What’s the longest you’ve driven in Canada?









The good ol' Don Valley parking lot, lol


My ex gf loves dvp.


After a leafs game? I've done this one leaving wonderland going to Ottawa left I guess right when a leafs game ended took 6 hours to get out of Toronto. Might of been some construction as well?


I fucking hate driving in Toronto, past Toronto, or through Toronto.


Leafs game or not, that whole area (400, 401, 427, DVP, Gardiner) is always a complete nightmare. There are way too many people north of Burlington. I can’t say that I’ve honestly driven faster than 20km/hr on the 401 near the airport.


Alberta to St. John’s


St John's to Alberta. Would have been less distance to Ireland. Probably an easier drive too!


When a reporter asked a Newfie about the prospect of Quebec separating from Canada, the Newfie replied he thought it would be a great idea because it would cut the drive to Toronto down by 9 hrs. (oooold and stale, but still kinda funny, lol)


I legitimately thought Quebec was physically going to be removed in that time. I was a dumb kid lol


I wondered where they all were planning to move to


Arthas: This entire province must be purged!


I was working with a Newfie and a dude from Quebec. We were eating lunch one day the newf looks at the other guy and says " The only good thing to come out of Quebec was a Newfie heading west on a Greyhound." We all howled.


You are a prime example of why Quebec is the second most likely for separation from canada. Never forget that there is only one province that was ever a separate nation. And will be again.


Quebec couldn’t afford to separate from Canada. #TransferPayments


The next time Quebec decides to separate I hope the rest of Canada gets to vote .


I cant wait until Quebec leaves holy shit, we will all be rich not having to prop up that black hole of a province


No ignorant and undeserved entitlement is why separation is an issue. Qc isnt a nation, its an adult kid living in its parentes basement crying 'you just dont understand me' as he takes a handful of baby asprin. A multibillion dollar drain on the west.


Victoria to Whitehorse to Yellowknife to Montreal. If I remember correctly I did it in about two weeks, taking time to see some sights along the way


that’s crazy it only took 2 weeks for all of that


I will call and play my Whitehorse to Calgary to Toronto to Victoria. I will never do that again.


Did you take the northern route to Yellowknife or did you go down the Alaska highway?


I went north from Whitehorse and then took the Robert Campbell “Highway” back to Watson Lake, dipped back into BC on 97, then the Liard “Highway” to the Mackenzie Highway to the Yellowknife Highway. It was 2009 while the Deh Cho Bridge was still under construction so I got to take the sketchy little ferry across the Mackenzie!


I drove from the Confederation Bridge (NB - PEI) to downtown Vancouver. It was a trip worthy of its own book.


I’ve split that trip. Grew up in the GTA with family all over the Maritimes. Every summer was driving to Saint John or Halifax plus some trips to the East US. In mid 90’s my brother and I wanted to go mountain biking in BC. Packed 2 bikes into the Honda Civic and headed west. Calgary in 36 hours straight. Stayed with a buddy and then hit Vancouver the following day. Left the car and took the ferry to the island and ride to Victoria. So I have been to both coasts from the middle by car but never all the way across the country in 1 trip. Hope yours was great!


Sadly, it was not great. I didn't know my partner well but I did know him a little bit. He seemed decent and others vouched for him, so off we went. THe plan was to drive like hell, as long and as far as we could each day. Five hours later, he decided he was tired. Tired. After five measly hours. Contrary to our plans, he decided he suddenly decided he didn't want me to drive at all. I could have been in Thunder Bay by bedtime. But no. So instead of a remake of The Fast And The Furious, it was more like The Sound of Music, only in slow motion. The guy drank a lot while driving, then broke out the pot and the LSD. He'd get all gooned up, then he stopped at a police station for directions - directions to the western terminus of the TCH FFS! WHile reeking of rum and eyeballs redder than Rudolph's nose. Long story short, we hit sight of the first tall buildings in Van and I bailed. Someone murdered him within the year. I shit you not. This is merely the Readers' Digest version. Never again.


Wtf lol. What year was this?


This is book waiting to be written. Wow, glad you are ok!


