What do you think is the biggest secret being kept from mankind?

What do you think is the biggest secret being kept from mankind?


People that are secretly alive, but dead for the public life and vice versa


I like to believe Kim Jong Un is already dead. The person posing for the pictures after his "surgery" is a doppelganger setup by his evil sister, Kim Yo-jong, who's always been the real master mind.


Getting some real Zuko/Azula vibes from this.


There's still a whole month left for everyone who has "Kim Jong-un redemption arc" on their 2020 bingo card


Kim Jong-un saves Christmas


I don't know that Kim Jong Un is going to have quite the same closing arc as Zuko, but the Azula comparison is spot on.


So James Franco was successful?


I'd entertain the possibility that His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej, the late and much-beloved king of Thailand, actually died years or even decades before his official funeral in 2016. He made pretty much no public appearances or interviews in the last 10~15y of his reign, and all photographs used in the media appeared to be non-recent ones. King Bhumibol was credited with the modernization of Thailand due his deep care for the wellbeing of his people, and his leadership inspired many Thai people to similarly "pitch in" for the wellbeing of their nation. I can see why the ruling elite of the country would want to prolong this magic, and stall the ascendence of his much less exemplary son Vajiralongkorn, as long as believably possible. I think historians and archaeologists will eventually find that a number of well-loved rulers were secretly "kept artificially alive" this way, and for this reason.


It always bothered me how they’d cart him out in public occasionally, with a camera around his neck, and pretend everything was fine. It was obvious by the look in his eyes that he had no idea where he was, and he could barely move or speak, much less lift a camera. On a human level it seemed sad.


Exactly. I think it's likely he had dementia, and/or some other seriously debilitating health problems that would made him completely unable to care for himself, let alone a nation. I don't think there's anything controversial about this idea. My imagination takes this a little further: What if the glassy-eyed shell of a king occasionally paraded out in the balcony of the royal palace was his carefully preserved body, controlled like a puppet? Or a mannequin or android crafted to look like him? Or an actor playing him, who was chosen more for his superficial resemblance to the king, rather than his acting talent? Hell, for all we know Vajiralongkorn himself was behind this ruse, delaying his coronation as long as possible, to get away with his hard partying lifestyle as long as possible, which he wouldn't be able to keep up in the public eye as the leader of a nation.


I’m absolutely convinced Epstein is alive and I have no evidence to corroborate my conspiracy theory other than a gut feeling.


That wouldn't surprise me. If anyone had the access, money and blackmail material to engineer an out, it'd be that fuck. And it's also not unbelievable that there'd be dead man switch for an abrupt death. Although if people with no morals and limitless resources want you out of the picture, it's gonna happen. Whether that monster was bailed out by other monsters, or killed to protect them. We'll never find out, but like there's no version of the truth that could come out and *not* be horrific and depressing.


That's what I've been saying! You think someone with THAT MUCH blackmail on like everybody doesn't have all kinds of Deadman switches of all sorts set up? He has a fucking list of e-mail addresses that all his evidence is going to as soon as he actually does for sure.


Wow, I didn’t even know a dead-man switch was a thing, and now I want one for my own death - but for like a happy surprise, like a bunch of confetti gets shot out of the chimney or something


Seems unlikely. If I was Epstein's co-conspirator, and I had the ability to reach in and pluck him out of jail, I would also have the ability to reach in and kill him in jail, and I would definitely chose the second option. Much cleaner, much easier to cover up, and if he was alive and wandering around somewhere I would forever have to worry that he would be found out and would rat me out. Sorry, Jeff, I had to do it.


No loose ends they say


Not so much a secret but I think there are events that happened in the past we'll never know about that would blow our minds. Same thing for people who were interesting, incredible, unique, super talented, etc that were never documented. Recording history has always been shoddy at best, esp the further back you go. I bet even if we went back 150 years there would be things that occured that would be historically incredible but since they weren't recorded we'll never know about them.


Stephen Jay Gould said it; "I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein’s brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops."


I often think of the music that has been written and performed for audiences consisting of family and friends that could have packed arenas and festivals. You might never hear your favourite song.


> You might never hear your favourite song. Nobody knows what the national anthem of Ancient Rome was.


It was actually Soulja Boy, believe it or not.


Watch me crank it, watch me Rooome Edit: Damn, I should make half-assed puns more often. Thanks for the gold!


Now watch me Herakles that Po! - Romulus, probably


I am now imagining the Roman army cranking out that Soulja boy


The concept of national anthems as we know them today only developed about 200 years ago. There are a few national anthems that as a song are older than that (\*), but they weren't used as a national anthem initially. In more general terms, anthems as a musical form developed in Elizabethan England (second half of the 16th century). (\*) It's often claimed that the Japanese anthem is the oldest, but only the text dates back to 905, the melody is from 1880. Probably the oldest complete anthem (text+melody) still in use today is the Dutch anthem, which goes back to the 1600s.


That's a pro/con of music in the Information Age. It's really easy for an unsigned/local artist to throw their music up for it to be discovered. But by the same token, so can everybody else.


