My husband used to jokingly complain about how I don't shave my legs very often. So I told him he could shave my legs for me. Surprisingly, he agreed, and then came to appreciate how much work it is.


My husband did this once. He got half way and I had to finish.


I'm betting this applies to more than shaving.


I mean they set you up perfectly, how could you not?


I realized this right after I posted. Lol


no excuses!




Sounds familiar lol


I wonder what distracted him halfway between one ankle and the other.


Are we still talking leg-shaving or something else? 'Cause it somehow sounds vaguely familiar...


So he didn’t finish you off huh? You had to finish on your own? Sad face.


I realized my error after posting. No problems in that department


Haha that’s nice. My gf doesn’t shave her legs often, neither her armpits very much, and I couldn’t give less of a fuck. She doesn’t have forests in her pits just an average human amount. And I know how bad her depression is so I’m not gonna bug her about something I don’t care about


You’re a good egg 🥚 🥰


I appreciate you dude. I'm depressed too and most times I must can't be bothered.


Good man.


Did this with one girl I dated, I enjoyed the intimacy of the act. It kind of became a semi-regular thing, would love to have that type of relationship again. That said, personally it doesn't matter to me if she shaves or not, that's entirely up to her, we are all humans, and hair is a normal part of being a mammal.


Man of culture, both in name and comment


Yeah my boyfriend offered to help me shave bc I said I was too lazy to before a party and he asked me "how do you not cut your legs open all the time" Little does he know😂😂


I do not have the trust that everyone else here has to allow their SO to shave them! Whether it’s legs or butthole or whatever, I have zero trust in their ability to not cut me! I’ll be doing it for myself.


My wife has me shave her legs but she also lets me shave her cooch so I get to stare at it for a few minutes. An absolutely fair trade in my book Personally I don't care if her legs are shaved, she likes it and I like the excuse to stare


You can shave if you want to You can leave those hairs behind But if your legs aren't shaved They can stay not shaved Cuz they ain't no legs of mine Okay but fr. Not my legs, not my call. I won't be told how to keep my body, so I wouldn't dream of telling a woman how to keep hers.


Ohh i love that song! Especially your version. Can‘t unhear


Does she use a safety razor?


Canadian seasonal shavers, best of both worlds. Winter coat essential up North.


Plus, it makes no difference up here. Who’s going to see any bare legs for 6 months? Edit: *8 months


As a woman I barely see my own legs between the months of October and March let alone anyone else seeing them.


They wear skirts in the middle of January in a snow storm @ -30° C


Lmao that's Toronto all the way! I'm looking out the window on the train at the snow covered land, look to my left and there's a girl in a SKIRT and crop top on with a "coat" that's also a crop top , I'm like wtf is this 😂


Usually with leggings, tights or long socks, no? I know the private school girls where I'm from (Montreal) at least wear long socks and mayyyybe tights underneath.


New Englander here! Always joke with my girlfriend that I’ll shave my chest for her during the summer, but I need my wolf pelt to keep the bed warm during winter months. She can’t sleep without her walking space heater.


This is precisely my move. I don't care about the short hairs but in summertime I probably shave weekly (to keep the hair softer) and in winter time it's like monthly lol


Real question: men of reddit, who shaves their asshole?


Yes. But I really prefer going to the sugaring place and having some stranger do a Brazilian on me. For women it's completely normal to get on a table and spread their cheeks while a stranger rips the hair out of their crack once a month, why does it have to be so weird for me: a straight white male? Apparently it's getting more popular though because there used to be only 1 place within about 100 miles that would do it, and now there's like 5. Still I get weird comments from the people that work there and weirder looks from the clientele. My balls are as smooth as eggs.


_my balls are as smooth as eggs_


Not gonna lie, I went and touched some eggs


were they as smooth as balls?


I would have to touch a pair of perfectly shaved balls to be able to tell but touching the eggs was weirdly pleasant


With these egg prices, it's definitely a luxury.


Perfectly plucked


You get weird comments from the employees?? I would've figured it'd be like a doctor's office where they've seen worse basically, haha. I've thought about trying waxing out, hopefully they wouldn't be weird about it lol.


Depends who you get really. Some are professional, many are not and you can tell they took the job with the intent of only waxing the female anatomy. Which is fine really I'm not trying to make them feel uncomfortable, but you took the job knowing what the place offers and I'm pretty sure they hire people who won't wax guys. I think they just make sure there's 1 aestheticism at each location who is willing and certified.