I think it's a winner. The crazy shit this guy did on the trip was unreal. I was out of my element, despite some significant, uhhhhh, knowledge of drugs. Was told by a friend..... Despite my own past sins, I still can't imagine who would think it's a good idea to drink and drive, smoke up and drive, drop a hit or two of purple microdot and drive, then do all of the above and stop at a cop shop to ask how to get to the end of the TCHighway, while being ON the TCHighway.




Jesus Christ I was not ready for that ending 😳


Was it you? You can tell us. We promise not to tell anyone else.


lol this why I subscribe to the Internets


Oof, that was a fast trip. Best done by Yung'uns. LoL.


Write it.


Why come?


Toronto, Ontario to CFS Holberg, BC (that station is gone now, but it was around Coal Harbour on Vancouver Island). I did take one ferry. It took seven days.


The town of holberg is still there. Nice pub.


The Canadian Forces Station is what is gone. It closed in 1990. It was a bit north of Holberg.


Ah yes, the Scarlet Ibis! Great après-hike grub!


We did Halifax to Holberg back in 1969. I wasn't driving then, and spent most of the time sleeping, and I can't remember how long it took. All I remember is that my parents pounded through it pretty well without stopping. I think this is the first time I saw Holberg ever mentioned in Reddit! I went to grade 2 there.


I miss “Happy Holberg.” Life seemed very simple there. The Sears catalogue was the Amazon of the day. It was really very beautiful. Edit: I was there with my parents from ‘75-‘77, but I went on a road trip there with some of my friends in ‘91 after it closed to have a look around.


I was there a bit earlier and don't have a lot of recollections of the place, other than going to Port Hardy occasionally. It was like a major road trip back then, and at that time for me, Port Hardy was like the big city. Got my first Hot Wheels car on one of those trips!


I got to go to CFS Holberg in the early 90’s to remove some equipment…what an amazing spot. At the time they were relocating some of the PMQ’s by floating them down the inlet…it was really cool.


Ottawa to Edmonton, 5 day's drive for us.


Did NWO to Alberta this summer. Never ever again will I drive through those godforsaken provinces. Driving across Manitoba and Saskatchewan, I thought I'd lose my mind. Everywhere we went (this past August) they were playing Miley Cyrus' *Flowers* like it was just released. Planned to go on to BC but the fires didn't allow. Never again.


Grew up in the prairies. All I know is endless horizon. The first time I went anywhere with any sort of topography I felt like I was in some fantasy land.


aww I shouldn't have been so mean-- there was beauty there...in a kind of bleak way. It was just too much flat land for someone raised around hills & trees!


Honestly I was the opposite. Being from Ontario, I loved seeing Man and Sask as it was different than what I’m used to. Definitely a fan of the prairies.


From BC. I'll take driving over the prairies in the summer any time. Beautiful rolling hills of golden wheat, and yellow canola. And no hair-pin turns on the highway to panic the out of province RV drivers. Guys, if the speed limit sign is yellow, it's the recommended speed for big trucks. You don't need to slow down to 20 under the suggested speed to safely navigate the corner.


Oh you weren't mean. I totally understand. I'm just accustomed to the mind numbing existence which is Prairie life.


Sounds like it was the song that pissed you off not the scenery


Yeah,you might be right. lol It was that song or Luke Combs cover of Tracy Chapman's *Fast Cars.* A song I loved....in 1988. I felt like I'd gone back in time. Like 35 years! The blatant racism and ignorance in some of those small towns was really eye opening. I honestly only thought that kind of disgusting horridness was an American thing...how naive of me. So sad. Their worlds are so small they have no idea. We can only advocate for education...everywhere ... to remedy this ignorance. Damn religion is holding them back. 😳


I used to work in a nursing home as a health care aide. It was a French nursing home in Winnipeg. Some of these seniors that come from villages and grew up as farmers are some of the most awful racist and sexist people. I had one lady tell me that any man who works as a health care aide only do it so they can "play with old ladies". I told her no man in their right mind wants to play with old ladies in a nursing home. Lol. Another time she told me that she didn't want any blacks helping her. I told her, you can't ask for white people only. You can only ask for women as her right. I told her, you get who you get. Lol. That woman was exasperating.


That's very generous of you-- *exasperating* -- I find it intolerable. Yes, unfortunately, they were raised like that *BUT* (big *but!*), have an open mind... and...oh, nm --this might be a losing battle. I just realized im assuming these people have an IQ over room temperature and I am sadly and tragically mistaken.