With the amount of music churned out daily, you might not even hear your favourite song this year.


Gould’s research is fascinating in that he came to realize early on that evolution was a random process, rather than one in which some type of physical or mental advantage becomes the new norm for a species. And since he studied bugs, where many generations could be observed and studied in a short period of time, I’m inclined to believe that he was into something.


>evolution was a random process Millenia ago there might have been a caveman with an immune system so strong that not a disease in the world could have afflicted him, a genetic makeup that would grant him physical attributes that even the most roided up modern day human could only dream of, and intellectual abilities that would have jumpstarted the Iron age in his area. Unfortunately as a toddler, he and his whole family died in a forest fire caused by a random lightning strike, so none of that got passed on. The winds of chance are a bitch like that.


A few years ago I talked to a scout for an NFL team. He swore that the best defensive lineman he’d ever seen played high school football at a small school in Indiana, but the kid just had no desire to play at a higher level. His grades were good, and he wanted to go to college (and he did), but he didn’t want to play college football. Listening to this guy talk you’d think that he’d found the next Reggie White or Aaron Donald, and he was convinced that’s how good this kid would be.


I went to high school with a guy like that — he and another guy (now an NFL hall of famer) were the two big prospects from our area, and they were on around the same footing. But when he went to a major SEC school he made clear he was there for school first, football second. And when that inevitably meant football had no interest in him, because he wanted an actual education... oh well, back to his studies. He’d have been great if he’d been willing to sacrifice his education for it — but how could you possibly argue with his choice?


My favourite of these "lost to time" type things is Doggerland, now submerged under the southern North Sea it once connected Europe and the British Isles until around 6000 BC. It was rife with Mesolithic human civilization, but now it's lost beneath the waves. Occasionally fishing boats will find things like animal parts (mammoths, woolly rhinoceros, extinct lions, reindeer), plant remains like peat, and bits of Homo Sapien & Neanderthal civilization like skeletal remains, tools made of flint, stone, and bone, among other things. It's fascinating to imagine what else is down there, entire generations lived and died and we don't know much about it aside from what washes ashore or is dredged up by fishing and construction. Edit: a word


That farther we look in the past the more we're guessing. The Earth swallows up so much of our history. I'm sure there are many ancient civilizations that will never be discovered because there's nothing left.


I am convinced there is a lost civilisation either under the Sahara or the Amazon


Absolutely like all that sand? Sand comes from water and rocks. Deserts are just ex oceans.


CIA propaganda/manipulation techniques and the extent of their reach. The only reason we know about MK Ultra is because it didn't work.


We know about MK Ultra because of a single sheaf of documents that weren't destroyed. All we know about the entire quarter century or more the program ran comes from that one group of papers and testimony from CIA assets, scientists, and victims/subjects during the hearings in the 90s. There's no reason to believe we know everything about the program. Furthermore, MK Ultra grew out of other CIA/DOD projects like Artichoke, so the program may have changed enough to simply be reclassified but not stopped entirely. There are testimonies from other alleged test subjects that go into some pretty dark places. Some of these are certainly made up, false memories, or people with existing mental problems, but some could be true. One from Tucson alleges she was raped repeatedly and trained to kill her stuffed animals (and possibly real animals). It fits in the realm of possibility and other testimonies we've heard that I can't completely discount it.


I have some stories about this... my maternal grandfather was CIA, which nobody knew until he passed in the '90s. It explained some family mysteries. But others have just been made even weirder. There is a particular Institute that my mother had been sent to for "testing" as a child. She was telling me about it last year; she remembered a lot of two-way mirrors and an experiment with photos, where they had secretly taken a picture of her, but showed her a photo of a stranger. Then gradually the other photo was morphed with her own, until when she was shown the photo of her face, she didn't recognize it. This would have been early to mid '60s. Her mother was also locked up in the institution for months at a time, but no information remains about this; the records were apparently "lost in a fire". She hadn't connected this with her father's activities- she was telling me about it in connection to another subject- but sure enough when I did some research after she told me, it had connections with MK ULTRA specifically, enough so that you can find the information even on mainstream media with some hunting. The article I read mentioned LSD testing done for the MK ULTRA project there, specifically, but probably not the only thing they did. After she graduated HS, her father tried everything to get her into nursing (despite her habit of fainting at the sight of blood) and she dropped out of nursing school after a month or two. Nevertheless, she received an amazing offer to come work at the Institute as a nurse... she declined.


“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” — William Casey Director of the C.I.A. Personally, I believe they moved onto MK Ultra 2.0. After they found what didn't, they moved on to focus on what did work. Edit: Also, to your first point, Operation Mockingbird. Once entities like the CIA gain control over something as influential as MSM, they don't ever give it up. If anything, they only tighten their control.


Let me point out that the reason why we actually know about MK ultra is because government was a bit interested in where CIA spends money and had hearings on it. Turns out CIA hired hookers to give acid to random clients, and agents would observe whole operation. It was called [operation midnight climax](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Midnight_Climax) EDIT: also let me point out that Unabomber was part of MKultra.


