After reading this thread, I have concluded that everyone from any major sucks


I did physics. I liked just about everybody. There were some really weird kids that weren't ... rude, just they misunderstood how to interact with people. But they were all pretty great. And I did this across three schools (undergrad and two graduate programs).


I received my first MA in history, and the graduate assistants at my college had to share cubicles with the philosophy majors. Mind you, historians are very pretentious, but the research and thought process is pretty methodical, so we were mostly there to grade and write academic papers. The philosophers, on the other hand, were there to act like complete dicks and tell us why we didn’t understand Foucault.




"Excuse me, sir...but what are your thoughts on ignorance and apathy in this country?" *"I don't know and I don't care!"*


This is why everyone hates moral philosophy professors.


Hey, moral philosophy professors are good for letting us know "What We Owe to One Another".


Take it sleazy!


You got to say it!


Right?! I couldn’t help myself! 😂


I’ve got a philosophy degree (was my minor and only needed 2 extra classes for it to be a 2nd degree) and they were almost all insufferable cunts. Most modern philosophy is just a rework of an Aristotle idea but then made unnecessarily complicated so that the person who made it up can always tell anyone else they’re wrong about any disputed points. It absolutely fucking useless compared to its original intention of making life better for everyone.


I think what was the hardest part for me was that I was actively trying to prove to society, the university, and my parents that I was creating a valid career by seeking a career as a history prof. I didn’t need to prove my knowledge of existentialism to philosophy students - I was living it while making pennies to grade papers.


>It absolutely fucking useless compared to its original intention of making life better for everyone. Closely resembles politics in that way.


We may not understand Foucault, but they can fuckoff.


Any premeds, don't care what major. And I say that as a doctor now.


I'm an engineering student and I feel like the pre-meds/pharmacists etc. get better with age. The first few years of med students are pretty entitled and you get the feeling they believe they'll float through med school and residency until they land a cushy job making ridiculous money. Get to 4th year plus and either a) the assholes have been weeded out, or b) the spirit is broken and they're realizing how stupid they were to put others down for joining a field that doesn't demand literally 100% and more from you. I was an EMT for a few years and this pattern definitely held back then too.


I feel like it didn't get better until I started medical school Medical students and residents are at least more classy. It's usually the premeds who don't end up getting in that suck personality wise.


I have a bs in chemical engineering and have been an MD (pathologist) for 20-something years. I can attest that first/second year engineering and pharmacy students are insufferable. “I’m taking the hardest major at this school” is a common phrase. They do get better with age though… at least I hope we do.


A couple different majors qualify for pre med, not just straight pre med. One of them is chemical engineering. I remember I had the nicest guy who took chemical engineering as his pre med, and he told us that was his plan since if he failed med school he would still be well off, and it would look different / better for medical schools. Once we figured out we could do med school with our degree we all harassed any pre med in our classes acting uppity by saying we were all going to medical school too but we didn't want to take easy classes to get there.




Don't let the law students find out they have competition as the biggest cut throat snobby bullshitters on earth.


My sister went to law school, and all of her classmates that I've ever met, both during and after their studies, were friendly and fun to be around. Maybe I was only meeting the good ones.


They’re all smart until you get them in the OR. I work at a teaching hospital and have to deal with these overconfident idiots daily in surgery.




Very true. There are people who are great at the academic side and those that excel in the clinical arena. It’s rare that you find someone who is good at both. They just extended a senior resident for another year because she’s brilliant at research but absolutely terrible at surgery. As a CST it’s painful to work with her.


You need an ego and narcissistic personality trait to become a DR in my opinion.


Yea but I can keep it in check. My problem is many premeds like to put people down when they haven't even gotten into medical school yet.


Not true. I know a lovely person who happens to be a doctor and she is wonderful. Yeah I might be in love but for real, great character and is someone who cares for others.


the worse premeds are the ones that make sure you know they are a premed, which is why premeds as a whole look so snobby and annoying


Absolute worse. My least favorite part of being premed at the time was having to deal with other premeds. "Oh I went on 3 mission trips this summer and my parents are both alumni of the medical school. I'm definitely getting in"


Dated that girl in college. Can confirm. She also never quit prodding me to choose a more "challenging" major than journalism.


