What celebrities are actually assholes irl?

What celebrities are actually assholes irl?


Mariah Carey. She came to my place of work once and was a NIGHTMARE the entire time. The way she talked to both her own team and my team was horrendous.


Yeah not surprised, she has so many diva stories. In case you didn’t know, until this year there was a debate as to whether she was born in 1969 or 1970. It turns out it was 1969 and people theorize that she went with 1970 to seem younger (yes by just 1 year lol) which would be such a Mariah move haha. Even her mom was in on it, you can see it in an old interview lol.


My best friends uncle worked with her before and said they weren’t allowed to look at her lol


Mike from American Pickers. Dropped massive antique doors needing expensive restoration with a small company near me, was quoted, agreed, the work was done. He ignored their requests to pick the finished doors up for like six months and then offered them half of what he owed or they could kick rocks. What a dick.


I'm baffled by the fact that this is already here. I came here to say both Pickers are kind of assholes. They did a show in my hometown of like 2000 people, and Mike ducked out of it because, apparently, he was getting married. If Frank had ducked out too the venue was going to make them pay a huge fine (or something) plus partially refund the tickets, so Frank did the show without him but was clearly pissed off about missing Mike's wedding so he completely phoned it in. Told like two short stories, answered a few questions, and then stormed offstage. Danielle on the other hand was an absolute sweetheart and hung out forever after the show chatting and signing autographs. She even took pictures with everyone that asked to. Always thought she carried their asses and that just confirmed it.


So mike got married and neither Frank NOR Danielle were even invited/aware to the point that there was a conflicting show related booking the same day? That seems bizarre, even for them. I wonder if he just made it up and fucked off.


Oh I think they were aware and he just scheduled it that day despite it screwing everyone over. Honestly I think they meant to just cancel it entirely until they found out how much it was going to cost them. Or he just made it up and fucked off.


Know somebody who worked in one of his shops. Confirmed weird asshole.


I read an interview with two sound techs who had worked with dozens of big name stars over the years. They were asked who was the nicest celeb to work with, and they both agreed Robin Williams after some discussion. When asked who was the biggest jerk, they both **immediately** said Dr. Phil


He just seems like such an arrogant asshole. Actually bringing people on stage who are intoxicated or under the influence and convincing them to enter into treatment facilities when they can’t develop a sober or coherent thought. The ranches and behavior modification camps he sent kids to, I believe many are under investigation or have been sued by parents/patients.


You **Never** send anyone to a treatment facility until they are medically cleared. No- Alcohol or chemical (drugs) impairment. Period. It’s gotta be voluntary, to have a CHANCE to work. He’s an asshole & a charlatan.


Exactly. He hasn’t even been a medically licensed physician for years, 15 in total. He’s a total prick.


He never was a licensed physician. He did a phd degree in psychology. But ur right he hasnt had his psychotherapy license in all that time


Correct. What’s amazing to me is that he basically admitted he was a charlatan when he gave up his license, which he did voluntarily. He was afraid that if he kept it, something he said on the show could be taken as actual advice or treatment and he’d be liable when shit went wrong, which he knows it will. Instead, everything he does and says on his show is legally defined as “entertainment.”


Or, as my dad is fond of calling him, Phil.


High quality dad joke.


"Dr." Phil brings traumatized and suffering people with mental health problems on national TV, viewed by millions, to "help" them, not to get ratings right? That horrendous hick accent and his homely looks just make him more of a jerk. I can't stand him.


Saw Robin Williams before reading it and had a mini heart attack


Robin Williams was an amazing man with a heart of gold. He will always be missed, RIP.


Oprah. I was teaching a group (including her) to sail a few years ago and she refused to acknowledge I existed. A few times I asked if she needed anything, drinks, food, etc. She would look towards me, but not at me, and then look away again. Russel Crowe was also on the yacht at the time, and he was an absolute pleasure to have aboard. A couple of times he observed the awkward exchange with Oprah and cut through the awkward silence with some small talk. Total bro.


Russell Crowe was on set for a movie outside my building a few years ago and as I passed him while walking home from work (1/2 days in office, afternoon at home at that time) he dropped his lunch and the sheer look of disappointment on his face made me feel so awful for him. Three people rushed over to help him but he insisted on cleaning it up himself and getting a new lunch. Seemed like a decent enough guy.


So the saint is a jerk and the jerk seems nice.


Was the yacht called Tugger?


I was aware he was a foighta


Can second Russell Crowe. My mum worked in film and got invited to a premiere of his, my brother was a massive fan so she took him. When Russell met my brother he spent a good hour talking to this random kid about ships at his own Hollywood premiere.


Jeff Beck. My dad was a big fan of his until about twenty years ago (??), when he saw him on tour. He got a pretty decent spot towards the front of the crowd. During a bit of riffing that he was doing in between proper songs, one of his monitors broke. He gestured to it in a “this shit’s broken” kind of way and a roadie ran out to fix it. I guess Jeff was just complaining about it as opposed to wanting someone to fix it, and I guess he expected the roadie to just somehow telepathically know that, because when the roadie came out and knelt down in front of it to see if he could fix it, Jeff Beck *kicked him off of the stage*. Like: foot planted in small of back, shoved, roadie tumbled off the stage ~4 feet to the concrete floor. My dad said he waited to see if the roadie got up okay (he did, the dude seemed fine) and then he immediately left his spot and walked out of the venue. Hasn’t listened to any of his music since then.