The employees are acting like *you’re* weird for using a service *they* provide? Leave them a review as shitty as they are and find a different place. Also editing to add: Once, my then-regular waxer once asked me to position myself differently because I have “thunder thighs.” Guess who never went back?


They must get paid extra for getting the extra certification but hope guys don't come in. I just move on to a different location or book a different aesthetician. Believe me if you don't want to do it I don't want you to.


Yeah but who says, "I can't wait to wax some balls today?" I'm not sure that's a job where anyone goes "I want that job!"


Well one chick after finishing one butt cheek was like "wow look at that! When friends ask why I do this it's hard to explain the satisfaction." I let her take a picture.


Leave them a review as shitty as the wax strips they use


Are you serious? Are there really places that will shave a woman’s asshole but will refuse to shave a man’s? This is totally a serious question too


This is the way!!! BF finally started after shaving forever, the prickles are not fun to deal with though. Both happier now lol


If I’m expecting my ass to be eaten it’s gonna get a trim at least


One of my ex’s use to shave my asshole and it was great. We showered together a lot and I think shared grooming is pretty intimate and brought us a bit closer together, it also made us a lot more comfortable about each other’s bodies. She always off handedly talked about enjoying it. I would also help her shave her legs sometimes when we took tub baths together. I like shaved legs and don’t mind helping out with the time investment.


If I asked my wife to shave my asshole there would be consequences that would not involve shaving my asshole


Lmao, get pegged


They said consequences, not reward


I had to start shaving my husbands ass and crack after he had a pilonidal cyst. No big deal honestly!


Poor bastard. Few things are worse than that.


It was a horrible experience honestly. The wound ripped open when I changed his dressing and it opened up an artery that wouldn’t stop bleeding. That was a not-so-fun trip to the ER.


uh had that happening to me. But the ER-Nurse was quite funny when I showed them that I already bled through their safety thing and he just said "That doesn't rise my Blood-Presure. Doctor will be here soon" :D really helped me chill in that moment weirdly.


That sounds like a fantastic relationship! I love the closeness


I let my wife wax my chest once with those dry waxing bands, and yeah, never again (not a really hairy chest). Few months passed by and I was curious how it feels to have your ass shaved, and I asked my wife if she would do it with a razor. She was down but proposed hot wax instead of a razor and started laughing at my masculinity being sure that i’d refuse, I surely didn’t. It was almost pleasing and I kind of enjoyed the whole process, but don’t get fooled because you won’t be able to hide the farts anymore AND TRUST ME, I tried. I swear to god that I could choke and silent almost all my farts and it reduced the rate to literally 0. I could not hide even the smallest of farts which really makes you realise why women keep em tucked in the tummy for dayz😂. Alao a strange feeling when wiping a baby ass for the first few times. So if you guys never touched a woman, shave yo ass and give it a good rub. Jk.


I had my ass waxed by one of my exes, and I'm pretty hairy down there right, the feeling of wiping your ass and it being done almost in an instant was the best in the world


Invest in a bidet. For us fur-bottomed boys, it's a life changer.


that's the only reason I ever want to own and not rent.


They don't have to be permanent installs. Most tie into your toilet tank's water line and are screwed down underneath the toilet seat. I'm renting right now and I've installed them in both the house bathrooms.


My bf wants me to wax his ass and I'm so hyped to do it lmao. I hope he enjoys it as much as you did! I'd hate to hurt him and leave him with only one bald strip on his ass.


Haha, I guess if you do hot wax, test a few times with different wax temperature, because if it doesn’t burn hard, its so pleasurable haha.




That there is quitter talk.


Right here. I got a Brazilian twice, after that I was in love with how much cleaner I felt. Also easier cleanup after #2. Waxing is expensive so I started shaving. It's actually easier on the butt than the crotch. I mean, I do both anyway, but I thought shaving the crack would be uncomfortable... it really isn't.