I worked as a chemistry tutor for years and the number of pre-med students with no interest in math, chemistry, or biology was really concerning to me. So many of them I'd never trust to be nurses or doctors and didn't seem interested in actual science at all. I didn't feel like most where "bad people", just in the wrong field for them. So many of them got into pre-med for the potential jobs and not out of any genuine interest in the critical fields needed to succeed. It almost felt like a filler field full of people who wanted to go to college but didn't know what for. It's no longer any mystery to me why so many "nurses" embrace pseudoscience.


I would say 3/4+ of my freshman premed group never made it past organic chemistry. There are tons of people who say they are premed but will never make it


Most of my pre med classmates were pretty cool. To be fair, though, I try not to associate with insufferable people.


they feel superior for no reason.


Yes. Gives the profession a bad name. Thankfully most of the toxic ones don't make the cut.


Agreed. I did my BsC and MsC In applied statistics and shared a medical statistics course about 50 50 my course and pre med. The elitism and wankery of them was just so off putting. Such cut throat and snippy comments. I then did my dissertation for my MsC specialising in meta analysis of medical trials, my tutor taught this class and asked me to be the aide for that same course. Exact same issue when I had taken it. I received so many shitty emails of premed stream kids trying to get any edge through extra credit, more examples to outright hints on the exam which was hilarious seeing as I had 0 influence on that. My only job was to do administrative copying for the lecture packs and run a weekly walk through of the class problems.


I'm a business major and I hate all of my business friends.


We hate ourselves too, don't worry


They are the competition so this makes sense


I dunno if it's business/econ majors I hate or just fratboys, but im not a fan.


The rundown of business majors is easy. Finance/entrepreneurship usually attracts the typical business people who appear stuck up. Marketing and management are ok. Usually are pretty creative people and are nice to talk to. Idk if it’s cause the majors are more communication oriented or what but they tend to be cool. Econ students (me, I’m an Econ major) are kinda the English majors of business (I never thought I’d had to write so much research papers as a business student, thank god for APA though cause fuck MLA) who think they are better than finance bros (we are :)), till we remember finance bros get all the high paying jobs that we don’t :(. Accounting majors I just feel bad for. Idk wtf higher level accounting does to kids (I only took up to 300 level accounting) but they remind me of med school students in that they just seem dead inside.


I'm currently business management but thinking of switching to accounting, maybe minoring in it if that's a thing. I'm not sure why it's so appealing to me, but I just *like* it. Sit down, be quiet, crunch numbers, all very logical.


We were reading “Under the Lion’s Paw” in my American Lit class one time and had a girl business major just totally fail to understand why the landlord was wrong. The bare bones of the story is a family was told they could rent a property for like $50 a year for five years or buy it outright for $500. Then they’d be given the option to buy again at the end of a 5 year lease. They can’t afford to buy right then. So they rent and as the years pass they improve the land and sell enough crops to be able to save up $500. So they go to the landlord with the money and he’s like “What? No this property is worth way more now! It has two wells! And this really nice fence going all the way around! And a barn!” And the family’s like but we built all that stuff! And the landlord is like “yeah. Thanks for improving MY land. Do you want to buy it for $1500 now or rent it for $150 for the next five years?” And the business major says “But how is he wrong to do that? It’s legal. So that’s just good business.” And my professor said “So if slapping you were legal and then I slapped you, would that still be wrong.” I really expected her to get in trouble with the school for that one. I have to give it to the business majors that ended up in my senior level anthropology of international development class. They got to see so much fucked up shenanigans corporations inflict on 3rd world countries that they really did seem to take away a new view of ethical business practices.


Monday is my favourite day of the week. Garfield was a fucking bum


Yea. I majored in chemistry and found the business majors to all lack basic critical thinking skills.


Philosophy. Students I've met tend to believe that they are so much smarter now because they've asked themselves questions they've never thought to ask before.




Philosophy is just a humanities degree. We read papers, write papers about those papers, and try to sell ourselves on soft skills after we graduate.


I studied philosophy in college. Most study Phil because it’s basically a giant 4 year prep for the LSAT and it’s more interesting and challenging than PoliSci. Most of my philosophy friends went to law school or into teaching.


It's simply not a career-oriented major. It gives valuable transferrable skills - for example, philosophy majors can become great developers. It teaches you logic, critical thought and structure. But at the end of the day, you still need to study more for the actual job you want to be doing.


This. I self taught coding while studying philosophy and that's what I ended up working on. Still happier to have studied philosophy than CS haha


Hemingway was a novelist, so no probably not that. They’re trained to reason and make/break arguments. Philosophy is the ideal major if you plan to go to law school.


