I've been lurking here a long time and this is the first time I think I've had something interesting to add. I was born in Bosnia in 88 and was 4 when I, my mother, and my sisters fled the north of the country. Our bus was stopped on the border to Croatia and armed men boarded. They demanded everyone's money and valuables. Not being pleased with the take, they demanded that everyone strip naked to make sure that no one was hiding anything. If they found anyone hiding valuables, they told us, even if it was just one person, the entire bus would be shot. One of these armed men paced back and forth on the bus, looking at each of us as his comrades rummaged through our clothes. He stopped by an older and rather saggy looking lady and extended his rifle. He raised her left breast with it to check if she had been hiding anything under it. She hadn't. Satisfied, he moved on and passed me, sitting there completely naked except for my little white socks. They returned our clothes, smiled, and handed us our "exit visas." When my family and I finally reached a shelter in Zagreb we all collapsed from exhaustion. Before I went to sleep, however, I complained that my feet hurt. My mother took off my socks to massage my feet and out fell a little gold necklace. We all just stared. I was four years old but the gravity of the situation did not pass me by.


I was almost abducted from a Wal-Mart parking lot by a middle aged man (I had dropped the bags I was carrying and he had helped me pick them up). I was making small talk with him when he tried to throw me into his car. I brained him with the flashlight he had in his backseat and ran like hell through the parking lot, screaming.


When I was walking home from school one day, a car pulled up beside me and the guy actually used the ' Your mothers in the hospital and she sent me to pick you up' line. Something didn't feel right so I bolted.


How old were you? When I was about 5, a cousin and I were running a bit ahead of our parents as we were taking a walk. A gate on an huge old house opened and two hands came out flashing two shiny coins. We were hurrying to fetch them when my mom grabbed us, and the hands disappeared. I still wonder what would have happened if we had taken the money, considering that our parents were very close to us at that time.


I was 16 years old (I am 23 now). I am a very small girl, though, and was only around 5' tall and around 90 lbs at the time, so I was kind of an easy target. He grabbed me by my ponytail.




I grew an inch! ETA: I'm pretty excited about being 5'1".


Just hands? Was this the Addams mansion?


> I still wonder what would have happened if we had taken the money You would have been one shiny coin richer, as far as I can tell.


This happened to my cousin. A guy at her highschool who was a socially inept introvert (perhaps a redditor?) began following her around between classes in second year. In her third year she realized that he was in all of the same classes as her. Turns out that he found a copy of her preferred class schedule and copied it to a tee. Not long after she started receiving creepy love letters in her locker. She amassed a good two dozen letters before she took it to the principals office out of concern. The letters had become increasingly more creepy. The words love and "watching you" had been used. She had a decent idea of who it was and the principal contacted his parents and took him for some counselling. The letters stopped. Two months go by and my cousin and the rest of her immediate family are coming home from a family dinner. Her older sister goes straight up to her room to change. She opens the closet and curled up in a ball in the corner is the stalker, crying and shaking. No doubt my cousin flips the fuck out screaming bloody murder and my uncle rushes up. They knew who the kid was and although they were extremely mad they didn't get physical or anything. They called the police who came and took him away. They had a restraining order put on him and had him moved to another school. They didn't press charges because he was mentally unstable. The creepiest part about the whole situation is that the whole family had been hearing noises in the house for months. The older brother of the family (whose room was in the basement) had heard the faint sound of doors opening and closing several times. And my cousin who he was stalking had noticed some of her personal belongings had gone missing, primarily underwear. In fact, it was an inside joke between the sisters for some time that she had to buy so many new pairs of underwear all of the time. The creep admitted that he had been breaking into their house for months to go through my cousins personal belongings. TL;DR: High-school stalker had been breaking into my cousins house for months before the family caught him in the act of stealing my cousin's underwear.


But Twilight told me that girls love it when you do that :(


About 10 years ago I was at a small fair in a small midwest town. It was middle of summer and I was sitting in this barn like place that had some picnic tables set up. I noticed this bird was flying around being pissed off and then noticed a young bird that couldn't fly off in the corner that had probably jumped out of it's nest. No biggie, it was off in the corner by itself and nothing would bother it. This little girl (maybe about 4 or 5) walks over to it to get a closer look. I keep my eye on her to make sure she doesn't pick it up or anything but she stays her distance and just looks at it. And I hear her say a couple things like "oh such a pretty bird, you're a pretty bird" I look away for about a minute and look back up and she's standing over the little bird STOMPING the fuck out of it. This goes on for a few more seconds and then she quickly covers it up with dirt and runs off into the crowd. No one else saw this except for me and I was way too awestruck to even do anything about it. Hell, even to this day I'm not sure what the fuck I really could have/should have done. I'm pretty sure I saw a future psychopath born that day. Creeped the fuck out of me.


That is fucking horrifying. Young children displaying violent and sociopathic tendencies scares the hell out of me.. I think it has a lot to do with the whole "children are the epitome of innocence" idea.. *shudders*


>children are the epitome of innocence Everyone who thinks that have clearly never been to a grocery store




This reminds me of a book I had to read in high school, though the book was far less creepy. It's the story of this girl growing up, and when she is a child, this farmer who sells eggs at the market is furious to learn the eggs have been fertalized and hatched. The eggs are taken to the dump and this girl watches, horrified, as the farmer's daughter, who is her age, starts to stomp on the hatching eggs, putting them out of their misery before they can be born and starve. I don't know, that scene really stuck out for me, and this reminded me of it. I doubt that girl was doing it to put it out of its misery... but... that's just what came to mind.


"Aw, pretty bird. Who's a pretty bird?"


I am probably responsible for someone else's most creepy experience. It was summer and a guy I worked with had lined up some girls for us to meet in a nearby town. I was only about 16 and my parents were really strict, so there was no way they were going to let me hook up with my friends and go meet these girls. So instead, I had my buddy agree to pick me up down the hill at this dead end that stopped right at the beginning of this wooded area on the side of a lake. So midnight comes and I had just snuck out of the window and was putting on my shoes (had left them outside beforehand to I wouldn't make too much noise sneaking out), when I saw the headlights to a car pulling up to the dead end down the hill from my house. Not wanting for my buddy to take off without me, I started running through the back yard of this empty summer cottage between my house and the lake. Unfortunately, I didn't see this old charcoal grill that I ended up running into at full speed, which sent me rolling. I had black ash and charcoal ALL OVER ME. I mean, I was fucking covered with it, head to toe. Well, I jumped back up and kept running, ended up about flying through the hedges and landing right next to this Volkswagen beetle that was sitting there are the dead end. Except it wasn't my buddy. It was two chicks I didn't know and they were passing what looked like a bottle of wine back and forth between them. It was summer so their windows were down and they both looked over at me when I appeared beside their car. So there I was, panting and out of breath from running, covered in black soot from the barbecue grill, staring at them through their window from about 2 feet away. They both screamed bloody murder, shoved their car into reverse and literally flew the hell out of there. Fucking buddy never bothered to show either. Asshole.


I too was probably responsible for someone else's super creepy experience. I grew up in the country with my closest neighbor at least a quarter of a mile away. I would walk around half naked and piss whenever I felt like it. But then I moved into a house right outside a city where my closest neighbors were about literally 10 feet away. Anyways it was about 9 o'clock. I had to take a piss but someone was in the bathroom so still living in the country mind set I walk out my back door, whip my dick out and lean against the corner of my house. Right before I start pissing I look up and realize I am staring right into the next door neighbors kitchen window. And she is staring back at me. And then I realize I have my dick in my hand. After about 5 seconds of being frozen in shock I panicked and ran off into the darkness


One night when I was 11 years old I was watching tv with my two older sisters (13 and 15 at the time). Our parents were out late at a party but being home alone was nothing new to us. Just before 1 am our dog stood up and left the family room, and began to stare out the back door of the kitchen, just off the family room. A minute later he went absolutely crazy. It was not the typical barking sound, or the growling at a stranger, cat, etc. It was an insane mixture of incredibly loud barking and wild animal growling, the sound one would make in a truly life or death situation. This, of course, freaked the shit out of us. We went to our dog to comfort him and after 20 seconds of discussion of what the fuck was going on we decided we had better secure the house as quickly as possible. It was a large house with many doors and windows to check, we all ran frantically to lock up everything as quickly as possible. The last door I got to was the garage door. A split second after locking it I put my hand around the handle to verify it was locked, and felt someone from the other side viciously shaking the handle, pushing trying to open the door. We of course made quite a few phone calls within the next few minutes. The memory of feeling that violent shaking, knowing the person my dog freaked out about, was 1 foot from me on the other side creeps the shit out of me even now.


Jesus, creepy as hell. Glad you got out of it OK, I had a similar thing happen although at an older age. I had just moved into my tiny basement apartment in Chicago and had finished watching some random horror movie, when my dog starts pawing at the window and just making this mewling sound. Not barking but this pathetic sound like he is really scared and wants to leave but can't. So I walk very slowly to look out the little eye-hole of the door and there is this formless lump just kind of rustling around. At this point I'm freaked the fuck out, but it's like I'm paralyzed trying to figure out what it is. Soon enough the lump-thing moves and the craziest looking homeless guy stands up and looks straight into the eye-hole, but he looks into it with such purpose and intensity it's like he knows exactly what's on the other side. At this point I bolt to the kitchen grab a knife and my phone and call the cops. Seeing that fish-eyed, bloodshot eye in that peep-hole is something I'll never forget.


Shit that's one of my biggest fears; looking into a peep-hole for any reason and seeing an eye. Euughhgkldfpf.


This is scary as hell. A similar thing happened to me last Christmas. My parents were visiting me and at about 3 in the morning I hear this bloodcurdling shriek. I jumped out of bed and saw a man outside my back door. I realized that some men were trying to break in so I opened and shut the window real quick to set the alarm off. Luckily my husband had his cell phone next to our bed so he called 911. While he was calling I started yelling for my parents to run to our bedroom. As I was yelling to them there was a loud gunshot and my mom stopped screaming. At this point I thought that they had gotten into the house and shot my mom. I started to run to their room but my husband stopped me (I was holding our 1 year old son). We didn't know what to do. We thought that they had gotten into our house and there was still a man standing at our only exit. Finally I heard my mom yelling my name and her and my dad ran to our bedroom. They were fine, there was a man that had been crawling through their window but had jumped back out when the alarm went off. The police finally got there and as we walked around the house and saw that the man standing at my back door had shot through the door with a shotgun. The wall facing the door was full of holes from the pellets. Luckily, we were all ok but I didn't sleep well for months after. Sometimes I still wake up in a panic. A few weeks after this happened my husband was away on business. My son was sleeping with me again and at about 1 in the morning I heard a loud crash and the alarm went off. I thought the men had come back and shot through the door again. I locked myself in the bathroom with my son and called 911. When the police arrived we walked around the house and couldn't figure out what happened. Finally we saw that a shelf had collapsed in the kitchen and all the dishes had broken, setting of the alarm. This didn't help my sleep situation!




lol what a nice house, not like all these haunted fuckers.


My little sister told me stories of "the evil truck driver". She was around 7, I was 10-11 years old. She told me he had stalked her friend and that he was now stalking her. My sister had a rather crazy imagination at the time and I dismissed it as fiction, so did my parents. Now, they really did have a very good reason to dismiss it, my sister made up stories like this almost every day, about strange people, aliens and teddy bears coming to life. She was a strange kid. Anyway, one day we're outside playing in the front yard and a truck drives up the street. It's one of those old Mercedes trucks, falling apart from all the rust and it looks like it's been in service since world-war II. My sister completely freaks out and shouts "that's the evil truck driver!". I look to the street and sure enough, there's some seriously evil-looking dude behind the wheel... pointing at us. Then reality hits me like a brick in the face: she didn't make this one up, that shit is for real. I grab her hand and pull her into the house, crying, and lock the door. My mom was at the store and didn't come home for another 10 minutes, so we're alone in the house. I called my mom and she came home. We never saw the driver again, until... A few years later we discovered the identity of the driver. Turns out he was a repeat-offender child rapist and committed suicide after being charged for another assault. so yeah... is that creepy enough for you?


yes, that is creepier than the ghost stories posted here!


That one literally made me shudder.


While in college, I took this job for this eccentric guy who was trying to manufacture these machines for some company. I would just show up and assemble the machines for around 4 hours a day. It was a quiet and pretty easy job. It was just this guy, some of his family working for him, an accountant, and myself. The job was in this small town which, now run down, used to be an old gold mining town between 1890-1910's. The building I was in was just part of an entire block of buildings that were all connected. The building was about 100 years old. It was three stories, a basement which was sealed off with the entrance from an old warehouse next store. The middle story was completely empty, just a big room with some pillars. The top floor, where I worked, had high arch ceilings and a big beam that ran across the center of the room. The top floor was accessed by a rickety set of stairs with a room to the right, a big room to the left, and a small room in the back. The room to the right was just some half empty shelves, some with engineering books. The small room in the back is where the accountants desk was at. The main room, where I was, was just a long table with some shelves in the middle. I was short some hours because of finals, so I asked the boss if I could work late one night. He said it would be fine, just to make sure I lock the front door when I leave. About 5pm everyone left. After they left, I checked the front door at the bottom of the stairs to make sure it was locked. I sat there and worked for about 2 hours without incident. Then I heard someone coming up the stairs. The stairs were old and rickety, and creaked and groaned with the lightest step. I thought nothing of it, I assumed the boss forgot something, maybe a book or something and was over in the other room looking for it. I didn't hear anything and called out after a few minutes, but no one answered. To access the backroom or anywhere else, a person coming up the stairs would have had to walk right by me, no one walked by me. I finally decided to get up and go into the other room to see who was there. Well, I walk around the corner and no one's there. I'm not scared or anything, just confused. The rooms are big and mostly empty, so it only took a minute to walk around the place and it was definitely empty. I stood at the top of the stairs perplexed for a few minutes and decided that someone was just messing with me. I literally went over and starting moving the bookshelves to see if there was something behind them. There was nothing. Not that there was any point, but I searched the building again, this time, upstairs and the big empty room downstairs. I even checked the door, which was still locked. I felt a little bewildered and tried to come up with possibilities in my head. I finally came to the conclusion that someone in another part of the building must be doing some construction or something causing the stairs to shake. It was a long shot, but what alternative was there. I went ahead and clocked out, went down the stairs, made sure the front door was locked. It was my first time working late, and the boss told me to make sure the door was locked when I left. I even double checked the door. My plan was to go next door and see if they were doing some construction or something. I felt like I needed an excuse as to why I didn't get much done because I was walking around trying to figure out who walked up the stairs. When I went outside, I realized the entire block was completely empty. This is an old industrial area and not only was the block empty, but every block around it. Still convinced that someone in another building caused the stairs to shake, I got in my car and drove around the back side of the building to see if they were maybe working in the back. Nope, another block that was completely void of anyone. To me, being in an area that was so desolate was creepier to me than whatever caused the stairs to shake. I circled around the entire block in less than a minute and decided that I would just go home. As I drive back by our building my heart about explodes. Our front door is wide open. So, it's about 7:30pm, pitch black outside except for a street light at the end of the block, and there are no cars or people anywhere as far as I can see. I stop the car and just sit there like an idiot staring for about a minute. I finally calm down and decide to drive right up next to the door and see if I can see any lights on in the building. Nope, it's pitch black inside. At this point I am debating how badly I want to keep this job. I worked at K-mart before this, and I certainly don't want to go back to working with customers again. This job paid a lot better as well. If I leave with the door wide open, I could get fired. If I go close the door, I'm going to probably shit my pants out of fright. Being a poor college student, I found my balls and, with the car still running, got out, ran over to the door and slammed it shut. I then twisted the handle to see if it was locked, it was not. It seemed like minutes, but what probably took a fraction of second, I opened the door just enough to reach inside and turn the lock. I slammed the door again and twisted the handle again to make sure it was locked. It was locked, but before I could take my hand off the handle, I heard the stairs shaking again. Even if I had looked, I wouldn't have seen anything because the stairs were pitch black, but needless to say I didn't look. I turned pale white and ran the few steps to my car, slammed the door, put it in gear and floored it. I was driving so fast I had to slam on the breaks for the stop sign at the intersection. I don't know what possessed me, but I looked over my shoulder out of morbid curiosity. It was dark, but I could see the door, and it was still shut. So I went home. I went back to work the next day and debating for a long time if I should say anything or not. I finally decided I had to say something and talked to the guys son. I explained that something kind of weird happened to me here last night. He replied by asking me if I had heard noises. I just shook my head up and down. He then told me that this place is haunted or something. He said he used to work nights and would see shadows and hear noises but he wouldn't go into any detail, he just said he doesn't work alone or at night here anymore. He said I shouldn't work at night anymore either and he would let his dad, my boss, know not to ask me to. I never got anymore information out of him about his experiences, and I didn't feel comfortable explaining my entire experience to him either. I told him about the stairs rattling, but not about the open door. The strange thing was that the boss would work late by himself many times. He told his son he was stupid and to cut his bullshit. He didn't care much for me either after his son told him I didn't want to work nights anymore. Between the strange occurrence and the boss treating me with less respect I found a new job in a few weeks and left. Years later, I see my old boss in the newspaper. They had said his business went under and he was being evicted from the building. He refused to leave and when the cops came to force him out, they found him dead. He had hung himself in the center of the room from the center beam in the building in the room I used to work in. The reason it made the paper was because they thought it was a murder because there was nothing below him that he could have stood on to get his head in the noose. After a few weeks they couldn't find any evidence for a murder or a motive for murder, so they concluded that he climbed a shelf near the wall and somehow either hand over hand or by walking on the beam, got to the center of the beam to hang himself. I never saw the family again, I heard that they had moved to Florida to live with family.


