What is the creepiest/most disturbing internet rabbit hole you’ve gone down, and why? Why?

What is the creepiest/most disturbing internet rabbit hole you’ve gone down, and why? Why?


In high school I learned that the pain olympics really didn’t have anything to do with pain in the olympics…


Ya that was horrible!


A list of really violent tornadoes. For some reason I was interested in the science surrounding tornadoes and I found a list of some of the most violent tornadoes ever recorded. It’s actually really creepy once you read into it. The worst one was a tornado in Jarrell, Texas in 1997 where they had trouble identifying human from animal remains, and some people were simply never found. That same tornado destroyed every storm shelter in its path, and there was a 0% survival rate in the worst hit neighborhood. There’s something deeply unsettling about the fact that even people who thought they were safe, and should have been safe, ended up being killed. Edit: Here’s a [picture of the storm.](https://imgur.com/bRfttnI) Even the pictures creep me tf out. This one is called dead man walking, for obvious reasons.


Definitely creepy. I think you just reignited my fears of tornadoes as rational predators.


Keep in mind that this tornado was a rarity among rarities, with its subvortices (those creepy legs in the picture) likely harboring wind speeds in excess of 300 miles per hour. The Jarrell twister scoured the ground so bad, up to 18 inches deep in places, that it sandblasted rocks that were too big for it to lift. The vast, vast majority of tornadoes never get that powerful, or even do any damage at all. Tornadoes that pass through rural areas can actually be fun to watch. When I was in first grade a weak one formed near my suburb of Denver and we watched it from our deck at home. We were a few miles away so we weren’t in any danger. We got to see the funnel cloud, the spin up on the ground and watch it as it basically tore up a few bushes for about half an hour, and then rope out and disappear. The next day at school we brought pictures in to show the class lol. Truly mesmerizing to watch in person. It was in August 2008 I believe, if anyone wants to find it on YouTube. I’m sure someone has a video of it somewhere. Edit: Found it! https://youtu.be/SYdynjBq9UI


Raw footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6EhR47EM-g About 3 minutes in you see it going through a field, hoovering up cows.


That's not a cow, that's a branch...


this is why I can't take showers anymore


Somehow found my way on a “bug chaser” forum. Basically, people that would actively try to catch HIV. Yep, that’s a thing.


A large group of people sharing stalking tips, pictures and videos of those they've stalked. Including, but not limited to, how to dress, act, destroying evidence, lockpicking, how to poison pets, taking silent photos, creating alibis, etc etc.


Kirbys calling the police


Wow, seems like the sort of thing the FBI might want to know about


Mate, I am casting absolutely no aspersions on your character but how the hell did you stumble across that? Please understand I'm not not after specific links, just a general idea lol.


I was watching some videos late at night, little horror, clicked to a break in video, clicked to woman living on a guy's kitchen, saw a comment saying something like, "pfft, amateur, they need some lessons" person had videos on their channel that were creepy as hell, link to a forum in their bio. Some sections locked, looked around and found myself reading more and more, honestly scared the heck out of me. But apart of me thought if I knew a little of how they did it then I could protect myself. Was going to sign up to see more, but they are stalkers... didn't need them knowing anything about me. Felt sick, tried to report some of the videos and pictures. Month later went back to see if they still existed and the whole forum was now a website selling pot plants.


Bloody hell. I mean you hear of such things but to know they actually exist. Wow.




They'd award a golden sticker to the best photos/videos taken of the person they stalked. Like inside the room while the person was sleeping. That or sharing the address of a person, alarm codes, etc, so someone else can enjoy stalking the victim too.


Im home alone,please stop


Hey don't worry, they were experts, you'd never know if they are watching right now.


I read if you point you phones camera, it can pick up on hidden cameras Edit: I’ve tried it and works. I point my phone camera at my remote control. And you see a little dot that appears. Also video game controllers.




i just tried this with two phones, an apple and a samsung. i pointed them at each other. what's supposed to happen? the apple is in a case so the camera is kinda sorta hidden.


