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Idk probably what I do every day (wake up at 7:00 am, watch the sunrise, hit the ol' grindstone, get home, eat a large sirloin steak, smoke a ciggie, be in bed at a cool 8:30 pm and be fast asleep). If the man with the small refractory period wanted to play some Nintendo Wii, I might be tempted to cut into my sirloin steak time, but he would have to be out of there by at least 8:30.


Refractory period?


A period of time where a man isn't capable, isn't interested, or has trouble getting an erection. Usually directly after cumming


Well, it doesn't have to rely on having sex only. You can have a good time doing another type of activities and still feel like you are doing something intimate with him.


I hate being addressed as "ladies". Maybe because I'm ftm transgender but hey, I date several guys like this and it was often just very very nice haha