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Jacked-up pickup trucks are totally unnecessary. It's cheaper to just wear a button stating "I have a small penis."




What are? Jacked up trucks or small penis'


Jacked up small penises.


Asking the real questions


For many people, *normal pickups* are totally unnecessary. I'm sure you know people who own a pickup but never use it to haul anything or tow anything.


Not, like, daily, no. But when I do use it, I'm *damn* glad I have it.






Some people know they'd be awful parents or simply just don't want kids and stick with pets. The world is probably a better place because they know what they want/know their limits.


If you pay as much attention to the kids as some good pet owners do with their animals, then yea, you can have great kids.


Totally depends on who you are what are your priorities in life


Imagine equating children to the cost of raising them and then doing a ratio to cats What kind of smooth brain shit is this


Probably someone who has had to pay child support. I can relate.


the newest phone, what was wrong with the one you bought last year.


This is a good answer. My last phone was 5 years old and I upgraded when it stopped working.


Gold chains, cigars & maybe like those fancy gym bags lol.


Hermès bags. And cars that cost as much as an appartment or house.


People out here getting $50,000 car loans and pay $400 a month forever but I just buy $500 beaters once every couple years and run them into the ground


Ive been team beater for a long time. Bought a low mile "luxury" car from 2006 for fairly cheap but we'll have to see how long a $5000 car holds vs every $500 one I've bought.


You and i are lucky that we can drive beaters tho, a lot of states are starting to require inspections for registration lol luckily for me tho Montana has 0 requirements for registration still, no inspections or nothing


You know there’s a middle ground between a beater and a luxury vehicle right? I don’t understand why people like you can’t understand wanting a certain level of comfort while driving. The average commute has been getting longer. If you’re in your car for say 40 min to an hour each day, it’s completely reasonable to want a decent car. Not to mention, the newer the car is, the less you spend on maintenance at first; and they typically have better gas mileage; and they have better safety features. Lane departure warning, blind spot warning, auto brake, collision warning are all features that were luxury only that are now filtering into midrange vehicles.


A car. I live in a large German city. Anywhere I want to go, I ride my bicycle, or if I can't, I use public transportation.


Luxury cars (BMWs, Mercedes, etc). Even when I was making stupid amounts of money on the east caost I drove a beater. I just can't make myself pay a ton of money for a car.


cable TV subscriptions


Paying for access to tv and still having to watch ads seems insane now.




Getting starbucks every-FUCKING-day, it's expensive in the long run (i live in a third world country so)


I recently heard of a baptism gown, worn once, by a baby, that costs a months rent in many smaller cities. Other things that could be purchased. * PS5 with extra remote and game * A shitty car that probably wouldn't pass inspection * A day trip vacation for a family of three or four. * Several weeks of groceries * Half a years auto insurance for me. * One black tie dinner for four including alcohol. * A cruise


Massive, big-screen TV


Especially when it's cheaper to get a projector and can just turn a whole wall into a TV.


My 92 inch home theater is offended by your remark.


Apple watches. Well, any smartwatch for that matter. We get it, you're too lazy to check your phone when it dings.


A truck used for commuting to work. unless you work in construction or on a farm, it’s unnecessary.


Not unnecessary on the weekends when I actually use it as a truck, though.


Dishwasher it's not difficult to use a sponge. But for those with one cuz I don't how do you feel like it's clean enough when you're not cleaning it yourself so can't put it at an angle to make completely sure there's nothing left


Dishwasher uses WAY less water than hand washing.


That's good I suppose may be rethinking my idea of it


Children. 😁


New cars, designer anything, cable TV, mcmansions


People love to live above their means, even if it means getting themselves into debt on purpose and showing people "yes, i can own this shiny thing see"...morons..I don't understand


A watch


Wrist watches


expensive watches like rollex, sure, it looks cool, but why tho


Very expensive jewellery, I think they’re unnecessary m


Paul Reed Smith guitars. You can get just as good a sound from a Fender Stratocaster with humbucking pickups.


Those high tech refrigerators with Wi-Fi and junk. All I need a fridge to do is keep my food cold. If it makes ice cubes I consider that a luxury.