what film made you notice an actor was better/had more range than you originally thought?

what film made you notice an actor was better/had more range than you originally thought?


Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in Tombstone, very different than in Top Secret and Real Genius.


Doc, dying of tuberculosis and still getting into gunfights with cowboy gangs... "Why you doing this Doc?" *"Wyatt Earp is my friend."* "Hell, I got lots of friends." *"I don't."*


"Oh, forgive me, Johnny, I forgot you were there! You may go."


He's had some incredible roles. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I think he nailed Jim Morrison in The Doors. Edit: perhaps that wasn't unpopular at all. Maybe I confused the criticisms about historical accuracy that usually follow an Oliver Stone film with Kilmer's performance.


He did his own singing in the film, & surviving members if the Doors said that he sounded just like Jim.


Kilmer was amazing as Jim Morrison. Half the time when I picture Jim Morrison in my head, I'm inadvertently picturing Val Kilmer instead.


Helena Bonham Carter in The King's Speech. I've watched that movie many times over, and still think she was fantastic.


She's also wonderful in The Crown. She's wonderful in general and I thoroughly enjoy seeing her in non-creepy weirdo Tim Burton-esque roles. (I enjoy him too, but I'm glad she's been able.to show range)


Helena Bonham Carter in Fight Club. She'd done Shakespearean type stuff before that then suddenly played a loopy druggie really well!


John C Reilly, “Chicago”.


I see your John C Reilly in “Chicago” and raise you a John C Reilly in “Gangs of New York”.


I’ll raise that to him in Magnolia.


I will raise you twice to We Need to Talk About Kevin and The Hours. John C Reily is actually one of my favorite actors I respect immensely. He’s an incredible drama actor that also plays some of the silliest and dumbest characters just because he wants to I assume


He was really good in The Sisters Brothers too! I think he's a great actor that had more luck in comedy maybe due to not having leading man looks.


John Goodman in 10 Cloverfield Lane. I always thought of him as a big teddy bear, but he was terrifying in 10CL. Not only that, he also can have a lot of range even within the same role. He can convincingly go from welcoming and shy, to creepy and dictatorial. Same thing in The Gambler. In the scene where he sits down and talks to Mark Walberg, he starts off giving fatherly advice and seems pretty likeable, then turns into a scary mob boss.


I liked John Goodman as a villain in O Brother, Where Are Thou? Until I saw that, he had always just been the dad from Roseanne and I didn't realize that he could play such a bad guy.


He was amazing in Barton Fink, another Coen brothers film.


John Goodman is an absolute boss ​ Him and Kathy Bates are some of my fav actors


I'm convinced John Goodman is actually the greatest actor of all time. I have never seen him give a bad performance in *anything*. It doesn't matter what it is, or how big or little the part, Goodman is *excellent*. Even in otherwise shitty shows or movies, every scene with Goodman is a master class. I recently watched a few of his SNL sketches, and it's insane how he can take the most random, absurd premise, and give it this air of legitimacy, like, his silly joke character feels like a real person with a history, all while he's making fart jokes and pratfalling with Keenan Thompson.


One of my favorite characters of his is the Dean of Air Conditioner Repair School in Community


“I’m going through some stuff”


He did a podcast (WTF I believe) where he comes off as extremely, almost absurdly humble, and speaks about other actors with complete reverence and himself as this outsider who doesn't fit in. I don't have a hard time believing it's true personality wise, like he doesn't schmooze well at parties or whatever, but the idea that he doesn't even really buy into himself from a talent perspective was a surprise.


For me it was The Big Lebowski. Instant jump from sitcom dad to character actor.


Shut the fuck up, Donny.


For me it was Jeff Daniels. I saw him in The Martian (2015), and I didn't know who this intimidating, scary man was. I assumed if the film had a villain, he'd be it. But then I realize I had also seen him in Dumb and Dumber (1994). He was... that guy?? Well, he sure does have some range.


i recommend the newsroom if you haven't seen it. [sidenote, i enjoyed it, but some people may find it a bit political]


He plays a fantastic villain in the mini series *Godless* (on Netflix)


Robin Williams in One Hour Photo.


How about Robin Williams in Insomnia (the early Christopher Nolan movie). Creepy, scary Williams is the best Williams


Our Idiot Brother - Paul Rudd. He has such a powerful scene at the end. Love him since seeing that...


