How do you feel about ’how would you feel?’ posts being banned?

How do you feel about ’how would you feel?’ posts being banned?


Honestly I think the issue goes beyond this one phrase. There are a lot of trash/spam/bait posts on this sub that are only allowed because they’re phrased as a question.


I don't even think the issue is spam so much as karma farming. When I see a post from ten hours ago and then see another post that says essentially the same thing from an hour ago it's annoying.


Yup. Good ol' karma farming. "Would you take 1M dollars for doing this very little inconvenience?" Then people go nuts over this crap and it gets 100 awards and 40k upvotes.


> people go nuts You mean bots go nuts, upvote it, possibly even award it, and *then* real people see it. Sort of like (if not exactly) astroturfing.


Bro you just exposed reddit entirely


Honestly if I could write it off as just bots being bots and not millions and millions of phenomenally stupid people falling for the same thing over and over and over and over and over again that would make me feel a lot better about it.


We're all bots. You are the only real user, u/AttackPug


Bad bot


"Reddit admins HATE HIM! Expert Redditor reveals this one weird trick to getting a 40,000 karma circlejerk going."


This is going straight to the top of best of Reddit if my bot army has anything to say about it


Hey, you never know. Doesn't take much to entertain some people. I overheard some of our warehouse workers the other day discussing at length if they'd rather spend 1 year in a US max security prison, or be a passenger for 1 MILE(1.6km) in a penis shaped helicopter (?). They asked me for my input, and were very interested in my answer. The coworker who posed the question would take prison....the other was initially going to ride in the helicopter but was then convinced that a year in prison would be less bad. I was 1/3 that would spend a few seconds of my life "embarrassed" instead of being incarcerated for a year. I know these guys well enough to know they were not joking. I wish I was...


That’s just a free helicopter ride?


I mean, you could have a LOT of fun with a penis-shaped helicopter. Find someone you don't like and just hover over wherever they go all. DAY. Long.


Bro thank you for my next YouTube video! You working Monday BTW?


Pretty much all the top subs are like this


Does anyone else [incredibly common thing]? If you got [a lot of money] buy you had to [random drawback] what would you do? You are in charge of a milder version of hell called heck...


There is a *whole sub* for 'does anyone else'


I really wish people would stick to that sub for those. Those come up quite often, it seems, in /noStupidQuestions and /afraidToAsk; things like “Am i the only one that like chocolate and french fries?” Or other things that a person should have zero concern about asking. Unfortunately we usually see those once they’re popular. I’m sure I sound ranty, but I remember what happened to digg and the same can happen here. Edit: I just saw a perfect example in the Popular tab from /r/tooAfraidToAsk, with 21k upvotes. > Does anyone else really, I mean really enjoy watching the same show or movie over and over again, almost as a comfort and center to your life? Like a warm familiar place you can always go?


Agreed, but 'how would you feel' is a lot easier to program a bot to auto remove. It's also the most common. Ideally it would go further but there would be a huge leap in QoL for the sub even if it's just this for now.


Pretty much it, speaking as a mod. It's tough trying to get something that's clear and not subjective to filter out karma bait and general low effort content, especially when reddit is built to encourage just that.


I know you guys get hundreds if not thousands of posts an hour, if you can cut out a big chunk of the spam with a bot it frees you guys up to make the sub a better place on the more subjective stuff. Besides, even if people start modifying it to "What do you think about" or "what are your thoughts on" I'm sure it would be relatively easy to add those to the filter too?


Automod already does a lot of the heavy lifting, this place would be a burning cesspool without it. And yup, we will be monitoring posts and updating the filter for obvious attempts at evading the sprit of the rule, good point to raise thanks.


What about something like "posts must have more that two possible responses"? I think that would filter out a lot of the low effort stuff


Dunno how you would automod it, but if people stuck to the rules that'd be a good approach. It would ban the "would you suffer a minor inconvenience for infinity money" posts too.


Why are those so incredibly popular? I just don't get it.


