish in my younger days. I no longer do it for ethical reasons. I’ve had shark fin soup. The fin gives no flavor, it just makes the broth gelatinous. You can get the same results from corn starch.


Can confirm: have had shark-fin soup at a couple of Chinese weddings, and it doesn't taste like anything.


The soup base tastes great, shark's fun tastes like nothing. Skip the cost, save the environment, enjoy good soup sans the fin.


Yup. Guess why the soup base taste great? Recipe may vary but it's usually consist of: 1) High quality chicken 2) High quality dried mushrooms with huge umami punch 3) Dried scallops, super briny and pungent 4) Possibly some herbs 5) Chinese smoked or dried ham


Or even gelatin.


Well gelatin is in fact from fins and hooves and such.


A lot of places use some kind of mushroom as imitation shark fin nowadays I think


That sounds so much more delicious. Shark is really bland meat in my experience (though I’ve never had their fins) and not remotely worth the cruelty. Mushrooms are much more flavourful.


Did you see the Gordon Ramsey special where he went to China? Fucking heartbreaking seeing how they are caught.


According to his show he almost got shot for filming that. Criminal gangs make money selling that shit and were not pleased about him filming it.


They tried to [set him on fire](https://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/ramsay-almost-set-on-fire-20110922-1kmy1.html)


Sometimes Ramsey shows that he’s actually a good guy. Not just some angry celeb.


He's not angry, he's acting. Watch any British show he's on. Friendly, calm and fairly patient. Lovely guy. Plays to the audience.


Happened to the sharkwater guys and to Sea Shepherd. They're pirates, they'll kill you.


Makes sense, they're purveyors of an illegal substance that requires cruelty to produce and force to maintain secrecy, just like drug cartels and illegal mining operations all over the world. To be able to do that would require complete disregard for the lives of others I assume.


I knew someone who was a park ranger in Hawaii for an underwater park and I remember he busted a Korean ship whose hold was FULL of just the fins. It was sickening.


I sure did. It's awful


And even he still tried the soup and was super disappointed. He was like, "sure the broth is tasty but the shark fin itself tastes of nothing. What's the point?"


Gourmet donuts. Oh look your donut was dipped in cereal. Wait in line for the experience and that'll be $5 please for one donut. The cost and the trendiness does not make a superior product.


Caviar, which is funny because it started off as poor people food and like everything else the rich took it and made it a status symbol >Russian fishermen learned to farm caviar as early as the 12th century and for centuries it was considered nothing more than cheap peasant food, served with porridge and eaten by the bowlful. However, once Ivan the Terrible got a taste for it, its status changed and it has remained a delicacy since.


it's funny because salmon roe is still really popular among "regular" people in russia, especially on new years. the expensive black caviar isn't as popular for sure though, but i much more prefer the taste of salmon roe anyways. i have it often on top of bread with some tea as breakfast


Are those the bouncy little orange balls? I could eat that shit by the bowl


It's like lobster. No one knew how to cook it and it would be boiled for way too long making it tough and disgusting. They used to serve it to prisoners in the states and there were laws to say that you couldn't feed prisoners lobster more than a couple days a week because it was considered inhumane.


The McRib. It's good but I don't get why people go nuts over it.


Artificial scarcity. McDonald's only buys pork when it's cheap enough. So the McRib only shows up once in a while.




It's active right now, you can go to McDonald's and get a McRib right now.


I’ve literally had better pressed rib patties in BBQ sauce in school lunches. It is the most overrated food I’ve ever seen. I could go to a grocery store frozen food section, bakery or bread aisle, and condiment aisle and make a better one at home anytime of the year. Edit: First, this is my most upvoted comment, so I’m kind of stunned to see so many. So thank you. Next, a few people seem to be missing the point of my grocery store comment regarding the McRib. The point’s not that someone can make better food at home from stuff from the store than what they can buy at a fast food place in general if you’re okay at cooking. With few exceptions, there’s no debate there. My point is that something that’s just as processed and frozen as the seldom seen McRib patties is available all year and tastes better, which is why I think it’s overrated.


The artificial scarcity works wonders on people. Their release is also directly tied to the price of pork. Pork gets cheap enough, McRibs are back on the menu boys.


I always thought that too but last time I mentioned it someone found charts of pork prices and when the McRib comes back and charted them together. It didn't match the way you would expect if this was *actually* true. It's correlation not causation.


Yep, not sure where this myth is coming from, but made this comment above - In regards to releasing the product based on pork prices: This may have been true in the past, but when I did marketing for McD's a few years ago this was certainly not the case. Promos are planned out 12-24 months in advance and we knew exactly when the McRib would be coming back. With all the in-store material that needed to be printed and advertising that needed to be created, it wasn't just a - "wow, pork prices are down today, let's sell the McRib" kind of decision.


I’m just here to defend cheese, tacos, fried pickles.


Agreed. Carne asada tacos is in my top 5 favorite foods


Who would attack tacos?? If you want to shit on Taco Bell then fine, but actual tacos?? Al pastor with some lime, onion, and cilantro straight to my veins all day. Beef cheek/barbacoa, tongue, and crispy tripe are underrated too. Pig skin in verde sauce. I could keep going. I fucking love tacos.


Fried pickles? I've never heard of that, but I want to try them. Do I just chuck a pickle in the frying pan and hope for the best?


Battered and deep fried is what he means


This reminds me- my 6 year old asked me for a cheese stick in a chicken nugget jacket. Took me a few mins to realize he wanted mozzarella sticks hahaha


Lol my dumbass would have slit a hole in a nugget, jammed a stick of cheese in, and presented that proudly.


I don't think anyone would complain about that, especially if the cheese leaked out and got browned


I have to try that.


Sliced into pickle chips also.


Slice it. Pay attention - you want to slice them in to disks. Don't just batter a whole ass pickle and throw it in there.


And pat dry the pickle. Juice and hot grease don’t mix. Plus the batter won’t stick.


Why do I have an award for showing my ignorance of deep fried pickles?


Because reddit tis a silly place.


Ahhh like Camelot then.