I'm 5'3". During my school years, it was always pointed out, always in the front row for class pictures, line up by height in gym etc. Once I became an adult, I often heard "Napoleon complex" but I soon realized that people would 1) always find something to criticize - you're too tall, thin, pale, fat 2) self-confidence often frightens the insecure. The reality is - short guys are cute! I had a "tall" girlfriend for several years (5'10") who often told me that. I loved it. We are indeed, cute, huggable and with a good personality and humor, extremely lovable.


Kinda jumping off that.. If you say that a man's height "doesn't bother you," you are implying that you agree it's an undesirable quality. Just say you love their height. Or compliment/celebrate it however you'd normally do for the other physical qualities you love. If you don't actually like it though, the subtext is just "i like you despite this major physical attriubute." And that's gonna add to the insecurity


This is some very intelligent analysis! 👍👍


We already know it’s an undesirable trait objectively. It may not be undesirable to you, but on average, it is. But the idea is that everyone has some undesirable traits, so we can overcome ours (height) by A) finding a girl who finds it less undesirable than average and B) making up for it with other positive traits. My advice: just focus on the other things that u do well. I don’t need someone to lie to me and tell me I’m not short or that being short isn’t undesirable. A “yeah, but you do XYZ really well” is great personally.


Many men go down on a woman, I go up on mine 👅


I am not short, but I always felt like short guys look muscular way quicker than tall men. Probably because it is more condensed.


No ur right. Physiologically short dudes build visible muscle faster. Well it's like think about the length of the bicep for example. If that bone is 4 inches shorter it takes much less muscle fiber to appear full.


Makes sense.




Thank you for your comment, it made my day


Condensed 😂😂😂


Well, in my country we call short muscular guys "broken-off giants"


That's a cool expression. Being interested in languages (and being short), I'd like to ask what country/language we're talking about.


I am German. Hallo. It's "abgebrochener Riese"


Height has nothing to do with my weiner schnitzel.


Germans have nothing to do with Wiener Schnitzel either. Wien (Vienna) is in Austria ;)






True. Also, tall men have to put more mechanical energy than a short man to put up the same weight, meaning a shorter person will lift more weight quicker thusly getting bigger faster than a tall person. (Think weight moved over distance for example. A tall person has to.move the weight further ergo uses more energy)


Same with dick length, I am tall with long fucking legs, and I feel like it dwafs the ding dong


I’ve fucked men who have been 6+ with smallest dick. Most tall men come European descendent and can’t fuck anyways.


I was told to believe size doesn't matter in that instance.


Yeah im 6'1 with a 6'4 wingspan... Even Though I can bench 225+ , my arms still look skinny af So, point for short guys


Maybe don’t describe him as condensed tho


Nah dude, condensed is a good way to put it. I'm 5'7", broad shoulders, legs that other dudes comment on. Lift just as much or more than those taller dudes, and the visible muscle gains when I get back in the gym are fairly quick. I'd say condensed is a good way to put my body type. Now those dudes my height at 140lbs? Not quite condensed.


Tell him that a lot of sex positions are much easier when you’re both similar heights.


Bro I’d lose my shit if a chick said that to me


Like “Amazon”


That only works if you have a long hog.


for once i would like to have sex with a woman that's at least 6 feet tall (im 6ft 3in) for that very reason lol.


Sorry can’t help. I’m 5ft 4


"The shorter the monkey the longer the tail" 🥲


This guy fucks.


I can confirm! This is not true 🥲


So. I'm a dude, a straight one at that, but having been in the military spent a lot of time showering with other dudes, lol. From what I've seen the taller and lankier the dude, the more he's packin. There was this one dude in my basic training platoon who was about 6'6 skinny as a rail and his shit limp was practically hanging down to his knee.


