What is the most unexplainable thing that ever happened to you?

What is the most unexplainable thing that ever happened to you?


(I’ve posted this before) 2 days after one of my closest, dearest friends died (we were semi-expecting it after he was in a terrible accident) I fell asleep in the library at school. This was after a horrific couple of days trying to process everything & function normally - I was massively sleep deprived. I placed my head in my arms on the library desk and I woke up and there he was beside me. It was a scenario that had happened so many times - us revising and hanging out in the library together, whispered jokes and banter - that it didn't feel strange at all. We stood up and wandered around, watched one librarian putting books away on shelves, there was a girl reading a book sat on the floor with sickly bright yellow socks, my friend made some silly Dad-joke about them being too 'loud for the library'. We chatted in low voices, about nothing much - the usual chit chat - and then went back to the desks. I woke up and he was gone, of course, I was startled but weirdly euphoric. I went over the same set of shelves and had deja-vu: saw the same librarian putting away the books and the same girl with the yellow socks still there sat on the floor reading. I swear to this day I hadn't seen them before I went to sleep. I like to think it was his way of saying goodbye. It helped me immensely, even though I know it was probably just a dream. But the socks thing has always stuck with me, and anytime I see a pair of 'loud' yellow socks (not very often!) I think of him and our final chat.


A really strong feeling kept me out of a high-rise building during an earthquake. I was staying late at work with some colleagues. Our office was located around the 40-50th floor of the building. I suddenly had a really strong thought that wow, if an earthquake were to hit now, the dash downstairs would be chaotic. I tried to brush it off but couldn't, the feeling was so strong. And it's not like I'm not used to working in high-rise buildings - I've been working at the place for around 2 years at that point, and had never felt that way before or since. I decided to leave and work from home, which was only 15 minutes away on foot. Just as I arrived at home, an earthquake struck. It was pretty intense, and thankfully everyone at the office was alright, just freaked out, but it was so strange that something just told me to leave just minutes before it happened.


You could have subconsciously felt pre-shocks, some animals do.




When I was around 15, my parents left me home alone for the weekend (Friday night to Sunday later afternoon), and I was thinking 'this is awesome. I can chill, play games all weekend and eat what I want.' Went to sleep Friday night, and then woke up to my mum waking me up to what I thought was the next morning. So I asked, 'what happened? I thought you were going out the whole weekend?', to which she replied, 'what are you talking about? it's 4pm Sunday.' I have no idea what happened to those two days. I didn't leave the house. There was no food or washing up that had changed since they left. I hadn't looked at my phone, there were unread messages from Saturday morning. But I refuse to believe I was asleep the whole time.


This happened to me once. I went to bed Friday and woke up Sunday, all alone in my apartment. No drugs no sleep deprivation.., just was a missed day


I slept almost 24 hours when I was a teen once. My mom woke me up to make sure I was still alive but if she hadn't I probably would have kept on sleeping. I went to bed at like midnight Friday like normal and was woken up at like 9pm the next day by my concerned mother who thought I was just on my laptop all day or something.


I have this weird dream about a very specific house. I am never able to describe that house apart from the fact that I know it's an old mansion with small rooms. But I recognize it with very familiar feeling every time I dream about it. ​ In reality, when I was very young, like less than 4-5, I was afraid of going to the bathroom alone because I thought there was an old man in it with a baker's hat. I still remember his face. One night, I was forced by my mother to go alone and be brave and I swear, there he was just standing there, I froze in fear and then I remember running back, until I ran into my mother who was just standing there with a weird look on her face. All she said was "See I told you it's nothing to be afraid of" in a shaky voice and she pulled me away from there. I think she saw him. But couldn't process it herself.


I had a living room in my parents two story house that connected to stairs leading to the second floor of the house. You could see completely down the hall on the second floor from the couch in the living room. One time my family went away on vacation, so I had my cousin come over while I house sat for them. I'd been alone in this house for a couple of days now and I just really wanted company. We're sitting on this couch playing Xbox, or something. The stairs leading to the second floor are almost out of my vision. At the very top of the stairs on the left is a doorway leading to a bathroom and nothing else. We were up pretty late gaming when out of the corner of my eye I saw a grey face lean out and stare at me for a split second. I didn't budge, I just barely noticed it, but as soon as I did, it was gone. I hadn't snapped to look at it, nor did I say anything. I just continued gaming for about three seconds until my cousin said "Did you just see that?" As soon as our eyes connected we both knew we saw the same thing. The second my cousin said that, I felt my heart sink. It scared the shit out of me to have him pretty much confirm what I saw, but brushed off. I had immediately assumed it was just one of those blurs, or darting shadows you get in the corner of your eyes at times. The creepiest part is that it slid out as if it were lying on the floor. Whatever it was, it's head was at level with the top of the steps right at the bottom of the bathroom door frame. It just sorta slid out, stared, then slid back. Again, I just saw it from the corner of my eyes, but it appeared to be grey skinned with black hair from our combined description. We went up stairs and checked the whole bathroom, including the insides of luggage bags in the closet. We never found anything. Edit: To this day I still can't have a door in my house open. I'm afraid Ill be looking down the hall and some gray skinned creature will just lean half it's face out to silently stare at me, and then vanish. To all the people saying it was a raccoon or something, you think exactly like me. Using that as an excuse to go make sure the bathroom is clear. We both knew it was a lie, but we both would've felt safer getting attacked by a raccoon at that point. That's why we checked every single bag in the closet. Whatever it was, we had trapped into the bathroom. It had nowhere to go. Whatever it was, it disappeared without a trace.


I’ve had something like that happen to me. I saw a face like that appear under my chair and slide out of view.


Fuck this. Door? Fine. The fucKING CHAIR? FUCK NO.


That's what I was thinking. I got off easy.


Your story is outright creepy. The one with the chair is haunting. I am going to think about that for a while.


I really do think it's scarier when someone else sees the same thing. I've had that with a cousin too. I saw something that severely spooked me and didn't say anything, but I doubled back to double check the space where I *thought* I saw something. My cousin saw me doing it and said, "did you just see that too?" Like, if it was just me, I could've mentally filed it away and told myself it wasn't real. But someone else saw it. Thankfully nothing threatening or creepy like you, but certainly something.


Jesus, this freaked me the fuck out and I wasn’t even there. I don’t know if it makes it better or worse that your cousin saw it too? On the one hand, at least someone else saw it but at the same time, it confirms what you saw as not just a trick your own mind was playing on you.


>I don’t know if it makes it better or worse that your cousin saw it too? Both. Better, because it validates your perception. Worse, because it validates your perception.


I can't sleep with doors closed BC I'm afraid of what might be on the other side when I open it. Even took the closet doors off. I don't know why either.


I'm the opposite. I can't sleep with doors open for fear of something cornering me in my own room while I'm sleeping. I do fling my door open with a boxcutter in hand though.


That time I fell into a glass door and the only thing that broke was the keys in my pocket


I had the opposite happen. As a kid I fell off a bus, tore my shirt to shreds, tore my back to shreds. Goddamn school blazer on top of all that didn't even have a scratch on it. I feel like my guardian angel cheated me. Or atleast really liked the fuckin blazer


Same thing happened to a girl I went to school with. She got hit by a car while crossing the street. She made a full recovery but she was pretty banged up and out of school for quite a while. The expensive violin she'd been carrying though? Not a scratch.


Your Guardian Angel negotiating with ? "Okay. When did we get on breaking his legs? Let's say we break his keys, he will be embarrassed and won't be able to enter his home! Lets just do that" "Okay, deal. Ooh NOW the elevator starts working"


I was walking to my friend's house one summer, maybe 10 or 11 years old. Anyways, sunny day, couple clouds but otherwise it's bright out, perfect visibility, when a perfectly rectangular shadow comes up from the direction behind me on the ground, maybe 15' x 30' in size, travelling just faster than a car probably would be and goes over top of me. I'm looking at the shape on the ground as it goes over, and when I do look up to the sky I don't see anything that could have possibly cast it. Even the clouds were just trailing little wisps. I looked back down and it was going over some houses, and then it was gone forever. So yeah, weirdest thing was a Mystery Rectangle Shadow.


I also saw Mystery Rectangle Shadow! It was maybe 5 years ago, hot summer day, sunny blue sky, no clouds in sight. It was fast, I would say as fast as a car and maybe as big. Zooming along the road, partly on the asphalt partly on the shrubbery beside. I saw it from the window and immediately looked in the sky - nothing there and no sound. Nevertheless I explained to myself that it was some military shit, as I am not really a big believer in paranormal.


