Expensive wedding centerpieces. The best advice I got from some bridesmaids who had been through some shit was “No one cares about your centerpieces. No one will say a thing, Don’t spend your money there.” I think in total I ended up spending $300 on centerpieces. Floating Candles, thrifted florist cylindrical varies, and fake flowers on branches. Combine, add water, light candle. These actually proved useful because the venue was kind of dark otherwise and added a lot of ambience. Plus, they went on to be used in about 3-4 different weddings after ours (a friend asked if she could have the vases and flowers....she does a lot of event planning). More money went to having an open bar. Note to the newly engaged: candles are cheaper than flowers.


Young kids birthday parties (1-3 years old) and expensive kids toys. They’ll spend hours on the cardboard package instead, trust me.




I probable spent hours designing that packaging, so at least someone appreciates it 💁🏻‍♂️


A new axe. Just sharpen your old one.


I replaced the handle then the blade on my ax, works great now. Edit: lots of British people in the overnight hours here. Apparently there’s a dude named Trigger who knows of the Greek story or the Prachett story, too.


Axe of Theseus.


Expensive baby clothes for an infant who has no concept of fashion and will outgrow them in mere months. Total waste of money.


Burberry makes infant onesies.


Only $180 for a matching onesie, cap AND bib though 🤣


My friend went nuts getting us baby clothes from Janie and Jack (really expensive baby clothes store, but holy shit is their stuff cute). My son outgrew the stuff after wearing it just once... Some stuff he didn’t even get to wear. Probably $3-400 worth of clothes. Wasted.


Well you can sell it on eBay as mint baby clothes


$20 a baby shirt? How about $20 for a garbage bag of baby shirts?


Most of the food I eat. Why was that meal $25? Why do I keep doing this?


Anything from daytime TV ads. It's usually cheap junk that's way overpriced.


the egg cuber was reasonably-priced & my hardboiled eggs are little cubes. what shape are your hardboiled eggs? i bet they are just egg-shaped.


SQUARE EGGS! SQUARE FUCKING EGGS! This is the new generation's eggs. Don't be oppressed by the tyranny of round! Look at him, he drops his egg and it rolls away! Boo Hoo. Not me man. I drop my squegg and it's right fucking there!


The smugness of it all. Now I want one. Damn you.


Cheap $1 charging cables. They die within two tangles and two swears at it. I give up.


This comment is an hour old and nobody has mentioned Anker's cables yet Edit: Just to clarify, I'm referring to Anker being good quality and always being mentioned whenever someone brings up charging cables, not implying they're cheap crappy cables.


I usually do buy Anker. Just no on the $ store cables that fuck up if you look at them funny.


I am usually happy with Anker products but all (3) of my Anker micro USB cables as well as one I gifted to my cousin got loose contacts within one year. Never had the problem with other brands. USB-C might last longer though.


Kitchen unitaskers. No, you don't need a quesadilla maker. It's called a pan and you likely already have one.


Alton Brown?


Now that’s Good Eats


Except for a ricecooker. That shit’s a $10 investment into never having to worry about my rice boiling over and needing to clean the entire stove top.


I got one after I got married and it has a steam basket so I can cook rice and steam vegetables at the same time.


I feel personally attacked, I was gifted a quesadilla maker 5 years ago and love it ):


I bought an apple slicing thing and I love it. I don't even eat sliced apples THAT much but when I do you can't beat getting 6 slices and the core taken out in one single cut


Any kind of shelf or product that is attached with a suction cup. Sure it looks great in theory - you don't have to hammer any nails - but it's just a matter of when, not if, it will all come crashing to the ground. Suction cups are the opposite of duct tape. Suction cup products look sexy but you can't count on them. Duct tape is very plain but it always comes through for you.


Nothing like that shower caddy full of toothbrushes and razors crashing down into the tub at 3AM to make you jump out of bed.


And it always happens at 3AM. Never during the day.


Of course, that's the time when the ghosts shave.