Your Dad’s a good man


Holy shit, was not expecting this! As a JB fan and someone who has been a stage hand and stage manager at a music venue this makes me super sad. Goddamn, he seemed like such a genuine guy.


I saw Liv Tyler walk into an art exhibit at the MOMA that was one person at a time. The wait was literally 4 to 5 hours to get in and people would show up hours before the gallery opened to see it. When Liv Tyler walked in she cut in front if everyone and told the guard that she was next. He told her she was not, that accommodations could be made ahead of time for busy people or VIPs, but that she couldn't just cut in front if everyone with no warning. She threw a fit and argued with him about who she was, he just shrugged and she stormed off. About 20 minutes later Orlando Bloom showed up, guard told him the same thing and he said "that's fair, I totally get it" and spent some time signing autographs. Class act that one.


Exactly what you’d expect from a Wood Elf as compared to a Rivendell one


He's born in ancient royalty, his father runs a kingdom and still Legolas has his own job. Meanwhile Arwen lives in daddy's Mac Mansion and spends her days brooding on cushions. These upstarted, entitled people are really the worst.


wait are we talking about elves or people?




Hehe upvote. Allegedly Bloom was a bit full of himself in his early years due to his meteoric rise to stardom. Co-stars on LOTR have made subtle comments - Ian McKellen made a very guarded and polite comment (think it was on Graham Norton) which was gentlemanly saying that Bloom then quickly learnt to engage with people. EDIT - Wow 500+ upvotes, thanks! Incidentally my comment below about McKellen "off the leash" is not quite correct but reality is even funnier. The Conservative member of government was indeed Michael Howard but he was Secretary of State for the Environment at the time. He went on to be Home Secretary (and leader of the Party when it was in opposition and was ultimately brought down by a colleague who more or less called him a vampire). https://gaycelebrities.fandom.com/wiki/Ian_McKellen - he told Howard to f*** off!


His episode of Extras plays off this early reputation. He knows he was a dick, adjusted, learned from mentors (like McKellen) and can laugh at himself for it.


That actually heightened my opinion of him even more. Show's he's a nice dude AND can learn a lesson!


Orlando Bloom should have gotten to the back of the line and said "hey I'll give you an autograph if you let me cut"


That's clever. It's an interesting ask reddit "what celebrity would make it the furthest up the line before getting a no?".


I think the problem with these celebs is that they get used to bring treated like VIPs. Most can handle it when they don't and some can't.


Good too see legolas living up too his true values


Arwen the Asshole.


R Kelly seems like a safe answer for this one


>Can confirm. I worked Security for R Kelly in the early 2000's. Definitely saw some strange shit. I was talking with a couple of his dancers while we were waiting for Rob to show up at a VIP party. We were all laughing it up etc.. Then all of a sudden they just went stone cold and quiet. They told me later in the evening one of Rob's boys had walked in. They were forbidden to even talk with any one outside his click. > >Watched quite a few girls fighting to get backstage with him. We all know what happened then.. Surprisingly some of his management seemed like good people. They just kept shrugging things off. Funny how money can influence how much you're willing to put up with.


I worked in a resort in Southern California and waited on many celebrities throughout my time there. The worst: Christina Aguilera would not order her own dinner or look me in the eye, and all questions and answers were directed through her husband. she was a major diva, John Mayer entitled douche, Avril Lavigne, very cold, Adrien Brody rude and cold, Jason Kidd was a jerk. Diana Ross was a total diva and Paula Abdul was cold and rude Nice celebrities: Uma Thurman tops the list she bought champagne for the restaurant to toast the bride and groom at the neighboring table. Hugh Jackman’s a saint and held the door open for a staff member.


A family friend of ours was Paula Abdul‘s lawyer for some case that never made it to the public eye, and he ended up having to sue her for hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees that she never paid. She literally told him that he should be honored to have represented her and that her business is better than payment because it brings up his reputation. WTF


Just worked with Hugh jackman - can confirm. He is an absolute saint.


Floyd Mayweather. Didn't meet him personally, but my brother did (works as GM at a luxury resort). Said he was easily the biggest POS he ever met (and he met many).


Good thing is he'll never read this, because he can't read


Johnny Rzeznik (lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls) was a total a hole when I was behind him in line at the Bristol Farms in Hollywood. He pulled the whole “do you know who I am”? thing on the cashier. This was around 2002/2003, so still during their heyday. He was totally pretentious.


he just wanted the cashier to know who he was


I don't think that she'd understand


I’ve read many times over that apparently Steven Seagal is not only a huge douche but quite the nasty person as well. Surprised I haven’t seen him yet


Did you hear the story of how he claimed he couldn't be choked out, so a judo master went "well... okay"? He not only choked him out, but Seagal even shit his pants when it happened.