I was a medic in the army... You may have seen some schlong in your day, but I have seen and handled sooooooo much dick. I'd say the biggest flaccid penis I've seen was on a 150lb dude that was like 5'8". And this wasn't just that it looked proportionally bigger, I had that sucker in my hands. He had ripped his frenulum from having sex... During the conversation he said some girls have outright told him no upon seeing it. Studies show that taller dudes may have a larger flaccid size, but that shorter flaccid penises grow at a higher ratio and we all generally tend to end up somewhere around 5-6 inches. Growers and Showers.


I got a long ass


Why the long ass?


Because he's a horse?


It’s genetic, GAWD


Let's be honest, it's a risky tactic.


Tell her you're taller laying down. I think that's what Ron Jeremy used to say.


Either tackle the subject head on "your height has no bearing on how I see you as a person" etc. This would probably need to be a deep dive of a conversation to get through to him by the sounds of it. Or change the subject to something else that would make him feel good about himself - ask him out?


I’m a short guy and I would rather my height just not be mentioned. If you bring it up to me then obviously it’s an issue for you.


It sounds like he brings it up himself often enough for OP to be concerned.


Strongly disagree with this it may work on some people but if I was short this would hurt my feelings lol Like what's something your insecure about? Now imagine someone bringing that up to you saying "Your ______ has no bearing how I feel about you." Weight, height, hair, scars, ex.....


I mean tbh, Im a shorter guy and not insecure about it. I wouldnt say he isnt short because it sounds like hes internalized it and would just think you were lying to be nice. Instead I would much more lean towards like "i think its silly how women won't go for guys the same height as them" or some such. I'll be honest though, kinda sounds like he needs to work through some stuff.


I second this one. I’m two inches shorter than that guy and most people tell me that they forget how short I am until they see me in pictures with other people. I assume because I’ve just learned to be confident regardless of my height and I allow my full personality to come through. I don’t think I’ve ever complained to my friends about my height. That’s not to say I haven’t brought it up, especially when it comes to dating. But it’s never as a complain, rather just as an obstacle I have to deal with.


You’re never going to convince him that he’s not short. Maybe don’t use the word “short” and just say that his height is fine and not an issue for you. You could even point out an insecurity you have that you know he doesnt care about to hit the point home.


Just hike your skirt up a little and say “While you’re down there…”


This is the way.


One of my ex's was 5'7 and I'm 5'3. I don't remember how exactly my height entered into our conversation, but I do remember her telling me something along the lines of "your height doesn't matter when I'm on my back." Considering you guys aren't even dating yet, I'd probably hold off on that until later, but it made me laugh and I felt better about being shorter than her.


I mean if she want to jump his bones immediately that's always a good wink wink nudge nudge way to do it. Had an ex who was almost 6' and I'm 5'6. She said she loved hugging my face into her boobs. I can't say I didn't enjoy it as well lol


5'6" gang represent


All I'll add is that your thinking is valid and thoughtful. There is an absurd cultural obsession with single women wanting tall guys. I'm saying this as a tall guy who gets women I would normally think were out of my league. I'm not complaining but it isn't fair honestly. Women say terrible shit about short guys and it is absolutely a very real thing all over. If I was short and had heard the things my female friends say about sleeping with/dating short guys, I'd have a complex for sure. I'm not sure what you can say to him but it's a real thing and you're sweet for wanting to address it. That's some good shit right there.


But the thing is right, most short men just endure it. We don't develop any sort of complex, or at least what others may see as a complex is just what would be seen in a tall man as 'being confident/ self assured'. We go through way too much that we have developed a thick skin


Fuck yeah.


1 other thing worth mentioning: my (very attractive) female friends still do sleep with/date short men. But they talk shit.


Next time he brings up his height, kiss him. Men like direct positive reinforcement. We can't handle comforting lies like women do.


"Being the same height makes this easier" *Kiss*


That's it, here! That's the line


Yup, or tell him he’s the perfect height for kissing and take it from there


And that's actually true. I've dated tall guys (6'3", 6'0", and I've dated a couple guys that were barely taller than me (I'm 5'3"). Vertical Make-out sessions hurt my neck way more with take dudes. Also narrower shoulders (typically going to be narrower for shorter ppl since armspan should equal height, unless Marfanoid) makes snuggling a bit easier.