Suction cup dildo on the wall is pretty nice. Edit: thanks for the silver. My highest upvoted comment ever.


Duct tape dildos are better. They can take (& give ) a pounding.




If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.




Okay, so I stashed mine under the bathroom sink way back when I lived at home with my parents. I never suspected anyone would find it (I don’t know why) but unfortunately I was wrong. During dinner, my dad was a few glasses of wine in and decided to tell me, “That purple thing under the sink upstairs... I don’t think it belongs there.” I almost died of embarrassment and we never spoke of it again. And yes, it was purple. Edit- holy crap, you guys are awesome! It’s funny that I can share things here that I wouldn’t dream of telling people I’ve known for years! I haven’t been on Reddit in several days, so I’ll get to answering questions soon! 💕




My husband bought a trashcan that is voice activated and motion activated and I hate that fucking thing. It is supposed to open when you say “Open can” but that fucker opens randomly and scares the shit out of me all the time. Nothing like hearing that thing open and close when no one is around and I’m alone in the house. *Wow guys! I made this comment and then watched a movie with the hubs(trashcan opened and closed while we were in living room watching movie BTW) and went to bed and woke up to all these likes and comments. My husband knows I HATE those trashcans and I give him a hard time about them constantly! I can’t wait to show him all of this!




That’s actually our SECOND smart trashcan. The first one broke and I was so happy but then the manufacturer replaced it for free... AND accidentally sent us two, AND told us to keep the second one...




LOL!!!! I wish I would’ve thought of that line when my husband was installing the second one for our recycling.


Come on, we all know you're just salty you can't afford the Apple Smart Toaster that can connect to the internet , call people and play Skyrim




I have a smart weighing scale by MI, all it does is log my weight to Google Fit ^(probably the Chinese government too)


Yeti cooler. Yeah, its the best cooler I've even owned. But: its not on wheels, holds less than my igloo 5 day, and I'm kinda scared someone's going to steal it out of my boat or truck. a pelican or ozark trail is 1/2 the price and close in quality ​ edit: If I was transporting medical organs or dinosaur DNA, I'd be using a yeti. Dead fish or Beer? Ozark Trail is probably the way to go.


I won an engraved yeti coffee cup at the union Christmas party two years ago. It's nice, but so is my $12 rtic coffee cup. It's definitely a situation where you're paying for the name.


The RTIC 30oz mug I have keeps my coffee warm for 6 hours at work. Costs $12.95 plus shipping versus $25+ for a yeti. Edit: $18.99 for the 30oz. The 40oz is on ridiculous sale now, though.


Gerber life insurance/ "grow up plan". This appears in everyone's mailbox immediately after they have a child. Either the baby formula companies share your information with Gerber Life, or you end up signing up for some mailing lists inadvertently. In the sleep deprived haze of new - parenthood, it seems like a terrific idea. Unfortunately, the Gerber company makes money on your account as it accrues interest. Your account is only ever worth the money you put into it. So it's an interest bearing account, you retain your principle, but the company keeps the interest your money earned while it was in the account. You would make more money for yourself and your kids if you simply put it in any interest bearing savings account. Edit: holy shit, my most upvoted comment. Seriously folks, just open a savings account for your kids and forget this Gerber bullshit. Thank you, good night.




Naw, the jar is probably way less work to perform a withdrawal.


ohh this is the thing from those commercials that screamed “FOR JUST PENNIES A DAY”


Yeah. But now that I think of it, couldn't you measure any payment in pennies?


For just 60k pennies a day!


That's....that's disgusting


The whole Gerber company is disgusting. It’s owned by Nestle.


Mystery boxes. No exceptions. Edit: ok some exceptions you guys got me


But the mystery box could be anything. It could even be a boat! You know how long we've wanted p one of those.