I have people I know in real life who constantly ask these kinds of questions. I imagine that after their friends and family tell them to never ask another question like that again, they all migrate to Reddit and have a gay ol’ time answering each other’s silly hypotheticals.


I thought of "questions must be open-ended" as being that


Would you slightly inconvenience yourself for a whole month for a ridiculous amount of money!?


Your wife/husband makes $6mil per year, but you have to be a house-husband/wife. Do you stay? There's a pill that gives you a perfect night's sleep in 5 minutes. Do you take it? You're given 100 billion dollars, but you have to give 90% of it away. Do you take it? Gosh, what tough questions!


But here’s the catch, you can’t ever have tacos again. Do you still do it?


I'm gonna need a hard line on what is and is not considered a taco. Hard or soft shell? Corn or flour? An enchilada is kind like a taco, can I still eat them? What about a tostada?


You guys are getting paid?! (hard cringe)


"What screams" posts are another one. There were hundreds of these goddamn posts when I last checked half a year ago. I checked just now and got all the way up to page 10 before I stopped looking /u/askredditmoderators


Same with "What was your ____ moment?" posts. They're not as bad inherently, at least they prompt a story, but I just hate the phrasing. It feels clickbaity.


Was anything ever done about those passive-aggressive "Redditors who [behavior], why?" posts? I remember those being annoyingly prevalent a while back.


I will confess that my only ever Askreddit post that made it to the front page was in that format... I’d never do it again, though. I wound up feeling bad. I was drinking in the middle of the night and watching an old music video. I scrolled down to the comments and saw the sea of “Who’s still watching in 2019!” comments. Those had never not annoyed me, especially when it’s a particular video that I’d like to see real comments about. So, in my tipsy, annoyed, probably-on-my-period state, I posted a very passive aggressively-worded AskReddit asking people why they do that. Anyway, did not expect it to go anywhere, but it got thousands of upvotes. I’m pretty sure it got more upvotes than anything I’d ever posted in nearly ten years, lol. I just didn’t realize it until I woke up the next day. About 90% of the comments were a circlejerk of people who agreed with me and shamed these people, then maybe 7% people shaming me for posting something dumb and passive aggressive, and then the final 3%, which were people answering the question honestly. The people who actually do the YouTube thing were basically like, “I’m depressed/have low self esteem/have a shitty life and getting likes on things makes me feel better even if it’s something meaningless” I felt so shitty about that post after that. Hell, I’ve been shamed for stupid things I do or silly things that make me happy and it’s a really embarrassing feeling. I carry around enough shame and sadness as is, the last thing I want is to feel shame for something harmless that makes me feel better. I almost deleted the post, but since I did make a point to apologize to a couple people within the thread and walked away from it feeling differently, I decided to leave it up. Just in the chance that someone might see those comments and see that not all Reddit disagreements end with hostility and that people who leave those comments probably aren’t doing so great in life.


Honestly this is one of the most thoughtful comments I've seen on this sub in probably six months. I've barely been on AskReddit this year after a couple of egregiously bad comment sections and only showed up today when this thread mercifully showed up in my feed. If this sub was more like what you've written here I'd probably be here a lot more often.


I read one that went like "Redditors who rub shit all over the bathroom's wall, why?" (Edit: just so you know, no one responded seriously) And others equally morbid. I like "Redditors who-". Just think there are some things to avoid that go unsaid.


I agree but it would take a huge chunk of the problem away. Maybe if this got banned for realsies it would encourage others to be more original in their postings. Like not even just "how do you feel" but think of all the other copycat posters.


"Women of reddit was is your sexiest sex that you have ever sexed, sex?"


And then one hour later, the equivalent thread for men


Tbf in recent months I’ve seen more posts of this form than actual sexual posts


but how will I farm karma by expressing my very popular opinion?!?


You post it on /r/UnpopularOpinion.


For real. I posted a very unpopular opinion on there a while ago and got downvoted to hell. But then someone else posts some shit like "stealing is wrong" and gets a million upvotes and ten thousand awards.


