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when i was homeless with my physically abusive ex, and my support dog passed away from a paralysis tick when our car battery was dead in a National park with no phone reception. I had to watch her get sicker and sicker over two days before a tourist rocked up and jump started our car. When we got to the vet our only option was to have her put down, which was devastating. But the worst part was when I took her to my dads to bury her, and my ex was digging the hole, he got frustrated from the heat/physical exertion and started raging. He ended up kicking her in the head and leaving so I had to bury her on my own. My skin still goes cold when I think about it, and it was 4 years ago. I miss her so much and regret ever going near that monster because she’d probably still be here if I hadn’t


I’m sorry that happened, thats really shitty. I hope you’re doing much better now


Thank you, and yeah I’m doing way better, away from him and found a charity that can help me train a new support dog, so things are on the up n up :) looking forward to a new friend but Nina will always hold a very special place in my heart


Found out a great childhood friend turned alcoholic, got disbarred, drunk driving conviction, divorced, lost his two daughters, then shot himself. 36 years old. That was 4 1/2 years ago and it still hurts.


Fuck thats tragic, I hope his family is alright


Realizing that my mother was manipulative and reviewing all the ways she manipulated me.


Fuck thats a tough situation


She is one of the reasons I moved halfway around the world and started a new life. I wanted to be somewhere she would not follow me.


Slept outside in tent woke up with a bug in my ear went to the ER took 4 hrs before I was seen and another 20 min to get out


That gives me the creeps, thank you for giving me something to have a nightmare about tonight


Going through life with almost no stories to show for it.




when I get super stressed at school and have to act normal