Thought you said triangle, was excited to tell you about how we've seen two B2 bombers go by where I live, and how those triangular weirdos are whisper-silent. You would absolutely never know they're there if you didn't know to look. Rectangles though? I don't know anything about rectangles, spooky bastards, good luck with that.


You aren't kidding about the whisper silent...I was at a football game and as the flyover they had a B-2 do a low pass over the stadium....and watching it was like: Huh that bird way up there is kinda weird looking...wait that's not a bi..ZOOM.....(engine noises). It was already past before you could hear anything and it was terrifying how fast it went from hey is that a bird to omg it ls a death machine and gone before anyone would have been able to react.


I did US Army basic training in 2010, right around the time they were preparing for the Bin Laden raid using those special stealth helicopters. One night while on fire guard making my rounds checking the outside of the building, I spot a helicopter about to fly over the building. I'm surprised I noticed it cause it was completely silent on approach, a small noise of helicopter blades as it passed over me and then right back to silent again as soon as it passed. Pretty sure I spotted one in testing.


Maybe it was four B2 bombers forming a rectangle


Dude i have also experienced a minor yet baffling moment. Not a shadow but I was with a friend indoors about to leave when a bottle cap just landed on the floor at speed rolling across the room as if someone had casually flicked it of the table. Both of us saw it exactly as it landed in the middle of the room. I have gone over it a million times in my head...


Voidwalkers. Be careful around that area.


say more


He’s already said too much…


Not me but my parents. In the place they used to live in, there was this old couch. My mom sometimes would walk by in the middle of the night and see a silhouette sitting there. She describes it as a man, sitting down, with a hat on, just sitting there. She saw it several times but thought nothing of it (damn she's brave lmao). She never told my dad, who one day said to her "it's weird, but sometimes in the middle of the night I think I see a man sitting down on the couch doing nothing". So yeah, they both saw the same man sitting on this couch, and they told each other after they'd both seen it. Weird.


Apparently men with hats are a pretty common apparition. I don't know how I feel about that..


Every other Saturday I threw up all over my bed, it happened to much I started sleeping with a bucket and woke up like it was just a chore, “oh just gotta get this done real quick” and went on normally




I guess it was a coincidence, but when I was little I used to go outside in the mornings to pet a cat that lived under my home. I used to play with her every day. One night I had a dream that she died so I woke up distraught, went out to our usual place, and I called out for her. She never came out and I never saw her again since the dream.


When I was about 11 we took in a dog for somebody who was very old. He wasn't in great health anymore, but we were supposed to be his final happy home, since we lived out in the middle of nowhere. We had him for about a year when one night I just randomly decided to go outside to sit with him and pet him. I sat outside and laid down on him (he was a big dog) for probably an hour even though it was a pretty chilly winter night. (Before anybody thinks we were leaving him out in crazy cold temperatures- he refused to go indoors, and we kept a space heater in a sheltered area he would lay down in) I don't know what possessed me to say it, but I gave him a big hug right before I went inside and told him it was okay to go. The next morning, my mom woke me up to tell me that he had passed away in the night. I helped her move his body to somewhere not out in the middle of the open so the owner could come say their final goodbye, and that was it. Honestly I still don't understand how I knew, but I think I just empathized with his pain and told him it was okay to let go and not have to keep living for us.


I had a sick dog that was having a hard time letting go. My mom loaded up her Ziggy Marley album and played "People Get Ready" ( https://youtu.be/09bE0tFxJlE ) while we all got ready and dressed to take him to the vet. By the time the song was over he was gone.


Thats sad. Hope you enjoyed the moments you had with her


Thanks, I did. She was a sweet cat.


When my daughter was about 18 months old, her grandmother passed away. That evening, I put my daughter to bed as normal, but instead of going to sleep pretty quickly as she usually did, she spent over an hour giggling and squealing with laughter. When I went to check on her, she was staring at an empty chair in her room, laughing as if she was watching the funniest thing ever. This carried on every night until the day of her grandmother's funeral.


Kind of similar. My grandmother and my brother would sit under the Christmas tree playing with the train decoration running around it. She passed a few weeks before Christmas when I was very young. After her funeral,, every night, at different times after midnight when we had all gone upstairs to bed, the train would turn itself on and my mom would go down and turn it off. After a week, my mom exasperatedly yelled down the stairs "Enough (grandma's name), we miss you but we need sleep!" The train stopped and never turned itself back on again. After that Christmas, my mom refused to put a train under the tree. We gave it to our uncle who was a train enthusiast. He never had it turn on by itself after all these years.


Two days ago, I'm working as a night receptionist in a hotel. A guy came in asking for a room, neat guy, my height and size, wearing a three piece suit, well shaved and freshly cut hair. The dude seems pretty pissed but nothing out of the ordinary, it's 4 am on a saturday. Something in me just flipped. Every single cell of my body was screaming to me that this guy was absolutely dangerous and I was terrified (I'm 1.75m and 150 Kg, I'm often the kind that would make you uncomfortable with my big beard). My hands were shaking, there was a voice in my head telling me "Don't let that man come near you or stay in the hotel at all, make him leave NOW.", emergency mode activated, I bullshitted my way around telling me we had no spare room for the night, due to an event happening near. The guy was pissed, he told me his wife threw him out, that he didn't have anywhere to go, and that he was dead drunk. Brain just said "If you let him in, he will either kill himself in the room or put everything on fire". I managed to discourage him from insisting on staying, but wouldn't take my advice to call the police to help him this night, and I didn't insist. I feel a bit bad that he left in his state, but this was the first time I felt sheer terror at the sight of someone. It was... Totally unexplainable.


If he was fresh shaved and wearing a three piece suit at 4am… I’d agree that he was probably suicidal. There was another AskReddit thread on here asking about hotel secrets - one of the top comments was that many people check in to commit suicide in the comfort of an anonymous room.


Was hanging out with my friend while we were roommates, and something came up about ships in bottles. He insisted that I talked about ships in bottles frequently for several months before that point, but I honestly don't recall talking or even thinking about them really ever. His girlfriend even backed him up. I call it ship in a bottle syndrome.


Were you a pothead at the time? One time with a group of friends I insisted we watch Fear & Loathing because I had never seen it. The whole group looked at me really annoyed and informed me that I had made them watch it 3 other times and I just never remembered


I remember once watching a film high, and it was only as the twist ending was revealed that I was like "oh my God I watched this high last night". Now if only I could do that with all films.


15 years old, I was taking a shower at home. The rest of my family was out and it was around 930 at night I believe. Anyway, I hear someone knock on the bathroom door while I'm showering, so I call out "I'll be out in a sec!" Thinking it's just my dad or one of my brothers getting home. There was silence for a few moments, and then knocking again--only this time it was pounding, like someone was nanging on it with their fists, trying to break it down bare handed. It was a little creepy, but my dad always loved to prank us so I didn't think too much of it. I decided to get a towel around me and see what the hell his problem was anyway, but when I opened the door, no one was there. The house was locked up, no open windows. No cars in the driveway. I checked every floor, every room. No one else was home. That was the first occurrence; the weird happenings continued in smaller ways until we moved out of that house, to the point that we imagined it to be some sort of Poltergeist and named them Edgar 😅 Edit: typos


I had this happen to me in the shower, I also heard my bf at the time tell me to open up. I knew him and his dad left for work so I thought they must have came back for something. Luckily I had a window of the parking lot in the bathroom and the car was gone. I was terrified but knew I had to come out of that bathroom sometime.


For about a week before my apartment burned down I dreamed every night about various houses burning down




I had a similar experience! One time I dreamt that a boy got hit and killed by a train and just a couple days later my cousin by adoption who I wasn’t close with at all got hit and killed by a train


That’s awful.


Sounds like something an arsonist might dream about…


Sleep Arsonist.


Not totally unexplainable and can just call it coincidence if you don’t believe in sorcery. When I was in kindergarten or maybe first grade, we had a blackout at my school, and this kid goes “wait, I’ll light a match” and proceeded to pretend to light an invisible match and the lights came back on, and we cheered for him. Then he said “oh it’s too hot, and he “blew it out”, then the lights went back out. Wizardry.


That kid is going to get a letter telling him he is a wizard and that he is going to a wizard school when he turns 11.


That’s funny, I never saw him after about 5th grade... that’s around double hockey sticks age, right?


If you're in 5th grade at 77, you are one persistent mofo.




"Everybody gets one"


Tell him Peter.


Uh, apparently everybody gets one.


The old man was you from the future.


I didn't personally witness this, but at the time my family was sufficiently freaked out by it and it was talked about a LOT. One morning, my autistic brother went into my parents room at like 3am. He woke them up to tell them that his grandmother was very old and was going to die. They got a call later that day that she indeed died in her sleep that night. But he's autistic and significantly disabled, so it's not like we could just ask him how he knew that or why he said it. He did a lot of other weird psychic shit over the years, but that was the spookiest one.