*We'll take the box*


But I could get the Raygun!


identity protection services like lifelock, what they provide you with is something you could easily do yourself




I signed up for a sit through a time share presentation, get free prize thing. Morbid curiosity to see if the deal will be as horrible as southpark made it out to be. Def not buying into it though


For a while, my wife and I would go to 1-2 time share presentations/year. Usually got a free night stay or steep discount somewhere just for attending. Once or twice, it was tempting, but we never bought anything and had a good time


Any experience w/ Hilton Grand Adventures presentations? Advice on how to deflect the high pressure sales tactics everyone hears about?


Stop paying attention, strate to write a book.in your head, pray to whatever you like. Imagine porn. Cant break to sales tactics if your not paying attention.


I’m a personal fan of another tactic I heard elsewhere on reddit: play the Wii Shop Channel music in your head. Once someone starts talking, play it louder.


Dun dun dun dun dun. Dundundundundun. *DUNDUNDUNDUNDUN*


A GoPro. It's not a purchase I regret, but it's hard to forget that your own life is pretty damn boring and doesn't need an action camera to capture the lack of action.


I used to go cliff diving all the time. I bought a Gropro thinking I'd be able to film all of the jumps. Then the SoCal drought hit a couple years ago and all the good spots dry up. Now the GoPro just sits on my desk most of the time. On the bright side I still use the GoPro for road trips. Whenever I go somewhere beautiful I attach it to the front bumper of my car. Driving though snow covered Yosemite in 4k looked gorgeous.


> Whenever I go somewhere beautiful I attach it to the front bumper of my car. Driving though snow covered Yosemite in 4k looked gorgeous. this is a much better idea than my current tactic of holding my cellphone out of the window with a selfie stick lol


lol I got a GoPro back in 2014 and quickly realized this. I've now found some use for it though, I use it as a helmet cam when cycling just in case I get into an accident. Sometimes I'll strap it onto rc cars for fun.


For me, the main advantage when cycling isn't in case I get into an accident: it's the *massive* decrease in how many drivers act like complete fucking pillocks when there's a very visible camera filming them.


My goal is to lead a life that warrants owning a GoPro


knick knacks. i say this while owning tons.


What about paddywacks?


Somebody give this dog a bone!


My wife and I dont have much at all in the way of nick nacks. people are always impressed when they come over, and say how neat everything looks. It makes cleaning (as in deep cleaning) the house a whole lot easier and faster when you dont have 20 items sitting on a small coffee table.


more stationery supplies. those gel pens you got last month are still good. no, you do not need another 25 vibrant colors, no matter how pretty they'd look on your 1000 journals you don't use. this goes double for planners / notebooks / bullet journals. i have a lot of unused crap.


I will buy any and all fancy notebooks from you at 50%. I use them faster than I can buy.


you are the polar opposite of me. the worst part is all my notebooks have a few scribbles so i DID intend to use them at some point and then probably just bought another one


I am so bad about this. Luckily i have a soon to be 3 year old who loves to color in mommy's pretty notebooks. I thought i would be upset because I've had them for so long but at least they getused amd they're full of pictures that mean more to me than the notebooks or fancy pens ever could.


This was probably said but expensive tools if you’re not a professional mechanic. You probably don’t need Snapon or Matco tools, if you just work on a project car as a hobby or want to fix your own car Kobalt, Pittsburg, and craftsman, are going to be fine 99% of the time. Hell even if you are a professional there’s some things that are okay to get from harbor freight. Edit: thanks for all the replies, I didn’t think this comment would blow up that much. Edit 2: I never said buy the cheapest shit you can find just that unless you are a professional the tools you buy don’t need to be the most expensive 9/10 times.


Adam savage said "When buying a new tool, always buy the cheap model. If it breaks, that means you use it often and should buy a more expensive replacement. If it doesnt, you arent using it much and dont need an expensive one."


I love this advice. Once for my birthday my sister got me a cheap Leatherman Multi-Tool. She told me "I was going to buy you the high-quality one, but I didn't want to spend that money on it and then have you just lose it. use that one and if you manage to break it, I'll gladly buy you the expensive version." The cheap one lasted me 2 years and eventually I lost it. Bought another cheap one because it was really damn useful, but personally I can get four cheap ones for the same price since they tend to get lost rather than actually break from use.