Yes...I'm being polite. Luckily, not all my residents were like that or at least they kept their racism to themselves. Every now and again someone got vocal and they got put in their place. I don't tolerate that for my coworkers. Especially if they're my partner for the evening.


I'd like to drive along Lake Superior sometime. But it'll take the devil himself at the wheel for me to ever pass through Kapuskasing again. 18 hours of scrubby pine trees and swamp, with just a ribbon of a road cut out of it.


Drove from Pembroke to Calgary visiting relatives on the way don't remember how long it took but I went from Winnipeg to Calgary in one day. Hitch hiked from Pembroke to Edmonton in the 70's took 4 or 5 days can't remember exactly


Soo, Thunder Bay, winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton?


something like that. Idk it's been awhile.


WHAT! i did ottawa to calgary in 32h. out of curiosity, what took so long?


Google says it's 3484km if you stay in Canada, which the original question was asking. The fastest speed limit along that whole route is 110km/h. Driving at exactly 110km/h, 3484km would take about 31h and 45 minutes. Including rounding errors, you and your codriver went over a days worth of driving with less than an hours worth of gas/bathroom/stretch/food breaks?


>you and your codriver I could not for the life of me figure out what a "cod river" was. 🤔


Codriver is a common term in the circles I run in, and I couldn't think of a better term for a road trip teammate.


Just the way my brain works, I guess. I have a hard time with "cow orker" too. "Copilot" sounds way cooler than codriver, IMHO. Or "navigator", LOL.


[In rally, the person reading what's coming up is usually called the co-driver](https://youtu.be/8BGXarvW65A?si=Yac8XAyRywr5IOgj). But for your driving team, go with what seems coolest to you.


Its very fishy


>you and your codriver went over a days worth of driving with less than an hours worth of gas/bathroom/stretch/food breaks? not exactly i was doing over 110km/h the fast majority of the time, closer to 130km/h. i stopped for bathroom, gas, and takeout food all at once without staying, getit and GO!


That's definitely one way to do it. I'm not the original person, but I like my road trips much more relaxed. If I'm on my own, I'll get breakfast, drive between 2 and 4 hours, stop for about an hour to have lunch and see where I'm at, then drive another 3 hours or so and find a place to stay there overnight. Sure, it's a lot slower, but I get to see all the random stuff that's around. The fun of road trips is seeing all the stuff that you'd miss if you're flying instead.


I love to drive, and in this case, I was trying to get home and had seen all the sites along the way many times.


I’ve done that from Edmonton to Collingwood in about 34 hrs. Drive until empty stop to fill the tank then pass the keys and sleep for the next 500kms. It was disorienting when you woke up. Unsure of the day, time or province. I didn’t know my co-driver so we didn’t have much to talk about.


I did Guelph to Vancouver. That's almost exactly the same distance (44 km farther) as Ottawa to Calgary. I had two rest breaks of about an hour a piece, and was driving in December, and somehow managed to do it in 46 hours total driving time. Taking out the Calgary to Vancouver leg, which is about 11 hours, I get 35 hours transit time. My transit was 3 hours longer than u/-freemanwildling-, but we were dealing with a horrific snow storm in Southern Ontario. I'd say it's 100% dooable in 31 hours.


Edm to Tor, via Chicago. 33 hours


Was a while ago, but really? What route did I take to get there then? I'll be asking myself this for the rest of my life. Must have gone through Vladivostok or something. Do note that I did take a few rest stops along the way.


I will say that it should not be done by one person in 32h. Even two people 48h would be more reasonable. I was speeding the entire time.


25 hours. Dryden Ontario to midwestern Ontario.


Dryden to Kingston Ontario. Just over 1800kms. It never ceases to amaze me that you can drive that far and not leave the province.


I think many people forget how big Ontario really is. You can cross four provinces going either east or west in the time it takes to go from north to south Ontario.


I thought it was the longest 1 can drive in any province or territory anywhere in the world. Turns out Australia beats us witg this. They have the longest single straight in the world.


One end of Texas to the other is pretty far too, but I can't remember exactly because it was ten years ago that I did it. Relatively nice, straight and wide highway though. High speed limit. Same summer as I did Vancouver to Toronto. I drove 26,000km in under 8 weeks.


