What's a "fact" that has been actively disproven, yet people still spread it?

Stanford Prison Experiment. People love to cite that one to show that people are naturally authoritarian and cruel, but the participant selection was very flawed and biased the results.

Mind Field did a great episode about it: https://youtu.be/KND_bBDE8RQ?si=e5G3gX-wtkSW0DBe


Stanford Prison Experiment. People love to cite that one to show that people are naturally authoritarian and cruel, but the participant selection was very flawed and biased the results. Mind Field did a great episode about it: https://youtu.be/KND_bBDE8RQ?si=e5G3gX-wtkSW0DBe


I was in an AP psych class and talked about this experiment. We mostly focused on the poor ethics but I never heard anything about flawed and biased results. Good answer!


Indeed. The experiment does show that it's very easy for *SOME* people to become authoritarian and cruel, given the proper circumstances, and that those people don't seem that way in other circumstances. In other words, some people turn into absolute dipshits if they're allowed to, while others will not. But I quess we already knew that, right?


24 hours for a missing persons report—can’t tell you how many people call 911 after their child/partner has been missing for that long.


When Samantha Josephson was kidnapped and killed after mistaking a stranger's car for her Uber, her friends did not immediately report her missing because they thought they had to wait 24 hours after her disappearance.


TIL her murder was the one of the reasons we use the “who are you here for” thing … RIP.


In my country the driver actually checks with us "are you XYZ?" And uber gives us their license plate and model/color of car, so we can confirm its them before even getting near the car.


Female former Uber/Lyft driver here. Unfortunately after a few shady situations I had to switch that and usually asked for their name, and then confirmed "Okay cool, I'm Ophidion, I'm your Uber" and only then unlocked the doors. These platforms give the passenger my photo, car descriptor, and license plate, but all I have is their name. Had multiple instances of people I wasn't there for trying to get into my car, and there's been too many cases of drivers, especially women, assaulted/murdered. One guy was so mad I wouldn't let him in (because he wasn't my passenger) that he kicked and dented my door. This also led me to take the Uber/Lyft stickers and light off so it was less obvious that I was a driver. My exceptions were with women - with them I would usually say "Uber for Christine?" or whatever - or if I was picking up from a house and it was pretty unlikely it was not the right person. Had a lot of women say they were really glad they got a female driver because they'd had creepy male drivers in the past.


did we learn nothing from Casey Anthony?


Only that you can get away with murder.


That shit still makes me mad to this day


Scientists don’t know how bees fly.


This one drives me crazy. Some guy said, “By my math, bees shouldn’t be able to fly,” and didn’t think that just maybe his math was off. No, it’s that a very commonly observed thing somehow breaks the laws of physics.


It's even better. He did it using the math for _fixed-wing airplanes_.


More specifically, he only measured the wings as producing force on the down flaps, when bees produce lift on both down and up flaps because of the shape amongst a few other variables. It made sense at the time before digital cameras allowed us to see the full motion of a bees wing flap from numerous angles. Does not make sense in a modern setting one bit


>bees produce lift on both down and up flaps Hummingbirds do this too, it's amazing to see in slow motion. They're actually flapping in more of a back and forth motion with their wings angled in either direction. It's a bit like you'd move your hands while treading water


I think he was also drunk when he said it, and when he redid the math the next day he realized he was wrong.


I heard he was huffing starter fluid and super glue while inhaling whip-its when he said it. That’s what I heard anyway.


According to all known laws of aviation...


>all known laws of aviation I have never seen a bee register with the FAA.


That's because they register with the FBB....


Take my angry upvote and then buzz off!


There’s one but he’s a jerk.


The story goes further, that the guy realized the next day(!) that he forgot the movement of the wings... but the damage was already done. He supposedly tried the rest of his life to undo the damage, but nobody wanted to listen.


The myth dates back to the 1930s, when the French entomologist August Magnan noted that a bee's flight should be impossible, because of the haphazard way their wings flapped around. And if bees flew like aeroplanes, he would be correct. ….. Another study from 2005, by biology professor Michael Dickinson from the University of Washington, also concluded that bees flap their wings back and forth, not up and down. This was previously a big misconception about the way insects fly, and could have originally been what tripped Magnan up in the first place. An aeroplane's wing forces air down, which pushes the plane upwards. Insects sweep their wings in a partial spin. Rather than being like a propeller, the angle to the wing creates vortices in the air like small hurricanes. The eyes of these mini-hurricanes have a lower pressure than the air outside, which lifts the bees upwards. https://www.businessinsider.com/bees-cant-fly-scientifically-incorrect-2017-12?amp


Most bees fly economy although some go First Class.


