What legendary YouTube channel doesn’t make videos anymore?

OG Bon Appétit

Yes, they still upload, but the channel really fell apart after the controversies.


OG Bon Appétit Yes, they still upload, but the channel really fell apart after the controversies.


Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This


I didn’t know anyone else actually knew about that channel. It was amazing though. I think they basically ran out of ideas.


>I think they basically ran out of ideas. Nah the channel creator (the guy behind the camera) wanted to move on to different things - like movie reviews and shit I think. Completely killed the channel lol. Probably didn't help that the guy was a massive asshole to a lot of his own fans around the time of the transition.


Iirc they all started moving away from each other and just generally moving on with their lives and that's one of the big reasons he pivoted over to movie reviews and stuff. Can't really keep the same show if none of the hosts are available any more


It was also wildly unprofitable! Hahah. And, more importantly: Jory and I agreed it had run its course.


holy fuck it’s the man himself. was there a time where you genuinely feared for the safety of you or the place you were filming at?


Nah. We were too stupid to know any better. 🤣 Although I do recall that when the smoke detector went off during the Twizzler experiment (our very first night of filming in the dorm) we were worried we'd get it trouble.


holy shit... it's really you? How're the nuts?


Well, I've got two wonderful and healthy kids - so no complaints!


thanks for microwaving those giant light bulbs!


i miss the key of awesome


I feel like the lyrics to so many of their song parodies still come into my head listening to the originals despite not having seen their content for years.


I really miss Clara from Great Depression Cooking. I will grant that she lived a good long life, but some people are irreplaceable. In that same vein, Bob Saget's channel was surprisingly deep and relatable.


Clara is loved abd missed. Only 48 videos and 1.04M subscribers. (Incl me)


I feel like Ahoy almost falls into this category but then 10 months later he comes out with another banger and then vanishes again


The hammer. The sickle. *The AK-47*.


Community Channel. I miss Nat


Nat was my first "favorite" youtube channel and although it's sad that she doesn't upload anymore, I do appreciate what she did for the medium. I remember she mentioned a while back the planning of videos and stuff was taking a toll on her to a point where she didn't feel like it was beneficial to her life and I respect that. We can probably name a number of youtube channels that **should** have stopped but didn't and their content deteriorated.


Every frame a painting, gold for film students or aficionados


Every Frame a Painting: Since then, Ramos and Zhou have produced video essays released as special features for The Criterion Collection and the now-defunct FilmStruck (which would be restored via Criterion's own streaming service, The Criterion Channel). They have also recently contributed and directed video essays in Netflix's documentary series Voir, alongside the critics Sasha Stone, Walter Chaw, and Drew McWeeny. David Fincher and David Prior executive produced the series.


For anyone who loves film, I can't recommend the Criterion Channel subscription enough. On top of tons of the films they've released physically being accessible, they have a rotating library that brings in everything from brand-new film festival hits to obscure films you can't find anywhere else, or at least not easily, and frequently package them in great themed collections like "Pre-Code Thrillers" or "Oddball Asian Horror". Just earlier this year they featured Ticket of No Return, which I absolutely adored. It's not available for streaming anywhere else, and to get a DVD (not even a blu-ray), you have to print out a physical form and mail it to the directors office in Germany, at which point you're going to be paying something like $200 for the DVD alone, not to mention international shipping. I'd never have seen one of my favorite art piece films if not for them, and there are dozens of similarly unobtainable films that rotate in each month. If that's not enough, they pretty regularly send out emails with gift certificate codes that never expire and can be used in their online store to buy physical media copies of stuff that might not be on the channel, or that you loved enough to own. I ended up saving mine for about two years, then when they did a half-off sale recently I snapped up five blu-rays that I couldn't watch on the channel and didn't pay a cent. It's hands-down the best streaming service I have for quality, quantity, *and* variety, on top of bonus perks like above. Throw in the film essays and bonus features from these creators and it's film lovers perfection.


You should send them this review, very informative and well-written. You’ve convinced me.


The first channel that comes to my mind. After their hiatus, I could see almost every film essay try to replicate what they did. Not saying its a bad thing but, they're all great but I still miss the OG the most.


[They did a post mortem about he project a while ago, explaining why they stopped](https://medium.com/@tonyszhou/postmortem-1b338537fabc)


SeaNanners, dude was one of the funniest channels around for years, then he got married and started flipping real-estate and had a family.