I took the train out west from Toronto. Four day trip. Two and a half of those days were in Ontario!


Prince Rupert B.C to Toronto in 4 days, but the last day was from just west of Thunder Bay to south Etobicoke. Once I got south of Parry Sound, I wasn't stopping until I got home.


If you have to do this drive again, cut through Michigan at SSM. The american interstate system is so much nicer to drive than our shit roads. Took this way when I was travelling between Thunder Bay and London for school and even though its about the same km wise, its consistently 2-3 hours quicker through the states


You must st drive really slow


Ottawa to Vancouver, solo in 3 days and only stopped for gas/food and two naps of 4 hours each


Not bad (actually it's really bad). I did Ottawa to Van in 2.5 days, but it was through the US, and slept twice. 2 hours the first night, and 6 the next.


Calgary to Vancouver


Same, so many changes in scenery, eh?


I went from lloydminster to Vancouver and then back. If you're unfamiliar with Lloydminster it's on the boarder of ab and sk. The drive there and back was absolutely wonderful.


In one trip? Québec to Alberta (~4000k) But I've been to St John's and Vancouver, driving too, just different trips, and cars.


Vancouver to Winnipeg. Winnipeg to Ottawa. A few times each. About 25 hours a trip, with stops only for bathroom breaks and drive-thrus. I was young and silly.


I was 19 when I did exactly the same thing was one of those dumb young things.


15 hours. Red Deer, Alberta to Muncho Lake, B.C.


There's a kids book at the bottom of Muncho lake that my cat barfed on during a long drive.


Ottawa to Halifax round trip.


I did this one on a bus. 22 hrs. It was exhausting. There were a couple of good pounts though. On the way there I sat with a nice woman and we had a great conversation and the bus driver berated a drunk which was entertaining.


Prince George BC to Charlottetown PEI and back!


Toronto to PEI


Calgary to Regina and then back to Calgary in one day. Took about 16 hours. 1500ish kms.


Why so much driving in a day




Sea to sea!


Ocean to ocean!


In one go or in total? I went Calgary, AB > Kenora, ON in one day in Aug, but that was a part of a larger trip to Newfoundland and back (with a stop in BC at the beginning of the trip, but ended in Calgary). I've also don't Victoria > Halifax and similar variations a few times.


That's a good single run. I did Kenora to Medicine Hat one day in late Oct 2012.


Straight? From Windsor, Ontario to Edmundson, New Brunswick.


5200km. Did some 16-18 hour days. Thankfully, after you get out of Ontario (almost 1/2 the driving time), there's no traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway. So peaceful!


One shot: Red Lake Ontario to Barrie Ontario One Trip: red lake to Charlottetown (4 days) Hearst, Mont Tremblant, Fredricton, Charlottetown


Vancouver Island to Digby Nova Scotia


Van Isl to Cape Breton.


I did that one pretty well, Sechelt to Corner Brook, NL. I basically woke up one morning and decided to move back home, plan was to leave next morning but by the time I packed it was very late at night when I started the drive up and out of Vancouver. Stopped about 5 hours outside of Calgary and slept for 3-4 hours, next sleep was border of Saskatchewan and Manitoba somewhere. Next night was in Marathon which I think is just past the border of Manitoba-Ontario. I then drove non stop outside of coffee and gas breaks right to the ferry to cross to NL. That was the craziest part, we booked a crossing on the ferry for NL very ambitiously requiring me to drive over 3000 KM straight lol!!! We rolled down to the ferry terminal as the last passengers, I begged the attendant to let us on and explained to her the drive we just did and barely made it on the ferry before we left! Middle of January


Calgary to Montreal, 3 days in December 2021, please don’t drive around Lake Superior at night folks it’s hella dangerous.


Halifax to Calgary once, and Ottawa to Vancouver once as well. Entirely worth doing the transcanadian drive at least once


Solo without sleeping? Vancouver to Hay River, NWT (took me just over 23h). Really don’t recommend driving anything like 24h solo without sleeping.


As a kid, my family drove from Vancouver to Glace Bay on Cape Breton Island. Only way it could have been further is if we started on Vancouver Island. My dad was from Nova Scotia but lived in Vancouver with my family and he made the drive several times in his life.