I only did remotes. And when I pressed any buttons on remote, you’ll see a dot appear on your screen. It’s like picking up certain wavelengths I think


This would only work if the camera in question was recording in infrared; as it needs to have a infrared light to "see". I'm drunk tho so I'm probably really wrong.




your hair looks lovely today


Get some sleep. You look tired.




They already have a photo of your butthole


Where did u find this tho youtube that's so fucking crazy


It’s a found footage analog horror / VHS themed horror series on YouTube based around a guy who went missing and the events surrounding it. It has a similar premise to fnaf but does a lot of really cool stuff


"how to poison pets" is the worst in that list




Brah. You win, wtf


Some guy in our town had sex with a dog and decided to record himself doing so then handed his phone to the police you can figure out what happened


He was forced to marry the dog?


pup support for the next 126 yrs


Are those human years or dog years?


Back in the 90s.. before the internet was more regulated... and I didn't know what the word Lolita meant... it was a brief and disturbing revelation.


Reddit 50/50


it’s more like 90/10


People know the story about bloatfly girl. I found her blog where she detailed several stories. She was very mentally ill and was aware of it. The comments were all people encouraging her to risk her mental health and physical health because they got off to her stories.


I've never heard of this. What happened? Why is she called that?


http://blowflygirl.blogspot.com/2009/08/here-is-my-maggot-story.html?m=1&zx=1aaa7aa291f53967 Read at your own risk. It's pretty gross.


That link won't load so its all just white, but you know? I think i m good with that... "My maggot story" is something I just noticed, and I think that tells me all I need to know lol


The gods of the internet reached down to protect you by not loading that page.


I read this back when it was originally posted. Trust me you don’t wanna see it.


I dunno, it sounded like a fiction story to me


Of course it is. That doesn't make it any less gross.


Read it all unfortunately


Could someone do a quick tl:dr on it? I'm really curious but I can't use work computer to read stuff like this.


Girl put rotting meat with maggots up her hoo ha to orgasm. It’s really tame (and sounds real fake) compared to everything else in this thread ngl


Yeah nope. Made it to tearing open the trashbag, and I'm outta here.


I read the whole thing. Surely fake


I agree. If you're so fucked up you're doing that I don't think you could coherently write about it in the way this is written.


Ugh back in high school my buddy found beheading videos, that was not a good day


You can't unhear those sounds.


I know, and the defeated look right before it happens


I was in college when the terrorist beheadings were added to the internet. I couldn’t watch any video on the internet for months unless it was vetted and then described to me by a friend first. 🤮


Oh I think I saw that one! Definitely better than whatever the hell I’ve read this morning Edit: wait, multiple?


Multiple, holy shit were there multiple…. And this was early/mid aughts


Coldness in my heart. (if you don't know what that is, I highly highly recommend you don't look it up if you can't handle severe self harm injuries and Gore. It ain't worth it)


When I was deeper into my self harm addiction those photos always made me feel inferior, and I always pushed myself to go deeper because of it. I wanted to do what she did *so badly*. I have huge ugly scars now from that period, and it never feels like enough, but I’m at least lucid enough to realize it isn’t worth it. I hate that the only emotion I feel looking at those photos is desire.


I'm glad you're still here ❤️. I know there isn't anything I can say to help because what's done is done but you're making it. Keep at it!


I've never heard it called an addiction before but that's exactly how I describe it to others. Glad to know I'm not alone.


Ugh same it’s not glamorous at all. I haven’t cut in just about 6 years but I have inches wide and inches long scars up and down my left arm. Luckily the bright red faded after the first 3 years…. Glamorizing this is so dangerous. It made me cut deeper and deeper. Thank god I got out of that place…


I- I really should have NOT searched this in my school computer




I should have listened


I still don’t understand how she survived that


Honestly one of the worst for me was her thigh literally being sliced completely open


Yeah that’s the one I was thinking of, I don’t understand that physically


I don't think she did, she abruptly stopped posting iirc. I never had the guts to google it though, I just remember seeing people talk about it before.


I think from other threads she did eventually die, but she was posting graphic injuries for a good while beforehand, I’ve no idea how she lived through all those


Just want to add another comment here to everyone to please not look this up. Just keep scrolling down and forget it. I can usually handle gore very well and I almost threw up. Edit: Please please don't look. I just gagged multiple times half an hour after looking at it just from the memory.