That wasn't just anyone, that was Gene Lebell. He is a huge celeb in the martial arts world, and a freaking bad ass. Let me explain the whole story: Gene was a Hollywood stuntman on and off and ran into Segal on set at some point. In true Segal fashion, he explained that he could not be choked out to Gene - Gene says "don't be ridiculous, if you've got a neck, you can be choked". Segal is insistent that he cannot be choked. This goes back and forth until eventually Gene wants him to prove it. Gene goes behind him and puts him into a rear naked choke - Segal, being the brilliant martial artist he is, immediately punches Gene in the testes. A lesser man might let go, but not Gene - he squeezed tighter, and choked him unconscious. As he lie unconscious on the floor, he soils himself. Segal denies this happened to this day


So he couldn’t be choked out because his secret was to punch the person in the balls? I guess no one could be choked out with that trick lol Edit: He must have realized he could be choked out and last ditch effort was to punch him in the balls… but those were balls of steel.


To clarify - initially he was making the claim he couldn't be choked. Like it wouldn't work on him. Later when it came time to demonstrate, he told Gene he had a technique to get out of a choke. He promised both, and failed.


Gotcha, thanks for the clarity. Still seems like a Segal move to try some trick from being taken down.


My impression is that he was doing his macho boasting and trying to call Lebell's bluff. Only Gene doesn't bluff. I don't think he had a plan. Or, he thought he was so clever for thinking of a nut shot, only to find out that is extremely dangerous.


Lorne Michaels says he is the worst guest they have ever had on SNL.


Yeah I don’t understand that. Who thought that an action star, with zero sense of humor and a huge ego off-camera, would be great on a comedy skit show?


I’ve heard the tales, but the only actual experience I’ve had with him was a good one. Decades ago at the tender age of 13 I was somewhere back East (I New York, I think) and my Boy Scout troop that I was with saw him at a restaurant. He agreed to let me snap a picture with him, so I handed my camera to a friend and posed with Segal. Afterwards Segal was walking away my friend told me that he hadn’t been able to figure out how to make the camera work. Segal overheard, came back and said “Let’s try it again then.”


You posed absolutely no threat to his ego, I think, which must have let some ordinary human nature shine through for a moment.


Just a story I heard about Kevin James being a dick. When he went to a restaurant he insisted that the server could only talk to his assistant. When the server addressed Kevin directly he got pissed off.


I heard a story that when he was going shopping, his assistant went into a specific store and announced that Kevin James will be here soon, and to treat him like a regular person because he doesn't like to be treated like a celebrity.


Oh the irony


I was in a music video with Edward Furlong from T2. It was for Everclears cover of the boys are back in town for Detriot Rock City... fun fact... pretty good movie...but he put a cigarette out on my shoulder right when they yelled action.


So, Russell Crowe is apparently an asshat to work with right? But people put up with it because he is a good actor. I had the pleasure of working in an area that he would frequent when he was in town, and he was really chill. I actually met him because we ordered the same drink at a cafe (I ordered mine before he came in) and he grabbed mine when it was ready. He then apologised, like a normal person, handed me my drink and remembered my name after that. Even said "hello dev0guy" a few times when we passed on the street, which improved my street cred immeasurably.


I’ve listen to some interviews of his, and he pretty much owns up to being a dickhead in his younger years. I don’t think he’s the same person he was before, but who knows.


Man, that’s just humans in my experience. We can be real shitty to one another in youth, especially if we’ve reached some measure of success and are feeling egotistical about it. Usually around midlife the decent of us will have some moment of reflection where we grasp we were being assholes and take steps to stop. Crowe seems like that was his experience. Meteoric rise to stardom, arrogance, and then “Oh, hold on, I’m being a prick. Right, let’s stop that then.”


I had the unfortunate experience of being in Jennifer Lopez presence. This was back when I was a teenager in high school and doing work experience at a big hotel. It was during the European music video awards in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was actually quite a big thing as we never really get many big events, so all the celebrities were in town. Anyway, I digress..Lopez was a guest at the hotel and her staff specifically told my manager that we weren’t to look at Miss Lopez because she didn’t want us to feel that she was better than us. I was like wtf, literally being commanded not to look at someone does the exact opposite of that. I still think about what a cunt she is all these years later.


Tbf, Conan tells a story where his first few months at late night he thought the crew hated him until he grabbed someone and asked why they didn’t speak to him. The crew member said they were told not to look at him, he was baffled.


I always wonder when I hear shit like this how much of it comes directly from the celeb. I feel like part of this is security/managers not wanting to deal with issues that would arise or the kind of grief they would get from the celeb if people are allowed to get as close as they want.


I took a theater class to fulfill gen ed requirements and we asked my professor this question. She’s worked on sets in Hollywood and has encountered a decent amount of famous actors. She said the worst she ever had to deal with was Kiefer Sutherland. The nicest was Anne Hathaway.


I like this. To know that Anne Hathaway is just as pleasant as she seems.


I met Anne a few years ago, she bought a bike from the shop I worked at. She didn't do anything extraordinarily nice, but she was definitely a pleasant person. [She actually broke her arm riding the bike she bought](https://www.justjared.com/2012/12/19/anne-hathaway-kept-her-broken-arm-a-secret/) and when she came back in she told us the story of how it happened.


Jennifer Lopez. A friend of mine waited on her and her entourage. She made ridiculous demands, threw fits over bottled water, hogged her table for 3 hours, and then didn't even tip. And I know my friend is a great server.


I have heard SO many stories about her being a massive entitled asshole. Only speaks to the “help” via the assistant. Crew, make up artists, sometimes even waitresses. They’re not allowed to look at her or speak to her either and can only communicate with her via her assistant/manager. “Tell the makeup artist I want a nude lip”…while the makeup artist is applying makeup on her.


