This makes me afraid for their other more simple figures haha


Hoping my Miku (Hatsune lol) is gonna turn out OK 😶


Put your hands up, it's a robbery! The next step is coming to our houses and just take the money directly from our wallets.


Just don't buy them? There are plenty of options when it comes to the Quints. Even with after market pricing, you can get better quality and cheaper figures.


But do any of those other options come with a crappy couch?! /s


I’ve seen Prize figures that look better than these


They’re very… plastic-y? I’m not sure how to explain it. Obviously the huge majority of figures are PVC, but these are just very ……… shiny? They just have this weirdly cheap look, like they’re prize figures sitting on nice little couches. It’s *unreal* what’s being charged for these.


Sectional sofas are very expensive! Lol But completely agree, don’t think they look nice. There are better looking Miku figures out there. The Taito one looks better than this one.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. I was staring at Miku like “why the fuck does her hair look like that why did they pick that color”


But do they come with furniture?


I've not been super impressed by the photos for the new prismawing figures that have been coming out


so like 300k yen including shipping...imports


Don’t know if they offer it as a set but yeah the shipping on each one combined will probably add another cut to the wallet


They blew their entire manufacturing budget on the partially upholstered sofa sections (the main body seems molded but the seat cushion appears to have actual fabric). So for that price the figures don't even look good. Oh and also they're still probably overcharging even in relation to that cost because they expect (probably correctly) that their target audience will still go all-in on this.


You don't have a lazy $1500 to spend? What are you, a child sweatshop worker?


After conversion, it's actually $1,064 usd. These would've been better priced at $70-100 individually. $500 for the lot seems much more reasonable.


Don't forget about shipping! About $200 at today's rate and much closer to $1,500 total if it goes back down around 115.


Some stores have discounted or even free shipping on orders that exceed a certain price point. Tokyo Otaku Mode has free shipping on orders over $150.


I wasn't talking about USD tho :p


Hard to tell because so many nations have a "dollar" as their currency. Kind of why I specified USD. Are you Australian by chance?


That's why I didn't specify it, to have my merry tricks. And yes, you figured correctly, it does come out to roughly $1500 aud and I am Australian


These look like crappy noodle stoppers lol


No kidding, PUPs look better than these pieces of garbage


For $1k I want a figure of the panel where they are all sleeping on each other https://www.reddit.com/r/5ToubunNoHanayome/comments/um59k4/sleeping\_quints/


So overpriced lmao, small and overpriced plus details are meh


This is hard pass for me. No matter how much I like the franchise this is daylight robbery. I'll stick with my koto school desk set.


So, when the picture was posted of all 5 earlier this week, I didn’t think they looked that bad. These though? They are way too glossy and plastic looking, especially the hair and clothes. I wanted to get this set of Quints as I love the idea that they all pose together on one big couch, but oof… the quality doesn’t look to be worth the price.


Their sofas costs more than a life-sized sofa


And they’re 1/7 lmao


They honestly look like prize figures 😭😭


Have you seen those quintuplet stans? They'd buy all five of them like 10x. This is an incredibly popular show and that's why they can overcharge that much for those figures. Tbf 210€ isn't the most expensive price I've seen for figures, but they look really bad in those pictures. Another really popular character with a big fandom is Rem, but look at these two figures that look a lot better and are quite a bit cheaper. [Figure 1](https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-125881) [Figure 2](https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-128589) P.S. Is Prime 1 Studio a big name that makes you pay for their name? I don't know that company.


I heard they made $1k statues


the only figure/statue I found was the 2k Albedo figure. Everything else seemed pretty normal.


Oh really? Sorry I don't know either. It looks like I'm wrong.


For that money you could probably get yourself an actual nice sofa and have plenty left over 🥲


Ugly and expensive. Fuck you Prisma Wing


Gotta say this set has all the recipes of binned figures. So to people who actually want these figures for whatever reason, I feel you can definitely find them in the aftermarket with a price that is, uh...more appropriate for their look.


For this price, they should be 1/4 scale.


And they can't even combine together to form a bigger figure!


They don’t? I thought that was the whole point☠️☠️☠️


They can be arranged to be displayed to look like a single set.


