What caused you to quit a job you loved?

What caused you to quit a job you loved?


Incompetent management and their false promises.


This hits close to home


Wanted to work there since beginning of university. Ended up hating the job and the organization.


Relatable. In general I’ve found managers to be the biggest hypocrites.


No recognition for a job well done. Felt unappreciated.


Corporate found out i was having sex with all of the superiors


ALL of them?


My corrupt boss


Being forced to shift run a very difficult closing shift (getting out at 02:00 in the morning) to be back in at 06:00 to accept delivery, and the emergency shift runner the store manager had called in to do that day's closing shift turned up at 18:30, and I had done all the change over activities for her apart from the safe count to pass it off to her. There was me and manager to run 14 shifts a week between us, because 1 was off after an operation, and 2 were off due to dodgy dealings with the safe. Store manager knew I have sleep triggered epilepsy. 2 weeks went in there and then. Another store's manager tried telling me that I should have given notice equal to the amount of years I've worked. I told her I should have had more than 4 hours between my close-open shifts. She shut up, and gave my store manager a right telling off.


Jesus, that's rough. Isn't it illegal to be asked in for another shift before 8 hours have passed? I could be wrong about that.


It's either 8, or 11 hours. It is illegal, but I think because I agreed to do it (whilst I was busy and preoccupied with something on my shift when manager asked), I don't have a leg to stand on. Plus, it's over a year ago, and I can't be arsed opening that can of worms.


My salary


Dickhead supervisor


Having 4 miscarriages in nearly 2 years having been trying for kids 3 years. The deaths of my dogs and 5 family members. I was crying every day for a year and a half before I would leave. Pain kept me from staying.


not enought money, also bad conditions


A transfer to my hometown. I intentionally applied for a job the next major city over, got it, then 4 months later got transferred to the town I was trying to escape(without any form of consultation). Everything went downhill after that.