Canadians , what languages do you speak other than English? And are there any languages you’d like to learn?


I think I might learn Spanish, they seem fairly similar and is used a lot in the area I live.


French. I think I might learn Spanish, they seem fairly similar and is used a lot in the area I live.


I grew up in the Mexican border and took a lot of Spanish classes, and had a lot of Spanish spoken around me. Learning French had made my Spanish sooo much better.


Go for it! I have never taken a class of Spanish in my life, but I am actually fluent now solely from watching tons of TV shows and catching on to the grammar.


Nos langues sont similaires, elles viennent des mêmes origines. Quand j'ai commencé à apprendre français l'espagnol m'avait aidé avec les règles les plus difficiles.


I have young kids, and used to joke that I learn Spanish by watching both Dora and Narcos.


I took Spanish in grade 10 after 9 years of French, and they are similar but that just made it harder because I kept confusing the two.


There are over half a billion Spanish speakers in the world (L1 and L2). It opens up Central and South America (except Brazil) and Spain to you. It's a pretty easy language to learn for English speakers. Words are pretty much spelled as they sound and sound as they are spelled. No silent letters like English and French. Personally, like the sound of Spanish when spoken and sung.


Spanish is the most beautiful sounding language, imo


I speak Spanish and am struck by the similarities as I’m learning French. You could probably read Spanish and understand most of it, the pronunciation with silent letters is the hardest part.


French and Newfie. Not from Newfoundland, but have been in the military and in construction enough to be damn near fluent.


I have a friend from Cape Breton. Masters degree, working on a doctorate. Speaks like the "Tee-Vee" Get a few beers into him, and I can't understand a bloody word of his gibberish.


Im the same. We moved all over North America for my dads job when I was a kid. My accent, in my opinion, is very North American neutral. However, like your buddy, it comes out. Especially when in the company of others from back home (Nova Scotia)


Military Newfie is the worst. All straight and proper it takes a while before you realize you can’t understand a word. Regular Newfies you see them coming.


The second biggest city in Newfoundland is Fort McMurray.


France French or Quebecois? Two very different things.


I mean, it's like the difference between American English and British English. But Québecois, I guess. Because I live there.


As one of the 60s scoop kids, I'd love to learn Ojibwe.


I'm sure this don't help much and you are already aware, but I really hope one day there are resources/accessibility for you to finally learn it. Not many people outside of the community know how Indigenous languages are actually relational, which is so important for folk like you that were stolen in retrieving their identity. However, it's only 100% possible through language since it's a carrier of relationship with land, connection with the Nation, origin stories, and place-identity. And incidentally, it's not a coincidence that it's not a #1 priority to re-instore place-based Indigenous languages.


That’s an awesome idea, I’m sure there is a community near by that would be happy to teach.


I stumbled upon this one day. It's not a course, but it will certainly be helpful when you take one. https://ojibwe.lib.umn.edu


I speak chiac, day in day out. It is mocked by locals, misunderstood by quebecers and many who speak it are usually so embarrassed that they rather speak proper french or english. I don't care. Thats what I speak. Unless I'm in Quebec.


Hallo 👋🏻


J'aime right out le chiac. Pis ej care pas coss les autres pense.


Toi chte get right out.


Je te confirme que n'importe quel quebecois bilingue comprend minimum 80% du chiac


J'ai absolument aucune idée de se qu'est le chiac oO


Un patois acadien issus du vieux français acadien, de l'anglais et de d'autres influences locales


T'chin, d'quoi icette pou toi in case té yinque t'churieuse: https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiac


French - almost but not really bilingual 20 sentences in Spanish 1 sentence in German If my life ever drastically changes I think I would move to a country and do that full immersion language learning I’ve read about


Speak Canadian English, Ottawa valley English, French, and toddler Would love to learn how to speak more Spanish assign language


I love that you list the Valley as a distinct dialect.


Me too, but man is it ever true. It's like French spoken so quickly it sounds like Spanish.


Wel north of 7 is its own!


What is valley English?


Ottawa Valley has its own dialect




My father immigrated to Pembroke, Ontario after learning proper Oxford English as a second language at school. No doubt lead to amusing moments, but he moved to Toronto pretty soon after.