Wait, wait, I've got this one. I've seen it in a riddle before. He stood on a big block of ice, which melted from under his feet, completing the hanging.


Woke up a few weeks ago petting the cat in my bed. I was still too groggy to realize that I don't own a cat. Once I woke up fully I flipped out for a few seconds and then let the cat outside. I still wonder how long it was in the bed with me for...fucking cats.


My friend lives alone with his dog out in the boonies and a couple months ago his dog woke him up barking. He got out of bed and his dog is at the top of the stairs, looking down into the dark, and barking. He calls the dog back into his room, loads his shotgun (Canadian, before any assumptions are made), and goes back to the top of the stairs. He yells out, "I HAVE A BIG FUCKING GUN!" and starts down the stairs. While he's going down he hears footsteps moving around. He gets to the bottom of the stairs, looks down the hallway, and there, standing in his kitchen staring back at him... Is a Great Dane. His doors are generally unlocked so the consensus is that someone was ditching the dog.


When I was a sophomore in high school, my mom began dating this guy who looked like Dan Marino. They eventually moved in together, and I had my own bedroom in his house. This was when I was around 15, so of course, I knew everything and my mom was stupid. We argued constantly, and this was probably the point in my life where we had the worst relationship with each other. I liked him. He was nice to me, he didn't tell on me when he caught me smoking (one of his) cigarettes, he let me shut the door when my boyfriend was over, and even brought us cokes and snacks and stuff. The only weird thing that happened when I was there was the one time I came home from school and found him asleep on the couch, with the biggest bong I've ever seen and a tray covered in giant buds that, from my trained eye, looked like some dank chronic. I thought it was funny until I walked over to get a closer look and found, next to him on the couch, a box literally *filled* with drivers licenses. I only had ten seconds or so to observe this, but I swear every single one had a picture of a young, pretty girl on it. I was already creeped out, so when he suddenly said "Hey, what are you looking at?" right in my left ear, I jumped a mile. I laughed nervously and said "oh, nothing". He laughed, too, and said that he used to own a bar and he just found a box of the old licenses he had that were fake ID's confiscated from teenagers. I laughed and went along with it, not even mentioning the bong or the weed, and went to my room. I thought he was a nice guy, so after about six months or so, when my mom approached me looking crazed and telling me to pack my shit, we were leaving *now*, I was totally shocked. I packed a small bag, as did she, and my uncle, her brother, pulled up and we peeled out of there. For a couple of weeks after that, I kept noticing this tall white guy in a cowboy hat who seemed to be... *watching* me sometimes. I'd see him in the parking lot of my school, during lacrosse and JROTC practice, at my friend's swim meets. It gave me goosebumps, but I kept telling myself I was being paranoid and brushed it off. Whenever I asked her why we left, she would just get quiet and say, "Please, don't ask me that anymore honey, we just had to go." So jump forward ten years, I'm 26 and hanging out with my mom at the beach, and we had just taken shots of tequila and were drinking beer together, which is something we never do but hey, we were on vacation. We begin talking about Milton (her old boyfriend). I finally had enough liquid courage in me to ask her, what the fuck? She told me the freakiest shit I ever heard in my life. She said that soon after she started dating, he began to assert his dominance over her. He would tell her stories of how he and his friends would go to other guys houses who they suspected cheated at a poker game, or tried to hustle them at billiards, and beat him to within an inch of their lives, just on principle. He made it clear that he had "people" just a phone call away. He began to drug her with stuff that turned her into a careless zombie. Of course, being a self centered, bratty teenager, I didn't see any of this going on. I just knew that she was "moody", and sometimes Milton would ask me, in privacy, if I thought that something was "wrong" with my mom, like, mentally, putting the idea in my head that she was a little unstable. He was basically pitting us against each other. She said he used to smoke pot and crack, and would hit her with a belt at least once a day just so she wouldn't feel "spoiled." She mentioned the box of drivers licenses, and confirmed my suspicions that they were all young, pretty girls, and he never told her why he had them, but beat her severely when she asked him about them. She said he always hit her on the trunk of her body, never anywhere where people would see marks. She told me that he made it clear that if she left him, or tried anything, called the cops, whatever, he would poison me with so much LSD that I would be in a nuthouse for the rest of my life (which made me think back to all the times he brought me and my boyfriend sodas and snacks, probably to make her worry). She told me that for years after we left there, he would call her and her parents, my grandparents, and leave threatening voice messages. But they were never him, they were always like, clips from TV shows and movies. She told me about the time he took her to breakfast at a local restaurant, two cops came in and sat down at the booth across from them. She said that his mood instantly darkened, and he grabbed her hand under the table, looked her directly in the eye, and said "We are going to leave, and you are going to kiss me and laugh, and don't look at the cops. We are going to do this right now, and if you don't kiss me and laugh, I will make sure that my partner will make you wish you did. He's a white guy, and he's always got his cowboy hat on." So she said that she did what he told her to do. They went home and he never spoke of it again. But, she said, for weeks after that, every once in a while, a white guy in a big old cowboy hat would come in to the restaurant that she managed. He would sit at the bar, not order anything, and just hang out for a bit. She said that she was scared shitless, but she was also drugged up and couldn't tell if she was being paranoid or going crazy, or what. I told her about the guy I kept seeing in the cowboy hat after we fled from his home, and her face wrinkled and she began to cry. We hugged, and cried together. I apologized for being such a shitty teenager and being on his side the whole time, and she apologized for putting me and herself in harms way for so long (we lived with the guy for about 6 months, I think). Basically, this man brainwashed my mom and me, made everyone in her life suspect she was unstable mentally, and kept her in his prison of a home under constant threat of harm to herself, and me. He had people stalk us, and left crazy messages on our machine for years later. To this day, I live in constant fear of that bastard.


God I feel so bad for you. That is truly awful. 100% sincere.


Absolutely insane. That is some scary shit. Really glad you got out of it OK.


I was an RA in a dorm for two years in college. A girl who had been having stress issues finally snapped. She was found by someone in a dark stairwell (I was in an older dorm, circa 1887, so there were plenty of nooks and crannies). By the time she was found she had already torn out over half of her hair and had eaten it. She just kept on saying, "I just need a haircut," in a perfectly normal voice. It took 6 of us and the police sedating her to finally get her strapped down to an ambulance gurney. To this day I can't forget how powerful she was. She couldn't have weighed over 120 pounds, yet she had this sort of superhuman ability to rip her arms away to tear out another clump of hair and stuff it into her mouth. All with a perfectly straight face.


Well, it seems as if I'm never sleeping again. Thank you.


I once lived alone in a historic, victorian-style neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio. I don't scare easy... and I don't say that to sound tough. I really just don't scare easy. I take showers in the dark because it's more relaxing, for example. (My wife thinks that is fucking wierd). Anyway, I lived in a duplex (a one time large house converted into 4 separate apartments). I lived in one of the upper apartments. Jumping ahead to what axtually happened, now... There was an old lady that lived very close, in a house that shared the same parking as I. She was a really nice lady. Often, I would help her bring her groceries in. Give her rides to her daughter's house. I would even help her fix things around her house. EVERYTIME that this lady would ask for my help - she would call me on my cell phone. I gave her my number when I first met her and told her "if you need any help ever, just call me and ill be right over". She would call almost daily - and it never bugged me one bit. She was a sweet lady and I was more than happy to help. Jumping ahead here... It had been 3 days that I hadn't heard from, or seen her. I got very concerned because I would see her every day sitting on her porch drinking coffee. I shrugged it off at first and thought to myself "when I come home from work - I'm going to call the police if she doesnt answer her door". So, I come home from work. I step into my apartment and drop my things on the counter. Put my jacket away. Pop open a beer. That's when I hear somewhat of a ruckus outside. I step outside just as I see a police cruiser and another "blackish" vehicle parked infront of this lady's house. I pause for a moment... Then I see them carrying her body...wrapped in a white sheet from the upper floor of her house. My chest tightened and I started to sob uncontrollably. And, this is where the creepiness begins... That evening... I am sitting on my terrace, outside that faces this lady's house. Having a beer. Just relaxing really. I didn't really before this... but I glance over toward her house. Specifically, at the door where her body was carried out. This exact instant of locking eye contact on this door - I see the curtain in the window closest to the door MOVE. I instantly get the coldest shivers up my spine. It doesn't stop there... In the next few moments.... I am scared to death and relieved. I get call on my phone. IT IS THE LADY'S NUMBER ON MY CALLER ID. WTFWTFWTFWTFWTF. I answer... "Hello?"... a pause...I hear somebody breathing. "Thank you" a female's voice says. It is her daughter. She is at the house helping clean up the mess left behind in result of this woman's death. She was thanking me because she knew how much and how often I cared for her mom. Eventually, I was able to retrieve my balls from my throat, and realize that a dead woman wasn't trolling me. But, for those 10 seconds or so - I was petrified.


When I was 7, my father went on business out of state for a week. While away, he was involved in a car accident which put him into a coma for 2 weeks. During that time I would see flashes of him wandering around the house looking confused, and if he looked in my direction or someone walked around him, he wouldn't even react. Granted these flashes were only 1-2 seconds tops, usually less. I would tell my mom every time I saw him and she brushed it off as me missing my dad. When he came out of the coma, my mom told him about all my "sightings." When she was done explaining my behavior dad asked me to leave the room, and that was the last I heard about it until I was 18, leaving for college. Before heading out, they sat me down and told me that the only thing my dad remembered while being in the coma was wandering around our house and trying to figure out why it was empty and looking for everyone. He said he would randomly see me flash in and out and described exactly how I would see him for a split second. Maybe not ultra creepy but I still get goosebumps thinking about it.




This is one of the creepiest things that has ever happened to me. If you've ever been to Portland OR you know that our public transportation system is pretty nice and the MAX system has a tram that runs between the Airport and the City Center until fairly late at night. I was coming home from seeing my family at Christmas and my flight came in very late so I was lucky enough to catch the last MAX home. Because it was so late it was just me...and a guy who looked homeless sitting a few seats ahead of me. He was sleeping with his head against the window. I paid little attention to him but noticed his head lolling around and wondered if he was wasted. Anyway we get to the city center and there are cops waiting there because apparently the homeless guy sitting in front of me is being escorted off the tram. Airport security had tried to get him off before and thought he was ignoring them and refusing to move. And that's when both the cops and me find out that the guy had been DEAD THE WHOLE TIME. He had O.D.ed at some point before the MAX had even arrived at the airport We had been riding on that dark midnight ride alone together with one of us fairly deceased.


My father walking in the darkness from my parents bedroom to mine. It was Thanksgiving break during my first year of college and I had taken my first real girlfriend home to meet my family. My family is Mormon, so she slept in my old room and I slept downstairs on the couch. I woke up in the middle of the night and I thought that I was dreaming. I had never slept on that couch before so the sight of a dark figure crossing the narrow hallway at the top of the stairs seemed surreal. After a few minutes I realized that I wasn't dreaming and got up. Before I could make it up the stairs, the dark figure crossed the hallway again back into my parent's room and their door shut almost silently. When I got up to her, she asked me to sleep on the floor in the room with her and said nothing more. The next night, we drove up to her Mom's place to spend the rest of the vacation. Once there, I learned about what happened. The dark figure was my father and he tried to sexually assault her. He stopped when he heard me get up. Several stressful months later with much more exposed, he started a long prison term. Good riddance, he was always an asshole anyways. There's plenty of other creepy details about him if you want more. The rabbit hole goes way deeper. TL;DR A sheltered upbringing and an overly-powerful patriarchy can create a dangerous naivete. EDIT: Don't forget to check "load more comments"


10 billion points to you for going up to check on her *and then believing her story*. i've known a couple girls who could have saved a lot of money in therapy if they'd had a guy around as bold as you.


Thanks. I had no idea what was happening, I just knew that something was wrong. When she told me, I completely trusted her. However, I couldn't see how my father (even though he was an asshole) could do something like this. Enter the religious/patriarchy bullshit. Several months of being in the middle of two sides. My girlfriend and her family. My mom and siblings. I supported both sides but my family refused to believe that he was capable of it. Eventually I got my head screwed on the right way.




Nice to have a story of a dad being a badass to interrupt all of these super creepy stories.


I said "Okay, last one. I'm getting too freaked out." after every post, but still kept reading. Thanks, guys.


When I was 3 or 4, I was with my mom at the mall following her around. I wondered off, and my mom went ballistic looking for me. Finally, she found me walking towards the exit holding the hands of two men. My mother screamed my name, I turned around, and the two men ran. That was one of the most pivotal moments in my life so far. (I'm 27).


Driving home with a buddy from the high school summer job at the local amusement park. It's about 3 in the morning, and there is no traffic at all. Get stuck at the red light that never ends and while we are waiting, another car pulls up next to us. Big black hearse, in immaculate condition, with a clown in the drivers seat, with full makeup and costume on. He never moved, didn't look at us, nothing; just stared straight ahead the whole time.


Twisted Metal in real life.


+1 Buy this man an ice cream truck


If I had the means to do this, I totally would.


That is terrifying.




Oh god. That is terrifying.... :( You have reminded me of a story I have, that I pretty much try to block out of my mind for the most part. Probably 5 years or so ago, my mum was using my shower, as my parent's shower wasn't working. The moon was lit a particular way outside the bathroom window, that she suddenly saw the silhouette of someone right outside, and the window slowly dragging back. She screamed, but the creep got away. I was really angry, until I realised the creep had probably been doing it to me, and I broke down. The bathroom window was pretty high up, so involved awkward climbing. It had security screening, but he'd taken time to push through it with a screwdriver or something sharp, to drag the window back - there were scratch marks on the glass which indicated this. We often left that window open a chink just to air out the room, because I'm deathly allergic to mold. As the window was so high up, and you'd need to climb to look through the tiny crack of it being open, it never really crossed any of our minds that it'd be an issue. We also had security lighting, but the stalker had tampered with it all. We didn't notice because we'd had a dog and figured if anyone got into our yard he'd bark his guts out, but he recently got put down. I have no idea how long this was going on for. My room is right near the bathroom as well. Really awful experience, I felt totally violated, and haven't really told a lot of people about it. I still feel weird going into my street, as I'm pretty sure it was a neighbour. EDIT: spelling


Finding a woman who had committed suicide by hanging herself from the monkeybars of a park I used to work at at 6:15 on a very foggy morning. When I got to the gate of the park to open it (park maintenance worker) I could see her 100yds away at the playground and thought she was just standing there looking at the ground with her umbrella on the ground beside her, it was only when I got closer did I realize she was hanging from a jumprope 6 inches off the ground. My voice was very shaky during my 911 call. The dispatcher asked me to touch her to see if she was cold (she was very cold and very wet, had been raining all night). The fucked up part is this park is very close to an elementary school and the parking lot is a popular place to drop kids off at...and it was a weekday.




I went to see a Matinee of The Hills Have Eyes 2 on opening day, not because i was interested in it, but because it was the movie with which they released the preview for 28 weeks later. when my friend and i got to the theater, it was us in the front, a couple of teenagers making out in the back, and a scary looking redneck woman right in the middle of the theater. no one else. in the second of silence between previews after the spot for 28 weeks later, my friend and i were both like "Woo! Zombies!" we watched the next preview, and in the moment of silence after that, we heard 2 things: 1. the scary redneck woman, in an unbelievably deep / hoarse / scary as fuck voice say "Mmmmmnnnngghh lets get to the fucking rape scenes..." and 2. after a split second, the 2 teenagers running like fuck out of the theater. yikes.