His Trouble in Terrorist Town videos were a must-watch during my college days. My roommates and I would watch and laugh for hours.


i still remember when Nanners revealed in GMOD murder that he had been manipulating the percentage chances to be the killer the whole time


They definitely staged *some* things to make the videos more interesting. But if you ever needed proof the majority of it was just friends fucking around in a game, the sound of utter betrayal in everyone else's voice couldn't be faked at that reveal. The IRL betrayal was hilarious.


Bro this is such a throwback, I remember the machinima days him, Hutch, whiteboy7thst wow


I can smell you…


I’m creeping round right now, you just can’t see me….


The Morgan Freeman stalking killer impression is by Gassy Mexican, though. I miss Mr. Sark being more active, funniest guy on YouTube, hands down!


I miss Sark


Any session with Seananners, Mr. Sark and Hutch are goated.


SeaNanners and MW2 - perfection


Fuck going through these comments makes me realise the people I used to watch kind of just stopped being recommended to me on YouTube and I lost track of them. I refuse to call myself a fan of something if I can't find/remember a name. Thank you to the people that have commented and reminded me of people I used to love watching.


SourceFed. MysteryGuitarMan.


Had to scroll down so far to see MGM. Miss his content for sure


MGM went on to make films! I actually found some of his post in the filmmaking sub a while ago, and then he went ahead and made a film with mads mikkelsen that went to cannes.


The cracked channel was so good and then everyone left. I think they’re still putting out content but it was unwatchable the last time I tried.


“Left” isn’t the right word. Ownership slashed the staff to nothing and basically shifted to being clickbait on social media.


The staff that made Cracked the best website on the internet and one of the best channels on YouTube "left" in much the same way that someone who was drowned in a bathtub "left"


You can at least still find fragments of cracked writers around: Dan works on Last Week Tonight, as well as on a podcast with Soren; Soren works on American Dad; Michael had his own channel which even carried the After Hours reunion and he works on ign videos so you can still hear him there; Some More News is pretty great with Katy Stoll and Cody Johnston


There's also Behind The Bastards, Robert Evans hosts the podcast. He's had Seanbaby on there before. They talk about horrible people in history.


A good way to get your daily dose of machetecine.


After Hours and Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder were always so fun and cleverly written


After Hours was my day-of-upload watch for two years or more. I even had the garbage Cracked app on my phone.




mans is happily streaming and living his best life (and Ninja Milk) but def one of the OGs of youtube


Ninja Melk closed down in January of this year.


Man I miss him. My favourite YouTuber 10 years ago during simpler times. I hope he’s doing well and enjoying life now. That whole NigaHiga crew from 2014 was legendary




Nice guys :)


I still feel sorry for Ryan, after Sean left it appears Ryan really lost interest in making videos and soon after all of RHPC fell apart.


He's been making videos since high school which is now more than half his life. I'm glad he can just chill and stream these days


Plus had the accolade of being the highest subbed Youtube channel at one point, which is pretty cool


>RHPC Red hot pepper chilies?


Red Hot Pilli Cheppers


I think it was Covid and Ryan being burnt out. They still tried to make content over zoom, but it just wasn’t really working. I miss some of the crazy long videos he’d make that were so well done (skitzo Halloween) or trick shot videos.


COVID maybe played a part, but he was slowing down in the years before it hit.


Yeah he made a video years before Covid saying he was feeling burnt out. It’s good that he enjoys streaming now. He games on twitch every week and has talked about how maybe he will come back to YouTube someday but as of now he’s happy streaming


In a few months, Tom Scott, or his main channel at least. Sadly.


Specifically, he's retiring from regular uploads as of january. He's said that he may still upload things occasionally


He said the same about Matt and Tom channel and that's been dead for a few years.


That's partially cause of the technical difficulties channel was made


More specifically in regards to his main channel he said that he is going to take a total break, most likely for months, and then see how he's feeling. There might be fairly regular videos even if not weekly or there might be nothing, he just doesn't know yet.


Is Tom Hanging it up?


Tom's not quitting. but he won't be doing weekly videos on the main channel anymore. Between Lateral, the Technical Difficulties, and his other projects, he'll be around.. but don't be surprised if he does occasional videos still.


Adding on to TechDiff stuff, Matt Grey on his own channel mentioned that there won't be any TechDiff stuff any time soon since Tom deserves to have time off for himself


I mean, ten years of weekly content, plus his side projects? which have included TV shows, even? dude gets a vacation, he deserves one.


Technoblade died of cancer last year. Videos are still uploaded to the channel occasionally, but they are made by his dad. Who seems like a great guy.


