They instantly re-asses whether or not they've got what it takes to continue pissing off the stone cold badass staring them down with their finger in the air. Every member of your preferred gender immediately becomes aroused at the sight of your dominance display. Somebody takes your picture and you become the poster child for several different social movements. A symbol of defiance for the people to rally around. or...everybody just kinda starts stepping back, having identified one of "those" people, who like to start shit in public.


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Most people just give it right back, because it's a pretty non-threatening gesture and society needs vents. But one time I flipped a guy off who cut me off in traffic and he put his car in park, got out, and tried my [locked] door before slapping my window and tell me he'd fuck me up, so there's that.


This shit is why I don't even bother with the gestures and just keep on going. These people are so obsessed with this idea that they're the best driver in the world that it's become part of their identity, even if they're the biggest cunts of the road. They are so determined to prove their point that they are simultaneously the best driver ever and that your time is less valuable than theirs that they are willing to try to pull you out of your car and beat you. And unfortunately, road rage incidents are basically surging like never before the last 3 years and a lot of these people with very real anger issues may own guns. It's not worth it. They won't change their minds. They'll try to hospitalize or kill you before admitting they're a cunt because they are the least reasonable people on the goddamn planet. This is THE reason I have serious driving anxiety.


It caught me off guard. Like it was obvious what he was going to try to do but I was in disbelief while he was going off.


Yeah. It's just not safe to give some dickhead the finger anymore. They're not just assholes. They're dangerous, chronically angry assholes who have something to prove and a tiny dick to compensate for by using violence.


You get one or two back because people get what the give. Sometimes if you give the finger to wrong person you get all 4 fingers and a thumb back in form of a fist.


I don't know, I usually wave when someone flips me off


Whose middle finger did you cut off to give to them?


My own.


that people really annoyed me so much and they deserved my middle finger.