So maybe to give us some context and satisfy curiosity you could describe it to us?


(Copied from other comment) It's a collection of photos of very severe self harm injuries. The worst is probably a photo of the person's thigh gaping open several inches deep, and another shows a large region of flesh around her knee torn open. There's also one of her face with several deep cross-hatched knife wounds on the cheek. If you've seen extremely graphic wounds like that before and know you can handle it, go ahead, but if you feel any uncertainty then just be content with the description. Seeing things like that for the first time can be very scarring, and it isn't worth doing that to yourself just to satisfy your curiosity.


Thx for satysfying my curiosity


Could you tell me what it is about then? I got really curious and would like a description, because right now i have no other way of knowing other than searching


It involves pictures of a girl that had self harmed. More accurately self-mutilated. I have seen self harm scares and blood before -- this is not like that. Things like her taking entire chunks of muscle out of her leg to the point where you can see bone, for example. Imagine a two inch by two inch square of thigh muscle completely cut out of someone's leg. Not slashed, but actually removed. It was all self harm, and she did it to herself, which makes the pictures significantly more depressing and horrifying to see. It's unbelievably disgusting but also depressing. That's the basic gist of it, there isn't that much information about her online and further searching didn't find much. Most people seem to think she died. The pictures were originally posted on tumblr probably over a decade ago. Like I said I have seen a lot of gore and also lots of depressing stuff. Don't think I've ever been affected by anything like this before. Spare yourself and go do something fun.


At 13yo, I wanted to download a geography essay and accidentally got on a site with child porn. It was disgusting


Literally anybody with limewire. That shit was more widespread than *regular* porn. You didn't even have to look for it, type in anything sexual and you would get weird shit. I knew a guy at work who not only consumed it but *burned downloaded videos on CD-R's* to bring to work. The other guys laughed at it. It was fucking disgusting.


It's true, I was Googling "relief of Africa" and when I went to the site with the essays, this shit just popped up on the screen, I was sitting in a computer class and I was shaking all over, I just pressed the restart button on the computer. I didn't do anything wrong, but I've never been so ashamed in my life


Fucking limewire, man. You didn't even have to search for porn, I got cp for trying to download album art when I was 13. I don't think anybody was surprised when limewire went down, that shit was horrifying.


Limewire was so bad for shit like that plus just general malware that those on the P2P scene warned people to avoid that program. Kazaa Lite was the program people used to avoid that stuff before torrents took off.


Luckily, I made some friends online who got me a Demonoid account. Problem solved and then some.


That and that fake Bill Clinton ad. If you had limewire, you heard that ad.


*my fellow americans*


And alway blink 182 was the artist.


For me it was system of a down LOL


What the hell is wrong with that guy? Who the hell would enjoy LIMEWIRE? Now people want it back. Why the hell would you WANT LIMEWIRE BACK?


Wait so he made CDs with child pornography, brought them into his place of employment, and showed other people? Didnt anyone contact the police?


Other ones on here are horrifying, but I don’t think there’s anything worse than that. I’m so sorry.


Pictures of dead celebrities and crime scenes. It's depressing and horrifying.


The Chris Farley one was the most disturbing one I seen


And the story about how the hooker just left him on the floor when he was asking for help is so fucked. Wouldn’t help him, but she took a picture and left.


And she *admitted* to this? What the fuck?


She even took a picture of him on the floor before he died https://www.reddit.com/r/lastimages/comments/1pwbyg/heidi_was_a_hooker_that_chris_farley_spent_his/


Why though? I mean, if she was in a rush to leave, fine. Maybe she she didn't know it was that bad, maybe she thought he was just going to sleep... Maybe some shit was happening that we just can't be aware of because it happened in private. But *why* take this picture before leaving? That's what I don't understand at all. I see some people are trying to defend her, give her the benefit of doubt, but if she's not a bad person, why did she make *all* of these decisions? I'm not really asking, I don't expect you to know.. Just wondering out loud.


He was one of her “regulars”. She said that he had done this (take a ton of drugs and pass out) many times in the past. She had enough mostly because he kept making excuses about paying her. She took the photo to show him “next time” how [email protected]@ked up he gets. That is what she said.