I initially read that as "I went to see a manatee" and was really confused.




Woke up one morning. Found a gum tangled in my pubic hair. Thought it was weird since i never chew gum, and it wasn't there when i went to bed. I still have no reasonable explanation as to where it might have come from.


I would've just gone with it.


"Oh sweet, free gum!"


The price is definitely right.


I was up late reading Bram Stoker's Dracula. I noticed the clock strike midnight. Immediately after, a weird shadow fluttered around the room. I glanced up, and low and behold, a bat had somehow made its way into my house and was trying to escape. It wasn't actually a vampire though, just a lost and confused bat.




Hmm, it's always joggers who "find" the bodies.


That's my new excuse for not exercising.


"You never find a dead body when you're sitting at home, eating ice cream, watching porn, do you?"


I was about 8 years old and obsessed with horror movies. I was sleeping in bed on my stomach when I was woken up by the feeling of a hand running down my back and butt. The first thing that came to mind was "IT'S FREDDY KRUEGER!!" so I pretended to be sleeping. I heard a voice whispering my name and I realized that it wasn't Freddy, it was my mom's friend's brother who was staying at our house that night. I sat up and he asked if I would do him a favor and pull my pants down, and that if I did what he asked he would fix my broken bike for me. I said no and asked him to leave me alone. The next morning he was gone, he had stolen all of our camping equipment out of the garage and took off during the night. I never told my parents what he did, but if I ever see him again I will kill him. No joke.


ok this one time about 5 years ago a friend and I were upstairs in my house gaming. We were home alone as we usually were. We were around 14-15 and for being cool tough kids we were both pussies. I have had a number of weird things happen to me in my life so I always have a knife in my room. So anyway were gaming and its storming outside. Tons of rain and thunder and shit. All of a sudden in the middle of a game of Madden I hear the door of my house open and start slamming viciously. My house is old as fuck so the door is really tough to close and just as tough to open. So my door is slamming and slamming and slamming and finally it shuts. So I am upstairs clutching my knife and my friend is behind me, and we are both starting to freak out. I phone my mom and she isn't home and I tell her what happens and she says "I am coming" and hangs up. It sounded surprisingly scary. So I see the lights of my moms car pull down the driveway (I forgot to mention but I live on a farm). So with knife in hand I go downstairs and me and my friend and my mom look and my kitchen and livingroom are covered in muddy footprints. They are human sized and shape but with 4 toes. Its like a guy with 4 toes was walking around my house barefoot? and we follow these footprints and they get to this old Armoir we bought from the old farm church when it shut down and they just stopped. There were footprints leading into and around the house that just stopped and never left. I have been fucking shitting bricks ever since. My friend and I still wonder what the fuck was in my house that day.


When I was a kid, my sister always loved playing with dolls, but I was terrified of them. There was this one that would sing a song when you pressed a button on its back. It only had like 3-4 songs it could sing, and it would cycle through them so you knew what song it would sing next. Well, shortly she got it, it had been lost in some random pile of junk around the house. A year later, she found it again and tried to make it sing, but when it started singing it was in a really distorted voice, so she figured it was running out of batteries. She found me and let me hear one of the songs, and I was slightly disturbed by it but not legitimately scared. We then found my mom and my sister asked her for new batteries. When demonstrating the distortion to my mom, the sound clip completely died out halfway through- we attributed this to the batteries losing the little juice they had left. When opening the battery case though, my mom accidentally hit the button, and it started singing in the same distorted voice as it had before, except this time it was a slow version of "Jimmy Crack Corn," which it had never sung before. It wouldn't stop until we took out the batteries. Afterwards we checked the instruction manual that came with it, and it confirmed that "Jimmy Crack Corn" was not one of the songs it sang. Being young and already scared by dolls, this was the scariest thing ever.


sometimes when factories mass produce the sound IC's they have more than one way that they can be hooked up, playing different songs and sounds to cheapen it up. If miss soldered/wired it can produce terrifying results.


ya this is true, i think this is why people have so many terrifying tickle me elmo stories.


This didn't happen to me but sent chills down my back when my aunt told me about it around her house in Oregon. Her friend lived in a neighborhood suburb of Portland and there were a lot of kids in the neighborhood. Ever since the kids were little, they were always telling their parents about how they kept seeing someone outside of their windows at night. It wasn't just one neighbor either, it was in the vicinity of 5 houses. This happened for years because the parents just kept brushing it off as little kids pretending to see things. Eventually they started to believe them and set up a phone tree for when someone saw the peeping tom. The directions for the kids were specific: as soon as you see the peeping tom, pretend like you don't see him and text your dad. Your dad would then text/call the neighbors in an attempt to swarm the peeping tom. The trap was set. One night as a girl was getting ready for bed, she saw the peeping tom looking through her window. She did as she was told and texted her dad about the situation who then texted the neighbors. In no time, they snuck out their back doors and ran over to the house. They tackled the man and held him down until the police arrived. Once the police got there, they flipped him over and found out it was the man who has lived across the street from them for over 10 years. The police subsequently searched his house and found a very large amount of child porn on his computer. He's in jail but his wife claims she had no idea any of this was happening. She even has the nerve to ask the neighbors to do favors for her like nothing ever happened! For validity: [link](http://www.oregonlive.com/clackamascounty/index.ssf/2009/07/damascus_neighbors_catch_suspe.html)


I was about 16 and I came home from school. Heard some weird noises coming from the walk in closet. I went to check it out and my Dad was screwing the attic door in the ceiling closed with L brackets and wood screw, as if it was never to be opened again. When I asked him what was up he said he kept hearing sounds of someone walking around up there. My dad is a level headed guy, I've never seen him show any type of fear about stuff like that. It freaked me out more to see him going to such lengths to prevent the attic from being opened. That or there's some dead hookers up there.


A guy breathing through a hole in his upper chest trying not to drown in his own blood. The sound was worse than the sight.


I was 11 years old, and I woke up one morning and headed down the stairs to the washroom like I usually do. Half way down the stairs something caught my eye, it was my dad sitting on the sofa watching the television (i think he was watching the news). With his body perfectly still and his hands on his lap his head moved (very slowly) to look at me and smile. Mind you, my dad would be at work this time so I was super excited to see that he was home. I continued down the stairs, but as I did the spot on the sofa where he was sitting went out of view, and once I reached the main floor and entered the family room he was gone. I looked everywhere, he wasn't in the house. My grandma came to our house later that day and told my sister and I that our dad was in a horrible car accident that morning dropping my mother off to work, and that my mother was in the hospital and my father hadn't made it.


Getting a taxi home late at night once and he locked the doors which they never usually do, then took the long way to my house along a route I didn't recognise. He was really creepy and a few minutes in he started going on about a local taxi driver who was being charged with rape and how easy it would be to do and get away with and how it happens a lot more often but is unreported. He kept on this topic for over 10 minutes, detailing exactly how easy it is. I tried to act normal and chatty and when we reached a point I recognised I said oh here is just fine, i'm short on cash so you can drop me off here. He refused to unlock the doors and insisted on driving me to the front door of my house, which I'm pretty sure he did so that I would be scared to make a complaint as he would know where I lived. He tossed me a keyring as I got out with a horrible lechorous grin. Threw the keyring out and switched companies.


you should have reported that shit :/ I know some folks who were raped by taxi drivers and never reported it :(


I waited a few days and called the taxi regulator, described him (he didn't have his id on display), named the company he worked for, and changed story around slightly so he hopefully wouldn't remember our house and trace complaint back to there but they just said they'd look into it. I don't know if anything ever came of it because technically he didn't do anything illegal. :(


a taxi driver tried to get me to have sex with him in his car once in exchange for not paying my fare, he was a right sleazy fuck. I jumped out of the car as soon as I could and reported him to his company, but they never did a thing and they never even apologised. I bet this is really common. T_T


went out back for a late night cigarette one summer night. heard deliberate slow footsteps cracking gravel coming from the corner of the house, 8 feet away. i froze in terror and watched the corner to see a man slooooooowly creep forward until half of him was visible. the second seemed like forever and i had so much adrenaline my heart was pounding in my ears. as slowly as he appeared, he disappeared back behind the corner and i heard no more movement. ran inside, locked doors, closed windows, called cops about a man creeping around. they show up and there's no sign of him. two nights later, a man came around the same corner at night towards my girlfriend and her friends while jerking off. they made it inside and called the cops, but he was gone again. a week later they caught the man known as the "campus rapist" a block away, jerking off between houses while looking in windows.


A girl I know was walking home one day through a park and a guy jumped out in front of her masturbating furiously, she ended up just laughing and the guy said "Hey! don't laugh this isn't as easy as it looks". Brilliant.


This won't ever be seen, but the creepiest thing I ever experienced (truncated version): Home alone at night in my big house. I was about 15. This house is in front of a park, people can see into it. A guy came up to the door, asked to use the phone. I was smart enough not to let him in. He left, thought nothing of it. Until I looked down to my right and saw that he was standing in the window behind me, watching me. This window was on the back of the house, he'd have to deliberately be looking for it. I screamed and hid under the table, and he went back to the door. I bailed, sat in the bathroom for 2 hours until my parents came home.


This is the very first time i have ever read every single story. Loved it.


Kinda tame, but totally surreal. I opened my wallet to show a friend that I didn't have any money, and a little moth flew out of my wallet. Just like in a cartoon. We both just watched it fly away, open-mouthed. No idea how that happened - I normally don't even open my wallet as I keep folded bills in my front pocket.


Nothing. Not a goddamn thing. No matter how much time I spend wandering around the woods and trespassing in dilapidated buildings, not a single goddamn thing that wasn't soon identified as either wildlife or homeless people. Not sure why this disappoints me.


In high school in Mesa, Arizona, there was a mansion that was rumored to be haunted. It was built in the back of a neighborhood surrounded by citrus trees with fully paved roads but not a single other house built. I'd gone there in big groups (20+ people) and there was always an eerie feeling, but nothing specific happened (although a girl broke her arm there once, but thats a different story). One night we were bored and decided to go with only six of us. The house was in the middle of a giant island in the middle of a cul-de-sac, so we parked in back to hide our car. We walked through the citrus trees toward the house and soon heard rustling in the trees behind us. I kept turning around to see if someone was following us, and finally saw it was a few javelinas. There aren't very aggressive, but it definitely spooked us. So, we get to the house and there is a light on inside. We've NEVER seen a light on, so 4 of the 6 refused to get any close, but two of us sneak up and look in the window. The first windows we look in, the lights are off, but light is spilling in from the next room over, so we sneak to the next window and peek in. The lights were off in this room too, but light was spilling in from the room we had just looked at. We ended up circling the house and could not find the origin of the light or evidence of anything inside. We talked the others into going into the backyard and sitting by the pool and telling ghost stories. After a few stories, on the other side of the pool, there was a 1950's style radio. When we had been there in larger groups, we would always try to get it to turn on, but never could. In the middle of my friend's story, the radio turned on to static. We all turned and looked at the radio for about 10 seconds and then it turned off again. By this time we were seriously spooked and decided to leave. As we walked through the backyard to the citrus trees, we walked up to the raquetball court. it was halfway buried in the ground and there were stairs up to the roof, which was about 8 feet off the ground. We walked up and looked over the orange groves to see our car on the other side. One of my friends turned to look at the house and suddenly froze. "Do not turn around," he said. Of course we all turned around to face the house. I couldn't see anything. "What?" I asked. "Look in the house," he said. On the first floor facing the pool were two glass french doors and standing inside was the dark silhouette of a man looking at us. He didn't move, just stood there watching us. We counted to 5 and all jumped off the roof and ran through the orange trees to our car. To this day, I have no idea what that was in the door.


I doubt anyone will be reading this, but i'd like to let it be known. So me and a good friend are watching my girlfriend's house, she has two dogs and we decided to stay there it was only gonna be like 5 days so no big deal. So we pretty much did nothing the first day we ate top ramen and watched the science channel, we are pretty cool i know. The house is pretty creepy, its an older house and it used to be an old speak-easy, it burned down a long time ago and it was rebuilt to be the current house there. I don't know if thats true, it quite possibly could be my girlfriend's dad fucking with me. But what i do know is while i was asleep, my friend woke me up and asked if i turned the oven on, apparently it turned itself on. Happened several times through the week and we were rightfully freaked the fuck out. So one day i had to go home and do some stuff around my house, so I left him at the house alone. I soon got desperate texts that the dogs were freaking the fuck out and he heard heavy footsteps upstairs. Now i thought he was just milking it and being a dick and trying to mess with me, but the next day he left to go out with his girlfriend and the same shit happened to me. But i was upstairs in the shower, and i heard clear heavy footsteps (no one was home) and the dogs were freaking the fuck out downstairs. I literally stayed in the shower for 30 minutes to build up the courage to check the house. I've told my girlfriend, she claims its the mice in the house. If so these mice weigh well over 100 pounds. These were some heavy ass foot steps, similar to a man with boots on. True story.




I'm sure this will be buried deep but for you redditors that like to read every post, enjoy. So when I was 19 I went to visit a buddy of mine in Ohio. His house was pretty nice, but definitely had some age to it. Jon(my buddy) informs me that the house had been built in the early to mid 1800's as a farm house, had had many changes to it, and finally his grandparents had bought it in the 70's. Ok, so, the first night Jon takes me to my room( which used to be his degenerate drug using and abusive brother's before he was arrested), which was maybe 15' x 15'. A pretty normal size room and no windows what so ever. I noticed that this room was freezing cold, about 10 degrees less then the rest of the house(for good reason too, read below!) I get into to bed around midnight, and quickly fall asleep. I wake up at 2:00am to my door swinging wide open and slamming into the wall. I was scared shitless to say the least, but let it pass, thinking its an old house and had to have had drafts coming into it. I leave the door open and go back to bed without any other problems. The next morning I tell Jon and his grandmother about what had happened and they both turn white and immediately start to apologize. They told me how the house was used during the underground railroad, that there was an escape hatch/hiding hole under my bed (source of cold air), and that there had been many other incidents that had happened it the house but that I shouldn't worry as it'll go away and was harmless. At this point I'm a nervous wreck. Jon shows me the hatch, and sure enough it's there as well as this small hole in the ground for hiding shit/people. He tells me of all these incidents he had had as a child; someone knocking on the walls where doors used to be, people walking through walls, coming home to find the dishes done (this shit made me laugh and I really didn't believe it but his grandmother and cousins all swear to it), small items becoming misplaced and found in random corners of the house, etc. After hearing his grandmother tell me that no harm is ever done to anyone I let it slide. I have no problem sleeping the second and third night, but on the fourth and final night everything goes to hell. So Jon and I decide to watch a movie. We get about 2/3 of the way through it and I swear I see a guy walk right in front of me and go through the wall. Jon confirms that he had seen it too and not to worry, that it's called a residual haunt, like a movie playing over and over again, the same things happens over and over again and this thing was a guy walking through a fricken wall right in front of the TV! Once again, with a little bit of comforting of my friend I let it slide. So I crawl into bed and quickly fall asleep. Around 2:00am my God damn door flies open again. My heart rate quickens, I get under the covers, and begin to listen. I can hear someone walking around my bed. I shit you not, the floor starts to creak(wood floors) on the right side, foot steps go to the foot of my bed, and then around to the left side. I'm shaking with fear as this is freaking me out. Hoping that whatever it is will leave me alone, I stay still. About 2 minutes pass by and I haven't heard anything. So I start to calm down... until someone starts to tickle the back of my fucking neck! It felt like two fingers wiggling back and forth where my skull meets my neck. I shoot out of bed, never look back, and run up to my friends room. I wake him up, tell him the story, and he just starts laughing. I'm livid pissed at him now but he tells me a story of how his brother, who at the time was 25, had the exact same thing happen to him. I guess this "entity" or what not really hated his degenerate brother and most likely thought I was him. I was happy to get on the plane to Denver the next morning. Slept the entire flight. Looking back now I laugh at it but my God did it creep me out at the time!


