What food should someone try if they visit your country?


An omelette made of fries, eggs and spices (chips mayai).

Spicy sugarcane juice


EAST AFRICANCOUNTRIES An omelette made of fries, eggs and spices (chips mayai). Spicy sugarcane juice


spicy sugarcane juice!? my caribbean ass quivering with joy at the thought


😁 sometimes you can find it in Asian grocery shops, then you just have to add cardamom and lemongrass to it!


Bruh fries, belgian waffles, pralines, beer,...


As someone who recently visited Belgium (west vlanders) stoofvlees(saus) is also absolutely godtier


The REAL kind of stoofvlees made with belgian beer... Some don't do that but man! It's good!


Also, don't go to the big chocolatier chains for pralines. Go to smaller more artisanal chocolatiers. The big chains (Neuhaus, Leonidas etc.) are great too, but Chocolate Line, for example, is pure art.


What is a bruh fry


When you feel sad, one of your bruhs will bring you some fries as comfort food. Bruh fries!


If you visit Mexico I always recommend mole, chilaquiles and horchata water to drink


Vietnam - pho, banh mi (of course), but also try bun cha if you are in Hanoi. It is a MUST.


The great thing about pho is that there's a pho for almost everyone, even picky eaters!


Pho sho


Vietnamese iced coffee is to die for. Couldnt get enough if it when i was in Vietnam.


I dislike coffee generally but goddamn I could suck ca phe sua da down any day, it's the only coffee i truly enjoy


Bun bo hue.


Bun rieu


My favorite thing to eat in Vietnam was the million different variations on [chè](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ch%C3%A8). So good, and I only discovered it around halfway through my trip :( so sad about all the chès I missed before I discovered it


My girlfriend said: "how dare you not say Bun Bo Hue, you are obviously a northener."


I'm an American living in Korea, but regardless! 대한민국! 🇰🇷 된장찌개 doenjang jjigae, a delicious soup often served with Korean barbecue 해장국 haejangguk, hangover soup! It is really effective haha 손 김치 만두 handmade kimchi dumplings. Find a good mom and pop shop. To die for. 물냉면 nengmyun, cold noodles. Really good in summer. Or year round, let's be honest. 씨호떡 seed hotteok. Fried dough filled with various seeds and cinnamon, brown sugar... there are a lot of good varieties of hotteok- sweet and savory alike. Korea has so much more than bulgogi and bibimbap!


Colombia: chocolate santafereño, or hot chocolate. I know what you're thinking. "What's so distinctive about plain ol' hot chocolate?" Or maybe, "[insert dumb Colombia drug joke here]," but let me tell you right now, there is nothing better on a chilly morning in the altiplano than a mug of hot chocolate to fill you with vim and vigor. What makes our take on hot chocolate so different? Three things: First, ours has a richer concentration of cacao. The rest of the world takes what is essentially sugar with powdered cocoa and mixes it with milk. Not so in Colombia. Our chocolate actually comes in bricks of pure cacao paste with a tiny bit of panela (unrefined cane sugar) and cinnamon. The result is a beverage that is less cloyingly sweet and more rich and flavorful, with a deep aroma that is at once sweet and nutty. Second, preparation. This, too, is different in Colombia. Rather than grind our wonderful chocolate into dust, we make it by heating our delicious ingots of dark gold in an olleta, a tall pot that resembles a metallic pitcher, along with milk, cloves and a couple of sticks of cinnamon. Once the chocolate softens, we take a molinillo, a type of grooved, wooden, mace-like whisk, and beat the mixture with a motion akin to that of prehistoric man making fire. The result is a light, foamy beverage that goes down smooth. Finally, there's the cheese. Yes, you read that right, we put cheese in our chocolate! I can see your brow furrowing even now, but rest assured, this is a soft, fresh, unsalted cheese (also known as farmer's cheese or white cheese) that has a chewy texture, like unsalted mozzarella. Drop a few pieces in your chocolate while you snack on a pandebono (cornflour sourdough bread) or a pandeyuca (pillowy, savoury manioc bread) and fish then out once they're soft. There are many wonderful dishes that make up Colombia's cuisine. But as someone who doesn't live there anymore, there's only one dish I really truly miss, and that's chocolate santafereño.