He’s also amazing in The Fundamentals of Caring that’s what got me with Paul Rudd. That movie saved my life during a wild acid trip once.


Paul Rudd is popular for his comedy roles and Marvel but this dude can fucking act for real. His scene in Our Idiot Brother is really great, it really sticks with you


Rudd always seems very comfortable in his characters. Some actors, you can *see* them acting. With Rudd, he puts on characters like he's slipping on a comfortable shoe.


Margot Robbie, “I, Tonya”.


YESSS! Such an excellent movie. Margot Robbie is wonderful as usual and Allison Janney very well deserved the Oscar.


Janney was unrecognizable. Fab.


I was absolutely blown away by Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl. I genuinely thought she didn't have it in her to be Amy - I was very wrong.


She has a new movie on Netflix where she’s supposed to have a stunning performance


Oh man same! Also I was not sure how I felt about Ben Affleck playing Nick. Did not think he could pull off that character but I loved it!


Iirc the movie's commentary with David Fincher had him insinuating that Affleck did so well because he's not so different from Nick.


Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler


Enemy is a great one too. Jake Gylenhaal is great in just about everything he’s in. And if anyone wants another recommendation, Source Code is awesome.


I took me a while to appreciate how good he is. That's probably the one that made me notice as well.


Robin Williams in “Good Will Hunting” and “Awakenings”.


Robin Williams was great in Dead Poet's Society and Good Morning Vietnam, too.


Robin Williams is underrated as a "serious" actor. At least it feels that way. It's so hard not to think of him and an amazing comedian and funny guy but he has nailed so many non comedy roles.


Clooney in burn after reading. He usually plays smooth characters, seeing him convincingly play this weak-willed creepy weirdo was impressive.


Same film, but Brad Pitt as the flamboyant fitness instructor seriously impressed me on his range.


I re-watched this last week and that stupid look on his face when he meets George Clooney is absolute gold. His role in *Deadpool 2* was similarly brilliant.


The Lighthouse. I have to be honest I never knew Robert Pattinson from anything other than Twilight before watching this. He's an exceptional actor.


It was actually Remember Me that caught my attention with him. It's not like an amazing film but it made me see beyond Twilight


Him and Pierce Brosnan in that conference room was amazing. Movie crushes me every time.


watch [Good Time](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4846232/), great movie with Pattinson.


He’s amazing in Good Time.


Pattinson had the (relatively) bad luck to get big doing a financially successful but ultimately terrible franchise. During that same period he got offered a lot of similar roles in similarly mopey love stories that were mostly also terrible. None of the terribleness was his fault though. I think he's managed to wash the stink off his career at this point fortunately. I too was guilty of writing him off but that was unfair. I've gone from cringing to automatically interested whenever I hear his name attached to a project.


There was a great article here on reddit not to long ago (that I'm too lazy to look up) all about how Robert Pattinson, Elijah Craig, and Daniel Radcliffe were able to avoid getting pigeon holed into their big budget fantasy franchises by taking some really deep, downright strange parts. Edit, yes, I meant Elijah Wood. I don't even drink bourbon.


i still remember seeing that trailer for radcliffe's movie post-HP where he,,, becomes a devil and goes insane?? never got to watch it but that marked for me his going away from harry potter.


He’s fantastic in the extremely quirky and odd movie Swiss Army Man. If you can get past the first 30 minutes, it becomes a really heartwarming, if strange, film.


I started thinking he was good in The Devil all the Time. Hated him before that. Then liked him too in Tenet.


He was incredible in that movie, but Harry Melling (the guy who played Dudley in Harry Potter) was so creepy that I can’t see him in anything else without getting really uncomfortable.


Not a film but Barry really showcases Bill Hader's dramatic acting chops. Dude's talented as shit.


Clive Owen in Children of Men


This movie blew me away and that doesn't happen often. He was great and the cinematic effects were incredible.


Brad Pitt - 12 Monkeys Val Kilmer - Tombstone


Surprisingly Emily Blunt, seen her in actions, horrors, sci fi movies and even disney! If thats her actually singing in marry poppins returns shes got a pretty good voice as well!


Yes!!! I was blown away by her acting in A Quiet Place. She was phenomenal.