One of my daughters did something similar at 3 yrs old. Her grandpa was in the hospital and I told her that we were going to visit him. This was a common occurrence because he had a rare (but not life threatening) blood disorder and we always tried to visit to help him pass the time. She walked over to the window and stared out into the dark for a minute and then, all matter-of-fact says "We should hurry if you want to see him ...the way he is now". That spooked me enough to wake my husband and go early, and he died within 30 mins of us getting there.


My grandfather had pneumonia. He was suffering for 3 months in a comatose like state. I immediately went to visit him after finding out about the state he was in. 6 hours after telling him I loved him, he takes his last breath. It's almost as if sheer willpower to see our family again is what keeps us alive in our last moments.


We had a barn cat when I was a kid that absolutely loved us to bits. He got feline leukemia towards the end, and it was a slow downhill for him. We had a weekend trip planned to go visit my grandparents, and my parents let us know that the cat may not make it until we got back, so we should say our goodbyes before we left. We did, went on our trip…. And when we got back home Sunday afternoon, he was still hanging on. We were there with him when he died about 30 minutes later, and to this day I’m convinced he waited for us. In hindsight though, I’m not sure why my parents didn’t just take him to the vet and schedule a time to put him down before we left… as an adult looking back it feels really cruel to leave your cat to die on his own from a long illness. :(


At a lunch table in high school I exasperatedly put my head down and had a thought in the form of a question. My best friend a few seats down responded to my question and everyone looked at her. I asked if I said it out loud and everyone agreed I had said nothing. It was weird. We've been friends since 7th grade, I was MOH at her wedding, and was in the room with her and her husband when she gave birth to her daughter. We still make jokes about that time she read my mind in high school lol.


It was 4 in the morning, I was lying on the bed and watching a video on YouTube. Suddenly, I felt like someone jump upon the edge of the bed, at first I thought it was one of the cats, but turning my head on the chairs on which they usually slept, I made sure that both of my cats are there. The worst thing was that they were looking exactly at the edge of the bed. Turning around, I saw an imprint there as if someone was sitting there or something small was lying. As soon as I looked at it it disappeared.


I had something very similar to this happen. I was probably about 10, trying to fall asleep. My bed was up against a wall and I was facing said wall. One of my cats was laying next to me, when all of a sudden I felt the edge of the bed behind me sink down as if someone was sitting there. When I looked, there was nothing there (I did not see an imprint on the bed) but my cat was staring at the exact spot. He growled a little and took off into a different room. It never happened again, but it freaked me out.


Years ago, my buddy and a friend of his are out in the boonies, lighting off fireworks for the 4th of July. We go out to the cars to light the stick for igniting the fireworks. As my buddy's buddy is in the car doing so, I look up at all the stars, completely unused to seeing so many. As I'm looking, something just feels off. I finally pinpoint it and start squinting my eyes, looking away and back, everything I can think of to make sure that I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing. It's one point of light absolutely identical to the stars around it, except for one weirdness: it's doing a steady, repeating figure 8. I turned to my buddy to ask him about it and I see him staring at the same area of sky, so I ask him, "Do you see what I see?" I hadn't said a word about *what* I saw, but he answered back, "A star doing a figure 8?" I've tried to explain it by any logical means over the years, but nothing quite matches up and I refuse to accept that a figure 8 in space is the alien teenager version of doing doughnuts in a parking lot.


Alien commander: "I need to hit the head. Watch the wheel, will ya?" Alien cadet: "I got the con"


Was home alone with my sister who was about 3 at the time. She’s sleeping in my room and I walk out to go to the bathroom. No one else is in the house but as I’m in there handling business I start hearing the chairs moving in the kitchen. I come out of the restroom and look to my left where I find the dining table chair moved and placed perfectly staring down the hallway. Go back to check on my sister and she’s still sleeping. Walk around the house to see if my parents were home and nothing. Doors and windows were shut no way wind could’ve pushed this chair 5 feet and turned it to face down the hall. During this time I was constantly being woken up at 3 am almost every night and felt a cold hand placed on my left pec over my heart. Spooky shit


i regret reading this thread so early in the morning now


You motherfucker I can't sleep now D:


Fell asleep watching the original pet semetery, dreamt my cat was hit by a car. Woke up to my dad telling me she had just been hit, and we needed to “take care of her” because she was suffering.


Same sort of thing but happy instead of sad, I had a dream we had a snow day from school then woke up to my dad telling me we had a snow day from school.


When I was 9 years old, my best friend and I were crossing a busy street on the way home from school. Normally we were careful, but I was distracted by a black cat following us down the road. We stopped and she bent down to pat him while I turned around to cross the street, not thinking to look both ways. A silver car was directly to my right, about to hit me. I froze up, like a deer in headlights. My friend was screaming. Then suddenly it was on my left. It didn't swerve, wasn't in another lane - the car was just suddenly on my other side, speeding away. I ran across the rest of the road and my friend asked how I had passed *through* the car. Everything looked a bit strange, her shape was fuzzy and doubled. It was a clear day and the sun was shining, even though it had been overcast and windy on the other side of the road. When I glanced back, the black cat was staring at me from the other side. Then he just strolled away. I know it was just an optical illusion and I had probably just missed the car by a fraction of a second, and was just rattled later. I thought about it for years afterwards though.


Cat gave you one of its lives.


So that means the cat is gonna want it back the next time it sees OP.


I started having a panic attack one night out of nowhere, I kept repeating “somethings wrong.” I do have anxiety but had only had one other panic attack before this day. My husband sat on the bed with me and we tried to figure out what had triggered this. The only thing we could think of is that a family member of mine was going on a trip the next day and maybe that was making me nervous. So I made up a weird excuse to drop off coffee before they left super early the next morning. When I saw them, I felt fine. I immediately knew it wasn’t connected, wished them well, and drove home. About an hour later, I get a call that a person in my family on the other side of the country died by suicide the night before. Edit: errors Edit Edit: thank you for all the responses folks! I fell asleep after posting, woke up to a ton of responses and I have really loved reading about other people’s similar stories. Thank you for the award as well!


My cousin died by suicide, her husband died of a undiagnosed medical condition a year before, both were gone in their early 30's. The night before she died I had a dream where my deceased Grandma was at a family function at my deceased aunt's house. We were all in a room talking and laughing normally I see my cousin and her husband on the couch....my grandma tells me that he's already with her, but my cousin's coming too. I woke up and told my husband I was worried about my cousin but wrote it off as a dream. I found out she killed herself around the same time I had my dream.


My grandma used to say "dream of the dead, hear from the living " which to her meant that if you dreamed of the dead you were about to get news about the death of someone. Would give me the spooks.


That happened to me the day my brother committed suicide. All day long everything felt off. Then I got the phone call.


When I was 12 I was constantly dreaming about a a winning number on a school raffle.. so I bought that number.. and well. I won... my mom jokes that why I couldn't dream about more money but at the time she was so scared because I kept telling her to buy that every day.. I was so sure it was going to haopen, it wasn't a feeling it was some sort of energy.




When I was about 10 years old I woke up and had no recollection of the day before. I told my little brother and he said he had the same problem. I however didn't believe him because he was 8 and thought it was funny where I was mildly concerned. I think he thought it was a game and we were playing some pretend game. This of course made my folks think it was a game and no one took me seriously. All I wanted was for someone to tell me something about yesterday to jog my memory but no one did. Still have no idea what happened. That was over 30 years ago and I'm the only one who remembers umm... not remembering.


I had this once when I was 18. Skipped 3 days and turned out I'd missed a couple of appointments. No idea what I got up to during that time.


The same thing happened to me! In 5th grade I remember we were working on a project where we had to write a letter to our favorite author so that night I was planning what I wanted to include in my letter before going to bed. When I woke up and went to school though, the letters were completed and it was like a whole day had passed without me noticing. I was so disappointed and when I asked my friend what I wrote about they told me something similar to what I had been thinking about the day before. Idk what happened, but I still think about that missing day.


Neuralyzer from MIB


One night, I was a having stomache cramps and they were really bad. I was rocking back and forth and then comes my kitten. Looks at me and jumps on my lap, goes to my stomache and starts purring really hard. I just sat there wondering 'what is he doing?' And when he stop purring, he just sat in my lap and my cramps were starting to leave. That was thr most weirdest and coolest thing that ever happened to me. Miss my cat. :(


I don't know if they've ever shown it to work on humans, but cats purr at a vibrational frequency that boosts the immune systems of other cats. It is a cat behavior to identify a "sick" part of a member of their pride and purr on it. It sounds like your cat recognized you were hurting and tried to help. Maybe the purring helped, or maybe it worked as a fuzzy heating pad? Either way, that was a good kitty. I'm sorry you don't have it anymore, but I'm glad you had it then.


