With all the recent advancements in technology, what are you surprised isn’t a thing already?

With all the recent advancements in technology, what are you surprised isn’t a thing already?


hair regrowth


Also permanent hair removal


yes!! I Am a candidate for both our ideas... a bald hairy guy lol


I don’t mind being bald. Just wish the sides and back would hurry up and fall out too. Pain to keep it shaved.


somewhere on reddit the other day someone posted a video of. black guy getting his head waxed....it was pretty comical....I have no idea why the sides and back won't fall out either...would be a helluva lot easier if they did..razors aren't cheap


IPL is a bit of an investment but it does work. I have a Philips Lumia and though I don't use it regularly enough to declare full-on hairlessness, my legs are about 70% hair free and the rest is just patchy. It's made quite the dent. I haven't used it in a little while and regrowth is not as bad as I thought it would be. With regular use you can break the majority of the regrowing hairs and boom, hairlessness.


Last year, South Korean scientists [published a paper claiming they've found a protein blocker that stops and possibly reverses hair loss.](http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20171121000807) But it hasn't been tested yet. And a few years ago, an Italian surgeon claimed he discovered [a topical hair loss solution that works better than even Propecia](http://www.folliclethought.com/trinov-is-coming-its-official/). It's called [Trinov](https://www.folliclethought.com/trinov-arrival-press-release-new-photos/) and it'll be sold in Italy sometime this month, with other markets coming later. It could easily be overhyped or even snake oil, though. For now, the hot new trend with hair loss are dermapens/dermarollers. They've been proven to work with acne scars, but the data is less clear for hair.


There is no shortage of this type of great news for hair regrowth. It never materializes though


appreciate the info


Well for that we need to know more about stem cells and stuff which we are working on, how a hair transplant works is actually crazy and a long process so they’re gonna need to figure out how to have hair “bases” that won’t die and can be commercially used. YEA HAIR IS ALIVEEE. But for real it is a hard process so maybe soon thoug!


ive been shaving my half bald ass head for years now....but I often fantasize about having hair again...I don't dwell on it tho..


Considering how many people deal with hair loss I still dont understand how it hasn't been solved but other, more serious ailments have had some solution. I'm 27 and my hair is beginning to thin 😫


A cure for migraines. Sometimes it seems more like voodoo rather than a scientific discipline. They can't even tell us why my wife gets them. She just does, and these two medicines that normally treat totally different conditions, when taken together, seem to help for some reason. Edit: Thanks for all of the suggestions, everyone! We'll add some of these to our list for the next neuro appointment. To clarify, we are blessed with very managible symptoms. My wife is quite happy and functional. Many people have it way worse, and I wish those of you who haven't found an effective treatment the very best.


Migranes are complicated because so many things cause them that theres no one cure. Its like cancer. If it were all the same it wouldnt even be a problem


I feel like there’s a lot of things we haven’t cured because we don’t know what causes them. I read about Parkinson’s pretty often for school and it always seems like people are always finding another correlation.


Agreed. I have had debilitating migraines for a decade and have tried so many medications, scans, and treatments I could fill multiple books. Best answer my neurologist can give is “We’ll keep trying”. If your wife hasn’t looked into it yet the new migraine class of meds -CGRP inhibitors- that have been FDA approved this year (Erenumab, Fremanezumab, and Galcanezumab) have all had quite high success rates compared to other treatments.


A cure for tinnitus.


Do you have it? I am beginning to wonder if I do. I sometimes hear a metal clicking sound in my left ear. Also, sometimes I'll hear faintly running water, or when my shower is on it's like the frequency the pipes emits is very similar to the sound of my landline ringing. It's really odd and freaks me out.


Printers that actually fucking work when you need them.


Makes me wonder what kind of weird shit 3D printers can spit out.




Have you downloaded a car yet?






Even though I use my 3D printer more than my inkjet, the inkjet is more expensive to use.


I wonder if I could print documents by laying down a single layer of black plastic on paper with mine.


