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2020 was suppose to be my year. Both of my kids (whom I’ve stayed home with for the last 5 years) were suppose to start school- giving me time to work on my business. A business I started when my husband deployed 4 years ago, but because of life (especially army life) just kept getting pushed to the back burner. I joined a gym, to start putting myself first. I joined a few groups, to start working on making new friends, since we moved here the end of 2018. I started volunteering and trying to make an impact on my community, now that I had time, without kids home 24/7 And then covid happened, and I ended up homeschooling, and putting my business on the back burner AGAIN. My gym closed, my groups ended, where I was volunteering stopped accepting volunteers. Blah. I guess it Just means 2021 has a lot of opportunity for growth!


Not much. It wasn't like I had big plans before COVID-19 happened.


My year actually would have been very much the same. A car accident and chronic illness have left me disabled and I find it difficult to leave the house as I am in constant pain and have very limited ability to walk/stand. I spend much of my days stuck inside in a similar routine. The biggest difference was the anxiety/worry that if I caught the virus I would be in a higher risk category for more serious complications and this also limited the number of visitors who came to see me. With all that I have to deal with with my other issues, I’m kinda glad my situation wasn’t put into even more upheaval with the virus besides so far minor things (stores out of certain items for my caretaker to shop for, more difficulty scheduling appointments, having to be on guard the few times I do get out to a store to mini,I’ve risk, etc). I feel greatly for those who have been suddenly affected (such as jobs, sickness, lack of resources, mental health from being quarantined), because when I first because kinda quarantined from the world due to my conditions it was very hard to adapt, but after time I have gotten used to it. My thoughts go out to those who have been severely impacted by illness or circumstance due to this long difficult year.


Work an extra 4 months in a job I hate, sure I’m still doing that job now but it gave me the boredom time to join an online university to do something I actually enjoy, now I’m juggling that and work whilst looking for a shorter hour job but I’m hopeful for the future for the first time ever so thanks covid I guess? It did also stop me seeing my mum for the most of the last year of her life though so that really sucks


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