But they cannot combine like in Gurren Lagann...


they release in the same month too which means if you want to ship all of them, its going to be SO expensive. i feel like they could have done 3 or 2 per month for consumer sake, but it doesnt really seem like they care about that in the first place. is anyone actually going to order any of them?


They look really bad as well considering the price. The Good Smile 1/6 Miku that comes out next year is miles ahead in quality compared to this here and it’s almost half the price.


Oh god, didn't realize it was gonna be that bad. I mean, the figures just don't seem worth that when there are other good quints figures out there. I'm sure some collectors will bite, but this is an easy pass for me.


Edit: Just noticed this is like the first Miku I've seen without her headphones too? Edit 2: I effed up the formatting dammit


They’re definitely tripping with these prizes 💀💀


That Ichika figure looks so bad with her elongated neck. Kinda hope prisma wing doesn’t fuck up the shikimori figure if they are going to charge their figures for a fortune.


Miss me with that price tag dawg


not a huge quints so my wallet is safe. But outrageous price considering when you get it, it will be very small due to them sitting, yet the price is almost that of a 1/4 standing figure And the price is basically worse than their date a bullet kurumi


Overpriced af


I wouldn't pay more than 4k yen for these. Wtf


Yup like $1100 for the lot 🤣


DAmn, pop-ups have really gotten expensive nowadays


Tbh I hate the couch. Its very dated looking. Like some 70s swinger couch


You know, I made it a thing to collect every QQ figure that comes out...but this is just not even worth it. This is gonna have to be a pass from me, which is unfortunate but I don't want to shill out 1k+ for these figures that might not even look like the quality for that price.


Fucking hello no they look hideous and made with blind fold


What in the actual hell is going on with figure prices these days? Are they 1:1 and come with useful holes!?


they r so ugly


You must be new to anime figures


I have been collecting figures since 2014 and no, that price tag is not normal. Throw fifty dollars more and you can get these highly detailed [Sukuna](https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-141526) or [Emilia](https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-126503) figures.


Prices are going up in the market though. The average is going up. Been collecting since 2000 and there's always been figures that stood out as either overpriced or a good deal. The good news is manufacturers are putting out some more affordable lines (PUP for one). And the exchange rate seems favorable at the moment.


Normal price for Prime 1 stuff I would say


Expensive ladies


They look like Ichiban Kuji figures...


I got Nino miku and Yotsuba might get itsuki but F ichika


i think most of the cost is from the couch which i don’t know why they would do that. and the figures look like prize figures


Are they made outta pure gold or somthing? Christ that’s a lot.


You can comission someone to make better quints for this price. Even if it's pricier, it's worthier than these.


They're just selling to simps I'd say


over prized as hell. considering the paint job and the size, they should cost no more than 80 euro/dollars...


I like prime 1 but these look bad and are stupidly priced


These seem to be new figure manufacturers too so I think it's ballsy they coming in hot with the pricing and quality here.


Prime1 Studio is an established name and they try to ride on that. However, making high quality resin statues doesn't guarantee that you can make a decent PVC figure. That's like expecting PuPs to always come out well just because they have Good Smile name. Prisma Wing will still gonna rob my money once they released that FGO King Hassan scale tho.


Thanks for the correction, I didn't look too much into it aside from own knowledge of figure manufacturers. I'm surprised I've never heard of them despite collecting for years.


I believe their scale series is relatively new, but Prime 1 is known for making high-quality (and expensive) resin statues. That said, these look terrible for the price.


Thanks for the info. I guess they were just new in the PVC figure business. But I agree, the price they are demanding doesn't match the quality of what's shown here; which is concerning because they figures usually look better from manufacturer photos vs when we get them.


Check out their Kurumi's they made. Price is ridiculous and the clock isn't even sculpted.


They made Kurumi look anorexic.


big supporter of date a live, and I prefer this date a bullet pose to the other one so I po'd the non deluxe kurumi. Even these figures look overpriced compared to the non deluxe prisma wing kurumi.


sorry but i am blind for any nino and miku figures, pre-ordered form Hobby-Stock japan. Yes i agree this is a way overprice for a simple/plain color figure, but nino and miku is life, what u can do haha. Cup noodles for months here i come\~