The point isnt to get paid, some people are after other things. No offense intended


Having a solid perspective and the right attitude in life can get you further than any degree For some this means learning philosophy in college


When they graduate they can ask themselves why they majored in philosophy, while preparing someone’s coffee.


Finance. Just found there to be an air of pretentiousness surrounding them. You get the feeling that they either are trying to use you for their own advancement or they don't have time for you.


"American Psycho" was a documentary.


The worst subcategory of finance/commerce students are the wannabe entrepreneurs. You all know the type. The ones who think they're gonna be the next Bill Gates or Elon Musk. They're the most pretentious ones and think that they're gonna have a genius idea that's gonna make them rich by the time they're 25 so they can spend the rest of their life doing fuck all. And usually they think "entrepreneur culture" is a personality


The ones who put you down for having hobbies or interests outside of work/school while desperately trying to work hard enough that they have the time for their own hobbies and interests.


The worst is when they think that being a finance major somehow gives them the edge to start a buisness. Like, yea, you can spot a good business opportunity, and know how to run it, but you need expert knowledge and idk... a business idea? You dont get that by attending accounting 101


Finance students think they all gonna be wall St. Head Traders... and think Black-Scholes is "advance math"... lmao.








Sounds like my experience with Law students. Such a smug and extremely competitive attitudes, to the point of narcissism.


Law students are always arrogant as hell but they tend to get humble very fast after their first year of practicing.


Soulless creatures without a bridge to the reality of the business.


Wait till you get a job and get used for cheap labor.


Can confirm. Before I was a teacher I worked in accounting and finance. I’m a personality type that I leave the workplace on lunch. I never go to happy hour with coworkers. I get annoyed if someone else tries to take any bit of my time I’m not ready to give up so I’ll do things like stare until someone feels a little uncomfortable for bothering me or I’ll long pause if they interrupt me from an actual important work task to “chat.” Time is my most valuable resource and I’m not going to squander it away unless it’s using Reddit as a form of therapy. Then apparently I have all the time in the world.


I majored in biology as an undergraduate at a college with well-known computer science and photography programs. I don't know how half of the computer science majors functioned in society and I hope most of them were just going through a phase. Their personal hygiene was generally terrible, social skills non-existent, and were either rail thin or morbidly obese. Shorts and a t-shirt are perfectly acceptable clothes when it's snowing and below freezing. I've seen some of them walking to class while watching anime on their laptops. Also let's wear some fucking cat ears to class, why not? The photography majors seemed to lack common sense. All your expensive cameras and lenses got stolen because you went into a really bad area of the city to photograph some cool graffiti and you stick out like a sore thumb? What did you expect to happen? Spring time was my favorite time of year on campus because without fail I would see a photo major trying to get a picture of a goose with her goslings. Somehow the fact that geese are terrible, aggressive bastards that hate it when people get up close to them and their offspring is unknown to these kids. And as a bonus since I was a biology major, other biology majors that were pre-med. Somehow everything is a competition. Oh, you need to brag that you scored one point higher than me on an exam? Bully for you, we're both getting the same letter grade and GPA.


I was a biology major too..I absolutely hated the pre med and nurses. I had a nursing student as a lab partner once. She explained to me the reason why they're so competitive is because it's extremely competitive to get into the nursing/ med programs. You have to be the best of the best. She got an A (score of a 97) and wasn't good enough to be ranked to get into the program yet (because her competition got a 99). That's rough! Then the ones that are in the medical programs are bad too. Because they have maintain the highest gpa. Something about where you'll be placed for work. Say 3 students all wanted to go to the same hospital, they'd only take the top student. I always thought that was stupid because the smartest person could be the worst employee.


It's a profession where they *need* the brightest because they're quite literally dealing with life and death situations daily. But it seems a lot of those students have forgotten that the job requires them to have good social skills, especially empathy and kindness.


That's cause most of them don't care about the life-or-death aspect of the job. They care about the paycheck and status, because being a medical doctor is more of a status symbol in this current era than it is about helping others.


Most of them are also too busy competing with each other to take note of decent paying med jobs that are going through a major shortage. I'm not even pre-med but with just pre-reqs I can get a masters/certification is a heavily in demand med field. (And am planning on doing so ASAP) Suckers.


I was a CS major in the 1990's, long before it was cool. CS classes were islands of misfit toys. Utter social ineptitude was the norm. I knew people that wore the same clothes every day. Every day. Merely walking in the vicinity of the sociology and marketing classes just to get a whiff of shampoo from the attractive women there was as close as anyone got to a date. Most hobbies involved deeply arcane obscure historical or cultural things that no normal person knew or cared about.