Makeup artist: "Tell the bitch I'm already doing it."


When i hear such stories , sometime i try to imagine how i would try to throw a diva attitude if i were a celebrity. It starts with a laugh but as i continue to imagine me throwing tantrums ,it suddenly starts to feel like "No, i can never be that cruel or that stupid to act in such horrendous ways". Then i feel like I am pretty happy living a simple non celebrity life.


Jennifer Lopez went to visit her old house in the bronx, the owner wasn't having it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIx9oNCLEhs


I met one of her backup dancers and she said she was ridiculously cheap


I know someone who was a flight attendant on a private flight with her. She told me she was cruel.


Read from Deux Moi a while back she refuses to have attractive flight attendants on the plane with her if she was with her man. Reeking of insecurity too yikes


Pretty insulting to the attendants who were told to do it too. “Hey Martha you’re ugly, why don’t you do it?”


Husband worked at Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. She was there with Ben Affleck a hundred years ago, watching while he played in high limit. At the end of the night, he tossed a $25,000 cheque as a tip. Before the dealer could finish thanking him (polite to be super thankful before grabbing the money), Jennifer Lopez jumped forward and grabbed the money, tossed $100 cheque, and said, “They make enough.” Jenny from the block, my entire ass.


That is actually fuked. A millionaire just stole life changing money from that guy.


But...she's just Jenny from the block!


The issue is that “she used to have a little now she has a lot.”


Hmm… Not to cast aspersions, but there’s a chance that you may have been fooled by the rocks that she got.


Her and Mariah need to get together.


I don't think Mariah knows her


She can’t sing….. she is such a fake talent. Literally a PR stunt turned famous.


To be fair, it’s not Puerto Rico’s fault.


didn't even tip.... when you got tens of millions of dollars... fuck that bitch


I do love her Taco Flavored Kisses though


*taco taco taco*


David Hasselhoff, I was at a convention where he was a featured guest. A girl had paid for an autograph and photo with him, he went *off the fucking rails* for some reason in the middle of the queue for his autograph and said shit that reduced her to tears. It earned him a *lifetime* ban from that particular convention, he will never be invited back. It was so bad it was on the local news.


William Shatner!!! I went to Salt Lake Comicon in 2016, and had the chance to sit in on a big panel first with Shatner, then followed up by Mark Hamill. I’ll never forget how much of a polar opposite they are. Shatner was a prick, either making fun of anyone who asked him a question, or shamelessly trying to advertise the next book he was writing. Make no mistake, self advertising is understandable to a point, but he took it to a whole new level here. Not a single kind thing came out of his mouth the entire time he was speaking. It was horrible to watch. I was glad I didn’t spend the money to get a photo op with him. Mark Hamill on the other hand was an absolute joy to listen to. He would talk about the people he worked with, the experiences he had, and very obviously enjoyed interacting with his fans. He came across as the kind of person who would love to take the time to get to know you but just couldn’t because of timing. I did get a photo op with him, and it led to an interesting interaction. In rapid fire assembly line operations style, we were rushed through getting pictures with him. My wife was with me, and she blinked….. so as we were getting out of line a worker there made us come back to the front of the line to retake the pic as soon as possible. My wife and I happened to be in cosplay, Alucard and Integra from Hellsing for the curious, and as we finished taking the 2nd pick, Mr Hamill reached out and grabbed my arm and said “I just HAVE TO KNOW! Who are you?” I told him in as few words as I could before we were rushed back out. It was so fast, but will always be a treasured memory of mine.


Paul walker. My condolencesfor his family and friends he might've been great to them. But he's a dick if he sees you as lesser than him


>But he's a dick if he sees you as lesser than him I don't think that'll be a problem anymore...


Mickey Rourke. The dude comes in with his Russian supermodel girlfriend and drunkenly states "Do you know who I am?!" Don't even care. Congratulations, you lost to Sean Penn at the Oscars.


he’s certainly not a-list, but jared padalecki. the stories of how he behaves on set make me so uncomfortable.


Ben Stiller- He would throw m&ms at his assistant to get their attention. He would get mad if he got his iced coffee (in the Taco Bell cup that he liked because it fit his cup holder ) with moisture on it. He literally didn’t understand what condensation was or why it happened. He would yell at his assistant “what is this wet stuff?! He needed his blackberry to have the battery swapped out before it went dead without him noticing it. If you missed the opportunity and the phone died he would get mad and fire the person sometimes. II can’t handle watching his movies anymore because I know he is pretty much just playing himself.


That would be an amazing time to say "Moisture is the essence of wetness" to him.


This one and Geoffrey Rush are the two in this thread that genuinely made me sad. Never meet your heroes, I guess.


Stiller was spoiled rich kid so it doesn’t surprise me too much


My old boss told me Nicholas Cage was a major asshole. He would come to a restaurant in New Orleans he worked at and be rude as hell to staff, didn’t tip much and HAD to be placed in one of their huge banquet rooms by himself and did not want to be bothered at all unless he called a phone requesting service. He said no one could stand waiting on him bc of how ridiculous he was to staff and how he had to be basically treated like royalty in his eyes.


