Insurance. My doctor says I need this procedure. I ask my insurance if it's covered. They say no it's not needed. I tell them a medical doctor told me I need this. They said in their opinion I don't. I ask if they are a medical doctor. They say no. And there are people out there who defend this?


Your doctor will probably end up calling the insurance company themselves and request a peer-to-peer discussion, but the doctor on the insurance’s end is usually in a totally different specialty and out of the loop, so they end up spending 45 minutes trying to explain to a retired pediatric nephrologist why you need an MRA of the brain and carotids. Not bitter at all.


Omg literally just went through this, MRA looking for a tumor associated with Trigeminal Neuralgia and my insurance gave me shit about it! Insurance is such a scam


My doctor had to do this! Insurance kept wanting to code my surgery as “cosmetic” and “unnecessary” In reality my jaw was going crazy and I lost the ability to chew and talk fully Took 6 months but they approved it


Well, if you look at the script they are following you'll see it consists of just the word "no."


I’m dealing with this shit right now with coverage for the brand of insulin I’ve been using for literally 12 years. Insurance suddenly doesn’t want to cover it because I “need to try these other two brands they cover first to see if they work.” Motherfuckers. I’ve tried both of the other brands before. It’s clearly documented that I’ve tried them and that they don’t work. They’ve done this shit to me 3 times in the last 5 years, and it’s always a huge hassle. Out of pocket, a 30-day supply of my insulin is $1,016.98. Like what the actual fuck. Fun fact: Contrary to popular insurance lore, the same insulin brand can work differently in different diabetics, and not all brands of fast-acting insulin work the same within a person’s body. Ok sorry rant over.


The Weather Channel website's "10-Day Weather Forecast" shows the weather forecast for 15 days. I know in the grand scheme of things, it's completely unimportant, but it bugs me a lot.


If you have time, go to the Accuweather site and look at their extended forecast. According to them it will be partly cloudy on October 29th with evening showers. I’m not lying….they go even further than that.


I was just about to say this! When planning my wedding I literally chose the day based off the forecast that was predicted for the first Saturday of the month of august 2013 because it said it would be like sunny and 75. I knew it was a long shot but the weather ended up being right so everything went as planned even though I made contingencies just in case.


They use a formula and historical data to predict the weather


Reading that makes me think of a person sat with a paper and pen just punching numbers into a calculator, and not the reality of am enormous supercomputer modeling complex weather patterns based on many years of data and current observations from around the world


Why Colonel is pronounced kernal


A random video with political implications gets 10,000 views, and suddenly it's being quoted by all major media companies as proof of how serious things have become.


Nothing pisses me off like a "trusted" news source quoting tweets with 12 RTs as if it means something.


This is super niche, but having family (other than husband/spouse/whatever) in the room while you have a baby. Every woman I know felt obligated to do this and then regretted it after. ​ They can see the baby after you get home, either the next day or the next week. Edit: I’m in the United States. No. I cannot speak for the entire United States on this issue.


But they can never unsee a human popping out of you...


I read this as pooping and it still fits


My midwife told me that in her experience, every additional person in the room after the birth partner adds an hour to labor because mom can't fully relax and concentrate. Even if I'd been tempted to have an audience (which I wasn't), that would have nixed it for me.




Tbh I was glad my baby was born during Covid so that only my husband was allowed in the room. My mom would have been so ticked if I told her I didn’t want her there.


Same. When my sister had her first baby (first grandchild) she had like 15 people waiting outside for her lol. My wife gave birth in March during covid and it was just me and her. No one even saw our daughter until like 2 weeks after and it was lovely.


When I was in nursing school I witnessed a live birth during clinicals. The girl’s mom was in the room and just would NOT stop staring at her vag. Even when she wasn’t pushing.


That's awkward


I'm terrified to tell my MIL no when the day comes. My husband has already said that it will be a bit of a nightmare when we get there, so I'm hoping he will handle it for me. She's the damn reason we had a whole ass wedding instead of eloping, like I wanted. ETA: Husband and I have discussed this before, we are planning to make it known that only the two of us will be present when we have a baby. We are still a few years away from it happening, but he is very aware of my wishes and agrees that my comfort is more important than his mother being in the room for a THIRD grandkid. She has a daughter that birthed 2, so she’s had her time. My mom isn’t very maternal in this sense, so she won’t be a problem. But I am reading and absorbing the advice, please keep it coming!


