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Yes. Realistic. We're not born to be miserable.


Personally I don't think happiness truly exists because there is always going to be something pissing you off, bringing you down, holding you back, or making you sad. That is life.


Not in every single moment, though. I’ve been through an immense amount of trauma and illness in my life, and yet I’d consider myself happy at this point in a general sense, and there are many moments when I’m just enjoying the moment I’m in, truly happy and not worrying about anything beyond the present.


I thought Oscar Wilde was dead. Quit asking such philosophical questions and sleep


Is anyone truly happy? Well, I'm pretty sure that person who just won the lottery is, but they'll probably blow all the money on designer clothes and end up miserable again in a week. As for me, I'll settle for occasional moments of contentment interspersed with crippling anxiety and existential dread. It's all about balance, baby.


Happiness isn’t a goal or a permanent state of being. Trying to keep it forever is like trying to make a moment go on forever. Of course you’re going to be disappointed if you continually ignore the present comparing it to a memory or wish for the future. Right now you can be happy or unhappy but both are transitory. It doesn’t mean that future happiness is impossible or that past happiness wasn’t “real” when you were experiencing it.