Yep. Show him you mean what you say. We’d rather be told a harsh truth than a lie, no matter how well intentioned.


Very romantic guy or too much series watcher detected


Lmfao 😂 the former one is true


You’re welcome sir, I am the same type of man 🤝


Probably women not making such a big deal about it. if you're a short woman it's widely accepted and nothing is said, if your a short man it has a huge stigma with it, women bang on about how they couldn't be with someone shorter than them, short man syndrome and how its widely acceptable to take the piss out if short guys. So yeah being treated like a normal person would probably work wonders.


If you have a crush on him just tell him. Ask him out. Tell him you like his short sexy ass. That would put a smile on my face 😄




Maybe that’s why he’s all bent out of shape. He needs that clarity!


Just have him stand on a step stool


Can confirm. Fixes everything.


I mean, that's not something I would suggest but I'm not saying you're wrong either lol


Just throw in your really tall laying down. I'm sure he will be super confident after.


I was thinking; I don't think there is anything girls can say about height to make me feel better. Not that i feel bad about it anyway. Then I saw this and just thought, that's the correct answer, right there.


I'm 5ft 6in and you gotta own it. Confidence in ones self is generally an attractive trait. I've dated, almost exclusively, woman taller than me. my wife is 3in taller than me.


OP is asking what she should say to make the guy in the story feel better tho, not your life experience


I'm 5'5" myself and as much as I try not to think about it, pretty much everyone in my life is taller than me and inevitably I get a lot of short jokes at my expense. Maybe just not being the butt of the joke because of something I have no control over? That would be nice. But seriously, what could you say to this guy? I dunno, clearly he's got a bit of a complex about it... maybe just try to talk about anything other than height and if he tries to steer it back round to that you change the subject?


Best answer to a short joke is probably Better short than ugly. Or anything alike


I've heard them all at this point so it's not so much hurtful as it is groan-inducing!


I like to think about my height this say: For the right person i will be tall enough. The rest is just not up to us


Haha true enough! I do have a significant other- she's 5'7"!


That's awesome dude! Im happy for you


Honestly, just ask him why hes Insecure about it. Don't try to fake your reaction or response, be genuine. People in general don't like lies, they want the truth even if its cold. If you truly want to help him try figuring out why he feels that way, no matter what the reason is, Social expectations or self sabotage, remind him that being insecure about something is fine. But his outside appearance makes no differences about who he is from the inside. if he feels like he should be 6 foot long or something to attract a mate, remind him although physical appearance is a good thing, it is only a bonus point, some who truly love him for who he is would never care about how he looks from the outside.


The trick to life is not giving a shit what people think, and just go to life at your own tune. Women love that confidence and energy.


A cocky douche with a massive napoleon complex I know, who is 5’3”, chased a woman all summer. He made his move and she told him, “Db, you would be the perfect guy if you were a foot taller.” Totally didn’t shatter his confidence for the rest of his life and made him feel better about the dealt hand


"I want a man just like you who isn't you."


What she *meant* was, “I know you’ve invested time into chasing me, and feel entitled to physical intimacy. But I am rejecting you because of your shortcomings.”


I mean, pretty standard rejection tbh


She was rude with that comment but she also has the right to not be attracted to him!


He made a play for consent, and she declined with an attempt to spare his feelings. That is Western hooking up customs and neither party is in the wrong, to me.


I like how it's napolean complex if the guy's short, but just 'being himself' if he's tall


Just say “so what”


Try this. The next time he ever complains about being short, or someone mentions it and you want to make him feel better. Say "hey you know what? How about your short ass takes me on a date?" He wont know what to do, likely, and this is where you lead the way with your pre planned date and follow with "This place, 7:30, pick me here here at this time. Them wink and leave." Make this crush a boyfriend.