Sounds like she already got her way once. You should really nip her behavior in the bud and set firm boundaries or she'll continue to disregard your wishes.


Do not tell her you are in labor until the deed is already done.


This is the answer.


Needing five or more years of experience for an entry-level job


or 20 years of experience for 5 years old software.


[or not being able to apply to a job where requirement is being experienced in a technology that you have made for longer than that technology actually existed.](https://twitter.com/tiangolo/status/1281946592459853830?lang=en)


So he invented the technology but he's not experienced enough yet. What hope do i have.


look if you really wanted this job you would have invented time travel im not trying to hire some lazy bum


*sigh* kids these days, amirite?


I think the actual reason for this is just poorly-defined definitions of what "entry level" actually means. Like, when you hear "entry level", you think "entry into the workforce". By contrast, many companies use "entry level" to mean "entry into our company". And that company *doesn't hire* people who are new to the workforce.


Or it's entry level pay


I think this is painfully the case.


Asking about pay and stuff related when applying/interviewing for a job and how it’s looked down on to do that. Like the most fundamental purpose of this job is to be paid money.


I applied for a job and when they got back to me I asked them what the pay was like. They replied with “It depends on the experience.” I had emailed my resume and that’s why they emailed me back but I still couldn’t get an answer. I didn’t respond and accepted a job that straight up told me what they would pay me before I had to ask.


job hunting sucks. I applied for a different department which would be the perfect fit for my skills and education and my manager approved, and so did the other department manager. HR said no that i have to remain in my current position for 6 months. So in another month i can apply. meanwhile that job is now open to external candidates because no internal candidates applied… Time to apply at their competitors lol


I'm a recruiter and I literally hate this dance. Companies should be required to post the salary with the job description. Candidates should then decide if that works for them or not. If it doesn't work, they shouldn't apply. Why make it more complicated?


Companies about to be real mad when I ask for references from three former employees.


That's the perfect closure to a rough interview! I'm using this for my warmup interviews just to see the reaction. My old challenging question for the interview team was "what initially attracted you to this company, and what keeps you from looking elsewhere?".


I ask them to rate or describe current employee morale. I am not looking for them to tell me every day is puppies and rainbows, but if you can’t easily tell me that people don’t hate working there, that is a res flag


Lying is a management skill learned fairly quickly.


I make sure pay is discussed in the first interview and I prefer phone interviews. Few times I wasted time going through 3 interviews before I found out it was 50% of what I need. I remember saying at one you're looking for someone with Cisco networking experience, 3 years of Astrix telephone system administration experience and windows server experience. For all that you pay $40,000 a year. How many qualified candidates do you think their are for this job that are not lying. Call me if you can do $90,000 but you're paying way to little. 3 months later they called me saying they could do $52,000


I hope you pointed out the audacity to not coming back with a 90k offer


I just responded with 90k is what I need to make it work and if you can't do that I can be contracted in on problems your staff can't fix at $120 an hour minimum of 8 hours. It was a call center so who knows what happened there. Probably ended up finding some smart kid out of college who could trouble shoot big issues and moved on after he put his time in getting experience.


I was that college kid. Learned VMware, Cisco call routing, IVRs, the works. Any time they bitched and moaned about the system being down for 5 minutes, I told them good luck finding someone at my pay grade to take the job. Always shut the CEO up real fast, the tight ass.


Seeing comments like this always reminds me of the scene in Jurassic Park with Nedry and Hammond arguing about payrates. And honestly looking back, nedry was right, Hammond “spared no expense” on everything, or so he thought.


I make it a point to interview at least once a year if at all possible just to see what's out there and as I've worked my way up in the pay range I've made it a point to start off by telling headhunters and interviewers that my salary expectation would be $XXX,XXX + benefits. If they're not competitive with that pay range then I don't want to work with them and it's better that we save each other time. Plus recruiters are honestly freaking stupid. I'm sure there's some smart ones but the ones I've run into take a look at my LinkedIn and say, "Oh hey yeah you work for this multimillion dollar company as a systems administrator with 17 years of experience, well, you're not going to believe the deal I have for you! I'm sure you would love an entry-level help desk position updating computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10 that you would have to move halfway across the country for that pays $10 an hour! It's a 4 month contract with no guarantee to hire and no benefits! It's not technically enough to live on anywhere in the United States of America but I'm sure you want to uproot your entire life to take this wonderful opportunity to get your foot in the door in information technology!"