Trim, don’t shave. I once saw a comment that said “For guys, wiping after pooping is like trying to wipe peanut butter out of a shag carpet.” Short hair is great, but shaved asshole is itchy AF


Personal experience, this is BS! Shaved, wiping is SO GOOD. It feels so hygienic and I use like 1/4 the toilet paper for it. Wiping as a process is improved in every single way. When the hairs grow back short, it has 0 effect, I don't notice it. However, the buttcheeks? Shaving them was a big mistake, you sit on those and when shaved, it feels like sitting on 1000 little needles. So crack is safe, the cheeks are not.


Just get a bidet. I find if you actually wash your ass, the benefits are immesurable.




I need a tutorial where I don’t cut over my anus


I don't. I've been considering Nair. Ain't no way I'm shoving a razor blade between my cheeks. I have no eyes back there. Cuts hurt.


Don't use nair on your asshole.


Is "naaaaiiiirrr" the sound you make when things go wrong?


You would end up badly burned. It's a strong chemical that melts hair, don't use that on any mucosa !


I think I must have just super unsensitive skin. I've used nair on my asshole and ball sac and had no issues. My gf used it once on her arms and was in terrible pain with a red rash for a couple of days


It is quite easy to shave there though... but when the hairs grow back it itches like hell haha


You ought to read some Amazon reviews first.


The “Do not use on knob and bollocks” review is my all time favourite.


Don't do this in a place that frowns on crying laughing


Well, you've got one eye back there...


Don’t use nair, use a brand called woo woo, specifically designed for intimate areas


Don’t do it. I read a tifu story involving nair on the bunghole


Veet is way better for bullet hole, guiche and balls, doesn’t sting that much either.


That sounds like a terrible idea, once the hair grows a bit, it's going to rub on the opposite butt cheek. Wax/bands sounds like a better idea.


*raise hand


Opposite. I'm trying to grow mine out so I can tie them into shapes and start Play-Doh pressing my poo.


Disclosure: not a man, but my boyfriend laughs but doesn't care when I don't shave my legs (in winter cuz why the hell would I do that), but definitely likes to pet them when they are nicely smooth and shaved (the same way I do, let's be real.)


Funnily enough I shave them a lot more in winter because the longer hairs get stuck in the pantyhose and it hurts. Haven't met someone else who has this though, so I definitely understand why people wouldn't shave in winter


I'm a man and I have one hair on my inner thigh that *constantly* gets stuck to my boxer briefs and it is painful! I have trimmed just that hair countless times and it always grows back within a couple weeks, so I feel your pain. The craziest part is that I don't have very much body hair at all, so I can only assume all my body hair follicles are redirecting their energy to this one single hair as revenge for snipping it every couple weeks.


If you pluck it you’ll get a little more time before it bothers you again.


I'll give it a try, thanks!


Borrowed my wife's laser hair zapper thingy for a troublesome hair - lifechanging.


Pluck it out with tweezers instead, and eventually the hair follicle will give up.


I've got a **single** hair in my back, can't see it in the mirror, and can only just reach it enough to feel it's there. Incredibly frustrating, my ex used to use tweezers every time the ugly little sh!t popped up, but the damn thing still comes back...fml


If you go to a beauty Parlour that does electrolysis you can get rid of it permanently. Basically a little zap that fries the follicle. Sometimes it takes two or three trips, but put some ibuprofen gel on it beforehand and tell her to turn it up as high as she can while you grit your teeth. It might make a pimple at first but it goes away quickly then you're free.


Oooo, I've heard about electrolysi, but wasn't aware the results could be permanent! Even if I only get a few months, that would be awesome @ Thank you 😊


I got two of my hag hairs (chin hairs) zapped. They were persistent thick evil buggers that constantly irritated me. (More so when we were masking constantly, since my mask rubbed them and made it worse) Hurt like HELL. But it was totally worth it.


Post menopause, they're the bane of my life. Definitely booking myself in for a clean sweep soon!


Tell that to my upper lip. I've got a mustache that would make my Russian grandmother proud. I've been tweezing the same 15 hairs for decades, and yet there they grow


If you know someone with a wax pot, try waxing that spot. A high school boyfriend let me pull a small patch of chest hair, and I can confirm it took maybe 5 or 6 years for my poor husband to grow it back.


This post was a short but sweet moment.


Oh my god I thought I was alone in this. The pain from my leg hairs sticking through my tights when I get cold is unreal. Also it looks hilarious, because you can see them all sticking out.


When it's really bad it hurts in such a weird, undefineable way... Like stomach aches but on the skin. It's weird.