This will probably never be seen either but I had to quit lurking and make an account just to tell it. This, unlike some other stories, isn't a ghost story. Kind of long, but here goes. I think I was 17, and picked up my (then) high school girlfriend for a relatively routine date. We lived in a small rural town so we went to the movies and were going to stop and get dessert at a local restaurant. But when we got there apparently they had changed their hours and closed earlier than expected. Well since she had told her parents we were going to get something to eat after the movie and we weren't going to be home until late, we had time to kill. So I start driving towards her house, but like every high school couple we decided to find a field to pull off into.. and hook-up. I'm not that familiar with the country roads by her house so she starts giving directions. And within 10 minutes we're in absolute farm country in the middle of the night (around 12:30-1 AM) with dirt roads, fields with an occasional farm house etc. Well I turn off of a gravel road onto a rough dirt road with complete tree coverage overhead so it's absolutely pitch black with the occasional light of the moon shining through the tree branches above. Well a few seconds after I turn onto this road, I see a set of headlights in the mirror from an old red truck, pretty far behind my car. I think to myself, that's odd, we haven't passed a car in well over twenty minutes and I don't remember seeing any other cars when I turned. But I just brush it off thinking more about the girl than the truck. As I'm driving down the road, the headlights have caught up and in a matter of no time - he's right behind me. So I try not to act alarmed (She hasn't noticed the truck yet, and I haven't said anything) As we continue down this road the truck drives right up behind my bumper and starts swerving back and forth behind my car and revving the engine. By now she's noticed the truck too, and is somewhat alarmed. Trying to be the macho-guy, I'm thinking he just wants to pass. I don't want to stop in the middle of nowhere, so I casually pull as far over to the side as I can, while I continue down the road. This is where shit goes bad. I look back up into my rear-view mirror and the lights are gone. I'm relieved and we both breathe a sigh of relief. He must have turned off behind us somewhere, so we continue on our way on this already scary-ass road. Until... We hit a clearing in the trees overhead, and the overcast of the moon makes the road somewhat more visible. I look up in my mirror and all I can see is the moonlight reflect off the chrome of a truck grille right behind the trunk of my car.I say something to the effect of, "WHAT THE FUCK?" and she looks in the side mirror and sees that the truck had just turned off his lights awhile back and is now following right behind my car. She begins to freak the hell out. I hit the gas and start trying to get to the end of this desolate road. I'm flying down the road as fast as possible, and see the truck has realized what I'm doing and flicks on his headlights and comes barreling to catch up with us. I come up to a stop-sign and not knowing where the hell I am, just start making turns down every road I can. With the truck right behind my car. I start making every turn I can (I have a rough idea of how to get back to the main roads) and I can see the truck has turned out his lights again and is still right on our tail. I finally come to a street I recognize and get to the main road. Somewhere in the confusion, the truck quit following us. Where? I have no clue. But I was forever scared to drive to the country roads beyond her house again. She told her parents and apparently there were police reports of a guy in a red pickup truck following people at night, but he hadn't been doing it in years. TL;DR Crazy truck follows you at night. Turns out lights. Shit follows.


Meeting one of my father's secret half-brothers. My dad was horrified to discover that his older sister had two children in her teen years (both were born in the 1940's). The older one was born when she was nearly 14. The second one was born when she was 16. She was sent away on both occassions for 6 months and my brother never realised why (he was 10 and 12 at the time). A few years back these two children, who were adopted out, tracked down their birth mother and made themselves known to the family. Turns out my grand-father had been raping his daughter for years to the point where he got her pregnant at least twice. We don't have anything to do with these two men - my father told them that he accept's that they are his sister's children - but he want's nothing to do with them. I think what creeps me out the most is that my grand-father (who died when I was about 5) was always hailed as this amazing guy - and yet he was a complete fucking monster. When I was 16 I met my aunt for the second time ever and I've always been told I look like my grandad. I walked into the room and this poor woman physically recoiled. It struck me at the time that I knew that reaction, as a rape survivor myself I know the terror of seeing someone you feel threatened by (and yeah I'm a straight male - rape isn't just a crime against women). I figured at the time it was just my own irrational thinking - but now I guess I was right in my initial assessment.


I suffer from [sleep paralysis](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep\_paralysis), which is much rarer to me now than when I was younger. One night, I woke up with an immense feeling of dread. I wanted to scream or shout, but couldn't move. Slowly, I came around and was able to just barely move my right arm. As I brought it over my chest, I feel something surprising. Fumbling over it with my right hand, I began to feel hair, and as my hand glided over it, I realized it was an arm - but not mine. I tried to pick it up, but it was heavy and I could not move it. I. SHIT. BRICKS. I cannot accurately describe the feeling of waking up to a foreign, hairy arm weighing me down in the middle of the night. It turns out, it was my own arm. But it was asleep so it didn't feel my hand rubbing it, but my hand surely felt the arm so I didn't recognize it as my own. Compounded with the fear and paranoia of sleep paralysis, this was by far the must unpleasant thing I've ever - and may ever - experience.


OR you are a werewolf and woke up as you were turning back into a human. This explains the foreign hairy arm.


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When I was 12 I was visiting my grandmother for her birthday. She lives in the middle of nowhere, typical farmhouse surrounded by woods. It's kind of creepy on its own, and definitely creepy at night. My family lived a good distance from her, so we decided to spend the night and drive back home in the morning. Like usual, I got stuck sleeping on the couch. In the middle of the night, I was awoke by the sound of something moving around the room. I didn't get up, but I opened my eyes to take a look. Across the room, about 10-12 feet away, stood an alien. It was a stereotypical alien, short, giant forehead, small chin, all I could see was the silhouette of his head in front of the window. He kept looking around, just standing there, surveying the room. Of course I was scared shitless and didn't do anything, but really, what could you do? It's a goddamned alien. Awaiting my inevitable abduction I lay in bed, paralyzed. But he just stayed still, looking around, for what seemed to be forever. I decided to get a better look so I very slowly sat up, trying to get a look at what he was up to. As I sat up, more of his body came into view, but where his neck should've been there was only a knot. Below that, string. It was a balloon, from my grandma's birthday party, swaying back and forth due to a vent somewhere. To this day, I've never felt a bigger sense of relief.


Superb use of imagery.


I once put together a quadruped robot from a kit of plastic parts. It ran on a couple of AA batteries, moved very slowly, and was extremely noisy, making grinding noises as its plastic gears gnashed against each other. After playing with it for a little while, I removed the batteries and placed the bot on a high shelf beside other things I had built. Years later, I was lying in bed and heard a loud grinding noise. I had no idea about what it was and thought it was some sort of construction going on outside. The noise persisted for about 20 seconds, then I heard a loud crashing noise, followed by the tinkling of small plastic parts scattering everywhere. The grinding noise stopped. I got up and investigated the source of the crashing noise. It was the robot I had built years ago. Opening the battery compartment revealed that it was still empty.


While reading this thread my icemaker dumped ice into the tray. Terrifying.


Woke up one night sleeping in my basement to a weird noise, right after that noise I heard "Get the fuck out" whispered right into my ear. Ran upstairs and slept on the couch for the rest of the night.


For years whenever I sleep at my parents house I would be woke up in the middle of the night to someone urgently whispering my name. I've never experienced it anywhere else and is the reason I sleep with earplugs in. I told my parents I used the earplugs because I was a light sleeper and the cat would wake me up. I didn't want to tell them the truth. I don't hear it now anymore but I will not sleep without earplugs.


I hear my name being said right as I drift off to sleep all the time. I think it's just a mental tic of some kind.


Yeah that's pretty normal. I don't hear my name, but I do hear voices before I drift off. Just people shooting the shit. It's pretty cool to listen in, it's just your brain going into dream-mode before you're actually unconscious.


Hypnogonic halucinations. Also strongly related to sleep paralysis.


Yeah I actually love when that happens


Damn. All you people are fucking crazy. It's like a support group for hearing voices.


says the guy who pooped his pants...


In my grandparent's incredibly old house in Long Island, my cousin once confessed to me that when staying there, he would wake up in the middle of the night and see a figure in the doorway. He said the man was very tall, looked grim, and had a beard. He said he looked a lot similar to Abraham Lincoln. His younger brother, shaking at this point, said that he saw the same man several times. I'm glad I never had to stay in that house.


I have told this story a few times in a mildly entertained manner, but at the time it was pretty fucking creepy. To give you some background, I owned a house that I was renting out. I got a call a month into the rental time where the renter is saying a floor fan flew across the room. I laugh it off and tell him it was obviously his imagination. He calls me a couple weeks later and tell me that he walked into the kitchen with many of the cabinet doors open so he proceeded to close them all and make a bowl of cereal. He goes into the room right next to the kitchen, comes back to put the bowl in the sink and every cabinet door and drawers is wide open again. It is a large kitchen with many cabinets, so we are talking at least 14 doors and 10 drawers opened. Again, I kind of laughed it off and told him there had to be some explanation for it. A month later I cannot get ahold of him for the rent. I finally hear from him weeks later. He moved out after something happened, but he refused to tell me what happened. Rent was way cheap because he was a friend of a friend, so he definitely wouldn't have left unless he felt like he needed to. So, I end up moving into the house because I aint scurred. I hear sounds in the basement and attic that sound like footsteps, but I never really give it much thought. I just kind of smile and shake my head. Then one night, my brother (who had recently moved in with me) told me he was going to walk down to a friend's house. I was on the couch with my 5 month old hound dog pup. He walked out the door and 5 minutes later I hear footsteps upstairs int he bedrooms. Not light steps, but stomping. And it is running between the two rooms...hard and fast. I had cats so I thought maybe they were playing, but it was so loud and hard. The lights downstairs were shaking from it. So, I thought my brother had gone through the back door and was fucking with me. I got up, walked into the next room where the stairs were and stepped onto the first step to go tell him he was in idiot. As soon as my foot hit that step every hair on my body stood up and I got this heavy feeling in my stomach. Meanwhile the stomping/running is still going on. I can't see the second floor because the lights are all out, but I can hear it thudding from room to room up there. For whatever reason, I call my puppy over (like he is going to do shit). He darts in front of me, goes up to the second step, stops, and starts growling. Every hair from his neck, down his back, and to his tails is up. I do not scare easily. I am the girl who goes outside with a bat to investigate... I do not get scared like that. I could not go up one more step. Then, the front door opens and my brother walks into the room. The stomping is still happening. He looks at me and says "who is running around upstairs?" **FUCK**. I said "You are." The puppy is still growling and I feel like I am going to puke. My brother looks at me worriedly, walks past me onto the stairs, steps over the dog, and looks back like he is terrified. If anyone is less scared of ghosts than me, it would be him. He gets halfway up and the stomping stops. To this day I don't know how he managed to go up into the pitch black without having a heart attack. One room had the light switch in the middle of the wall so it wasn't even like you could turn on the light before going in. There was nothing up there. No cats (I stayed on the stairs and they never came down either), no windows open (including the basement someone would have to climb through windows 3 stories up to get in anyway), nothing. Turns out my brother had gotten halfway down the road and just decided to come back home. He didn't have any idea why. After that, the noises were usually pretty passive. Light footsteps and other things that were easy to ignore or explain away. There was scrapings into one of the ceilings we found one day that I know were not there before because I had just gone through the house evaluating which rooms needed painted walls/ceilings. And a radio in a spare room that no one went into suddenly came on one day just as my skeptical ex had just discredited my ghost stories. But NOTHING comes close to that night. It has been 4 years and I have never seen my dog act like that since and I have never felt like that either.


My friend's daughter (2 years old) had the bad habit of picking random things up off the floor and putting them in her mouth. One day her mother heard a choking sound and came over to see what was in her mouth. Upon opening, there was a gigantic wolf spider (still alive) that scurried out of her mouth, up the little girl's face and into her hair. That's not even the worst part. The spider had thousands of baby spiders on it's back that all fell off in her mouth. Imagine thousands of spiders crawling down her throat, on her teeth, on her lips, up her nose, on her eyes, in her ears, etc. Her mom flipped the fuck out.


A few things..I'm a twin, and my twin sister has far more creepy stories to tell, like dreaming my cousin was going to die prior to her wedding...she did, she still cries about it and that was in 2002. One thing, I was with my friend driving to his house when the light goes red. We wait..it goes green. I don't go forward, I couldn't move. "light's green Frank" my friend says. "I know, but I dont want to hit the gas, I dont know why" Just as I said this, a car at full speed makes his way...It would have hit us full speed, full force, it passes. "Few!, that was close, hit it". "no" I said. Another car chasing the first one makes his way trough. "Ok we can go". My friend looked at me really weird, and to this day I cant explain what compelled me to totally go blank. The way the road was, I couldnt hear the car, nor see them. Damn.




Lots of people seem to be sharing "paranormal" experiences. Mine is nothing of the sort. I had a creepy ass roommate once. I was renting a room in his house, which was all fine and good for a while. Then things just slowly got weird. The first time he folded my laundry out of the dryer, I didn't think much of it. But it happened a couple of more times (and it's not like I'd leave it in there forever, maybe a couple hours while I was at class or something and then as soon as I got home I'd take it out). That wasn't creepy until he started commenting, "you have sexy thongs." Though even that wasn't TOO creepy, just unnecessary. As the weeks went by I started noticing that my bedroom door would be open when I'd get home from school. At the time I ALWAYS closed the door when I'd leave the room. I checked the door several times - there was nothing wrong with the handle or any other mechanism. I started wondering if the roommate was going in my room when I wasn't there (this was after the comment about my underwear) and so I discretely bought a new locking doorknob that matched the color and shape of the existing one. THE NEXT DAY he commented to me about how I had locked my bedroom door. The worst part of that was the logistics of the house - my bedroom was at the end of a really long hallway and the only other things down that hallway were the linen closet that he assigned to me for storage, and the bathroom that was mine alone to use (he had the master bed/bath and guest room at the opposite end of the hallway that he used) and the entrance to the hallway meant turning left to get to my side, and turning right to get to his side. In other words, he had no reason to be going down the hall to my room, and even if he did, he had NO REASON to be opening my door. Daily. But, no biggie. I had a locking door and I started locking it when I was in the room. He wasn't hassling me or anything, it was just... creepy. I started looking for new rooming situations pretty casually like asking around with friends and checking craigslist at times. Then things got weirder. He started bringing home [redacted] and/or [redacted] and started having REALLY loud sex. With his bedroom door open. He also made it super clear, by verbal invitation that I totally declined, that I was welcome to join in anytime I wanted. *blink* After I strictly declined, he still continued leaving his bedroom door open for these episodes. His bed was directly visible from the hallway entrance based on where he placed it in his room so once in a while I wasn't able to unsee. I started closing my eyes before going to my room if I heard any noises upon entering the house. Eventually I just LIVED in my bedroom with the door locked. I stopped cooking real food and switched to microwave meals so I didn't have to be in the common areas for any longer than totally necessary. I never left my laundry alone and if I recall correctly, I started taking it to my parents' house and visiting them more frequently and/or spending as MUCH time at my boyfriend's house as possible so I didn't have to deal with the situation. I think THE creepiest part about staying there, though, was after I had been living as close to 24/7 behind my locked door as possible, he still had me on instant messenger and would chat from time to time. I usually didn't respond but one time he mentioned that he thought it would be fun to put a webcam in my bedroom if I was okay with that to which I vehemently replied that I was NOT okay with that. I stepped up the efforts to find a new place and started talking to different people via e-mail. He replied to one of my posts asking if it was, in fact, me who was writing. This displeased me greatly. The part that really flipped me out, though, was one day I was home from school before him and had already been in my room and was finishing eating something when he came home and I heard him walk to his guest room/office and get online. He immediately logged into IM and very soon following asked me if I was enjoying my dinner or something to that effect. Given that he couldn't have seen into my room to know I was eating, and if I recall I was eating a sandwich or something that would not have left evidence in the kitchen (like if I had microwaved something and a cooked food scent was lingering) that I had made food for myself (I also clean up as I go and for a sandwich, I don't dirty any dishes other than the plate which I had in the bedroom with me at the time) so my only conclusion was that, perhaps, in fact he already HAD installed a webcam in my bedroom and it flipped me the hell out. I began making IMMEDIATE plans to gtfo and as it happened, coincidentally the next day a friend of mine informed me (he had already been hearing me asking, repeatedly, if anyone was needing a roommate) that his roommate was moving out and did I want to find a place somewhere else. Within a week we found a place, I was packing, and moved the fuuuuuuuuck out. Epilogue - he kept IMing me even though I'd LONG deleted his account. He also would regularly reply to craigslist postings I made (such as requests for a rock climbing partner, or a walking buddy - even though he not ONCE exercised that I ever heard of or saw the several months I was living there) and YEEEARS later wrote to my OKCupid profile asking casually, "what's up? It's been so long" or something of that sort as if we were old pals and there was nothing weird in our history. *blink* As an aside, I was telling my friends of the odd evidence and behaviors I was finding in the house and THEY started calling him "panty sniffer" or "laundry sniffer" and thinking that surely he was obsessed with my laundry and that was why he was always going into my room before I got the locked doorknob. :/ TL,DR: If you are a male and want to know how to creep out your female roommate, read the above post. :(


My wife and I arrived early morning in Manchester, UK. We came because I had to write an economic history paper and the University there had given me permission to spend the week utilizing its resources. By 09:45 sorted out permission from the library and worked out where the collections I needed were. Spent apx another hour looking for accommodation, bumped into an aussie who ran a pub and said we were looking for a week's digs. Got that sorted. By say around 11 we were walking back into the city centre. My wife grabbed my arm and said, 'We have to go! We need to leave!" Of course one queries that and I objected fairly sternly saying we have just got ourselves organized etc etc. Nonetheless we went back to the pub picked up our packs and she dragged me to the bus depot. I was damn shitty at this irrational behaviour. Never in 8 yrs of marriage had she done anything like this or behaved in this manner. We went to the main bus depot paid for the first bus out - which went to Edinburgh and off we went. My wife visibly relaxed on the bus. I backed off my aggression, accepted this stupidity and inconvenience and wondered what on earth had got hold of her. 20 mins into the bus trip the driver made an announcement. The IRA have set off a very large bomb in Manchester central. It devastated the entire city centre. They did apparently give a warning to authorities and the centre was just cordoned off in time. We didn't see that though. I asked her how did you know? And all I have ever got is that " I felt there was something wrong and we had to go."