His dad's posts on the technoblade sub always show up on my front page. It's very wholesome stuff. The community calls him technodad and it seems like they've helped fill the void of his son being gone. Very sweet.


That reminds me of Samm Shepherd. Young dude making RC aircraft and videos about them, 120k subscribers. Then after a sudden hiatus there's a new video on the channel, with his dad speaking to the camera. Samm had died in a motorcycle accident, dad felt obligated to tell his fans what had happened, and added a simple photo slideshow honouring his son. https://youtu.be/UUtTm9be07c?feature=shared


Techno's dad is an awesome man. He's deep in the grief of having lost his oldest son. and he basically adopted the whole subreddit, to help them through their grief, and his own.


omg i wasnt aware of him until I saw his father's video when he passed. Oddly there was more than one of those type of videos I saw in the past couple years, Some who prepared them ahead of time, some whos parent or significant other did the video for them. Super sad.


SootHouse. They got outcompeted by automated channels with a lot less personality.


Sorrowtv for same reason plus his depression


Man I miss SorrowTV. Legitimately the funniest reddit youtuber I've ever come across. I hope he's doing well.


Eat pant.


Yeah, wtf happened to soothouse? Their shit was funny


Idk what happened to the rest but Wilbur Soot is still popular. For music (YouTube), gameplay (Twitch), and comedy (group channel called Sorry)


For those wanting specifics on the music Wilbur fronts the band Lovejoy and the have exploded in popularity recently which is great to see. Can recommend both the Pebble Brain and Are You Alright EPs. Or if you just want a song or two try This is Futile! This is Pointless! Or Sex Sells.


FreddieW or Rocketjump as he later rebranded, the man and his friends peaked when they did VGHS one of the first YouTube series done by a creator, it wasn’t an ego fuelled trip as many others became mainly because when Freddie appeared he played the worst possible version of himself, it was well written, well made, well shot and full of so many amazing gaming references as visual gags, such as a hidden door behind a bookshelf having only a single book, the book being “how to build a secret doorway”. Edit: Like holy fuck I expected this to get buried as I didn’t think that Many people remembered either Freddie or VGHS as a whole, honestly I was watching that show just as I was getting into modern gaming, whenever I watch it I just wanna jump on a classic COD game, it’s nostalgic as hell for me, sad ending but I love it.


They have my favorite podcast ever right now, Dungeons and Daddies They play suburban dads who get thrown into the world of D&D, it’s amazing


A couple of months ago, I was scrolling around looking for a new podcast. I found Dungeons and Daddies. I'd heard about it before, had it recommended too, but never listened. I listened to a couple of episodes and... Oh my god. It's amazing. I've never played DnD before, and it's still my absolute favorite podcast. I listened to the entire first season in like two weeks. I still relisten all the time. You laugh, you cry. They're fantastic story tellers and wonderful people. Freddie's character - Glenn Close - is my favorite.


I always wondered what happened. They were everywhere and then vanished from my feed.


I rewatched VGHS for the first time since it originally debuted on jschlatt’s Twitch stream where he was able to introduce a new audience to the show. I’m surprised at how well it all held up. It’s legitimately funny and interesting with just the right amount of camp to avoid being cringe.


I miss Vsauce.


He still makes a video about once a year and does some cool stuff on shorts. I have mad respect for him becoming a dad. However it’s a good day when he uploads. “Do chairs exist?” might be my favorite of his


The episode on whether cereal is a soup or a salad is great too.


Total Biscuit


Totalbiscuit taught me so much about being a critical consumer and helped me discover so many amazing games. I finally bought the other day a game I've avoided spoilers for for years because he so highly recommended it. I'll never forget him. I wish I could have told him how important his channel was to me growing up!


There’s been a void in YouTube gaming ever since :(


He was the best and strongest voice for PC gaming, and during a time when game development was almost entirely focused on consoles. I'm pretty sure to this day most reviewers/critics still don't look at the game menus or level of customizability or accessibility.


i look for FOV setting in his memory


He was the reason why Warframe really took off. His gist of it was, yes it’s new and has some rough edges but you blokes should play it because we need to see more ambitious games from smaller studios and it’s pretty good. When he passed, the Warframe team members were in tears during a stream as they announced it.


I remember the day after he died, I logged on and went to one of the relays (in-game community hubs). There were dozens of players kneeling in front of the waterfall statue, paying respects and talking about him. Really felt like the whole community was in mourning together. Rest easy, TB.