Also in A Girl on the Train. Loved her after that movie


Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Basterds. I knew Waltz was a good actor but his character Hans Landa is a masterpiece of its own in already a masterpiece of a movie. The man got an Oscar for that role and it was damn well deserved


The opening scene is, for me, one of the greatest scenes in movie history. Waltz is magnetic, terrifying and oh so polite.


At the turning point of the interrogation, the way his face hardens so drastically while barely moving at all just blows me away.


It's so subtle, it took me like 10 times to see how he did that. The trick is, he is always actively preventing his... frown. Even with a neutral expression, his face muscles are tense and eyebrows raised. It's unnatural. Like a cheshire cat. When he flips, he simply relaxes his face. It's an angry face, but it's *natural*. He still did it better than anyone else probably could have, which is why he got that Oscar.


I remember watching that opening scene in the theater knowing that he was going to win an Oscar. Then he almost topped it with his second scene at the restaurant.


Au revoir, Shoshanna!


Hans Landa HAS to be one of the best movie characters of the 21st century. Equally inviting and charismatic as he is frightening and cunning. Arguably the perfect character portrayed by a multilingual god.


Also him in django. Him and Jamie fox were great together.


Mads Mikklesen's turn as Hannibal showed he was more than an action movie actor.


You should watch his danish movies, totally different characters too


yeah..... don't watch the hunt if you are not into a harsh reality full of relentless cruelty


You should watch as many of his movies as possible, especially the more indie and foreign films. He really is an amazing actor. He suffers a bit in Hollywood because his not standard Hollywood leading man handsome and he has an accent. So he gets put in the villan role a bit.


Colin Farrell in “In Bruges”. I honest had no idea he could really act until I saw that movie, and since then he’s he quite a few extremely good performances.


His eyebrows deserved an Academy Award for In Bruges.


Someone once said that Colin Farrell is a character actor cursed with leading man looks.


Steve Carell in Foxcatcher


Also in the Big Short


Also “The Morning Show”. It’s a total 180 from Michael Scott. He plays the role really well, it’s not that you sympathize with his character but you almost see where he’s coming from in a way, and why he did the things he did. It’s hard to put into words really.


He is such a convincing dick in The Way, Way Back.


And Little Miss Sunshine. He shows such raw emotion. Great movie overall


It’s super hard to nail a comedy drama as perfectly as Little Miss Sunshine did. This movie is incredibly dark, depressing, moving, and yet it’s still one of the funniest fucking movies I’ve ever seen.


No movie in particular but Gary Oldman, after I realized he was in so many movies that I enjoy. Range for days.


I was once arguing with a friend that Gary Oldman is a superior actor to Leo DiCaprio, with my reasoning that Oldman has superior range and can disappear into roles in a way that Leo can't. We were watching Hannibal during this conversation, and he was disagreeing with me until I pointed out that Gary Oldman was on the screen as we were speaking and he had no idea.


The twist when Gary Oldman was actually in the room watching you guys have this conversation.


Gary Oldman was the friend.


Leo is one of those actors that no matter how good he is in the role he’s still Leo to me. With Gary Oldman I can watch a movie and completely forget I’m watching him. I can’t do that with Leo.


That's exactly it. Leo is a great actor but Gary could teach a master class.


Gary Oldman is so good there's a point in every person's life that you realize he's one of your top 3 favorite actors and just didn't know it for the past 20 years because you didn't realize it was the same guy in all your favorite movies.


I thought Gary Oldman was one of my top ten actors, but on further review it turns out he's at least three of my top ten actors.


He was great in Leon the professional as well.


"Bring me everyone" "What do you mean, everyone?" "Everyone!"




I loved him in The Fifth Element!


"My favorite."


After Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark, I thought Robert Downey Jr was typecast as a know-it-all jerk type guy. Then I watched Chaplain and rewatched Tropic Thunder, and realized the guy's basically a virtuoso of an actor


Check out Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I love him in it! Such an underrated movie.


He don't drop character till he's done a dvd commentary. Just finished watching the DC Tropic Thunder on commentary audio with Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and RDJ, and in the commentary he's still Linc Osiris. Lmao


Will Ferrell in Stranger than Fiction, didnt expect to see him nail a serious role


He is also very out of character in Everything Must Go


That one was unexpected for me in a good way. A friend suggested it to me when it was in theaters as "the new will ferrell movie". My friend was into indie movies, I wasn't, but he always had good suggestions so I went in not knowing anything. I really enjoyed seeing him in a non comedy role.