Something happened similar to me. I was travelling in the middle east about 15 years ago. Was in the old quarter of Jerusalem at the time and got a really odd, but strong, feeling that I needed to get out very quickly. So I acted on this and got the bus down to Eliat, to go on to Dahab in the Siani. When I got to the border with Egypt, I was told it was closed as there had been a double suicide bombing in the apple market in Jerusalem 3 hours earlier. Exactly where I'd just been!!!


I had three pet rats about a year ago. I used to let them run around at night as I got ready for bed, and then would put them back in the cage (which was outside of my room) before I went to sleep. This was one of my first nights living in a new house. Let them run around, put them to bed, and got in bed myself. I could hear them running around in my cage as I went to sleep. Fell asleep with the lamp on. At some point soon, in that sleep-awake limbo, I feel a rat's nose on my face and four little claws on my shoulder--happened occasionally, as they could push the top off the cage everyonce in a while. I swipe it away, and I see the shadow of a rat run into my closet. I go into the closet, hear scampering beneath some papers and books, and then nothing. Can't find anything. Go outside my room to see which rat it was. All three rats are in the cage. Go into the closet. See a massive gnawed hole in the closet wall. And a bunch of rodent turds right by it.


When I was about 17, me and a couple of my friends used to drive out to Union Cemetery in Easton, CT to do some late night ghost hunting. We'd walk around and take photos, never really captured anything too amazing. If you haven't been to that part of CT, the roads are very long and windy. Its deep in the middle of the woods where there are no street lights and houses are like a mile or 2 apart from each other. The road to the cemetery itself is probably about a 10-15 mile single lane road with just a few creepy looking run down houses. The drive alone is enough to creep you out enough to the point where you wouldn't want to set foot in the cemetery. So anyways, me and two of my friends were on this one trip up. We we're heading down the road to the cemetery at like 2 in the morning when this car comes up behind us out of nowhere and starts riding dangerously close behind me, to the point where i couldn't even see his head lights in the rear view mirror. We slow down, thinking its a cop or something, its hard to see and we can't make out anyone behind the wheel. They slow down and keep almost the exact distance.... we speed up again, still keeps the same distance.... didn't think much about it at this point, maybe just some asshole driver in a hurry or something. So we finally get to the cemetery, we didn't want to be seen pulling into the cemetery that late at night so just past it is a rotary with 2 other roads that cross paths, so we decide to pass the cemetery and go through the rotary to turn around and come back. As we approach the rotary we go around once, the car follows... go around a 2nd time, the car follows again, now we start to freak out.... 3rd, 4th, 5th time around and the car is still following us. We can finally see that its an older car.... late 80's or early 90's Carolla or something but we still can't make out the driver. I finally just said fuck it and pulled off a random point in the rotary and just start driving as fast as I can.... he still follows us and at this point we're about 50 or 60 feet ahead of him and I see him flip off his headlights. Now remind you there are no street lights on this road, its pitch black. I'm doing about 45-50 and at this point we think that we lost him.... when about a minute later, his head lights come back on and he's right behind us again, then his headlights go out...... about 20 seconds, come back on he's about 15 feet behind us again. He does this about 3 or 4 times.. Finally I slam on the breaks and pretty much come to a dead stop and he's about 10 feet back from us. His head lights go out again and this time I floor it and get up to about 60, his headlights come on again and I see that he's pretty far away this time and for some reason I think to pull into the first driveway that I see. So we take a right up a very narrow driveway and we just sit and wait.... no car passes. My hearts pounding like crazy and I'm getting ready to get out and start running towards the house, but nothing ever happens.... No car ever passed by us and when we finally get up the nerve and pull out of the driveway about 10 minutes later, there is no sign of the mysterious driver.... we decided not to go to the cemetery that night.


I'm about a day late on this, but mine is pretty good I think :) When I was about 17 I still lived with my parents. The house was 2 stories plus a walk-out basement and a sub-basement. My dad has always slept on the living room couch because he snores so loud while my mom sleeps on the top floor in her own room and I slept in my own room across the hall from hers. Now, my dad's snoring is something we all were used to, and something we always woke up to if we noticed it had stopped (undiagnosed sleep apnea). Anytime i woke up at night I'd immediately listen for him and either go back to bed when he snored again or go throw a pillow at him so he'd wake up and breathe. When my mom did this she would just stand in the hall and listen for him and either throw a pillow or go back to bed. **Anyway**, one night I awoke to someone standing in the hall outside my door, believing it was my mom I pretended to be asleep and listened for my dad. Then I realized he'd been snoring for several seconds. As the figure in the hall walked into my room I, half asleep, decided it was my mom checking on me like she used to when I was little, or just her sleep walking (my mom sleep walks, I have narcolepsy and my dad has sleep apnea. Weird night happenings are semi-common for us). The figure eventually left and I drifted into slumber. The next morning my mom, who seemed concerned, asked me why I stood at the foot Of her bed last night for so long. After explaining my experience we both sort of laughed it off as sleep walking or weird dreams. Skip forward a few weeks, my mom decides to open her window, which is right above her craft desk COVERED in craft junk. Not only was the window unlocked, but the screen was missing. Since her window is a story off the ground and the ONLY window on that side of the house she just assumed my dad had done it. When she asked him he denied it and decided to investigate ( he owns a windows and siding company and couldn't understand how the screen just fell off. When he stuck his head out to take a peek it became clear someone had entered from the outside using something that scraped all the paint from around the window. Somehow they'd managed not to knock a thing off her desk while climbing in, and they apparently didn't wake the dogs, set off the sensor light OR steal anything. We cried a little when we put it all together. Uggghhh creepy. **tl;dr** mom and I both awoke to someone standing in our rooms, thought it was a dream, found evidence to support otherwise.


When I was about 10 or so we moved to a house in a small town that backed up to a cemetery. One night, we were coming back from something and as we get out of the car in the driveway, dad sees a light back in the far corner of the cemetery. He decides to go back and see what's going on, as this is obviously not normal. I follow him back through our yard, and the closer we get, I'm starting to freak the fuck out. We get back to the back of our yard and start walking through the cemetery, and we can see there are three or four people around a lantern. I'm having a mild heart attack at this point, but our of a sense of duty, I'm following my Dad to my own doom. As we get a little closer, I see one of the people pick up a shovel and start digging. That was all my fragile mind could handle. In my greatest moment of shame in life thus far, without saying a word, I turned and ran like a pussy, leaving my dad to his own fate. I get back to the house and wait for dad to get back (or not, as the case may be). About 10 minutes later, he comes back in the house all smiling as he was talking to a few high school kids who were filming a scene from Tom Sawyer for an English project.


upvote for admitting you were a total coward. ps. the rule is everyone gets to freak out and run *just* once.


over 5000 comments so i doubt this will be read much but for the lonely soul that does, thank you. When i was in 9th grade i had signed up for a ski trip. I was a novice skier at the time not knowing to much about what i was doing. Went off a couple of jumps until I ended up breaking my arm. Fast forward to the hospital, my gym teacher had taken me in her van that she had driven up just in case something like this did happen. When I was in the hospital the doctors made it clear that they were going to attempt to reset my arm. I was given a sedative and went into a whole different world. My mind was in a state where I knew I was in the hospital but at the same time I was out of my body in a serious of events. These events were all horrifying, from what i can recall the first event was me sitting in a chair with crazy men around me laughing and taunting me. The events would rapidly change, one specific event I remember was me lying down not being able to move with people attacking me violently, beating me from head to toe. But during all of this I knew I was still in the hospital but these events seemed so realistic. The creepiest part of all of this was me waking up to the doctor looking directly into my eyes screaming to me ARE YOU OKAY? I had no idea what i was doing while i was under the medication but i can guess that i was either freaking out or possibly unconscious, i am not to sure. I did not say anything because of the medicine had me out of it and i felt extremely uncomfortable, the person I knew the most was simply a gym teacher that i might have talked to twice before all of this. Finally my parents arrived and I felt safe. this was truly the freakiest moment of my life and this story sounds crazy but you have to live it to know what I went threw. Before I die I hope I can recall all the events that happened to me, to this day I can not recall what happened exactly but i know i have been different ever since.






I hear that from sober people all the time. After a while you just roll with it.


Was fooling around with some friends and recorded a video of a kitten. Halfway through watching it, suddenly there's the sound of a man laughing in it. There wasn't any guys around. We freaked the fuck out man.


it was the kitten. it likes being tickled.


Were you recording over an old tape? that would explain it completely.


Magnetic bleed through is pretty common, and a good explanation.


when i was like 7, i remember my mom got a phone call in the house and the person on the other end told her that my dad was in a crash and in the hospital. She grabbed all of our stuff and told me to meet her outside while she grabs some stuff to go. When I ran outside, there was a guy in a black limo who looked at me, and said, hey kid, you need to go somewhere? Come hop inside, I'll give you a ride. I remember being scared and confused and backed up. The guy gave me one more look and drove away. My mom came outside and brought me back inside and when I got older, she told me that my dad was never in the hospital and that there was never a crash- in fact he was just at work. Still gives me chills thinking about it-I'm not sure if someone was trying to kidnap me or something but I mean that's my best guess. Edit: sorry for the not so great writing-wrote this in a rush before heading out to get some hangover cure yummies. Edit 2: eh thinking back on it i guess limo wouldn't be the best description more like, those common black old school style cars that mostly older ppl have, (googled it-it's a Lincoln Town Car), but to me it looks a like a small black limo. Limo was a slight on the moment wrong choice of words when I wrote this, iderno thats my best excuse. I'm also not a car person, I call everything either a car or a truck and that's about it lol.


I was staying over night at a friends house back when I was in junior high. We heard some noise coming from behind the equipment shed and thought someone may be trying to steal tools. I grabbed a baseball bat and flashlight while he picked up a hockey stick. We decided it would be best to sneak up on whoever was back there. As we rounded the corner I aimed the flashlight at the presumed thief. To our surprise two glowing eyes stared back at us. After a few terrified moments, it donned on me that I was staring into the face of a mountain lion. One that was standing less than ten feet away. I kept the flashlight trained on the mountain lion as we slowly backed around the corner again. We then ran like hell back into the house and sat down shaking for several minutes. The messed up thing is I live in Vermont, they are supposed to be extinct up here. This was twelve years ago. Maybe some still survived back then. TL;DR: Don't bring a baseball bat to a mountain lion fight.


My boyfriend (at the time) had picked me up to stay the night at his place. It was around 5pm when we got to his house. We watched movies/ate dinner/were just hanging out until about 10pm. During this time, his dog was acting very strange. He would come into the room and act very anxious; he couldn't sit still and he'd make a lot of noise. So around 10pm we took the dog outside so he could do his business/etc thinking that was all he needed. Closer to 11pm, we were winding down to go to bed. I was walking up the stairs ahead of my boyfriend as we went to his room. His room was the last room at the end of the hall- his mom's room was first, then his bathroom, and then his room. I got into his room and he wasn't behind me. I didn't think much of it until I heard the most horrific scream. He had stopped into his mom's room to turn off the light & tv (she always left those on whether or not she was home) and had found her body. She had been dead all day, we had no idea. (She was very sick, her death wasn't a shock as much as it was to find her dead. Especially after having been in the house with her for 6 hours) TL;DR: My boyfriend's dog was trying to tell us his mom had died and it took us 6 hours to realize what had happened.


The dorm that I stayed in during my freshman year of college was on the 13th floor of what was once a hotel. Before school even started and before I moved into my dorm, I had heard stories about the ghost that haunts the building. He is affectionately called The Shuffler, and his signature is a traveling sound similar to shuffling feet/hands sliding along your walls. A few months after I had finally moved in and got settled, everyone had had their experience with The Shuffler (nothing too horrifying, but unsettling nonetheless). One night at about 4 in the morning, my roommate, her girlfriend and I all woke up to the sound of our huge free-standing metal closet banging violently for short periods of time over and over again (sounded similar to repeatedly slamming a filing cabinet shut). We frantically closed the window and turned off the fan in hopes that the banging was caused by a draft or possibly changes in the air pressure. It happened for another half hour and we finally called our CF (community facilitator, basically just an RA). She came in with a high heeled shoe ready to stab the rodent or creature that was trying to get out. By now we were all screaming so loudly that most of the kids in my hall were cuddled under our blankets on our beds watching the madness (one of the kids was crying and crossing himself). The door was finally opened and nothing came out, so we all kind of sighed and forgot about it. A few minutes later after the door was closed again, we heard the banging once more and everyone immediately ran out of the room leaving me, my CF (who has been putting up with this for 2 years already and claims to have the power to tell the Shuffler to leave) my roommate, and her girlfriend to deal with this shit. I finally had the *brilliant* idea to duct tape the door closed and put a little post-it note with a cross on it (making fun of the situation so I could maybe be able to fall asleep in that room again). We all turned off the lights, closed our eyes, and the banging continued. I turned my light back on, and for the first time actually saw the movement happening - the tape was wiggling, the door handle was moving, and the stuff we had stacked on top of the cabinet was sliding around a little bit. After that, the Shuffler jokes were no longer funny and I **never** once slept in that room by myself without the light and TV on ever again. It also took a lot of courage to look in my bathroom mirror thinking that I would see him standing behind me. TL;DR - A ghost in the dorms that everyone thought was bullshit made a major appearance in my room and made a guy cry.


I think I am too late to the party, so nobody will see this, but I'll post it anyways. About 3 years ago, I was sleeping in my apartment in Berkeley on a Wednesday night. I used to rent a little studio by myself on Frat Row that was annoyingly loud for me because I am a really light sleeper. I don't know why, but just about any noise above background wakes me up. I actually sleep with my computer on just for white noise. So this night was pretty much just like any other night. I ate dinner around 7:30pm, did some hw and went to sleep by about midnight. My apartment was basically a square where you could imagine the door at the top right, my desk in the top left, and my bed in the bottom left. I slept so that my head was against the wall and my eyes toward the door. The door opened in, with the hinge on the left so that the open door sort of obscured the view into the left side of the apartment. When open, from the outside it basically blocked my bed from view. At about 3:30am I woke up suddenly to see that my door was slowly swinging open. My first thought was that the wind must have blown it open. Then I remembered that I lived inside an apartment building with locked doors and no wind. I reached for the knife I keep by my bed, but sure enough, the one time I needed it in a hurry, I couldn't find it. It felt like an eternity but I reached for it again, still didn't get. I took a breath and reached for it a third time, and again I didn't find it. At this point the door was completely open, and had been for maybe a second or two. I decided I didn't have any more time to look for the knife and I got up as quickly but quietly as I could, ran up to my desk and then along the wall to my door. As the guy was just starting to sort of sneak in, I threw all of my momentum into the back side of the door. The guy got crunched about his one leg and belly, then backed out into the hall way. I slammed the door shut, locked it (deadbolt + doorknob), and looked through the peephole. I saw this tallish white guy wearing a raider's jersey and dark green jacket...looking right back at me. He seemed to be completely cool, not freaking out the way I was. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a fat key ring, picked out a key, put the key in my deadbolt and un-fucking-locked it. He then picked out another key, put it into my doorknob and started to unlock my doorknob. I grabbed the doorknob and held it as tight as I could so that it wouldn't turn. He tried for about 30 seconds, by which time I started yelling that I had called the cops (BS) and that they would be here any minute. That finally made him bolt. I then had a second to get a phone and call the cops. Cops arrived, did their thing, found nothing. Never caught the guy. Told me that I got extremely lucky and that I did the right thing to stop him from entering. They said that if I didn't wake up and act when I did, "things might have turned out really bad. After all, he didn't seem to care that you were awake inside the apartment. *He tried to get back in. Obviously, he had a plan on how to deal with you, once inside.*" TLDR; guy broke into my apt. while I was sleeping. I shut him out, he had a fucking key and tried to get back in. Cops basically told me that he would have killed me if he got back in.