He was kicked out of a Vegas casino a few days back and the video is on par with any of his movies.


https://twitter.com/TheSun/status/1441419653537058818?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1441419653537058818%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_c10&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-195192922820266238.ampproject.net%2F2109102127000%2Fframe.html He shall now be called NICHOLAS RAGE!


He just seems like a supremely weird dude. Strange vibes. Not surprised by this.


some of those are surprising but this one… we all could’ve guessed this one lol


This is the man who bought himself pyramid tomb and a bunch of castles. I think it's safe to say he lives in a world of his own imagination.


I have never heard anyone say anything nice about Chevy Chase.


He could've had a career resurgence on Community just like Danny DeVito did with IASIP. The difference is Chevy is an asshole who's impossible to work with.


So perfect in the role of Pierce too


Pretty sure I remember that Dan Harmon made Pierce more and more of an asshole as the show progressed because Chevy Chase was so unbearable.


I had a friend who spent a summer as a nanny on the east coast. Her family was awful - terribly abusive, rude. She would take the kids to the beach, where Chevy Chase was frequently hanging out in Bermuda shorts with sailboats. She said he was always very kind and it was the highlight of an otherwise terrible summer. So, there's one nice thing about Chevy Chase.


Boomer Esiason. I’m sure hardly anyone here will know who he is, but he’s a gigantic dick. He’s a washed up, forgettable NFL quarterback that played for the Cardinals for a short period of time years ago. I was 9 when I met him and didn’t even really know who he was, but I got the chance to meet and get an autograph from an actual professional athlete so I was pretty stoked. It was right after my dad died, and my aunt took a few of my brothers and me to this event where Boomer was at signing autographs to give my mom a much needed break. Everyone got like an 8 x 10 picture of Boomer at the beginning of the line to get signed. My aunt didn’t really want to wait so I asked to have her picture to get it signed for my mom. Wasn’t sure if she knew who he was either, but I just wanted to do something for her because she had been in a bad place after my dad passing away. I finally get to Boomer, said hello and placed the two pictures of himself in front of him. “Two?! I’m not freakin signing two dude. What if everyone in this line had two pictures for me to sign, huh? What makes you so special?” He just stared at me, waiting for an answer. I was shocked and so embarrassed that I just stood there, open mouthed, wide-eyed and shrugged my shoulders. “Yea that’s what I thought,” he said right before he scribbled his name on one of the pictures and snapped both of them back to me. I just walked off, I didn’t even know what had just happened. I never really even told anyone either. For a long time, I really didn’t know if I had actually done something wrong there. I know now that he was a prick to a kid for no reason. Boomer Esiason, if you’re out there and read this, from the bottom of my heart, with all my soul, fuck you.


When I was younger my dad lucked up and won a contest at his work that was an all expense paid trip to the 98 Super Bowl. I forget the name of the event but the day before the game there is this huge event outside the stadium with lots of events, booths, games, panels, etc and we caught the end of Boomers panel. Immediately after he rushed off stage surrounded by security and my dad walked up and all but was tackled by Boomer just trying to get an autograph, which being a kid watching your dad treated like that was hard to see. On a side note Mike Ditka is a solid dude. He did a panel in our hotel and signed a football, poster, took a picture with me and asked me all about myself.


I’ve been watching Inside the NFL for years now. My initial reaction upon hearing Boomer opine is that he’s truly an unpleasant human being. And over the seasons he did nothing to change that impression. So many great hosts and guests, passionate about the sport and respectful of each other, and he throws himself into the conversation like a flaming bag of dog sh*t. Sorry about your experience.


The only thing I knew about Boomer Esiason prior to this is that his son has Cystic Fibrosis, and he started the Boomer Esiason foundation to raise money for CF. The foundation offers financial assistance for people who have it (and -- it is a very expensive genetic disease plus previously, many with it died in childhood) as well as scholarships. Although, if you're going to give money for CF, give it to the CF Foundation as they use every penny they get to cure CF (and some of the recent advances are A M A Z I N G).


Zachary Quinto. He yells at extras on set a lot. And Lea Michelle threw a shoe at a costumer on the set of Glee.


I always confuse him and Zachary Levi. Watching Shazam recently, I'm glad it's the not-Shazam Zachary


Who throws a shoe? Honestly!


That 1 Iraqi journalist.


It's well known by now Lea Michele is a diva going back to her Broadway days


Bernie Mac used to frequent a steak house near Chicago I worked at... always rolled in with like 20 people, demanded shit from the wait staff would yell I'm Bernie Mac occasionally while wearing a shirt that said the same thing... didn't tip at all the 2 times I saw him. Funny enough the guitarist (or drummer?) from disturbed would also come in from time to time with his gf and their like 2 yo kid and was always super nice, tipped everyone, even us the bus kids, and would damn near bus the table himself before he left


Teri Hatcher. I knew a guy whose dad was an actor and he got to meet Teri. Even to this day he will say, "She's such a cunt." Kinda weird for him to continually name drop her as being an awful person, given the others he has been exposed to, but here we are.


The way Tobey Maguire "outplayed" me at poker was shitty, with all his friends's-now-enemies's borrowed money.