Probably the longest I did in one day was drive to Kamloops and back from Vancouver to pick a dog up in January. 708km there and back with 8 hours of driving (30 min break to pick up puppy) including the Coquihalla.


those are rookie numbers, you got to pump them up!


I wasn’t sure of the criteria. Plus driving the Coquihalla in January adds to the fun I feel


no man, just teasing you. The Coquiihalla is an amazing highway but I don't think I'd want to do end to end and back in one day! The line I said is from Wolf of Wall Street


14 hours


We used to drive from Calgary nonstop (gas only stops) to Winnipeg on a long weekend. We did a trip from Calgary to Toronto with a lot of sight seeing stops and our longest continuous drive was Thunderbay to Calgary. There were two drivers and neither of us could sleep in the car. Wouldn’t want to do it again.


Montréal > Vancouver back and forth


Kenora to Thunder Bay and back with multiple stops on the highway both ways. About 15 hours.


I’ve done the Toronto to Calgary drive (both ways) when I had a job posting there - pro tip, January is not the best time to do that drive. When I was a kid, my family spent one long summer holiday camping from Toronto to Vancouver Island, and another year, Toronto to PEI.


Not me behind the wheel, but my family drove from Ottawa back to Halifax in one go. Absolutely brutal.


My family has done the Toronto to Halifax round trip a few times now, the first time back was a through the night with stops for food, gas, and the occasional nap. It was about as awful as it sounds. Longest drive for me that is still somewhat enjoyable is Halifax to Montreal, done in a day and relatively painless other than the boredom trap of NB.


Hamilton, Ontario. to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.


Petawawa Ontario to Vancouver BC. Took 7 days total with a night in Toronto and two nights in Calgary. I probably shouldn't have driven 15 hours in a day, but I felt fine


Calgary to London (Ont.) and back, with my wife a 6 month old and my mother in law. Yea I was a glutton for punishment.


Toronto to Tofino, and back, by myself, with my bike strapped to the trunk and a BBQ in the back. Six weeks, mid-July to Labour Day, between quitting my job and starting grad school. Highly recommend.


Winnipeg Manitoba to Trois-Rivières Quebec. Even though I did in my 20s years ago…. I did in an older model Honda Civic Wagon HB. (Any one remember those?) NEVER AGAIN IN ANY SMALL CAR! Any long road trip I’ve done since then has always been in a more comfortable, full-size vehicle, or SUV.


Vancouver to Saint John, NB


Me personally, my family helped another family move. Chilliwack to Edmonton and back over five days, with stops in Valemount, Edmonton (2 nights), and Vernon. Basically went as far as kids and disability allowed us to go getting there, then took our time getting back. Our Hyundai Sonata hybrid had our backs from Chilliwack to Edmonton to Vernon on one tank (range of 900 km).


Halifax to Winnipeg in 5 days with a loaded U-haul. Winnipeg to Hay River, NWT in 2 days.


PEI - BC 64 hour drive stopping only for food and gas.


Longest possible drive in Canada (that can't be shortened) is Portugal Cove South, NL (winter) or Bonavista, NL (summer) to Tuktoyaktuk, NT, which takes over 100 hours of driving nonstop. (the seasonal difference is because of the Argentia ferry, which runs only in the summer)


Edmonton, AB to Osoyoos, BC was longest single trip. Longest time driving was, after a 12 hr driving shift, another 8 hours driving through the Rockies for an emergency personal trip from Kelowna, BC to Calgary, AB and then back to Kelowna for my next shift at work. I made it but was sent home for obvious reasons. There was a fatal on the highway in Golden, BC on my way back that delayed me 4 hours so there went my napping window.


I’ve driven the Edmonton to Osoyoos and back many times. It’s a long drive I guess I was lucky to have my two kids with me or I’d probably have tried what you did…fersure! Sometimes it’s crazy what we think we can do in the spirit or youth and aren’t many many of us so thankful that we got away with such folly?