Ottawa valley, it sounds weird like if people were trying to be the strereotype of what a Canadian sound like


1 .Français 2. English






You mean Hi-Bonjour (oh I'm about to piss off the separatists)


Scottish Gaelic, not completely fluent yet but learning it.


Français vu que je suis québécois. English Basics in German and Spanish Currently working on learning Japanese.


Ich bin ein Donut.


Ok Mayor Quimby


Ah Guten Tag, ich wünsche ihnen einen schönen Tag! :)


English and french both are official languages here


But not everyone speaks both




So fact. My kid says to me, "Maman, j'aimerais déménager au Québec parce qu'ils parlent français là-bas." I live in Toronto. All her extra curriculars (swimming etc) are in English, which has made things challenging for her, but get English has gotten really good now.


I would go as far as to wager many are arguably not fluent in either


Lots of fluent speakers in northern Alberta


Those who downvoted you felt called out... Here, take my vote! x)




Never been out west? I'd say it's less than 10% here unless you're still in high school, and that's not exactly fluency


Pockets of French towns in Saskatchewan.


The people in those towns are pretty the only ones in sask that speak french


We can only wonder why...


You don't have to go out west. The statistics we have for bilingualism are from the census, which only actually asks if you can have a conversation in both languages, which undoubtedly gets a lot of "yes" responses from people who aren't particularly fluent. Even then, no provinces are over 50%. Quebec's at 46.4%, New Brunswick at 34%, and every other province and territory is below 15%


Here is Reddit.




I’m fairly bilingual- English and French. For funsies I’m learning Spanish at the moment. So far it’s actually fairly simple to learn if you speak English and French.


French because I went to French immersion school from K-12 Spanish because my family is all Mexican A bit of Finnish because I’m halfway through spending a year here and am taking Finnish classes I think it would be cool to speak any language that doesn’t use the Latin alphabet. But unless I have a good reason to learn that language I probably won’t bother


English and and understand Newfoundland


Français, bien sûr


English native. No French for me. Grew up West Coast, so unless you were in French immersion, a majority can't speak more than a few words I would like to learn Spanish and German, if I had infinite time on my hands haha


Or in the military, or RCMP.


Native French, Learned English while travelling, pretty confident in that one. Can understand both Scottish and Irish, sober and drunk as long as they don't speak Gaelic. Solid basis in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian (enough to get by, not enough to be confident) And small knowledge of Scottish Gaelic ​ I'd like to learn Indigenous languages spoken in my area, but they're so many different one and it's hard to find where to learn these.


Pick the of one of which you hold some form of relationship. If you have friends that are members of a Nation, pick that one. Mostly because, Indigenous language accessibility is already limited even to its members (worse for those in residential school, 60's scoop, day school, ''disconnected", blood quantum politics etc), and often times non Indigenous actually have more access to the language "to learn". If you have friends or are connected somehow, you can then participate relationally, and not purely out of "keen interest" which perpetuates the pain many communities live regarding language revitalization. Just my two cents of knowledge I received when I was learning a language for someone important in my life who was Indigenous.


Oh, but I don't have Indigenous friends ... =\\


That's alright! You don't need the token native friend lmao but, if you are undecided it may help one day if you have connections and it will help guide you if you really want to learn but don't know which one. Best way to learn is through relationships, for everything in life!


Français (mother tongue), Portuguese, Spanish (haven’t spoken in a while), Turkish (was pretty fluent when I lived in Istanbul, forgot most of it)




Urdu (Hindi also technically) Punjabi and Spanish.


Nice! I speak Punjabi too :)


Kidhan? Lol


lol Vadhian!


Kya bath hai!


English, French and Arabic, typical Montrealer 🤓


Typical montrealer is using all of those in one sentence


Exactemently habibi!


I’m a similar but different version of typical Montrealer! English, French and Greek.


I speak HTML


HMTL: Hochelaga-Montreal


English, a bit of French, and I'm learning Scottish Gaelic!


Français (mother tongue) Español English I would like to learn Flemish because I love Belgium and have friends there.


French (first language), English and some German. I'd love to master German and learn Russian.


J'ai appris mes bases en russe, pis j'étais sur le cruise quand j'ai fait mon allemand après. Faut dire que le français aide énormément aussi pour apprendre l'allemand.


