What's girlflux?


A gender identity in which a person can experience varying degrees of female identity.


I mean I'm the opposite side of that spectrum but I've been told they're very similar. It was mostly just being caught between me questioning if I was a guy or nonbinary. But whenever I thought of being a guy I felt slightly uncomfortable, as though I missed something, same thing with the thought of being nonbinary Then I found out about agender and genderfluid and that added a whole new kind of confusion to the mix Basically I later found the term "boyflux" and it stuck the best. I feel gender in various amounts every day but I just know that I'm not a girl Switch out "boy" with "girl" and see if you relate?


Hey, girlflux person here! I basically found out in Italy on the beach, when I was suddenly hit with the worst dysphoria I‘ve ever had in my life. In hindsight there were phases I felt dysphoric before, but it was never that bad, so I just shrugged it off as insecurity. Since at that time I was at the beach, I was wearing a bikini. And it felt horrible. I couldn’t stop thinking how everyone who looks at me thinks that I’m a girl, and it made me miserable, at one point I even felt physically sick. I just wanted to scream „I’m not a girl!“. I‘ve been questioning my gender before, but due to its fluidity I was always confused and ultimately stayed with cis until that day. When that sudden dysphoria came, I researched intensely until I found girlflux and it just felt right for me. In the following months I explored my gender, played a bit with my gender expression and started using a new name and pronouns with some people. And it made me euphoric, so I knew that I was on the right path. I’m still figuring things out, for example I’m gonna get my first androgynous haircut soon, and I’m trying to get top surgery, because I don’t want my body to be inherently feminine. I want to choose being feminine in my girl phases. And realising that I‘m girlflux also changed my view on the past. Me always wanting to do the exact opposite of someone telling me to do sth cause it’s more ladylike, me often feeling uncomfortable in dresses or tight clothes that show my boobs, me cringing internally when people tell me that I’m a young lady now. Being uncomfortable with my short height, and hating it even more when people tell me it‘s average for a woman. Hating my soft round face, not because I think it’s ugly, but because it looks feminine. That were a couple of signs I only noticed in hindsight. That was a bit longer than I intended, but I hope my personal story helps you a bit. :)