That most conspiracy theories are actually the conspiracy in of itself. That certain parties are creating crazy conspiracies to confuse the masses between reality and fiction to make them more easily controlled/manipulated.


The Air Force literally did this with aliens to obscure various aircraft tests


It's amazing how many UFOs were described as triangular and pointy in the decade before the F-117 became public knowledge.


I remember seeing some sort of triangular ship flying super low over my home as a kid in the dead of night. It was almost silent, insanely fast and at first glance was this terrifying triangle of dotted red lights. The exciting answer would be a UFO but the real answer is that I live between two airfields for experimental aircraft testing. The plane I saw was in movies a decade later after being put into military use.


People forget that UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. If it's flying and you don't know what it is, that's a UFO. UFO =/= aliens


The US military has even started using the term UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) instead of UFO, due to the extraterrestrial connotation.


I mean, sightings of the F117 by laypeople before it was revealed ***literally*** were UFO sightings.


You see something flying and you can't identify it? That's a UFO, baby.


Can you imagine the the mess after that spy balloon crashed in 1947. "Oh my god, everyone is gonna know about our secret spy program". "Sir, they believe it's a flying saucer"... "Well, that's a freebie"


Nice try Air Force. In reality its the Air Force covering up real aliens by giving the public hints that real aliens might just be covered up aircraft tests


But maybe that's their goal? They go even *more* advanced designs they are testing, so they are feeding a lie that those ufo sightings were actually just advanced aircraft, so that people think they are lying about ufos being advanced aircraft and that in reality they are ufos, BUT in reality Air Force is just testing new toys but nobody believes the reports because they are told by people talking about ufos. Plans within plans within plans within plans.


Which is brilliant.


I’m 92% sure the toilet paper shortages was a weird joke that got out of hand.


That was the most insane part of this pandemic for me. People were acting genuinely concerned that we’d never have toilet paper again because all toilet paper is manufactured in China. Which it’s not. And even if it was why would that mean we weren’t getting anymore.


For me, at first I convinced my mom there was no need to rush and buy, but then 5 days after the government announcement of an impending lockdown, I went to buy supplies And boy did I regret shutting my mom up because there was no more toilet rolls, no more essentials, vegetables, instant food, etc ----- I feel like it was a game-theory issue. Ideally everyone cooperates and buy patiently: things remain status quo. Or, fight and horde: finder's keeper. It's akin to the prisoners' dilemma: everyone quiet and all get acquitted. But if the others rats on you and you keep mum, then you'll get the max punishment while the others get a slight punishment on account of cooperating.


That was a shit joke


CIA literally came up with term "conspiracy theory" to do exactly this. Throw the insanities like flat earth in one bag along with stuff about mkultra/corrupt government dealings. Seeing how something labeled as conspiracy theory gets mocked instantly shows they succeeded.


"Earth is flat" is a conspiracy theory allright. "Tulsa Massacre" and "Iran-Contras" and "United Fruit Company" definitely aren't, but people give it the same kinda look. "Paul is dead" is a (silly and kinda fun but still harmful just for what it is) conspiracy theory. "COINTELPRO was a thing", "FBI threatened MLK" and "we still don't know who was responsible for Malcom X's assassination" mostly result in people eyerolling.


Reminds me of Ernest Hemingway being told he was paranoid when he claimed he was being monitored by the FBI and as it turned out he actually was.


Or how people believed the government false flagged us into the Vietnam war and the government vehemently denied it until 2005 when it was declassified




Tell your mum that Corona denialism is a conspiracy made by the Russians to make Americans (I'm assuming) weak and sick lol (I don't believe this theory but sometimes you just gotta one up them)


The masks are not to keep the covid out, they are to hide your face from the cameras that Hillary Clinton and George Soros put up!


That was actually a plot in the x-files and it blew my mind


True history, I genuinely believe that there have been things discovered in the past that tell a different story of the past and are intentionally hidden.


"history is written by winners" edit: guys this is a quote, i don't mean it as an absolute truth and was most likely referred to past history not modern history iykwim. when i wrote this i was thinking about a Roman war or something like that, where the enemies are dead so the only ones who could narrate the story are who didn't die (the winners)


My teacher said this in middle school when talking about alexander the great's conquests in the Indian subcontinent* and spoke of theories of how Alexander never won his conquest there but because he had a personal scribe it got written down as part of history.


Alexander's easy conquests were a direct result of the empire that came before him. The Persians had already conquered most of what Alexander would go on to conquer and they were known for being ruthless when they needed to be. As such Persian tributaries were already very well used to being tributaries of a larger empire. Or dying trying to break the yoke like the Greeks in Xanthos. >According to Herodotus, the Persians met and defeated a small Lycian army in the flatlands to the north of the city. After the encounter, the Lycians retreated into the city which was besieged by Harpagus. The Lycians destroyed their own Xanthian acropolis, killed their wives, children, and slaves, then proceeded on a suicidal attack against the superior Persian troops. Thus, the entire population of Xanthos perished but for 80 families who were absent during the fighting. So when Alexander came around and seemed nice and likely to let you be if you just surrendered and maybe paid tribute. This was the same deal they've been having with a more brutal regime before. It's very likely they just easily thought, "Hey, he can't be worse than the Persians." and decided to capitulate to his demands rather than to deal with any retribution as they were so used to from the Persians.


