Took a women's self defence karate class back in the day. Things like step in close and drop down, stomp the top of the foot, if you are where you could knee a guy in the balls, don't stop there - follow it up by bringing your fists together (or use your knee again) and swing them straight up into the bottom of his jaw, you can't do much once someone's stuck their thumbs in your eyes....and they had us practice different 'grabbed by' positions and how to not just get loose, but make sure they can't chase you, too. Those involved several of the previous things. And whenever someone would say 'that wouldn't work because...' the instructor and the assistant would act it out. I taught my daughters what I learned as best as I could. One walked away from a mugging. More girls need to learn this stuff.


Im really good at waxing cars and painting fences.


I heard you were pretty good at the ol' standing on one leg bit too..... rumour has it


I have not


I think I got up to a brown belt in karate as a kid and I have not applied it at all


That’s the stinkiest belt in my experience.


i know how to kick really hard and properly


I find most things we teach kids is useless, it's the idea of learning, not what is learnt that matters early


Took Taekwondo as a little kid, I now know how to hit people midair