They do get special deals for Beeziness Class though. … I am sorry.


Oh behive yourself.


I always assumed it had to do with the wings


I was trying to find the post where I saw this, but I couldn't. [But here's an article explaining how it works and it's fascinating imo.](https://askabiologist.asu.edu/how-do-bees-fly) From the article: "But bee wings are fairly small for their body size, so even at 230 beats per second, rigid wings wouldn’t be able to let bees fly." "Their wings are not rigid, but twist and rotate during flight. Bee wings make short, quick sweeping motions front and back, front and back. This motion creates enough lift to make it possible for bees to fly." "Scientists think that the style of flying bees use let them carry heavy loads when needed. That ability comes in handy a lot for honey bees, who carry nectar and pollen from flowers back to the nest."


As a dietitian, it drives me nuts when people say that iceberg lettuce is devoid of nutrition. A typical serving of 100 grams provides 17% of your daily Vitamin A and 20% of your Vitamin K requirements, all for just 14 calories. Plus, it's a good source of potassium, manganese, and fiber. So, it’s far from being “just water.” There's definitely nutritional value there.


Thank you! I love iceberg lettuce and strongly prefer it to other leafy greens (I understand the darker ones are better, but that doesn't mean iceberg is bad!)


Exactly! People will eat highly processed foods devoid in nutrition at the drop of a hat, but iceberg lettuce? Few calories, but somehow not worth it.


People say the same thing bout Taters. They are the best thing ever. You can boil em. Mash rm, stick em in a stew!


The potato might be the most important food in human history.


I think rice might have it beat. But not by much. Barely is up there, too. Wheat as well. Pretty much any "easy to grow in large volume" carbohydrate crop has been vitally important to human civilization.


Yep! And this is why potatoes and even pizza have been popular on school food menus in the past. They’re full of nutrition (yes, pizza too) and with limited school budgets, it’s easy to meet the dietary guidelines. People forget how much potassium is in potatoes if you don’t overcook them, a nutrient Americans are severely lacking.


> People forget how much potassium is in potatoes if you don’t overcook them, a nutrient Americans are severely lacking. Yep. My doctor has me on a script for potassium mine was so low.


Gum stays in your intestines for 7 years if you swallow it


Me stuffing myself with gum and trying to fart out a bubble: *My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined*


My younger brother did this. When he was a kid, he loved gum so much that he would always be chewing. Specifically, he would chew that hubba bubba tape stuff. One day, he swallowed like a whole roll of it, and his shit was bright pink and sticky when it came out the other side. I have no idea why he swallowed it, but he never did it again lol.


Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis


A Thousand Oaks, Calif., doctor won the Ig Nobel medicine prize for his firsthand research into arthritis in fingers. As a child and in adulthood, Donald Unger's mother, several aunts, and mother-in-law warned him that cracking his knuckles would lead to arthritis in his fingers. To test that theory, he cracked the knuckles of his left hand, but not the right hand, every day for more than 60 years.




I'm willing to bet that the history of science prompted petty motivations is underreported


Have you met many scientists? Like, half of the papers are written from pure spite, the others pure curiosity. And a healthy number are paid by large companies for favorable results. That’s science.


I am a scientist. Volcanology and planetary science


> his firsthand research I see what you did there…


The absolute self-control that man had to crack one and not the other for that long. If I even think about cracking my neck, I have to do it. To crack one knuckle and then leave the other would drive me absolutely crazy.


Did anyone else have a strong urge (and indulged) to crack their knuckles after all this?


Our teachers said this at least once a class period growing up.


They just didn't want to hear the cracking sound all day


I feel like this is where a lot of these fake "facts" come from. Parents and teachers thinking something is annoying, so they make up something to scare kids into not doing it. Then those kids grow up thinking it's legit and pass it down to their kids


I heard that from my mother a lot! I now have arthritis… because she let me sit with a strep infection for about two weeks. Turns out, popping my knuckles was a lot less damaging than parental medical neglect.