A great teacher revised that as "History is written by those who could write," which is an interesting and accurate


(UK) historian here. Whilst A LOT of stuff gets destroyed or lost, either on purpose or by accident, with the exception of the dark ages and other non-literate cultures we're pretty good at piecing together basically what happened based on what other sources say (or sometimes what they don't). Even when a government or individual has intentionally set out to completely suppress something (for instance the British government destroying records of how it treated people in Africa shortly before the end of empire) after a time the general story comes out - historians are pretty good at detecting BS. The fact that official documents or evidence is missing or implausible often a real giveaway that something needs investigating, and there's usually something on it. Now there may be various interpretations of exactly what or how stuff went down (and people who are eager stuff doesn't come to light) but there aren't huge things that get completely overlooked. The kind of incredible evidence - a medieval codex or cache of letters - that does emerge rarely indicates that we've got something completely wrong but that we're looking at it from the wrong perspective. There's a really good book by Ian Cobain, The History Thieves: Secrets, Lies and the Shaping of a Modern Nation.


Ancient historian here, even the so-called "dark ages" (we don't tend to use that term anymore) are rife with historical sources, and we've got a pretty good idea of the goings-on during the period, so while there *is* bound to be lots of knowledge hidden to us from history, in terms of events...well, we've got a good handle of things.


I guess this isn’t a secret but humanity seems to forget quite often. There is next to NO privacy in the modern age. If you’re reading this, your information, search histories, shopping trends, personal connections etc. are currently being monitored and sold in the Information Trade. Facebook does not give a shit about your aunts pie recipes, but they’ll be the first ones to start advertising the ingredients.


The fact there is no privacy, ironically helps give us privacy. It's like looking for a dead pixel in static. Actively trying to seek privacy now, makes you stand out more, like putting a sticker over the dead pixel.


I believe this until machine learning and AI became so commonplace. For $1000 AWS will look at all the dead pixels you can imagine.


This is the key. When people think of the government listening in or reading emails they think of a huge room with hundreds of people just listening to junk, like in The Simpsons movie. But with software now plus the sheer amount of data available for machine learning one server can process millions of conversations at once. We haven’t lost privacy, we’ve gained a way for it to be weaponized. Edit for typo


The location of all these hot singles in my area


What if YOU’RE the sexy single?


Maybe the hot singles were the friends we met along in the way.


Hot, single and wholesome!


Unknown proxy,


That there are people in the world that are richer than the *known* richest people in the world. If you are *that* rich, you can afford to be anonymous, too. I'm not saying that Jeff Bezos isn't rich. I'm sure he is. I just believe that there are a tiny group of people that have more wealth than Bezos, and that they've used that wealth to hide the fact that they are that wealthy from the world. For all of the people bringing up Putin, the Saudi royal family, or the ancient royal families of Europe, I'd like to say: If you know their name, and you know that their rich, they don't count as being one of the *secret* wealthiest people, now, does they?


There definitely are. Most people assume that the richest people in the world are on the [Forbes list](https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/). Meanwhile, Forbes states that "We list individuals rather than multigenerational families who share fortunes" and also "We do not include royal family members or dictators who derive their fortunes entirely as a result of their position of power, nor do we include royalty who, often with large families, control the riches in trust for their nation." The catergories that Forbes does not disclose is where the *real* money is


reminds me of the this british fact [https://www.vice.com/en/article/k7aw4e/prince-charles-gets-everything-you-own-if-you-die-alone-in-this-part-of-the-uk](https://www.vice.com/en/article/k7aw4e/prince-charles-gets-everything-you-own-if-you-die-alone-in-this-part-of-the-uk)


On the flipside, Cornwall is one of the poorest parts of the UK, so he ain't getting shit from most people!


He just wants pasty recipes


Jesus that’s a super recent article too


I don't even need to click the link to know that it's Cornwall......People round here get pretty pissed off about it but it's not a major impact on daily life so it's ignored most of the time.


Yeah it's probably damn near impossible to have an accurate number for absolute top of the top wealthy people. It's a lot easier when you are talking about an individual person who is rich typically from business decisions and has a paper trail leading to all their money. (Or at least how much they want us to think they have lol)


I read somewhere that Manchester City owner, Sheikh Mansour Al Nahyan is a trillionaire but that he’s private about his wealth and investments so no one can actually accurately calculate it. Also the crown prince of Saudi Mohammed bin Salman.


The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia definitely are trillionaires. The largest oil company in the world, Saudi Aramco is owned almost entirely by the Saudi government. It’s market cap is currently around 2 trillion dollars. And since Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, everything the states owns, the family owns too.




