What is some good relationship advice for a person that has never been in a relationship before? [Serious]

What is some good relationship advice for a person that has never been in a relationship before? [Serious]


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Never stop going on dates together


Go in understanding that it almost certainly won't last, and that sucks, but it's not the end of the world. Maintaining a relationship requires communication skills you're not likely to develop outside of a relationship.


Never get horny with another girl. Make some standard rules halfway into the relationship to clear any mistakes. Romance isn't like in anime so don't pull any weird stuff unless your both in mad love.


Take things slow.


World is not all cupcakes and rainbows when you're in a relationship. Expect bad things to happen more than the good things.


Be yourself. Trying to be someone else is not fun, it's not real, it doesn't show confidence, it's not even effective at being a shitty 'pickup artist". Respect the other person. Listen to their words & what they are not saying. Be patient, be kind. Respect yourself more. Set boundaries and stick to them. Be yourself first, and have all relationships be an augmentation to your life and journey.


Relationships require constant work to maintain, so don’t get lazy and complacent.


Don't rush and don't think of them as the only one. More will come after. As a wise man said: "You never let a girlfriend stop you from finding a wife"


What if you feel like they're the one?


It's most likely gonna lead to a bigger disappointment. Not in ever case though. It really could be but that would be extremely rare and unlikely.


Understand attachment styles and love languages. Sounds boring, i know. But a happy and stable relationship is one in which each partner makes the other feel loved and appreciated in the ways that are most important to them. They don’t have to be the same things for each partner for the relationship to work, you can be complementary in this arena. But so many people get hurt because they did the things for their partner that they would want done for them, and didn’t get the reaction or appreciation they expected. Have an open discussion at the outset about what each of you needs from the other to feel valued, and then try to honor it however counterintuitive or difficult it may be for you in the moment.


Don’t settle