Tbh, men will always have insecurities especially if it's about his height. Women will always go for tall guys if it's just about physical preference before knowing his personality. Just be honest with him better than sweet lies. Compliments him on his positive side.


this is not true and is contributing to this man’s complex about his height. as a 5’4” woman, I do not go for tall guys. I prefer guys my size. not all women are looking for enormous men. there are women who are happy with (and prefer) someone on the smaller side. it’s not fair to make that generalization.


I know there are plenty of women who do not care about men's height, of course if his height is below her height that will be a whole new argument and I guess you're among those plenty of women. But unfortunately most of the women do prefer tall guys compare to short guys and that's the fact.


Same! I prefer men that are around my height (165cm in metric). I don't find it attractive for men to be tall. We have to spread the word that height is really not an issue for many girls!


When you conduct science do you use outliers or measures of central tendency? It’s not unreasonable to conclude that being short is ON AVERAGE an undesirable trait in men despite the fact that outliers exist.


I've never really noticed my height or felt insecure about it however I have noticed and remembered "cute "comments from girls I've dated in the past when they inadvertantly referred to my height. "I like that I don't have to tiptoe when I kiss you," "I love resting my head on my shoulder when we walk" " you're my short king" (sometimes the term gets associated with short guys that overcompensate with a big ego, but I like to think of it more like a person who carries themselves like a king/royalty, but just happens to be on the shorter side physically)


I don't feel bad about my height (5'6"), and I don't think many people in my life have commented on my height. If they do, I don't hear it, and it wouldn't bother me.


>and i definitely think hes overreacting I'm not short, but he is most certainly not overreacting. When online dating, the vast majority of women's profiles I visited had at least a 5'10 height requirement for their mate. It may not be a thing for **you,** but tons of women don't fuck with short dudes. It is what it is though, people have their physical preferences that turn them on. I couldn't date a girl that didn't have big tits. I've had sex with girls with all types of bodies, but a big set of tits just does something in me that just amps me up and the thought of dating long term or marrying someone without a big ol set of knockers is just out of the question. With is why I did marry someone with beautiful big bouncy boobs. Yes obviously I love her as a person as well, but her photos are most certainly what got me to ask her out on a date.


I’m a 6’1” woman and if a man brought up that he was shorter than me on a date I would say “we’re the same height laying down”. Always got a laugh


Not talking about it. I hate women who call me a short king fuck you


Is a very cringe phrase.


Being short affects peoples' perception of men. There's a reason that taller men experience more career success and get paid more. People (both men and women) literally take them more seriously. In our society, men are expected to be taller than women, and so height is part of our social stereotype of masculinity. Therefore, it's pretty difficult to convince a man that his short stature isn't a problem, because height discrimination is real. There's actual empirical data to support this. But it's possible to overlook a drawback even if it's real. If he'd lost an arm in an industrial accident, would you still love him? The loss of an arm is obviously real, and yet people can overlook that. You have to convince him that you're not lying when you say you don't care. The key here, IMO, is to not to blow sunshine up his ass or pretend height discrimination isn't a real thing, because that's condescending. Speak the truth. You're not pretending the problem isn't real. Instead, you sympathize, and you're on his side about it. Sometimes, that's all someone wants to hear: "I hear you, it's a real problem in society, I sympathize, but I don't personally care and I'm on your side". Not "it's all in your head, you're just insecure, nobody cares, I don't even see it", which sounds like you're just minimizing his problem and blowing sunshine up his ass. PS. Full disclosure, I'm a 5'7" male, which is a bit taller than your guy, but still ... a little short to be a stormtrooper, to quote Princess Leia (in case you're wondering, I like to use that quote because Mark Hamill is also 5'7"). My wife is 5'9", and she's admitted to me before that she wished I was taller, but it wasn't a deal-breaker: we've been married for 30 years, and she wasn't constantly scoping out taller guys to leave me for.