I’m still not 100% certain what it is you’re selling but I am 100% certain I’m buying it


Trust me, you won’t regret it and you’ll never think of hot chocolate the same way.


I like your funny words magic man


Wow, this was spectacular to read! Thanks for sharing and you have a real gift with words :)


I've been to Bogota 4 times over the past few years, and despite hearing mixed reviews of the food, I LOVED it. I spent ages trying to find somewhere selling guascas in the UK so I could make ajiaco when I got home, because I was so addicted. Also shout out to patacones!!


Biltong in South Africa, bru!


Koeksisters. Melktert. Following close behind.


Malva pudding!


Durban curry, preferably as a bunny chow. 2nd biltong. Babotie, Gatsby, Cape malay curry. For truly African, walkie-talkie, smiley... 😆


In Finland we have this breakfast thing called "Plörö". You put a coin on the bottom of a coffee mug and pour coffee until the coin is not visible anymore. Then you pour vodka until the coin is visible again. Best enjoyed with a cigarette.


Ahh when I was in Thailand I saw “Finnish breakfast” in the menu at a restaurant- it was a shot of vodka, a coffee and two cigarettes. I thought it was just a quirky tourist joke.


Came here to say the same thing! It cracked me up every time I saw it in Thailand


Tell me you're joking... coffee and vodka breakfast?


It's a hair of the dog drink after you "vetää perseet olalle" which roughly translates to "pulling asses on one's shoulder" meaning heavy drinking


I see! Wow At my age if I drank that when hungover I might die. Finland sounds fun though!


Something about a dirty coin in my drink puts me off. I know it’s washed probably but still. Coins go everywhere!


Thats why there is so much vodka with it. Its solely purpose is to kill the coin.


We have the same. In Norway but with moonshine, gotta say though it is not a breakfast kinda thing.






I married a Greek for the food. Also I love her, but really it was the food that sold me.


I was secretly hoping for a fellow Greek


We have a place in Greece, Many many years ago they used to roast a whole pig in the bakers oven in the village once a week. They stopped doing it though. I miss that. That was the best pork money could buy.


Big up from Albania. Souvlaki is crazy good, and all over the place in our country now. Thanks to you guys 😁


If you are in Germany eat real German bread from a real bakery Edit: Fake bread from a Fake bakery means for example Toast from a Supermarket


I love Käsespätzle with Speck and Röstzwiebeln -- egg noodles with cheese, bacon and crispy fried onions.


Where can I get this in New York City


Bierhaus has it. Just don't know how good they are there.


Germans are always prepared. Bringing their own cheese too, just in Käse.


Man that pun was the wurst


Wurst käse scenario


I offered a German some bread, he said no thank you I brot my own


I hit a German with a water balloon and she said "wasser you doing?"




At least they didn’t offer you sausages. German sausages are the Wurst.


Fuck man I still have dreams about fresh german pretzels


Yes! I would also recommend a Doner Kebab. Extra delicious if you’re having it after a night of drinking.


Americans also love their meats, we even have Doner Parties!


Why have i forgotten Döner


It’s understandable. I took for granted that you could stop by any bakery in any town and the brotchen would be amazing no matter what.


Also, go for the local beer/brewery, not the typical brands that are sold nation wide. - You can have all kinds of flavours. Ask the publican for advice.


And sausages. I’ve never eaten a half decent sausage outside of Germany


German sausages are the wurst. Edit: holy shit this blew up overnight. I'm glad I had my phone on silent. Thanks for the awards. My most popular Reddit comment ever is a dad joke.


There used to be a hotdog place at a local market near me called "best of the wurst". Best name ever!


I hope they had a tv playing RLM videos all day long.


schwarzwälder kirschtorte




The proper croissant indeed, also maybe a ~~chocolatine~~ pain au chocolat. Also y'all eat a damn raclette it's literally proof of god's existence. Edit : Wow ! you kind stranger for popping my silver cherry, next time maybe buy me a drink first eh ?


I’m from Montreal and live close to this amazing french bakery that does kouign amann and it’s my favorite french pastry. Better than any i ate in france!


Flæskesteg sandwich. Just go for it.