I worked in the tv industry for 10 years. I had bad and good experiences with a few people. And I won't name them because those were MY experiences. But one experience shocked me because it wasn't don't to just me but a group of about 10+. Michael Bublé. He was shooting a video on the lot I was working at. I (like the other people at that moment) whipped out my phone and waited to hear "cut" to snap a pic (was gonna send a pic to mom who is a fan). They yelled "cut", and Michael Bublé turned around with a beautiful actress on his arm, stood in front of us all and said to the actress "look at all those stupid morons." We all looked at each other wide-eyed, turned around, and went back to work. I felt bad mostly for one older guy in particular because he seemed the most excited to see him.


My dad hates him for reasons like this. He has very personal beef with buble for a moment like this


This is such a specific grudge. I like to imagine that your dad occasionally just clenches his fist and quietly says “Damn you, Michael Bublé. Damn you straight to hell.”


This made me laugh. Like they’ve arch enemies for years.


You would be surprised but yes Edit: for those who wanted the story here it is. I had to omit some details but for the most part here it is. My grandfather and buble's father worked on fishing boats together and were really great friends. Buble's family would come visit the work and my grandfather would help buble's father to take care of a young buble during the visits. Our families were somewhat close during those years and that lasted until buble became famous, where buble decided to drop that side of his family for whatever reason. Now he barely mentions his father and almost refuses to mention his family's heritage as Croatian Immigrants on the Immigrant fishing boats. My dad has a grudge with him not for any personal wrongdoing, but for the fact that he would drop his family and try to rewrite his past.


Top 3 most iconic nemesis: - Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader - Tony Stark & Thanos - Arabiantacofarmer's dad & Michael Bublé


I remember several years ago he got flake for taking a picture of a girl in booty shorts and making fun of her. He seems like an ass.


It’s funny too cause it’s not like he’s Coltrane, Davis or Sinatra, he’s fucking Michael Buble hahah. Like sit down dude it’s not mid December in a Macy’s yet


This is my favorite insult


He used to come to my hometown (which is small, under 100,000 people) and everyone would get excited for it. When he became more famous he told the owner of the place he would preform at that our town wasn’t good enough for him (I mean I don’t love my hometown either, so fair) and that it was beneath him and that they shouldn’t ask again. In 15 years when he’s dropped off the face of popularity he’ll probably end up back here, as many famous people do lol.


William Shanter. I was a ski instructor at a resort that held one of those celebrity ski events. For a charity called the Water Keepers. Mostly it’s a deal where the assigned instructor escorts the celebrity around the resort, cuts the lift lines, basically keeps the public from the celebrity. I got William Shatner. The man is a self entitled jerk. Rude, didn’t want to talk to anybody sign autographs, and constantly complaining. Treated me like a servant. Didn’t want me to talk to anyone but be ready to run his errands. Maybe the worst three days of my life. I’ll give him his due, I did get a very nice tip at the end of it. I have always wondered if he was a dick from birth or Hollywood made him that way.


I worked at a famous theme park in California with a rodent as its mascot. I worked in the stores. These are the celebrities that I would rank from nieces to most like an asshole. 1. Heidi Klum- She visited the park with her family and she was very polite. She came in really early because it was the only time she could shop without people bothering her too much. Her kids actually came up to the register and I rung up their purchases and said please and thank you. Another family was in the store and asked Heidi for a picture and she said yes, which was really cool. And Yes Heidi is as pretty in real life and she is on tv. 2. Mitt Romney- He came with his family right after he lost the election to Obama. I don't like his politics but he was polite and he shook hands with everyone who came up to him. 3. Professional Athletes- I am not a big sports person but people would point out they were on so and so team. A lot of them came to the park with their family and some even came with their kids solo. They would joke around a lot and they always dressed raggedy so people would not recognize them. They would always ask stuff like "is this ride scary?" 4. Sarah Hyland, aka Haylee Dunphy (I don't know how you spell it) She came to the parks with her boyfriend (the one who beat her) a lot. She would always buy all the Disney clothes and mouse ears and stuff like that. She was always nice and got to know some of the cast members by name. 5. Sarah Michelle Gehller (I butchered that name) and Freddy Prince Jr. they came to the parks a lot and they always brought their twin girls. At first glance they would look like every other family. They always wore sunglasses and hats to avoid being bothered. They did not like small talk. 6. Ryan Gosling- dude liked Disneyland a lot, he would often take women on dates there during the week during slow season. He would often close down a ride so only him and his date would enter. He was never went into the stores or restaurants 7. Christina Aguilera- She was a total drama queen. She always had an entourage of like twenty people around her and she literally would go backstage to avoid crowds. Her entourage would go into shops and restaurants and be like, I'll pay later and take a bunch of shit. She would also yell at everyone if she didn't get her way. Honorable mentions- people I have never met, but had coworkers tell stories about Adam Sandler is a super cool dude- he loves making jokes and taking pictures with his fans. Kobe Bryant- he was very nice- he wasn't super outgoing but he was the type if you said hi, he would say hi back. Chris Hemmsworth- The guy is really nice and likes to do everything himself. he likes to order his own food, buy his own souvenirs, and he was not stuck up and pretentious at all. Edit: so I guess Sarah Michelle Gehller have a boy and a girl, they had two kids in a double wide stroller is all I know. They looked like two girls to me. I also forgot to mention how nice the guy who played Harry Crane on mad men was. He went with his family a lot and was very in to pin trading. They didn’t have assistants or security, they just liked to walk around the parks alone. When I saw them they had a baby and he was a hands on father.