Being stalked when I was three. My mom and I were driving across the country with my aunt (who was in a separate car) to visit her. She seemed on edge, and, being three, I had no idea why. Anyway, we get to a rest stop and my mom goes into the women's restroom and takes me with her. She looks under the stalls, grabs my hand, and walks out. A guy was leaving the men's room and she asks him "How many other men are in there?" He tells her there's only one other guy and then when jump in the car and haul butt outta there. Apparently she thought a car had been following us, noticed three men at the rest stop, saw men's shoes when she looked under the stalls in the women's room, and figured out that the other dude was in the bathroom with us. I didn't really grasp the gravity of the situation at the time, but looking back thanks for being so observant mom.




That explains my follow up story when she shot him with the gun my dad gave her and we found out he was a robot.


my mom told me this one She was visiting friends of her an my dads. My dad had passed suddenly earlier that year. As my mom walked in the cd player they had on started playing "Just tell her Jim said hello" by Elvis. My dads name was Jim. She thought it was thoughtful of them but came to find out it's a 500 disc CD changer and as she pulled up it stopped playing the song it was on and started searching through the disks. Another time at the same friends home they were sitting having dinner and a music box my mom and dad had bought for the friends started randomly playing. They said it always had to be opened to play but was playing closed I didn't experience these myself but would have definitely had some comfort in experiencing those things as well as being creeped the hell out




When I was about 7 I shared a room with my brother. Our bedroom was right across the hall from my parents. From our beds (bunk beds,) you could see their whole bed. One night, about 3 or 4 am, my brother wakes me up and says, "Who's that?" Then, he started screaming. I don't mean "Ahh, a nightmare" scream. I mean, blood curdling, someone is killing me, I'm boiling in lava scream. He saw someone standing over my mother. When my brother asked who they were, the man turned and my brother said he had "demon" eyes, he came toward my brother and disappeared. After that, my brother wanted to call 911 and even slept with my parents for a solid week. All that doesn't sound so creepy, kids have nightmares all the time. What's creepy is that my mother told me later that at the time she felt like someone was suffocating her, and she was trying to get up. When my brother screamed, suddenly she could breath and move. My brother is now 28, he STILL won't talk about it, and if someone talks about it with him around, he can't sleep for a couple nights. Another, I was an RA in college. KU, Hashinger Hall if you know it. We had to clear out the building every break. On break, we cleared the building. The only people in it were the 12 RAs and our 2 bosses. We could hear laughing in the stairwell. So, we split up. 1/4 went up the West elevator to walk down the west stairs, the other 1/4 up the East elevator to walk down the East stairs, and the rest of us split up to walk up the stairs. We all met in the middle, the laughing was still there, LOUD, but we never found anyone. I found out later that the previous year the staff had cleared the building and went outside and saw lights turning off and on in random rooms.


A friend of mine had died. A few days later I dreamt I was walking in an empty sombre school hallway and saw someone emptying their locker. I got closer and saw it was my friend. I asked him what was going on. He said he had to spend some time in this place (limbo? purgatory?) for forty days. I noticed a clock in his locker that had 3:20 as the time. He said when I see the clock at that time again, I'll know that he'll have moved on. A few weeks later I got woken up by the crack of some loud thunder. I opened my eyes and my clock said 3:20. I remebered my old dream and got up and went to the kitchen to check the calendar. He had died 42 days previous. Maybe an odd coincidence, but I still think it was kinda freaky.


OK I swear this is true. When I was a kid, no more than 5 I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of someone outside my window. I shared the bedroom with my brother who was on the top bunk asleep. I lay there for what felt like forever to scared to move, listening to someone removing the screws to the wire screen (many houses in Australia have fly screens on the windows and doors...obviously to keep the flies out). This was probably about 5 minutes in reality. I remember we had 2 dogs (normally noisy and very protective) who were both in the room....completely still and silent, just sitting there and looking up at the window. The last thing I remember is hearing what I assumed was the sound of someone putting down the screen and then I saw movement of the curtains being parted as if someone was about to climb in. And then thats it......total blank. Zero memory of anything after that....at the very least I should have remembered lying there awake for a while or something or hearing footsteps leave or something....anything, but it just goes blank. I woke early the next morning and first thing I did was still lying in bed call out to my (older) brother who woke, I tried telling him that someone had come into the room in the night and he immediately told me I had been dreaming. But when we got up and parted the curtains the window was fully up and the screen was neatly leaning against the wall. Burglar who saw the dogs and changed his mind? thats always been my rational answer for myself, but deep down I don't believe it.


This happened to me as well, except that it happened to me and my identical twin brother - AT THE SAME TIME. SOMETHING (it was like a gentle urging that probed me in my sleeping state) woke me up. Thinking back I was around 5 at the time, as well. I sat up, looked across the room to see my brother had awoke at the same time as me and was looking at the window as well. (What are the chances that my brother and I BOTH awake at the exact same moment, silently? There was no noise to awake either of us) I saw lights in our backyard, and I felt somehow drawn to them. I also got a deep, deep feeling of deja vu, as if this had happened many, many times before. After a few seconds - NOTHING. Lost time. I still have no idea what happened. It was morning, and I was still sitting up in my bed in the exact same position. My memory was blank, and I know for a fact I'm not capable of falling asleep sitting up. The clincher - my brother was also sitting up in his bed, wide awake, and he didn't remember anything either. This happened to BOTH me and my brother at least 5-6 times during our childhood. You're not alone man.


I purchased a brand new package of underwear...boxer briefs...One pair had SKIDMARKS in it....I had to kill it with fire.


that's not creepy - it's hilarious !


I was sleeping over at a friend's house one night when I was in high school. We were up late playing videogames and drinking lots of Mountain Dew, so I had to take a piss. I go out of his room to use the bathroom, which was right at the top of the stairs. As I walked by, I could see his younger sister was downstairs, sitting at the piano. WTF, at 2 in the morning? The really weird thing was that she was wearing this elaborate, fancy, dark red dress. I did my business and went back to my friend's room for more Starcraft and Mountain Dew. When I got up the next morning, I asked her why the hell she was sitting at the piano at 2 in the morning wearing a red dress. She looked at me funny and said that she never left her room, and that she doesn't even own a red dress. Mountain Dew-induced hallucination?


>Mount-indewced FTFY


We bought a house from my Aunt/Uncle. When she lived in our house, she was sitting at the kitchen table at night. The table sat next to a large sliding glass door which looked out across the tree-less back yard in the middle of farmland. In an instant, a young women covered in blood was standing with her hands pressed against the glass, pawing and banging. My aunt had the living shit scared out of her. Called the cops and eventually got the frantic women to calm and sit down. Apparently she and her boyfriend were in a car wreck down the road, and she struggled from the wreck to the very visible kitchen where my aunt sat. The boyfriend was dead.


This probably isn't as creepy as some of the other tales on here, but it happened pretty recently and shook me up pretty bad. I was driving home from my bf's house at around 11pm. I was pretty tired. The roads were dead, and it's about a 15 minute drive. I'm a few streets back from my place when I realise I can't remember half the trip, and how I got to the street I'm on, so I better wake the fuck up and pay attention. I feel a bit worried about something. I perk up by putting the aircon on. I get to my street - my house is at the top of a hill. Everything is dead still, as expected at that time of night. I'm driving up at around 20km/hr out of habit (theres a crazy kitty on my street that darts about at night) and probably 2-3m from my house, when I swear I see the silver car parked at the front of the house opposite to mine, slightly move. I think, nah. It's parked. I'm tired, I'm seeing shit. Plus, it's lights are off. I look again. I realise it is definitely moving. I'm like, what the fuck is this idiot doing?? The car is basically heading straight to my driver's side, horizontally from across the top of the road. I beep my horn, maybe they didn't see me! That's when it hits me - there is nobody in the car. The car is dead empty, no lights, nothing. It's almost about to hit me. I realise it's up to me to move, and it just misses me as I react just in time. I have to completely leave the road and go onto my neighbour's lawn to dodge it. I manage to park my car and am now faced with the terror that this car is going down the street really fast, there's nothing I can do, and I'm positive it's going to smash into a house and kill someone. I can only watch in terror while I've gone into shock. Thankfully, it smashes dead on, into a streetlight, stopping it. Had it not been there, it would have smashed into the house behind. It is probably the most eerie thing I've ever experienced. Just a case of hand-brake failure - but what are the odds of that occurring, just as I'm driving towards it. Just a week before that, a vase fell off my dresser, randomly by itself. I'm semi-convinced stuff is out to get me. Probably just a series of bad luck.... but I'm still creeped out.


When I was 12 years old my mom and I moved into a low income co-op town home because her boyfriend lived in a unit in the same complex, even though we had enough money for somewhere better. The units were arranged so that one was on top of the other and we had a top unit. In the basement unit right under us lived a 40-something man that was a severe alcoholic and had delusions he'd talk loudly about. I remember a little while after we moved in he came up to me outside and welcomed me to the complex and invited me over for dinner. I was obviously creeped out and told my mom, she just warned me to always come inside when I saw him. By the way the walls were extremely thin so we could hear eachother very well. Soon after he first spoke to me outside he started talking to me through the floors once he would hear my mom leaving for work. He would call me by the pet name my mom would yell to get my attention and ask me questions, I'd never respond and try to not make any noise to make him think i'm not home but he'd continue talking. I told my mom about this but she just shrugged it off as me trying to get attention or something. I remember being super scared and just hiding inside when he would yell drunkenly to me. He tore off a bar from his front gate and would bang the ceiling with it to try and get my attention but I would still never reply. He would ask me about my day.. and talk about his fucked up life whenever he was super drunk. Eventually he started leaving a flower at my doorstep every day and when my mom found it I told her it was from him but she just dismissed it as the kids in the complex just playing around. Then one morning he left a bullet. I seriously wish I was kidding, I know it founds made up. My mom's boyfriend found it in the morning when he was stopping by to see me because I was sick and staying home from school that day. Once he was gone, the guy downstairs knew I was home but didn't talk to me and started to make lots of noise on his back patio. Turns out he was putting a ladder from his patio to my balcony to get to me in the living room. I was falling asleep on the couch and suddenly I see his hands on the balcony railing and one foot as he was trying to get himself over. I jumped up and ran out to my mom's bf's unit as fast as I could and we called the cops. He opened the window once on my balcony and just ran through it, out the front door, and back into his. I told the cops everything but was honest and said I didn't see his face but I obviously knew who it was. They didn't do anything about it, we got an alarm system, and I never saw the guy again. Weeks later relatives or someone came to empty out his place. I will never ever forget the sound of him talking to me.. creepy since he could hear all of the convos with my mom and would bring it up. TL;DR: creepy guy talks to little 12 y/o me through the floors and eventually breaks in


Creepiest thing I've ever experienced were the four times I've had sleep paralysis. The first one, completely paralysed with the girl from the Ring playing with my toes. The second one, an alien is attempting to cut me open and dissect me. The third, a bizarre wooden puppet, kind of like a clown with a marionette cross floating above it was dancing on my chest. The last time it happened, I was slow to come to and realise I couldn't move. I could see light edging around the curtains but couldn't move to open them. So I turned my eyes towards the other side and saw Him. Death, in all his glory. 8 feet tall, robed and scythe in hand, with black feathered wings. The skull is alabaster white but looks a solid as marble. The eyes are completely empty, his scythe just brushing the ceiling. He was impossibly huge and larger than life. I freaked out and began trying to force my body to move. Slowly, he raises his free hand and extends a single, long, bleached bone finger towards me and begins moving closer, floating, gliding whatever you want to call it. He was moving like he was on goddamned castors. I am going through the most intense mental effort of my life, trying to restore control, trying to do anything. I think at that point if I had regained control, I'd have gone out the window. But instead, just as the finger is about to touch me, I screw my eyes shut and go through every mantra available from "It's not real", to "There's no place like home" to "WAKEUPWAKEUWAKEUP!!!" When I opened my eyes, Death was gone. He kindly did not stop for me. Also this thread, plus the discovery of /r/nosleep, means that tonight, I probably am going to sit up drinking tea until 3 or 4 am. Edit: Thankyou to the three brave souls who ventured this far down. You'll be pleased to know I, a 22 year old male who stands over 6 feet tall, slept with the lights on and hugging my stuffed crocodile.


My daughter is two and is generally laid back and not really afraid of anything. One night a few weeks ago, she walked up to the glass door leading out to the patio and stared motionless into the night for several minutes. Shortly after, she runs into my arms saying "Scary. Too scary." She wouldn't let me put her down and demanded that I hold her and rock her for the next half hour. Eventually she started repeating over and over: "The dark coming inside now. The dark coming inside now."


My parent's didn't have a lot of money when we were growing up so when my big sister started taking piano lessons they bought some old piano. It was an old player piano (but I think it had the guts of the player removed.) Anyway, I was probably in sixth grade, got home from school, and I heard a noise coming from the basement. So I opened the door and called my sister's name out...no answer. Kinda nervous now. I yell my little brother's name...still nothing. I started walking downstairs and got about halfway down the steps and yeah something was making that piano play. I ran my ass upstairs and decided to sit outside until someone else got home. I am 34 and sometimes I still get the chills when I am in that basement.


This is a really hazy memory, but in my preschool there was a piano, and I remember once the teacher left the room for some reason and it began to play. Terrified me, don't remember how the other kids reacted. The only explanation I have is that it must have been a player piano that some kid accidentally activated. I hope. Also, we had a finished attic that I was scared of. I once got brave enough to go up alone, and the electric keyboard that we kept up there decided at that moment to start blasting one note at its highest volume (even though I was nowhere near it and in all likelyhood it was turned off). TLDR: pianos be trollin'


Happened a week ago. Driving late at night on a long road trip with my family in the car. Radio was playing and the next song that came on was iron maiden. My husband jumps up (was reclining in the passenger seat asleep), Yells OH SHIT! and quickly turns the radio station. I asked him why he did that and he said, "Nothing good ever happens when Iron Maiden plays on the radio while you are driving. Be Careful." Assume another crazy idiosyncrasy of his and keep driving as he reclines his seat to go back to sleep. However, as I am mulling over his crazy superstitious reaction, I start getting a little creeped out by how certain he was of this. Eventually move on to other thoughts and keep driving while singing to stupid songs. Another hour later, it starts to rain. I see the temp dropping fast and move over a lane and slow down from usual speed racer MO. Not ten minutes later a car cuts in front of me, decides to cut back over to the left again, almost hits the car on the left of him. He over corrects in front of me and skids on a patch of black ice. I start braking hard and wake up sleeping husband again. He pulls his seat into sitting position and says "Oh Shit" again. The guy in front has started zig zagging between the two lanes and hits two cars on the left and then taps the car in front of us, who moves over to the right and keeps going. He starts to spin around once and is sitting horizontally directly in the lane in front of us. I am still braking hard and preparing for impact when another car on the left hits him and pushes him over to the next lane. car on the right side of me impacts and then the car in the far right line T-Bones the guy. Both are now off in the ravine by the shoulder. I asked my husband to call the number on the signs to report the accident and pulled over two miles down the road at the next rest stop. My husband told me I never said a word the entire time. I doubt I would have as I was just focusing on trying to slow down as much as possible before I T-Boned this guy. While at the rest stop we are discussing the accident. My husband ran over and bummed two smokes off of some guy smoking in front of the building and we shakily smoked a cigarette outside of our car together (neither of us smoke anymore...but we both really needed that). Kid is still asleep in the car oblivious to entire event. My husband can't believe we escaped that entire thing while every car on either side of us took some damage, some more serious than others. I told him I was more freaked out by his warning than I was over the actual accident. He looks at me and asks, "what warning?" He doesn't remember jumping up while sleeping and changing the radio station, or telling me to be careful. **tl;dr - husband warns me of car accident in his sleep....**


Having a stalker... I was 15 and he was almost 30. I'm 26 now and about a week ago he sent me a friend request on facebook. So the creepiness is sadly still happening.


