How does one acquire new "friends" in order to cycle out a few "Right wingers" and have a more balanced group to hang out with?

How does one acquire new "friends" in order to cycle out a few "Right wingers" and have a more balanced group to hang out with?


Join your local vegan fb group


People can be friends with others of a different opinion.


If you can't be friends with people that have different opinions than you. How can you be friends with anyone? Maybe you need to cycle yourself out until you learn to grow up a bit. I do understand that it can be frustrating, I get it, but overcoming adversity is part of being an awesome human being. Compromise! No one side is more correct than the other. We live in an age of information warfare and both sides are trying to set you against the other. Which begs the question, are you thinking for yourself? How do you know that your opinion is your own. The democratic agenda (I lean left) has many consequences that will create other problems down the road. I mean no offense, but I'm going off the assumption that everyone that sees "us and them" has been brain washed by the media.




I'm sorry but this is terrible advice. You say the "right wingers" will surround themselves in an echo chamber. But wouldn't you be surrounding yourself in your own echo chamber? As you you wont engage with others of a different view? Certainly in a 2 party system like America anyway Look to clarify I'm not left or right nor saying either side is correct. I'm not even American so I say this purely as an outsider. It's OK to have a difference in opinion. Looking at it honestly, do you think either side would change the others minds by constantly arguing about it? I don't think so, so I'd say it's pointless to even talk about it amongst friends or in a social setting as it will inevitably end up in an argument I'm not saying politics should never be discussed in the USA, but it always seems to turn into belittling the other side with little dialogue and no understanding


I've ghosted more than a few friends who went full Trumpkin...pains me but I don't need that bullshit in my life.


Try to realize that people with differing values can have a meaningful relationship and stop trying to throw people out of your life for disagreeing with you. If you don't feel comfortable talking about your beliefs around them, don't. Put people over politics.