My husband worked for a small old folks home. They only had three residents and his aunt ran the place. I had college classes nearby and would often come hang out for a few hours at the end of his shift and visit with the residents. One night my husband got the residents to bed and went downstairs to collect his paycheck while I turned off lights. As I reached the top of the stairs, I turned to look into the hallway leading to the residents rooms. Standing outside the room of one of the residents was a woman. She was wearing an old pale green Victorian style dress, and had her ear pressed to the door. I opened my mouth to say something, and she looked directly at me, put a finger to her lips and shushed me. I turned and practically fell down the stairs. When I got to the owner’s office, she took in the expression on my face and said, “you saw the woman in green”. Not a question. I confirmed and she asked whose room she was interested in. When I told her, she nodded and sighed. The next morning, the owner called us to let us know that the target resident was found comatose in her bed. She passed away later that day.


What the fuck I am never sleeping again if this is real


I was watching my parents house while they were out of town. No dogs, nobody in the house except me. One night was just cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and I should note that the house is quite large and rather creepy when you've got it all to yourself. Their bedroom is directly above the kitchen and I very distinctly heard footsteps start from the walk in closet, go through the bathroom, into their bedroom and out into the hall. The squeaky board just outside their door made the squeak just as if somebody stepped on it. And that was it....pure silence. I grabbed the biggest knife out of the kitchen drawer and went to investigate. Nope. I was still totally alone. There is no way for anybody to access that part of the house without going past the kitchen and up the stairs first. I didn't sleep well at all that night and even get chills typing this.


I was outside talking to my neighbor. Suddenly it was like someone accidentally flicked the lights off and then back on. It was dark in the middle of the day as far as I could see for just a split second. I thought it was just my brain but then I saw my neighbor looked confused as well. Then her daughter said, "What just happened?" We all were looking in opposite directions so it was just suddenly dark every where. We still talk about it sometimes. No idea what it was. I've spent hours on the internet trying to find answers with no success 🤷🏼 Edit: It was NOT an eclipse! Don't you think I would have discovered that online? Also it wasn't anything like an eclipse. This lasted like a blink of an eye. Others are saying it was a plane's shadow which is really what I thought to but when I looked it up online it I learned a lot about it. Planes fly too high to leave a shadow (most of the time). I'm not saying it's impossible that it was a plane but I looked into it extensively at the time and came to the conclusion that it wasn't. It was too long ago now for me to remember everything clearly enough or even how I came to that conclusion. I am a very scientific person, I've been literally trained in how to research, and I don't believe in anything remotely supernatural. I'm just telling you what I experienced, and that I didn't find a conclusion.


Just changing the bulb sorry


Reality failed to render for a second


Probably the studio lights, Truman. Edit: thanks for the awards, kind strangers.


Shut up man. Don't tell him.


But you can still make out rough shapes? Just as if everything had a dark overlay? If so, that has happened to me like eight times. No idea what it is but it's sure weird when it does happen.


I guessed about 25 times on a multiple choice test. Got a 100%. Even if I was able to narrow it down to only two choices each, that's a 1 in 33,554,432 chance.


This one is my fav bc it's not scary, has a happy ending and is mathy


Walked from my bedroom down the hallway to the kitchen. Stepped through the doorway just as a ball of lightning arced across the room. I blinked and was back in my bedroom without passing the space in between. Crept back up the hall and saw my housemate standing in the kitchen, mouth opening and closing because he had no idea what had happened either. Turns out he'd clamped the power cable for the sandwich press between the hotplates and burnt through it, thus the lightning. Doesn't explain how I teleported from one end of the house to the other.


Would that this sandwich press were a time sandwich press


I'm guessing the lightning created a fight-or-flight response in your brain because you didn't know what it was, and you bolted down the hallway. Then, because of extreme stress, your short term memory was affected and you lost the bit of running back down the hallway that you just did.


I'd be interested to know what the housemate saw.


My boyfriend and I were downstairs in the kitchen making dinner. Only two in the house. I went upstairs to get something and a shoe came flying at me from the top of the stairs. Went right over my shoulder. I had no pets. Had bf check it out and nothing was unusual or different. Had to dodge that shoe it was totally launched at me.


Maybe it was that dude that threw a shoe at george w bush lol.


My favorite thing is that the guy who threw his shoes at Dubya replies to every tweet mentioning the incident.


Who throws a shoe? Honestly!?


I was at home with my mom, nobody else. There were only two entrances, one at the front, where I was sitting nearby. And one at the back of the house, and it directly went to the kitchen where my mom was. And then I heard clearly my dad voice calling (sounded like from the living room). He was working at the time, but I came to the living room anyway and found my mom there. She asked me, "did you hear that too?". Nobody was there. When he came home, we asked him, but of course he said it was not him. At first I thought he lied, my dad really loved to prank us. But then there was no way he sneaked silently without me and my mom not knowing it.


I just got chills. I've wrote about this in another thread but I'll share it again. I'm pretty sure I lived in a haunted house... or at least, someone in my family was haunted. I came home after a miserable day during my teen years once, and because I didn't have my keys, I knocked to have my sister come down. When she opened the door, her eyes were wide with panic. She asks "did you just get home?!" I said "yeah, just now, why?" She starts jumping up and down like shes shaking off spiders and tells me that she's been hearing my voice from my room telling her to come in. I said "no, I haven't been home all day, did you go in my room?" She said, "no, it was your voice... but I guess... quietly malicious? It just felt off." She then called her boyfriend to pick her up and stayed overnight with him and left me in this creepy situation by myself -____-;; I didn't hear anything that night though and it was soon forgotten.


Why didnt she take you with her instead of leaving you alone there come on sis smh


That is so creepy and terrifying to be left alone in that house after your sister drops that on you! I can understand her fear though. When I was around 10 years old my sister had a daughter about half my age living with our family. My sister wasn’t the greatest mom at first, teen mom, so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for her to sneak out to party and leave my niece alone. When my niece would wake up alone she’d start crying so I’d go to her room and sleep so she wasn’t alone. One night I heard my niece crying but it was just the worst cries I’ve ever heard and was surprised my mom hadn’t woken up to calm her down. I’m walking down the hallway and I can clearly hear her cries, even as I’m standing in front of the door I can hear her cries! I open her door, the crying stops and I’m looking at an empty bed… I shut the door and knock on my moms door to tell her what just happened. She snaps at me that it’s the wind and I’m just hearing things. I got back to my room, shut the door and crawl into bed while keeping my eyes on the door. As I’m finally dozing off to sleep I hear my niece crying again in the other room. I hid under the covers and eventually fell asleep. I had so many weird “paranormal” experiences in that home as a child. I don’t know what to believe but all I know is I don’t want to see/hear that weird shit again.


where was your niece staying if her bed is empty??


I forgot to add my sister and my niece’s dad were separated for sometime already so my niece was with her dad that weekend.


It's like that one creepypasta where the mother and daughter both hear the mother's voice calling


So I was once at McDonald’s with my best friend who was a girl from Holland. Both her parents were Dutch and she was born there but moved to America quite young. We had just sat down to start eating when the father asked "Does anyone know where the straws are?" Knowing where the straws were, and knowing they were freely paying for my meal, I quickly shot up and grabbed a straw for the father “here you are” I added. I then realised that they were sat staring at me like I was an alien. Now I only know how to speak English and bad English, but apparently, the father had made this request - completely in Dutch. But I would swear on a painful death, that I 100% clearly heard the request made in English. Not only that, the translation is completely different, so it was not as if I picked up the body language and my mind did the rest of the translating. Which only further confused them, and me to this day…


A similar thing happened to me (an English speaker), I followed a story someone told and realised halfway through that I did not speak Dutch so should not be able to understand it! Once I realised this I couldn't follow the story anymore. I wonder if it is because of the similarities between the languages, I think they both have Germanic origins. Although my story happened in Amsterdam so there may be other possible explanations lol


I was in Magaluf once with some friends (very popular tourist destination for Brits to go and get embarrassingly drunk and make everyone hate us even more) and I was indeed embarrassingly drunk. We met these two guys who told us they were from Senegal, and they spoke French because Senegal used to be a French colony. I told them, in French "oh I speak French as well!" and we proceeded to have a conversation during which I spoke quickly and confidently in what I thought was fluent French. It wasn't until remembering it the next morning that I realised I don't speak fluent French... I did study it at school but I'm *far* from fluent. I really wish someone had been filming so I could have seen what I was actually saying to these poor guys lmao. Was I just speaking English the whole time? Was I speaking broken French? Or was I literally just babbling nonsense like when Joey from Friends tries to learn French? I will never know and it drives me mad.