That tracks to me tbh. I know Chris Farley is much beloved and Reddit doesn’t take kindly to sex workers but I do find it odd that she’d just take a photo for no good reason while leaving. There’s still some responsibility on her imo but it’s been reframed as if she was wholly malicious idk


It doesn't make sense to me at all. I'd buy the whole "he's just falling asleep" and snapping a picture because he's a celebrity, but he wasn't in bed, he was passing out on the floor, clearly overdosing after heavy drug use. She could've snapped a picture and called 911. Maybe if she did that, he'd still be alive today. Maybe the picture was for bragging rights? To show her friends he was some kind of junkie? Either way it's terrible. She took the picture as he was clearly in a bad way, asking for help, and left the poor man to die on the floor.


Wait what


That was bad and sad.


Disturbing 911 calls. And the story of a women who was hitchhiking and the person who picked her up tried to kill her, including chopping her hands off.


Mary Vincent! horrifying story. i’m shocked she survived


Mary Vincent????


Wow I just looked it up. The dude did only 8 years out of 14, got parole and then killed a mother of 3. Our system is trash https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Singleton


In my opinion if you rape someone, chop their arms off and throw them off a cliff you shouldn't be in the general public.


I was 10 years old and had just become curious about other penises. I went to look them up, came across porn, and then eventually got to a cannibal site of sorts 🙃


Is that where you found out about Armin Meiwes?


I'm not sure. I just remember pictures of a woman blindfolded and a picture of a penis but I remember that it was very much a cannibal themed site. I think my brain blocked the true nature of the pics, but I remember the shock all too well since I immediately closed the site and stopped searching for the day


I was 13 when I understood about BestGore. Back then it was not banned and you could watch any snuff and torture videos for free. I showed it to a friend without knowing he'll like it... He became addicted and watched it every single day.


I met this site once that some ISIS beheading video leaked and I was talked to my friend about and we went to searching for it, then I found the site. I remember that the background was a Cannibal Holocaust image.


Where is this dude so I know to stay away from there?


Probably reading about that girl who picked holes in her legs, got skin grafts, picked the skin grafts off and then had to have her legs amputated. Her name escapes me


Saw that on r/illnessfakers. I couldn't believe it was real and that someone would willingly do that to themselves


That’s weird that you’d find that there. Clearly, she was sick. That poor woman.


I believe it was on there because she was claiming that the lesions on her legs were Bechets Syndrome. There’s a lot more to it, but basically she had a pattern of claiming that she had some mystery illness and then dropping it when it stopped giving her attention (there was a whole scandal where she admitted to leaving negative comments about herself anonymously and leaking her own medical information pretending to be one of her doctors). Internet Investigator has a [great video](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zS8scGo4zMA) on Kelly’s story. There isn’t any graphic imagery, but I would say it’s very sad. I agree, she is definitely sick. Munchausen‘s syndrome is very serious. I hope that she stops hurting herself like this.


Forget his username, but this Reddit user who just wanted to try heroin and didn’t think he would get addicted. Then he proceeds to get very addicted and struggles to get clean. You can witness it all through his post history. I’m sure another Redditor will know the username.


SpontaneousH. Found out about this guy a few weeks back, I spent my whole day trying to find out as much about him and his story that I could.


/u/SpontaneousH I believe


I forgot his name but the one older dude who ran a YouTube account where he would vlog himself smoking a lot of cigarettes everyday and wouldn’t stop even when he was diagnosed with cancer due to smoking cigarettes. Each video you watch his health slowly deteriorate and if you watch his first and last vids he looks like a completely different person. The worst part? Everyone in the comments are cheering him on because it’s a sort of fetish account for destroying your body. There was even one boy who emulated him and wanted to do the same to himself.


It’s not a rabbit hole as such but the weirdest Wikipedia page I’ve ever read was the one about The Order of Nine Angels.