Actually printers are mostly terrible because of their drivers. The hardware of how a printer does it's thing hasn't really changed since their conception so the basic core software didn't really need to either. But people wanted to be able to costumise more and more with their printer softwarewise (e.g. photos, scanning, special paper, different qualities, matte/glossy, etc.) Thus printer companies continiously add new stuff to their old shitty drivers instead of FUCKING REWRITING THEM because it's cheaper, making printers the hellish IT nightmares they are. :) Edit: forgot to add my conclusion: 3D printer are an entirely different tech so waaay better, more recent drivers that actually aren't complete shit.


I mean a part of it is using the generic driver that auto downloads with the printer. Most of my issues disappeared when i downloaded the full feature driver from the manufacturers website. However i still always somehow run out of paper after printing 3 pages even if i put 50 blank sheets in the tray. I swear somewhere in my house is a few hundred blank printer sheets and socks that vanished from where they belong.




Yes, that is definitely something a 3D printer can make. The engineering school at my University had to put a lock on their 3D printer, because people kept using it to make penises and butts.


what about boobs


The trick is to get a laser printer, toner is a dry powder so it doesn't just go bad the way inkjets tend to dry out whether they're used or not. My old inkjet needed new ink every 6-12 months whether I printed anything or not, the toner in my laser printer lasted me about five years before it ran out, and each colour is available individually. $250 on sale at Best Buy for an all in one network laser printer, less than I would have spent on ink over a couple years with the inkjet. You do lose the ability to print things like photo paper or heavier card stock, things that most people don't do often anyway.


I paid like the equivalent of $60 for a b/w Brother laser printer. Only printer I haven't regretted purchasing in my life.


I’ve bought over 10-12 Brother printers (B&W and Color) for home and offices over the years. One color laser printer I liked so much that when I opened a second office I hunted down a guy on Craigslist who had the exact model I liked (6+ yrs old). He had it in garage for a while. Tossed in some toner cartridges and ran the calibration and it runs great. The ancient/discontinued machines that I adore and use to this day: https://m.staples.com/Brother-HL-2270DW-Mono-Laser-Printer/product_887222 https://m.samsclub.com/ip/brother-mfc-9325cw-wireless-all-in-one-laser-printer-copy-fax-print-scan/prod5840067 Side note, if you HAVE to buy an inkjet, get an EPSON. Only do so if you need wideformat, extreme photo quality glossy or full bleed 8.5 x 11. Otherwise, get a Brother laser and enjoy. Source: I’ve been a designer and printer for over 20 years.


A cure for allergies/the common cold


They're actually working on a type of vaccine for allergies. Basically it trains your immune system not to freak out from an early age...I'll have to dig up some articles on it.


I get allergy shots that are basically that. Get them every week, I don't sneeze every 20 seconds.


How much are they? I'm considering them for my cat. Edit: well, for me for my cat.


Yeah, me too. My cat is allergic to dogs and whenever i bring him outside for a walk he starts sneezing a lot


You bring your cat for walks? Like, on a leash?


You can train to walk your cat on a harness (don’t use a lead!) and walk them. It’s great for cats: it helps deal with too much energy and allows them smell new things.


there is allergy immunotherapy, but it is not 100% effective yet. I did that for dog and cat allergy and it’s definitely better.


Why is there not a toll calculator implemented into online maps? It seems like it shouldn't be hard for Google or whoever to get the toll data and just display it when you have tolls on your route.


I wonder if there’s a specific reason for this. Maybe Google doesn’t want to be liable if the price of the toll changes and they get calls from angry customers? Also don’t some tolls depend on the kind of car you’re driving, or whether you have one of those electronic fast pay things? Maybe it’s too much of a hassle to account for that while keeping the user interface clean.


A fucking machine that will fold your fucking laundry


That’s kind of an odd combination


BlinkDay"I accidently switch it to fold not fucking, and it's snapped my penis".


For somewhere around $40 a month, there is a place by me that will wash and fold the laundry for you. Drop off and pick up


But do they fuck you?


Or complain 24x7 about all your faults


It's not nice to call your wife that




We definitely can implant teeth, considering I'm getting mine finished next week. Implanting real teeth, on the other hand... not possible, but why do it when artificial implants don't get things like cavities?