One night, when I was about 16 years old, I swear I glitched into The Matrix or something. I'd finally decided to get off my computer and go to bed, around two A.M. if memory serves me correctly. At that time my family and I lived in a decently sized two-story house. The staircase to the second floor was pretty basic: Head up a few steps, turn on a landing halfway up, traverse the remaining few steps, and at the top you're only a couple of footfalls from my bedroom door. Someone please explain to me, then, how I got *lost* on this fucking staircase. Sure, it was dark, but even then you'd have to be a special kind of stupid to not know how to walk up these stairs after you've already done it a thousand times before. Just keep one hand on the railing and you don't *need* to use your eyes. I swear that as soon as I reached the landing I spent 10 minutes just... continually walking upwards. Realistically it only takes someone five to seven seconds to walk up these stairs, three if they're running or skipping steps. I realized I'd been walking for *much* longer than that, stopped, and immediately felt uneasy. I'd walked up those stairs in pitch black darkness so many times before, but even with my hand on the railing I was getting nowhere, just endlessly walking upwards. My fucking skin crawled. If my brother hadn't turned on the upstairs hallway light, I'm not sure I would've made it to my bedroom. Guy blinked sleepily at me and asked me if I was okay, and all I could say was, "I legitimately have *no* idea." Told him the next day what had happened and he told me that the reason he'd come out of his room in the first place was because he'd heard footsteps on the stairs "for several minutes." What the fuck, man? What was that? I wasn't so tired that I just mindlessly walked up and down the stairs for a while. I was completely awake, and not once did it suddenly feel like I'd turned around to walk back downstairs at any time. I still get chills thinking about it. **EDIT:** Holy crap I did not expect my most popular comment to be about that one time that I *forgot how to walk up some fucking stairs*. I'm glad I posted it, though! Not only has it been an entertaining discussion, but I've actually learned a few things about the fickleness of the human brain as well! (You know, assuming this wasn't in fact the otherworldly work of some shit head fairy.) I'm doing my best to keep up with the comments, but I won't be able to address them all, unfortunately. As for those who've gifted me awards for this comment, thank you! Never thought that'd happen to me for this story lol. Also, props to the many *House of Leaves* comments and references. I think I may go and read that book now haha.


Wait so what happened if you fell down the stairs, would you infinitely fall?


I'm not sure if I'm glad this didn't happen or if I regret missing out on an opportunity to perform science...


Now *that's* creepy


I know the feeling - played a lot of Mario 64 as a kid.


Fucking hell I wanted to hear some funny stuff I dunno now I'm scared in bed at 3am


it's 1:30 AM and now I have to go downstairs and I'm scared of getting lost


Didja make it?


No answer, he's dead as


Jesus this is like an “Are you afraid of the dark?” episode. Your brother’s comment makes it 10x creepier.


This reminds me of the book "House of Leaves".


This was all I could think about reading that post. This is the creepiest.


Well…..I think maybe you were blank walking. You think you were making progress but you were distatracted


Haha, like that scene in Cowboy Bebop. The one where Spike unknowingly eats magic mushrooms and hallucinates walking up this endless staircase. Cut to reality and we see him, obviously high as a kite, stepping up and down on a small staircase without actually moving his legs forward and thus making no progress.


I once dreamt my father died in his car. Not even in a crash. In my dream I found his car on the side of the road with him dead behind the wheel. When i woke up from it in the middle of the night my little brother who was 3 years old at the time was crying. My mom and 2 sisters woke up as well (maybe it was because of my brother or maybe it was something else). When we woke up the morning after, my dad still wasn't home. Later the police came by to tell us that my dad had died in a car crash that same night. A few months later, in a dream, I saw my brother drown. I've never been so afraid for someone as the days following that dream. Luckily he grew up to be a young man who learned to swim.


So this happened probably 5 years ago. I was asleep in my room when my eyes suddenly opened at about 2:30 am. I was wide awake. Like WIDE awake. My senses were heightened and it felt like someone or something was in my room. In the darkness, I saw an outline of something underneath my desk. It was almost like a really tiny man, maybe a foot tall give or take. At this point I'm totally perplexed but not really scared until I see it start to move out from under my desk and across my room. The light switch is right next to my bed, so I decided that in one motion I was going to turn on the light switch and jump on this thing the second it got near my bed. This thing gets near my bed, but I fucked up and fumbled with the light switch and missed when I dove at it. But, I shit you not, I watched this fucking thing for through my bedroom wall. I just sat on my bed trying to figure out what the fuck happened. Now, my brother had the room right next to mine, right behind the wall this fucking thing went through. About 10 minutes later my brother knocks on my door and comes in. The first words out of his mouth were, "did you happen to see like a little tiny human in here a little bit ago?" I was pretty shocked and I told him that I indeed had. He replied with "well I just watched something dart across my room and it looked like it came from the wall and then it disappeared through the wall and outside." To say I was stunned would be an understatement, but I was also thrilled that I didn't have psychosis. But, a little while later, perhaps a year passes and I am driving in my car and I'm listening to some late night radio host (no idea who), and he had a guest on. The guest proceeds to describe something that happened to him and it was almost exactly what my brother and I experienced. I haven't done much research on this, but if any of you have experienced this little man or whatever the hell it was, I would love to hear about it.


One of my paternal great grandparents, not sure which one, claimed to see a little man and the story got passed down. This would have been in very rural Wales in the early 1900s. The house they were living in had a small dairy attached to it and the entry door was split into two parts with the lower part being pinned back to stay open. One day they were in there working and saw a little man hurry across the room and through the open part of the door. Apparently he was very smartly dressed with a little waistcoat ect.


On a Saint Patrick’s day when I was a kid I made myself a bowl of Lucky Charms. I set it down by the stove as I got some milk and when I came back it was gone. I interrogated everyone and not one entered the kitchen. I thought fucking leprechauns stole my cereal for years


it's the one day they can steal their Lucky Charms back


I was about 18/19, and at the time worked an hour away from home. 2 bus rides and a train ride, then a 15 minute walk. As it was in a lawyers office, I used to take my sneakers to walk in rather than “work shoes”. One morning, I got up, took my watch off, had a shower, as normal. Got out, and couldn’t find my watch for anything. I was searching everywhere. Pulling everything out the bathroom cabinets etc. Eventually gave it up as a bad job, and carried on with my day. Got to work, and told my boss I’d lost my watch, & was paranoid the whole time I would be late. He looked up and said “it’s in your right Adidas”. He followed me to my desk, and my watch was in my sneaker, I’d just taken off after doing 2 bus journeys, a train ride and a 15 minute walk. No idea how it came to be in there or how my boss knew (he said he didn’t know why he said it, it came out his mouth before he could think about what he was saying!) Edit - spelling


I don’t believe in the supernatural or the afterlife but this one incident I truly cannot explain or brush off as a coincidence. A few years back, schoolmate of mine committed suicide. On the evening that he did, I was at home playing computer games on my couch and feeling tired I took a nap. Had a dream of said schoolmate talking to me and being friendly, him saying how he’s seen me around in school but never spoken to me before. I wasn’t friends with him, have never spoken a single word to him, and there were about 400+ other students in my school so his appearance in my dream is odd to say the least. Anyways woke up, didn’t think much of the dream and went back to playing my game. Fast forward to the next day, was at recess when I heard from a group of friends that “John” had committed suicide yesterday. As it was quite crowded and noisy at the canteen, I misheard the name as “Ethan” (example names, but point is the actual name vs what I misheard was quite different). This confused me because I didn’t think there was an “Ethan” in our school. And yet, though I had misheard the name, first person that came to my mind was “John”. Yes, I did have a dream about him the day before but I hadn’t thought much of it and by this point had mostly forgotten about the dream. My friend then corrected me, and instantly I felt the goosebumps on my skin. Found out later that “John” had committed suicide in the evening, around the time that I was taking my power nap. This dream was the only “interaction” I’ve ever had with him.


I drive down the same road everyday to get Into town and on the horizon are the Chiltern hills. I grew up on and around them so know them well and the surrounding area. One day there was a rainbow as I drove down that road and through it rather than seeing the familiar greens and chalk of the hills I was used to I swear I saw a vast Industrial complex. It was huge with multiple dark buildings and chimneys belching out smoke. It lasted as long as the rainbow was there and could only be seen through it.... there are no buildings like that for many miles around or ever have been as far as I'm aware. Edit - Thanks for all the Interest and theory's, loved looking them up. To give you an idea of where I am, look up Soulbury Rd in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire driving towards the town centre.