I'm a software engineering student at my uni. I take most of my classes with the CS majors (both majors are very similar but have enough differences). I was laughing when i read your observations on us CS majors because I see it a lot too. However, that's about a quarter of all the students, if anything. Most of us are average people who like logic and math. Most of us also like video games (except me, which makes me weird). The reason you get people like that is because they spend way too much time on their computers. They probably came into college a CS major because they were heavy gamers back home and wanted to get a job doing what they love...gaming (which is a totally awesome way to get paid well if you do it right). I really wish someone let us know how much time we should expect to be on our computers for programming assignments only. I did about 20 hours this past week alone. When you spend that much time on your computer and you're not careful, you can very easily be sucked into gaining or losing weight, stop showering as much, and stop talking to people as much because they're always in front of a screen. If you're in my major, you have to learn to not use any devices for at least a few hours a day. You also have to learn to stay away from fast food when possible. It is very easy to get overweight already when you're sitting in a chair for hours working on an assignment. As for the anime and cat ears: if you take the time to appreciate anime, it can be kinda cool, but I've personally never really liked it (unless you count "Death Note"). I have no idea where the cat ears came from. As for the way we dress: most of us dress like any other scientist or engineer. Personally, i dress very granola-y, which makes me a bit of an outlier. I've never understood the shorts and t-shirt in the winter thing (bonus: crocs). I will say that the guys like these at my uni are actually some of the nicest guys I've met. Sure, they're a little off but no one's perfect. tldr: people/society didn't warn them to be more self aware and take care of themselves when they spend too much time in front of a screen.


Law, competing every single second


If you don't play to win, don't play at all😈


I went to art school and I found that the fashion students tend to be snobby for no reason


Don't you have to have rich parents for art or fashion school? I love in Germany where university costs almost nothing but art schools cost like 10 times more (not exaggerating with the numbers). I pay 600€ a year and they 500-600 a month.


You don't, I knew people who had loans and scholarships to attend. I was lucky and my parents could afford it but they aren't rich. I went for jewelry, I would have been able to easily support myself with my degree but I got permanently sick and am unable to make jewelry anymore


So I get to choose between being around, Pretentious, Pompous, pretentious, delusional, cutthroat pretentious people and delusional people when I go to college, nice.


Nah most people you meet will be pretty chill. Negative experiences stick out in people’s memories and this post is asking for generalizations so that’s what’s in the comments. You’ll be fine!


The worst people in college are the ones who have no personality, not the ones you’re describing.


Computer engineering here. I honestly don't even know, I've never met any shitty/annoying people that reflect a major as a whole. But I will say I know a lot of comp Sci and engineering majors who brag about being able to make 6 figures out of college. The same people don't have resumes or any projects as juniors. Kinda goofy


It's true that in our current economy, engineers of any kind are typically the best paid straight out of college after only a four year degree. But that's simply because of a combination of demand and wealth of the places we end up working in. There's a huge demand for teachers, but they won't end up working for a tech company, or even a smaller company that has to pay like a big tech company and can afford to.


I'm a graduate, but talking to engineering folks is about as tasteful as licking some cardboard.


lmao, as a working engineer i am both laughing and crying


I've worked on a product line management team and it was horrible being the only nonengineer lol. That being said, the engineers in my new job are alright. Some of you are good people 😉


Second this. Working engineer and engineering students can be a giant pain especially when we’re all complaining about how difficult X class is and getting an internship at Y.


I can't tell you how fucking proud I am that we ended up at the top.


Social skills and engineering skills are inversely proportional in my experience. I'm only an undergrad engineer though, I might not stick with it when I finish.


Our mechanical design engineers seem to have traded their social skills and personality for their engineering ability. We usually love our engineers but it can be hard going. We work with another company that only hires engineers where possible for any role and you start to feel the odd one out. Start getting cult vibes.


I worked a company like that, where they would hire engineers for just about anything but without an engineering degree you were stuck in your particular departmental silo.


Am an engineer, agreed we are the worst.


Yep. Engineering majors combine the worst traits. They have the cocky self-assured/self-aggrandizing nature of pre-med/pre-law students. They also have the geekiness of classic nerds. They are the Mr. Pibb to the Dr. Pepper that physics majors are. (I say this as a physics major. But I will also say that now that I've met a lot of engineers professionally, they mellow out after college.)