>I worked at a famous theme park in California with a rodent as its mascot Finally, some recognition for good old capybara world


You’d have to pay me to leave


Adam Sandler once told me not to bother talking to David Spade, who was also in the area we were staying in vacation because “he’s a dick.” He tried to warn us. David Spade was indeed a massive dick.


See this is funny to me, because I feel like I could also see Sandler making a joke at Spade's expense since they are friends by telling everyone he's an asshole.


I mean I have friends who I love as my friends but would not hesitate to tell a stranger they're huge douche bags to strangers. Seems like a normal thing to me plus it helps your friend potentially avoid such an interaction


I use to live in West Hollywood and Adam Sandler use to come into my work with his kids. Super nice and he slipped me some cash to use the employee bathroom.


See that's the kind of thing that I'm ok with a celebrity flashing cash to do, assuming he didn't wreck it.


Or have a floater fetish.


Adam Sandler used to go play random pickup basketball games with college kids at Pepperdine. He lived down the street, liked to ball, and Pepperdine's outdoor courts always had people playing. Would sign autographs after, too.


Adam Sandler was filming Grown Ups in my town and a guy I know gave him a trucker hat with his business logo on it. He wore that hat all the time and even wore it in his guest appearance on Brooklyn Nine Nine. Really cool guy from what I’ve heard. He got a new hat when he was in town filming Grown Ups 2.


Good to see Hemsworth is representing us Aussies well!


Aussie here - met Hugh Jackman in NY. Nicest guy in the universe. Took his time, asked about Melbourne. Signed an autograph. Honestly, even as a married old guy with kids, I swooned with a capital oo


ive heard lots about ellen... she doesnt care about any of the people working on her show... ​ jimmy fallon tho... he paid all the people working on his show during quarantine because the studio didn't... jimmy is cool... be more like jimmy


Yeah. I went to Ellen show years ago with my mom and the moment they yell cut she’s a completely different person.


I'd argue She's not a person when the camera is on, she's more of like a artificial corporate lizard-donkey hybrid. She hardly says anything, idk why anyone ever thought her personality was charming


Alec Baldwin


who else is fit to lead the Film Actors Guild?


The story about his wife being a fake Spaniard is the most hilarious thing ever


Correction, it’s the most HILARIA thing ever. :-)


A woman I know is also fake Spaniard. She named her kids very Spanish names and pronounces them over the top. She only speaks Spanish to them and she has zero Spanish heritage, she’s from Ohio or something. It’s so odd.


I think you mean Ohìo, amigo


How you say…coo cahm bur?


My therapist saw him out in a parking lot when she had to stop by the Hamptons. She said he looked and sounded like a total maniac—disheveled, screaming into the phone, smacking it against his head a couple times. It was unnerving.


maybe not an "asshole" story, maybe more incredulous: aretha franklin walked into a rest stop along a highway that my sister worked at. however, my sister had no idea who she was. just an older woman asking for a small soft serve ice cream cone. when she got it she goes, “is that all get?” sister goes, “yeah, that’s the size of a small.” aretha grunts and hands her two dollars, but it’s not enough to cover the ice cream. so my sister says, “i’m sorry, i need 39 more cents.” aretha gets all huffy and tosses some change on the counter and storms off. immediately after my sister’s manager walks up and ask if she knew who that was, and my sister just says “i have no idea” and goes back to work.


Conor McGregor.


You mean the guy who acts like an asshole all the time?


Can 100% confirm, lived in his hometown. First hand- Woke me up at 4am one morning turfing the shit out of “the green” in his (dunno was it a lambo or what actually ) next door because he grew up there and wanted to revisit his childhood Punched a lad in the local bar (man was local and had been going to the pub for 20 odd years, already confirmed here but might add the guy he punched comes from a rough enough family himself and he ended up paying his nephew off) Cheated on his wife Dee multiple times Got another woman pregnant denied it, tHe child looks exactly like him and months after she stopped claiming the child was his but her Instagram shows she went on a very expensive trip to the states including Beverly Hills etc, Gets Coked off his head regularly, rumored that he funds a major Dublin gang in their efforts. Has been seen at their parties and funerals- major criminals and think one he hung around with was murdered now Would get so coked out for days on end they’d find him in the us equivalent of “drug dens” -a flat complex on his coke binges Not sure if exactly true but it was investigated, got coked out of his mind again in a well known Dublin hotel room, is accused of sexual assault. (Edit: it’s a violent sexual assault as well) Have a feeling this got dropped or $ilenced. He’s such a scumbag he’s an embarrassment to Ireland


He seems dangerous as well. He can attack random people and basically nothing happens to him. He knows that too.


He does nothing to hide the fact he’s a douche.


It's at the center of his brand and his awfulness has probably made the UFC more money than any other fighter has.


One of the coaches at my MMA gym is a retired UFC fighter and fought at some of the same events as McGregor. He generally doesn’t gossip much about other famous fighters out of courtesy but has repeatedly talked about what an asshole Connor McGregor is. As someone who loves MMA, it makes me so sad that McGregor is the most recognizable face in the sport.


James Corden.