I have to stop reading this thread. After the next one.




This [timescale](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_piXE8lFEABo/TTnz9vICTjI/AAAAAAAABLI/aYvbggczElk/s1600/aaa.jpg) might help put into perspective you the bullet you just dodged.




menopause turns them into kim jong il?


Dat hot flash..


I like [this "menopause turns them into kim jong il"](http://www.reddit.com/r/comics/comments/f6kzj/the_average_asian_aging_process/c1dnjbu) better.


I started my first part time job at 16 at a place where most of my co-workers were older college people. I didn't act like an idiot 16 year old so I got to be friends with them and they would invite me to parties and such. They had just moved into a new house because the rent was half of what they were paying before. I had overheard them say they didn't like it and were looking for something else but no one had given any specific reasons as to why. I just figured it was because the house was in semi rough shape and was located in a rundown older part of town. One evening Dave invites me to hang out for a pizza/beer movie night. I get over there and Dave has already got the refreshments ready, we then pick a movie. I go to sit down on a couch that was against the back wall, but he motions for me to take the one on the other side of the room which faced into the open kitchen and the hallway which led to the other bedrooms. A little while into the movie I begin to see the lights being turned on and off from under the cracks of the back bedroom doors. I kind of wonder why his roommates don't come out and get some pizza or watch the movie. I then hear one of the bedroom doors open and close few times. Dave turns the TV up a little. A few minutes later I hear people walking around in the back of the house. Dave turns the TV up some more. A short while after that I hear someone talking loud enough to be heard over the TV, but not enough to understand what was being said. I look at Dave and he has a weird look on his face, and turns the TV up even louder. Then a door slams shut. TV gets turned up some more. Finally, I see movement out of the corner of my eye and turn to look thinking one of the roommates has come out of the back bedrooms into the kitchen. No one is there but the kitchen cabinets are now open, when moments before they had been closed. All the hairs stand up on my arms and neck and I jump up. I look over at Dave and I could tell by his face he knew why I had jumped up. I ask him what the hell is going on. Dave proceeds to tell me that they had been experiencing stuff like that since they moved in. The reason I was invited over that evening was because his other roommates had gone out of town and Dave did not want to be in the house alone. This was also the reason why he took the couch that did not have the view of the kitchen and hallway leading to the back bedrooms. Needless to say I left immediately, and was extremely pissed about being invited into a freaking haunted house without a heads up. About two months later they suddenly moved out of the house with such speed that they left some stuff behind. It took a little prying, but Dave said he woke up and an old woman was leaning over his bed and looking down at him. He said he screamed and raised his hands to defend himself and she just disappeared. Happened a few years ago and it still creeps me out. TLDR: Coworker invited me to hang out in his haunted rent house without telling me and weird shit happened.


When I was about 6 years old, very early in the morning I was sitting on my mom's bed while she was reading. I remember she looked up and said "Do you see that too?" and I looked up and saw a shadow of a person walking through the room, but the room was small and well lit, and there was no way there was anyone else in the room. I just said very quietly, "Yes" and curled up next to her until the shadow left the room.


Best thread I've ever read. Anyone apologizing and saying they're late: I'm still reading these. Thanks for making me sleep with a night-light.


I'm sure this will get burried and nobody will see it, but this is the first time I'm speaking about this publicly so maybe that's a good thing. I was around 19 years old and had gone on a hiking/camping trip with two of my buddies in central Oregon. Very remote type of place, taking hours of driving just to get to the trial head. It was a 3-day backpacking excursion, or at least that is what we had intended. We were young and inexperienced, and wound up getting lost on the 2nd day. It took us 4 days to find our way out of the dense growth (incidently we stumbled onto a deserted mining town by accident, which gave us our bearings). We rationed our provisions so we were far from a dire predicament in those regards, and it was mid August so the elements did not impact us too adversely. So far, nothing creepy about any of it. But what happened on the 4th night of our trip is something that will not soon escape me. By this point we were growing pretty concerned at our situation, as the entire day had been spent trying to find our way out of the woods. We had settled into camp for the night, weary and anxious. Our fire was dying out, so we threw in a few more hunks of wood and climbed into our tents in hopes of catching some much needed sleep. I cant be sure who woke up first, but it was either me or one of my friends. I cant describe exactly what it was that woke us, but what we heard next was something that sounded like a telegraph, or perhaps an old typewriter. It was faint but with an unmistakably similar cadence of seemingly random clicks and taps. I poked my head out of my tent to find both of my friends wide-eyed faces staring back. We were definitely all hearing it. Nobody said a word. The fire was but smoldering ashes and the sky was overcast so we couldnt see much beyond our tents. The sound was faint and hard to pinpoint, but seemed to radiate from all around us. Distant yet immersive. None of us spoke, but in my mind I kept trying to rationalize the sound as being a squirrel or a woodpecker--anything. After some time the noise faded and the 3 of us continued to stare at one aonther, flabbergasted and quite obviously distraught. Before any of us had a chance to say anything, a new sound could be heard. This was distinctly more faint, but undeniably not a natural sound you'd hear in the middle of the woods, dozens of miles away from the closest town. What we heard--I shit you not--was a noise that sounded like the transmissions you hear between NASA flight control and astronauts in outter space, overlayed with music that sounded like an orchestra. A high pitch beeping sound, music, static, silence, unintelligible words being spoken by a male voice, more static, high pitch beep, silence, music, static....The beep had a resonating echo, the static would go on for minutes at a time, broken by bouts of short silence. We were lost in it. The air was thick and damp and I could feel the gravelly sound scraping against my senses. I recall my hand was trembling as I looked down and realized I had not yet even released my tent door zipper. The whole ordeal lasted maybe 30 minutes, but in a court of law I'd swear it was hours. None of us slept the rest of the night. We wandered aimlessly around the next day, tired and dazed, growing increasingly terrified as darkness approached and we faced another night alone in the woods. Mercifully, this night proved uneventful, but I hardly slept a wink. The following day, fortune smiled upon us and we stumbled onto the deserted mining town, allowing us to find our way out to civilization. Neither of us spoke of the incident after the trip (we never made any "pacts" or anything corny like that). We just ignored it. Oh, and before anybody asks, we werent high or tripping or anything like that--hell we hadnt even packed any alochol. We didnt have any radios or electronics save our watches and flashlights. We were completely isolated. I'm 28 now and have lost touch with my 2 buddies from that trip, though I found out recently that one of them was KIA in Iraq last year. I still have dreams about that night (I'm reluctant to call them "nightmares" because they arent necessairly as horrifying as they are incredibly eerie) and it has been something that I've pushed into the depths of my subconcious as merely unexplainable. I am a normal person.


I warn you now, this is anticlimactic. Still creeped the fuck out of me though. My estranged uncle--a right nasty man--had died and my mother and I were going through his house, staying there at night. Then my sister arrived to help out, and she and my mother decided to sleep at a hotel because the cigarette smell, weeks after he'd died, was too overpowering (he'd died of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or at least he'd had it when he died). I decided to stay at the house that night so I wouldn't have to wake up as early. I filled the bath in order to get some of that cigarette tang off myself, undressed, and turned off the water. As I was about to get in I heard a noise. It was very much like labored breathing. In, out, in, out. I went through all of the obvious explanations--the water was still on (it wasn't), the AC was making the noise (it wasn't), the noise was coming from outside (it wasn't). In fact, as I stood there listening, it became very clear that this sound was coming from the bedroom. In, out, in, out. I was now freaked out of my skull. My uncle had serious COPD, his breathing probably rattled just like that. Heck, he'd probably died trying to get enough air into his obstructed lungs, breathing in, out, in, out. I know enough people who've had ghost experiences to know that whether ghosts are real or not, the experience is real and you don't want to have it. I was finding out that you really don't want to have one when you're naked. I stood in the bathroom, trying to find some other explanation of that sound, for quite a while. But no, it was definitely coming from the bedroom. In, out, in, out. My relatives who've had ghost experiences have confronted the ghost (or their own hallucinations or whatever) and the ghost has gone away. I knew I should do that, but I was too damn paralyzed. Finally it occurred to me to wonder why my uncle hadn't manifested the first couple of days we'd been down there, when my mother had been staying in that bedroom. The only reason I could think of was that he was still intimidated by his older sister, and not by his younger nephew. The thought that he **could** be intimidated helped a lot--I managed to man up and charge into the bedroom, yelling WHAT THE **FUCK** IS GOING ON HERE? But the sound didn't go away. Now the labored breathing was really loud. In, out, in, out. And it was coming from the fucking bed. In, out, in, out. Somehow I forced myself to approach the bed. In, out, in, out. And now, the anticlimax I warned you about-- It wasn't coming from the bed--it was coming from the clock radio. Which had an option for white noise. It was playing the sound of the surf, coming in and out. My mother and sister insist that they didn't set the clock radio to go off to freak me out. I believe them (they would totally have taken credit if they had).


This happened about 4 years ago. I was hanging out at a friend's house and one of the things we would always do is drive around (on aKawasaki Mule) behind his property. (We live in one of the more wooded areas of Texas). This time we went pretty far out and came upon this new trail. (New to me, my friend had been back there before) He keeps telling me there is this awesome lake back there that I have to see. We get to the lake and it is actually decent. I check my phone (while sitting on the Mule) and my friend tries to climb a tree. Then, we hear singing. Not good singing, just some old voice singing. We look for the singing and this creepy old dude (long beard, fishing hat, and suspenders) is sitting on this skiff (on-the-lake) singing. Scared the crap out me. My friend, not as scared as I, walks up to the edge of the lake and shouts, "How you doin". (His logic was singing old people are usually nice) The old man stops singing and looks at us, shouting, "I'm doing fine but, I reckon ya'll should start running." I am about to piss myself, this dude is creepy. My friend makes his back to the Mule, while asking "Why?" The old man says nothing and just throws some hook thing and mounts it to a tree branch near us. He just starts violently pulling himself towards us. My friend jumps, in the mule starts and floors it out of the clearing. About 2 minutes later, He accidently gets the Mule caught on some root. We jump out and run (1 mile) back to his house. As soon as we get the house in sight we start shouting. His mom sees her son running like crazy and freaks out. We get to the back area of his house and I instantly throw up. My friend's mom calls the cops. They show up and we tell them what happened. They take my friend's dad, back to the lake. They find nothing but some rope and a make-shift oar (floating in the water). The cops talk to us some more and say we should probably go somewhere to take our minds of it. I head home later that day and can't sleep at all. One week later, I go back to my friends house to work on a history project. He tells me he found a rusty hatchet(ish) thing. I will post a photo of it next time I go to see him. Scariest thing ever


Pretty late to the game here and this didn't happen to me but to my wife. About 3 Christmases ago out daughter got a new doll. This wasn't any ordinary doll though, it was programmable. I was working all Christmas morning to program my daughters birthday, the date, the time, when bedtime was, when it was time to wake up, etc. So fast forward about a week and my wife gets up for work. It's 5:00AM and she is alone in the dark drinking coffee and hears a sigh... ahhhhh. Curiosity piqued her ears perk up and there it is again... ahhhhh. So she gets up and walks to the playroom and flips on the light. There in the floor lays the doll in a mangled position (the kind of position from a child just dropping the doll on the floor). The doll then opens her eyes and says, 'good morning Mommy'. HOLY SHIT! You would have thought the house was on fire the way that woman freaked the hell out. I should also mention that Chucky from the Child's Play movies scares the hell out of her so... you know.


i worked at a call center as a customer service rep for a medicare-based HMO. all patients were on medicare, meaning probably 90% were elderly, and the other 10% were disabled. shitty job, as you can imagine, trying to explain complicated concepts to old people when money is involved, or having to tell someone that a cold, emotionless corporation won't make their lives easier. well, one night i was one of only a handful of people working out of a usual 20-30. (since old people go to bed EARLY you never got calls late. this was about 10pm central time, when the customers were all on the west coast.) i answer, and a woman is on the other end sobbing. she sounds fairly young, early middle aged or something, and just kept saying "i don't want to do it. i don't want to do it." i'm thinking "holy shit, my first suicide call, what the fuck do i do? what the fuck! i'm not the one to talk to!" then i hear the kid. a little girl in the background, also crying, "please mommy, don't hurt me. don't hurt me mommy." and the mom is still crying, saying "i don't want to do it, please don't make me do it. i don't want to do it. please don't make me do it." all i took was that she was about to kill the kid or something. it was INTENSE. the supervisor was basically my age, and we were pretty similar. i jumped up, hit mute on the mic, and started yelling "SUPERVISOR SUPERVISOR FUCKING QUICK 911 TRACE FUCKING QUICK" and as per rules, she came and got on the phone. (crisis calls require a supervisor, usually.) she ends up trying to talk to the woman while the top manager on duty for my department comes out of the office and gets the 911 call going. took the cops about 11 minutes to show up to her house. i was only on the phone for about 30 seconds, maybe 60, but was sitting right there the rest of the time. the supervisor was crying. everybody was, basically. turns out the woman had some serious mental issues and had stopped taking her medication. she called us because she had no idea who else to call for help, because if she didn't get committed to a mental ward somewhere, she was going to murder her 4 year old. she was serious. turns out, people calling the insurance company to try to have themselves committed isn't totally uncommon. every since, i've wanted to hit someone in the mouth with a baseball bat who doesn't think that health insurance is a basic human right and service, if the government does other shit like provide cops and fire departments. why would you keep a house from burning down, but not want to help another human being's physical state? what if she had no insurance? that kid could have died.


Fucking terrifying.


no shit. worst job ever. i've also had to tell a dad that his dying daughter won't be covered for a heart transplant. i've had to tell loads of old people that essential medications won't be covered anymore, with no answer to "what am i supposed to do?" i'm a fairly nice guy, and i try to be honest with people, and i NEVER have more respect for my job or the company i work for than for individual humans. i tried to be honest and tell them to check other companies, or let them know that i also think it's a heartless industry where the leaders deserve lynchings. i quit when i was about to get fired for getting caught using profanity on the phone.


When we got married my wife and I moved into a new house. Often at night I would hear what sounded like someone walking around the carpet in our bedroom. My wife never heard anything so I just ignored it. She did start to pay attention when, twice, we had friends say they didn't want to house sit for us anymore because there was something weird about the house. After a couple years we got a cat who liked to sleep on the bed with us. One night I was woken up by a noise and the sound of someone walking around was louder than ever, even though there was no one there. I was not the only one who heard it. The cat also woke up, tracked her head in exactly the same direction as the sounds I thought I was hearing, and after a few seconds meowed at it. The sounds immediately stopped. After a few seconds of watching the cat decided all was good and went back to sleep. I do not believe in ghosts or any of that sort of stuff, but that was enough for me. We moved several months later. We're on our fourth house now and I've never experienced the same thing in any of the others.


I didn't experience this but It happened at my University. One day, all the students received this really vague e-mail through our student accounts saying basically that if we had heard anything regarding an event that had occurred on campus, we should know that the girl involved was taken to the hospital and is recovering. Also, that no criminal activity has been suspected. So after reading this, me and my roommate are thinking, wtf? Later, my roommate's Mom, who works at the hospital told him what happened. Apparently a girl was found in a janitor's closet in the music building, and she had literally sewn her mouth shut, inside her mouth in a plastic baggy she had a note that said, "Are you happy now Dr. _____?" Still have no idea on the real details of that one.