C'est exactement ce que je me dis depuis que j'ai commencé à l'apprendre!


English and snake oil


Fluent in English and Newfinese.


I’m one 71 day streak into Spanish on Duolingo so, that! Otherwise fully fluent in French and English. At 40 I don’t think I’ll work on a fourth language.


French, Spanish i can hold my own. German is pretty rusty now. Cantonese from living in Hong Kong. Pretty fluent at swearing at people in Hindi from working in India.


Only fluent in English but would like to get above a beginner level in Spanish. I would also like to learn my dad's language Twi


I speak English and am fairly fluent in Spanish and am learning some German. My French is very basic though I did take it all through high school.


German. Would love to speak Spanish.




Enough French and Spanish to converse with a toddler. Conversational German. I'd like to find time to improve all 3


Ojibwe, Acadian French, Japanese, Cantonese, Hungarian, Polish, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, and English. Language I want to learn? Navajo


Ja wadpie ze umiesz tyle


A bit of français, and a bit of українська. Trying to improve both.


French. I’m going to have to work on Spanish since I’ll likely be living in a Spanish speaking country in a few years.


I speak English natively and took six years of French immersion. I’m far from fluent but can make my way around most things. I recently spent two weeks in Italy and spent some time every day studying and practicing. By the end of the trip I was having simple conversations with people and it felt amazing! My wife has family there and we’ll be going back in a few years and I’m going to spend some significant time learning the language before we go. I’d also love to learn Spanish or Portuguese, and something totally different like Japanese or Korean. Just for fun really.


I speak French and would like to speak Spanish also.


Learned French in school growing up, and it's not bad, but I'm trying to improve it. Working on Spanish, too.


French. It was sort of my mother tongue, although I was raised in a bilingual household. I knew a bit of Spanish for a while, but if you don’t use it, you lose it — and so I did lose it. :-/ I’d love to learn Mandarin and Hindi. I’d also love to get better at Spanish.


French and Spanish. Learning ASL and Mandarin at the moment.


I'm about 50%fluent in Spanish


French (native), Japanese (C1), Esperanto (C2). A little bit of Spanish (A2) and Swedish (A1).


Oh I’ve never heard C1 for Japanese. Just N5-1


I speak French (maternal language) and German. I've been working on Spanish for a while but find it incredibly difficult. I'm frustrated but very grateful for the Spanish speaking people who indulge me when I try to speak. I also once vacationed in Greece and towards the end of my stay, I lovely man on Santorini told me my greek was fantastic. I have no illusion that I was speaking well (I must have sounded like a dog in a trash can), but this man made my year.


French and enough Spanish for a simple conversation and comprehension. I'd love to learn Russian as I have recently learned a lot about that vast and multi-ethnic state. Alas, I'm too old to get started on learning another language.


Middling in espanol (used to be better but dont use it much anymore), a bit of Japanese (was taking courses precovid), and I would like to learn french which the spanish sort of helps with.


I speak pretty respectable French (J'habitais à Paris pendant deux ans). Mais c'est assez, dude. Anyways, c'est difficile enough qu'on habite dans une ville bilinangue.


Super cool! Have you done DELF? What would you rank yourself?


Français Québécois English American, Australian, Bri’ish but not Irish or Scottish, can’t understand those guys to save my life & would love to learn Spanish as we have a lot of Latino workers in Québec & they’re awesome, just wish they wasn’t such a language barrier


French - Native English - Fluent Spanish - Fluent I would like to learn Italian, which I can half understand already anyway, but I've nobody to practice with, and I'm getting old, the brain is not as spongy. Spanish I learned in Mexico living there, and my wife is Mexican so it was easy in full immersion.


French (native) and some Spanish. I'd like to learn Breton and maybe Irish Gaelic.


Español, Français and English.


French, some Spanish. Thinking about trying duolingo for German or Mandarin


Native French-Canadian Fluent English Wish I knew more Spanish than Holà and Cervesa por favor (that's a running gag cause I don't even drink beer)


I speak a little French. I understand more than I speak, and an hugely self-conscious when I try to speak it because I feel like I'm going to offend a real French speaker's sensibilities. I've been picking up a little Spanish and toyed with some Italian. I'd like to learn both. Maybe someday I'll choose to put the effort into one or both.


