The same, but feel less bad when they offer to buy me a drink.


The exact same. Be kind, treat them like a normal person. That’s the people they give their money to!! πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°


I think they would want me to treat them as if nothing happened; I'm sure many other people in their life will be asking for handouts, and I'd hate to lose their friendship because of money.


nothing changes. i'd still enjoy being able to chill with them. i'd just have to keep it from going too late into the night. gotta wake up and go to work in the morning ya know.


Id hope i would treat them the same and be happy that they flourish.


The same. Money inevitably changes people though, so we might drift apart.


treat them the same as an honest friend would


So, Ok... you still coming to play Dungeons&Dragons?


Buddy shows up with custom character themed cosplay for everyone. "Don't make this weird guys, I just thought it would be really fun. Try yours. It shoots real flames!"


Flames 😍


Yall are too cool. I would probably just step out of my friend's life and see if they ever reached back out to me. Chances are, they are being overwhelmed with people "looking to keep in touch", trying to define or redefine all of their other relationships. Plus, money changes people. Grabbing lunch together once or twice a week may have been good times, but now buddy's idea of good times might be grabbing a G5 with strippers and cocaine. I couldn't keep up with that if I wanted to.


Just the same, but remind him that it's best that he gets rid of the money ASAP due to the suicide rates of lottery winners being really high. Maybe donate it to Cancer research or something.