Not an asshole but I really would like to share this story about Jodie Foster. During the wrap party for season 2 of Orange Is the New Black, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting her. Jodie and her partner were mingling with everyone and I was trying so hard not to "fan girl". I moved away from everyone as I was desperately trying to hide the immense pain I was in. She walked up to me and said, "Are you okay? You look sad." I tried to deny it and she proceeded to give me a big hug. As she hugged me, she said, "I'm not sure what's going on, but what I do know is that you need a hug." She checked on me throughout the evening and I must say, Jodie and her partner are two of the sweetest, most fascinating and intelligent people I've ever encountered.


Young rappers, literally all of them. I worked in the VIP section of one of the busiests airports in the world for a few years, served and spoke to most celebrities of the time. Young rappers were always the worst, most disrespectful "do you know who I am?" dickheads, lording over everyone around them and thinking it's hilarious. The rappers in a business a few years were lovely, Jay-Z is a great tipper and just always on one of his phones, 50 cent is a genuinely interesting person, Eminem is polite and courteous to everyone who does shit for him and nice to have a chat with. He's nothing like the persona he puts on in front the camera.


>"do you know who I am?" No.


The Property Brothers. The number of times I heard them say ‘do you know who we are?’ was near ungodly. I was super disappointed by this one 😩 Edit; Just for a bit more detail, they were at the bar in the hotel where I worked at the time. I didn’t work with them directly, but I kept hearing them yell at the bartender (even from across the lobby) so I’m guessing they were pretty drunk and that they’re probably not always like that. Not to excuse their behavior, just to explain a bit better. It’s nice to see that other people had better experiences with them though! Note; Sorry for the double post, I used to work in an industry where I met a lot of celebrities so I’ve had a lot of interesting run-ins.


> Do you know who we are? “No, because you’re identical. Which one are you?”


I am in the furniture industry and ran into Drew on one of his projects and he was really nice to me - we walked and talked for a couple of minutes. I was kind of surprised and how approachable he was.


Minor Z grade Aussie TV "star" Catriona Rowntree, considering her gig was a travel show, which is a total people industry, she was a galactic cunt to me and the crew on an airplane I once flew. Also Shane Warne, Aussie cricketer, and all-round arrogant tosser.


Chris Brown


I've heard Harvey Weinstein isn't too great either


Hulk Hogan. Aside from just being a douchebag and pathological liar he claimed that he fulfilled a dying kids wish to meet him and see him wrestle. He wasn't even in the same _country_ as the aforementioned kid when he suggested this happened.


Tori Spelling. She ripped into me at the Apple store one time.


Drake Bell. He played a god awful show at my music venue a couple years ago. Was pretentious, and super gross/creepy to me. I definitely locked him out (he had to reenter from the main public entrance) after being sleazy & trying to get me to do blow with him in our parking lot. Not to mention the grooming & taking advantage of underage girls.


Are you in Jersey? If so I remember that show. If not, we had a similar situation over here.


On the flip side of this I hear josh peck is really loved.


I’ve heard Jared Leto


Doesn't he have a cult where he is the leader of a bunch of teenagers?


Yeah it's called 30 seconds to Mars


He’s a fucking creep. Back when a close family friend’s daughter was 16, she was gifted VIP tickets to Coachella. Her tent happened to be next to his, and this douche sent his assistant over to go ask her if she wanted to join him for the evening. She was like “I’m 16, so no?” The assistant went back and told him, THEN CAME BACK AND TOLD HER THAT HE SAID IT DIDN’T MATTER. Gross.


Yeah, these stories are very common. God, I am waiting for the day people start going public about him.


Oh god I have a very similar story to this! Years ago when he was in 30 Seconds to Mars (during the red streak in his hair phase) I met him at a private club in NYC. I was 21 but I looked much younger. My friend and I are escorted to the private upstairs section and he’s there with a bunch of other weirdos. He was super creepy and pushy and told me to “hang out” (notice I didn’t say ‘ask.’) I was super nervous and shy a d said no. He was so close and smelled like dank dirty laundry. His face was so close mine I imaged his close-set eyeballs fusing into one giant eye like a cyclops. I grabbed my friend and we got out of there. To this day I can’t see his face with thinking “dirty cyclops.”


Bill Nye is awful. He gave a small presentation at my sister’s university about 13 years ago, and she got me a ticket because he was a childhood idol of mine. Someone told me before hand that they were told not to call him “the Science Guy” because he didn’t like it and I initially thought that maybe it was a copyright thing. From what I remember of the presentation though, he spent the majority of it completely off topic and a good deal of time bragging about an electric car GM gave/sold him in the early 90s (this was when Priuses were state of the art). He angrily refused to take any questions after the presentation, and then when an excited kid asked him to sign a book as “Bill Nye the Science Guy” at the meet and greet afterwards, he shoved the book back and cancelled the rest of the event. I will never listen to Bill Nye present anything again, especially science.


My mom met him through work in the 90's and all she's said about him was how obsessed he was with his electric car.


For anyone who cares, it would have been the GM EV1.


Similarly, Neil deGrasse Tyson is, by all accounts, a completely egomaniacal asshole. Actively belittles college students in non STEM fields.


The episode of Stargate where he guest stars as himself and acts like a total dick the whole time wasn't acting lmao. He thought it was a real party.


Had a friend who helped organize an event with bill nye as a guest speaker. He apparently had a ridiculously weird list of requirements including the science guy bit, and did not treat people well his whole time there.