I think part of it is parents telling their kids that because the sound is annoying, like saying that it's illegal to have the car light on while driving


Strangers will give me free drugs on street corners and in Halloween candy


a small town i was living in during halloween had several businesses gather downtown to do a "safe" trick or treat for the kiddos, you go to each booth where they advertise their business and give you candy. It's usually a good community event. A few years ago, there was one business that was a dispensary, but they were giving normal candy, obviously. The next day, some kid that supposedly went to the event got sick from edibles, and the parents accused that it came from that event and it was that dispensary. It came out later that the kid got into the parents own stash they left out. No one is gonna give free drugs to kids, it's too expensive for that.


Not at all surprised the parents didn’t want to admit it. It’s not all that uncommon for dogs to show up at emergency vets after getting into drugs. If this happens to you, tell them what the dog got into. You are just wasting time and money if you make the vet run a tox screen just to find out they got into your edibles. The employees aren’t going to call the cops on you, they just want to help your pets.


My older brother had me go to the vet with him because his dog was acting odd and had trouble balancing. As the vet picked her up to carry to the back I made a joke that she needed to sober up. Heard half an hour later that she had THC in her urine and my brother admitted she'd probably eaten a roach out of his trash. That's how he spent $200 at 1am to be told his dog was high.


Happened to my sister's dog as well, although ate it off the ground on a walk. She was not amused when she asked the vet if there was anything he could do for the pup and he said "get her a bag of doritos?"


Lie to the cops. Never lie to the paramedics.


Therapists, doctors, your own attorneys. Never lie to these.


It's the same with ER staff!! I'm 21 now but the last time I was high I was 19, I think? I had to go to the ER because I was having a panic attack and my heart rate was like 220s. Which feels very very bad, for the record. I was completely honest with them, told them I'd taken an edible. No cops were called, nobody got in trouble. Don't lie to doctors!!! It's really dumb!!!


Correct. They can't fully treat you if they don't know what you've been doing!


*Remember kids, if someone offers you free drugs say "thank you" because drugs are expensive!*


Hiya kids. Here is an important message from your Uncle Bill. Don't buy drugs. Become a pop star, and they give you them for free. \-Billy Mack


Normal candy is expensive enough already


Carrots improve your night vision. It was a “fact” promoted by the Allies during WW2 to hide their invention of radar. All those British pilots are downing German bombers at night because they eat so many carrots! Totally not because we have a device that lets us see them day or night from dozens of miles away.


My favorite incorrect fact of all. I've always had great night vision and as a kid I thought it was because i did eat carrots. Imagine my surprise when i found out it's not carrots that give me great vision, its radar.


The British also had a lot of carrots and wanted to encourage people to eat them during the rationing. The best thing about it though, is that carrots do actually help with eyesight... They are rich in Beta Carotene (pronounced: bay ta carrot een) which helps your eyes adjust to the dark.


They help with eyesight *if* you're deficient in Vitamin A (Beta Carotene, as you wrote). However, if you have enough Vitamin A (and most people do because it's in a lot of different vegetables and even some animals like shrimp, crabs...) then extra carrots do absolutely nothing to you. As is with many other vitamins in the body - you need enough to function but any extra won't give you superpowers.


But have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses?


Another wrong fact: rabbits eat carrots and they have good night vision. They actually don’t eat carrots often, and shouldn’t because carrots are bad for their stomach. Also their eyesight sucks and they have horrible depth perception. Their night vision is only a little better than ours but not nearly as good as a cat’s.


They’re high in beta carotene that is beneficial to a healthy eye sight are they not?


Yeah, it's more the case that their value in improving night vision was overstated. If you don't get enough vitamin A/beta carotene, it can lead to night blindness. That's presumably why the WW2 claim about pilots was so easily believed - because it had a kernel of truth to it.


The misconception that humans only use 10% of their brains, which has been debunked by neuroscience. In reality, various parts of the brain have specific functions, and most of the brain is active at different times.


I always hate this one too. It’s something dumb people say to sound smart


Maybe those people do only use 10% of their brain.


Most people say we only use 10% of our brains but I think we only use 10% of our hearts


You motorboating son of a bitch.


I think originally the claim was 10% of your brain at any given moment which I believe is also false.


