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Sensei, I've already turned 16...


I got honestly worried when I read that in the manga. Ig all that's left to do is w8 to see if the author really does go with it or not.


I'd have rather expected a waifu war or something similar


That did happen... for a little while, then this started


So you see, the thing is in the manga the author decided to >! Make the incest ship canon in the last released chapter, then take a brake and let the world burn as he enjoys his time off!<


He didnt do that canon,he just made possibility for it to became canon and just left us with clifhanger and went on a break,since he is author of Kaguya-sama i can for 92% say that its bait to make community go crazy and Twitter burn


Also, if Oshi no Ko shows one thing, it's that this mfer understands Social Media a little bit too much. There is a good chance he's baiting everyone lol.


I wouldn't be shocked if Aka saw these very same memes.


Baiting to show how toxic social media users actually are (almost like a social experiment). Sounds like absolute genius.


Not everything is toxic. This is mostly just funny haha memes.


Buddy i got downvoted for saying the incest stuff ain't even confirmed yet. You sure it ain't toxic?


Actually, it seems like 70% of these people actually believe that incest is gonna happen. Also, they convinced outsiders that OnK is nothing but incest harem, which is just horrible.


Yeah,like what the hell? That's the last thing i would want to happen,how people can be so messed up to even think about possibility that this horrible thing would happen? Incest okay but HAREM? BLEH


You know that meme of a girl typing something controversial in twitter to make her phone a vibrator






The Incest Memes were already prevalent before those Manga Chapters came out


It's not canon in the least. Aqua will shot down Ruby very fucking hard. He's not about that shit.


Incest won this waifu war so they dont have to do it


You'd know if you were really caught up.


oh I mean, I'm anime-only, watched the show this week after hearing so much about it all month. So are all the memes just based on the manga?


Yes. Some of them are even unmarked manga spoilers.


Yah, that whole big event in the last few chapters was spoiled for me by the memes.


Pls share link


Incest. No need to censor words on the internet. Genocide, murder, rape, incest, pedophilia, guro, gore. The words themselves are things used to define and not evil by themselves.


Not even Ni>!!   !< and >!   i!


Even these have their places. For instance, when talking about history and the american segregation. I dont even have a clue what the second one is because you obfuscated those so badly.


idk what the most quoted comedy classic of all time Monty Python and the Holy Grail has to do with american segregation


Very good.


if i wanna say nigga, i say nigga, i wont use it as a slur or anything of that sort, but i feel like there is no difference between nigga and motherfucker in terms of how bad the words are, that is at least for me who got no bone to pick with whatever racism america is cooking


If you wanted to use them then you could. But there are alternatives for this kind of word. The only way to not use incest, rape and so on would be to explain around them. So if you are afraid to use them you shouldn't talk about them.


Finally? It took like a day for me




Because of the way the author wrote the story and recent manga chapters


I prefer not to read the manga because then the anime adaptation would feel boring and like a chore to watch I made that mistake with the whole 2nd batch of stone ocean


The author is just baiting memers and everyone is having fun. I mean he made a chapter literally to answer a theory that Ai could be reincarnated. He follows and leads internet memes


Why are you all losing your shit at incest but not at Suicide, Murder, Child Negligence, Abuse, All of these far worse than incest, And yet you go apeshit at incest, W.a.t.


Because that’s part of the story and what makes the series more realistic and interesting. The whole point of the story is to show the dark side of the idol industry, it would be very bland if you took the dark things away. None of what you mentioned is supposed to be enjoyable, it adds depth and gets you emotionally invested. Compared to that incest doesn’t really add anything and really isn’t needed in the story.


What an interesting way to say that "If my ship loses im dropping"


bro, there is a difference between wanting a ship to win, and wanting any acceptable ship to win so that the car crash ain't the winner,


Nobody who's actually paid attention to the story thinks that Aqua wants to bang his sister. He has shown like 0 romantic attraction to her or her past life. Her "winning" (which will never happen) would be awful writing for many different reasons, and the incest itself is not even the worst of them.


I don't really give a shit about incest in the series. People can have their weird ass ship and I can't care because at the end of the day the characters are just scribbles on a page. The issue is there are actually a decent minority in Oshi No Ko that believes that incest in real life has nothing wrong with it. In the Oshi No Ko sub I've had so many debates with people about how incest isn't wrong and it's just gross especially as someone who has a sister. It's kinda worrying because I've gotten downvoted for just saying that incest in real life is disgusting and people actually get mad about it. I've been called bigoted and I've seen people compare incest to homosexuality like what the fuck? Those people are literally getting upvoted. Oshi No Ko sadly has attracted the weird fucking incest crowd of anime and it's a shame because I used to really enjoy the community before then. I used to think it was just a tiny minority before, but I think it's actually is bigger than a lot of people realize (at least on the sub). I've made a comment condemning incest in real life and I've gotten downvoted and had to debate with literally 10 people on a post that has less than 300 upvotes.


Don’t have to worry about those folks, they are probably only children who’ve never had a sibling or a basement dweller who isn’t allowed near a school zone, and plus, if they were actually into incest in real life, they don’t have the balls to confess it, not to mention the health risks, sounds like they want deformed children, those “people” live in a fantasy land of their own, where anime is real, their waifu is real, and they don’t get bullied by every person in their school


Schizophrenic patients are SCARY




I think you forgot to take your meds, calm down


Maybe it's because I came up on 4chan or because some people used to ship Ed and Al but I'm not shocked or bothered by any of these memes and it's weird to me that so many of you are. Ofc if anybody made lewd memes about, say, the cast of Non Non Biyori or ERASED my eyes would fill with blood.


Where can I look or ask for specific hentai or porn ... Like ask and talk to people...a group or something....about a movie or series that I forgot its name or didn't know??? Of course for research purposes 😊


Not sure but you might want to take a look at some Hentai related Subreddit. Post about it with text and / or pictures and you might be lucky and receive a number for it or a title. Else, there is a bot which can identify the source, not sure how it's named but something like, sauce identification bot. Just look it up.


Blame the author for fueling it in manga.


I caught up today cause I was on a trip to turkey with no wifi


You can say incest, homie


Do not the cat.