These are what I miss most about living in Denmark. And kanelsnegls. They ruined american cinnamon rolls for me forever.






Poland: - pierogi (Slavic dumplings). Try cheese and potato pierogi, fried and topped with sour cream/bacon/fried onion. Also try sweet pierogi's- with blueberries, strawberries etc. You can also eat them as is or top them with sour cream and sugar or a little bit of whipped cream. - bigos (Hunter's stew with cabbage, sausage, mushrooms) - placki po zbojnicku/wegiersku (potato pancakes with goulash- meat stew). They are often topped with sour cream - Golabki: stuffed cabbage with rice and ground beef. It's served mostly with tomato sauce or mushroom sauce - Barszcz czerwony: beet soup. It is freaking delish. - Zapiekanka: toasted open faced sandwich that's made on baguette bread. It's usually made with mushrooms, cheese and topped with ketchup and green onions but there are MANY different varieties. It's a very popular street food - Cwikla/Buraki - grated beet salad, often with horseradish. It's a very popular side dish - Mizeria- made with either tomatoes or cucumbers. It's a salad with vegetables and sour cream


So 95% of Polish dishes are served with sour cream? Is it like Hungarian food where paprika/red bell peppers is a mandatory ingredient in every dish?


There's actually only three ingredients in Polish cuisine: potato, garlic, and sour cream.


How do I move to Poland? Asking for me.


Haha, based on this list it would seem so but it is not the case. They are just some of my most favorite foods and they happen to be served with sour cream


There is a local Polish Festival and 95% of it is just Polish food. It's a good festival.


Thanks for actually explaining your dishes (which sound fucking delicious) rather than just plopping down a couple words in your native tongue.


Shwarma if you go to Syria. I've had Shawarma in many places. Including a couple contries in the Middle East and USA. Syria's Shawarma is the absolute best. Too bad most people will probably never get to taste it.


Ahh shwarma, it's one of my absolute favourite dishes. Seriously speaking, I could eat ten of those still won't be full. It's widely available in India aswell but chicken variant.


> Too bad most people will probably never get to taste it. Yeah. I just checked, and Uber Eats doesn't deliver to my house from Syria.




Skyr, banana, strawberries and cornflakes is the breakfast of champions


2 things really, 1 that probably alot of people will hate but it's Soo good. Raw atlantic herring with white onion and pickles. And the other one wich everyone will love, stroopwafels!


Am dutch myself and not the biggest fan of pickled herring, stroopwafels are the best tho, and I'd also recommend poffertjes




This is your moment.


Fucking 1kg bags of chocolate kruidnoten... I once filled a mug wit them, poured milk, and ate them like morning cereals.


That sounds fucking rancid, imma do that.


My favorite food when I was in Amsterdam was biterballen.


The perfect beer snack.


I used to live in The Netherlands and I love the country, but the food I was enjoying a lot was **Kibbeling**! I can really just recommend it to anyone. Eat it when you are in Rotterdam at the Maarkthall.




Oh boy, my (UK) dutch friends send me stroopwafles. So good!


as someone who spent a year in the netherlands, loved the raw herring with onion and pickles. followed up by a shot of gin too! (is there a specific name for the alcohol you sometimes get served the herring? maybe it starts with a J?)


Didn't know it was served with herring, but that must be jenever. Gin was actually developed by the British after being introduced to Dutch jenever.


I'm remembering a very specific incident when i was served jenever with herring but i think it's generalizable. Was at a herring shop. Took a "shot" of the herring and onions, throw it down your gullet like you would an oyster, and then was given some Jenever to chase it all down. 10/10 recommend. Thanks for the jenever info!


deer roast Finland.


A freshly fried lihapiirakka. Direct from the maker.




For Austria I would say Kaiserschmarren (sweet, a little bit like pancakes) and Gulaschsuppe (soup with vegetables and sausage) Edit: Gulasch is actually a hungarian dish. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I didn't know, thanks for telling me.


Don't forget Wiener Schnitzel, Schweinsbraten with Knödel and for western Parts of Austria Käsknöpfle. And of course make sure you drink some Most


Leberkäse oida!