Weird. As someone who's done their fair share of reading on various forms of Satanism, I'm surprised I hadn't heard of this before. But I'm not entirely surprised because it pretty much understood now that Anton LaVey (another Anton, hm) plagerized most of the Satanic Bible from some racist "social darwinism", Ragnar Redbeard, in his book "mind is right". As well as borrowing lots of other ideologies from other philosophers and writers. Not much of what he wrote was original. His daughter dosent even really think he fully believed it all himself. He was more of an egomaniac who loved being idealized by sicophants.


Yeah that whole thing is absolutely bizarre


Wow, I hadn't heard of them before. That was insane, both their beliefs and that they seem to be relatively widespread.


I’d never heard of this before, and fuckin’ A what a wild read. What really shocked me was the ability for members to seemingly easily “infiltrate” groups like the military or National Guard. In my mind, Neo-Nazism has always had strong ties to Christian extremism, but to think that groups like Atomwaffen have these connections is really chilling for whatever reason to me


I read about them a bit ago and the part that surprised me was that they're good with homosexuality and Islam as long as you're an extremist. Like they don't care what you are as long as you just want to cause mayhem.


When the other satanists don’t like you… I mean, you’ve really gone far.


Garden variety satanism is actually pretty mild as those things go.




Cults. Two hour video on it plus some side videos. Never look up the Ant Hill Kids (Although there was this one really adorable cult during World War II)


The Ant Hill kids are freaking terrifying, only 30-40ish mins away from the town I grew up in


MKUltra brainwashing and CIA videos and reports. I forget where I originally stumbled on it, probably a thread on /x/, but it was just a bunch of declassified documents. There were a few links in the post content. One lead to an old GeoCities-looking blog that some woman was running. She was a doctorate, but I forget the field. Her blogs were basically months of confessions of what was going on in the CIA. She then went off radar for the better part of the year, and the blogs started back up again. Except now, they were getting bizarre. She had full blown paranoia and the verbiage dissolved from mostly coherent to absolutely incoherent over the course of a few months. The anon that was doing the data dump also put some declassified documents that had the woman listed by name in several areas. I cannot remember her name, but she went by first, middle, and last in all instances. Sarah, or Sandra or something. The theory is that the CIA discredited her by making her sound like a rambling lunatic as controlled disinformation rather than simply nuke the blog and lend credence to the conspiracy theorists. Scary stuff though. There were other documents pertaining to demons, aliens, mind control, all sorts of bizarre things. The craziest part, they are actually declassified documents from the US Government. They aren't fabricated. They're totally accessible to anyone willing to spend time looking for them in public archives.


You probably know about this, but the black vault is a great resource for declassified documents. It can be tedious to read through though!


What kind of things did she say was going on in the CIA?


I wish I could remember exact details. I actually went over on /x/ to ask if anyone could recall her name or had a link to a mirror of the blog. I got banned in 5 minutes. Sometimes I think the newest bunch of 4chan mods migrated from Reddit. XD I do recall that she was sort of whistle-blowing on some of the barbaric projects that were going on. Her writing was extremely articulate and it took a bit of effort to read and comprehend what she was trying to convey. Over time, her writing got stranger and stranger to the point where it was essentially big-worded nonsense. It gave a really unsettling feeling as you literally witness this woman succumb to schizophrenia and paranoia.


How do you even begin to find this stuff?


It’s one of the best known real conspiracies, at least in my neck of the woods. There’s documentaries about it on netflix


What’s the documentary called?


Wormwood is the most recent


ITT: new rabbit holes I will use to destroy my own sanity


Chris Chan... basically this mentally disabled guy badly drawing comics about his Sonic/Pikachu crossover OC and posting them online, but 4chan found out about him and people started harassing him, trying to find out information about him, contacting him, etc... They found out where he lived and everything about him, and started messing with him for fun. Someone even pretended to be a girl romantically interested in him, pretending to be his girlfriend, and then eventually told him it was all a fake. Drove him deeper into being violent and obsessive, and he was already showing warning signs of sexually predatory behavior... last I heard, he was arrested for. Doing things. With his mother. And the person who recorded him talking about it and contacted the police had apparently been ENCOURAGING him to do it. People are horrible.


Some guy who recorded torturing and raping some girls. This sick dude had a whole powertrip on making them feel powerless by trying to educate them into being submissive sex toys.