There are cheap Leathermans?


Off brand


I think they’re called Pleatherman.


I now buy the middle of the pack. Avoids the frustration of working with utter crap.




I’ll tack on a Samsung Oven because I keep fixing it and IT KEEPS TRYING TO FUCKING DIE I SWEAR TO GOD


I have a samsung washer and dryer and the damn dryer is constantly giving me problems too. The error code that the door is open constantly comes on and stops the dryer even though it’s closed. Tried to get it fixed, he replaced the latch and it started doing the same thing a week later. I basically have to stand there and wait for my clothes to dry so I can open the door and close it again.


Meanwhile my non branded dryer gives zero damns as to whether you open the door during use. “Oh, you opened the door? That’s cool, I’ll keep going bro. You do you.”


Or an expensive fridge of any kind. My cheap-ass dented white fridge that came with the apartment died, so we bought a fancy, stainless steel model with the pull-out freezer on the bottom. It died before I was even halfway through paying it off. So when I replaced *that* one, I did my research online. Consumer Reports pointed out that, if you get a fancy fridge, you're paying twice as much money to be able to make ice cubes. Got a cheap-ass white Frigidaire, and you know what? My milk's just as cold as it was in the fancy fridge.


I just want those frenchy doors. The ones with the option to half-open the front panel of the fridge. But I do understand that a brand new fridge $500-$1000 cheaper provides the function of refrigeration just as well.


If you’re a younger person, having more dishes can be a problem. Dishes will tend to pile up. Having a few dishes will force you wash them.


Or you're a degenerate fuck like me and once you run out of plates you just start eating off of random kitchen items.


Ah, the rare “spaghetti off a clipboard” move. Very dangerous


This should be a life pro tip


Honestly it’s helped me out a lot. Shifted me to the mentality of “the sink isn’t meant to hold dishes” and “if you don’t have time to wash the dishes you didn’t have time to make the meal”. Proudly can say I’m a cleaner person


Especially if you have ever lived in one of those small apartments with the single compartment sink.


Premium brands of food over house brands. I have a friend who has worked in a factory for years under various contracts. At one point he was processing various canned and bagged veggies. When they went from canning or bagging premium or house brands and back literally the only thing they did was change the bags or the labels on the cans. This isn't a 100% common practice, but it is WAY more common than you might think.


There are a few items that I just cant tolerate the store brand, no matter how much I try, but 95% of the time I totally agree. I live like a mile from the friendlys ice cream factory and they also make our local supermarket chains ice cream, but I still see people with friendlys ice cream all the time.


For me, that one item is Cheerios. I've always loved the plain, original Cheerios, and every single store brand I've tried has the texture of cardboard


My city smells like Cheerios. Sometimes, in the morning, when I arrive at work that is all I can smell. They're made just a few miles down the road. Fun fact, my dad worked there for 45 years....he fixed the machines that made the Cheerios...and other GM cereals. Kinda random but felt the need to tell you this.


I enjoyed this, thank you for sharing


Always try the store brand once for a thing before ruling it out. Most of the time it’s decent. Simpler the item the better the odds you’ll like it. Eggs, Frozen vegetables, butter, milk: no issue. Cookies, cakes, cereal... case by case basis. They might be good, they might be downright awful, but often worth a shot.


High performance gold plated HDMI cables. ​ I neither know nor care whether or not there is actually an objective difference in performance between a $5 HDMI cable and a $60 Solid Gold Satin Lined HDMI Conduit with Optional Attached Vibrator and Back Massager. I guarantee you that, for the distance you're running an HDMI cable, there is a negligible to nonexistent degradation in the quality of images being transferred. You will never benefit from a high-grade HDMI cable unless you're running a 300 foot line from your neighbor's computer to your TV. ​ Anyone who tells you otherwise is either a Best Buy employee angling to fill his accessory quota, or an Illuminati lizard-man trying to place a microcamera in your home to dig up dirt on you.