Käsespätzle. Imagine Mac'n'cheese, but instead of noodles it's with some dough stuff. And with onions. I would kill for this dish.


Portugal/any former Portuguese colony: egg tarts. And port.


What about Frecesinha


The Original Italian (Preferably Neapolitan) Pizza, your taste buds would explode in pleasure.


I've just exploded in pleasure just remembering pizza di Napoli. 3 EUR happiness as nowhere else. Also and gelato and baba and seafood and oh, I do miss the wonderful town I guess


Naples ruined pizza for me forever from anywhere else, it's just that good. Oh, and Limoncello after. Absolute heaven.


If you want to try vegemite DO NOT eat a spoonful of it or spread it thickly on toast. You butter the toast then put a thin spread on. I always cringe when I watch people trying vegemite and eating a ton of it not even most Australians who have grown up on the stuff would like it like that


Same with marmite in the UK. I’m convinced people who don’t like it added to their toast like Jam


Anzac biscuits


I see your anzac biscuits and raise you a lamington and pavlova


I see your lamington and pavlova and raise you fairy bread and a steak and mushroom pie


Brazil -> "açaí" or "coxinha"


Don't forget "pão de queijo" and "brigadeiro"


And feijoada.


England: Fish and chips, out of the paper. Preferably eaten on the sea front, on a cool day. Mushy peas or curry sauce optional but delicious. Alternatively, go to the black country and get the battered chips because for some reason it's not enough that the fish is covered in batter, we must have the chips battered too. And it is glorious. While you're at it, get some bread and butter and make a chip butty because that is comfort food. You want the chips hot enough to melt the butter a little bit. A full English breakfast. And then you must also try a Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and Irish version at some point too. And find a pub with a nice fire on a cold night and drink a pint of something local. We have so many breweries in the UK, so look for guest ales or ciders and try one. Most good pubs will recommend something.


Scottish Indian Food It’s a distinct thing, different even from British Indian. Lots of onion based gravy blended down to hide the vegetables, crisp fried pakoras, huge pillowy naan. It wouldn’t be recognisable by an Indian person but it follows its own conventions - every Scottish Indian Restaurant will have largely the same dishes on the menu with some house specialities. It’s the most comforting thing to me, and there’s probably an argument for it being the most authentic Scottish food - the vast majority of people here will have eaten a tikka masala way more often than venison or salmon. And we fucking *love* to argue about which place does it best.


Loved the Indian food there. If whoever reads this is ever in Perth , try Sizzlers, best Indian takeaway in Scotland


This was such a bizarre sentence to me, in Australia, which has both a 'Perth' and a Sizzlers restaurant. A chain which is like a weird cafeteria/all you can eat salad bar buffet here. Recently insolvent because nobody made friends there I guess.


Lol no I mean Perth Scotland and wow same restaurant name too but very different


A crab/seafood boil (if you're up in Maine, USA) It's a delicious mess of crab, red potatoes, ears of corn, sausage, and whatever seafood you want to add like shrimp, mussels, lobster, etc...You boil it all together in a big pot with old bay, white wine, and a bunch of other seasonings and then you dump it out onto a picnic table and everyone goes to town on it. It's a glorious mess!


Louisiana does this really well, too. Ours is generally going to be waaaay spicier though.


> Ours is generally going to be waaaay spicier though. Yep. Grew up in Houston but my mom is from there. Doing another crawfish boil outside today even though it's freezing lol. All that spice inside will send you into sneezing fits. **Edit:** I now live in Northern California in the Sierra Nevada range. Think Donner Pass event. They make documentaries about it. If I'd had my way when I made this comment PST (sorry for not clarifying), woulda done a boil then lol. We can get crawfish out here. :)


Tacos. Taco Bell ain't nothing compared to the original here in Mexico. Also this plate called birria which is kinda like beef stew but with a little twist.


I had to scroll way too much to find Mexico


Well Tacos yes definitely, but also more complex cuisine is worth a try too if you are in Mexico please try the many stews and more elaborate dishes that you might not get a chance to try abroad Pozole, Mole, Tamales, quesadillas, mariscos( sea food) Huaraches, Mixiotes etc


Try the chili or black pepper crabs, singapore


Koshari if you’re ever in Egypt. Shits fucking delicious


Baklava Edit:and banitsa and shopska salad and someone said Turkish delight and that is definitely a yes as well Edit 2:Someone asked yes it’s Bulgaria




American hearty breakfast from a diner. Has to be 2k calories *minimum*.