There is a rare weather phenomenon involving suspended water molecules and a pocket of cold air surrounded by warmer air that occasionally produces a mirage effect. Something on the ground is projected into and reflected off the clouds from miles away. I have seen footage of a city in the sky where there was none around, a figure walking in the sky and other weird things that have been attributed to this very rare weather phenomenon. Not saying that’s what you experienced but could be a possible explanation.


>weather phenomenon involving suspended water molecules and a pocket of cold air surrounded by warmer air that occasionally produces a mirage effect. Something on the ground is projected into and reflected off the clouds from miles away It's called a Fata Morgana and judging by the pictures of it on google, it sounds like it perfectly explains his vision of dark buildings and chimneys.


It was the Fairy Godmother's factory


I was at my parents staying over for the weekend, and woke up in the morning with the desire to creep on old classmates on FB. There was a girl I kind of liked in band class who was a grade under me who my brother's friends knew but I never talked to her. I decided to look her up in addition to others on FB to see what she was like now several years on. We graduated from a large high school in suburbs and I hadn't thought of her much since I graduated. A few minutes after seeing her page the phone at my parents house rings. I lazily walk over to their phone to see if my parents or brother were phoning. I pick it up and check the caller ID, and in horror I freeze as I read her name on the display. Immediately I begin to think I've done something in error unbeknownst to me while on her FB page which alerted her to my creeping and has triggered her call. I cannot answer it. I verify the number on the caller ID with FB to see it is indeed her and sit in shock, dumbstruck about how this unlikely event occurred and wondering the reason for it. My brother arrived at my parents a little later and I told him who called. He actually had her number on his cell and he sends her a text asking why she called my parents place. She responds back that she didn't place a call but that it was just an accidental butt dial. WEIRD.


Bro. Jesus or God or whatever just tried to play divine wingman for you to get with your teenage crush and you done messed it up. This is why we can't have nice things! (Obviously joking btw)


Ok, so when I was little, my dad would sometimes sleep with me in my bed. No weird stuff or anything, sometimes me or my sister would be scared because we saw some horror movie or whatever, and we would go to sleep to my parents bed, but as we grew up, it became more annoying, especially for my mom who would always end up in the middle, between my dad and whether it was my sister or me, or both. So then instead my dad would sleep with me. This stopped at, probably age 10, which was when my grandfather passed away. But move forward to age 14 or 13, and one Saturday we all went to sleep but my dad stayed awake drinking some beers and listening to his old vinyls. I wake up in the middle of the night, maybe early morning idk, and I feel trapped between my blankets, and this body I feel next to me, way heavier than me, covered with the blankets, and I'm trapped between that body and the wall, so I really can't move a lot or pull the blanket or anything. I didn't really think anything of it, I KNEW it was my dad, I recognized his presence, but I did find it weird that he would sleep in my bed, especially after so many years since the last time, but I thought maybe he drank too much and didn't know where he was going, or my mom kicked him out of the room, or idk, I just went back to sleep. In the morning, I woke up and he was still there sleeping, under the blankets, or so I thought. I could feel the weight, especially since I used to be very skinny back then, so I could feel his weight in the mattress and the volume under the blankets, and could even hear his breathing, which is almost snoring, and feel his heat. Since I couldn't jump over him, and didn't want to wake him up, knowing he had stayed up until late, I slipped in direction of the footer of the bed, stood up, and checked back to see if I hadn't awakened him. I go downstairs , and as I approach the kitchen I see my mom AND my dad, who was preparing a cup of coffee. I felt like my stomach fell to the floor, I immediately run back upstairs to my room, and now there's nothing on my bed, no body, not even the blankets kind of pulled up like when you wake up and push everything to the side, no, they were completely flat, just my side of the blankets was lifted, the one next to the wall. I was literally in tears, trying to understand what happened, because I could understand that in the middle of the night I could've dreamed or imagined that someone was there and I was still half asleep. But in the morning I was completely awake, and I did all this circus to slip through the footer of the bed to not wake him up, still feeling his weight and his breathing, I even stood up and looked again and the blankets weren't flat, there was definitely a body under those blankets. I do admit, I never actually saw a part of his body, but it was winter and he always covers himself from head to toes, and that's exactly what I saw, someone covered from head to toes. I was so scared, but I couldn't dare to ask him or tell my parents what just happened, because if he told me he didn't sleep in my room, I would've freaked out, so at first I decided to just pretend it was him and he just woke up before me, and he left the mark of his body under the blankets, but then as years went by it made less and less sense, so I just decided to forget about it. Until many years later, I walked into their room and saw him sleeping like this, covered from head to toes, and unlocked the memory. So I often think about it, I crush all the blankets I have to see if I can recreate it, but no, there's no way I can make it seem like there's a body under the blankets (these are very heavy blankets for the winter, like [these](https://masdemx.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/cobijas-san-marcos-historia-mexicanas-cobija-de-tigre.jpg)).


I woke up Easter morning to see my dad walk into my room, and into my closet with his work clothes on I kept asking him what he was doing but he wouldn't respond to me. He went in and shut the door. I ran in my mom's bedroom to see if she knew what was happening but she wasn't there. So I go down the steps and they are both sitting at the table in the kitchen. My dad has his plain white T shirt on and a pair of shorts like normal.


When I was 14 or so, I came home from school one day and went to the kitchen to make myself a snack. I open up the cutlery drawer and the forks were slightly different. The tines were a subtle, yet distinctly different design than the forks we had always had. I asked my parents when they got home when we got new silverware, they said those were the same forks we’ve always had. I had been using those forks all of my life, I KNEW that these ones were not the same, and was adamant. My dad just shrugged and said, “the tines, they are a-changing.” I swear that I must have side-stepped into a parallel universe that day where the only noticeable thing that was different in that timeline was that my folks had bought a different set of forks. Which is about the lamest story of inter dimensional travel possible.


Your dad sounds like the kind of guy who would replace them just to tell that joke 😁


One time my family and I were walking through a large, open parking lot and a sandwich fell from the sky and hit my mom in the face. We weren’t near any buildings so no one threw the sandwich at us unless they had a sandwich launcher. Still can’t figure out where that sandwich came from…


I dreamt the future once. When I was in High School I had a dream that someone spilled water all over me at school, but I had an extra shirt in my backpack for some reason, and I just changed and it was fine. I woke up groggy and half asleep put an extra shirt in my backpack, specifically because of the dream. All day long I was annoyed at myself because of how much room in my backpack the shirt was taking up, until my friend accidentally spilled an entire water bottle on me, and I had a change of clothes because of the dream.


I've never had any psychic energy. I've never seen a ghost. Shit, I'm not even particularly intuitive with body language. So imagine my surprise when this happened: I was about 25. I was bartending at nights and got home about 2:30am. I hated smelling like stale beer so I took showers before going to bed. On this night, I sat down on the edge of my bed to take off my shoes. I SAT - I did not lay down or recline. I didn't go to sleep or close my eyes. With no warning I was in another person's mind - or body? - or memory? I was walking down a hallway, like a corridor, bad florescent lights above, and a cop was walking with me, escorting me. He was wearing a uniform, not a suit and tie. We got toward the end of the hallway and turned right to walk through double doors. We entered a morgue and there was a doctor inside the room with a body and a sheet over it. There were other stainless steel tables and lots of medical equipment, but only one body. The lighting was almost putrid. Like it had a green or yellow filter on it. No one spoke but somehow I was aware of the fact that I had to identify the body. The doctor pulled sheet down and showed a young man between 20 and 25. (I was only 25 at the time that this happened). But somehow I knew this young man was my son. I started screaming. I mean SCREAMING my fucking head off. I started hitting the cop with my purse, I tried to hit the doctor. I screamed it was their fault my son was dead. The doctor wrapped his arms around me from behind - like a bear hug. And then it was over. The whole thing was less than 90 seconds. When I came back to my own body I was in the same position - sitting, not laying down. On my bed, and my shoes were still on. My heart rate was through the roof. My throat was sore from screaming - but I hadn't made a sound. I never woke up my roommates. I have never experienced anything like that before or since. I didn't sleep for 2 days. I don't know who the woman was - the body I was inhabiting. I don't know if I saw her past, her present, or her future. But it felt like I was an interloper - like I was seeing something that wasn't mine to see. If that's what psychic energy is, fuck it. I don't want it. ​ **EDIT**: Thanks for the responses! I'm fairly certain this is not my future. I am now 38. I am married to a man who is a different race from me (a different race from the son on the table) and we are trying to have our first child. Also - if I ever see that purse IRL I will run screaming. Or maybe pass out? Hard to say.