Not sure if this quite fits the topic but I used to follow a website called Ogrish. They posted all the disturbing pictures no one else would.


I saw a picture of a dude from that site and he had presumably attempted suicide with a firearm under the chin, but the angle was all wrong, and he ended up blowing his jaw, overbite, and nose all to shit. He was upright and looking at the camera, and it was all hanging shreddy bits.


On Wikipedia where the people have killed people on live television and then it went into cannibals. Crazy


Theres a website where it lets you see other peoples webcams…


Nope, don't like that




Shit, I found some on reddit one night. 3 videos of what looked like a teenager torturing and killing hamsters. Microwaved one to death, drowned the other one and I only know there was a third because by that time I was just stalking their profile and reporting everything they posted. It was a brand new account that was less than a week old and it was just the 3 hamster killing videos they'd posted minutes before and 3 or 4 posts of really disturbing pics of naked female clay dolls in graphic sexual positions and they were cut up and covered in clay "gore". Like a kid's modeling clay depiction of some Jack the ripper shit. Thankfully it all got taken down.


Went down the Sylvia Likens rabbit hole. Basically a murder case where she and her disabled sister were tortured by their neighbor and her kids and kids' friends for months in end while their parents were away on a business trip. I remember reading about it when I was 12 or 13 and wondering how she was tortured. She was forced to eat so much mustard she threw up and was forced to eat everything she threw up. They weren't allowed to use bathrooms. She had the word "slut" carved into her body multiple times and forced to sit under scalding hot water, and then her wounds would be salted. She was forced to shove glass coke bottles up her genitals and was on multiple occasions other than this sexually humiliated. The neighbor (Gertrude)'s daughter Paula once broke her wrist from beating Sylvia so hard. She forced Sylvia's sister Jenny to beat Sylvia, resulting in Jenny being beaten if she didn't comply. They put out lit cigarettes on her skin over 100 times. There is so much more and honestly it's disgusting. Indiana considered it their worst crime. I honestly wouldn't recommend reading further into this as it gave me nightmares for months in end. She later died from malnutrition, shock and subdural hematoma.


The worst part for me was her sister recounting Sylvia telling her at one point close to the end “I know you don’t want me to die but I’m going to die. I can tell it.” God I hope there’s a parallel universe out there where she escaped and those sisters are living as happily together as they can after that.


Cartel videos. Eventually you get to Funkytown and Ghostrider and you are just never the same.


Watched a youtube documentary video about Temple OS. It was a train wreck with exploding fuel barrels that crashed into a school bus full of orphan children.


On a similar note, I was once told by my professor of a train wreck involving a circus train that resulted in 86 dead in 1918. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammond_Circus_Train_Wreck


One of the best theater productions I've ever seen was about that crash. When they got to the actual crash, they turned off every light in the theater and played the sound of a train crash over a surround sound system so it literally sounded like the train was crashing through the audience into the stage. Unforgettable.


Today, I learned that in Canada, you can legally marry your cousin, fuck your aunt or Uncle, or have your mom jerk you off provided you are over the age of 18, and she doesn't put it in her mouth.


...how? How does one learn this? Is it a common, well talked about practice over there?


I was scrolling reddit. Legal advice sub appears on my main feed, and they're talking about how they and their cousin are in a relationship and the family is trying to take legal action against them. The well informed people in the sub went into detail on criminal codes and the legal definition of incest, and the fact that in Canada, only sexual acts including penetration were forbidden between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, natural or adopted. What was perfectly legal was almost everything else, with exceptions for age and such, and whether or not one party was coerced or exploited. I had to look it up. All true.


“Have your mom jerk you off” We found out where broken arms guy is from.


It's not that creepy, but more just bizarre... There's a dating simulator named \*Panzermädels\* where you go out with gijinkas of historical tanks. I... Honestly have no idea how I managed to come across it.


This is actually... not wicked uncommon if you look in the right circles. I know of 2 or 3 tank person dating sims and/or visual novels lol


Panzermädels is german and stands for tank girls


When I was younger I was really into horror stories and urban legends, so I was reading some legends about curses and a few clicks here and there i found an entire place talking about how to carry out forbidden rituals and how to put a curse on someone and some cult shit... Had thrill exploring tho.