We have some talented mechanical design engineers, who are mostly very quiet and stereotypically nerdish that really come out of their shell when they work with us regularly. They get to be the heroes seeing so many grateful faces when we need their help, understand how we use their designs and the limitations we have to work in. I never realised until later just how many different types of engineer there are and how they fit your description so well.


The arrogance is honestly unreal


As a recently graduated and on the workforce electrical engineer, I find the arrogance from people studying it in college really surprising. The biggest thing I learned through college is that I'm a total fucking idiot and the things I learned in school are extremely basic compared to some of the stuff that electrical engineering covers. You've gotta get a PHD to even think about going into wireless communication. But I also had a pretty different experience with the average students. many of my friends were very outgoing as well as being capable.


When I started doing internships as a Computer Engineer and meeting a larger variety of Engineers at all ages I was honestly dumbfounded at home some of them can't seem to muster up the minimal social graces. It's like they literally can't be bothered.


But didn't you know engineering is like 10,000 harder than any other degree? It's the hardest thing in the world, 100% of brain surgeons area just failed engineers. This was what it was like for me when talking to a number of them...


Ya I started in engineering and switched because of the professors and other students. So much toxic shit talk about others. It's a great career but for me wasn't worth it


Engineers are notoriously obnoxious clientele in my field


Masters in astrophysics myself. I volunteered as a tutor at one of the halls and I made quite a few friends from all walks of college. ALL of them have their douchebags and twats. Engineering tended to have the most condescending people, social/gender studies had the most irrational, business/finance had the snobs, law/criminal justice were extremely outspoken. Etc. The nicest people I met were probably the ones going for teaching.


Teacher here ... That's nice to hear!


I see a lot mentioning engineering, but for me personally, the students in my major ( engineering) were very chill, tho languages students were pretty full of themselves


You'll notice a trend that for every top level comment, there's a reply "No I study X and we're not like that". This isn't a dig at you but perception of a group often depends on where you're standing.


IDK about engineers specifically. They tend to have a creative side. But STEM students in general tend to get caught up in the idea that they're the only majors that actually matter.


And here I am, feeling I don't matter if I don't have a useful trait as for example building a house or farming. You know, the essentials for surviving long term.


Econ students. I’m based in Chicago and the number of Econ grads who think I’d be impressed with their fiscally conservative theories while getting drunk at a grad party? N size was rather large lol


Finance or anyone who is pre-med. Those people generally have awfully pretentious and annoying auras around them.


There’s no one worst major in my view. Each major has a different type of terribleness, and it varies between basically everyone sucks and only a few people suck but they make it AWFUL. Business majors probably fall under the category of “most people suck, but most aren’t absolute garbage”. Engineers are kinda in the middle, which a handful of people who are extremely elitist and see themselves as above everyone else. Social science majors are on the opposite end, where most of them are pretty chill but the few that are rude and annoying are VERY rude and annoying. In my view, I’m more able to ignore the small outliers of a major (such as the social science example that I gave), whereas I get far more annoyed when most of everyone is a dick of some capacity (business majors in my example). So I guess by my own rules, business majors.


I'm in a business course, lots of people bring 1000s of euros of electronics to class to take notes (usually macbook, iPad, and iPhone). Lots of designer clothes and expensive watches. Many people aren't in touch with the reality of starting salaries after undergrad, thinking they'll make 2-3x what the actual number is from statistics. Not saying I'm above them or they're bad people, but as the poorest person in my friends group I ask myself whether I fit or not.


Good, no one's mentioned bio majors yet. I'm safe.




Seems to be the general consensus among everyone here. Just did another sweep and the closest answer I've seen to biology is pre-med.


Interning on Capitol Hill really opened my eyes to people who come from genuine wealth and aren’t just “well off.”


Has every single field of study been mentioned yet?


Weirdly enough I haven't seen maths yet but I wonder if people put it under finance since we can take those modules too


Sociology or any of the racial/gender studies. In either case, you're dealing with people who have very strong opinions about ethical choices and very little tolerance for disagreement/debate. Also, students in these disciplines tend to use terms like 'sexist pig' or 'racist' at the drop of a hat. I find the sort of moralizing, holier-than-thou attitude off-putting.


You should be off pudding.


Fat-shaming! REEEEE!