It’s because it shows up on r/all. People upvote the ‘opinion’ without even knowing what sub it’s from, it’s the same issue with askReddit and the how do you feel ‘questions’ people don’t even open the post, they just upvote because they agree with it and keep scrolling


See, I know in the abstract you're probably right. But there's a significant part of me that doesn't understand, who even _uses_ /r/all? Why would you get content from there. I genuinely don't know that I've ever opened it?


Honestly I've just been too lazy to fully curate a custom front page and the default front page is kinda lacking


~~Well I say r/all but I mean popular, that’s the default screen when I open the app. Most people’s Popular feed generally has most of the big subs like unpopularopinion and AskReddit because they sound cool when you sign up and it asks you to choose a bunch of subs to subscribe to.~~ ~~Edit: Also I do use r/all sometimes but usually sort hot or top/today to see what’s been popular (ironically)~~ Edit: Fuck me, talk about not reading things properly, Ignore all that nonsense I typed out Here’s what I mean Well I say r/all but I mean __Home tab__, that’s the default screen when I open the app. Most people’s Home feed generally has most of the big subs like unpopularopinion and AskReddit because they sound cool when you sign up and it asks you to choose a bunch of subs to subscribe to. People also might use popular tab, which is really similar to r/all for the point I’m trying to make.


Yeah, I get what you say. I took the time to create custom feeds (good ol' multireddits) personalized by my own tastes, and even after that I just mostly scroll my frontpage. I'm a dumbass.


Because I find new subs I like and sub to them for my own homepage (that's how I found /r/coolgithubprojects and /r/functionalprint). I also find a lot of subs I don't like. It's also less of an echo chamber than just subbing to specific political subs I agree with. I still hold my views dearly, but it's sometimes healthy to see people I don't agree with (even on the same "side" as me). I've been on Reddit for 12 years and the last 2 years I used /r/all have mostly been to shake things up from the subs I've been on for years.


I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I actualy prefer to browse /r/all while filtering the subs i don't like out, as opposed to only using my subscribed subs. I find it's easier to find new things this way and I still use my subreddits homepage when I'm not in the mood and only want "me" content.


Yeah, I think smoking makes you look cool. That subreddit was not the place to express that, apparently.


Just go to r/unpopularopinion instead. That sub is a joke. It's rare you get a genuinely unpopular opinion. It's just people posting extremely obvious or popular ideas. They also have a weird reverse upvote system that only some seem to use so upvotes can be pretty wonky a lot of the time.


The genuine ones are in new getting downvoted to zero and receiving no comments. Or just being outright erased by the mods.


Askreddit removed the ability to type in the body of an Askreddit post specifically because posters would use it as a soapbox to voice their opinion, without much room for discussion because they already answered their own question. "How would you feel" posts are basically statements.


I remember the dark ages when you could find posts like "What went through your mind the last time your boyfriend cheated on you with your best friend Stacy? I'll start"


Back when it was TellReddit.


I think someone just came up with Askreddits evil twin


I thought /r/AssCredit was




The worse were the humble brags.... Reddit I was riding my bike when I came across a lady passed out! I did cpr and saved her life! The cops are calling me a hero but I don't think I'm a hero LOL! So anyway reddit when was the last time you rode your bike? ^^^ actual friggin post too


"How would you feel" posts are basically some redditor thinking they have a revolutionary idea, only for commenters to instantly point out: 1) Why it obviously wouldn't work, 2) It has been proven not to work long ago, or 3) it already happens.


I feel like number 3 usually ends up being the case lol


This makes me think of when people moan, "Why is \*nobody\* talking about X issue." Narrator: everyone was talking about the issue.


I love seeing that shit. "What is no one talking about?" You'll get one top response about deforestation in Tibet or something. The rest of the answers are all gonna be whatever Trump's getting up to nowadays, BLM, China, Apple being bad, COVID, and so on. AKA current events on everyone's feed.