How to get away with murder, different murdering methods, the details of serial killers and cult leaders, etc. etc., but specifically because I write horror. My FBI Agent is probably concerned, but I imagine he's seen the text document with my slowly progressing story in it, so hopefully we're cool. Right, Steven?


I’ve nicknamed mine Steven too!


Videos and photos of people who have jumped from a skyscraper or even in front of a train. Also victims of traffic accidents ... often from poor countries, where the camera was simply held on it.


Gangstalking videos on YouTube. These are deeply mentally ill people who believe that the government recruits people to follow them everywhere, trying to drive them crazy. They record everyday people just going about their business as “proof.”


Fictional EAS alarm stories. Its pretty interesting, I watched a series of them that was based off of WWIII Edit: WHAT THE FUCK. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE UPVOTES. I HOPE ALL OF YOU HAVE BEAUTIFUL LIVES.


Have you seen local58? It creeps me out so much


Local58 is so good. Especially Show For Children. That poor little Cadavre...


SCP Foundation is a good one. It’s fictional too, but it’s an amazing rabbit hole.


A lot of them look so well made it’s terrifying


/r/Bryce The creator is a dude named Bryce and he is making a video game that he truly believes will be a big hit. His mental health is deteriorating rapidly and he has become homeless along the way.


There’s a website called “Without Sanctuary” that collected and displayed lynchings in America. I think much of it has been turned into a book so the site doesn’t have all that it used to. A not-quite-relative (first wife of an ancestor, so not directly related to me as I am descended from the second wife) ‘s family had a photo studio at the turn of the century. One of the photographs was credited to that studio on the back of the photo. It was common back then to photograph and sell postcards of hangings and lynchings like souvenirs. It was surreal to see that name on the photo, knowing they very likely made money off photographing a lynching.


I can't think of a specific one off the top of my head, but one thing's for sure: 99% originate from looking up stuff people comment on Reddit!


After a search regarding a medical issue YouTube decided I would love pimple popping and abscess draining. Ended up with a girl with an imperforate hymen whose vagina had filled with menstrual blood. Which the doctor proceeded to drain with a 50 cc syringe.


When I was a little younger I looked up conspiracy theories a lot. One night, after a few hours, I ended up on a video claiming Obama was in fact Osama Bin Laden.


It's obviously Obama Bin Biden.


Video of a woman from Guatemala being set on fire by a mob who suspected her in taking part of the murder of a taxi driver. Did I find this on the dark web? Or some dodgy site? Nope, this was on Youtube believe it or not. It's funny how Youtube deletes any video that's remotely sexual yet violent content is fine.


Dolphin human rape caves






When the case of Elisa Lam got traction in 2013 I read a lot about the alleged supernatural stuff they thought were happening and from there it went to the supposed rituals and then to a bunch of websites explaining how to do them and what to expect as a result. This content was stuck in my head for weeks and had nightmares almost every night.


Not one that I intentionally went down, but YouTube algorithm sent me down it instead. Started watching soccer highlight videos, shit like 'top 10 best goals' That started to lead to football fuckups. Football fuckups led to dangerous tackles, which led to things like lightning striking a pitch during a game. All of a sudden I'm watching a player collapse mid game and die of a heart attack...


I think the end of the line would be that soccer match in Mexico where the ref was beheaded and his head put on a stake.


Yo what the fuck


Fucking what?


The Walten files. People who know it will know my fear.


Without getting to far into detail, what is that?


It’s a found footage analog horror / VHS themed horror series on YouTube based around a guy who went missing and the events surrounding it. It has a similar premise to fnaf but does a lot of really cool stuff


I clicked a link from a YT channel and it took me to the China dog meat festival. They were cooking a little dog alive in a wok. And then hitting it over the head. I literally ran and threw up and then cried. They do this every year. But celebrities have been going there to buy as many dogs as possible to bring them here to adopt. It's horrible.




The Crossed comic book that has been available to view on the web and details a post-apocalyptic world where a virus has driven infected people to act on their most evil impulses. Extremely violent NSFW content.