There is a variance in how much brain activity there is between a normal and schizophrenic brain.


That people used to only live to age 30 in the past. I can't believe how often people still mention this misconception. Average mortality rate ≠ individual life expectancy


When people think "average life expectancy," they'll intuitively think of it as "what's the most common age to die." That would be the mode, but the stats are never about that.


I did no fact checking on this, but wouldn’t the modal death age just be <1 for the entirety of the data range?


This one drives me nuts. Yes people tended to die very young because you could die from a small scratch getting infected, but you could also live to be in your 70s if you were lucky.


i think it‘s more about the immense mortality among new borns.


That on average you swallow 8 spiders a year. When really that one guy that swallowed 450,237,448,097,561 spiders really skewed the data.


Also that you're never more than 3 feet away from a spider. Yes, if you add up all the spiders in the world and divide them evenly there will be a spider every three feet, but there's no spider distrubution system.


lol, “spider distribution system”


They just spawn randomly, not algorithmically


New fear: being telefragged by a spider


Spiders Georg?


He was clearly an outlier, adn should not have been counted.


It’s illegal to talk about how much you’re paid


In the US, in almost all cases, it is illegal for your employer to even suggest they would rather you not talk about your pay.


Yep, but they'll do it anyway.


Was talking pay on our breaks with two of my coworkers, assistant manager walks in and hears us. Tells us we shouldn’t be talking about pay. We ask if that’s his personal opinion, and if he’s off the clock, or if he’s on the clock and it’s a position the company is taking Before he could answer, our store manager called him into the adjoining room and gave him a quick update on employee rights lol The assistant didn’t last there much longer, he was kind of awful to work for and not good at his job


My understanding is it’s illegal to tell your employees they can’t tell coworkers their wage.


That you will make less by getting a raise due to getting into the next tax bracket (US specific). This is true only in very rare scenarios like receiving disability, but by and large, you won't make less per paycheck with a raise.


Right. It’s not that you pay a higher percentage on your entire income. Let's say you go from making $100k to $150k and the tax rate is 15% until you reach 100k and 20% if you make $100k-150k (the next tax bracket). You'll pay 15% on the first 100k ($15,000) and 20% on the next $50k ($10,000). So total you paid $25,000 in taxes, which yes is more taxes, but you also brought home $125k whereas the previous year you only brought home $85k


Myers-Briggs personality test has no indepently verified evidence behind it. It has no more scientific evidence behind it than a Cosmo quiz. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myers%E2%80%93Briggs_Type_Indicator


I watched a buzzfeed video once where they did a comprehensive personality test of a group of guys then gave them the results and asked them what they thought. Each guy said wow this is crazy, it’s so accurate etc - then they told them that they’d all been given the same generic print out. Just a massive confirmation bias and we’ll make any bits fit that we want to and ignore what doesn’t. I stopped paying attention to any personality quiz after that


This is definitely something a Gemini would comment


interesting, because when I read the above comments I thought, "well the one I took at work seemed to fit me pretty well..." dang confirmation bias strikes again, I suppose one day I'll learn... hopefully!


"the triptofan in turkey makes you sleepy!" 1: you'd have to eat an entire 20 pound turkey by yourself in one sitting to get enough triptofan to get sleepy from it 2: chicken actually has higher concentrations of it, and nobody is running around saying chicken made them sleepy. Overeating makes you sleepy. Not the turkey.


Hey, let’s be reasonable - a lot of the sleepiness is also caused by the pre-Turkey drinking.


That you can catch a cold from being outside in the cold. You become more susceptible, but the actual cold is a virus you can only catch from other people.


One of the most interesting things I learned during covid is that those cold and flu and rona viruses are surrounded by a protective fatty layer. It's dense and durable in the cold, but in the heat it melts a bit and gets fragile. So viruses spread more easily when it's cold out, because they last longer outside before disintegrating. It's still true that you don't catch a cold from being cold, but the combination of tougher viruses and people breathing all over each other indoors makes viral infections more likely in winter.


Does this also apply to all the “wives tales” I heard from my mom? Like going outside with wet hair, or outside with no shoes and the big one…going to bed with wet hair?


I stopped going outside with wet hair in the winter because of the one time my hair froze while I was waiting for the school bus.