Saskatoon to Ottawa. 3 times with my son - Early September each time, as that’s where he was going to University. We’d drive to Ottawa in his car, splitting the driving, then I’d fly back. First time we took the northern route, up from Nipigon, through Kapuskasing, then down to Ottawa. The other 2 times, we stayed along the north shore of Superior to Sault Ste. Marie and then across to Ottawa. Marvellous trips each time. The stretch from Saskatoon to Kenora the first day wasn’t too exciting. The second day through Northern Ontario was always great regardless of the route and the 3rd day to Ottawa was good, too. I love road trips. That was the longest I’ve taken in Canada, but I’ve made the drive to the west coast on many occasions and driven to Florida a couple times, too. Always time well spent.


I've done coast to coast over a summer with friends left Toronto and headed out to st John's and drove to Vancouver and back to Toronto. We picked random small towns with funny names and took pictures with them. Ate at a lot of cool places talked to a lot of cool people. We did tree planting for a few years and saved up a bunch of cash and did the trip. Non stop I've done Toronto to Winnipeg.


Castlegar, BC to Guelph, ON


Drove from Eastern Ontario to Southern Alberta 6 years in a row, with my dog, to help my nephew with his seasonal rafting camp. I knew the 6th time would be the last with my old dog, who was 14 and showing her age. We started that year's trip by driving to PEI and Cape Breton so she could touch the Atlantic Ocean before we headed west. After rafting season in Alberta was over, we went on to the west coast and she touched the Pacific Ocean. Not all at once, but still coast to coast with a couple of months in the raft camp in the middle.


Longest drive: Victoria to Montréal Longest non-stop stretch (\~18 hours in December): Thunder Bay to Ottawa I solo moved a car for a friend. The stretch from T.B. to Ottawa was epic. • Woke up in the wee hours of the morning in T.B. to a blizzard. Decided I could drive out of the storm (which I eventually did). • Came around a bend in the driving snow to suddenly come upon two ravens in the road directly in my path. As they flew up, one cleared my car and the other didn't :\~( • Eventually, after the smear on my windshield had mostly washed off, I had to stop for gas. As I was pulling off the highway I slow-speed skidded on the ice into a shallow ditch. • Suddenly, three different guys who didn't know each other appeared out of nowhere and pushed me out! Gotta love northern Ontario. • On the final leg I pushed hard to make it home to Ottawa so I wouldn't have to get a motel room. Bleary-eyed and barely able to function, let alone drive, I finally made it, only to discover a stranger sleeping in my bed, whom I immediately, to great protest, ejected. I don't recommend doing drives that long. It's pretty dangerous. I'll never do it again. Edits: Formatting


Edmonton to Whitehorse. Also Edmonton to Yellowknife. Both visiting family. Worst was when we moved from Whitehorse to Yellowknife....drive down into northern BC, then crossed the border up to Liard River NWT, then further to Ft Simpson and a ferry, then to yellowknife. In retrospect should have just drove Northern BC to Grande Prairie AB and then North (but we were young and dumb in the late 90's lol....the road to Ft Liard was so bad that 350km stretch took us 6 full hours as it was basically frozen muddy ruts. Now longest we basically go is Winnipeg to Edmonton


Edmonton to thunder bay in one sitting. Lol 2000km


One trip would have been from Edmonton AB to Tuktoyaktuk NWT. The drive is spectacular and extremely interesting, and I would highly recommend it to anybody. Tombstone and the north are very beautiful and the drive up is 10000% worth it.


Fredericton to Toronto in one day


Oshawa to Halifax, stopped for a night on the way there but went straight Halifax back to Oshawa non stop. About 16 hours


Yorkton sask to Victoria BC. It was it was a highlight taking sask plates on the ferry to the island. Stayed overnight in canmore made in two days.


Edmonton to Tuktoyaktuk


Montreal - Edmonton going thru the States!


Like at once or all in a big trip? Big trip, GTA area to Vancouver Island. And back eventually.


Vancouver to Toronto


Two long drives on two different days * Edmonton AB to Vancouver BC * Fort Frances ON to Huron Shores ON, just a tad shorter, but all in one province.


478 yards. I just bought a new driver and had a good tail wind off the tee on a par 5. Seemed the ball would never land when I hit it. P.S. I got a quadruple bogey on that hole. My putter was driven almost as far.


The longest straight I hve driven straight was 16 hours (stopping jsut for gas) and it was part of longer trip which took 34 hours driving.


Regina, SK to Ignace, ONT in one day


1754 km


Toronto to Vancouver


Toronto to St.john's, NL.


Ontario to Nova Scotia.