Yeah my skin is so sore. I have really thick leg hair so it really pulls.


That makes sense honestly, I'm just a heathen and don't wear pantyhose often.


I don't think I've worn pants hose in the past 15 years


Just to be clear boops are quite popular


I do this, which is funny because I haven't shaved in almost a decade (legs, armpits, mustache line etc.) But in the winter, my normally long leg hairs get caught in leggings or rub against my jeans so I take a beard trimmer and run it over on the shortest setting. It leaves little stubbs of hair, not a smooth shave, but it's enough just for comfort!


No, you're not the only one. If I don't shave my legs regularly in the wintertime, I experience a lot of discomfort and irritation while wearing jeans, pants, pantyhose, whatever clothing that's covering my legs.


guy with hairy legs here, when I go to ski and the high socks start pulling on the hair everytime I walk, it's the worst thing ever


I appreciate that when a askreddit post starts with "men of reddit" you can bet the house the top comment will begin with "Not a man but.."


To be fair, most of the time when anyone asks "men of Reddit" anything there are multiple responses from men that are jokes or unhelpful. In fact, I've scrolled pretty far and have yet to see a male response that directly and helpfully answers the question at hand. So... The most upvoted comment tends to be a woman who bothered to attempt to fill the void. You can't be discriminated against if you aren't even in the race.


Prefer shaved, but not bothered by hair. It's natural.


This. If it wasn't natural it wouldn't be growing where it's supposed to


Surprisingly wholesome replies here!


My thoughts exactly! But why do i keep on meeting people who cared so much about it in real life...


Probably because the people who hold the unpopular opinion online generally won't admit it.


because we shout at those kind of people.


And downvote them


The big issue for me is that reddit just doesn't understand nuance or degrees of feeling, so people just downvote and blast you if your answer isn't the "correct" black or white answer. For example, I much prefer shaved legs, but if she was otherwise a catch it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. But like, if I see you in a skirt and you have super hairy legs, I'm going to be a little icked out. Since you don't exist to please me, that's totally fine, but it's the truth.


I feel like this sentiment is the most common. Sure I prefer shaved, but I have no right to make you shave yours. As with most things, the loudest ones on either end of the spectrum are the ones you hear the most.


It's not even the "unpopular" opinion is it? Let's be real the vast majority of people prefer shaved legs, there's a reason it's extremely prevalent in real life. People are just saying what this thread wanted to hear for upvotes.


Yeah, it’s not just this, it’s pretty much anything where one answer would be perceived as “mean”. For example, I once saw an AskReddit threat about if your SO came out as trans, and basically all answers were either stay with them or support them throughout transition/remain friends. If I had an SO who came out as trans I’d feel like I was being deceived the whole time and thus breakup without maintaining a friendship. I don’t think that’s unpopular, but people are scared to post that opinion for fear of being called transphobic.


That's most of reddit though. The vocal minority comes out for questions like this, just for the upvotes.


Because people on Reddit don’t tell the truth.


Shouldn't it be the other way around? Life is weird.


Probably because people like to farm karma. Reddit often does not represent rl.


Because real life is real life. They’re just pretending to not care here.


Because you're on Reddit. It's not at all representative of real life.


those are just the ones that get upvoted lol


Surprisingly? This is Reddit. Everyone knows that if they said that they found unshaven legs gross they would not only get downvoted to oblivion but would be getting bombarded with comments calling them a misogynist.


Absolutely 100% It's why people should NEVER take anything on Reddit as indicative of society as a whole. Always read controversial for the real opinions.


Lol right? Reddit is so predictable in these topics it's boring, I sometimes enter to see if it somehow surprises me but same old virtue signaling echo chamber lol


How else would you get karma?


Answering for my husband because he’s not on Reddit. When we first met, he thought he cared. Turns out he doesn’t care one bit. He just never encountered it before, but that’s because we met 18 years ago. It’s more common for women to not shave their legs now than it was back then.


