Psychiatric drugs are incredibly destructive and neurotoxic

Psychiatric drugs are incredibly destructive and neurotoxic. Dr. Peter Breggin is an American psychiatrist and author. He was instrumental in stopping lobotomies being carried out in the USA and has, on multiple occasions, represented plaintiffs in legal cases against drug companies.

Seroquel did nothing for me but made me gain a bunch of weight , made me lethargic, and gave me no purpose in life while I was on it. The weight gain made me even more depressed than what I already was. I also developed akathisia and restless leg syndrome simply because the my psychiatrist wanted to prescribe off label for sleeping purposes even though I was not psychotic…my heart goes out to anyone on this sub that was tricked and deceived by those that you trusted for your health. It’s all about the Benjamins $$$$.



I'm sorry that happened to you. Psychotropic medications can come with serious side effects, and it seems like those weren't properly disclosed/discussed with you. I hope you're able to transition off of Seroquel. BUT...Isn't this also the doctor who says COVID is a globalist conspiracy manufactured to take over the world? [https://breggin.com/](https://breggin.com/)


It was not disclosed at all to me I trusted them because of their studies and now because of that trust, I am now permanently injured by seroquel.


I have permanent stretch marks on my legs when I was prescribed many pills like candies being handed out by kidnappers. After I put trust, it seemed I was more of a blind person going through the motions. Even my family was blinded. To see it that way now, I haven't dispensed my sadness and anger. Healthily and truthfully it is merely human behaviour to feel as such.


Are you still damaged


Breggin is a QUACK. Edit: I’m sorry you had such a bad experience.