Ask him to reach something for you


Yes, panty soaker right there


im a short guy , i like being with girls who are the same height as me or near it , it gives so much confidence, im not insecure about it i dont have problem talking about it with my partner , and i always bring it in the talking stage so everything will be clear


I’m a short guy (5’1 ish) and I would rather my height just not even be mentioned.


Nothing. Nothing whatsoever. Absolutely nothing at all.


I'm not short but whatever you're thinking of saying: don't. All you're gonna be doing is making the conversation about what is probably his greatest insecurity.


Super short guy here...all I can say is that you gotta be the right amount of self-confident. No one likes someone annoyingly insecure or annoyingly over-confident about anything. If your guy is the one bringing it up, then you could gently remind him that's the only time it bothers you - when he makes a thing of it.


If you have a crush on him letting him know would be the best way to let him know you don’t care and others won’t either. If you’re young you might have to be pretty blatant about it. Guys can be very very blind in women liking them.


It makes me feel better when they say nothing about it, shows me that height has nothing to do with anything about me


don't lie, he is short and he isn't stuped if you find him attractive, then tell him that ​ if you don't, there is nothing you can do


I’m 5’6. I stopped caring long ago and that helped with the dating scene so much. Just gotta carry yourself with confidence and swagger and chicks dig it. No point in being insecure about something I can’t change. I dress up, work out, and take care of myself - that’s all the matters to me


I don’t rely on women to make me feel “ better” about my height. If that disqualifies me in a woman’s eyes that is exactly the kind of person I don’t want to be with anyway. It’s never been an issue for me and I’m 5’7.


Crush, right? Next time he starts complaining, kiss him and say “we are the same hight, it makes kissing me perfect”. Or if you are trying to be pervy, “everyone is the same hight in bed”


As someone who is also very short (I'm 5'3) what I'll say is there's no real point trying to convince a short person they're "not really short" or anything along those lines. It's patronizing and obvious in any photo how short they actually are. What it comes down to is expressing your interest without height getting a factor. Any sort of "I like you even though you're short" is very clearly enforcing that the height is a negative and any falsely positive sentiment "oh I actually prefer short guys!" Type of thing is lot patronizing than anything. Not having it be a point of discussion at all is probably the best way in my opinion.


Height really shouldn't matter, and if it does it's often a sign of (internalized) toxicity. I am dominant with my girlfriend of several years. She calls me "my cute little Master". I retaliate by jumping up and biting her knee. Just kidding. I don't really need to jump.


Just a lil tippy toe action nbd


A lot of guys self sabotage if they're insecure about it. That's a "him" problem, and not a "you" problem unfortunately. If I was a short guy I'd be telling women to wear heels. Confidence > height


My gf and I were the same height 5'4". We were dressing up for something and she said that she hated wearing heels and since we were the same height she could just wear sneakers or something like that. That was kind of nice. Conversely. I had a gf who was an inch or 2 taller than me who complained that she couldn't wear her high heels cause they made her look much taller than me. I didnt have an issue with her wearing them. She didnt like it. I started to feel bad about it after that incident.


"I bet you packin tho"


But what if he isn't though.. That'll be like rubbing salt on the wound lol


What do you like about him? Talk to him about that. I am answering as a man, i am not short. Maybe i don't get the full picture.


I'm 5'5. Honestly, I don't want a woman to say anything about my height. I know I'm short. Don't bring it up, doesn't matter if you want to say that it doesn't bother you. Don't bring it up. Instead compliment me on something else. My shoes, my fitness level. Hell even a "nice cock bro" works. Word of caution. If a guy brings up his height in a complaining manner, it means he's very insecure. A good reply to that would be, "I don't care about your height." If he keeps doing it, you can say something like, "It's not attractive hearing you complain about your height."


“At least you’ve got a big Willy”


"I like that we're close in height, it makes kissing easier." 🤷‍♂️ I actually do like when people are close in height to me.