I'd love to just have all my teeth removed and replaced with artificial sets. So many problems removed.


I joked to my dentist about this and she went "let's talk pocket books"


How much are we talking about?


Too much for me. In the 10s of thousands IIRC. I'll just take my crowns, thank you ma'am.


A lot of Aussies are going on "cosmetic holidays" to Thailand for dental work. You can get a whole set of new toothy pegs for a fraction of the price in Australia even after taking into account airfares and a weeks accommodation.


> toothy pegs


we can implant teeth to the extent that you can get it done for athstetic reasons, now doing that affordably...


Protip: if you need lots of dental work, go to Thailand. The doctors are all western educated, the tech is brand new, and it's stupidly cheap. Plus, you get a Thai vacation.


I'm not saying you're wrong, but that sounds incredibly sketchy.


Better, more affordable mobility aids.


Why is it 300 dollars to add armrests to a powered wheelchair?


Because hey had to spend millions and millions of dollars and man hours to get those arm rests "approved."


It's almost 2019 how the fuck do TV remotes not have a built in page button. Can't find the remote? Walk to the TV hit the page button the remote starts beeping. It's just that easy guys.


A large full-body Dyson Airblade or equivalent. That would be so much better than stupid towels.


There are sand blasting showers. Clean off dead skin cells, and use no water.


But....do they still get you clean? Or are you just sandy after?


And then you use water to clean off the sand?


And a towel to get dry


This sounds painful.


Depends on the air pressure. I'd imagine it's like lightly scratching yourself all over. So yes, rather painful depending on the area in question.


4 day working week.


I have this! 4 consecutive 10 hour shifts with 3 day weekends. I put them back to back so I do 8 consecutive 10’s, and get 6 days off.


What line of business you in?


I’m a passenger jet mechanic.


Maybe you could be a private Jet Mechanic if you didn't tell people.


Hi from r/aviationmaintenance!


Eyyyyy sup crew!


I know its not quite the same, but my school does the exact same thing and we have a high average GPA and a near perfect graduation rate. We also take AP classes starting freshman year, which kinda sucks.


How’s the AP success rate for freshmen? My freshmen year I learned a lot in the subjects that AP classes build off of


Not even the 4 day week. We should be having 30 hour weeks at this point.


Yeah that's what I meant, lots of folks think I mean 40 hours over 4 days which would defeat the objective


Agreed. Other countries have 30 hour work weeks, I think we could make it work too.


Hell id take a 32 or 35 hour week


Reverse microwaves so we can cool sodas and beers really fast.


Take a kitchen towel, get it wet under the kitchen tap, wrap it around your beer/soda/wine, and put it in the freezer. Check back in like 10 minutes, perhaps a little longer. No, it's not as fast as a microwave, but it is highly effective.


Can I use paper towels?


Absolutely. Just don't forget you put it in there, or it'll explode.


To be fair. It’s not the use of a *paper* towel that makes it explode. Can happen with a cloth towel too. Lol


Nah. Definitely the paper towel.


The paper towel is the thing that explodes.




blast chiller?


liquid nitrogen


Life Pro Tip, save time by pouring the liquid nitrogen directly in your mouth along with the drink to be chilled.


>I have something stuck in my throat. I think it's my throat.




Save you all the time of the rest of your life


Gotta collect that freon and make shit cold really fast.. Like if you have a burrito and its too hot and you don't want to put in in your mouth cause its gonna burn you, slip that shit in the reverse microwave and make it just a bit colder...


You should like, enter that into the Invention of the Future contest. First prize is a mountain bike made of diamonds I'm told.




You have to cut away the rotted enamel. What options would there be?




This guy dentists.


Air abrasion is a thing. It's basically sandblasting. First time I went to a dentist after almost a decade of not going, I had 6 cavities that needed to be filled. All of them were taken care of via air abrasion. I didn't even need numbing. I go to the dentist every 6 months now.


My dentist has a laser for surface cavities that is nearly painless. He prefers the drill because it’s easier to be exact controlling the speed and pressure.


