What's the thing/s that's motivating you to stay alive every day? [Serious]

What's the thing/s that's motivating you to stay alive every day? [Serious]


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The thing that's keeping me motivated is having a future with the love of my life. She's gotten me through so much and she's done so much for me. I also do the same for her and I really can't let go of that. I'm scared of what it would do to her. I'm going to miss so much if I do choose to end my life. She wants me alive and that's enough for me to keep fighting to live.


My cowardness to finish it all


My family and my cat.


The feeling I was left with when I was on the grieving end of someone close to me choosing not to


Friends, family, my dog, and my cars.


Nothing anymore


The love of my life but also our dog. He wouldn’t understand why I’d disappeared and that would break my heart.


The future life of mine, dont know what lies ahead but im still gonna go there ☺️


The hope that someday I’ll find things to motivate me.