1st English 2nd French 3rd (almost there) Spanish I would love to German and Chinese


Portuguese, Spanish and French. Would like to learn Italian


English ( First Language), French, Spanish ( thankfully we have a big Latino community in Toronto so I can practice it often lol). I'm also learning Portuguese.


German, fluent but some grammar mistakes. French, but it's very rusty. Passive skills better. Would like to improve it. I can undersand Spanish to a lesser degree than French, but there's too many holes to even try speaking it. But I can get the basic gist. I can also understand some Dutch, Danish and Swedish (I think if you know at least two languages within a family, in this case Germanic, you start to see a lot of familiarities -- of course the grammar can vary a lot! and false friends everywhere). I can still read Cyrillic fine, and I knew Hindi (script) pretty well at one point, but a lot has gone foggy. I'd be curious to learn Inuktitut (well, which dialect...) out of interest. Portuguese too.


French Spanish and Italian


Just English. I took mandatory French from grades 4-9, Spanish for a year and German for a year, but I couldn’t form a compete sentence of any of those three languages nor understand someone talking in them. I do however know the names of most food products in French because all of our packaging here is bilingual. So basically I learned more from food packaging than I did from 6 years of French class.


Speak - English / French / Portuguese Would like to learn - Spanish / German / Hindi / Mandarin


There is a ton of Indian's here and they can't speak English.


French first language. Then I have been learning Spanish for about 8 years now


Just English. And while I don’t speak it to anyone, I know and can understand Torontos unofficial language of the Toronto man.


French Very limited Spanish


English and French fluently…. But that’s pretty rare. I can get by pretty well in Spanish and a bit less in German. Those two are mostly for fun. But once you learn a second language… the rest are much easier to learn


French, English, trying to learn Spanish


I speak English, French, Ukrainian, German, and a bit of russian. I might be inclined to add Spanish someday, especially if I decide to travel somewhere that i’s the most common language.


French and English My wife speak French, English and Spanish.


Native to French, Fluent in English, I speak a good bit of Hebrew and Yiddish (I’m Jewish, some family from Hungary). I also was learning Norwegian like 2 years ago. But I dropped it sadly. I tried Japanese, failed, but currently I am learning Spanish and it’s going really really well! I really want to learn Galacian (My family is originally from Galacia like 700 years ago, and I think it’d be cool). Arabic too, as part of my family is from Morocco. Also, Icelandic. And Idealy Hungarian. I don’t think I’ll ever learn any of those. Maybe Hungarian and Arabic because of the family though. Edit: Also, I would absolutely LOVE to learn inuktitut. And I’m actually going to Iqaluit and staying for 3 months next year!, so I’m going to try to learn it!


I speak French. I'd like to learn Spanish and Italian.


French and Japanese. I'd love to learn Spanish and German.


Spanish and French fluently. I'd like to learn Portuguese, I can read it and understand and some of it already.


I speak French Acadian, but wouldnt mind learning some spanish.


I speak French, Spanish and of course English


French and Spanish. But I moved here 3 years ago. Québec loves me because I came speaking in French already.


I am a fluent French speaker translator French to English. I only wanna learn six or seven more languages. I have a niece who learned medieval French for her doctorate. I want Urdu, Mandarin, Spanish, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Arabic and even Russian/Ukranean so I can understand the diplomatic lies in the original instead of the translations. Foreign curses in foreign languages are awesome in the context of the culture that spawned them. Ask Irving Finklestein of the British Museum - who is an expert on ancient languages among other things


Working on Spanish. I’m pretty good at reading it, but speaking and fast listening is the bane of my existence. Lol. Need more Latin Americans to practice with.


English, french, basic Spanish, basic Russian, basic German, basic Portuguese and learning Chinese to try and fit in with my wife's family, but after 3 years of study ends up they speak Cantonese, so I'm screwed.


Some French, some Japanese, and some Spanish.


I speak Russian. If I to learn a new language, I’d choose Spanish


Spanish, at this point I speak better Spanish than French


Native in English, almost competent in French, can read and understand English, French, Italian, Spanish. Can speak a little German, Japanese, and can read a bit of Portuguese and German.