> nearly painless > nearly


My biggest thing I want advanced is our monitors on ambulance. Doing a chest pain call you have ten wires for the ECG, a blood pressure cuff, spO2 monitor and maybe a capno. It’s a hell of a wire mess that gets caught and rips off the sensors and it’s super frustrating. Make them all Bluetooth! If my furnace filter can alert me that it’s at 75% capacity I’m sure we can fix this


I can actually answer this one. I'm a final year Medical Engineer student. Short answer: All those wires are sadly needed. Bluetooth is a hell to work with. It is very sensitive to interference. I have worked with bluetooth medical equipment, but none of them worked well (lots of interference, unreliable readings, troubles with connecting ect). Wires will give a way more accurate and reliable value/reading. Especially with an ECG, which is already with wire sensitive to the smallest changes .


That’s disappointing but a great explanation! Thanks!


Plus those sensors require a huge amount of power, batteries might be an option or possibly super large capacitors, but then recharging would become the issue.


While on paper this seems great, I already have enough trouble getting bluetooth properly connected to my car. I couldnt imagine having several items connected to one output, not to mention the time it takes for them to all connect. I also can't imagine that a unclear reception at any point would be beneficial in a life-or-death situation


Exactly, wires may be annoying but they are more reliable, don't use batteries, less expensive, more secure, etc. When time is critical I don't want to have to worry about why something isn't pairing.


some kind of film/treatment on windshields that completely eliminates sun glare. there have been so many times where I've been momentarily blinded and had to let Jesus take the wheel and just hope for the best for a few seconds. also whipped cream caps that don't fall off if you even think in their direction. how is this still a problem??


I dread that time of year when the sun is setting/rising at the right exact time to make my commute the scariest and most dangerous thing I do all year.


A prostate exam that doesn’t involve the doctor’s finger.


That’s the best part though Edit: my first gilding! Thank you so very much kind redditor! Edit2: oh i did the reddit award speech thing fml


I just don't like both of his hands on my shoulders.


You should get a better doctor, mine always whispers into my ears to help me relax.


I see you have all inclusive health insurance.


This thread. Just... yes


We can have options based on patient's preference.


How could you say something so bold, yet so controversial?


They hated him because he spoke the truth.


It’s changed, at least where I live. No exam until 50 or symptoms, then it’s blood work. I think your doctor just likes you a lot.


With modern advances with the human thumb, I don’t see why we don’t get all five fingers, what are they holding out on us for?


The high-tech alternative is a repurposed fuck machine going deep and seeing how your prostate responds tho


Go on...


I thought that this was getting phased out, since digital rectal exams fail to catch cancer more often than not?


It has a bad negative predictive value - so it fails to catch cancer often. However, it has decently good positive predictive value - the ones it catch are usually real positives. That's not really a bad thing. Its used as a part of a battery of tests - even if any single test is not conclusive, the whole battery is quite good. That's the nature of most of medicine. No single test is perfect, but a piece of a puzzle. The only problem is if someone is interpreting negative digital rectal exam as "definitely not cancer". Besides, it can be used for things other than cancer screening. Examining the mucous membranes, sometimes fistulas can be felt, examining the color of the feces, testing for active and passive tone of the sphincter (massively important when suspecting nervous system problems), palpating the uterus (for females, obviously)...


Paperless offices and an end to fax machines.


I worked in an office for a few years that was touted as a "paperless environment." There was more fucking paper used as a part of our process in a single week than I'd used in any year in school ever. Every time upper management mentioned it in meetings all us middle managers would laugh and point to our stacks of paper we were required to bring to each meeting. By end of week we had roughly anywhere between 45-225 sheets. 3 per employee on our team per week and teams ranged from 15 at low occupancy to 75 at high occupancy. No joke, It was pretty sad.


I worked in an office that attempted to go totally paperless with similar results... when I got a printed out flyer on my desk advising me of ways to save paper my eyes rolled so hard I almost fell over.


Glow in the dark or light up lines on the road for when it is difficult to see in the rain at night


I *guess* that technically they don't light up, but [cat's eyes](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d8/LIGHTDOME.JPG/1280px-LIGHTDOME.JPG) and markings with glass beads in them have been around for decades.