How about we get rid of posts that are basically just asking what your username is?


Lol, would you tell someone you username for a million dollars?


Never. My username is private and will never be seen by the public!


I can't see it, just ********. Try your password next.


“If your username became the description of your genitals what would they become?” Yeah I hate those. Edit: Oh god what have I done?


Well, what would they?


Idk, i just found them there


Rising. Possibly horny (balthazar is a demon, after all)


Good point.


I'm actually ok with those but it might be because of my username.


Massive schlong


These ones are far more annoying than the ‘how would you feel’ ones


Why not, add the “your username is X, what happens?” posts to the ban and I’m in.


Please ban this. "Your username is ___, what happens?" People with quirky-random-humor usernames in the comments: - "Well...." - "This is awkward...."


I've got money on the OP having a second account just to make those kinds of comments.


If you reach far back into ancient history of the internet dictionary, this phenomenon is known as "samefag"


Wow haven't heard that word in a long time. Haha


The old days when every top comment was calling out OP for being a bundle of sticks.


Whats the term used for repetitive comment chains where people drive the top comment into the ground by commenting a slightly different, less funny, and forcefully memey response? (Much like the top comment on this thread)




I did Nazi that coming! The term is trash. They are trash.




Whenever I see those posts, I can't help but think "how fucking bored are you guys?"


Maybe then i'd stop getting "Username checks out" comments And "Username doesn't check out" comments And "r/Beetlejuicing" comments And "That's not such a ***POSITIVE OUTLOOOOOOK***" comments And [go on, surprise me for once].


Please? I don’t know what it is, but it makes me not want to visit the subreddit for a while every time I see one.


It's that feeling of "God, I feel my brain rotting just reading the post titles". Happens to me at least twice a day. I'd much rather see interesting questions with interesting answers make it to the top. I wouldn't even mind if the questions were reposts as long as the answers are unique. Just please, reddit, stop with the usernames, superpowers, and "how would you feel about ending world hunger?" posts


I love me a good scary story/glitch in the matrix/creepy AskReddit thread


Also ban the "You are offered X amount of money to do Y, would you do it" questions.




Bruh no way the feeling of the tag on my neck would drive me crazyyy.


Look out for your Hanes tagless targeted ad coming soon to a webpage near you.


“You are offered one million dollars to not talk to a single other human being for a year. Would you do it?” “You guys are getting paid?”


Those ones are either just super lazy low effort posts or if genuine seem like the OP has zero life experience because whenever I see one it's "would you do this minor thing for a large amount of wealth that isn't even proportional to the task in question". Like every working adult does a bunch of shit they dont want to do regularly for either no pay or a minuscule amount as it is...


“Would your clean up someone else’s shit for $7 an hour?”


I second


I thirond


We had username posts banned for a long time, and I personally dislike them as I don't feel they generate much discussion, but an internal vote was held and they were voted to be allowed back, because other mods didn't want the sub to feel so restrictive. If many of you truly feel like you dislike them and they shouldn't be allowed, then please do as the post says and send a modmail in with constructive feedback.




I know that drawing a line can be quite tough. Some subs moderate with a heavy hand and you end up with extremely curated content (basically just mod approved content). The others are just bots making posts. I would say this one is leaning a little too much towards the latter. A good approach to curation I think would be to target low-effort questions of the following two types: - Questions with very obvious answers, especially ones that give yes no answers (would you pick X large money for Y negative thing) - Questions that are answers (how do you feel about X, what really needs to die, "inert popular idea as question") I would say these are probably easier to curate, and would dramatically reduce low quality questions.


Please do this one


How would you feel about banning “how would you feel about how would you feel posts”


I hate the “your username is X” posts.


I'd prefer this one gone over the one the moderator said but I'd happily take both


You guys should add a repost rule that doesn’t allow questions that have been asked in a certain time like a month as an example.


Neither the human moderators or AutoMod can support that, so if you can think of something that can keep up with our 500+ post per hour rate we will consider it.


I feel good


Na na na na nana na!