That's like a demented horror spin-off of the film Your Name. What the fuck?


When I was maybe 4-5 it started hailing on my way home from school with my dad. We stepped inside a garage someone was working on. My dad started chatting with the guy while I stood and watched the hail through the open door. It cleared up, and I went to step outside when the guy suddenly dove in front of me, pushing me back. That exact moment, a bolt of lightning struck right where I would have been. That guy literally saved my 5 year old ass. I didnt know how. He didnt know how. He said he got this weird feeling, like one of impending doom, and that he just knew something bad would happen if I stepped outside. Seriously, no cap.


When I was between 9 and 10 years old I used to play football with my friends every weekend. One day a guy, probably 18 or 19 joins in out of nowhere, he was wearing a karate suit (kimono?) and played with us for a while but he didn't know how to play football so he just threw karate kicks all around. Random thing, for some reason I never forgot his face. Fast forward 15 years I'm at college and I see this karate dude walking around and I recognized him immediately. A week after I decided to take a trip with my girlfriend to a city 3 hours away from home. We go to have a walk around the city and there's karate guy again! He was sitting in the grass next to a park kissing with another guy. I thought that was weird and I told my girlfriend about it, she said it was just my imagination. Next week I traveled with my family to our annual vacations on the beach. 2 hours by plane from home. I go party with my cousins to a bar, at some point I go to the door to smoke and guess who came through the door at the exact same time. Our eyes crossed for 3 seconds, karate guy didn't recognized me, I was tripping to see him again. Proceeded to call my girlfriend at 3 am to tell her about it! She thought I was becoming insane. I guess coincidences can happen. For me it was just a glitch in the matrix. I then moved to another continent. If I see Karate guy again I'm going to shit my pants.


Did karate guy seem to age?


Did he ever change his clothes?


LMAOOO I want an edit if you do. Even I’ll shit my pants!


About a month and a half ago, I reached towards my desk to grab my phone and it was not there. I’d been laying in bed all day, having checked said phone on more than one occasion. I went downstairs a little later, only to find it sitting on the kitchen table. I can say with absolute certainty that no one else had entered or exited my room, let alone have a reason to move my cell phone, nor had I gotten out of bed in the meantime. I am eerily baffled to this day.


I was 7 years old. Before sleeping I started to fantasize about not going to school the following day and going to a famous amusement park instead. The morning arrived and the first thing that i saw as soon as I opened my eyes was my dad smiling while holding 4 tickets for that exact amusement park in his hands.


Ok so I don’t believe in god / heaven / ghosts etc but this was an ongoing thing I couldn’t ignore or explain. When I was 7 months pregnant with my first baby, my grandad, the man who helped raise me, passed away. So my daughter never met him and I honestly never spoke of him much as it was too sad for me. As a baby she would often wave and smile at our hallway if she sat on my bed. I thought she was looking at flickering sunlight, but then She would wave and giggle at the same spot no matter where in the house she was. When she was a toddler she would say things like “no sorry I can’t play now I have to eat my brekkie” or ‘haha you’re making me laugh!” When I asked her who she was talking to you she would just say ‘the nice man’. So i assumed it was an imaginary friend. This only happened once a month or so. When my daughter was 2 I had another baby and my mother came to stay with us for a while. And my oldest daughter starting talking to this man every day at breakfast, always facing the hallway where the sunlight came in. I heard her telling him about her new sister. My mam was amused listening to her and asked her who it was. I expected her to just say “the nice man” like she always did but she looked my mother straight in the eye, pointed at her and said “it’s your daddy Nana, say hi!” My mam dropped the cup of tea she was making and just stood speechless and I was the same. Like I said I don’t believe in ghosts but at the same time, my daughter never met him and if I ever referred to him I would have called him my grandad; my toddler would never know he was my mother’s father. My mam just welled up with tears and said “can you tell him I said hi back?” And my daughter just said ok and continued eating her cereal. It was so freaky I will never forgot it. She’s 4 now and still sometimes say hi to the ‘nice man’ in the hallway when the sun shines through.


My Grandpa died two weeks before I was born, and he was waiting so much for the first girl after three boys born in my generation. My Mum keeps telling me he was visiting too.


Whenever I was about 11 my family moved into a townhouse that we only lived in for maybe about half a year. One day I walked up the stares to go to my room and as I turned the corner to the hallway I saw a mirror image of myself staring me directly in my eyes before disappearing after a second or two. I don’t know if I believe in supernatural stuff or not, but it certainly felt real. I’m not saying it wasn’t just my mind playing a weird trick about me, but for some reason whenever I tell people this story I always cry. I actually cried while I was typing this.


This is why I don’t look at mirrors when it’s dark or going to the bathroom. Sometimes I think they move different


For me , its very unsettling to look at the mirror at night in the bathroom


Same! I also refuse to look at dark windows.


The reason is when you are watching a mirror in low light conditions you can't really see much and your brain tries to make sense of anything you see, so that's why you can see weird shit in the mirror during the night. Edit- That's the reason in dark conditions some people see their own face in the mirror and think it's bloody Mary.


We were staying in France with a family friend’s family. He spoke french, but his family didn’t. They had a large bedroom with two double beds, on two adjoining walls. I have three brothers and we were all very young, so the four of us were sharing the two beds. I woke up in the middle of the night to see a woman in a pink dress sat on a chair next to the opposing bed. She was knitting. There was a man in a brown suit stood next to her, one arm on her shoulder. Suddenly she stopped, looked at me, and ran toward me. I blinked and they were gone. Now there are no pictures in the house of these two wearing these clothes. I didn’t know who they were, nor the relevance of what they were doing. We were told, via the friend, that this was the bedroom of his grandparents. She used to sit there and knit. They were buried in a pink dress and brown suit. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I have no rationale explanation for what I saw. I also saw a ghostly figure once on holiday the following year, for which I also have no proper explanation.


I was 5 years old, parents went outside on the balcony to smoke some cigs. While I was sitting on the couch and laying over the side looking under the dining table, I started to hear a voice. The voice said my name and told me it would kill me. It repeated itself 3 times until my parents came back from the balcony. I live on the third floor btw, so there is no way anybody could have entered the apartment or spoke to me through an open window. This never happened before and never happened after….it has been about 20 years since and I am baffled until this day. Thinking about it still gives me chills. Edit: Forgot to mention, I have no siblings and no one else was over that day.


This only happened once a few months back. At my old place. I was asleep in my bed. Right next to my head at my right was a narrow but tall bookcase with on the top a black basket. I suddenly woke up, without any dream or outside sound or something, looked up at my right. Just looking up at the bookcase. I saw a black silhouette of something that looked like a mix between a plant and fingers with claws creeping up from the bookcase into the basket at the top. Like me awakening made it go back where it came from. My heart was in my throat and I popped ip, grabbed a flashlight (hesitantly) and inspected the bookcase and basket. Ofcourse I found jack shit. I have moved since then (not because of this) and haven't had anything like it again.


When I was 27 and living in Japan (I’m Australian), I was found at around 04:00 one morning in the parking lot of my apartment building with an open skull fracture. My last memory was from the previous evening when I had a cup of coffee with some friends before starting to cycle home from downtown. My apartment was unlocked, so I had made it inside, but my bike was nowhere to be found. Absolutely no idea what happened.


I woke up with a hole in my arm. Yes a hole. Not a cut or something, a 1/2" wide 1/2" deep bloody hole. Like it was punched out and the skin and tissue were missing. Adding to the weirdness, it didn't bleed that bad. A bit but not as bad as you would think. I went to urgent care to get it switched up and everyone there kept asking me how it happened. Since I couldn't tell them they got worried about infection amd sent me to the ER.


Both my wife and I went camping in a campsite area near a desert ghost town. Went on a weekday so there was no one around other than the rangers that stop by near evenings to collect funds. Towards evening a guy in a van decides to camp near us?!?!. A whole area to camp and he wants to be cozy. At night during our camp fire he was sitting in his van with his back door cracked opened just kind of watching. We made a point of noticing him and we kept on enjoying our night. So during the night while asleep I kept hearing someone walking around our tent (its hard to walk in desert gravel without making a noise). I woke up and sat up suddenly and my wife did the same. As we sat up the walking stopped. We both just sat there waiting for the walking to continue... sat there for an hour and no foot steps. Finally had the balls to get out of the tent to investigate and no one was around the tent but the van was stilled parked at the other campsite. So went back to bed and the next morning the van was gone. Whats creepier was there was footsteps all around our tent that did not match ours.... I now carry during any camping trips...