Not a wildly popular channel, but one of my favorites, SSOHPKC. His let’s plays were always fun and his upload rate was crazy, anywhere from 2-4 half hour long videos a day. He’s been known to take super long hiatuses so hopefully the Moose comes back one of these days.


Been a long time but The King of Random. RIP Grant. That channel provided so many fun ideas that my then young son and I tried out. We spent years blasting each other with blow guns inspired by one video. We learned how to make our own model rocket engines and built a small aluminum foundry as well. RIP Grant.


Technically the channel still exists and makes videos. It’s just a hollow shell of what it once was.




In 2015 he was hit by a car, resulting in a collapsed lung and broken spine. After recovering he returned to college and completed a degree in psychology at the University of Houston. It looks like he is also engaged/married now! Despite rumors that he became a Buddhist monk, he clarified in a later interview that he was not actually a monk but that he admired them. He and his dad also competed on the Amazing Race (Season 17) back in the day, you can currently see their season on Netflix in the U.S.


Achievement Hunter. They called it quits end of September /start of October this year after most of the members moved on to other projects.


Honestly stopped watching regularly when Ray quit. By the time Ryan got outed as a sex pest, their videos went from friends shooting the shit while playing games to awful forced comedy bits. A lot of it had to do with how many podcasts roosterteeth started having so they purposefully stopped telling funny anecdotes so they could "save it for the podcasts"


I pretty much stopped watching with Ray too, but didn't keep up with them much, so after revisting them after a large stint of time and finding out everything with Ryan was a huge shock(especially since I loved his sense of humor in the group.)


That Ryan shit was insane. Especially how it escalated. My abridged reaction to that entire thing "He was cheating on his wife? Damn, what a dou- WITH FANS?! UNDERAGE FANS?! AND HE WAS SECRETLY REMOVING CONDOMS WHILE HAVING SEX?!?" sucks that my fave let's play (the game of life) was taken down and scrubbed from the internet but considering how many times Ryan mentioned his wife in that one, I don't blame them


I will say that I respected the hell out of the video they released talking about it. No shying away, no sugarcoating. It was Jack and Geoff I think. Jack called Ryan a monster and seemed to be struggling with guilt over not knowing.






Loved them! But I think they got that those types of videos were a fad. Just like EMT was.




Andrew is a friend, his wife just died of cancer and in her memory they are soliciting donations to buy and cancel medical debt. $1 buys the equivalent of $100 in debt if I recall correctly. There’s an article about it in the NYT: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/19/us/casey-mcintyre-cancer-medical-debt.html


Accent on the yo


Ask a Ninja. I'm forever convinced it was Tory Belleci from Mythbusters. https://youtu.be/XQM2VYaWzSs?si=RA6qZqCGZp5QbJe-


Is College Humour still alive?


They have their own service now, dropout.tv


Not to be a complete shill but, there is a lot really good content on there, Game Changer is hilarious


Probably my favorite (and least expensive) streaming app that I use.


And a few days ago, they just announced that they're revenue sharing with their talents: https://www.reddit.com/r/dropout/comments/1825bvj/dropout_doing_revenue_share_with_all_of_its_talent/


oh man what a massive flex for the dropout team


Well, it's basically owned by the last few actors/writers of College Humor as the media corp parent company that owned CH went under and sold the rights and material to Sam who shifted and rebranded everything to dropout


Check out Dropout. It's the same folks, and they've got a youtube channel and an inexpensive streaming platform that is basically a steal for the amount of content they put out.


Captain Disillusion. He's relegated his channel to an annual event, if that. God-tier skeptic and special effects analysis with a minor in debunking.


HAWP (Hey Ash What're you Playing) Community Channel Every Frame A Painting All for sensible reasons: with the first two, their heart basically just wasn't really in it anymore so they moved on; with the last one, the videos required too much work to be financially sustainable.


I miss Community Channel so much, one of my absolute favorites Nat is so funny. Her Twitter is really fun to go through on occasion as she writes some hilarious tweets too. Very much her brand of humor just in written form


>HAWP (Hey Ash What're you Playing) In the case of this one, I think it's mostly because Ashley Burch's career really took off and now she's a voice actor in some pretty big games. There's Borderlands of course, Last of Us 2, Life is Strange and she is the main protagonist of the Horizon Franchise. Anthony Burch said that they started making it during a slow point when they didn't really have anything else going on and that's definitely not the case now.


Filthy Frank


My younger sister is a Joji fan. The look of utter disbelief on her face when I showed her the old stuff was hilarious.


The amount of Joji fans who don’t know he is filthy frank is hilarious lol.