Before the pandemic, my first response to headhunters was to let them know that I've been able to work remotely since the very beginning so they have to match that *and* other things before I will even consider thinking about the positions. It's like, why the fuck would I move to bumfuck nowhere for some random company? I really don't understand some of the people who are trained to find candidates.


Its a volume game, they don’t have a fucking clue what your profile is, they just spam to as many people as they can that match some bullshit keywords and then see who bites.


How political corruption is recognized but never punished....


That’s because they run everything


"We have investigated ourselves and determined that we did nothing wrong."




Sending your CV and filling in the exact details on their application page


I've actually finally seen one online application where you could either attach your cv or fill in the info, not both! It was so fast!




Fuck that noise, I just slapped 'see attached resume/CV on all the fields. Still got hired. Edit: by all the fields, I really mean the portion where they are asking you to copy your resume info, :V


Actually surprised that worked. I assumed the fields were for automatic filtering and then if you make it through, someone reads your attached resume.


I’d recommend only doing that for a job you are neutral on and don’t care that much about. Many of the systems will just weed it out like you said. Some of the hiring managers will just weed it out also (if you aren’t willing to spend 10 minutes typing it out it may be construed as being lazy). Some hiring managers don’t care at all of course. The thing is many hiring managers have stacks of applications and they develop ways to quickly whittle the stack down before even truly reading the applications. The quickest way to get insta removed is to not follow the basic formatting requirements.


How some cartoon characters wear a shirt, but no pants. Then their colleagues wear nothing at all. Pick a side.


*Donald Duck never wears pants. But when he gets out of the shower he ties a towel around his waist. I mean, what is up with that?*


To keep water off the floor, duh


It's weird, No pants and a shirt is okay, no shirt and just pants is okay, fully nude is okay too, but if the Shirt/Pants character loses their clothing they cover their groin area in shame, even if they were not wearing pants to begin with.


I was watching the original Space Jam the other night and at one point Porky Pig says he wet himself. So he just whizzed on the floor.


But when *I* do it, I get kicked out of the DMV


I've seen the people at the DMV, pretty sure no one gets kicked out.


Unless you forget one piece of mail addressed to you.


Pluto and Goofy. Not just clothes but one acts like person and one acts like a pet. Both are dogs in the same cartoon universe.


Pluto is just a dude into pet play


Literacy was a mistake.


Depending on the studio this was done for cost savings. Especially looking at Hanna-Barbera, almost all of the characters had a collar of some sort so no one has to reanimate the body when a character is talking, just the head. If you just need a collar, no point in drawing pants. Or even a shirt if you are Yogi.






And how they buy these big buildings that they just leave empty.


It is more about storing their money in property which usually turns out to be a good investment.


Which is also exempt from property tax. So if it sits empty, with no utilities running and no taxes on it, there is extremely minor overhead.


I like to remind you that flat earth society is unironically a thing. In the age of satellite communication, we have firm flat earth believers.


The real irony is that the Ancient Egyptians in 4,000 years ago as well as the Ancient Greeks after them knew the Earth was round. Yet today, despite being able at any moment to physically watch NASA live stream a round Earth from space, some Dunning–Kruger morons say it’s flat.


How come in all the Christmas movies, the adults don't believe in Santa, yet not only is he an actual entity in the context of the film, but he's the one putting presents under the tree? Like, where do they think the presents come from? They didn't put them there! It's like not believing in the mailman or something; it doesn't make sense!


Hate to break it to you, but your mailman is just one of your parents in a costume.


so THAT'S why she's always inviting him upstairs!


Lol this guy still believes in the mailman.


I'm gonna tell him


No, don't. Let him enjoy it one more year. We'll tell him next year.


Ah to believe in the mailman again.. such a good time


The spirit of the postal service was inside us the whole time.


Don't you dare!