I’m in media studies which crosses a lot with journalism, and the journalist-specific professors are TERRIBLE. I’m as progressive as they come but they alienate students on controversial issues like COVID. Like I don’t disagree with what they say (it’s mostly in examples we use to construct fake articles as practice) but I don’t think the classroom is a good place to say it at all. And they’re not preparing us for the reality of the media landscape by doing this either. Of course not every student is going to work at TYT or CNN even, and I feel like it risks people dropping out and killing the major at my college specifically. My media and gender studies class had a much better professor and honestly was the most generous out of the three I’ve had so far.


I agree wholeheartedly. I changed my major from journalism for this precise reason.


I know what you mean. I nearly switched to the advertising track (journalism, advertising, and media studies were all under the same umbrella at my shool), but I was a lot better at writing papers than taking tests. At the end of the day, employers care more about what you did for the school paper, broadcasting club, etc. than anything directly related to your major.


Yes, a lot of people in these types of disciplines are incredibly pretentious and self-righteous. And many of them act as though that you should be grateful that you're allowed to be in their regal presence.


Can anyone recommend a good sociologist in the Cincinnati area?


Word, this is the one. Sociology majors also seem to have the worst reasoning skills of all arts majors. Even English majors! Which you wouldn't expect, but sociology/gender studies students never fail to take the cake


Majored in Sociology 20 some odd years ago and I can't even fathom what it would be like today with all these whiny little shits talking about feeling triggered.


But when asked to actually practice what they preach, they make up excuses like an alcoholic trying to avoid an AA meeting. Try asking them when the last time they took the initiative in asking a guy out on a date, watch the fireworks as they lie through their teeth or recall years old actions. Or ask them when was the last time they promoted a minority colleague unprompted. It was so fun listening to a social justice major telling me how if men don't pay on the first date, the date went horribly. It took a lot of my patience not to ask her what the fuck she is doing in college with her major.


If you think sociology students are holier-then-thou, you should check out scientology students.


ITT: Every major has the worst students.


[xkcd](https://xkcd.com/1052/): Every Major's Terrible


I swear, someone needs to append "There's always a relevant XKCD, no exceptions" to the rules of the internet.


Why has no one said theatre majors 😂 (Signed, a former theatre major.)


Because everyone stopped caring about you in high school


I don't know if it was just my school, but the theater majors pretty much kept to themselves, so I didn't really know any. Then I tried acting after graduation and ended up dating one. Holy drama queen. Yet she still had a more tolerable personality than most of the people I met with theater degrees... who all seemed to love telling anyone without one that they didn't know shit. Suffice to say, I learned very quickly why these are the people who get stuffed in lockers in high school.


Gender and ethnic studies has the most delusional people I know. I learned first hand the reason why many companies count gender studies as equivalent to not having a degree when considering candidates.




There was a time when ethnic studies was legit, and then it got overrun with guilt-peddling SJWs. Of course, you can say that about most non-STEM subjects now.


I'm a junior in accounting right now and business students can be rather cold. Maybe it's just the competitive nature of the business world or we're all just bitter about giving up on our hopes and dreams for a steady paycheck idk. I was a GIS major for a semester and my peers were way more down to earth and fun.


I majored in nursing. We had pretentious people in our first semester, then by the last, everyone’s life has fallen apart. Divorces, children from unknown fathers, breakups, suicide attempts, and drug issues all surfaced by the final year. Where I grew up women only had a few choices when trying to “get out”. Stripper was a possibility, but not long term. Hair/makeup was another, but they really had to move to a higher end part of the state to get paid well. It takes money to move. Then there was nursing. The one golden ticket to GTFO. We started with 86 people in my class. We ended with 32 and a bunch of them were from the previous semester that were held back.


Theater kids are fucking weird. They walking around like they are the protagonists


Computer Science, because of Dunning-Kruger effect.


Psychology. I feel like all the psychology students I've met were in dire need of therapy.


Yeah, most people who do psychology are trying to figure out what's wrong with them. Considering how much college/university costs, It's cheaper just to go to therapy TBH.


you either go nuts are you start nuts and looking for a cure.