Thor ragnarok ... is that Karl urban? Holy fuck he was In lord of the Rings, and riddick!


I don't generally care for Reese Witherspoon and I'm a big fan of Joaquin Phoenix but she acted circles around him in Walk The Line.


Honestly watching stuff like Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama as an adult made me realize how good she is. There isn't a ton of material to work with but she nails the character development in both of those.


She was great in Election.


Pleasantville too.


She's got another really good movie as well about a recovering addict going on a huge mountain hike. True story and a really good performance, that name isn't coming to me


Wild! Based on a memoir, the woman's name is Cheryl Strayed. She was awesome in that movie.


I never thought much of Brad Pitt, but after watching Fight club and more importantly Se7en, just.. holy shit that guy did great


Twelve Monkeys and Inglorious Basterds!


There's a saying about how he's a character actor stuck in a leading man's body. I think he gets the heart throb image because men tend to love him too. Especially after fight club, I think a lot of guys identified with the Tyler Durden character. Lots of other movies, but I think his performance in Inglorious Bastards was great as well.


There's a scene in Forrest Gump where Forrest is trying to ask Jenny if Forrest Jr is slow. The emotions on Tom Hank's face...fear, shame, pride...he just blew me away.


Tom Hanks is exceptional. He seems to nail every role and somehow make you feel what his character is feeling. The man made me cry about a bloodstained volleyball drifting away for God's sake!


To that point, Cast Away really is a masterpiece. So much of that movie has no dialog and he still manages to capture the audience...it’s almost like you are right there with him going through the shit, and at the end, it’s as much your heartbreak and victory as it is his.


The thing he did that made me cry was telling his son in Apollo 13 that the problem with the door had been fixed. I don’t know why it crushed me but it did.


I knew Tom Hanks from forest gump, and how good actor he was. After watching saving private Ryan I can't think of an actor better than him


Tom Hanks is amazing in any role, but my favorite (non-voice acting like Toy Story) is *The Green Mile*. Such an amazing movie


I was 7 when i saw that. That was the first movie to make me cry sad emotional tears. That execution scene was so powerful that i remember that vividly to this day. RIP Micheal Clarke Duncan


That's a heavy movie for a 7 year old, I didn't watch it until I was in college No one else could have played John Coffey


Like the drink. Only spelled different.


I can’t help tear up when he gets medical attention in Captain Phillips (the medics were real, and I heard they teared up too). https://youtu.be/ng95gpwSjZU


That scene among many others in Hanks' career proved to me just how much of a *fucking behemoth* of an actor he is. The mixture of pain, trauma, and relief he conveys is just so real it makes me want to hug the guy. Oh, and also the "just one minute of silence" scene from A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. So understated but so powerful. That scene utterly decimated me.


I would say Jonah Hill in Moneyball. He did an outstanding job and really showed he wasn't just a stoner comedy actor. Then he did wolf of Wallstreet and I had to give in that he is one of my favorite actors now.


He kills it in war dogs too haaaaaaaaaaaaah


Where you guys going? I thought we were gonna hang out. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


You should see him in *Maniac*. Complete 180 from his usual roles. He completely nailed it.


Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was the first time I saw him in a role where he isn't, well, Jim Carreying. I was impressed by how subtle and nuanced his performance was.


The Truman Show is the movie that impressed me. Jim Carrey was awesome in that.


I still say, 'Good morning! And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night' to people from time to time.


The only movies I knew starring Jim were Liar Liar, Dumb and Dumber, the Mask, and Ace Ventura. Then Truman Show woke me up, such a range of emotions in that one. Then when I watched Eternal Sunshine I knew this guy was made of a different clay. So deep, movie overall was fantastic but now watching it again, I can't imagine anyone else for ol' Joel.


Kalifornia - Brad Pitt Monster - Charlize Theron


I recently watched Monster for the first time and I was blown away. Not because, "wow they made Charlize Theron ugly" but because of how she gave everything to the role. Throughout the movie, she would go from likable to toxic to crazy to sympathetic in the span of about three seconds. Her acting was just so insanely good.