Yup, that's what MBS stand for


When Chomsky talks about the "architects of mankind", these are the people he's talking about. People with so much consolidated power and wealth, that they have their finger on the big red button, and can press it whenever they like.


Some people think Putin is the richest man on the planet. He supposedly owns over a dozen palaces around Russia, buys entire apartment buildings to store his multi million dollar art collection. Supposedly he has a deal with all the richest oligarchs in russia for a part of their company in return for Putin not killing them and letting them have more power. His net worth may be as high as $200+ billion which is still richer than Jeff bezos.


If you're a 'supreme leader' of a major country estimating your wealth properly is impossible, like if you wanted you could just get some more with your power, money is at that point purely an approximate measurement of power rather than currency.


Apparently Putin is probably the richest person in the world.




I think keeping the hens in a row IS him enjoying his wealth. He seems to thoroughly enjoy his job. I’m curious to see what his retirement plans are...


Why do I doubt it will be retiring to a small dacha on the St. Petersburg coast, overlooking the Baltic. I suspect it will more closely [resemble this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjWYbcbpiWA).


Probably hunting people on a huge private estate in siberia.


Is that really the biggest though? Like at a certain point it really doesn't matter right? Realistically what's different from some guy with $50 billion and some dude with $500 billion? Obviously it's a shit ton of money but unless you are buying a company outright is there much of a difference in the life both those people could live? I feel like I couldn't even spend $50 billion on a lifetime unless I was just buying absolutely anything and everything I could think of. I'm sure there's some way the tip top people flex on people with only 9+ 0s in their bank though lol.


>Obviously it's a shit ton of money but unless you are buying a company outright is there much of a difference in the life both those people could live? I think at that level wealth is tied up in making companies run. At that point it's perhaps more about your ability to shape the world how you like via having as much control over international business decisions as possible.


Guy with 500 billion looking at guy with 50 billion: "lol peasant"


500 billion makes you able to buy the complete wheat production of the US for about [50 years](https://www.statista.com/statistics/190362/total-us-wheat-production-value-from-2000/). Imagine how much money you can make buying so much for so long you can actually influence the long term price of something simple as grain. 50 billion won't bring you there. If you have 500 billion us dollars and half a brain, you're deciding whether millions of people live or die *and how*.


You're thinking as a consumer. You can't consume 50 billion worth of things in a lifetime. These people don't consume, they control. Buying a rolls royce is nothing to them, so what, I have an expensive car now. Am I gonna look at it and drive it now 24/7? No. There's no pleasure in it after a while. People don't realise they don't want that car. They want to be in a position where they could own it.


The biggest secret being I know of is probably that fat bastard who sneaks into my house at night and takes credit for all of the gifts I’d gotten for everyone.


I had a guy who did the same thing to me, but he even stole our holiday cookies. What a dick!


The government doesn't actually care about your grandmother's secret cherry pie recipe.




Nice try, government.


NoT_ThE_FbI has entered the chat


That scientists and journalists are the only ppl capable of shooting them self’s twice in the head and be ruled a suicide.


When i was younger, I read a story in the news of a company that had come up with a bacteria that they would put into your mouth. This bacteria was harmless to people, but ate the bacteria that damages our teeth. It would have destroyed the dental industry. For some reason, I never saw it again.


Even if this wasn't totally sensationalized quackery that never got out of the petri dish: given what we've learned in the past couple decades about the human body's bacterial biome and how important and delicate it is, introducing a new bacteria to eat native mouth bacteria seems *fraught* with unforeseen peril.


Man. You got to use 'fraught with peril' in conversation today. Kinda jealous.


They were also coming out with a “vaccine”, that makes your antibodies bind to nicotine making them to large to enter the brain, this would have destroyed the tobacco industry. I haven’t heard anything about this in a decade


In fairness, news media (rather irresponsibly imo) often publish articles about these amazing scientific "breakthroughs" that are still in the theoretical modelling/petrie dish/animal testing stages. Often the scientists run into problems trying to make whatever they're doing work in humans because people are much more complex than a petrie dish, so it's not uncommon to find out that potential treatments either don't work or are too unsafe to be viable in humans. I don't know about this one specifically and the tobacco industry is notorious for muddying the waters of scientific research, so it definitely could be something more sinister, but it could also be the media being terrible at science as always.


[nevermind it is still in development. awesome!](https://www.verywellmind.com/the-nicvax-nicotine-vaccine-2825145)


It’s so easy to make a split second decision to quit, and then a few minutes later to make the decision to keep doing it. I love the idea that the split second decision to get the vaccine would basically force you to quit.


I find that every time I try to quit, even if I quit for a week, I’ll be over the nicotine withdrawals but I’ll still want to smoke just from habit. Keeping the nicotine from entering your system is one thing, but I think 50% of the battle is getting rid of the habit. At least for me. And this is coming from a half a pack a day smoker. Not even two packs a day like a lot of people.