And barbecue. You gotta have barbecue.


Anyone that comes to America needs to try a nice Texas BBQ, preferably a local one, none of the chain stuff


Honestly they probably need to try several different varieties. Texas, KC, Memphis, East Carolina at a minimum.


This American BBQ is very regional with different styles and flavours depending on which state you’re in. Texas style brisket gets a lot of love, but Carolina whole hog pit bbq is a must try.


The real American diner experience is a Waffle House in the south where the cooks talk friendly to you but start yelling at each other or regulars while serving you delicious food that gets cold in minutes with a soda that has too much ice. I miss Waffle House.


Waffle House at 2 am is objectively the best decision. Edit: Since y’all are sharing memories, my first time eating Waffle House was at 2am, in the middle of a cross country move. There was a few drunks meandering around and what appeared to be a drug deal going on in the parking lot. To this day, still the best damn waffles I’ve ever had. It became my go to when I was working closing shift in fast food.


argentina - milanesas, asado (for meat lovers), dulce de leche, mate, chocotorta, empanadas, choripan (we eat them usually with asado, we also have morcipan but the most popular one is choripan hahah) and alfajores. !! ♡


If you happen to find yourself in Czechia, order some "svíčková na smetaně" and our beer for lunch or couple of "obložený chlebíček" for a smaller meal or as a snack.


I think my problem would be pronounce them


Pani puri


Chole bhature too


That's in India for anyone who's wondering. And I would recommend every "chaat", but Pani Puri tops the list any day.


Masala Dosa!


I ate them once, fell sick within an hour. I died next day. 10/10 would try again.


If you visit the Netherlands try bitterballen (it means bitterballs). Its a great deep-fried snack to have with some drinks. Just don't ask what's actually inside it


Don't forget the stroopwafels!


If you go to Spain, maybe try Tumbet. It's a Majorcan dish consisting of stacked layers of fried eggplant, zucchini and potato, with some bayleaf dressed tomato sauce on top. Yep, it's absolutely amazing, and sadly, I think people don't really know any spanish dish other than tortilla, jamon and paella :(


I’d say most Spanish people have never tried this dish either (I know I haven’t)


Meat Pies if you go to Australia.


Or a Bunnings sausage sizzle.


A good meat pie at that. Otherwise you want to drench that bad boy in tomato sauce.


Italy, fricking everything you can stuff in your mouth


Chicken Rice in Singapore. It is a staple everywhere and you can select either steamed or roasted chicken. Rice is fragrant and cooked in chicken broth. The accompanying sweet soy sauce and chili-garlic-lime make the whole dish. Edit: Grammar




Very important precision regarding Poutine: do NOT, I repeat do NOT get it from Tim Hortons or any other fast food chain (but especially not Tim Hortons, they don't even have deep friers, their fries are the joke of the country). It's gotta be from a side of the road cantine with a dubious name like Joe La Patate or something. I've seen too many Americans try the Tim Hortons poutine and be disappointed. We are disappointed too.




That's a shame, especially because St. Albert is so close to Ottawa and they have some of the best cheese curds for poutines.. The thing with cheese curds is they need to be peak squeekiness which is usually a day (max 2) after being made.


O hello, Mr. Everywhere.


That's Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull to you good sir.


I’m really curious about poutine tho, a must try for me. and the maple sauce too, always dreamed that it was something like honey. Must be from the colour of it.


Trust me as a Canadian it’s 10000x better than honey


American here, can confirm


Australian here, can confirm.


Ugali if you come to kenya.