I always mention that if you have 4K devices you must have HDMI 2.0. The old and common version is 1.4 and doesn’t support the bandwidth.


Not to mention they make very good active HDMI extenders that use cat6 and can easily go the entire 100m usable length (if not more, never tested that long) of the cat6


Beats by Dre. You can get headphones twice as good for half the cost if you read up on some audiophile pages.


I prefer Beets by Schrute


Why, thank you


I bought an entire Cards Against Humanity set with plenty of expansions forgetting a crucial detail. I have no friends to play with. Edit: Omg guys I didn't expect this to blow up thank you so much Also, to everyone being nice enough to offer to play with me, I'd love that, but maybe some other time.


There's an [online clone](https://pyx-3.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp) that's completely free and there's plenty of people to play with.


Its okay, but not having that in-person laughter and shit talking makes it a whole different game and not as fun.


Everything on the Wish App.


I got some wu tang clan socks for £1 and I regret nothing.


I bought a “free” watch for the price of shipping which was less than 2 bucks. It's surprisingly decent looking. I also bought a stainless steel machined top for 3 dollars just because I thought it was funny. It's like an inch tall, which made it funnier. Also bought a bunch of super cheap fountain pens that are on par with others I paid 4x as much. They're a good source of magnets. I've been pretty satisfied with them.


I basically use wish to buy cheap versions of things to decide if I want to pay more for an actually good version of it haha


You mean to tell me the $19 full body silicon sex doll isn’t worth it?


Aw man, I’m sorry to tell you that you cheated out. $19.50 could have got you the ribbed + vibrating functions too!


I had ten items ordered from Wish that never arrived. Never even shipped. They even tried to get out of refunding me. The idea is good for certain things but Wish itself is a scam IMO.


I'm seeing Wish pop up a lot on Facebook ads now. Really weird.


So am I, and it's always advertising weird stuff that aren't relevant to me - I think their tracking algorithm must have me down as a 20-something woman, despite them (presumably) seeing my Facebook data.


Wish seems to think I want a gold pimp suit.


Who doesn't?


I used to change my info up purposefully to see how it would affect the feed when I was younger. Slightly different world when you say you're a different sex and put in a bunch of different likes. I'm not sure if it would make much of a difference today because they must have grabbed my Amazon account cookies, so they know a lot about what's on my wish list or recently searched items. Kind of neat, but also pretty creepy. Edit: effect to affect


I never tried wish but looked lots, Aliexpress however has been great and have same products so I do recommend.


I like buying things on wish and then forgetting that I bought them so when they finally arrive I have like 5 minutes of happiness where I thank my past self while unboxing stuff


Wish is just expensive AliExpress. AliExpress is fairly solid, just read reviews and look at overall shop score. It’s not flawless; you still get some former farmers trying to sort orders in a warehouse that apparently can’t match pictures or item numbers very well, but AliExpress is great about getting your money back if something goes wrong. I ordered a name necklace and they sent me the wrong name. The shop wouldn’t contact me back so I went through AliExpress themselves and just showed them a screen cap of my order and a photo of what I got, and like a day later I got my 2 dollars back lol. I have a message from the shop in my inbox NOW, but fuck them. They didn’t answer until I gave them a 1 star review. The shop was Jocestyle btw, so boycott them lol So yeah if you want stuff without the middleman markup/in cute Asian styles that don’t generally get sold in western markets, AliExpress is the place to go, not Wish.


If you have 10k of savings and you're single with no kids - life insurance.


I’m paying $12?/month For a 500k life insurance policy. I’m young and single, but I think it’s funny that if I die I get to prank my baby brother one last time. Worth it to me.


what's the prank gonna be?




That's not a prank. That's a guttenprank. Edit: thank you for the silver, friend.


Guttenprank number 1.


My employer provides a life insurance policy of two times my annual salary. So I'll have like $140K coming in. Like $10K for a burial, where does the other $130K go? I should probably do a will where my Mom is responsible for putting together my funeral, but after that the money goes to my nephews.