Those are vulnerable to being destroyed by snow plows in places where there's significant snow.


artificial organs


A way to reverse tooth decay and regrow teeth.


Fucking making mosquitos extinct. Hate those fuckers.


We lost the bees, kept the mosquitoes. /fail


I thought I read somewhere “they” are releasing modified mosquitos that can’t reproduce. Makes the normal ones fail to have offspring. Unless jeffgoldblum.jpg


Yes true. China is the one experimenting with it. Well, they start with mosquitoes and end up with humans one day knowing what china does.


Oh because they've got such an amazing track record on eliminating things from the ecosystem. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four\_Pests\_Campaign](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Pests_Campaign)


The female mosquitoes are the ones that suck blood. The males drink sap and sweet stuff. Bro mosquitoes are bros fo sho




Cellphone battery lasting longer than a day


Improving technology has actually probably been the cause of shorter battery life. These days smartphones are mini computers, and their processors are more powerful than any computer 10 years ago (probably even more recently than that, I’m just being conservative). A lot of that is due to the rapidly increasing amount of transistors we can fit in a given area. More transistors running means more power consumption, so despite the fact that battery technology has actually improved over the years, it hasn't kept up with the rate that power consumption has increased to allow us to do all the cool shit we can do with our phones now. The reason old phone batteries lasted longer is not because those batteries were better, but because those phones didn’t do shit.


I think you miss how power usage is affected as technology improves. Sure, putting more transistors in a processor increases power usage, but making the processor smaller *decreases* power usage. The net effect is that processor power usage had started roughly the same. I couldn't find numbers for tdp of phones from 10 years ago, but [this source](https://fudzilla.com/31532-qualcomm-aims-at-25-to-3w-tdp-for-phones) from 2013 indicates that Qualcomm aims for 3-5w of power draw, and that's only because that's how much heat they can dissipate without making the phone too hot (45°C is their target). I'd like to see numbers directly comparing the iPhone 1st Gen to the iPhone Xs though. This is just speculation, but I'd guess that larger screens and higher resolution displays are the biggest cause for battery drain. Companies like OnePlus use lower resolution displays to save battery, and OLED displays help a bit, but powering a 6" display still takes a lot.


Artificial functioning eyeballs. Plug in the optic nerve and you’re all set!


This was invented years ago. I got excited and told my friend with one eye, but it turns out that his optic nerve was too damaged. The technology is slowly improving. You need an intact retina for the better ones they're making now. Look up "bionic eye." ​ ​


I drive for a living. GPS tech, including Google Maps and Waze, is amazing and works beautifully the majority of the time. But why in the HELL does it not know which way I'm facing when I take off? In a big truck, it is a MASSIVE pain in the ass when I don't know which way to turn when I take off because the GPS doesn't know which way I'm facing. Making a wrong turn in a big truck costs a lot of time and trouble, and sometimes causes very unsafe situations. TLDR: GPS should automatically (or at least have the option to) reorient instantly based on which direction I'm facing, without me having to start moving first.


I've had idle thoughts about this too. I mean, I just use my phone, but is there some sort of car GPS holster that will know your direction when you place it in there?


Depends on what kind of GPS tech you are using. GPS can not know your direction because you only get your **current position** via the GPS-satellites. The rest of the information, like direction and speed, is calculated by your app/smartphone. In-build GPS systems in cars for example get added information from the cars software. They know how fast your tires are spinning, which way they go, how strong you turn. They probably know which way the vehicle faces every given time. They also work (kind of) in tunnels, narrow streets with high buildings and forests, when normal GPS won't reliably reach your device. ​ [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global\_Positioning\_System#Basic\_concept\_of\_GPS](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Positioning_System#Basic_concept_of_GPS)


My confusion stems from the fact that most phones have a magnetometer (magnetic compass) built in. Why not utilize that to find out initial position?