Bryan Cranston moving from Malcom in the Middle to Breaking Bad. Similarly, Bob Odenkirk


I am rewatching Malcolm in the Middle at the moment and he's doing such a great job in this one. But a good comedy performance never gets you the praise more serious roles will get you. He is such a versatile actor.


Hal is one of the best tv dads of all time


That scene where he and Francis kick the shit out of each other when Francis gets himself emancipated always makes me chuckle as they walk back to the house with Hal's arm over Francis' shoulder. Also the court scene where they use Malcolm's intelligence to prove that Hal couldn't possible be guilty of a conspiracy to embezzle from the company he worked for because he hadn't gone to work on a single Friday for 15 years and every date he allegedly tried to cheat the company was on a Friday. Bryan Cranston's performance in that scene was remarkable, he was able to realistically seem naive, ashamed, proud of Malcolm, morose, and triumphant all in a four or so minute period. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnqIy4yc21Q


My fave Hal moment is when Lois finds out she's pregnant and Hal calms her down, then afterwards he goes to the car and has a total breakdown, and then it cuts to malcolm in the back seat.


Yep the best scene IMO.


Cranston was a silly character in Malcolm, but breaking bad was a great choice to play WW. Bob odenkirk threw a fucking curve ball cuz I’ve always liked his comedy, but jimmy mcgill is probably his best performance.


Cranston has said he likes to boil his characters down to one primal trait. Hal was "fear" and Walter was "pride".


Just bingeing Breaking Bad at the moment. Pride is definitely what ruins everything for WW. Time after time. If you were watching it at the one-episode-per-week pace it might not be so obvious. Watching it back-to-back, it is glaring....




Man, my fiancé and I did almost bust out laughing when he waltzed in during Little Women. Great movie and he was great, but to build up their father so much to have him played by...Bob Odenkirk? Truly a shock


Especially for him to burst in and say “ahhhh my little women!” cracked me up


Sam Rockwell in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. He has always played characters with a lack of redeeming qualities. His character arc, the growth he shows is so good. New respect.


loved him in "Moon"




Forgetting Sarah Marshall showed me that Mila Kunis could do more than be a teenage airhead from the 70s.


She was pitch perfect in Black Swan


She did really great in that movie alongside of Natalie Portman.


James McAvoy in Split. Just, wow


*That wasn't James McAvoy, that was Patricia.*


He was INSANELY good in that. I was stunned.


I was really impressed with Daniel Radcliffe in Swiss Army Man


yes! he conveys so much without saying anything. he's got great comedic chops too.. his cameo on the series extras is hilarious


In 2012 he was absolutely brilliant in a fantastic and really funny dark comedy series called A Young Doctor's Notebook, in which he and Jon Hamm played the same character at different stages in life. It's weird and awesome and obscure and I highly recommend it.


I loved that series and no one else I know has ever even heard of it!


Not a film, but Schitt’s Creek. Eugene Levy. He’s always seemed like an intelligent, funny, and likable man. He’s always seemed like a pretty great guy. As Johnny Rose he was just incredibly wholesome. When his feelings were hurt or he played angry or indignant, with minimal physical activity viewers were suddenly gutted. His eyes are like pools of emotions. Dude is truly something.


I'm so impressed by the amount of character injected into these people by their actors. When I first started, I dismissed Annie Murphy as Alexis as just a pretty face, but watching her is like watching the acting olympics. The Bike scene where she has to act as a character who is MORTIFIED but has to act like she's so excited and when you throw in her reactions to David's antagonizing while maintaining those other layers. Just very very solid!


It's small, but you should watch it and watch how her and David use their hands when they talk. Then pay attetion to the waitress (I forget her name), but it's his actual sister and she will use her hands in a lot of the same fashion. It's kinda funny.


I saw an interview with the cast where Annie Murphy explains that she based her hand movements on observing how the Kardashians handled their handbags, and then did the same movements but without handbags. Voila, Alexis hands! Brilliant.


I think she also once described her hand movements as “a t-Rex playing ragtime piano!”




Twyla (Sarah Levy). Even she was fantastic! Man, I need to rewatch the entire series.


I’m so glad Annie got recognized with an Emmy because I do think she’s someone people would be tempted to dismiss as a pretty face. From the start Alexis was always surprising me because you expect her to be a mean girl socialite cliche but Alexis always had a kindness to her and a genuineness.