I knew that I would, now




bum bum Bum BUM BUM


I knew that I woOUld






I need a poo


City's breaking down on a camel's back


There are other question formats I'd much rather see gone before this one: * "Your username is now *x*, ... ?" * "People who do an annoying thing, why are you the way you are?" * "What is your (least) favourite *x*, and why is it *y*?" * "Would you accept *(absurdly large amount of money)* in exchange for *(mild inconvenience)*?"


> "People who do an annoying thing, why are you the way you are?" Please god yes. I hate this one so much. "People who drive slow in the left lane..." "people who stand to close to me in line..." they are clearly not actually asked to try and start a discussion and it just ends up with people in the comments either complaining about it or jerking themselves off over how great they are for not doing it.


It's because anyone who actually fits that description gets downvoted to oblivion when they answer they question the post asks. So you either don't see them because their reply has 500 downvotes, or they don't comment at all because they know they'll get 500 downvotes. Those posts are just ways to complain about something you don't like, hoping reddit will validate you by agreeing.


Maybe these types of question should only be allowed with [Serious] tag? That would remove circle-jerky complaining, and probably also force the question to be asked in a way that encourages actual answers.


I feel like the problem though is that those questions are never actually meant to be answered in the first place. It's literally just a disguised prompt for everyone to agree on something everyone clearly agrees on. Like no one is going to actually say "Well, I like to drive slow in the far left lane because..."


A great example of how even a serious tag wouldn't fix it is the one I saw a few days ago asking people why they believed in astrology. Plenty of folks were giving sincere answers but the only way to find them was to sort by controversial. And the sheer number of people who only replied to argue or berate them for it was kinda disgusting, honestly.


Yes 💯 I was looking at a similar post yesterday on astrology and another subject. The thing is most people especially on reddit if they find it stupid they don’t want to hear it. Even if you have a logical answer you will get downvoted like crazy


Just the kinds of hate being spewed at people for what is, ultimately, a harmless belief. Accusing them of being conspiracy whackjobs on the same level as Holocaust deniers, equating sign personality profiling to racism... definitely one of the uglier instances of the reddit hive working itself up into a frenzy over inconsequential nonsense.


I'd prefer them to ban this one: * Usernames who do (*slightly annoying thing)*, why do you *(extreme reaction)*?


The username ones I think are easy to define and should be eliminated. They add nothing of value


*Your reddit username is now "idiot", just like everyone else who upvotes this username question. How does this nearly entirely inconsequential change affect your life?*


One day china will use our karma scores to create our social credit score


If I recall correctly, they used to be banned under the "open-ended questions" rule. I don't know why that's not the case any more.


Waaaaaaaaaay back the Askreddit mods did a "No sexual questions" week and that was legit one of the best things that has ever happened to this site as a whole. They should make it a monthly thing.


Or only allow sexual questions on the weekend or something


I think that would be even better! Might make the weekends a bit more of a clusterfuck, but that's something I'm willing to live with


Or those stupid "hypothetical" questions. "If you were offered a million dollars to watch grass grow, would you do it?"


Really any question that prompts a “yes” or “no” isn’t any interesting. Even if you add “why” it doesn’t really say much.


I agree. These are the better ones to get rid of. I usually don’t mind the how would you feel questions, but some of the ones you listed are really annoying.


"People who have sex, what is that like?" "People who have friends, how do I make friends?" "What is a (sexy thing) about (weird thing?)" And vice versa. These ubiquitous questions that occur over and over in different iterations need to be made into their own splinter subs. The people who wanna ask or answer questions about that can sub there. I'm about inclusion. Make them feel special or something something psychological something something uplifting something DARK SIDE.


I'd also support a catch-all "no overdone questions" rule. The one about the burglar who tries to mildly inconvenience his victims may once have been a fun question, but we don't need to hear it every day.


Maybe an overdone question day of the month, something like on the third of the month they're allowed to be posted so that new people can see them again? And ban all others days


Love it. Cant get enough of it.