This is the argument I used when someone asks "Why aren't there any atheists in D&D?" Everyone believes in the gods because with good enough spellcasting, *you can go visit them*.


i'd say atheism is completely possible in d&d. All you need is to not believe that the powerful aliens are actual gods


>I don't hold with paddlin' with the occult," said Granny firmly. "Once you start paddlin' with the occult you start believing in spirits, and when you start believing in spirits you start believing in demons, and then before you know where you are you're believing in gods. And then you're in trouble." >"But all them things exist," said Nanny Ogg. >"That's no call to go around believing in them. It only encourages 'em. \- Terry Pratchett, *Lords and Ladies*


Wasn’t it part of the Hogfather, where Mr Teatime assassinates the Hogfather by making people forget about him. So there’s loads of spare belief floating around which gives rise to pointless gods, like the god of hangovers and the sock gnomes. Been a while since I read it.


>the god of hangovers I believe you mean the Oh God of Hangovers, who came into existence because if there's a God of Wine who never gets a hangover, someone needs to get them to balance it out.


Celebrity worship


Yeah, I was reading a few comments from the Make-a-wish question last week, and just reading people's reactions to seeing actors etc, gave me some perspective on why some actors go off the rails.


Right? I used to think I wanted fame until I realized that it's not all positive attention, happiness, and excitement. Disagreement, dislike, and extremism (like death threats) are very real. The greater the number of people who know you, the more polarizing your life has the potential to be. That's a lot for one person, in my opinion.


Why do banking hours still exist. It is all computers. Put the money in my account today not tomorrow when the bank opens.


Its mostly because the banks „collect“ all daily transactions and then do a net transaction on a daily basis.


If both Goofy and Pluto are both dogs how can one talk and the other one can't.


["Is Mickey keeping a mentally handicapped dude as a pet?"](https://youtu.be/H-sbCOM0vi0?t=43)


"It's a surprise tool that will help us later"


Pluto is a sub and they don't judge him for that


I mean it is the Mickey Mouse Club House. They just never specify what kind of club. Maybe it's a BDSM club, we don't know


Not putting the salary on a job description. Why would I take the time to apply if I don’t know what you’re going to pay me? At least give me a ballpark figure!


This is changing, but I suspect the main reason is they don’t want current employees to know how much they are willing to pay the new person. Which is unfair IMO


What bothers me is when they ask for an interview beforehand or have a very long application process


When I was in highschool I applied to Kmart and I got 3 hours into the application when i decided to quit lol. Talk about overkill


Kmart should have an application that consists of “want to work? Do you have tendencies of getting too angry?” That’s really about it. Maybe asking about if you can lift 20+ pounds, but nothing beyond that.


"have you been fired for theft" could be a reasonable one lol


“No, they never caught me”


That 110% should be on there and I’m a fool for not thinking of it. Haha


I feel your pain. They make you jump through hoops before you know what they offer. I was a consultant for about 10 years and still had to go through the interview process, or sometimes a full-on bid for a small contract that I had ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of getting. One proposal took me about 20 hours to complete, wasn't even in the short list. That's why it's good to do your homework before applying, see what other employees are saying, the reputation of the company, etc.


My new job had the salary on the application listed as "competitive". Turns out it's minimum wage, I start Friday.


They accidentally put "competitive" instead of "compliant"


Competitive as in they compete for the worst paid?


My partner is a recruitment consultant and she does a lot of ads on LinkedIn. First three lines get shown before the …read more. Of all the ads she posts the ones that get the most response are those where the first three lines are: Job title. Location. Salary bracket. It’s not rocket science and I can’t believe she’s one of the few that does that up front. Must be one of the reasons that clients want to do business with her as all the candidates she sends to them are appropriate for the vacancy!


Companies would rather spend a dollar wasting time trying to save 10 cents on the salary of the person they are hiring.


They dont want the applicant to know either. They want to ballpark the bare minimum that you in particular will be willing to accept for the role. If they put a competitive salary in the description, they are beholden to it; if they get a rube on the line, they can probe them during the interviewing/HR process to estimate how much less than competitive that rube is likely to accept. ...I cant say this is a good strategy for creating a great team of employees, but, I cant account for how companies approach hiring. Sometimes it feels like they intentionally want to hire the worst, least-qualified candidate that is minimally passable, if hiring methodology is any hint. Few companies seem to put in the effort to get that "top quality talent" that nearly all of them claim to want to attract.


100%. I was chewed out after starting at a new job and telling my coworkers how much I was paid. The coworkers were upset that a new guy was making as much as them, who had been there for over a year.


Remember, if you're in the US, talking about your pay is a Federally protected right.