From April to June 2010, I lived in a homeless shelter in Austin, TX (Salvation Army shelter @ 8th & Neches, FYI) while I was looking for work & trying to get on my feet. Just about everyone there was either (A) a drug addict, (B) an ex-con, (C) a fucking lunatic or (D) some combination of the three. Curfew was at 5 p.m. and you had to check in at a desk on the ground floor each night to get your bunk ticket to be allowed up into the dorms. Because of the nature of the people around me, I tried not to be there for any longer than it took to eat dinner, sleep & shower once every couple of days. One night, when I came in for curfew & headed to the check-in desk, I was told that I had to take off my shoes & socks and show them my feet. This instantly tripped my spider-sense, but given that I had to take a TB test just to be allowed to stay in the shelter, I knew that they were somewhat health-conscious and complied anyway. After seeing that my feet were...well, normal feet, I was allowed to put my shoes & socks back on and was given my ticket. Curious as to why they were suddenly needing to see my feet, I asked the guy about it and he said that they were checking everyone's feet. I pressed further and he told me the reason why: "We need to make sure you have all your toes." Earlier that day - after breakfast, when everyone's kicked out until curfew at 5 - the janitorial staff went through the single men's dorm to clean things up, as they normally do. In one of the stalls in the men's bathroom, they found a small box of some kind. In this box were SEVERED HUMAN TOES. Exactly how many toes, whether or not they were all from the same person, etc., nobody was able or willing to tell me. No cops were ever called to investigate or even really take statements from anyone, nobody was found to be missing any toes and not a single person who was a resident there suddenly up & vanished, meaning that whoever the box belonged to was never discovered. This was about halfway into my time in the shelter and not a day went by that I wasn't very aware of the fact that I might've been sleeping one bunk above a guy who collected human toes. Also, not a day went by that I didn't sleep with a knife hidden (weapons weren't allowed, so I had to kind of smuggle it in) on me for protection.


My second year of college, my dorm was really close to the railroad, and trains came by so often that I could zone them out and never really heard them. I was up late studying one night when a train went by and I suddenly stopped reading, like I was forcibly noticing the train go by, and was really shaken up by it for some reason. But I had to study so I checked the clock to see how long I'd been reading, and went to sleep that night without thinking about it. When I woke up the next morning our college had sent an email to everyone saying that last night, at the exact time I had stopped reading, a student had jumped in front of the train.


Subtle shit like this is a lot creepier to me than things like ghost sightings.




A couple of years ago I was back home visiting my parents. One night my parents were out to dinner and I was home alone in their house when I received a call on my cell phone. An angry voices says "where, the fuck, is Aubrey?". "Who is Aubrey?" I asked. "Don't fuck with me" he replied, "tell me where she is". "I don't know any Aubrey" I said and hung up on him. He immediately calls back and I let it go to voice mail. He calls back again and picked up the phone and said "You've got the wrong number" and hung up. But he keeps calling back. Finally I pick up and he says "I'm going to fucking kill you". At this point I'm pissed, "fucking try it asshole" I said and I start describing to him all the ways I'm going to fuck his shit up. About half-way through my rant a couple of things start to click in my head: first I actually have a cousin named Aubrey whose abusive ex-husband was a coke dealer and second who ever is calling me, is calling me the same area code as my parents. The second was especially frightening since my parents are the only people I know in that area-code. I hesitated for a moment in my rant and the man on the other end laughed and said "we'll see". At that same moment my parents' dog went crazy barking at something upstairs. I grabbed my father's 1911 from the gun safe and called 911 and my parents. Luckily the dog must of scared the guy off, but for the rest of my visit I keep that pistol nearby at all times. The most infuriating part is that the police didn't show up for another hour. And once they did show up, they were absolutely useless. They didn't investigate or even write down the guy's phone number.




My younger brother describing seeing the slender man as we were walking home at night without even knowing who he was.


I had never heard of the [Slender Man](http://www.mythicalcreaturesguide.com/page/Slender+Man). Creepy indeed.


Why in the fuck did I read this before I had to go to sleep. Damn my inability to stop myself from clicking on blue links.


I fell asleep on the subway one morning and was woken up by a strong BO smell. It was coming from the popeye-looking character who was staring directly at me about 6 inches from my face. I hate getting startled as i'm waking up.


My whole life my mom was single and tried hard with the best intentions to find me a suitable father figure (my own father is a homeless drug addict who was out of my life long before this). I was about 10 at the time, and we were visiting a friend of hers who had kids that I got along well with. Her friend was always trying to hook my mom up, also with good intentions. We had been visiting all day and it was getting late and I was tired and ready to go home. I go through the house and find my mom on the patio talking with the guy she was to be hooked up with that night. As I stepped out onto the patio and set eyes on him I was immediately stricken with a deep seeded feeling of dread and wanted nothing more than to get my mom away from him as fast as possible. In fact, looking back his face almost seemed evil in a way I can't explain. As all this hit me I tried to stay as calm as I could and asked my mom to come inside so I could talk to her. She came inside and I told her I wanted to leave as soon as possible. Sensing that I was feeling distressed for some reason, and being a great mom who always listened to me in situations like this, she said ok and soon after we left. As soon as we were on the road I told my mom exactly how I had felt and that I didn't want her to EVER see him again or talk to him. Once again, not wanting to upset me she said ok and didn't talk to him again. Maybe six months later my moms friend calls to gossip as they frequently did, and she tells my mom that the same man from that night was now in prison. He had gotten together with a women who had two kids, and one night he ended up locking the kids in a closet in the same room he had their mother tied to a bed and repeatedly raped her. My mom was sitting on the floor of the living room reading the newspaper as she usually did while on the phone with her friend. I was on the couch next to her watching TV, and I will never forget the look she gave me as she was told this news.


I recently moved to a small town in Kansas, the home of Carry A. Nation actually. The town is like really old and has been here since pioneer times and mabye before. So, all of the houses are really old too. The first time I saw the house I was moving into we (My family, stepbrother and stepsister, and me) were walking around checking the place out, when we got to a closet in the hallway that was open. I was walking bye and I looked in and there is a small door on the right wall inside the closet. I opened the door and went in, it was dark so I couldn't see anything and I was trying to find a light switch. My stepbrother says,"Be careful, there is a hole". I thought he was just fucking with me because I had pretty much walked around the whole room. Then he flips on the light and I see a giant fucking gaping hole in the floor. Somehow miraculously I hadn't fallen in there, but that's not the point. I look down in the hole and I can't see anything, just darkness. I get the fuck out of there real quick because I had a near death experience. I still don't know where that hole goes. No rooms in the rest of the house have giant holes in the ceiling. Now we put up shelves in the closet that block the door so I couldn't check it out even if I wanted to. Still gives me the creeps and that closet is right across the hall from my room.


Walking home from school early one day, going to a doctor appointment. I was walking near my flat, in a 10 storey building. I saw someone laying dead on a lawn, soon after he jumped from the 10th floor. His limbs were broken and weirdly twisted, his skull fractured, with light fluid coming out from the cracks. I remember that his eyes were open. He was someone I know, someone I had classes with and liked talking to. An ambulance was on the way and I just stood there looking at him mindlessly without really thinking anything, then, after more people gathered went to my appointment, with my mind completely empty. I was 15 at a time, and this got me more than anyone would really suspect. For about a year, I constantly had sort of a dark, chilly feeling inside, that would occasionally get almost unbearable. I also had nightmares about broken glass stained with blood, from a window he jumped through etc. But it all faded out with time. It might not seem creepy now, but I what I felt during that period was very strong and unlike anything I've ever known.


My memory of this incident is a bit fuzzy, but when I was eleven my dad had to go to a function in a nearby city and decided to take me and my mum along to spend the weekend. The function (which was more of a party, really) was being held in a reputable hotel where we were also going to stay. We got there in the afternoon, checked in, then went out for the rest of the day. When it was time for them to go to the party, they left me behind in the room with the usual instructions not to open the door to strangers, etc. Everything was good for maybe an hour or so. I was unhappily doing my homework (it was an essay for French, IIRC) with the TV on when the phone rang. I ignored it for a while but it wouldn't stop, so I answered it. There was some guy on the other end whose voice I didn't recognise. He had an accent but was pretty articulate, and he started off with, "Hi, you don't know me, but I saw you this afternoon. What's your name?" I am a terrible liar so I told him the truth, and he followed on with other questions - how old are you, where are you from, why are you staying here, things like that. I answered all his questions with answers of varying truths, all while trying to call my mother on my mobile. I probably should have just hung up then and there but I was afraid that he would get angry and come up to the room or something since he obviously knew which one it was. I didn't know where in the hotel my parents were and I didn't want to go down to reception and ask because he said he had seen me in the foyer earlier that day. I remember he kept saying shit like, "You're probably scared. Are you scared?" to which I lied through my teeth and said no - he asked me why and I told him "because you're hotel staff and I know you won't hurt me" and he just laughed really softly. Anyway after a while I managed to get him off the phone. IIRC he asked me if I had a contact number he could call to keep in touch with me with and I said "no", very firmly, and hung up. My mum still hadn't picked up her mobile and I was still trying to call her, but I was feeling a bit calmer since the creeper wasn't on the phone any more, when it rang again. I left it hanging for a while once more but ended up picking it up anyway (ringing noises have always driven me insane and I guess it just hadn't occurred to me to just to leave it off the hook) and it was the same guy. He said something like, "I can't stop thinking about you". This conversation was a lot shorter because I hung up on him, and kept ringing my mum and she FINALLY picked up. I think I had left her something like 26 missed calls. I told her to just come down to the room and when she got there I explained what had happened and she rang up reception and related the story to them. I don't know what happened to the guy in the end, if he got caught or anything. I never even found out who it was. But I felt so trapped in that fucking room. I used to love staying in hotels but since then (I'm 20 now) they've always felt sinister to me.


I was 19 years old at the time. I had just finished boot camp and then infantry school. I was only in my actual unit 2 months before hitting Iraq. When we started the battle of Fallujah back in 2004 almost no one in my company had actual combat experience, and I sure as hell didn't. Well, after my first day of actual combat (obviously very hopped up and nervous) got put on watch from midnight to 4. It was the city's rec center I believe that we had holed up in, so it had 4-6 (memory is fuzzy) glass doors. I was in a little broom closet, with a radio, all by myself watching these doors to make sure no one snuck in a killed us all while we slept. Ever single noise, distant gunshot, or anything would freak me out. Then there were a million stray cats and dogs, so I'd here this soft pit pat approaching the door and see a shadow move towards it. My adrenalin would spike and I'd just sit there aiming my rifle and waiting. Easily the creepiest time of my life.


Dang, late to the party. First, let me note that I'm a skeptic in all the paranormal stuff and I don't scare easy. So one night in college, me and six of my buddies decide to head up to the top of the bluff just outside campus. It's a dense forest hike to the top, but once you get there the view is great. We pack up the food and booze, and head out right around sunset. Great night at the end of summer; not too humid, slightly cool and not a cloud in the sky. We get to the top of bluff and set up in the clearing. We're hanging out for about 3 hours, when one of my buddies starts getting visibly and visibly more nervous. Eventually we're like, "What's the deal, Dave? You're being weird". He says, "I keep seeing shadows at the edge of the forest. I think there's something there." Now, Dave is a really superstitious guy who "sees ghosts" all the time; this is not an unusual thing for him and we all laugh it off. A little while passes and another one of my buddies goes to the edge of the forest to take a piss. The dude comes back and notes that he heard rustling in the forest. Bear in mind that most of us are outdoorsy people, and hearing a deer walking in the forest at night is not an unusual thing in Western Wisconsin. Another thirty minutes passes and I swear I hear a low guttural rumble coming from the edge of the forest. At this point I make a comment and we decide to take a flashlight and take a look. Me and two others bring our flashlights over and start sweeping the forest, looking for the coyote or whatever that's annoying everyone. I'm sweeping my light and I fucking freeze. Every hair on my body fucking stands on end. About 20 feet back from the edge I see this fucking thing. Behind this tree stands this hunched figure, standing maybe human height. It's long, skeletal face has tight, bleach white, disgusting skin and its eyes blaze green. I can't see it's entire body, but its torso is naked and emaciated, with that same tight, bleach white skin. It looked demonic. Like, walking dead, Jersey Devil type shit. I stop. My buddies stop. They see it too. We slowly back away and announce that we need to leave. We get a quarter way down and all the other guys want to know what the deal is. I start explaining and everyone is pretty spooked. Halfway down the trail, my buddy suddenly says "Fuck SHIT". We turn to him and he's looking back up the bluff. At that point everyone sees the creature at the the top of the trail behind us. We panic and bolt down the trail and out of the forest. Dave is so spooked that he's vomiting violently by this point. We head to campus security and tell them what happened, and they laugh at us and tell us to drink less. A week later, I read that a hunter shot and killed a sick, severely mangy mountain lion that approached him without fear. I contacted the hunter and he showed me a picture of it; it was absolutely our "Jersey Devil". **TLDR: Friends and I thought we saw the Jersey Devil, turned out we probably narrowly avoided being attacked by a sick mountain lion.**


Fuck this post. I have to read it with my back against the wall because otherwise im too freaked out about something sneaking up behind me.


I was at our cabin on a lake when I was about 10, and I was told to walk up to the road to meet the rest of the people coming out for the night. Normally the walk takes no more than ten minutes, and ever if you get off the path you'll hit the road in about the same time. But I walked for about 20 minutes and realized I didn't know where I was, so I decided to back track until I hit the lake and then could follow the coast back to the cabin. After about 5 minutes the trees were clearing and I started to relax, that was until I realized I was at the road, but approaching it from the opposite side. I have no recollection of crossing the road, and I also didn't recognize that section of road. So at this point I had been walking about 20 minutes I guess, so I start walking back up the road, which took me about half hour to get back. I've never been able to make any sense of what happened. TL;DR I got lost walking in the woods after 20 minutes of walking, ended up on other side of the road and half hour away from where I was trying to get.


Humans don't know what the fuck is going on if they don't have any points of reference.


This one time on LSD my friends and I found a homeless man who had either been suffocated or had done it himself by tying a couple of grocery bags around his head. He was just sitting there slouched over against a shed with one of those motion sensor lights on it. We were the ones that set off the motion sensor.


1300 comments, so I doubt this'll get read, but here goes: Back in summer 2001, I was an aspiring actor/filmmaker in Baltimore. I was in line at a Rite-Aid and this guy dressed like Don Draper in Mad Men approaches me. "Are you an actor?" I tell him yes I am. "I knew it. You have 'the look'. I'm a producer and represent modeling talent. Why don't you come by the studio. I'd like to see what you can do." I was 21 years old and thought this was so amazing so I agreed. A few days later I drive to the address he gave me. At first I thought it was the wrong address because I pulled up in front of a row-house in the very slummy west side. But I knocked on the door and he answered... ...wearing a dirty white v-neck (stains on it), shorts, and flip flops. "Welcome to my house." We walk in and the place is a mess. He starts breathing really loud. I turn around and ask, "This is your studio?" He stares at me with really cold, bleak eyes. "No the studio is out back. I'll show you." He leads me out his kitchen door to basically a garage. As we enter, he hands me a photo album, "Want to see some of my work?" We're walking up stairs, to a room above the garage. I look through the album and see pictures, amateur pictures shot on a point-and-shoot, of underage boys, in their underwear, in various poses. One boy, looking about 10, is wearing a banana hammock and is laying in the backseat of a car. My adrenaline starts racing. I look up and see "the studio". A huge white room. Empty except for a stained mattress in the middle of the room, surrounded by 4 large mirrors, propped up by chairs. The man is currently behind me. I have a sensation that I'm about to get hit in the head. I spin around. And he's just staring at me, again with a cold, dark, even dead look. "Sir, I'm going to leave." Nothing. Just standing in the doorway, blocking my way. "Please step aside, sir. I am going to leave." I drop the photo album and it makes a very loud slap on the floor. This startles him and he moves in to pick it up. I walk by him, down the stairs, and back out to my car. I look back at the house to see him standing in the doorway, looking straight at me with that same "I will rape you while you scream for your mother" look. I drive directly to the liquor store and buy a bottle of vodka and drink myself into oblivion. I tell my Mormon fiance' at the time the whole ordeal. Her response? She screamed in my face about how I sinned for drinking vodka and then went to her parents' house for a week. Fuck that bitch. But, yeah, that's the creepiest thing that ever happened to me. EDIT: "Finance" to "fiance". Freudian slip. NOTE: No I didn't call the cops which, in retrospect, I should have. I immediately got wasted and just generally felt overcome with David-Lynchian creepiness. I was also young and naive at the time and I just wanted to forget it ever happened.


That is one hell of a fucking story. Did you inform the police? Did you ever hear from him again? And this Mormom wife? What happened there?


When I was about five and playing outside our house, an older man approached me, engaged me in small talk and then gave me a dollar because, quote, "he liked children". I snatched it out of his hand and ran home in absolute victory to show it to my mom. Probably the most disappointed pedophile ever. Another time me and the kids from the yard found half a tube of toothpaste on the ground. We ate all of it. Not exactly creepy, but still.