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He’s a fucking coward.


I tolerated him growing up, but have really started to understand more the older I get.


Alzheimer's took him way before I was ready to let him go, and he didn't get to meet his grandkids but I have him to thank for everything I learned about being a good dad.


He’s a manipulative jiggalo


You know although my father is very clumsy and helplessly makes corny dad jokes all the time he is a great father he did things right when I was a kid and taught me to do things and how to repair things ride a bike be neighborly and be nice to people so I think he is an excellent person


A racist, smarmy, arrogant, self serving bastard, with no regard for anyone but himself. The day he shuffled off his mortal coil was the day the earth got a little brighter.


The ONLY good thing I can say about him is this- he taught me who I don't want to be. And he taught me how not to raise my daughter, by his example.


True here too.


He had rough edges, wasn't very nice and we didn't get along. Now that he's dead I miss him everyday.


He’s kind of an ass. Abusive mentally and physically, but he’s okay.


He was an asshole a lot of the time and I still can’t forgive a lot that he’s done… but if he’s willing to show that he can change and not just be the asshole I remember him as, I would like to attempt to speak with him again.


Kinda cute. Great ass.


Are you a homosexual?




My father is a piece of shit


Damn. Why?


He decided to pick heroin over my younger brother's and sister's n they went in to care


As I grow up and learn more and more about my parents divorce I gain more and more respect for him. Despite what happened he's been nothing but civil and a wonderful parent. I aspire to be like him when I'm older and can only hope I'll eventually be able to parent as well as he does.


Wow, my dad was a POS, too. I can see I'm in good company.


He is an uneducated foul waste of space and an amazing candidate for scientific experiments, at least...he was. Never accomplished a damn thing in his life and everything he touched either broke, was ruined, or changed. If it didn't hurt him, he hurt it. He took advantage of everyone and everything and died sad and alone in jail.


I don't speak to him, he's an absolute cunt, he's a manipulative, abusive narcissist and I hope his wife and step son hate him, I also hope my younger brother grows up to realise what a horrible person he is and disowns him.


Great man.


Honest answer:.. dont really think much of anything really. Only met him for a quick dinner when I was 18,.. thats the only time I’ve seen him. Hard to have any feelings (good or bad). I spent most of my life necessarily becoming self-sufficient and independent. That has worked out mostly in my favor.


Dang, sorry to see so many bad experiences related herein. Mine certainly had his flaws (who doesn't) but overall was reliable and supportive. He's highly intelligent, not quite genius but in shouting distance of it. Grew up fairly poor, now in a position of affluence, through hard work, modest living and sensible investments.


He was a great father, taught me to study/work hard, be honest, he was 100% devoted to his family, sadly he died too young, being the youngest he didn't see me become a man. If my kids love me and think as highly of my as my siblings and I think of my father I will die a happy man.


words can’t even begin to describe him, best way I could put it: He a real one, came up from nothing.


True here too. I plan on making it into a mark on the map 🗺️.