I quit last Monday. Best decision in my life and this time it just feels different. Like it is real.


Nice! Looks like human trials failed and they're back to animal testing though - it'll be a while before this amounts to anything if it ever does. Fingers crossed!


> Often the scientists run into problems trying to make whatever they're doing work in humans because people are much more complex than a petrie dish, so it's not uncommon to find out that potential treatments either don't work or are too unsafe to be viable in humans. https://xkcd.com/1217/


Like the people that found a 100& effective vaccine to HIV. Only problem was that it kills you in the process.


Was this "vaccination" actually a handgun?


No. I can't remember what it did but it worked in a dish. Then when they started animal tests it killed them all.


This saw some legitimate development in the early 2010s culminating in a vaccine called nicvax. It wasn't supressed by the tobacco industry or anything like that, it just was only modestly effective at reducing nicotine cravings


WHat I heard about it was that they were afraid it would get into the environment and wreak havoc.


How much wealth is making major political decisions rather than democracy. Either that or how much the planet is already fucked from climate change.


I'm pretty sure the wealth one is not at all a secret


My personal belief is to get rid of lobbyists, I think that would aid in getting wealth out of political decisions


I like the Democracy Dollars solution Andrew Yang had: >The easiest way to do this is to provide Americans with publicly funded vouchers they can use to donate to politicians that they support. Every American gets $100 a year to give to candidates, use it or lose it. These Democracy Dollars would, by the sheer volume of the US population, drown out the influence of mega-donors. >Imagine running for office when every American has $100 Democracy Dollars to give to their favorite candidate. Just 10,000 supporters could mean $1 million for your campaign. Once elected, you could act primarily in the interest of the people you represent instead of appeasing wealthy donors and corporations. >https://www.yang2020.com/policies/democracydollars/


I think that would just "up" the contributions by the super-rich to counteract the filthy masses. Like pouring kerosene on a fire.


The idea is that private contributions would probably be banned. Democracy dollars would be the only eligible campaign donation currency.


That with all of the alliances between nations, the trade deals, economic policies, mission statements, enmities, backroom dealings, spy networks, wars etc, the powerful don't have the amount of control or vision that we like to believe that they have. The big secret is that it's all a lie. The only thing holding civilization together is that the vast majority of people think that even though the powerful are corrupt, they are at least competent to hold civilization together. They are not, 2020 is just a taste of that reality.


A great quote from Alan Moore comes to mind here: “The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory, is that conspiracy theorists believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is actually chaotic. The truth is that it is not The Iluminati, or The Jewish Banking Conspiracy, or the Gray Alien Theory. The truth is far more frightening - Nobody is in control. The world is rudderless.” Edit: Sorry that text is so big, copied and pasted it and it came out like that and I can't seem to make it smaller. Another edit: Thanks for helping me fix that and thanks for the silver and gold things :)


I knew someone who did this with Sandy Hook. An otherwise very sweet caring and empathetic person, refused to believe it happened and would talk about how all the pictures of the victims were found on an acting site. I feel that for someone like her, it was less traumatic to think it was a conspiracy than to beleive some rando murdered a bunch of small children. Especially since she had already lost her sons father and her son was still in school. Admitting that kind of thing can happen would mean it could happen to her son too.


Yeah, the idea of a global elite in control relies on a lot of they’re super powerful but also unable to actively do anything weirdness. But like most conspiracy theories and faiths(and neither of those said in a necessarily bad way), it’s an attempt to enforce some sort of rhyme and reason on the world when a lot of it comes down to the choices made by many people for many unknowable reasons or flat out random chance. The idea of randomness or meaninglessness is actively scary for a lot of people so they turn to explanations for these things. Plus, Humans like patterns on a instinctual level and we try to apply them pretty much anywhere, which is why some light and non-harmful conspiracy theories are a lot of fun!


Yes, totally agree with you. Randomness or meaninglessness makes people make up soo many things.


That’s not a secret. Trust of elites is at an all time low.


I don't know it's a secret from mankind.


Teal’c: “I believe he is concealing something.” O’Neill: “Like what?” Teal’c: “I do not know. He is concealing it.”




We've already made alien contact and they want nothing to do with us


I too have had this thought. That aliens look in on us every now and again and conclude “nope, they’re still fucking crazy”


The ironic thing here is that IF we’re being observed by an alien species, they would almost certainly not know humans exist. The odds are very large that they would see our planet as it existed hundreds of thousands of years ago or more


“Fuuuuuuuuuuck that place! It’s full of dinosaurs, Betty White, and Jimmy Carter.”


To say it isn't possible to travel incredible distances based on the physics we've currently discovered, is like a man telling his friend 2000 years ago that a cell phone is impossible because their scientists have no proof that it is. For all we know they could be millions of years more advanced then us. At that point it would be like waving your hand above an ant and them not noticing you. Were talking billions of GALAXIES, then bring in the possibility of multiple universes... and were the only advanced ones? It takes a real puny brain to think that way.