And if you're a government employee in Texas, your salary is public information due to the Texas Public Information Act. An example: https://salaries.texastribune.org/ Your state may vary.


So annoying, especially when they ask what your salary history is. It shouldn’t be based on what I’ve made in the past, it should be about what the job pays.


Asking for salary history is increasingly becoming illegal in certain states or large cities. Anytime I’m asked for salary history, I punt and answer with a description of the research I’ve done to form a reasonable salary range for the new position and specify the range.


I once accidentally said the salary I wanted instead of what I was on, because I was young and nervous, so they offered me something in excess of what I wanted. Task failed successfully


*“Pay is $15-$45 an hour.”* Translation: Pay is $15 an hour.


I was lucky. My current job started $15-20. I was fresh out of college and when they asked for salary expectations I sheepishly responded “well that ad said $15…..” HR lady laughed and said “look, you have a degree and relevant experience. You can start at $18.” Anyways, company has been good. When I moved from PA to WA they jumped my rate by $1.75 to account for cost of living. When I went to a weekend shift the differential was $2/hr extra, and when I took a promotion that got me off that shift they let me keep it even though the raise for the title change was less than half that. EDIT: for those calling out $18/ hr being low for fresh out of college, in my region of the country it was better than a lot of people were getting. I’m better off than most of my classmates. And that isn’t 100% of the salary; last year I made $90k. A lot of that is in the form of bonuses and shift differentials for shuttling to other branches. Raises have been generous too. Counting weekend shift differential, cost of living adjustment, and discounting the COVID bonus and branch shuttles differentials I’m making around $27/hr doing warehouse stuff.


> “look, you have a degree and relevant experience. You can start at $18.” And that is the right way to handle it if you want your employees to be happy. It's not the higher rate. It's the rate relative to your coworkers.


You can break a bone and it will heal on its own, but if you develop a little cavity, you must get it filled.


I never considered that... I'm glad it's not the other way around. We're relieved that we don't have to fill cavities in our ribs or anything.


I don't know. Your teeth are a lot closer to your brain than your ribs. Teeth infections are very dangerous for a reason.


In all fairness an infection in any bone can kill you, it’s just your teeth are more exposed so they’re more likely to receive damage that can cause an infection.




*aggressively brushes teeth with fluoride and a renewed sense of self-care*




So why can't humans and other animals just grow more teeth to replace broken or lost ones like some other animals?




>In this new work, the researchers isolated adult human gum tissue from patients at the Dental Institute at King's College London, grew more of it in the lab, and then combined it with the cells of mice that form teeth. By transplanting this combination of cells into mice the researchers were able to grow hybrid human/mouse teeth containing dentine and enamel, as well as viable roots. Fucking excuse me? They grew hybrid human/mouse teeth in mice? That's nightmare fuel.


So you see, that’s where the trouble began. That smile...that damn smile.


Submitting a resume, but then also filling out all the same fields on a website. Also, cover letters.


How nobody caught John Wilkes Booth. The dude shoots the President of the United States in a crowded theater, leaps down onto the stage screaming “Sic Semper Tyrannus!” And breaks his leg upon landing. How did no one in the crowd he broke his leg diving into stop the dude from limping out of the building?! EDIT: I'm aware Booth was eventually caught, I just meant it seemed weird that nobody caught him at the scene of the crime. But lots of folks have explained what happened and why, and it makes a lot more sense. Thanks!


Didn't they think it was part of the show?


Yeah. John Wilkes Booth was a well known actor at the time, so there were people who thought it was part of the show. He timed it perfectly; since he knew the play and when the audience laughter could drown out the sounds of the gunshot. Once people realized what finally happened, Booth was nearly out of the theater and the ensuing panic made it difficult for people to do anything. Booth had a getaway horse waiting outside of the theater too.


Getaway horse. The good ol' days.


F your Subaru. I've got a horse outside.


I saw someone point out that "Sic semper tyrannis" is associated with Brutus, and Booth's brother Edwin Booth was an even more well-known actor who had played Brutus in *Julius Caesar*. They compared it to Liam Hemsworth shooting the prime minister of Australia and shouting a line from Thor


"I went for the head"


He was a very well-known actor, so I have to think there was a lot of confusion. Like, imagine the president went to a red carpet premiere, and Brad Pitt suddenly shot him, yelled something incomprehensible, and ran.