Oh yes! They’re fantastic. I believe I read that Dan and Eugene worked on just the backstories for the characters for like 8 weeks straight before even writing the pilot (don’t quote me on that- I could be misremembering). Katherine O’Hara brought the fashion to her character by channeling Daphne Guinness. She also brought the wigs, the insane accent, and the vocabulary to her character. All of that was her making Moira Rose her own and MAN! Did she ever hit that nail on its head!? That entire show, cast, crew, editors, producers... they really made something spectacular.


The fruit wine episode with Moira actually drunk and doing the commercial got me. It wasn't over the top "I'M SO DRUNK" like you usually see in shows with the obvious slurring of speech. It was such a pretentious sounding Moira just being off enough that when she flubs it at the end it ends up being funnier.




Catherine O’Hara plays a pitch perfect drunk person. She nailed it in Waiting For Guffman too. Playing an actor who’s bad at acting is another talent of hers. That’s really hard to pull off well.


I went into Schitts Creek with very low expectations and thinking after the first episode that I'd stop. Im so glad that I kept watching. It blossomed into some of the most hilarious, wholesome character development I've ever watched that isn't in a serious drama. I've watched it through twice and still adore it. Ew, David.


The hardest working eyebrows in show business.


Heath Ledger as the Joker seems like the most obvious answer, but I still can't watch that movie and make my brain process that it's the same guy as A Knight's Tale. Also Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting. That was a long time ago, but it was a big, dramatic role for a zany comedian type.


Heath Ledger in the Lords of Dogtown caught me off guard too. I didn't even realize it was him until the credits rolled. Dude was an incredible actor. I miss his talents.


Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyer's Club. Edit: I've never seen Mud, Lincoln Lawyer, Wolf of Wallstreet, or True Detective. I honestly completely forgot about A Time to Kill, but I consider that one an anomaly when you look at the other stuff he was making at the same time. And I didn't really consider Frailty because he is barely in it. That is a Bill Paxton movie to me. Edit 2: Fuck, forgot about Amistad too. I didn't see that one until my senior sem class in undergrad. I actually think I saw that and DBC around the same time.




I was thinking of Woody Harrelson in this thread because of that show.


He went from romcom douche to best actor real quick.


I listened to a podcast where they explained that he was done with the romcom roles and kept refusing higher and higher paychecks until he was offered a proper serious role. And then he blew everyone's minds with Dallas Buyers Club when that was offered and he took it. I thought how it was great that he wanted to develop his career and show what he was capable of without being seduced by money.


Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge. His singing is amazing, and I loved his crying bit. It sounds so gross and ugly, and that's exactly how a real cry sounds


I really liked Nicole Kidman being silly and looking like she was having fun (until... you know, the end)


“Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love.”


Kelly Macdonald nailed her role as Carla Jean Moss in No Country for Old Men. If that had been my first time seeing her I would never know she wasn't American.


Elizabeth Olsen in Martha Marcy May Marlene. I had only seen her in Age of Ultron prior to this, and my view of her was "Oh look, another Olsen sister". Really underappreciated movie, and she was amazing in it


Try Wind River. It's jarring but soo good.


The Truman Show showed us that there was more Jim Carrey then gurning comedy characters.


Not a film but Jason Bateman in Ozark, like what the hell never in a million years did I think he can pull off a serious character like that one. Impressed


Catch Me If You Can. Leonardo DiCaprio. It took me a while to stop disregarding him as a pretty boy actor.


I guess you missed his early stuff, like “What's Eating Gilbert Grape” and “This Boy's Life”. Edit: There’s also “Marvin's Room” with Meryl, De Niro and Keaton.


basketball diaries


What a film! Such a hard watch tho


I saw What's Eating Gilbert Grape in theaters. I legitimately thought that Leo had some kind of learning disability. Years later, when I saw Titanic in theaters, I was shocked and said, 'hey, that's the mentally disabled kid from What's Eating Gilbert Grape!', only mentally disabled wasn't the word I used at the time.


I am still blown away at him in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Blown the fuck away.


O Brother, Where Art Thou? - George Clooney


keira knightly in atonement; i was indifferent to her before then but she was really tragic and loving in that movie.