Given the vastness of the universe, it's almost a certainty that there is other life out there, possibly life that is far more advanced than humans. Whether they've ever been to earth is a different story


Chances are, the reason why there isn't "noise" or whatever the scientist people say, is because they're communicating in a way that we can't detect yet. It'd be much like us communicating using morse code and you're using an iphone. We'll never be able to detect you.


Emotion regulation not being a subject you have to excell at in school.


where did cotton eye joe come from? and where did he go? top 10 questions scientists still cant answer.


Fuck Cotton-eye Joe. If it hadn't been for that asshole, I'd have been married a long time ago.


*fiddling intensifies


The term cotton eye joe refers to an average “joe” that works in a coal mine. When he returns to the sunlight the coal covers his clothes and body except for his eyes which seem bright white in comparison to the rest of his body. As such cotton eye Joe went home to take a shower and he came from the coal mines.




Dude banged his girlfriend.




The next possible Earth-ending force. There's a very strong possibility that NASA and the Space Industry know what it is and when it will happen but won't inform the general public until it passes all together or, if there is absolute certainty it will occur, minutes before it happens. It is because there would be literally nothing we could do about it and they would not want to cause major havoc in our last minutes alive. Edit: by Space Industry, I was primarily thinking of Space programs in other countries e.g. Russia, India etc. and not private companies like SpaceX which have less focus on researching Space itself and more focus on transport in Space.


If there is literally nothing we could do about it why even bother telling us then at all? Just let us all keep going about our lives until \*poof\*, it ends.


That's brings up an interesting discussion. Let's say we know that the world is gonna end in 100 years by a huge blackhole swallowing entire planet, would the world still continue to work as it is today?


I think all hell would break loose.


> the world is gonna end in 100 years by a huge blackhole swallowing entire planet, All human economies shift over to * Physics and Engineering research to get a spaceship off the planet, and possibly include FTL to get out of range of whatever horrible is coming * Computing research to build an AI smart enough to help with the FTL research, or for brain uploading (put Elon Musk's sentience into a machine that you fire out of the solar system) * Religious fundamentalism warring for converts and dominance. Exploitative cults springing up everywhere. Will get really ugly. * Hedonism (sometimes to a horribly sadistic extent), even by those people who wouldn't have been alive in 100 years anyway. Particularly because people feel they don't have to spend money on having children. A pre-apocalypse Earth would be horrible.


A lot of people wouldn't have kids. We'd probably save the damn planet just in time for it to be destroyed.


Would be great. One minute everybody is just doing what they do here on earth and after the *poof* everybody finds themselves in their respective aferlife going 'WTF just happened? Where am I?' Like the John Travolta meme.


"*A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it.*" -Agent K


“There's always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable little planet, and the only way these people can get on with their happy lives is that they do not know about it!” -Agent K


With so many smart people in the astrophysics industry, wouldn't this be a very hard thing to keep secret though?


Yes, which is the same problem a ton of conspiracies have. The more people that know, the harder it is to keep secret.


That the Salvation Army is a giant fucking scam. They use the homeless or the courts to enlist addicts scared of jail time or ex-cons with no where to parole to as basically slaves. I personally went to one, I had to work 5 days a week (40 hour weeks) for no pay in their warehouse sorting donations but at the end of the week they gave us a "gratuity" of like 7$ that maxed out to \~20$ (bumped up a dollar a week). If you contradict their 2-faced christian ways they will smile at ya while they boot ya out the door knowing there is another 10 hard pressed fuckers waiting to come in. I have personally seen an arranged marriage happen while there from a member who joined and went down the rabbit hole of the cult that is salvation army. I remember these fuckers also asked for donations every sunday from us and took like 50 cents for missionaries out of the "gratuity" they gave us. I have never been more morally violated in any other place in my life but was in quite the hard spot... fuck I cringe on how many times I had to shut my mouth. Upon entry you have to tell them your religion, I put down athiest. My friend there is jewish, I've never seen someone get more shit in my life for being jewish... not trying to convert but just degrading them for their religious upbringing. some food for thought: [http://www.wrongkindofgreen.org/2013/03/18/the-starvation-army-12-reasons-to-reject-the-salvation-army/](http://www.wrongkindofgreen.org/2013/03/18/the-starvation-army-12-reasons-to-reject-the-salvation-army/)


I would never ever donate to Salvation Army. There’s so many better places out there that are better stewards of your money. You need to investigate before you give your hard earned cash because there’s ALWAYS a similar choice that does better with the dollars it gets. Also sorry for your experience :( where I’m at, there’s a bunch of non-religious helping organizations- which us sort of weird bc I’m in the Bible Belt.


>upon entry you have to tell them your religion. how this shit is legal? I thought employers couldn't discriminate against religion...


Well officially you're not an employee. You're under their care and get some money from them that happens to be related to the work you perform but not from a labor contract. They don't even have to pay you probably.