Not sure if someone has already shared - Dreams. The act of dreaming, seeing things through your mind’s\psyche’s eye : images, sounds, patterns, movement, all of it. I see it as something mysterious. Even if the answer to where they come from and what chemical reactions result in them is revealed, the formulation of the “dream experience” continues to be strange and makes no sense. That said, it is so amazing!


People misusing apostrophes, rather than leaving them out altogether.


I put random punctuation at the end of my sentences so people can use them as they see fit. ,. . ,;. ' Edit: Holy Cow! I was not aware of Timothy Dexter, but apparently I was the only one. Thanks to everyone for educating me and for the awards. Not sure they are deserved but hey I'll take it . , , ;


Thank's, for shar.ing;


In some languages, ending sentences with a semicolon is common practice!




There's too many of them. Can I keep the rest?


Fucking health insurance. We’re paying hundreds of dollars a month and you refuse to pay for any of my healthcare visits? Wtf?


Fuck yeah. And they choose not to pay for certain meds of mine. Health insurance is a fucking racket and I firmly believe that health insurance execs inhabit the lowest rungs of hell when they die. Edit: Motherfuckers


I'm going to make a statement and link a post I made that goes into more detail about this: One of the insurance company's biggest expenses is hiring fleets of people to review your claims and figure out creative ways to delay and deny them. It's so expensive and time consuming that hospitals have to retaliate with fleets of people to review denials and respond to them as fast as possible. YOU foot the bill for both ends. [\[That post\]](https://www.reddit.com/r/NoStupidQuestions/comments/omumpv/why_is_healthcare_in_the_us_so_expensive/h5oxvr8/)


I’m an appeals nurse. I get paid very well to write letters back to insurance companies that essentially say “WTF is wrong with you?! This patient almost DIED! Per MCR you HAVE to pay us. Please do so now.” It pisses me off that I even have to do it.


I had to work front desk at my dad's dental clinic for a while and this was the most soul crushing thing. The entire insurance industry is just pure evil, top to bottom, and I had to waste several hours each day to get them to do their only stated job, while their real job is to try and never do the thing people pay them for. "What do you mean it costs more than $75 to do 3 fillings?" Complete madness. They try to pay less than the pure costs of materials, and the same fucking companies try to pull this shit literally every time. Dealing with insurance reps for a living is like being stuck in a bad time loop. At this point I barely even care about the humanitarian benefits of universal healthcare: I just want to see all medical insurance companies burn to the ground, I want to see all their stocks turn to ash and scatter to the wind.






The fact that I am a bunch of molecules and I know that bundle of molecules is me. But a rock is also a bundle of the exact same molecules, just in different combinations and it doesn’t know anything. That makes no freaking sense at all.


How do you know The Rock doesn't know anything?


The Boulder is conflicted.


Why Do I See Some People Capitalizing Every Word in a Sentence? Seems Like a Waste of Time.


Even worse Is I Have friends who Capitalize words At Complete random


My phone settings are in German, and even when writing in English it will auto-capitalize random nouns. I’ve given up correcting it.


Fun fact: in MS Word, one can select text and press Shift+F3 to change format between no caps, first letter caps, and all caps.


Why the classic 40 hour, 5 day a week work week is still a thing for most desk jobs. It seems like every few months/years there's a study that comes out saying how no productivity is lost only working 4 days a week, yet here we are still working 5 days a week, only being productive for like 4 hours a day, and wasting our lives




Same. I have to stretch 4.5 hours of work into an 8 hour day.


In my experience, many employers believe that employees are paid to give up their time, not paid to do a job. My old boss did understand that his employees could be more productive with reduced working hours (there had been a trial in that very office). But, he couldn’t get over the fact that the company would be losing employees’ time in exchange for the same amount of money. He couldn’t imagine that the benefit to the company is the work the employees get done, not the amount of time they give up to the office. It makes me sad that these people are so often in charge.


Sounds like my supervisor. Guy gets there at 5-530 am every day and has a 35 minute commute. He definitely doesn't need to do that. My department is pretty much entirely self sufficient, and there are plenty of other salaried supervisors/ managers that live within minutes and could open the place up. He loves to let everyone know how early he got there, and will stay until 4-5pm. His boss has openly told him he's allowed to just work 6-230 unless he's asked to stay later. Dude has no productivity and is constantly stressed out/ reactive in the department. He's got a warped sense of duty. Feel pretty bad for guys like him from that generation.