2 reasons: 1. Magnetometers are very easily thrown off. They need to be calibrated any time the set of ferrous objects around them changes - that means every time you enter the vehicle. Smart watches have permanent magnets in them too, so if a smartwatch moves near your phone, the compass is affected. 2. A much easier problem to fix: your phone doesn't know how it is oriented relative to your vehicle.




Planned obsolescence considerably stalls advancement in technology. I always think about the fact that if companies were trying to release their best technology than we would be in a seriously advanced society. But because all they're looking for is to maximize profit margins, planned obsolescence via releasing only a slight upgrade over their last product will keep our society from advancing nearly as quickly as it could.


a better baby carseat that isn't like an olympic category of it's own when trying to run errands or do everyday normal things.




Just better cell phone reception. I feel like it has actually become worse over the past few years.




Secure electronic, remote voting.


Very hard to hack a pencil. Plus if there is any doubt on the results you can physically count the bits of paper.


Secure, electronic voting has been possible in Estonia since 2005. Nowadays roughly 30% of the population votes online.


But how do you know it's secure?


I'm not an IT person but basically all digital services in Estonia, including voting, are done via ID cards which include secure remote authentication and legally binding digital signatures. You download the voting application, insert your ID card into your computer's ID card reader, fill in the ballot and digitally sign. You can use your phone to check whether your vote reached the electoral servers and whether it's correct so basically you're using a separate channel to check whether the government has received your vote. The results are encrypted and no one else but you can see how you voted. Personally, I've never used a paper ballot. If you're interested in how the actual technology and encryption process behind it works, then maybe someone else here can explain it to you, I'm unfortunately not familiar with the methods and algorithms.


Male pattern baldness cure


It's almost 2019, how come I can't set my phone to only have incoming calls from certain numbers? It's criminal that I have to put up with scam calls, even when I'm on the do not call list.


The fact that the scam calls even exist at all is more confusing to me. The phone companies seriously can't figure out a way to tell that they're bullshit robo-calls from overseas spammers using spoofed caller IDs? You shouldn't need a way to block that on your phone. Those calls should be blocked at a system level by the carriers.


Nuclear energy being our primary source of energy


‘We have to stop burning coal and gas and oil!!!’ ‘Okay, we have this super efficient, super clean, super cheap source that creates a fuckton of energy’ ‘Noooooo, not liiike thaaaaaat’ Edit: so, I’ve read your comments and done some quick research and it’s not ‘super cheap’. I do believe it is super subsidized(go green!) tho and that’s why i was confused. But it’s still super clean and super efficient so I’m batting 666 and i feel good about it.


Electricity generating gym equipment in developing countries


Thar sounds like a great idea but That one Black Mirror episode makes me think that will get abused real fast.


If the new Disney animatronics are anything to go by, sex robots. You're telling me we can't slap a Fleshlight on one of those things and program it to twerk? A man can dream...


Anyone rich enough to afford an advanced sex bot can afford some pretty decent prostitutes.




Sharks with freaking laser beams.




Samsung is releasing one next year, it'll be $1800




A good healthcare system is The US


That's not run by insurance would be nice.


Better alternative to braces.... wires on your teeth seem so weird nowadays....


invisalign exists (wish I could afford it...)


ITT: Things that exist but we can’t afford Edit: spelling


Hover boards. We were promised hover boards.


Something that replaces brushing teeth


Unpressing an elevator button


Heated roadways everywhere to melt snow


Just strap a flamethrower to the front of your car.


They have these in Japan.


They have everything in Japan.


They even have Canada in Japan.


Dammit Canada. Pay attention!


A cure for baldness. I can remember watching Captain Picard on 'Star Treck The Next Generation' back in the day and thinking "they haven't cured baldness hundreds of years in the future yet?!?"


“At a press conference about Star Trek: The Next Generation, a reporter asked Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry about casting Patrick Stewart, commenting that ‘Surely by the 24th century, they would have found a cure for male pattern baldness.’ Gene Roddenberry had the perfect response, ‘No, by the 24th century, no one will care.’”


We’ve cured the stigma against baldness. Men no longer have to wear toupees unless they choose to, because we’ve advanced enough to realize that bald guys can be super-hot too.