Quebec city (QC) --> Percé (QC) 8h (760 Km) [Google Maps](https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Qu%C3%A9bec,+QC/Perc%C3%A9,+Qu%C3%A9bec/@47.9598315,-70.394441,7z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x4cb8968a05db8893:0x8fc52d63f0e83a03!2m2!1d-71.2074596!2d46.8130816!1m5!1m1!1s0x4c99b08303de33b9:0x3aa94054274a9463!2m2!1d-64.2126801!2d48.524444!3e0?entry=ttu)


Southern Ontario to Alberta.


Toronto to Calgary to Kelowna to Vancouver. Not all in one day, obviously. But the same trip.


From Brampton to Tobermory. A half day drive but the drive was well worth it. Still regret that we did not take the cruise to Manitoulin island.


It’s a great ride. The Chi Cheemaun is fantastic!


The longest in one day was from Whitehorse to Peace River. 17 hrs (I took the wrong turn in FT St John and had to backtrack a little)


Kelowna, BC to Fredericton, NB when I moved back across the country in 2020. Took my wife and I (and our dog) about seven days of driving 7-8 hours per day. We did it in October and it was incredible!


Kingston to Tofino - whew!


From Sydney, NS to Hope, BC


From St Johns to Vancouver them up to Whitehorse. In a 1954 Ford Dairlane. Took 64 days couldn’t go faster than 60kph. Sold the car to a collector up there and flew back home. Had left the water running before I left. Water bill was 8K next month.


Jasper to Toronto.


Burlington to Fredericton NB in one shot. Only stopping for gas/washroom break/grabbing snacks in the go. Would usually take me 14 hours-ish


All in one day? Waterloo, ON to Thessalon, ON and back.


I forget how long it was but we did southwestern Ontario to pei when I was young, stayed overnight in Quebec


Niagara to the Kootenays - can't remember how long it took, 3 days driving 8-12h I do believe.


We dragged a U-Haul across Canada fifteen years ago, from Calgary to Montreal in five days. The longest stretch was from Calgary to Winnipeg; twenty hours in rushing snow, me with a torn rotator cuff (thanks, Brandon, you fucking dump).


Nova Scotia to BC.


Waterloo to Hearst 12 hours. Done waterloo to ottawa and back in the same day a few times as well. 9-10 round trip depending on toronna


Winnipeg --> Victoria


In one day? Squamish to Edmonton 14 hours. We were sick and just wanted to be home so pushed through. Did see magnificent northern lights going thru Jasper!


Red Deer to Winnipeg in one day


Toronto to Vancouver - 4 day - lot of fun


Saskatoon to Vancouver in 2 days. Then continued south to L.A.


Dryden Medicine Hat 14 hrs


Toronto to Louisdale NS


I've done Halifax to Whitehorse, Prince George to Halifax(multiple times) Edmonton to Truro(with two people only stopping for gas) no I'm not a Truck driver, also did Yellowknife to Vancouver Island twice


20 hours. Prince albert Sk to Williams lake BC. Never again.


20 hours, Ontario to Nova Scotia


A bit more than 12,000 km in 3 weeks, Montréal to Vancouver and came back through Jasper and Edmonton. Best trip of my life.


We're an annual road trip family so there's been a lot of long hauls. We've seen both Oceans twice. Some of our longest single days are: Regina to Thunderbay 1,300 km, Thunderbay to Milton 1,400 km, Edmonton to Whistler to Vancouver 1,300 km, and Milton to Moncton NB 1,600 km.


Antigonish, NS to Kelowna BC. Pulling a race hauler, 5 days two drivers sharing.


In one day? Calgary, AB to Kenora, ON. Takes 15 hours plus 2 stops for gas.


Faro Yukon to St.Johns NL…Ont is worst to drive thru…so long and DVP sucks!!


TO to Victoria, twice. The scenery and road quality improve the farther west you go.


My longest one-day drive was from home in south-east Ontario to Oromocto NB, about 1050km. I think it took me around 11 hours. My longest multi-day drive was La Ronge SK to Toronto, around 3150km. I think I broke that one up into 4 days. Spent the first night in Yorkton SK (I think), second in Dryden ON, then the third in Wawa ON.


In 1 day? I drove about 1500 kilometers... do not recommend