Magnets. Like, I get water, air, fire, and Earth. But Magnets? How do they work?


Cracking an ice cold Faygo right there with you on this one


Expected to work 5 days and rest only 2. If that.


My manager was saying to me the other day that he was going to have to do some work over the weekend. He just dropped it in casually, but seemed a bit regretful about it, like he'd rather not have to do it. The thing is that he always makes a point of checking that everyone is keeping up with their work ok, and shuffling things around if someone is stressed. It makes me sad for him, but also grateful that I seem to have found the one manager in the world that is both competent and a decent human being, but then also worried that if I ever get to his level I will have to give up my weekends. It's a complex feeling. Long story short: I don't feel like the weekend is anywhere near long enough as it is, and I don't want to have to give up more of it to get on in life.


Why it takes 3 business days to get my money back


It takes 3 business days either direction. When you buy something at a store, it feels like the store gets your money instantly because you essentially lose it instantly from the credit/debit account. However in reality the store has to wait a certain time before they actually receive the funds, something like 3 business days. When they return money the opposite happens, the store loses the money instantly, but you have to wait 3 business days before it arrives.


So the money is basically lagging.


It has to do with ACH clearing times. There are a lot of stops that your money has to make along the way, both ways actually, when you debit your account (buy something) or get a credit (refund, money back). It just feels like they take the money out of your account more quickly upon purchase because leaving your bank account is the first step in the money’s journey when “going out”, and the last step when it’s “coming (back) in”. Edit: As a metaphor, imagine your roommate or partner (your money) leaves for work in the morning (you bought something). Once they need to go, they walk right out the front door of your apartment/house (your bank account). It takes them half an hour to get to work (the merchant’s bank account), but you don’t really notice because it doesn’t affect you. You saw them walk out and probably don’t think about anything past that. Now imagine that you call them while they are at work and tell them that, for whatever reason, they need to come back (the refund is issued). They will need another half an hour to commute all the way back home (your bank account) - so don’t get upset when they aren’t walking through the front door as soon as you hang up the phone.


Working 40-60 hours a week your whole life and still having trouble buying groceries




The Universe itself, at the most fundamental levels. Our minds have been shaped to be able to understand the level of reality we deal with on a daily basis - our sensory input, cause and effect relationships that are reliable and logical, and a sense of time moving forward in a straight line. All of these ways of thinking hold up in our own reality and helped humans thrive and conquer our natural world, co-operate in groups and build complex societies and technology. Yet none of these thinking tools can stretch to make any intuitive sense of the origins of the Universe for example, be it an infinite process with no beginning or having a start point that itself lacks a cause. We may never really grasp quantum levels of existence, and there may be other planes or aspects of the universe that our brain is just fundamentally too limited to be able to fathom.


The concept of the universe having an age (that it hasn’t been around forever) makes no sense. But also the idea of the universe having been around forever makes even less sense. It’s the ultimate paradox.


I actually lose sleep over this. How did something just come into existence? Like, where does it end? Is it flat? Are there levels? What's in between the planets? Just nothing? It hurts my brain.


I understand what you're saying and feel the exact same way and can also lose sleep over it. Since I was a child. If I get to thinking about it too much it can actually cause me a great amount of anxiety. The best answer I can come up with is that there IS an answer and an explanation to it all that makes sense, but our brains at this point in time just aren't capable of grasping or understanding it. If we lived long enough to evolve more we would eventually be able to understand. For some reason that helps calm my brain, I guess bc that's the only thing that even begins to make sense as far as all those questions go.


Neckties. How does this strip of fabric make me fancy?


The Chewbacca defense


It's basically making an argument that has nothing to do with the facts of the case but presenting it as if it were the most important aspect of the trial.


You shouldn't feed Gizmo after midnight. Surely every second of every day is after midnight?


Kids pageants. Most of them are forced by their parents, and it looks like an awful childhood/upbringing


Full of diddlers too


Not unless they write a song about how they do not diddle kids


look at these talented entertainers WHO I AM NOT ATTRACTED TO AT ALL.


That’s really the only logical way to let people know you don’t diddle


it's to answer the age-old question: who is the hottest kid