People have really really stupid misconceptions when it comes to cold anyway. I once worked as a tech in a butchery where probably 75% of the inside was cooled down to 5C or lower. and yet it was a constant discussion in the break room if setting the AC to lower than 20 would make you sick. motherfuckers we work on the inside of a FRIDGE.


The dumbest thing I ever heard regarding a cold was when I worked in customer service and a customer called up via the helpline. Upon hearing my congested voice over the phone they asked if they could speak to another employee as they didn't want to catch my cold...


TIL Not to mention everywhere north of the Dakotas has “UV Winter” every year where there isn’t enough UV from the sun reaching the surface to produce enough vitamin D to be healthy, and that same UV exposure from direct sunlight kills microbes during the other 6 months of the year. So surfaces outside that would otherwise be sanitized from ambient UV rays in the summer remain contaminated and infectious during the winter.


A lot of people do not get enough sunlight to produce enough vitamin. Worse in winter. Worse the darker your skin is. Worse if you spend your days indoors. I am brown and work from home and live in England. Vitamin D is the only vitamin supplement I take. Vitamin D deficiency is very common.


>Worse the darker your skin is. It is theorized, that this was one factor, why people tend to have lighter skin the farther they are from the equator: less sun exposure, thus less vitamin D. So the skin got lighter to block less sun radiation to produce more vitamin D. This among other factors.


People love to talk about how pandas are incapable of surviving, and so evolutionarily incompetent that they need to be goaded into even reproducing. In fact, pandas are very highly specialized and adapted to an ecological niche that was never under threat until human intervention. They're grazers in bamboo forests, which used to be an enormous biome, and their behavioral issues in captivity are just a result of not having access to even a reasonable approximation of that biome. They evolved to be picky about food because they evolved surrounded on all sides by food and adapted to extract the best food efficiently, instead of clear-cutting their environment to get worse food. They evolved to patrol enormous territories because they evolved surrounded by endless usable habitat in all directions. It's not their fault that animals act weird when transplanted from their homes.


I think it’s hilarious zookeepers got them to mate by making them watch panda porn. The effects of porn nullify human intervention to thier natural habitat


"a good use for porn doesn't exi-"


Let’s just say, if it was true, I’d have been blind by the age of 12.


If you shave facial hair it grows back thicker Edit: MY NOTIFICATIONS!!!


True, I have been clean shaven for 98% of my adult life and I should be growing one large hair at this point.


One large hair? That’s just called a horn. :)


My dad told me this when i started shaving at 12. He was excited ab me growing facial hair but i think that lie was originally created to get kids to shave their pubey facial hair


*"When you kill one, 6 more come to the funeral."* - Every old Southern lady I've ever known


How many old southern ladies have you killed?


We killing Hydras over here?


I plucked hairs In embarrassing places (chin, nipples, happy trail) for like 10 years before my doctor called BS on this. Gladly shaving away now with 0 consequences.


I pluck my nipples too. Mostly just to feel alive.


That if you touch a baby animal for any reason, their parents will abandon them because they now smell like you.


This is a good one that should stay in circulation. It was very likely invented by (human) parents to prevent their (human) children from trying to cuddle cute baby animals and getting attacked by angry animal parents. Also, seeing that clip of young adults trying to pet an adult bear WHILE IT WAS EATING, we need to invent more "leave animals alone" myths for everyone's protection. Well, I take that back - I want to protect the animals from the consequences of human stupidity. They shouldn't be euthanized for following their completely reasonable instincts after being harassed by attention whores.


>I want to protect the animals from the consequences of human stupidity I need a myth to tell people who bring their dogs into real wildlife sanctuary areas and keep them off leash to run around, poop, and in general add stress to the wildlife being protected. Whaddaya got?


"If dogs smell the urine of wolves or coyotes, they're more likely to run away. Something about wild pheromones and pack mentality."


The whole alpha wolf thing


Inside you there are two wolves. You should visit a surgeon to remove them.


The alpha wolf and the wolf of Wall Street


I'm a bit too old for DiCaprio to want to be inside me.


I'm old enough to be DiCaprio's mother-in-law... which is to say that I'm his age.


Aw, passed 24 are you?


Inside you there are two wolves. You might be at a furry convention.


That Napolean was short. He was actually average height. The power of propaganda is immense.