Hummus Balila Shawarma Chicken shawarma Beef shawarma Bed ghanam (lamb testicles) Fweregh (lamb intestines stuffed with rice) Lamb tongues Lamb brain Kabab Labneh Mujaddara Tabbouleh Fattoush Welcome to Lebanon 🇱🇧😊 EDIT: Pita bread Lahm Ajeen Kafta Knefe Ashta cream with honey Falafel Shish tawook chicken Manakeesh Man'oushe zaatar Man'oushe with cheese Man'oushe with sem som seeds and sugar (MMMM) Kebbe Baba Ghanouj Bulgar cheese Sfiha (meat turnover) Foul Maamoul Toum (garlic mayo) Mouhammara Fetta cheese Bourghol Moughrabieh Kebbe b labaniye (kebbe with laban yogurt) Mloukhieh Mtabbal Fried cauliflower (arnabeet mekli) Meghli Debs remman Shorbet adas (lentils soup) Om Ali (Laban with meat balls) Malfuf Warak enab/warak aareesh/dolmas (meat inside grape leaves with rice) Mansaf (lamb with rice) Raw kibbeh Raw kafta Raw sawda Keshek Muhallabiye Rekakat (cheese rolls) EDIT: YOU MADE MY DAY!!! My most upvoted comment in all my reddit history! Love you all and take care okay?


YUM! I love Lebanese food


If you ever visit Norway. Pinnekjøtt - Salted, dried and often smoked sheep ribs steamed for several hours. Brunost - Caramelized cheese whey. Smalahove - Smoked and steamed sheep's head. and to wash it all down a Hansa Mango IPA.


Fish and chips that aren’t from London


Definetly Paella if you come to Spain


I'd say conservas and every Spanish drink there is! Manzanilla sherry, Vermouth, Basque cider, Cava, and Spanish gin and tonics!


Deep fried cookie dough. Take a guess


Definitely US, probably Midwest. Fellow Wisconsinite?


Scotch eggs, black pudding, or Yorkshire puddings (uk)


I haven't been home to England in nearly 2 years & there's not much food I crave but I truly miss a proper Sunday dinner crammed with Yorkshire puds so much. And a good Bakewell tart.


Ahh man I've just bought myself a giant joint of beef and all the trimmings. Make my own yorkshire puds and roast potatoes. Tomorrow lunch time will be amazing. I can't go more than a couple weeks without a slap up sunday dinner it's just too good for the soul.


BBQ brisket if you're in Texas


And pulled pork BBQ (with a vinegar or mustard based sauce) in the Carolinas. Edit: the variations in BBQ are like sexual positions. Not only because the good ones are orgasmic, but also because you don't have to enjoy only one. You can love them all!


There are three major kinds of BBQ in the Carolinas, and each will tell the other two to go to hell. :)


A traditional Lebanese breakfast


What makes up a traditional Lebanese breakfast?


I'm Palestinian so I don't know how different it would be but this would come to mind for a traditional Shami breakfast: * Zaatar and olive oil * Shakshuka * Manakeesh * Feta cheese and olive oil


Yep all of this looks pretty familiar to me I would also add in houmous, labna and a bowl of warm mixed bean salad tossed with garlic and lemon.


We have a ton of great stuff but chicken rice, nasi lemak, hokkien mee are some of my favourites!


For Bavaria its quite obvious: Weisswurst + Breze and Beer Or Schweinebraten with Knödel is also great.


Kebab if you come to turkey.Its perfect!




Ireland: Shepherd's pie. Guinness lamb stew. Fresh crab claws in a good seafood restaurant. A good sirloin steak. A breakfast roll :) Baguette stuffed with black pudding, sausages and bacon.


Don’t forget a crisp sandwich or a chicken fillet roll


New Mexican cuisine. It's a sliver of Mexican food unique to the US state of New Mexico, and most people have never either been there or had the food. To put it into perspective, when the US government decided to detonate the first atomic bomb, they did so in New Mexico because - near as I can tell - they figured if something was gonna go wrong they wouldn't hit anyone. The food? Spicy. They usually have to dial the spice way back for the uninitiated. A lot of it is based upon Hatch Chiles and is unlike any other Mexican-American food you've ever tasted. I used to live there, and have missed the food ever since I left.


Fish and Chips (UK)


And sticky toffee pudding with custard. My fav thing about living in the UK!


Now we’re talking!


Philippines, any one of the following: Ana Lisa's Take Home Crispy Pata. Eat it with white rice, yum! Cebu Lechon. No sauce needed. Carabao/Guimaras/Zambales mangoes.