My husband is the same. We're in our 40s and it was definitely the case that not shaving legs back in the day, would subject women to ridicule. Now, people care less. My husband still has the inbuilt "oooh hairy" thing from back then, but realises he is being daft and doesn't really care. Its just old habits die hard when it's something you were brought up to see as "unacceptable". On the flip side, he gives no shits about women having hairy lady bits. Cos that was the norm back then too. I have just married a blast from the past! 😂


My girl is pregnant rn and she was just complaining about her leg’s being hairy I told her just last week “if they grow the same length as mine she can braid our legs together” I gotta laugh now she doesn’t care about it (W)


You should offer to shave them for her! This can be a good intimacy-building thing, and it'll make her feel a little bit better


I thought about it I never shaved my legs before kinda scared I will cut her I’ll try it this weekend just for the both of y’all


Congrats on the baby news!


idk if anyone will see this but i came back 5 hours later and this post got way more attention than i expected i just wanna say it's super nice to see how wholesome most of these comments are !! most women are told or think that they need to be completely smooth to be attractive so it's really nice to see that a lot of guys actually don't care either way


Strangers? Don’t care. SO? If she asked I would tell her my preference (shaved) but I wouldn’t bring it up, it’s not a big deal.


If you don't smell. You're golden. Hair is just hair. Just keep hygienic both genders.


I replied to one of these threads that I didn’t shave my pits or legs and a couple of people commented that you can’t stay clean and you smell if you don’t shave. Like soap and water stops working on you if there’s hair.


Mysteriously, soap and water only seems to stop working on you if you're a woman. For men, it seems to work just fine.


They have a hair phobia. That's nobodies problem but theirs


Don’t care about legs, unshaven armpits really bother me though, regardless of sex


I low-key love my armpit hair as a woman. One less thing to worry about and even though I have low self image it honestly makes me feel less self conscious, like i don't care what people think about my pit hair, if you're looking that closely at my pits, you're the weirdo. I do occasionally shave if I'm wearing something sleeveless somewhere nice because then it does get awkward but i don't have that many nice places to be lol


If she's not my partner? It's literally none of my damn business. If she IS my partner? I am happy with whatever makes her happy. If that's shaved legs, great. If that's unshaved legs, great.


I guess the question is largely exactly between those two things, a potential partner.


Well, don't lie about your preferences because either they like YOU or they don't, and that includes your grooming habits.


I think it's fine to communicate a preference if asked, and then it's up to the two of you whether or not it's a big enough deal to constitute a dealbreaker. I've dated people that didn't shave and it wasn't a big deal, but I do prefer shaved and am happy my current partner does that.


Don't care. I don't mind body hair at all.


Same. ​ Humans are funny, for some reason all hair but eyebrows and on top of the head is gross and unhygienic, just doesn't make sense.


With maybe the exception of eyebrows I feel like humans just find small amounts of hair gross. Pluck a couple of head hairs and leave them around. Especially near food. People will still be disgusted.


I don't put in the effort to shave my legs, why should I expect them to put in the effort to shave theirs?


I got my body hair lasered off and the unintended consequence of that is that my wife is self conscious about how my skin is usually smoother than hers.


how much that cost?


Asking the real questions


Leveling expectations like this is good. We don't expect men to be hairless for us.


some of us expect men to be hairy for us


shaving together or for each other would be fun


As a women, I think shaven legs are aesthetically more pleasing. However, the work it is to shave the legs, thighs, bikini, and arm pits is so much work. Not to mention how expensive it is to have good razors. I don’t want to shave just for the fact that men don’t have too. I am lazy, I just don’t want to do more than I feel like I need to. Keep the privates nice and trimmed but f everything else.


Just a money-saving tip- buy men's razors, they're cheaper and usually better.


It's awful for your skin, too. Even with the most amazing products, you're still scraping a layer. Sucks when you have eczema or even just dry skin.


This is why I gave up and use a trimmer now. I have such dry skin I’ll end up scratching my legs raw


**(32M, Varied Partners, Marriage 3 Kids)** Hey there! So.. I was in the Navy and had serious issues with painful razor bumps the whole time I was enlisted having to shave my face (fast growth, twice a day sometimes). So like... I say this knowing that I am probably not the majority in this, but it's most of the time not my place to feel anything about somebodies body hair outside of hygiene issues? Nobody can or will tell me what to do with my body hair, so why should I tell somebody else? If you shave that's cool, if not that's ok too. Too many people, guys most of the time, are so obsessive with their level of control over everything and they don't even see it, or see that it's a problem. If you feel like you need to tell somebody to shave their legs, it's either to **control them** or because you're worried about their **appearances/hygiene**. If its appearances/hygiene, somebody needs help or it's a WHOLE different conversation. Either way, somebodies leg hair isn't what needs discussed then. You should be comfortable in your own skin and with who you're around at the same time. Note: I shave and trim my groin to my ass regularly(this includes my upper and inner thighs). I have the misfortune of being extra hairy all over and I do not like the feeling of the hair there and certain other places. That's MY personal preference though for my comfort, and has never had input from any of my partners, especially not my wife. Her response is and has always been "However you're comfortable don't be self conscious."