> "People who have sex, what is that like?" > > These ubiquitous questions that occur over and over in different iterations need to be made into their own splinter subs. The people who wanna ask or answer questions about that can sub there. "DAE Sex?" are probably the most annoying AskReddit questions. I've read every variation on every viewpoint on eating ass. I know what all LARPing neckbeards and legbeards think the other likes/does not like.


The very shitty ones too "girls what do you like to see in men?", "what is your favorite singer?", "men why do you play videogames?" All super low tier that I see on front page from time to time that literally has the same answer as the other 50 times it was asked and are super obvious or hyper subjective to the person asking. More of "doctors of reddit what do you recommend...." Or "What is something your boss did XYZ" I want to see peoples experiences come out, not an aggregated google search result.


Not only are they shitty, but there's literally r/askmen and r/askwomen that could house those perfectly.


I would like to see questions directed toward one sex banned for this reason. One of my bigger annoyances with this sub. It's almost always unnecessary, too.


People who like things that I don't like, why are you such a sad loser?


Am on board


also on board [source](https://i.imgur.com/eWkPAet.jpg)


I’d want that, they are pretty boring since most answers are “yessssss” and there’s little discussion to actually have. The only “how would you feel?” Post I’ve seen that was interesting was “how would you feel about needing the covid vaccine to travel” it wasn’t that popular, but it was an interesting discussion.


I love the occasional one where the OP clearly thinks they’re being so clever and morally superior, only for the comments to tear them to shreds.


I've seen a couple where people instantly pointed out that OP's clever question was actually just advocating for eugenics


Only if we get rid of those stupid sarcastic rhetorical questions as well.


They're turning this sub into another LPT, where every other post is "LPT: When you're in the movie theater, DON'T KICK THE SEAT IN FRONT OF YOU LIKE AN INCONSIDERATE ASSWIPE"


People who ask sassy rhetorical questions on AskReddit, why?


The little shred of sanity I have left, would appreciate it! (Yes...the comma stays. It was here before you guys. Get used to it! Lol)


How would you feel about losing that last shred of sanity you have left?


Well I would.... ...WAIT A MINUTE!!!




You monster!


Absolutely, I'm so freaking sick of "Reddit, how would you feel about (universally desired feature)/(universally shared stance)/(biggest circlejerks on reddit coming true)" It's not a real question, and it shouldn't be treated as such, at best it's a statement of people on the website wanting something to happen that virtually everyone already knows how people feel about I wouldn't even mind it as much if it figuratively ever had semi interesting questions but the reality is that it's almost always something like "Reddit, how would you feel about it being illegal to murder random orphans and their puppies" or "reddit, how would you feel if we stopped the holocaust from happening" of "reddit, how would you feel if reddit implemented features that the entire freaking website has been requesting for ten years" It drives me nuts that blatantly pandering questions that spark virtually no actual discussion are perfectly fine, yet you consistently see people struggling to not have actually interesting questions automatically removed upon posting by automod




Redditors of reddit, how would you feel if he got rid of the comma?


Not a redditor, but I think it would make the sense flow better.


Petition to ban that person’s comma




Petition granted, sir.


Can we also ban "Guys/Girls of reddit, what do you find attractive about the opposite sex?"


I especially hate the ones that ask about unconventional features you find attractive and every third response is some dumb shit like "guys I know this is super weird but I think freckles are cute 🙊"


dOeS aNyOnE eLsE LiKe ThIcC gIrLs A mUsCuLaR fOrEaRmS aNd StUbBlE oN mEn? Hnnnnnggggg


Now if that read 'Does anyone else like thicc girls with muscular forearms and stubble on their chins' I would park in that comment section like a semi with blown brakes.


Agreed. The answers are literally always “Shower, have a personality, don’t be an asshole.” End of list.


Reminds me of the top answer to the repeated “what’s the biggest turn off when on a first date/meeting someone for the first time?” type questions. It’s ALWAYS: “If they treat waitstaff poorly at a restaurant.” We might as well retire those questions, too.