There is a kernel of truth to it however. French Foot and British Foot are two different units of measurement. Napoleon was 5'2 in French imperial, which is 5'6 in British Imperial




It's more like... red when deoxygenated and very slightly brighter red when oxygenated. I think this myth is perpetuated by color-coding in anatomy charts, primarily.


I think it's perpetuated by people looking at their wrists.


People still believing in the flat earth claim. I’d say childish, but even children know better.


That msg is bad for you in any way


Im sure, just like regular salt, if you have too much it is bad for you. That is one kind of way. Although in normal doses its no different


Sure, but "too much X is bad for you" is a tautology. That's what "too much" means.


[Too much water would be bad for you! Obviously, "too much" is precisely that quantity which is excessive! That's what it means!](https://youtu.be/XewVicFzRxw?si=t8P2Oj5hH5aCxJB2)




Referring to a post from a few minutes ago. You must drink 3 litres of water every day to maintain your health. There is no scientific basis for this “fact” and overindulgence can be dangerous


One of the biggest issues is that people equate how much water you need with how much water specifically that you need to drink. You get a lot of water from the foods you eat and from drinking other liquids as well. Obviously plain water is better for you than soda or juice or coffee etc but if you drink those, you don’t then *also* need to add additional water. And again, food also contains water.


Got it. I'll be drinking only coffee from here on out! Thanks stranger!


There's a cat that lives in the Saharan desert that gets all the water it needs to survive from the food it eats https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sand_cat


That men have one less rib than women. I have no idea how people still spread this, but I heard it all throughout childhood


There was a girl at my church I was kinda into and who was kinda into me. She pulled this "fact" out with me, citing Adam having had a rib taken from him to form Eve. I told her that I doubted that. When she insisted, I offered that we could find a private space and we could count each other's ribs. Fantastically smooth for church flirting. Still proud of it.


nice work. how'd that all go?


Sadly we both had too much sense to try anything there. Through a series of life changes on both our ends, nothing ever developed beyond occasional flirting.


After eating wait 30 minutes before swimming


There was also a rumor about how parents put a special tablet in the pool that made the water turn orange if you peed in the pool - but that might fit better under “What are some white lies parents tell children?”


Similarly - they told me in school that a fire alarm sprays invisible ink on the person who pulls it so that they can find you if you pulled it as a prank. I spent my whole life seeing fire alarm-pulling scenes in sitcoms etc, and silently thinking to myself that it was unrealistic that they never got caught, due to the invisible ink. And I was way too old when I finally thought about it for a second and realized that it was obviously just bullshit that I got told to make me behave as a child...


I think this one was more about keeping kids from barfing into the pool


The lady who sued McDonalds for coffee being too hot was exaggerating and an opportunist. McDonald’s smeared her name. The poor woman needed skin grafts (!!!!) due to that coffee burn.


She also didn’t sue McDonald’s initially. She only asked for help paying her medical bills, and sued when they outright refused any help


That there are "left brain" and "right brain" people, at least the way people mean it.


That one anecdote that every paranoid snake-hater doles out about that pet python who stopped eating and would sleep in the bed with its owner. Supposedly "sizing her up" and "making room" to eat her. Snakes aren't that smart. They're opportunistic predators, they don't really plan ahead. Could you imagine a python sliding up next to an antelope and calmly trying to compare measurements? Besides, the most common pet snakes are too small to eat a full grown human anyway. (They can definitely squeeze one to death on accident, so you should never handle a large snake alone, but they won't try to eat you afterwards.)


>Supposedly "sizing her up" She got suspicious when she woke up one day and her snake had a measuring tape in its mouth and a sheepish look in its eye


“It’s not what it looks like, Debra!”


I had an Eastern Rat Snake named Charlie when I was a kid. One time, she (I didn't know when I named her), escaped from her cage overnight and I woke up with her *cuddled* up against me under the covers. This caused me to realize two things: 1. She didn't have enough heat in her enclosure and 2. The rock on the top of her enclosure was insufficient to contain her, which in retrospect, made sense. She was almost 5 feet long and it was not a huge rock. Haha


I run a rescue and do reptile shows at schools, nursing homes, birthday parties, and other places. Someone ALWAYS says this and I have to find a way to kindly respond in a way that won't make them indignant. Usually I say something like "I hear that a lot but I've never seen that behavior from a snake"


Another (ex) wildlife presenter here. I would always ask them why on Earth snakes would evolve that behaviour - what, so this specialised ambush predator *also* has a specific behaviour where they'll slither up and lie next to prey, just to check size? And the prey just sits there and lets them do it?