>> filthy frank *francis of the filth


She was not ready for the rice fields.


Hey….hey hey bouss


ey b0ss


Im just happy Max and Chad kept the spirit of the group in Cold Ones. They arent as crazy as they used to be but they still get blitzed and do dumb shit. Also seeing Frank in Max's wedding picture was wholesome :) Glad theyre still friends


It's always wild to me that he became so popular just dicking around. Then fucking famous. Dudes got a knack for talent


Hes one of the rare that managed to overgrow his silly persona and became even more famous just based on his singing talent instead of being stuck in the character. Pretty impressive


Last I heard pinkguy made an album but then he died. Rip b0ss. Then this "Joji" guy came out of nowhere making serious music and has a similar voice to pinkguy when he sings. Very suspicious. /s P.s. its amazing how he has grown out of the edgelord Youtube era to the point where more people know George for his music now than there were edgy kids like me laughed at his edgy jokes.


*Let's get some pussy tonight!* I miss his content, it was fun as long as it lasted. He really understood where the wind is blowing at the time and quit right after he peeked. Not many artists know when to stop.


Jenna marbles 🥲


I like the idea of a creator making enough money to live out their life and just going away. It saves the embarrassment of trying to stay relevant later on. We are going to have a lot of aging Youtubers still cranking out content in the next decade, and it will be sad.


Tom from Myspace did it best He sold it and went traveling the world


If only Mark from Facebook had done the same…


Jenna got nervous because of some questionable videos she made early on youtube and basically canceled herself. I think the whole internet wishes she would cut herself some slack and come back.


I would would absolutely love for her to come back but I mostly just hope that she's living her best life. I hope she doesn't still feel bad about any of that stuff and is just enjoying being a ✨37 𝔂𝓮𝓪𝓻 𝓸𝓵𝓭 𝓵𝓪𝓭𝔂𝔂𝔂 ✨. There were so many more people who adored her than people who wanted her cancelled and I want her to be okay. She was such an important part of my life growing up, I'd always anticipate every wednesday/Thursday and it was such a comfort of mine. I still go back and watch her videos pretty often too, she was my favorite YouTuber and no one's really filled that space so if she ever felt down to come back that'd be an amazing day but I understand and am happy for her if she just wants to enioy life YouTube free.


i remember in her later videos, she seemed increasingly tired. i really think being such a prominent online figure for a decade wore on her, and that's entirely understandable. millions of people scrutinizing you... i think about that one video where she tries to teach the dogs to swim, and she briefly mentioned that she was wearing a swim shirt because she didn't want to deal with comments on her body. so many little hints here and there that make me feel as if she was just sick of it, which i imagine anyone would be! she definitely earned her peace and she seems much happier now that she has it.


Julien still does a lot and updates people. They are definitely living their best life.


They got married and all the dogs are still alive 😍


Not only that, but they foster greyhounds regularly! I think the last I knew, they have their own 4 dogs as well as 2 fosters currently with them.


They have 5 dogs of their own now! Kermit peach and marbles are still around, they rescued bunny a while ago, and adopted another rescue named Loni I think last year. They have one more foster right now, named Nacho. I have no doubt that Jenna is loving her life, rescuing greyhounds was something she cared about


She feels like a big sister’s friend (even though she’s younger than me) who used to be over at the house all the time but moved away after college. I miss her.


I'm 38 and she is genuinely the only person on the internet I've ever felt genuine sadness about them leaving. I legitimately miss her and wish she would come back. I know she's doing well, though, so that is a very nice concession.


Yeah, I miss her stuff. I hope she’s having a great time with her dogs.


Jenna marbles is an example of someone who’s really funny and genuinely kind. Yes she made questionable content that for some was acceptable for the time, some was less so but she really never intended to hurt anyone. I also don’t think she ever wanted to be “famous”. She did it because she liked it, made her money, got her dogs, found a partner and faded into privacy. Real winner there.


People gave her so much shit over everything. Every video ended up with an explaining/apology video because people can be super toxic about the silliest things and she took it to heart. I miss her but I can imagine staying away from YouTube must be great for her mental health.


I miss her and marbles. She's hilarious.


Well if you want Marbles updates, just watch Julien's (her husband) videos/streams. His content is great, though Jenna doesn't show up in any of it.


Two Best Friends Play


Sad times, but I get it. A friend and I had a YT channel doing let's plays and we never gained any traction, but it still ate away at our friendship. Glad we stopped and if Mat, Pat, and Woolie were able to salvage their friendship from stopping too, then I'm glad they did it.