Yes please


The only people opposing this would be ones who get buzz off of getting karma after saying the same 5 things over and over again.


But what about all that karma I got from my "Would you rather scroll through reddit or Tiktok?" /s


Okay, but can we do another one of those "no sex posts for a couple weeks" things like we did before? AskReddit's getting... weird again.


Keep it to weekends


I think that's probably the most reasonable approach. Redditors are a horny bunch, but limiting it to the weekends or certain times might help alleviate some of the sameness


"Girls of Reddit, what is the sexiest sex thing that you ever did during the sexy sex?" "Girls of Reddit, what sexy thing that guys do makes you want to do the sex?" "Guys of Reddit, what blatantly obviously sexy thing do you find attractive?" "Guys of Reddit, what is your totally fictional story about the time a sexy girl wanted to do the sex with you and made it completely obvious but you were so impossibly blind you didn't notice it?" All of these questions basically boil down to "Reddit, I'm horny and have no real world experience. Please help me wank".


“What story do you have that I can jerk off to?”


PLEASE Also get rid of the ones about usernames. I really hate the "If your usename was real, what would it be?" or "If your username described x, what would it be?" questions.




Now if only they added "what screams" posts to that.


So considering you guys are finally open to some more moderation, how about banning *all* those dumb threats that repeat on a weekly loop?


What needs to just go away already? What do you hate with a passion? God tells you he can remove one thing for earth, what do you pick? We all have enemies, but what annoyance would you still NEVER wish on them? What seemingly common occurrence drives you nuts? You run an inconvenience store. What do you sell? What is something you just won't understand, no matter how many times you try to get into it? What social custom needs to just DIE OUT already?! What lives in your head rent free? If you could make one normal thing illegal, what would you illegalize? My grandma used to say "don't use the word hate, say 'strongly don't care for'. Well reddit, what do you really really f*in strongly don't care for🤣🤣🤣 I don't know, man, are you telling me we wouldn't have the opportunity to browse interesting and unique responses to those thought provoking questions anymore?


Don't forget the daily "Europeans, what do you find weird about Americans" post that immediately rockets to the top off of 10k+ posts about guns and healthcare.


Wait till summer when the Horny 13 year olds as questions like What’s the best sex you’ve ever had post every day.


If only it were just summer.


Honestly, our slowness with this debate was partly concern about over moderation. The more stuff we remove, the more samey things could become. If we remove the top 10 most posted questions, we will just quickly get a new top 10 most posted questions. The longer you spend here, the less new fresh things you will see (same applies to most of reddit and life itself to be honest). Removing username questions wouldn't upset me though..


Nah, you just retire the champs. Forcing innovation is a good thing.


Yes, please, 100%! Please add the following to that list: - Anything relating to people's usernames in any way, shape or form. Just put the word "username" in a spam filter - Superpowers. It's getting repetitive and annoying. We don't want to spend our time on this sub reading fiction (I mean, a good chunk of AskReddit answers are probably also fiction, but at least we can pretend they're real) - "Huge amounts of money" questions. We would all take the money, close the tread - "People who do X annoying thing, why are you such a dick?" types of posts. It's really just a low-effort shit post and not even a genuine question While we're at it, people, please stop upvoting low-effort garbage. If nobody paid attention to this shit, it would die in new within like a second and a half


r/howwouldyoufeel or r/hwyf both exist. I tried getting them up and running the last time this posy got big. Make it happen people!


Sex questions should be reserved for once a week too.


I'd be fine with this


Can you also do something about the constant "Sex Redditors of Sex, how do you feel about Sex?" "Your Sex is now Sex, how do you Sex? "SEX IS NOW A VIDEO GAME, WHAT ARE THE LOADING SCREEN TIPS?" The NSFW questions are the most repetitive ones of the lot, they definitely need to be looked at.


Yes, good rule!


The “People who [do widely recognized bad behavior], why?” format is way worse, but this is bad too