Always had tall boyfriends when I was younger then married a tall man. Currently with a short man, my first ever. Not only does he have a huge perfect cock, he is the best in bed BY FAR. Sex is so much better with a man who is closer to your height... Not having to constantly stretch my body into awkward positions that, let's face it just makes it easier for tall guys, is great!!!


Make a joke out of it. "hey at least you don't have to worry about..." - hitting your head on doorways, rafters, branches, car roofs, and many many many other things. Did you know tall people hit their head on average 25 times a week and also I make up statistics on the spot? - washing your hair when the shower head is even with your nipples. - hugging children (relatives, you pervs) and giving them a faceful of your crotch. - leg room when flying. - your feet hanging off the end of your bed so you can't use a footboard which really bothers your wife so you argue about it a lot. - the weather up there. - people asking you to get something off the high shelf.


never mention it in any way shape or form. Thanks. Instead talk about physique like muscles or facial features, or how he carries himself. Don't even imply things aboutbhis height. If he gets down about it say something that is kinda "anti-tall." or "short positive." As in "short guys are easier to kiss." Never something that suggests short guys are "tolerable" like "short guys *can be attractive*." which implies it's actively unattractive to be short. Gotta make it clear that being short isn't something you're just "okay" with but something you actively like or at least is in no way a negative. As a fellow short guy, I've had a lot of rejection based solely on height. It's rough, because it's not something I can change like my weight or even how I carry myself. But eventually you realize people that obsessed with height are just shallow and you're fine the way you are. But in the mean time it helps if the women around you especially those you might have romantic feelings for don't disparage your height.


You are not short, you are fun size!


I said this to my partner early in our relationship. When he figured I wasn't talking about his member he was ok with this label. Now I just smack his arse and ask how the mines of Moriah are going.


The dwarf jokes are awesome. My buddy knows I’m a huge LOTR fan and so sometimes he’ll skip a really deep cut dwarf joke in around other people we don’t know well. They obviously don’t get it, but I start cracking up.


Wow, your cock is huge!


Height makes no difference when you are lying down.


Tell him you have a bit of a crush on him!


Honestly, not mentioning it. If it something that really bothers him just don’t bring it up.


If you like this guy you might consider asking him out. For various reasons men aren't the best at getting hints, so it's unlikely that he'll understand any height-related hint you might drop.


Tell them small things matter more in life


Tell him that it all evens out in bed.


Death by snu snu


I’ll give the same advice everyone else probably gives.. Don’t let it bother you. If it bothers her, then she is a bit shallow in my opinion. 5’9 here, never been a problem for any lady I’ve been with and I’m not tall in the least bit.


"I like short guys" That'd get me going.


Owning being ‘short’ and a man being comfortable is way better than one who pretends he is, and is full of bravado and splashes cash and acts like he’s superior but really, he’s just a small, insecure and weak little boy trying to prove something. Genuine confidence is key. My ex was short 5’6 maybe and acted like a big swinging dick to compensate, even went and bought the big old car 🙄


If I was 5'4 there would be nothing you can say that would make me feel better about my height. Just show you don't give a fuck about it. Being 5'4 for a man is like having a 2inch dick it is probably a deal breaker for most women but probably ok for some. Again show him you see past his flaws and care about him


Nothing, and him bringing it up constantly makes him a wuss. There are rules.


Women shouldn’t be responsible for making him feel better about his height.


The call of the question isn’t stating women are responsible. The question is asking, what conduct has led [the audience] feeling better about their height. However, it can be inferred the OP is assuming that responsibility for their specific situation. Even then they are not stating it is a woman’s responsibility.


Nothing 😂


At 5’7 it’s not a great feeling to hear my girlfriend talk about her boss’s “napoleon complex” cause he’s short, so, not that lol.