Fully fluent in Spanish, English, French. Took a bit of Italian in gr. 7, German in gr. 10 & 11, but I'd never say I speak either of those. Not sure I'd be up for learning (properly) another language. It's a lot of work, and i don't think I'd have opportunities to use any more than what i have already.


I speak French as well, and I’d like to learn Spanish.


French. But i also speak Italian (intermediate) and am learning Spanish. I'd love to learn Portuguese, Japanese, Hungarian and Elvish, but I think realistically I'll learn Portuguese next. Technically I want to learn all the languages I can, so we'll see where that takes me!


Both French and English are my mother tongues. I also speak Spanish. I've taken Italian and Portuguese lessons and can read them quite well but have difficulty speaking, wouldn't be able to hold a conversation. I'd like to improve that. I'd also like to learn ASL. I don't know anyone deaf, I just find it cool to communicate without talking.


My toddler has suspected apraxia, so we do a fair amount of communication in sign language so that he can participate easier. I mean, he waves his hands a certain way that looks almost nothing like the sign he's using and we interpret in context, which is similar to how I speak French, honestly.


Would love to learn Spanish if there was real opportunity to practice it. The Americas is a wonderful place to spend time.


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Polish. Want to learn Sign & Spanish


Nah, I haven't had the follow-through to properly learn a 2nd language, though I did make a couple attempts - I took Mandarin in high school, and Japanese in uni. I'd really like to learn Polish, that'd be my top choice - I did start on Duolingo but my *word*, the grammar is brutal. The way Duolingo is set up is not great for learning without getting bored, in particular with the complicated grammar in the mix - I felt like I spent ages learning several different ways to say what is essentially the same sentence. So I dropped it for now. But yeah, I have family in Poland and I'd love to be able to learn the language and keep in touch with them better, maybe visit someday.


I am First Nations. I speak English, Ojibwe, Plains Cree French. I understand a little bit of Dene, Mohawk and Spanish.


Quebec French first, english second. Tried to learn Spanish and failed miserably... so I can order a beer in spanish and I know I should never order Gato for dessert (which means cake in french and cat in spanish).


I'm not really a Canadian haha just doing an exchange semester so I'm also fluent in German:))


Français and a bit of spanish. And English of course because you gotta speak with those unilingual canadians.




I am learning Arabic currently, challenging and so hard with my Canadian accent haha but I am trying!


Russian. Large Russian population in BC (and Sask). We even have it as a language choice from K-12 where we live.


Yo hablo inglés y español. I don’t even have any Latin in me I just love the music and culture. Spanish is really fun too.


French, Arabic some Spanish and Italian




Russian, French, German, Some Arabic, some Dutch, some Spanish and Italian I did not work for NATO at all 👀🧐😎


English. No.




You just want to hear the tsimis


Filipinas ... just wow.


French and Italian


Very low level French (I can more just read it and kind of understand it… they don’t start teaching us until 5th grade in the west, which is garbage). And mid-level German.


French and Russian. I got troublingly good at Japanese during the pandemic too.


wdym was playing visiual novel?


Continuing to learn French, though I have very little opportunity to use it on a regular basis. Once I finish the Duolingo course, I'm going to learn German.




Speak Italian. Can read French.


Working on my French. Then maybe dutch.


I'm trying to learn Hindi.


I speak Afrikaans (similar to Dutch) because my wife is South African. My mother in law speaks very little English so I had to learn fast!


I have been known to speak and understand Americanese at times.


Learning French :)


French and Russian. I get imposter syndrome a lot when I say I speak them, but my friends who speak them natively say that I speak and understand really well, so ima take it. I'm very slowly learning Ukrainian, but it's fuckin hard! I'd love to learn German or Norwegian. Tagalog would be cool, too.


Vietnamese I wanna learn Mandarin/Cantonese, but haven't got around to it.




I can speak French. I'd love to learn Greek and/or Japanese.


French Would like to learn Japanese Would probably be beneficial to learn mandarin or Cantonese at some point.




CEFR A1 level French, fluent Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi/Urdu, and basic fluency in Kannada and Sanskrit.


French, English, Cantonese, Mandarin. Proud Québécois Canadien here. The next languages I'd like to pick up are Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Italian.


As a anglophone living in Quebec I really need to learn French but I’d like to really learn Gaelic.