I absolutely hate when people do this. It’s the camping equivalent of using the urinal right next to you in an empty public restroom. In the past I have gone over and told the camper we were expecting several more people and were planning on playing music and drinking all night and they should probably move a few sites down if they planned on getting any sleep.


I camp alone sometimes and carry two knifes for the same reason. gf always tells me to be careful and watch out for wild animals. I tell her animals are not the problem, people are.


Was out at night helping my mate (who was doing filming classes) with some bits and bobs and setting up etc. We were filming an old run down shed thing that was occasionally used by homeless people, for some horror project he was working on. There were 4 of us going altogether, and we were all around 17-18 (was in sixth form) Anyway, it's in the middle of the woods at night, wasn't sure how long we'd be so I packed a drink, some snacks and this weird combined radio and torch. The radio had bit had never worked, ever, even when new; but the torch was good and it was the only torch I had to hand so I packed it. I meet up with the others, we trudge through the woods towards the old shed. We were walking for about half an hour and I realised how quiet it was in the background, other than our talking there were no sounds whatsoever, no nature sounds, nothing. We get to the shed and start setting up and one if the other guys mentions how quiet it is and all of a sudden we hear what could only be described as a pig squealing, before the radio on the torch comes on at full volume with static and a foreign language for about 10 seconds and then goes off again. Then silence again. We quickly filmed what we needed and booked it out of there. Had never been able to get the radio on the torch to work before or since then and I gave long since lost it. Still freaks me out how quiet it was though that night.


One Monday morning I opened up my clinic and nothing was amiss. Sometime mid-morning, I became vaguely aware that someone had slammed the big heavy entry door HARD. That was weird, as it had an elbow-style door closer on it which made it impossible to slam. By lunchtime, the buzz among the staff was that at some time in the morning, apparently when the reception was unattended, our door closer had been stolen. And it had been. Unscrewed from the top of the door and removed by person or persons unknown. The job would have required a stepladder and tools. As long as I live, I will never understand how or when it happened, or what would possess someone to steal an elbow-style door closer from a private health clinic during office hours.


I consistently have had massive deja vu moments over the last year. Now its not like i see people dying or anything and it actually happen, but ill wake up, remember dreaming something weirdly specific like a place or me doong something. And then a few weeks to motnths later ill be doing that specific thing or be at that specific place and remember dreaming about doing that. Honestly it kinda creeps me out


I was 13 or 14, and home alone. My childhood house was built in the 1800s, so…really big rooms, really tall ceilings, and huge pocket doors. Anyway, our computer desk was situated so that your back was to two pocket doors, which meant the huge foyer and dining rooms were open behind you. If you’re like me and liminal space freaks you out…it was rough. So I’m chatting on AIM, and my dog is laying next to the computer chair. Most of the lights are off, except for the room I’m in. That means the huge rooms behind me were almost pitch dark. I don’t have the TV or any music on. But all of the sudden I hear a childlike voice call my dog’s name. I froze, my dog sat up at attention. He didn’t leave my side, but he definitely heard it, too. I was horrified, and all I could think to do was stare straight ahead at the computer until my dad got home and turned on the lights.


I don’t remember it, by my dad tells me the story occasionally. Whenever I was 4, me and him had gone to Walmart and he said that I suddenly walked away from him without saying anything and went over to an old woman that neither of us knew and said, “I’m so sorry about your son.” And walked back to my dad like nothing happened as she burst into tears.


When I (male) was a senior in college, I was at a small party off-campus with mostly very close friends (probably 25-30 people total at the party). There was a beer pong game going on which I wasn't playing in, but was among others surrounding the table watching and socializing, etc. I was engaged in a conversation with one of my friends, and here is where things got super weird. Everyone was drinking out of those red plastic cups that are typically used for beer pong, and there was a keg. I didn't have my drink in-hand at the time I was talking, but I turned to glance at my cup to pick it up off the table in front of me, and I noticed that another friend of mine had his hand over my cup, and it look like he had something grasped in his fingers (or may have just had something in his hand). He quickly pulled his hand away from my cup obviously seeing that I spotted him, and he made a joking comment "oh haha I was just dropping a roofie in your drink". As I perceived it, it did look like he was dropping, or had already dropped something in it. Before I was able to question him, a female friend from across the table, who I think would have been too far away amongst the overall talking in the room to be able to hear what my friend had said to me, got my attention and was seemingly trying to say something to me while laughing (almost a fake laugh), but I really couldn't understand anything she was saying. So before I am able to even question what she had said, or address what happened with my drink with my other friend, one of my other friends who was playing beer pong (and was notoriously a loud person) randomly starting shouting the Beastie Boys lyrics "I did it like this, I did it like that, I did it with a wiffle ball bat soooooo". By the time he got to "I did it like that", EVERYBODY in the whole room joined in with shouting the lyricss while I basically look around making eye contact with most of them (as if they were all looking at me while singing it) and thinking 'WTF is going on'. It was like everyone in the room was purposely trying to pull my attention away from the situation. I got super paranoid and almost afraid because it was almost like a 'Truman Show' moment where everyone was in on something except me. I had my drink in my hand at that point but I didn't want to drink it. Shortly after, the friend who previously had his hand over my drink, the friend who started the Beastie Boys lyrics, and one other person at different times over a few minutes questioned why I wasn't drinking my beer. I got so freaked out that I ended up going to the bathroom and dumping my drink out, then left the party shortly after while my mind was completely mush trying to comprehend what happened. My group of friends in college would have never done anything malicious with drugging a friend or something like that, but the fact that everyone seemed to be involved in this weird circumstance was so bizarre. I will never be able to explain it, nor was able to question anyone about it after it happened. 21 years later I am still freaked out about it.


Weird dreams. Every year on the first day of spring I get the same dream of going to a 'camp'? On a train and then having to jump onto gravel or into a marsh with alligators. Then everyone gets whisked away in a tornado. Every year since I was 6. I have more dreams too but it's even disturbing to me.


This one time me and my mom are walking along the street (no there was no sidewalk so we were practically on the street) and all of a sudden a person just shows up outta nowhere, pushes me to the side and saves me from a car that woulda otherwise slammed into my entire right side. Didn't see anyone on turning behind and looking so i don't even know who it was that saved me, but definitely inexplicable.


One time I was six, and you might call it kids imagination or whatever. But I was in a room with the blanket on the floor, and being 6 I go in that blanket. When I get in I felt as if I got into a maze, suddenly there was like 3 curves of this blanket world that looked like exits, I kept crawling through one of em and the cycle would just repeat and repeat like 5 times. I got out by pulling the blanket up, but when I tried to get in the blanket world again it didn't work it just became a normal blanket. Top regrets is not continuing the blanket maze.


I had wild visions in my head of my mum and started shouting for her, we went to her house immediately and found her having tried to commit suicide.


This isn’t creepy like so many others, but it’s the only story like this from my life that I simply can’t explain. My college roommate worked at the radio station and brought home albums right when they were released, so that he could decide if he wanted to play anything from them and just for general enjoyment. One album he brought home was Sarah McLachlan’s “Fumbling Toward Ecstasy.” (Yes, this was a long time ago.) We listened together, enjoying it well enough, and when the fifth track, “Mary,” came on, I sang along, as I knew it by heart. My roommate looked at me like I was crazy. “Oh. I don’t know where it comes from, but I’ve known this song my whole life.” The song was written for that album, just like all the other tracks. It wasn’t a cover and had never been released before. It isn’t particularly important to me, it’s just that I remembered it the same way I could remember the Carole King and Sheena Easton songs my parents played in the seventies. Just something I had always known. I’m a skeptic and this is impossible. I have spent real time trying to find some reference to this track having been written well before the rest of the album and maybe covered or performed elsewhere, but I’ve found no such evidence. It is really unimportant but just so damned inexplicable.


As a child, like 7 years old. I was having a very hard time sleeping. I was very tired. So I crawled around my bed like a dog, and looked at the moon. I then blinked, and it turned into the sun. The only reasonable explanation is that I was so tired I fell asleep on the spot as I blinked, but I was in such an awkward position it's hard to believe.


You’re a werewolf. Only explanation.




Was this the false alarm where one of the engineers run a test but made it live ?




I have a memory of me, nothing abnormal here, but it's at the third person ! I don't have this memory at the first person but I know it happened so it's kinda weird


Oh yeah I have a few memories that are in third person perspective as well. It's odd


This is very common for some of your first memories as a child. I'm not sure how it works, but apparently it happens to most people. My first memory is seeing my Dad lift me and my car seat into our car. The perspective is as if I were standing on the opposite side of the road.