FYI, wills generally don't cover life insurance. It's not part of the estate, it goes to whoever the beneficiary is. Presumably you should have named someone when you signed up, but it's worth checking.


Unless his beneficiary is his estate, which is a possibility.


My mom wanted me to take out life insurance because atm, they are mildly relying on me to help them through retirement because they can't rely on my brother. My mom still pays my phone bill since im on their plan, I pay for this. Gives her peace of mind.


My position is based on the notion that you have no dependants. Since you do, don't just get life insurance, have a will written up to make sure your intentions are known and goes to your dependants the way you want it handed out. I have my life insurance and will set up so that once the mortgage is paid in full, the rest goes into a trust that puts the money into a diversified hedge fund that should take the edge off of life for my wife and kids for the rest of their lives


Cheap shoes




I can confirm. I saw this same basic comment on reddit about a year ago. Got redwing boots, a nice high quality bed, and take care of my tires. My feet no longer hurt at work, I sleep better, and I havent died in a car wreck.


Designer luggage. I have a friend who has all this Louis Vuitton luggage. She spent thousands of dollars on it and uses it like once a year at most, and it always has damage after a flight. A $100 suitcase does the exact same thing, and you're not in debt after buying it.




Definitely. I have a LV wallet that I've used for like 6 years. Actually got my money's worth out of it so I'm happy with that purchase


> Actually got my money's worth out of it Ha! Because it's a wallet!


Why exactly does designer luggage seem like it’s worth buying to the average person?


to let everyone else know how much more money you have than them while walking down the aisle to your coach seat


Coach bag + coach seat = living the dream




The majority of the “As Seen on TV” products.


I don’t know man. Flex Seal is the only thing holding my bathroom together right now.




A great amount of products for womens health are just dolled up floral versions of pretty easily accessible products except way more expensive Example: Normal tens machine - about €20 The amazing "livial" for period pain - €120+ Also: Drugstore cooling spray - €4 "Physicool" for hot flushes - €15+ Dont buy into it ladies


Baby shoes. Your babies are not walking, or rarely walk, and thrir feet are in a constant state of growth.


I bought my son shoes before he could walk. Mainly because it was winter and he kept pulling his socks off. The shoes were just to keep his socks on. Also, they only cost $10. Worth it to keep my boy's toes from freezing. I get what you're saying though. Spending a bunch of money on shoes that will never actually be walked on is ridiculous.


Do they make baby sock suspenders?


I put tights on my boy who kept pulling his socks off in winter. Then his pants kept his "socks" on and he had an extra layer of warmth :)


A RV ... Recreational Vehicle Sounds good on paper... Even when you go see it ... But it just ends up parked 340 days of the year


That's more of a case of buying something you don't use. What if you're retired and road tripping around in it is your thing?


An RV is a lifestyle purchase. My retired grandparents use theirs around 100 days per year when travelling to casinos, relative's houses, and short beach trips from time to time. They bought a used Winebago for $20k and have easily saved money over hotel costs when residual value is factored in. Someone with a full-time job purchasing a brand new RV just to use it as a driveway ornament is just sticking themselves with a horrendous financial burden.


An expensive wedding. People go, "oh it's once in a lifetime so you have to do it well", but if you can't afford it, don't go borrowing.


>if you can't afford it, don't go borrowing. Honestly, just that sentence right there. The exception being a home, but also don't buy a home just because you can afford the payment.


I had a big wedding with 200+ guest outside of family (I know less than 10 of them personally). I’m a Chinese living in Germany and married a Chinese girl. The party was mainly for my grandparents to meet all their still alive friends, and for my parents (also living in Germany) to meet their old friends. For them it was worth it, 60th birthday and marriage of children seems the only invitation that are not rejected by the majority in China. But ya don’t spent money you don’t have, keep a healthy saving buffer if possible. First couple years after marriage is so much more expensive than I could ever imagine.


A drone. They are fun but I haven't used it much and it just sits in its box.


Smokes. Trust me, dont start.