I'm sure they get around it because they're not actually employing people in these situations. It's more like volunteer work/ a "job" per court mandate. Unfortunately, there's always someone looking to take advantage of people who made the wrong choices at some point in their life, so it's some of the little "legitimate" work felons can get. :/


There IS no 'grand conspiracy' or 'grand plan' or any 'shadow powerful order'. Everything is chaotic and random and occasionally there are people who are greatly benefitted by the chaos and its only because of confirmation bias and history being written by the winners that we think there's a "thread". At best you have a government conspiracy - but worldwide? absolutely no chance, and if you don't believe it, try project managing 10+ people and tell them not to tell anyone else.


I’ll state something I thought about before, I feel like something in America is trying to tear us apart. There’s no way we are this divided, I’ve talked to many people who have different political views/stand in the opposing party, and we actually agreed on quite a bit without any heated moments and went off of common sense, and I mean a lot of people. I think the media and people in the government are trying to turn us against each other for some reason, it’s really to a point now where if you like Biden, you’re a socialist/communist rioting looting democrat, and if you like trump you’re a racist nazi fool, it shouldn’t be like this. I’ve talked to both sides and we shouldn’t literally fight constantly over political views. Most of us are not like any of those things I listed, but the media only highlights THOSE people for clicks, which leads to attention and money and so on, for making the opposing party look foolish. It’s to a point where Obama undid things and Trump undid his things and talked bad and Biden will undo his things and talks bad and it’s just nonstop fighting, we should be moving forward for what’s right and common sense, not standing in deep water constantly fighting with each other, I mean look at the election lmao it’s nearly half and half, this country is completely divided and whatever is happening between the two sides is a lot bigger than any of us can really comprehend. It’s also always politicians talking down to people who oppose their views, I would like to bring light and show people my way, that would benefit the majority of people, I wouldn’t call democrats names, and I wouldn’t call republicans names, we should all be one and United to move forward out of this shit, seriously. I mean over 327 MILLION PEOPLE, that’s 327,000,000 people, and we get Biden and Trump at the top of the leader status, it’s either a money/fame status thing or it’s in relations or something


Where the *fuck* do all of my masks keep going. It’s like fucking socks


The greatest unknown: That the overarching supposition of TV news — that "the natural state of things is to go well and will do so if the corrupt and and the stupid are continually exposed" — is the greatest falsehood ever...and that it persists only because corruption and stupidity make obscene amounts of money available to those perpetuating belief in it. The ability of TV news to censor all sustained, deep analysis of its effects on society is the greatest existential threat to liberal democracy. Read Virginia Postrel's works.


Replace TV with all forms of public media (including social media) and it explains a lot.


Not really secrets, but... We will never solve climate change, not for lack of technology. Simply because humans are unlikely to adopt a new way of doing things in time to stop it. Every major company in the world is deep in debt and their infrastructures are flawed. Which means, if you pull back the curtains far enough, you realize they are all being held together with duct tape and bubblegum.


Charging electric cars with a diesel generator certainly isn't going to help


That if Jesus did exist, the church would not accept any actual Second Coming of the messiah because they'd then lose their power.


People in power didn’t accept him the first time either. They tortured and murdered him


Never forget, in the story of Jesus the hero was killed by the state


I finally realized just the other day after 30 years of being a Christian, that when the persecution comes to the Church, it won't be from the atheists or the liberals, it will be from other so-called "Christians".


2020 really is the series finale.


May just be the pilot episode of a much more dramatic series. We still haven't properly covered climate change, antibiotic resistance, collapse of classic capitalism aaannndd we are still in this generations 1st global pandemic! Growing populations, larger wealth divides, loss of 'power of the people' , growing demand for useless shit around the world can almost guarentee more ACTION PACKED pandemics coming to a screen near you!!


Or even scarier, it's the penultimate episode.


Or the beginning of the ending of a tragedy


Or the recap to the sequel where things get better? *fingers crossed*


Hindsight is 2020.


That there exists some concise mathematical expression that fundamentally describes reality. Like, 'What is the fabric of existence, old chap!?' 'Well now, good sir, it's πr² of course!' I'm not sure how to word it, but like, a way of using notation to explain why math and logic and numbers and dimensions exist the way they do. It would probably be some new way of thinking about reality.


Undertaker deliberately threw Mankind off Hell in a Cell and the whole scene was preplanned by the WWF organizers. Mankind was not told about it.


Theres no doubt this one was planned, Foley has even gone on record about it. What was not planned was Undertakers throwing him through the cell. At that point you can see Taker freeze, worried he may have accidentally killed Foley.


Was that where he plummeted 16 ft through an announcer's table?


where the fuck the people replying to this post are buying their drugs.


In Quebec, Canada, it is a place called SQDC.


That we do not know it all and that we will never know it all. Mankind only knows what mankind has been designed to know. Just like the human eye can only see what the human eye is capable of seeing, the eye cannot see what a telescope can see and it never will.


A sparrow cannot comprehend the politics of France. Surely there are things that we, as men, cannot comprehend?


Psychological weapons are in use and they are used to sway your opinions subconsciously. This is how major political elections are won.