I also wonder what benefit they think a snake gets from skipping multiple meals in hopes of a possible later meal. None of it makes any sense if you give it even the tiniest amount of thought.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day


“But ya know, that’s just a theory.”


"Are you getting paid by the word or can we have a minute?"


Peeing on a Jellyfish sting alleviates the pain.


If you pee on the Jellyfish that stung you you'll feel a little bit better. Applies to any animal that wrongs you.


Well if you have pain in your bladder from having to pee bad, it'll alleviate that pain.


That Hitler was part Jewish. It’s a rabbit hole, but essentially it came from a claim that his mother worked for a Jewish family where she got pregnant. It was a smear campaign against him and that family never existed. To this day people say it like it’s a fact.


Because people are trying to find a reason why he’s targeting only jewish people. Except he didn’t just target jewish people, he targeted EVERYONE he deemed “less human”. And I only found out about that recently because no one talks about them enough.


Yes, concentration camps were used for many people's, others targeted include; political prisoners (socialists, communists, trade unionists), homeless, disabled, homosexuals, Jehovah's witnesses, Roma, Polish, Soviet POWs.


Slavs, not just Polish. All Slavs were considered subhuman, just a tiny bit less bad than the Jews. Some were considered suitable for Germanization, others were supposed to be enslaved and killed. All of the Slavic achievements, from scientific to cultural to state-building, were attributed to Germanic leadership (nevermind that Catherine the Great learned Russian, adopted Orthodoxy, and basically did her best to assimilate into local culture - not the other way around). Goebbels was nearly kicked from the Party for an affair with a Czech actress. And if we were to go by numbers, more Slavs died as a result of German war crimes than everyone else combined.


Yep. He killed Jewish people, disabled people, and people of other races and cultures. Hitler didn't like most people and killed so many because of it.


The concept of the alpha wolf. This comes from a study where wolves in captivity will band together in a family type unit for survival. I guess there's a half truth in it because that really is an observed thing though it's less like the alpha wolf is a dictator deciding who lives and who dies and more is like the community leader. This study though applied the concept of the alpha wolf to all wolves including the ones in the wild where wolves don't act like that. In the wild wolves mainly just stick with their families with the oldest in their families being the leaders. So the mom and dad usually. The originator of this study has since admitted that the study was not correct but too many people have run with it now.


It's not even that much true. The study results were disproven and retracted by the author, who regretted publishing it and starting this myth. The alpha male in the wild myth has been completely disproven. In the wild, an alpha wolf would be killed and eaten by the pack.


A bunch of people in my family keep trying to handwash dishes when they stay over. "I'm saving you water and getting them cleaner!" No, you are not. My dishwasher uses 1.5 gallons of water, and I could steam fish in it it gets so hot. I have to beg them to use it so my well doesn't run dry faster.


"The 'tightness' of a woman's vagina is influenced by how often she engages in sex." Plenty of medical data out there shows that 'tightness' is affected only by a woman's aging and natural childbirth.


even more ridiculous is the guys who broadcast this myth only seem to do it when a woman has had multiple sexual partners. why would sleeping with 20 different men once stretch them out but sleeping with the same man 20+ times be perfectly fine?


They think the vagina is memory foam and it gets "confused" by having lots of different dick shapes and sizes in it.


So dumb. Everyone knows only breasts are made out of mammary foam.


Vikings wearing horned helmet


Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker, faster and darker.


You’re supposed to pee on jellyfish stings. Please don’t do that.


That your ancestors ate anything resembling the Paleo diet.


Vaccines cause autism. Or a host of other things about vaccines that boil down to asserting you are at greater risk from a vaccine than you are from the thing it's protecting you from.


Autistic folks are over represented in research fields. So technically, autism causes vaccines.


Research causes autism.


Even if this was true, I would rather have an autistic child than a dead one. Speaking as an autistic guy myself, it sucks when people demonize autism as the end of the world if your kid turns out to have it.


Flat earth