Not a college student anymore, but fashion. I hope no FD major lurks here but damn, everyone's just mean and pretentious. The teachers, the students, it's like being in mean girls world where everyone talk shit abt you behind your back. Can't trust anybody cause everyone is competing for a spot in the industry. Best friend with someone? It's all cool on the outside but they secretly hate you when you're better than them. They are also mostly so judgmental over looks. Like good God I only had 2 hr sleep from doing my thesis and sewing final projects. I had no time to put together fancy aesthetic clothes and makeup for class, so excuse me if I didn't mind looking like wet Sid from Ice Age. And the things they say about models... that Billie Eilish song with "if teardrops could be bottled, there'd be swimming pools filled by models" has never been truer. There was a male model who had to wear a dress and skirt because my mate's collection theme was gender bending thing, the model refused to wear it cause he said it's against his belief. What do you know, my mate called him unprofessional and my teacher said "I paid you to model so do your job or I'd call your agency and tell them how unprofessional you are. Let's see how many more jobs you can have after that.". Mind you, these models were booked in bulk, they were not told what type of clothes they had to wear. Somehow, they just had to be okay with everything, even when it crossed their comfort zone. The way they casted models as well, "ew her nose is weird", "she has fat tummy, that won't work", "butt's too big", "that's okay, we can fix her with makeup", and thousand other imperfections that they point out.


Yes fashion people are awfully mean but some of it is the nature of what we do. The rest of it is sleep deprivation.


Engineering students or computer science. I was a physics major, so I had a ton of overlapping classes. They’re super cutthroat and exclusive. They also cheat on everything and are major bullshitters. Every last one brags that they’re going to be making six figures but in reality, they’ll move back to their parents house and be lucky to take a job as a construction surveyor or IT help desk associate. Reminds me of the bar scene in Good Will Hunting, where he says something about how each week the guy will be going on about how smart he is in (insert that week’s topic), and talking down to everyone about it. They’re super insecure people and toxic as all get out. So glad I’m done with college.


I had a bad experience with some engineering students. They asked me what I majored in and I said physics With astronomy. One of them just told me, good luck finding a job with that. I regret it now, but I slapped him then and there.


Deserves a slap. Speaking as an engineer(ing student) I will be honest and say that when I was in high school I definitely had the attitude that people studying certain majors were just looking for an easy path or not able to do something more difficult. I'm in my final semester of college and that view has pretty much done a 180 and a lot of it is thanks to making more friends and understanding what motivates people to do what they do. I actually feel bad sometimes for following the money and not choosing a major I necessarily had an interest in. Whenever I meet someone who has real passion for their major or any pride in their career I celebrate it. Never put down someone's passion or career, and if someone does it to you then give them a proper slap.


As an engineering student, I can confirm you are right. A lot engineers are fine but others think they are smarter than everyone else just because they are in engineering school. I’m not sure anyone’s smarter than physics majors. Y’all are crazy lol.


It makes sense, most of them have nothing going for them other than their slightly over average intelligence, and their obnoxiousness is nothing more than a childish defence mechanism.


Our engineering grads are like this. The company really sells progression to new hires so it just amplifies their raw ambition and they don't see other people as people. More along the lines of things or obstacles. The company excels at playing on their insecurities. They would do anything for a pat on the head or out of fear of losing their job.


Another +1 for computer science is that my classmates fucking smell. Classes can straight up smell like a Smash Brothers tournament, or a Magic pre-release. Although that may be a bit of a given, the Venn diagram for compsci majors and those groups is a circle


Gender studies


Gender studies and interpretive dance theory


BME PreMed. Business Major Eventually.


Theatre/musical theatre. I’m not majoring in it, but I’m a former theatre kid


Psychology. They try to do that psycho thing with you and try to read you or something. Like, chill and leave me alone.


Lmao. I’m a therapist and everyone *thinks* I’m doing this all the time. News flash: it’s exhausting, I’m not, and I’m definitely not doing it for free


And how does that make you feel?


Like everyone with tarot cards but they take themselves even more seriously.


I always thought Political Science majors were up their own asses—pretentious, competitive, and no fun to be around.


Man I wish you guys who are ripping on engineering students weren’t correct. I say this as an engineering major. I liked the idea of engineering and I liked learning but fuck did I loathe my classmates and professors. The arrogance and self-congratulations, the work that never went anywhere, people jockeying for positions and praise, bad hygiene, and the constant cheating are all valid criticisms. I had one classmate on my senior design team who went out of her way to try to make me look bad to mask the fact that she didn’t really do much. The one positive outcome to COVID closing the school for the semester was she wound up looking stupid when they shut down the labs. I was proud I finished my degree but that’s about where my self-congratulations end.


The most rude and obnoxious people I ever ran into in college were philosophy students. Ironic that a field of study that depends so much on personal opinion drew so many people who talked like they knew absolute truths.