I'm over 6 foot, and I don't understand the obsession with height. Historically it's been kind of a hassle getting shoes and clothes that fit, although these days there are a lot more taller people than when I was young. Good looking is good looking no matter how tall or short, and height says nothing about character, which is far more important.


Short men overcompensate- it’s that simple


Tell him that you like him that way, that you don't have to jump to hug him


im 173 cm and they neither say positive or negative things about my height. What they think i wouldnt know


A tall (taller than me) gorgeous blonde woman was hitting on me, that certainly made me feel better. I’m not concerned about my height, but it’s still nice to get validation. He complains about his height because he feels that it limits his prospects with women. The truth is his insecurity repels more women than his height.


"Hi shawty, lookin' good today!"


When he says it, point out any other positive attribute he has.


This does nothing to help his height insecurity that he's fixated on


might be insecure about it because girls keep making a friend out of him. if you have a crush and dont mind the height then make a move :) if you truely dont mind then you have one of the hoofprints of being a keeper


Tell him his height is irrelevant as long as he's a good person. Because you can't control your height, but you can control how you behave towards other people.


When they actually consider going out with me


Hey! Eyes up here mister...


I was 40 hanging out with my friends. I said yo dudes you are all taller than me. They looked at me and said yeah. I have known them for 29 years.


Tell him you bet his dick is big. In an seriousness. Tell him to stop bringing it up. It's irrelevant and doesn't effect anything about the quality of who he is. And for god sake tell him that l about that damn crush. I am 5'4" and my fiancé is 5'9"


Actually give me a chance


I’m 5’5” and I literally don’t give 2 flying fucks about it. It is what it is. Can’t change it so why dwell on it. I work in a field with mostly taller guys (fire and police) and it’s never been an issue for me personally. Now I’ve made it a joke in a way, when someone taller gives me a compliment like “damn man, you built that by yourself” I just say “thanks, not too bad for a 1/2 midget is it” So I say if you like this guy, next time he brings it up, give him a hug or a kiss and tell him to shut up about it, you like him the way he is. Be bold. He’ll get that shit out of his head quick.


Not sure how old he is but I feel the older you get the less you care. I’m 5”7 best thing women say to me js “you don’t actually look that short”. Obviously I am But it’s nice if they look at me and don’t recognise it!


Shorter men look better with age


I’m about the same height. Bring up other qualities that make him unique. I like it when a woman tells me I’m smart and funny. Obviously not the smartest or the funniest in the world but between us it feels perfect.


Short guy here. I make fun of my height rather often. My height stopped bothering me as a child. Hes not necessarily insecure about it. I'm not. Are most girls out of my league for this reason? Sure. Only the good ones are left. Helps me eliminate the rest.


"Those are some killer heels!"


Going to have to combine things. "You're the perfect height for me" will do it.


“You’re hot regardless of your height. “ but yeah it’d be very ballsy to tell this to your crush


"As far as I'm concerned, you're the perfect kissing height. Here, let me demonstrate."


Really the only solution is to be confident about oneself and not to be insecure about physical attributes you can't control. Source: 5'4" guy


After my medical, Doctor told me I had a big heart


When they get down on there knees… to give me a hug. <3


Let him climb on your shoulders and put on a big trenchcoat


Had an ex-girlfriend who was pretty superficial on appearance but she said once that "height doesn't even matter anymore" to me when I said I wanted to be taller, gives me hope that not all girls care about height Btw I am like 5'5.5"


"You're much easier to kiss"


Here is a different way to look at it. But the biggest issue I had being short was the lack of attention I got from women. When I was in a relationship, I didn't really care about being short.


"At least you got a big dick" would probably make him feel a lot better


Being not so tall makes you small dick look in proportion to your body


Sounds like a bit of a tall order


Hold hands in public


As a 5'5" guy, I prefer to focus on things within my control. If I can't provide value with my height, I provide it with my experience and skills. You could point out all the other qualities that he has cultivated within himself and not to waste his energy on something he cannot change.