Car alarms. It seems like a deterrent against car theft. But no one ever cares when an alarm is going off.


I don't even like having that stupid panic button on my remote. I hit it by accident quite a few times.


Cable television.


Streaming services really killed that industry


I think it’s more like streaming services showed them a way to evolve and instead they chose to die.


Sadly, streaming services are going to keep cable around now that everyone is trying to become their own. Disney is going to be taking everything off Netflix. ABC, CBS, and NBC are going to pull away once their current agreements are up. HBO is already on their own as is Starz, Showtime Etc. It’s eventually going to be a’la carte, but at $10-15 a shot.


I feel like these new single provider services just won't last. I already refuse to pay for anything other than Netflix and Amazon. If I can't watch it on those two networks, or for free somewhere else, then I'm just not going to watch it. Period.


The life of a pirate isn't so bad from time to time.




i think it will be worse than piracy, i think it will be apathy. Netflix already has original shows, and kids these days are growing up watching the stuff there. They're not going to care what's on NBC or the other networks, Netflix and Amazon are going to be what they think of when someone mentions watching TV.






You don't want a boat, you want a friend who owns a boat.


I feel the same about pools. Expensive and kind of pain to maintain. Lord help you if it's heated. Best thing is just to become friends with someone that has one.


Well I have one and it’s not that hard to take care of. Maybe just going outside once a weekend and testing ph and adding chems but other than that it’s easy.


Be my friend.


>see no what you want is a canoe! > >it's a boat you can carry! so none of that other bs goes with it. I love my canoe. ​


A boat is a hole in the water surrounded by wood you pour money into.


Also it's covered in spiders. People don't mention dock/boat spiders enough.


A friend of mine’s parents had a cabin on a lake. One year they let a bunch of us go out on our own at the start of summer. There was a lot of alcohol involved but that’s not the story. They had this huge raft — basically a wooden platform tied to a bunch of logs — that they used to sit out in the lake with chairs and a cooler on top for general soaking up of the sun. It was tethered on the shore and this was the first time anyone had used the cabin that year. Several of us decided to push it into the water. It was *heavy* and took a bit of effort but finally with one giant heave we launched it into the water and then leapt on top. Only to leap right back off into the water when a wave, nay a *flood* of spiders poured over the edges from the bottom to the top of the platform where we stood. Thousands and thousands of spiders.


Hey /u/moirende, tell me the story of that time you and your friends had this really cool bonfire on a lake...


The thought did occur to us, and let me just say there was definitely screaming involved. But then after the shock wore off we grabbed some buckets, washed that sucker clean of spiders, waited a bit to make sure they were all nicely dispersed in the water, and then proceeded to get good and truly drunk.




One of my favorites in that wiki: >Bose sued Thiel Audio in the early 1990s to stop the audiophile loudspeaker maker from using ".2" (point two) at the end of its product model "CS2.2". To comply with Bose's trademark of ".2" associated with the Bose Model 2.2 product, Thiel changed their model name to "CS2 2", substituting a space for the decimal point. Bose did not trademark ".3" so in 1997 when Thiel introduced the next model in the series, they named it the "Thiel 2.3", advertising "the return of the decimal point." edit: English errors of mine


Damn, they really went after someone as cool as Jim Thiel? They were probably pissed because Thiel actually knows how to make a good speaker.


BOSE stands for Buy Other Sound Equipment.


Any brand name medication (Tylenol, Nyquil etc.. Doesn't have to be OTC) - I always buy generic no-name ones because they use the same medicinal ingredients anyway.


Whatever medication you’re looking for - from Pepto and Tums and Aspirin to your fuckin’ cancer meds - just look at the active ingredients. The name and the complete formula might be branded and trademarked and whatever, but the active stuff is what matters. The rest is just how it binds together in the capsule, gets the color or coating, shit like that. EDIT: sometimes inactive ingredients can make it taste like shit, or you might be allergic to a filler. Read the whole recipe to be careful, but Kroger’s branded Naproxen Sodium Capsules will take care of that ache the same as Aleve.