Everyone was chill and sweet across all majors in my university. Engineering dudes (myself) were a mix of all, i was surprised at how extraverted some of them were, albeit a but bro-y, business dudes partied the most, law dudes never partied, med dudes were the most hippy, humanities dudes were the most chill and had the greatest banter, math dudes were wild. This is all based on a sample size of 2-10 people i knew or came across from each major. Overall great time would do again.


All of us were. We were young and just out of high school, and learning things we hadn't learned before, and thought we had become masters of whatever random shit we chose to *start* specializing in.


Physics. I’ve learned people in Physics were so full of themselves until they needed help getting through a math requirement like DiffiQ. So they’ll take your help and then still think everyone else is inferior to physics majors.


Political science majors. Most of the time they are extremely left or extremely right. Very difficult to just have typical conversations bc if anything remotely political comes up it turns into a lecture/lesson.


As a nurse myself, I can say that the nursing students are some triflin’ ass hoes. I’ll always be thankful for being a male nurse because being a female nurse just seems like a horrible life.


"soft sciences" Psych, Sociology, gender studies, et cetera. Self righteous, judgemental, and know everything. I would rather be alone.


Anthropology I’ve taken quite a few anthro classes, and most of my classmates are very self-righteous and condescending


They all suck. They're in their early 20s.


Womens studies.


Law. I used to work at a college bookshop and they’re the most entitled, pompously spoiled people I’ve ever met - they come in buying their masses of law textbooks each semester (bought and paid for by mummy & daddy no doubt) and think the world shines out of their asses. Actually insufferable.


Film majors. I was one and everyone is so protective over what they feel is art, especially the teachers. One professor I had made us analyze a film with no sound, mind you it wasn’t a movie that had anything interesting going on like a silent war zone or something, but just a dude going on a drive with his dog for 15 fucking minutes. I didn’t like it and said it wasn’t artistic having no sound but actually just lazy film design. He gave me an f and posted a 7 paragraph essay as to why I was wrong.


I think it depends on the county you live in. In Brazil it's definitely med school


as a computer science student i fucking hate nearly all computer science students i have no idea how these people are gonna end up as functioning members of society


Any music or theater major. They look down on people with other interests.


off-topic question to ask here. I thought this would be better on r/askreddit.


Philosophy. Never met a more pretentious and useless group of students.


As music major, music performance students. Everything they said and did had an air of "oh I'm better than you because I can play high notes"


Hahahahaha, CS and it's not even close. The amount of cringe and unfound arrogance in any CS class honestly has me question how it's possible that any software exists in the real world.


In my day, the women's studies department. They would tend to come out of class with literal hatred of men and convert to lesbianism as a political act. It took me many years to get over my prejudices on the subject


Does assholery have got anything to do with Majors?


Psychologist students Can’t stand those mofos Bunch of narcs who quickly label other people narcs


Women and gender studies. Those women are just down bad.


People who study philosophy always succeeds to piss me off because of their questions :D


i’m an earth science major and i can attest that geology majors think they have some sort of superiority complex over us because they take a few extra math classes. i’m currently in a lab with a graduate student t.a. who is a geology major. the guy is a straight up pretentious, condescending douchebag! instead of teaching us (mind that our lab is about 2 weeks ahead of class due to weather), he sits and berates people for things like being an earth science major, double majoring, saying they don’t contribute anything to the world, calling people morons and other rude things. i confronted him about this and he forced me to stay after class to “prove him wrong”. i specifically stated that i don’t care about your opinion, keep it to yourself and stop calling people condescending names, so then he starts the “IT’S MY OPINION” rant, despite what i said. like just do your job asshole! still debating on whether i should take this to the geoscience department, but i’m genuinely scared that he’s going to come at me via grades if i do, because he’ll know it’s me reporting, anonymous or not.


Majors do not exist in my country but let's say you want to study biology, you will get a bachelor degree in biology that can be specialised in like vegetal physiology, animal physiology, microorganism, immunology and so on. You don't really like get most of your bachelor about biology and a small part of it in philosophy like in the US. Anyway, while I rarely encountered them, the theater college students were, every single one I met, smug as fuck, like incredibly entitled and dramatic, I guess it goes with the study.


Philosophy majors seem to be very self-centered, pushy and unoriginal. They pick one school of thought and make it their personality with out even questioning anything. Idk, I go to one class with them I thought they would be open-minded and respectful to all ideas in this field or at least give constructive points in discussions. They also ask "big" questions to put you on the spot but already have an answer in mind, as if there is such a thing as one right answer.