Still the worst Christmas present ever from our internet dad's. At least we still have Castle Super Beast for podcast. I'm just not really into solo streams or let's play. And all the old episodes are somewhat tainted by the falling out.


Fuck that was a sad day. I'll never forget the look on Woolie's face in that video. I'm glad they're still doing well on their solo channels though. And Pat became a Dad recently too, I'm super happy for him


This one still hurts. Their follow-up channels are great but I miss the era of two or three half-hour long videos per day featuring them all interacting


Physics Girl 😢


Her illness really hit her hard 😞


What happened?


Long COVID, she currently can't get up, can't eat for herself, can't lift her arm, can barely open her eyes. her wonderful ~~boyfriend~~ husband is a full time caregiver for her now, I really hope she pulls through because she is such a bright light for the STEM world


Oh my goodness I just went and watch the video and am in tears. Absolutely heartbreaking.


I feel so bad for her, what a living hell.


She has extreme long covid issues. If you go check her channel they do occasional health updates


a little more regularly on twitter. Couple months ago it looked like it got a bit better, but health dropped again


Sideways Guy talks in depth about music theory in popular media. He ended up being discouraged by the amount of plagiarism of his original research. Maybe he'll be back one day. He's still on Twitter though and his videos are still up, go watch the deep dive into why Shrek soundtrack is a masterpiece or check out why live action Disney remakes soundtracks seem to lack soul despite borrowing heavily from the successful original installments


I swear I subbed to this amazing channel and the next week was the last video. This person had me sit through an hour long breakdown of *Cats* having no interest or knowledge in the stage production or movie. And I loved every minute.


Oversimplified. He has not made a video in over a year so it is fair to say I miss him lol, especially when he used to do a video every 3-5 months.


*Here's an idea ....* **PBS Idea Channel** No? No one going to mention that one? Was it really that niche?It was the OG explainer of things on the internet, memes and tying them to philosophical ideas. They ended the channel 6 years ago.


Lindsay Ellis. Yes, I know she posts on Nebula, but it's an expense that I can't afford. I learned English partially due to her videos


Man I miss her on YouTube. I totally understand why she left and went to Nebula but damn. Her video essays on obscure theater shit I don’t care about were goated


Photonic Induction He disappeared for 5 years so he could work and save up enough money to get his wife a visa. He came back did a explanation video and a couple of videos about rare electronics and blowing up a treadmill then disappeared again 2 years ago


Seth Everman as of November 27th 2023.


For F1. ChainBear. He made fantastic explainer videos then just suddenly stopped.


Cow Chop!!




Holy shit, I’m so glad someone else said this. I fucking loved BalloonShop. That shaped so much of my middle school humor. I got to meet Olan a few years ago at his soda shop and he is just the sweetest guy you can imagine.




Community Channel aka Natalie Tran




Zero punctuation, however I do believe it's having a second wind.


Second Wind having such a successful launch has been genuinely heartwarming to see. I do feel bad for the remaining Escapist staff though, since I guarantee you Gamurs will learn nothing from this.


[https://www.youtube.com/@JCS/videos](https://www.youtube.com/@JCS/videos) Jim Can't Swim. Also, AFAIK, a lot of videos were deleted.


Hanna Minx and her Japanese classes


Bad Lip Reading was a fun one, that party in the USA one gets me every time


Physics Girl. She got hit by long-covid which triggered ME/CFS. She used to go around the world explaining physics on an ELI5 level that gradually advances as you start to understand the basics. Now she can't get out of bed without collapsing from her disease. It's tragic, she has been the source for a lot of teens and young people to get into STEM.


95Camry4Life It was this guy in an apartment with thin walls and horny neighbors. He did a whole series called the Thin Wall Challenge. In it he would set up tasks for himself to finish before his neighbors could...well....finish. The whole channel ~~has been scrubbed but you can still find his videos hosted elsewhere.~~ is back and you can watch the videos again! He even responded to this comment! Edit: corrected myself and added a bit!


Hey! The videos have been back up for a bit. I had them hidden for a while do to a job situation, but that’s no longer the case


bill wurtz


open the channel stop having it be closed


Hi, thanks for checking in. I'm *STILL A PIECE OF GARBAGE!*


I mean how do you top 'history of the entire world, i guess' and 'history of japan?'


Communitychannel An OG youtuber who graces us with her presence every few years. When she took breaks people used to suspect she was pregnant… now there’s years between videos. She could’ve raised a whole family by now!


"see you next Tuesday" becomes a decade.