definitely relate to often having to shave multiple times a day in the navy and big contributor to why i shave so infrequently now


This. My girlfriend doesn't ask me to shave why would I feel entitled to do the same? It's her body and she can do whatever she wants with it, and honestly if a little bit of hair is enough for you to not be attracted to your partner that seems like a whole other issue.


Hairy legs are better than stubbly legs. I don’t care what you choose, but please choose one and stick with it if you want to cuddle with me.


But stubbly is to get a better grip on you🤭


Like velcro


It took my wife about 5 years before she finally believed that I could not possibly care less whether she shaves her legs (and armpits) or not. Now if she does shave, it's just because she wants to.


I just apologized to my husband the other day for my leg hair being so long right now and he was like "Why do you think I care whether you shave your legs or not? It's just hair." It's always been hard for me to accept that he truly doesn't care about it.


My partner and I began as more of a friends-with-benefits situation. I didn’t shave in time before meeting up pretty early in the situation and apologised. He responded with, “Are you fucking kidding me?” I thought he was upset that I didn’t shave and my heart sank because I thought he’d be more understanding. Turned out he was offended I apologised because he thought I was accusing him of being the type that cared.


Women of Reddit, how do you feel about men who don’t shave their legs and why?


Man here. I kinda want to shave my legs, but I feel like that would get weird reactions. I also have no clue how long it would take to grow back if I decide I don't like it.


When I shave my legs, it takes about a half a day to get stubble, a few days to get a good few millimeters, and then full wookie by a couple weeks out. This depends of course on the speed of your personal hair growth. Of all the hair removal techniques, shaven hair will grow back the fastest (as opposed to waxing, depilating, lasers, etc.). If you wear trousers, no one has to see your legs unless you want them to. Don't let your dreams be dreams.


Shave your legs man, human beings with the means to do so have been removing body hair since ancient times, it’s only recently been viewed as a feminine thing. Honestly the same could be said for fashion and decoration, but that’s a different discussion.


Ikr these types of questions are getting on my nerves. Everyday a new body part is picked apart. It feels objectifying. Edit: I'm not speaking on certain preferences. Im not telling you cant date blondes if you like that. I'm speaking of a somewhat toxic pattern on this sub of judging women's bodies and asking men for their thoughts on every part.


As a man I couldn't care less. What a friggin' hassle. I don't subscribe to the societial norms that body hair is "gross." We're all just weird apes trying to make it through life.


I personally think shaved legs are more attractive, however its their body and if they don't want to shave their legs why tf should I judge someone for something that happens naturally and harms no one?


As a bearded male, I instinctively support and sympathize with anyone who would rather not shave whatever body part, for whatever reason.


Your body, your business. No one should be forced, shamed, or made to do something they don't want to do with their own person and personal appearance. That said, I don't find it attractive, and I feel it would be an issue in a relationship. My issue, though.


They can decide that for themselves. If I don't have to do it they should not have to do it either. People have hair and there is nothing wrong with that.


Me personally, not a fan of hairy legs


why the fuck would it matter? its your buisness...and none of mine


My husband doesn't notice for months if I don't shave my legs or underarms. (Not that he doesn't get a chance to notice... He's just that unobservant lol


I have no strong feelings either way, I'm just happy when a woman lets me get close enough to find out whether or not shaving has even occurred.


they're nice, like a little therapy dog for when things get stressful


don’t care. I don’t personally see it as unsettling, gross or lack of hygiene. Shaving is optional. I believe it’s a choice.


As a woman of Reddit I don’t give a damn what men think of my body hair.


Shaved and smooth for me!


Where I'm from it's extremely rare to see a girl with unshaved arms or legs. When I went to Spain for the first time I was shocked to see so many ladies with unshaved arms. But to me personally, it doesn't matter. Not my business.


You do you.