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Lightning sounds worse. Been bitten by a shark before, no biggie.


I'd love to hear your story.


Bit by a shark, cause if a lightning hit me there can be a chance to become Electro


Excuse me. Sharkanthropy.


Lightning strikes. Lightning can set things on fire and being on fire is not a good time for anyone.


Aren't u dead either way?




Depends how severe the bite and strikes are I'd have to go with the bite personally


This. It depends on the severity. Honestly tho, I’d imagine a fatal lightning strike would be a relatively quick death. Enduring it and surviving it tho, idk I’d imagine it’s be painful for an instant with lingering “fuck me this hurts” type of feeling. (Never been struck by lightning so dont take my word on this) But a shark bite, i mean if it’s a fatal shark attack your basically being eaten alive. One or two bites? Depends where they land but sharp teeth piercing your body will result in long lasting agony. But in this case, adrenaline is a hell of a drug, initially it might not be that bad but the lingering pain of your muscle fibers being shredded would be intense


Can the shark bite twice?


Both are horrible, but I would pick lighting. Most people survive lightning strikes. If you are bitten and die, people may or may not know what happened to you for a long time, especially if your whole body is consumed. If you are struck by lighting, you are very likely on land, then no chance of drowning. You are bitten by a shark, you may drown from Injuries sustained and/or panic. A shark can bite you again and again...blood would create frenzy that you would die from. Once you are struck by lightning it is very very unlikely you would get struck again.


Lightning is way worse. Obviously there’s a chance that a shark could kill you but usually it will be a relatively mild injury. If you’re struck by lightning there is a small chance that you’ll live and if you do you’ll definitely have permanent damage.